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FROM 1763 TO 1769.






/^^ 5<





1^^ D M . Stone, Use of Willow Bark in Agues 1
M. Weytnarn, of an Earthquake in Siberia 3
J. Locke, Roman Inscriptions at Tunis ... 4
Geo. Edwards, an Observation in Optics . . ibid

Fra. Geach, two Cases in Surgery ibid

M. Lindo, a New Dye from Berries in Ca-
rolina ibid

James Ferguson, Eclipse of the Sun 5

Edw. Gulston, an Earthq. in East Indies 12, 13
Wm. Hirst, on the same, and Solar Eclipses 12
Thomas Bayes, on certain Infinite Series . . 14

Dr. Watson, on the Vegetable Fly 15

J. Swinton, a Punic Inscription in Malta . . 17
Edw. Waring, Algebr. and GJeom. Problems 19
Biographical Notice of Dr. Edw. Waring . . ibid
Ja. Short, Sun's Parallax determined .... 2'2
J. Colebrook, Use of Green Hemlock ... 37
Samuel Dunn, on a Remarkable Meteor . . 39
Dr. Akenside, Etfects of a Blow on the Heart ibid
Dr. Wolfe, on making Nitre in Podolia . . 40
Thomas Bayes, on a Problem in Chances . . 41

J. Ellis, Observations on Sea Pens ibid

B. Wilson, Observations in Electricity .... 44

Tho. Hornsby, on the Sun's Parallax ibid

Dr. Pemberton, the Locus for 3 and •*• lines 60

J. Hadley, of a Mummy at London 77

Dr. Mounsey, uncommon Case at Moscow 83
Ja. Ferguson, of a New and Safe Crane . . 86
Dr. Murdoch, the Moon's Dist. and Parallax 87

J. Piatt, Origin of the Belemnite 91

Sam. Felton, Species of Wasp and Locust . . 98

Dr. Watson, the American Armadilla 99

Wm. Borlase, the Weather and Rain in

Cornwall 99

Perc. Pott, on a Hernia of the Bladder 100

P. CoUinson, on the Cicada of N. America ibid
Dr. Mackenzie, Plagues at Constantinople 102
Dr. J. Tucker, Remarkable Tide at Bristol 109
Biog. Notice of the Rev. Dr. Josiah Tucker ibid
Tor. Bergman, Electrical Experiments .... ibid
Dr. Schlosser, on the Batavian Jaculator . . 110

Dr. Wolfe, on the Polish Cochineal ibid

J. Swinton, two ancient Etruscan Coins . . 112
Ja. Short, Observation of a Solar Eclipse . . ibid
Dr. Bevis, Observ. on the same Eclipse . . ibid

, Observ. of a Lunar Eclipse ... 113

Ja. Ferguson, Observation of Eclipses ... . ibid
Sam. Dunn, Observation of the same . . . 114
J. Howard, Degree of Cold in Bedfordshire ibid


J. Swinton, the Phoenician Inscr. at Malta 115

Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants ibid

Nat. Bliss, Observation of a Solar Edipse . . ibid
Tho. Hornsby, Observation of the same . . ibid
Mat. Raper, Observation of Eclipses ... Il6
Cha. Messier, Observ. of a New Comet . . ibid

M. Pingre, on the Sun's Parallax 1 17

Biog. Notice of Alex. Guy Pingre ibid

Chr. Mayer, on the Transit of Venus .... 119

, Astronomical Obser^'ations . . ibid

Mungo Murray, Observ. on a Solar Eclipse 120
Dr. Morris, on Extracts of Hemlock .... ibid
Dr. Johnstone, Gangtions of the Nerves . . 122
J. Winthrop, Fiery Meteors in America . . ibid
Edw. Waring, New Properties in Conic

Sections 124

Dr. W. Heberden, Effects of Lightning . . 126
Dr. Watson, Observations on the same ... 127
Edw. Delaval, Effects of ditto on St. Bride's

Church 140

Dr. Lawrence, the same in Essex-street . . 144
Dr. Watson, Body of an Asthmatic Person 145
B. Wilson, on preventing Damage by Light-
ning 14,7

Jesuits, Observ. of a Solar Eclipse at Rome 150
Ja. Ferguson, on a New Hygrometer .... 161
J. Canton, the Compressibility of Water . . ibid
Nevil Maskelyne, Effects of Refraction and

