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FROM 1694 TO 1702-






R. WALLIS, on Extracting Surd Roots. . 1
E. Halley, Sun's Entrance into the Tropics . . 3
Dr. Baynard, on Rheumatism and Suppres-
sion ot Urine 9

Dr. Connor, on the Vertebrae firmly united . . 10

Biographical Account of Dr. Connor ibid

On a Water-Spout, by Mr. Zachary Mayne 12
Account of Ridley's Anatomy of the Brain . . 13
Burning Mountain in the Isle ofTernate .... ibid

The same in the Isle of Sorea ibid

Demoivre, on the Use of Fluxions, ^c 14

Biographical Notice of Mr. Demoivre ibid

Mr. Halley, on Constructing Logarithms .... 18

. , on a Proposition in Gunnery .... 27

Account of Dr. 'Wallis's Mathemat. Works . . 29

of Dr. Grevv's Tract, de Salis Cathar. 31

Dr. Sampson, on a prematuie Child ibid

On Tadraor, or Palmyra, by Wm. Halifax ... 33
Dr. Wailis, on Quadrable Cycloidal Spaces . . jp
Account of Woodward's Natural History. ... 41
Biographical Notice of Mr. Woodward ..... ibid
Account of Dr. Pitcairn's Dissert, de Febribus 46'
Biographical Notice of Dr. Arch. Fiicairn . . . ibid
Mr. Halley, on Cycloids and Epicycloids .... 47
Two Journeys from Aleppo to Pdlmyra .... 49
E. Halley, on the ancient Slate of Palmyra . . 6o
Dr. Wailis, on a horse slaked in ihe Stomach 04
Acco. of Agost. Sciila's La Vana Speculat. ike. 1)6
E. Halley, Analogy of Log. Tang, to Meridian 68
Ac. of Da. Gregory's Catopt. and Dioptr.Elem. 77

Dr. Connor's Dis. Medico-Pliysicae . . ibid

On a Substance like Butter, by Mr. R. Vans 78

On ihe same, by the Bishop of Cloyne ibid

Sir \^ m. Bteston, on the Barometer, &c 79

Dr. Ed. Smyih, Soap-f^arth, near Smyrna .. . 80
Mr. Wilham Cowper, on Chylification .... 81
Catal. of Plants at Tangier, by Mr. Spotlswood 85
Mr. Ch. Bernard, two large Stones cut out, &c. 86
Mr. J. Harris, on Animalcules in Water, &c. 89
Account of Kennet's Parochial Aniiquities. ... 92
Dr. T. Robinson, on Henry Jenkins's Age . . . ibid
Leuwenhoeck, on Eels, Mites, Seeds, Sec. . . 94
Staph. Gray, Microscopical Experiments, &c. 97
Dr. Ed. Smyth, Use of Opium by the Turks 10!

Child born with a Wound on the Breast 102

Account of Dr. Sloane's Catalogus Plantarum 103
Dr.Sloane, Beans cast on shore at the Orkneys ibid
Mr. Wm, Cowper, on a large diseased Kidney 105
Dr. Ch. Preston, on Stones of ihe Bladder ... 109
Dr. Garden, on great Thunder near Aberdeen ibid

On a Foetus without the Uterus 110

E. Halley, on a Whelp voided by a Dog .... ibid

Ra. I'horesby, on a Roman Pottery Ill

Sir R. Sibbald, on Shells in Scotland ibid

Account of J. Celsus de Vita et Rebus, &c. ..113

Dr Ch. Preston, on the Dropsy, &c 114

Cutting for the Stone in the Kiiiney 1 16

Chr. Merret, on antiquities in Lincolnshire . . 117
VOL. IV. *

Stephen Gray, on the Water Microscope .... 120

Quantity of Rain at Greshani College 121

Account of Seller's History of Palmyra 122

Dr Ch. Preston, opening the Body of a Boy ibid

Dr Lister, on the Juices of 1 'lants 1 23

Isaac Newton's Solution of two Problems

proposed by John Bernouilli \og

Biographical Notice of John Bernouilli ibid

Samuel Doudy, on an Hydrops. Pectoris .... 13 1
Account of Musei Pet veriani Centuria, &c. . . 132

