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ments, opening the way to all the varieties of
modem ecclesiastical architecture.


Churches may be divided according to hierar-
chal order, as seen in the sub-titles given be-
low, viz.. Abbey C, Catheilral C, Collegiate C,
Conventual C, Metropolitan C, Parish C,
Patriarchal C, Pontifical C, etc.

There are also certain names of churches for
which no English equivalent exists; thus, in
Italy, the CJiiesa Pcdatina is the church of the
palace, a private chapel of the inhabitants of a
palace ; and the Pieve, which is simply the
chief church of a district called the pievania or
pieviere^ and is administered by a priest called
a T^/evano, who has under his jurisdiction other
ecclesiastical establishments.

The early Christian, Byzantine, Gothic, and
Romanesque styles are almost wholly ecclesiasti-
cal, their development being in their churches.
Therefore, a book on Gothic architecture, for
instance, is mainly an account of Gothic churches.
For the churches of the Renaissance, and later
styles, there are no books of general history

Church of S. Martin, Coloonb.

and criticism, but see, for the Renaissance in
Italy, Laspeyres, Kirchen der Renaissance in
Mittel-ItcUien ; Cicognara's great book on Venice;
Letarouilly, Les Edifices de Borne 3fodeme,
and such other treatises, which give the public
buildings of great architectural centres; even
the books cited under Brickwork are mainly
devoted to churches. See also Hiibsch, Die
altchristlichen KircheUy etc. ; a translation
under the title Monuments de V Architecture
Chrkienney publishe<i in Paris, 1866. It is a
large folio with a vast number of plans, sections,
etc., so presented as to be easy of comparison.
Dehio and Bezold ; Die Kirchliche Baukunst
des AbendlandeSy begun in 1887, is still un-
finished. It is largely a compilation, and imder-
takes to be an almost complete encyclopaedia of
church building. — J. S. Fiske.

HUbsch, Altchristlichen Kirchen ; Ltibke, Vor-
schule zur geschichte der Kirchen hauknnst des
Mittelalters ; Quasi, Die entwicklung der Kirch-
enbaukunst des Mittelalters; Brandon, Parish
Churches ; Baudot, £glises de Bourgs et Villages ;

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SchSfer, Mustergiltigen Kirchenbauten des Mittel-
altera in Deutschland ; Viollet-le-l)uc, De la con-
struction des kdijices religieux en France in
Annales Archeologiques^ Vols. I. to IV. ; Clausse,
Les Monuments du Christianisme au moyen-tge.

Abbey Charoh. A, The church of an

B. The church of any conventual establish-
ment; especially applied to such buildings in
the British Isles.

Cathedral Chtiroh. The principal church
of a bishop's see. (See Cathedral, n.)

Collegiate Charoh. A. One administered
by a body of canons who form a college.


built in 1723. It has been claimed that the
name " Old North " was properly given to the
church in North Square, now demolished.

Old South Charoh. In Boston, on Wash-
ington Street; built in 1729. The name waa
given to distinguish it from the North Church.

Parish Chtiroh. Primarily, one which serves
the spiritual needs of a given district called a
parish, which parish, if it is large, may require
the establishment of an additional church build-
ing. (See Chapel of Ease.) In America,
parishes are not commonly geographical divi-
sions, and a parish church is one maintained by
a certain body of tnistees, or other corporation^

Abbey Church, Laach. (See Plan and Section, Cols. 559, 560.)

jB. One served by two or more clergymen,
whether these are attached to a single building, or,
as in certain sects, having four or another num-
ber of buildings under their common supervision.

Conventual Charoh. Same as Abbey
Church in sense B,

Hall Church. A church built in the form
called Hallenbau (which see).

Metropolitan Church. The Cathedral
Church of an archbishop. York and Canter-
bury cathedrals are the metropolitan churches
of England. The Patriarchal and the Pontifical
Church are also metropolitan churches.

Old North Church. In Boston ; generally
thought to have been Christ Church on Salem
street, the oldest building remaining in the city ;

which may keep up a principal church and
several important buildings called chapels.

Patriarchal Church. One administered by
a patriarch, as in the Greek Church, and as in
the Roman Catholic Church, in the case of cer-
tain bishops who have this title; thus, the
patriarchs of Aquilea, Lisbon, and Venice may
confer the title of patriarchal upon their cathe-
dral churches. Also, at Rome there are five
churches representing the five great patriarchs
of the Christian world in antiquity — Rome,
Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jeru-
salem. S. Giovanni in Laterano is that of
Rome; the others are S. Peter's, S. Paul's
without the Walls, S. Maria Maggiore, and
S. Lorenzo without the Walls.


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Pontifical Church. One where a bishop
pout ideates, or more usually confined to the
church of the sovereign pontiff.

Round Church. (See the article under

The following is a chronological summary,
prepared by Mr. Barr Ferrec, of the more im-
portant churches of Western Europe, including
those buildings, familiarity with which would
give the student an acquaintance with the
development of the ecclesiastical architecture.


Salzburg. Cathedral C. Built 1614-1631
by Santino Solari ; " baroque " C frequently
copied in Austria and Germany.