Parallax 1 52

J. Winthrop, Obs. of the Transit of Venus 156
Rob. Veicht, Effects of Lightning on 3 Ships 1 57

Rd. Price, on a Rule in Chances 16O

Biographical Notice of Dr. Richard Price . . ibid
J. Swinton, remarkable Meteor at Oxford ibid
J. Horsley, the Lunar Method of Longitude 16I
J. Swinton, remarkable Meteor at Oxford 16'2
Nevil Maskelyne, on the Equat. of Time. . l63

, Astron.Obs. at St. Helena 169

Andr. Oliver, Disease among the Indians in

North America 170

Nevil Maskelyne, Astron. Obs. at Barbadoes 171
J. Swinton, the Phoenician Inscription, &c. 17 1

Dr. Parsons, on the Pholas Conoides 174

Dr . Lavington, Effect of drinking Sea- Water 177
Edw. Delaval, Agreement between the Spe-
cific Grav. of Metals and their Colours, &c. 178
Wm. Martin, Extraneous Body forced into

the Lungs ] 88

Dr. Chandler, of an Earthquake at Lisbon 189
Dr. Parson*, of a White Negro 190




P. Dollond, Improvement in Telescopes . . Ip*
Dr. W. Heberden, a Salt on the Peak of

Teneriffe 195

Ja. Ferguson, Time in a N" of Lunations, &c. 1 97
J. Michel], to survey with Hadley's Quad, ibid
J. B. Paitoni, Anatomical Observations . . 199

Dr. Spry, on the Portable Barometer 201

Mr. Woollcombe, on a Locked Jaw ibid

Geo. Edwards, on a Chinese Pheasant .... 202
Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants, &c. 203
Dr. Wilkinson, Specif Levity and Grav. of

Cork, Human Bodies, &c. in diff. Fluids 204

Dr. Tissot, on the Ergot in Rye, &c 208

Biog. Notice of Dr. Tissot, of Lausanne . . ibid
Dr.Tho. Heberden, Temp, at diflf. Heights 218
Dr. W. Heberden, Stone from a Woman's

Bladder 219

J. Liesganig, Astron. Observ. at Vienna . . 220

Earl of Morton, Case of Hydrophobia 22 1

Ed. Waring, Theorems on the Ellipse and

Polygon 222

Dr. H. Hamilton, onEvap., Air, water, &c. 223
Dr. Franklin, Phys. and Meteor. Observ. . ibid

Ben. Gale, Inoculation in America 229

W. Ludlam, New Balance for Thread, &c. 233
Dr. Brownrigg, on the Air in Spa Water . . 235

Anonymous, Mineral Exhalations, &:c 244

Ben. Gale, Salt to the Bite of Rattle Snakes ibid
Sir F. H. Eyles Stiles, New Microscopes at

Naples, Obs. on the Human Blood, &c. 245

, on the Sexes of Plants ... 248

^— — , Impregnation of Vegetables 249

Jos. Colebrooke, Effects of Green Hemlock 254
Mr. Griffith, Effects of Lightning at Oxford ibid
J. Ellis, Nature and Formation of Sponges 257
Dr. J. Hope, Introd. of the Rhubarb Plant 262

M. Messier, on the Comet of l6'8-' 263

Tho. Hornsby, Transit of Venus in 1 769 . . 265
M. Messier, Observation of a Solar Eclipse 274

J. Swinton, Palmyrene Inscription 275

M- Lulofs, Obs. of a Solar Eclipse at Leyden 276
Dr. Parsons, Rhinoceros Double Horns .... ibid
Wm. Borlase, Specimens of Native Tin . . 117
Ed. W.Montagu, Journ. from Cairo to Sinai 278
Biog. Notice of Edw. Wortley Montagu . . ibid

M. Messier, on 2 New Comets 286

Alex. Brice, on a New Comet 287

H. Baker, on the Naples New Microscopes ibid
Fr. Mallet, Transit of Venus at Upsal .... 289

Rob Smith, Hepatitis treated ibid

Dr. A. 1-ee, on Peruvian Bark 290

J. B- Beccaria, Electrical Experiments .... 291
Biog. Notice of John Baptist Beccaria .... ibid
J. Michetl, Meas. Degrees of Longitude . . ibid
Anonymous, on Ascarides, Taenia, &c. . . . 294