Biographical Notice of James Petiver ibid

M. Giles, History of a Tumor, &c ibid

Dr Molyneux, on a Scolopendra Marina . . . . 133

Dr. Lister, on Grasses useful for Hay 136

, on the long Worm in India 137

Dr. Ch Preston, Internal Parts of Fish 138

Isaac Newton, on Descents in a Cycloid, &c 140
Account of Dampier's Voyage round the \\ 'dl41
Biographical Notice of William Dampier .... ibid
Account of Plukenei's Ahnagestum Botan. ..ibid

of the New Map of France 142

E. Halley, on the True Theory of the Tides. . ibid
Dr. Ch. Preston, on a Child without a Brain . 149

J. M. Lancisi, on Malpiglii's Death 151

Biographical Notice of John Maria Lancisi . . ibid

M. Giles, Origin of a Polypus 152

Ace. ol W. Cockburn on Diseases of Seamen 154

Continuation of the same Subject . . ibid

D. Papin's Collec. of New Machines ibid

Dr. Ch. Morley, on Uones voided per Anurn I55
Dr. Molyneux, large Horns dug up in Ireland 156

On some Magnetical Experiments 161

Account of Potter's Lycophronis Chalcid. Alex. ibid
Biographical Notice of abp. John Potter .... ibid
Dr. Richardson, on Fossil Wood in Yorkshire 162
Nic. Witsen, further Account of the Burning

Mountains in the Moluccas 163

Dr. Tyson, on a Brain depressed into the Neckl64

, on a Sphacelated Brain, &c 165

Oct. PuUeyn, on Ancient Inscript. at Rome ibid
Stephen Gray, on an Optic Lens of Water,

and a Natural Reflecting Microsc.^ .... 166
Edward Coles, a Red Colour by a Mi vure &c. )67

Mr. Hill, on Henry Jenkins's Ag ibid

Pitch, Tar, and Oil, from a stone, by Mr. Ele 168
Account of Malpighi's Posthumous Works . . ibid
Dr. Slare, on the N° of Births, Deaths, &c.. . 169
Dr. Wailis, on the Antiquity of the Cycloid . . ibid
Dr. Lister, on the Dissection of the Scallop . . 170

E. Halley, on large H^il at Chester 171

Another Account of the same 172

R. Taylor, Hail Siorra in Hertfordshire .... ibid

A great Hail SiDrm in Herefordshire 173

On the same in Monmouthshire ibid

Dr. Preston, on a Foetus voided by the Navel. . ibid
E. Halley, Measurement of Snowden-hill by

the Barometer 174

Account of M. ie Comte's Memoirs of China 175


Mr. Locke, Person with Homey Excrescencesl76
Dr. T. Smith, Voyage from England to Con-
stantinople ibid

De Moivre, on hi* Multinomial Theorem ..ibid
Wm. Molyneu.K, on an Error in Surveys ... 180
De Vallemont, on a small Egg in another .... 182
J. Ray. on Hemlock and a poisonous Root . . 183

Da. Gregory, on the Catenarian Curve 184-

Dr. Waliis, on Hail, Thunder, and Lightning 196

Mr. Scarburg, on a Storm in America 198

Sir Rob. Southwell, on the Isle of Portland . . . ib'd

Mr Thoresby, on Iwo Roman Altars ibid

Benj. Allen, on the Generation ot Eels 19,''

Account of Cluverius's Geography 200

Dr. H. Sloane, Tongue of a Pastinaca Marina ibid
Ja. Peliver's Catalogue of Guinea Plants .... 201

J. Hillier's Observations at Cape Corse 201

John Craig on the Quadrature of Curves. . . . 202
Rob. Tredevey, on a piece of Ambergris. . . . 205

Account of a Moving Bog in Ireland 20()

Wm Molyneux, on the same Bog ibid

M. Gaillard, Observations on Maladies 207

M. Poupai t, Anatom. Hist, of the Leech 209

Biogra|)hicul Noiice of Francis Ponpart ibid

Dr. Mart Lister, on Venom in a PorpusToolh21 1

Mr. Aubrey, on a Medicated Spring ibid

Mr. Martin, on the Western Isles of Scotland 212

Dr. Waliis, Additions on Thunder, &c ibid

Account of Bilbery's Refraction of the Air, &c. 213

Ramazzinion the Wells in Mo(lei:aibid

Biographical Notice of Bernard Ramazzini. . . ibid

Mr Thorevby on Roman Antiquities 215

T. Molyneux, on swarms of Insects in Ireland2l6

E. Tentzel, on the Bones of an EKphant 218

Biographical Notice of Ant. Magliabechi .... ibid
Rob. Clarke, on a Polypus of the Lungs, and