Strassengel. Styria. Cistercian abbey C.
XIV c; 3 naves and apses; no transept; open

Trent. Southern Tyrol. Cathedral C.
Parts N side XI c ; rebuilt XII c ; chiefly early
XIII c ; done XV c.

Vienna. S Stephan. Cathedral C. Begun
XIII c ; choir XIV c ; nave, S tower, XIV-

XV c ; S tower re-
built 1860-1864
in the original
style ; most impor-
tant Austrian
Gothic C.

Church: Plan of Salisbury Cathedral; Two Transepts,

A capital C stands for the word " chiu'ch," a
small c for the word ** century."

The order is by alphabet of countries, as fol-
lows : —

Austrian States (excluding Bohemia, Dalma-
tia, Hungary, and Istria)

Belgium Germany


Bohemia Hungary


Dalmatia Istria


Denmark Italy


England Netherlands


France (Holland)




Agram. Croatia. Cathedral C. Built
XIII-XIV c ; choir vaidt XV c ; 3 naves and
apses ; no transept.

Botaen. Tyrol. Parish C. Middle XIV
c; rich flamboyant tower, open spire, done
XVI c ; aisles and nave of equal height.

Cracow. Galicia. Marienkirche. Begun
XIII c ; rebuilt XIV c ; chapels XV-XVI c ;
brick; elongated choir without aisles; almost
square nave (an Austrian type).

Ourk. Carinthia. Cathedral C. Second
half XII c ; elegant inner porch portals ; mag-
nificent crypt with 100 columns.

Lilienfeld. Lower Austria. Cistercian ab-
bey C. Early XIII c ; circular apse within
later square ; beautiful XII c cloister with 400
marble columns.



Antwerp. Notre
Dame. Collegiate
C; cathedral C
from 1559. XIV-
XV c ; nave and
aisle vaults XVII c ;
seven -aisled nave;
narrow transepts ;
N tower (1422-
1518) one of the most remarkable in Europe.

Brussels. SS Gudule et Michel. Collegi-
ate C ; now cathedral C. Choir XIII c ; nave
XIV c ; W portal c 1499 ; chapel S Sacrement
1533-1539; notable carved wood pidpit by
Verbruggen ; fine glass windows.

Ghent. S Bavon (" Sint Baafs "). Cathe-
dral C. Crypt X c, rebuilt XIII c; choir

XIII c; tower XV-XVI c; chapels XV c;
nave and transept XVI c ; contains many great
works of art.

Li^ge. S Jacques. Abbey C ; now parish
C. 1513-1538; beautifully painted vaults;
one of the most perfect late Gothic churches.

Louvain. S Pierre. Collegiate C ; now
parish C. XV c ; W towers destroyed XV c
and partly rebuilt.

Mechlin. S Rombaut. Cathedral C. Choir

XIV c ; nave XV c ; unfinished tower ; one of
the most impressive Belgian cathedrals.

Mons. S Waudru. Abbey C ; now cathe-
dral C. XV-XVI c ; tower discontinued 1630 ;
fine type of its period.

Toumay. Notre Dame. Cathedral C.
Nave and transept XI-XII c; choir XII-
XIII c ; nave vault 1777; C of the first rank ;
one of the mast splendid monuments in Bel-

Tpres. S Martin. Collegiate C ; cathedral
C from 1559. Choir 1221; nave 1254; porch
and tower XV c ; chapel S Sacrement 1623 ;
choir one of the most monumental of its


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Kuttenberg. S Barbarakirche. XIV, XV,
XVI c ; incomplete ; choir, chapels, E part
nave only ; 5 aisles.

Prague. S Veit. Cathedral C. XIV c;
begun by French, continued by German mas-
ters ; tower burned XVI c ; incomplete ; choir


Trau. Virgin and S Doimo. Cathedral C.
First half XIII c; nave vaults, XV c; spire
XVI c ; superb sculptured marble portals ;
Lombard Romanesque type.

Zara. S Anastasia. Cathedral C. Begun
early XIII c ; fa<jade XIV c ; crypt larger than
C ; Lombard Romanesque type ; superb wood
choir stalls.


Roeskilde. Cathedral C. Begun middle
XII c ; done end XIII c.


Bangor. S Daniel. Cathedral C. Frag-
ments XIII-XIV c ; nave arcade, E part pres-
bytery, W tower, XVI c.

Bath. SS Peter and Paul. Benedictine
abbey C. Fragments XII c; rebuilt c 1496-
c 1616 ; nave and aisle vaults XIX c.

Beverly. Secular collegiate C; choir XIII
c ; nave XIV c ; W front close XV c ; modem
choir screen.

BristoL Holy Trinity. Augustinian abbey
C; cathedral C from 1542. Fragments XII
c ; elder La<ly Chapel early XIII
c ; choir XIV c ; central tower
XV c ; nave and W towers,
XIX c.