Dr. Geo. Carlisle, on a large Hernia 295

Hen. Cavendish, Exp. on Factitious Air . . 298
Dr. Wolfe, on the Polish Cochineal 320

Mr. Homrael. on the Jaculator Fish ..... 321
Dr. Pallas, another Species of the Jaculator 322

J. Ellis, of an Amphibious Bipes ibid

Dr. Parsons, on Amphibious Animals 324

, Wind Pijjesof Birds and Tortoises 329

David Ross, Magnetic Variations 336

W. Mountayne, on the same Subject ibid

Alex. Brice, Velocity of Wind, and Propor-
tion of Snow to Water 338

W. Bowles, Emery Stone, andMines in Spain 340
T. Bergman, Electricity of the Tourmalin 343

Fr. Mallet, Parallaxes of Altitude 344

Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants 347

M. Messier, Observation of a Solar Eclipse ibid
Prince de Croy, Observations on the same ibid
M. Le Cat, Extracting part of the Arm Bone 349
M. Wargentin, Longitude by Eclipses of

Jupiter's Satellites 352

J. Ellis, Coluber Cerastes, or Horned Viper 355
Alex. Rose, on the Weather at Quebec . . . .356

J. Swinton, on 2 Parthian Coins 357

Wm. Moreland, on the Hydrops Pectoris . . 358
Wm. Borlase, Discovery of Native Tin . . . 359
John Hunter, on an Amphibious Bipes .... 360

Le Cat, a Monstrous Human Foetus 362

J. Canning, Three Arabian Medicines .... 369
G. Witchell, Shadow of a Prolate Spheroid 372
Biog. Notice of Mr. George Witchell .... ibid

Ed. King, on the Universal Deluge 379

, Formation of Spars and Crystals 384

Mr. Alexander, Exper. with Camphor .... 386
Ed. King, on a Remarkable Aquatic Insect 390

Cha. Clarke, on the Patagonians 391

Wm. Sharpe, Instrument for Fractured Legs ibid
Ed. Spry, a Locked Jaw cured by Electricity ibid
Hen. Cavendish, on Rathbone-place Waters 393
J. Swinton, on a Meteor seen at Oxford . . 401

— , Swarm of Gnats seen atOxford 402

G. D. Ehret, on the Plant Andrachne .... 403
Dr. Johnstone, a Foetus with Imperfect Brain

and the Use of the Ganglions 404

J. Winthrop, Thoughts on Comets 405

J. Caverhill, Knowledge of the Ancients in

India 4()S

Dr. Horsley, on the Sun's Distance 4 1 i

Biog. Notice of Dr. Samuel Horsley ibid

C. L'Epinasse, Improved Elect. Apparatus 4l6
Wra. Hamilton, Eruption of Vesuvius ... 417

Biog. Notice of Sir Wm. Hamilton ibid

J. Howard, Heat of the Bath Waters .... 419
J. Canton, Heat of Bath and Bristol Waters 420

D. Barrington, on certain Fish in Wales . . ibid
Biog. Notice of the Hon. Daines Barrington ibid
Ja. Cook, Observation of a Solar Eclipse . . 422
Fl. Martin, Heat of the Air at Bengal .... 423
Dr. Percival, Exp. on Peruvian Bark .... ibid

J. Michell, Parallax of the Fixed Stars ibid

, Twinkling of the Fixed Stars . . 438




J. Whitehurst, Therm. Observ. at Derby , . 440

Biog. Notice of Mr. John Whitehurst ibid

J. Swinton, Curious Phoenician Medal 441

T. Harmer, on the Fecundily of Fishes . , ibid
M. Le Cat, on a Fatal Hydro-enterocele . . 445
J. B. Beccaria, Electrical Experiments . . . ibid
J. R. Forster, Nat. History of the Wolga . . 446
Biog. Notice of Dr. John Reinbold Forster. . ibid
P. Fantoni, a certain Mechanical Curve . . . ibid
Mr. Mallet, on the best Water Wheels . . ibid
Ja. Ferguson, Construction of Sun Dials . . 454

Alex. Dalrymple, Formation of Islands ibid

Dr. Horsley, Height of the Sun's Atmos.. . 456
Nat. Pigott, Observ. of a Solar Eclipse .... 458