Death of a Dog by a sudden Noise 221

Wm.Byrd, on a Negro Boy, with white Spots ibid
Rob, Mawgridge, on a Stroke of Lightning . . 222
Edm. Halley's Observat. on a Lunar Eclipse . . ibid

Stephen Gray, on Concave Specula ibid

M. Leuwenhofck, on the Eggs of Snails 223

Wm. lierharn, on Portable Barometers, &c. . . 224-
Biographical Notice of the Rev. Dr. Derham. . ibid
Dr. Waliis, Effects of Lightning at Everdon . . 2:6
Tho. Molyneux, on the Stone of the Bladder 227

Ja. Cassini, Observ. of a Lunar Eclipse 228

Biographical Notice of James Cassini ibid

Ace. of Commelin's Hortus Medicus Amst. . . ibid

Biographical Notice of John Commelin ibid

» of Frederick Ruysch .... 229

SirRob. Southwell, on preserving Flowers, &c. 230
Wm. Derham, on Measuring the Height ot

the Barometer, by a Circular Plate 231

Geo Dampier, on the Biie of Mad Animals . . 232
Jas. Cassini, on Chinese Astron. Observations 233
Dr. Geo. Garden, on Caierpillars in IVees . . ibid
Obseivatio de Fof-mina, qu,T, non obstante
Vaginae uteri Coalesceiilia, lufantem pepcrit 231'

Account of J. Evelyn's Numisniata, &c 235

. Casp. Bailholin's Specim. Phil. Nat. 23()

P. J. Hailinann's Hist, et Exp. Fig. ibid

Use of Ipecacuanha lor Loosenesses 237

Dr. Hans Sloaiie's Notes on the same 239


ob. Southwell, on a Monstrous Calf .... 240

Dr. Waliis, on the Division of the Monochord ibid

Dr. Vaughan, on the Poison of Hemlock, &c. 2+2

Sir Rob. Southwell, on Tincturing Waters .... 243

Mr. Dale, on the Generation of Eels ^44,

Account of Connor's History of Poland .... 24-7
Dr. Tyson, on the Anatomy of an Opossum. . 248
Benj. BuUivant's Ob.serv. in New ftlngland. . . . 26'7
XL Leuwenhoeck, on the Eyes of Beetles. . . . 26'8
Steph. Gray, on enlarging the Barom. Divisions 2()Q

Dr. Musgrave, on Respiration 070

, on syringing Water into the

Thorax 27 1

Dr. Plot, on the Substance called Black Lead 272
Dr. Musgrave, Irish Giant Edm. Malone . . . '. 273
Dr. Chr. Pitt, on Mercury injected into a Dog ibid

Dr Waliis, on Easter-Day, &c ibid

De Moivre, on the Root of an Infinite Equat. 275
Dr. Hallev, on an Extraordinary Rainbow .... 277

Account of Travels in South America 278

— — Alliot's 1 raite du Cancer, Sec. . . . 279

Ra. Thoresby, on .1 Roman Shield ibid

Dr. Tho. Molyneux, on the Giants' Causeway 281

R. Vieusseiis, on the Human Blood 283

Account of J. D. Cassini's Meridian Line, &c. 286

Dr. Lister, on the Bite of a Mad Dog jbid

Dr. Waliis, on the Imperfections in an Organ 287

Dr. Musgrave, on a Periodical Palsy 293

On an extraordinary Posture Master 294

James Newton, on the Papaver Comic. Lui. . . 295
Sir Rob. Sibbald, on Stones voided by a Boy. . ibid
M. Witsen, on an Inundat. at the Mauritius. . 297

Concerning Irisli Slates 298

Observations on the East-Indies ibid

Dr. Pitt, on the siomach and Guts 300

Edw. Lhwyd, on Figured Stnnes, and Lang.. . ibid

Signior Redi, on Factitious baits 3(11

Dr. Rob. Conny, on a Shower of Fishes .... ."^os

"I'hn. Bent, on making Pitch, Tar, &c ihici

On voiding the Bones of a Foetus 303

Dr. Ashe, on the Barometer, &c ihij

Concerning Rusma and Alcanna 304

Sir R. Southwell, giving Iron a Copper Colour ibid

■ , on Gilding Gold upon Silver 305

Dr. Waliis, on the Effects of Ancient Music ibid
Account ot Chr. L. Welsch's Basis Botanica 307

J. Pflugk's Catal. Bibl. Budensis. . ibid

Marsigli s Dis on Bologna Stone \b\^

Biograph. Noiice of Count Louis F. Marsigli ibid

Ra. Thoresby, on a Roman Coffin, &c 3()g

Sam. Brown, on some Indian Plants 310

Mr. Buttei field, on Magnelical Sand ibid

Dr Lister's Object, to Leuwenhoeck's Hvpot. ibid
Account of Fryer's Reflec on India and Persia3Ii

A. Goodvear, on the Bile of a Serpent ibid

Dr. Waliis, instructing Deaf and Dumb Persons.! 12
Mr. Witsen's Observations on New Holland 3l6
SirRob. Southwell's I'hilosoph. Exptrane ,s:il7
Dr. Cay, on Mineral Waiers at Egliiigham . . ibid

M. Cassini, on the Longitude of Canton 313

J. Craig's Quadrature of the l.ogar. Curve. . . . 313

Benj. Allen, on the Gal) Bee gig

, on the D.aih- Waich ibid

Dr. Rob, St. Clair, on auLruplion of Fire, &c. 320



Dr. Rob. St. Clair, on a new kind of Lamp . . ibid

R. P. on an Eruption of Water 322

Mr. Desmasters, Experiments on Freezing . . . ibid
Dr. Plot's Catalogue of Electrical Bodies , . . 32.1
Account of Tournefort's Histoire des Plantes .ibid
Biographical Notice of Jos. de Touniefort. . . . ibid

Mr. Buckly, on a China Cabinet 32+

Ja. Petiver, on some Maryland Animals, &c. . ibid
Capt. Lnngford's Observations on Hurricanes. . 330
Mr. Ballard, on the of Diills .... 332
George Lewis, on some Indian Manuscripts . . 334.
Dr. E. Baynard, Swallowing of 2 Farthings . . 333
R. Sault on the Curve of swiftest Descent .... ibid

M. GeoftVoy, on Mineral Waters, &c 336'

Biographical Notice of Ste. Francis Geoffroy ibid
Experiments and Observations on Sounds. . . . 337
Mr. Desmasters, further Exper. on Freezing. . 340
Mr.Boaavert, a Stone at theRoot of the Tongue ibid
Dr. Musgrave, on a Piece of Antiquity, &c. . .341
On the Oxford Catalogue of Manuscripts .... ibid
Dr. Sloane, further Ace. of the China Cabinet 345
Ace. of Boccone's Museo di Plante Rara, &c. 34ti
Geo. Camelli, on the Tugusor Amomum .... 347

Ph. Ja. Hartman's Account of Amber ibid

D. Caslone, on the Generation of Flees 348

M. Geoffroy, on mixing Inflammable Liquors ibid

Dr Sloane, again on the China Cabinet 349

Wm. Derham, on the Barom. and Weather . . ibid
Rd. Townley, on the Quantity of Rain, &c. . . 350

Mr. Dale, on several Insects ibid

Ra Thoresby, on a Man killed by Lightning. . 351
Account of Boccone's Museo di Fisica, &c. . . ibid

. Dr. Herman's Paradisus Batavus 352

Dr. Sloane, again on the Chinese Cabinet .... ibid

Mr. Maleverer, on Coal-Bormgs 353

M. Cassini, on a Comet observed at Paris . . . 354
Dr. Cay, on the Virtues of the O-tracites . . . 355

Fr. Joannes, on the Faba Sancti Ignatii 356

Fa. Camelli, on the same Seed ibid

Wm. Clerk, on Stones in the Stomach, &c. . . 357

M. Bussiere, on Cutting for the Stone 358

Mr. Petto, on Some Solar Parhelia 36l

SirPaul Ricault, on Sable Mice in Lapland. . . . ibid

Dr. Sloane, on Some Plants in Jamaica 362

Dr. Fern, on a Fcetus without the Womb .... 365

Mr. Stephen Gray, on Solar Parhelia 367

Dr. Tho. Molyneux, on Scolopendra Marina. . 368
M. Dupre, on the Muscles in the Neck .... ibid

, on a Deformed Human Skull .... 372

M. Bussiere, on a Child without a Brain .... 373

M. Geoffroy, Regulat. of the Royal Acad 374

Ace. of Allen's Nat. Hist, of Chalyb. Waters 375

Dr. Sloane, on a Dropsy in the Ovary ibid

Wm. Cowper, on curing a cut Heel Tendon. . 376"