J. Ellis, Animal Nature of Zoophytes ibid

, on the Clustered Animal-flower.. 468

Ed. W. Montagu, on Pompey's Pillar .... 47'2
Dr. Watson, on the Cold Weather at Lond. 474

Mr. Lane, on a New Electrometer 475

Dr. T. Heberden, Population of Madeira . . ibid
p. CoUinson, on very large Fossil Teeth 476, 478

Wm. Hudson, Catalogue of 50 Plants 478

Dr. Monro, on some Neutral Salts 479

p. Woulfe, Distillation of Acids, &c 484

Sir Wm. Hamilton, Eruption of Vesuvius 494
J. Liesganig, Measure of the Meridian. . . . 497
Dr. Richardson, on the Force of Percussion 498
Dr. Murdoch, Parallaxes of the Sun & Moon 500
Dr. Wm. Hunter, on the large Fossil Bones 504
Capt. Holland, Astron. Observ. in America 507
Dr. Bevis, on the Cold of 1740 and 1768 . . ibid

J. Short, on the same subject 508

D. Barrington, Difterence in the Tempera-
ture of the Air in Ditferent Ages ibid

Dr. Priestley, Prismatic Colours by Electri-
cal Explosions 510

Biog. Notice of Dr. Joseph Priestley ibid

J. Ellis, on Preserving Acorns for Planting 514
Dr. Monro, on the Quassia Root in Fevers 515
Bishop of Carlisle, Meteorological Observ. 5l6
Tho. Pennant, DifJ'. Species of Pinguins . . ibid
J. Horsefall, Curious Questions in Chronol. 519
Andr. Planman, on the Solar Parallax .... 520
Mr. Chais, Inoculation of the Small-pox , . 527
P. J. Bergius, on the Plant Croton Lucidum 529
Dr. Farr, Meteorological Observations .... ibid
Dr. Alex, and P. Russell, Inoculat in Arabia ibid
Dr. Wolfe, Meteorological Observations . . 534
P. Wargentin,on the Cold in 1767 and 1768 ibid
N- Maskelyne, on 2 Papers of Mr. Smeaton 535
J. Smeaton, on the Menstrual Parallax .... ibid

, ObseiY. out of the Meridian 543

J. Landen, New Method of Curve Areas . . 544
S. Douglas, on a Blue Kind of Earth .... 5t7
Dr. Benevuti, on two Medical Cases .... /).)l
Dr. Parsons, on a Species of Cameleon .... 5 J2
J. A. R. Zannoni, Astronomical Observ. . , 554
Dr. Watson, Exp. on Sowing Wheat .... ibid


J. Robertson, Circulating Decimals 555

J. R. Forster, Map of the River Wolga 556

Wm. Hewson, Lymphatics in Birds ibid

Biog. Notice of Mr. Wm. Hewson ibid

Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants .... 56l

J, Swinton, on a Punic Coin ibid

■ , on an Etruscan Coin . . 562, 563

, on a Denarius 562

N. Maskelyne, Measures in Pennsylvania . . 564

Mason and Dixon, on the same 566

N. Maskelyne, Length of a Degree in ditto 573

Mason and Dixon, Astron. Obs. in ditto . . 578

Ja. Byres, Extraordinary Heat at Rome . . 579

J. Canton, Making of his Phosphorus ibid

C. Mayer, Astronomical Observations .... 583
N. Maskelyne, Transit of Venus, 1769 . . . ibid

J. Moult, of preparing Salep 539

Dr. Wolfe, Parabolic Burning Mirrors .... ibid

Dr. Lysons, Case of 3 Pins Swallowed .... 590

Sir Wni. Hamilton, on Mount Vesuvius . . 592

D. Barrington, Indigenous Trees 594

Mr. White, the Os Humeri sawed off 597

Dr. Borlase, Specimen of Native Tin .... ibid

J. Strange, Natural Paper at Cortona 598

Dr. Priestley, Lateral Force of Electricity . . 60O

, Force of Electrical Explosions 603

Ste. De Visrae, Earthquake, and Strange 607

Monkey 608

J. Robertson, on a Law of Motion, 8fc. . . .

Wm. Paxton, Terrible Effects of Lightning 61O

Dr. Farr, Meteorol. Register at Plymouth. . ibid

M. Messier, Remarkable Aurora Boreales 6II

Rd. Price, Population and Value of Lives .. 61I

R. E. Raspe, on Fossil Elephants' Bones . . 6l2

J. Ellis, Animalcula in Vegetable Infusions ibid

Dr. Milles, Meteorological Observations . . 620
Committee of the r. s. to secure St. Paul's