Dr. Cockburn, on a Blister in Fevers 378

Wm. Aglionby, on the Nature of Silk 380

Two Propositions proposed to be answered . . ibid

Mr. Llwid, on a Figured Stone 381

Sir CharUs Holt, on Swallowing Stones ibid

Dr. John Woodward, Exptr. on Vegetation . . 382

Account of Savery's Sieam Engine 398

James Eraser, Account ot Loch-Ness ibid

Dr. Clopion Havers, on Concoction 400

Jer. Jones, on the Moorish Cookery 407

* a

Account of Dr. Wallis's Opera Math. vol. 3.. 410
Leuwenhoeck, on the Animal, in Sem. Masc. .412
Dr. Wallis's Correspond, with M. Leibnitz ... 413
Account of Charmoye's Origin of Nations. . . . ibid
Dr. Wallis's Answer to Leibnitz's Letter .... 414

■ on the MeridianLine 415

Tho. Luffkin, on the Numeral I'igures ibid

James Petiver, on the Virtues of Herbs 4l6

James Cuninghame's Catalogue of Shells, &c 418
Leuwenhoeck on the Animal, in Sem. Human. 419
Ph. Lloyd, on Diseases in the North Nations 420

John Houghton's History of Coffee Ibid

Dr. Freind, on a Hydrocephalus 423

Biographical Notice of Dr. John Freind ibid

J. Cunningham, Barometer and Weather .... 426

Dr. Dan. Giegory, on a SolarEclipse ibid

Dr. Lister, on the Origin of white Vitriol. . . . 427

Mr. Thoresby, on Mr. Greatrix's Cures ibid

Account of Pat. Gordon's Geography 428

Huygens's Celestial Worlds .... 429

Dr. Tyson's Orang Outang .... 431

J. Lowthorp, on the Air's Refraction 432

Dr. Wallis, on the Julian and Gregorian Cal. . 434

Ld. Burleigh's Report on the Calendar 437

John Greaves's Reflections on the same ibid

Credibility of Human Testimony 438

Account of Swammerdam de Apibus, &c. . . . 442

D'Amerique's Analysis Geomet. . ibid

Biographical Notice of Swammerdam ibid

Wm. Cowper, on 2 new glands 445

Dr. Vieussens de Organo Auditus 44S

Dr. Wm. Musgrave, on Laryngotomy ibid

Tho. LutFkin, on Cupping Glasses 451

Quadrature of Hippocrates's Lunula, by Wallis,

Perks, Da. Gregory, and John Caswell .... 452
Dr. Da. Gregory's Defence of the Catenary 456

Sir J. Floyer, on Monstrous Pigs, &c 458

Biographical Notice of Sir JohnFloyer ibid

Hugh Jones's Account of Maryland 460

On the Quadratix to the Circle 462

Leuwenhoeck, Circulat. in Tadpoles 46^

Dr. Molyneux, on a Bodkin in the Bladder. . 468
Sir Theo. Mayerne. on the Viper and Poisons 469

Account of a double Pear 470

Number of Births, Burials, sec. in March .... ibiJ

Tho. Povey, on making Brass ibid

Account of Geudron's Cure of Cancers ibia

Dr. James Brewer, on beds of Oyster-Shells. . 471

Dr. Tho. Molyneux, on Giants ibid

Number of Births, Burials, &c. in Branden. . 477
Leuwenhoeck, Worms in Sheeps' Livers, &c. ibid
Capt. South, on the Houses, &c. in Dublin . .481

, No. of Seamen, &c. in Ireland. . ibid

, No. of People in Ireland 4-82

, No. of Romish Clergy in Ireland ibid

Dr. Wm. Sherard, on China Vanishes ibid

Mr. Derham's Observations on the Weather . 483

M. Homberg, on Acid salts ibid

Biographical Notice of M. Homberg ibid

Mr. Gray, on a Parhelion and Halo 436

Dr. James Wallace, Account of Darien, &c. . 437
Ace. of Dr. Wallace, on the Orkney Islands. . ibid

M. Bussiere, on a Polypus in the l.ungs 488

Dr. Wallis, on measuring curved Figures. . ibid




Leuwenhoeck, Circulation of the Blood 491

Abr. de la Pryme, on Roman Antiquities. . . . 49+

Biographical Notice of Mans, de Chirac 497

Account of Chirac de Motu Cordis, &c. . . . ibid

An Incubo Ferrum, &c 49S

-_ An Passioni lliacae, &c ibid

Steenvelt de Ulcere Verniinoso,&c. ibid

G. Bidloo de Aniinalculis in Ovino, &c 499

Ace. of N. Chevalier on a Piece of AmbergrisodO
Ja. Cunningham, on the Thermometer, &c. ibid
Ra. Thoresby. on Thunder and Lightning .... ibid

On some Indian Plants, Drugs, &c 501

M. Witsen, on Ratavian Mountains, &.c 50'2

Dr. James Bunough, on a Bulimia 503

J. M Laiicisi, on Acid Spirit in Blood ibid

Account if Van Reverhorst de Motu Bills. . . . ibid

. Van Kessel's Pharm.ic. Harlem. . 501

Silvesire, on New Boolis in Italy ibid

Mr. Greenhlll's 4 Medico-Surgic, Cases ibid

J. P. Worzelbaur, on a Solar Eclipse, &c. . . . ibid

Demolvre, on the Solids of the Lunula 505

Dr. P. Silvesire, on the Learning of Italy .... 506

Leuu'enhoeck, on Worms in tlie Teeth 509

John Mourn, Catacombs in Italy 511

Account of Vnlckamer's Flora Noribergens . . 514

Chr. Hunter, on Koman Inscriptions Ibid

Leuwenhoeck, Insects on Fruit Trees ibid

Charles, King, on Crabs' Eyes 519

M .Poupart, on the Libella ibid

Dr. WaDis, on the Numeral Figures 5'21

Abf de la Pryme, Shells, &c. in Lincoln .... ibid
Dr. James Wallace, Stone from the Bladder. . 524

Dr. George Garden, on the same 525

Dr. Wm. Musgrave, on a Polypus in a Dog. . Ibid
Rev. Mr. Gordon on the Cataract in Gottenburg

River, and Tycho Brahe's (Jbservatory. . . . ibid
Sir Rob. Slbbald, Stones and Plants in Scotland 5'2b'
M. Lasage, Aneurism of the Arterla Aorta . . . ibid
Ace. of Mr. Brown's '^d Book of India Plants 527

E. Halley, on the Rainbow, &rc ibid

The Method of Colouring Marble 533

John Marshal, on the Indian Bramins, &c. . . 534
Leuwenhoeck, Animal, in Semine Masc. . . . 541
Rev. Jo. Craig, on the Solid of Least Resist-
ance, and Curve of Quickest Descent .... 542

M. Bussiere, on a triple Bladder, &c 545

Dr. Manginot, on an unusual Medical Case. . 547

Mr. Clark, on some Roman Antiquities 548

Stephen Gray, on Fossils and the Merld. Line 549

Dr. Wallls, on Feeding oa Fiesh 550

Dr. Tyson, on the same Subject 552

Dr. Wallls, again on the same 55fJ

Leuwenhoeck, Excrescences on Leaves 557

Dr. Sylvester, Dissecilon of a Woman, Jic. . 560
E. Halley, on Hook's Marine Barometer .... 561

Wm. Cowper on the Vena Pulmonalis 563

Dr. Freind on uncommon Convulsions 5(i4

Pair. Gordon, on a Water-Spout il)id

J. Banister, on Insects in Viiginia 565

Stephen Gray, on a Meridian Line 568

Dr. Lister, on Powders passing the Lacleals. . .'170

A Scale of Degrees of Heat 572

Account of Cockburn, on Loosenesses 575

■ — — — — Sanctoiius de StaticaMedicina. . . . 576

Accouut of Ray's General History of Plants. . 576

Wm. Derham, on the Death-Watch ibid

Dr. Hale, on the Human Allantois 577

J. Petlver on Brown's 3d Book of India Plants 586
Dr Musgrave, Hemorrhage in the Thumb . . . ibid
Leuwenhoeck, on the CEconomy of Spiders . . 587

Strange Bones dug up at Canterbury 599

Mr. Locke, extraordinary Mental Numbering 600
Dr. Davles, on voiding Hydatldes by Urine. . 601

Leuwenhoeck, on Tastes of Waters, &c ibid

severalMicroscoplcal Ubserv. . . 602

M. Reneaume, on Walnut-Trees 6"03

J. Clamplni, on ihe Asbestos 604

Account of Gavell, on Fevers 606

Sanguineti, Dissert. Jatroph ibid

J Luftkin, on large Bones, evc ibid

J. Petlver, on Brown's 4th Book of India Plants 6O8
Dr. J. del Papa, EtFecIs of Indian Varnish . . . ibid
M. Geotfrov, on Cold Solut. and Ferment . . . 61I