from Lightning ibid

Ja. Horsefall, Obs of the Transit of Venus 625

Tho. Hornsby, Observations of the same . . ibid

Sam. Horsley, Observations of the same . . 629

Dr. Bevis, Observation of the same 63 1

J. Canton, Observation of the same 632

J. Strange, Sepulchral Inscriptions 633

Wm. Hewson, Lymph, in Amphib. Anim. ibid

, Lymphatic System in Fishes ibid

Mr. Lane, Solubility of Iron by Fixed Air 633
W. Hirst, Phenom. at the 'I'ransit of Venus 639

Mr. Ludlam, Obs. of the Transit of Venus 6+1

Dr. J. Hope, on a Rare Plant 642

Sam. Holland, the Transit of Venus ibid

J. Dixon, on the same 644

Mr. Bayley, on the same ibid

T. Wright, the same 646

B. Gooch, on a Cuticular Disease 648

Andr. Mayer, Transit of Venus ibid

J. Smeaton, a Solar Eclipse ibid

Dr. Smith, &c. Transit of Venus 649

a a




P. Wargentin, on the same Transit 651

Dr. Alex. Wilson, on the same 652

Biog. Notice of Dr. Alex. Wilson ibid

Dr. James Lind, Transit of Venus 655

Lieut. Jardine, on the same 657

J. Winthrop, on the same 658

Dr. Wm. Heberden, Rain at DifF. Heights 659
Dr. Ja. Lind, Obs. of a Lunar Eclipse .... 66 1
J. Swinton, on Two Aurora Boreales .... ibid
M. De Lalande, Transit of Venus, &c. . . . 663

Biog. Notice of M. de Lalande 66'4

Alex. Aubert, Transit of Venus 665

Biog. Notice of Alex. Aubert, Esq ibid

Dr. Watson, the Oil from Ground Peas . . ibid

Wm. Hudson, Catalogue of 50 Plants 66?

Hen. Watson, Lymph, of the Urethra, &c. ibid
N. Maskelyne, Astron, Observations .... 670

Dr. Wilson, Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites 670

B. Ferner, Transit of Venus, &c 67 1

Fra. WoUaston, Transit of Venus 672

Owen Biddle, Transit of Venus 67 3

Daniel Harris, on the same 676

J. Swinton, on Two Samnite Coins 677

J. Leeds, on the Transit of Venus 679

J. Canton, Lurainousness of the Sea 680

M. Messier, Astronomical Observations . . 682
W.Wales and J. Dymond, Transit of Venus ibid

Biog. Notice of Mr. Wm. Wales ibid

Wm. Wales, Magnetic Variations 684

Dr. Morton, Chinese and Egyptian Lang. . . 685

J. Winthrop, Transit of Mercury 691

Ja. Short, on Working Telescope Glasses
Truly Spherical ibid


Class I. Mathematics.

1 . Arithmeticy Annuities, Political Arithmetic.

A Problem in Chances, Bayes 14 Circulating Decimals, Robertson ,

On a Rule in Chances, Price I60 Population and Value of Lives, Price ....

Population of Madeira, T. Heberden 475

2. Algebra, Analysis, Fluxions.
Certain Infinite Series, Bayes 14 Algeb. and G^omet. Problems, Waring . ,

3. Geometry, Trigonometry, Land-surveying.

Geom. and Algeb. Problems, Waring .... 19 On the Ellipse and Polygons, Waring

Locus for 3 and 4 Lines, Pemberton 60 On the Mechanical Curve, Fantoni ,

Properties in Conic Sections, Waring .... 124 New Method of Curve Areas, Landen ...

Surveying with Hadley's Quadrant, Michell 197

Class II. Mechanical Philosophy.

1. Dynamics.

The Force of Percussion, Richardson 498 A Law of Motion, &c. Robertson

1. Astronomy,

Eclipse of the Sun, Ferguson

Solar Eclipses and Earthquakes, Hirst ....

Sun"s Parallax determined. Short

On the Sun's Parallax, Hornsby

Moon's Dist. and Parallax, Murdoch

Of a Solar Eclipse, Short

On the same, Bevis

Of a Lunar Eclipse, Bevis

Observation of Eclipses, Ferguson

On the same, Dunn

Of a Solar Eclipse, Bliss

On the same, Hornsby

Observation of Eclipses, Raper




Chronology, Navigation.

5 On a New Comet, Messier

12 On the Sun's Parallax, Pingre

22 Transit of Venus, Mayer

44 Astronomical Observations, Mayer ,

87 Of a Solar Eclipse, Murray

1 1 2 On the same, the Jesuits

ibid Refraction and Parallax, Maskelyne

1 13 Transit of Venus, Winthrop

ibid Lunar Method of Longitude, Horsley . . , .

114 Equation of Time, Maskelyne

115 Astronomical Observ. at St. Helena, Id. . .
ibid Barbadoes, Id. . .

116 Time in a Number of Lunations, Ferguson





Astronomical Obs. at Vienna, Liesganig . .

The Comet of l(i82. Messier

Transit of Venus in 1769, Hornsby

Of a Solar Eclipse, Messier

Observation of a Solar Eclipse, Lulofs . . . .

On two New Comets, Messier

On a New Comet, Brice

Transit of Venus at Upsal, Mallet

Measure of Degrees of Ix)ngitude, Michell

Parallaxes of Altitude, Mallet

Observation of a Solar Eclipse, Messier . . .

On the same. Prince de Croy

Long, by Jupiter's Satellites, Wargentin . .

Shadow of a Spheroid, Witchell

Thoughts on Comets, Winlhrop

On the Sun's Distance, Horsley

Obs- of a Solar Eclipse, Cook

Parallax of Fixed Stars, Michell

Twinkling of Fixed Stars, Michell

Construction of Sun Dials, Ferguson

Height of Sun's Atmosphere, Horsley . . . .

Obs. of a Solar Eclipse, Pigott ,

Measure of the Meridian, Liesganig

Parallaxes of Sun and Moon, Murdoch . . . .

Astron. Obs. in America, Holland

Question in Chronology, Horsefall

On the Sun's Parallax, Planman

On the Menstrual Parallax, Maskelyne . . . .

On the same, Smeaton

Obs out of the Meridian, Smeaton

Astronomical Observations, Zannoni

Meas. in Pennsylvania, Maskelyne

On the same. Mason and Dixon

Length of a Degree in ditto, Maskelyne . .