Dr. Davles, on an unusual Cullc 618

Dr. Wallls, Isthmus between Dover and Calais ibid
Abr. de la Pryme, on Subterraneous Trees . . . 624
Sir Cha. Holt, on Intestines in the Thorax, &c.6'30
Dr. Musgrave colouretl Liquor in Lacieals. . 632

Opium taken without causing Sleep 634

Chr. Birbeck, on a Foetus voided by the Navel ibid

Mr. Wilson, on the Asbestos 6"35

J. Petlver, on Brown's 5th Bonk of India Plants636
Dr. Wallls, again on the Dover Isthmus. . . . 437

, on the Mariners' Compass ....ibid

Account of Marslgll Operls Prodrom 640

Mr. Strachan on taking Elephants 641

J. Petlver, on Brown's6th Book of India Plants643

J Kay, on a strange Cancer jbid

Ra.Thoresby, on seveial Curiosities • 64.4.

Abr. de la Pryme, on Subterraneous Trees . . 645

.Alex Stuart on some Water-Spouts 647

Account of Dickenson's Physica Vetus et Vera 650

Mr Strachan's Observations at Ceylon ibid

M. Blondel, on the Royal Academy at Paris . . 651

Dr. Wallls, on Magnetism 555

Demolvre on squaring Curves 653

E. Halley, on several Parhelia ggj,

Chr. Hunter, on floman Antiquities (,'(;g

Mr. Strachan, on Tobacco at Ceylon (j^j

Leuwenhoeck, on Anlmalc. in Semine Masc. 668
Mr. Thoresby, on sonii- Roman Coins, &c. . . . 675

Sir J. Floyer, on Sweet Tastes (ij(j

Dr. Charles Leigh, on Epileptic Fits 679

Mr. Cowper, on the Arteries and Veins .... 680
James Cuiniingham, on Chinese Customs. . . . 693
James Yonge, on the Internal Use of Cantha-

ridts 696

Abr. de la Pryme, on Vegetation 6Q7

Dr. Drake, Motion of the Heart 698

On Mr. Wilson's Microscopes jQg

Abr. de la Pryme, on a Water- Spout jbid

H. Vanghan, on Swallowing F'rnit Stones. ... 710

Mr. Strachan's t_)bservations at Ceylon ^u

J. Petlver, on Brown's 7th Book of India Plants7l2

Dr. Molyncux, on the Ancient Lyre jbjd

Ja. Yonge, on a Plum-Stone in the Bowels . . 715
Dr. Sloane, on Swallowing Fruit Stones .... "17
Mr. Thoresby, Vestiges of a Roman Town , . 7JS


Class I. Mathematics.

1. Arithmetic, Political Arithmetic, Numbers of Persons, Annuities.

XTRACTING Surd Roots, Dr. Wallis . . 1

Construction of Logarithms, by Halley 18

Old Jenkins's Age, by Dr. Robinson 92

same by Mr. Hill 167

Number of Births, Deaths, &c. Dr. Slare. . . . 169

The Numeral Figures, Tho. LufFkin 415

Credibility of Human Testimony 438

Number of Births, Deaths, &c. in March 4/0

Numb, of Births, Deaths, &:c. in Brandenbtirg 477

Houses, &c. in Dublin, Capt.

South 481

Seamen in Ireland, by the same . . ibid

People in Ireland 482

Romish Clergy ibid

The Numeral Figures, Dr. Wallis 521

'2. Algebra, Analysis, Fluxions.

Use of Fluxions, by Demoivre 14

Dr. Wallis's Mathematical Works 29

Solution of Two Problems, by Newton 129

The Multinomial Theorem, Demoivre 1 76

Roots of Infinite Equations, Demoivre 275

On Wallis's Opera Mathematica 410

3. Geometry.

Quadrable Cycloidal Spaces, Wallis 39

Cycloids and Epicycloids, Halley 47

Merid line and Log. Tangents, Halley 68

Two Problems solved, by Newton . . 129

Descents in a Cycloid, inc. Newton 140

Antiquity of the Cycloid, Wallis 169

Errors in Surveys, Molyneux 180

The Caten.irian Curve, Da. Gregory 184

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