Phenomena at the same.
Observation of the same,


Astron. Obs. in ditto. Mason and Dixon . . 578

Astron. Obser\'ations, Mayer 583

Observ. of the Transit of Venus, Horsefall 625

Observ. of the same, Hornsby ibid

Observation of the same, Horsley 629

, Bevis 63 1

, Canton 632

Hirst 639

Ludlam 641

, Holland 6l2

, Dixon 6%4i

— , Bayley ibid

, "Wright 646

, Mayer 648

Obs. of a Solar Eclipse, Smeaton ibid

Observation of the Transit of Venus, Smith 649

Observation of the same, Wargentin ..... 651

, "Wilson 652

, Lind 655

— ^— — ^— , Jardine 657

, Winthrop 658

Observation of a Lunar Eclipse, Lind .... 66l

Obs. of the Transit of Venus, &c. Lalande 663

Observation of the same, Aubert 665

Astronomical Observations, Maskelyne . . . 67ci

Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites, "Wilson .... ibid

Obs. of the Transit of Venus, &c. Ferner . . 671

Observation of the same, WoUaston 672

— ■ , Biddle ,. 673

, Harris 676

—^ , Leeds 679

Astronomical Observations, Messier 682

Transit of Venus, Wales and Dymond ... . ibid

Obs. of the Transit of Mercury, Winthrop 69 1

3. Hydrostatics.

Specific Levity and Gravity of Cork, Human Bodies, &c. Wilkinson 204

4. Pneumatics.

On the Portable Barometer, Spry 201

6. Optics.

An Observation in Optics, Edwards 4

Improvement in Telescopes, Dollond 194

New Microscopes at Naples, Eyles Stiles . . 245

6. Electricity, Magnetism,

Observations in Electricity, Wilson 44

Elertrical Experiments, Bergman 109

Preventing Damage by Lightning, Wilson .. 147

Temperature at Different Heights, Heberden 2 1 8

Electrical Experiments, Beccaria 291

Magnetic Variations, Ros-s 336

On the same Subject, Mountayne ibid

Electricity of the Tourmalin, Bergman .... 343

Locked Jaw cured by Electricity, Spry ... 39 1

Electrical Apparatus, L'Epinasse 4l6

Heat of Bath-waters, Howard 419

Heat of Bath and Bristol Water, Canton . . 420

On the Naples Microscopes, Baker 287

Working Telescope Glasses, Short 69 1

Pyrotechny, Thervwmetry, &c.

Therm. Obs. at Derby, Whitehurst 440

Electrical Experiments, Beccaria 445

A New Electrometer, Lane 475

Dif. Temper, in Dif. Ages, Barrington 508

Prism. Colours by Electricity, Priestley ... 510

Extraordinary Heat at Rome, Byres 579

Parabolic Burning Mirrors, Wolfe 589

Lateral Force of Electricity, Priestley .... 6OO

Force of Electrical Explosions, Priestley . . (i03

To Secure St. Paul's from Lightning, Com. 620

Magnetic Variations, Wales 68*-



Class III. Natural History.

1. Zoology.


Species of Wasp and Txicust, Pel ton 98

American Armadilla, Watson 9;)

Cicada of Nortli America, CoUinson 100

The Batavian Jaculator, Schlosser 110

The Polish Cochineal, Wolfe 1 10, 320

A Chinese Pheasant, Edwards 202

Rhinoceros Double Horns, Parsons 276

The Jaculator Fish, Hammel 321

Another Species of Jaculator, Pallas 322


An Amphibious Bipes, Ellis 322

On Amphibious Animals, Parsons 324

Coluber Cerastes or Horned Vif>er, Ellis . . 355

An Amphibious Bipes, J. Hunter 360

Remarkable Aquatic Insect, King 390

Certain Fish in Wales, Barrington 420

Different Species of Pinguins, Pennant .... 5\6

A Species of Camelion, Parsons 552

On a Strange Monkey, De Visme 607

Catalogue of 50 Plants, Hudson

478, 56 1, 667

The Rhubarb Plant, Hope 262

The Plant Andrachne, Ehret 403

2. Botany.
1 1 5, 203, 347, The Croton Lucidum

Bergius 529

Indigenous Trees, Barrington 594

On a Rare Plant, Hope 642


Emery Stone, and Mines, in Spain, Bowles 340

Formation of Spars and Crystals, King 384

Very Large Fossil Teeth, CoUinson . . 476, 47S

Large Fossil Bones, Wm. Hunter , 504

Fossil Elephants' Bones, Raspe 6l2

Origin of the Belemnite, Piatt 91

The Pholas Conoides, Parsons 174

Specific Gravity of Metals and their Colours,

Delaval 178

Mineral Exhalations, &c. Anonymous .... 244
Specimens of Native Tin, Borlase 277, 359, 597

4. Geography, and Topography. '

Journey from Cairo to Sinai, Montagu .... 278 Nat. Hist, of the Wolga, Forster 446

Meas. Degrees of Longitude, Michell .... 29 1 Measure of the Meridian, Liesganig 497

Ancient Knowledge of India, Caverhill .... 408 Map of the Wolga, Forster 556

Heat in Bengal, Martin 423 On Mount Vesuvius, Hamilton 592

5. Hydrology.
Remarkable Tide at Bristol, Tucker 109 Rathbone-place Waters,

Compressibility of Water, Canton 151

The General Deluge, King 379

Cavendish 393

Luminousness of Salt-water, Canton 680

Class IV. Chemical Philosophy.

Salt on the Peak of Teneriffe, Heberden

On the Air in Spa Water, Brownrigg

Exp. on Factitious Air, Cavendish

On Rathbone-place water. Cavendish

Heat of the Bath Waters, Howard

Heat of Bath and Bristol Waters, Canton. .

1 . Chemistry.


On some Neutral Salts, Monro 479

Distillation of Acids, &c. Woulfe 484

Making of Phosphorus, Canton 579

Iron dissolved by Fixed Air, Lane 633

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