S Mary the Virgin,

Redcliffe. Parish C. Built 1292-
1357 (S porch older) ; partly re-
built XV c; graceful tower and

Bolton. Augustinian priory
C ; nave now parish C. Parts
of choir, transepts and nave XII
c ; N aisle early XIII c ; E end
choir and part transepts XIV c ; W tower XVI
c ; ruined.

Boeton. S Botolph. Parish 0. Chiefly
XIV c ; beautiful XV c tower.

Cambridge. Chapel of King's College of
SS Mary and Nicholas. Foundations 1446;
chiefly 1508-1515 ; superb fan tracery vaults.

Great S Mary's. University C. Built

1478-1519 ; tower 1491-1608 ; modern porch.

Canterbury. Christ or Holy Trinity Church.
Cathedral and Benedictine Monastery. Tran-
sept towers 1070-1109; crypt 1070-1109,


1178-1184; choir 1174-1184; retrochoir and
corona 1178-1184; nave and W transept
1379-1400; central tower 1495-1503; S W
tower 1418-1517 ; N W tower XIX c.

Carlisle. Augustinian priory C ; cathedral
C of the Holy and Undivided Trinity from
1540. Part nave, S transept, XI-XII c ; VV
part choir XIII c ; E part choir XIII-XIV c ;
N transept, summit central tower early XV c ;
5 bays naVe destroyed 1646.

Chiohester. Holy Trinity. Cathedral C.
Chiefly XII c ; choir, XII-XIII c ; outer aisles
nave, middle XIII c; Lady Chapel Xll-early

XIV c ; central tower XIII c ; central spire be-
gun XV c; fell 1861 ; rebuilt 1866; 5 aisles;
unusual in England.

Coventry. S Michael. Parish C. First
half XV c; beautiful tower and spire XIV-

XV c ; largest English parish C.

Durham. Christ and Blessed Mary the Vir-
gin. Benedictine abbey C to 1540 ; cathedral
C. Great transept, choir and aisles, save E
bays, and roof XI c ; W towers XII c ; Gali-
lee chapel latter half XII c ; chapel 9 altars,
XIII c ; cloister XIV-XV c ; upper part cen-
tral tower XV c.

Ely. S Etheldreda. Cathedral C from
1109. Nearly done 1100 ; Galilee porch early
XIII c ; presbytery XIII c ; beautiful central
lantern and octagon and Lady Chapel XIV c ;
modem painte<l wood nave roof.

Exeter. S Peter. Benedictine monastery
and cathedral C. Towers first half XII c ;
transformed and practically rebuilt XIII-XIV
c ; W front with sculptured screen.

FoantainB. S Mary. Cistercian abbey C
to 1539. Nave and transept. XII c; choir

Church of S
West end

.. Ouen: Plan as Originally Begun (1320-1350).
with towers set diagonally. The chapels are later.

XIII c ; N transept tower, XV-XVI c ; some
windows XV c ; ruined.

Fumess. S Mary. Cistercian abbey C to
1537. Central parts second half XII c ; nave
later ; presbytery XV c ; ruined.

Olouoester. Holy and Indivisible Trinity.
Cathedral C from 1541. Choir, transept, nave,
N aisle, XII c ; nave vaults, XIII c ; transepts
cased, XIV-XV c ; choir vaults, XIV c ; W front,
S porch, 2 bays nave, tower, Lady Chapel, XV
c ; E window (largest in England) middle XIV c ;
cloister XIV-XV c.


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SS Mary and Michael.
XI c ; wholly remodelled

Great Bfalvem.

Benedictine priory C.
XV c.

Hereford. SS Mary and Ethelbert. Cathe-
dral C. Nave piers, choir to clerestory, XI-XII

Church of S.

Petronio at Boloona:
14th Century.

Nave; Close of

c ; clerestory, choir vaults, N transept, XIII c ;
central tower, E transept, nave aisle walls, XIV
c ; outer N porch XVI c ; W front, nave tri-
forium, and clerestory XVIII c.

HuU. Holy Trinity. Parish C. Choir mid-
dle XIV c ; nave, upi)er i)art crossing tower,


early XV c ; largest parish church in England

save S MichaeFs, Coventry.

KirkBtalL S Maiy. Cistercian abbey C.

Chiefly XII c ; ruinetl.

Uchfield. Blessed Virgin Mary and S Chad.
Cathedral C. Chiefly XIII c ; Lady
Chapel and presbytery XIV c ; central
spire rebuilt XVII c; central and 2 W
towers with spires.

Lincoln. Blessed Virgin Mary. Ca-
thedral C. W waU XI c ; additions W
fa<^ade, part W towers, choir, E transept,
E side W transept, XII c ; nave, W tran-
sept, upper part W front, presbytery
(Angel Choir), XIII c ; top towers XIV
c ; W spires removed 1807 ; cloister

London. S Clement Danes. Parish
C. Built 1688 by Edward Pierce under
superintendence of Sir Christopher Wren.

SMary. Temple Church. Round

part consecrated 1185; choir consecrated

S Mary le Strand. Parish C.

Built by James Gibbs 1717 ; consecrated

S Martin in the Fields. Parish

C. Built by Gibbs; begun 1722; spire
done 1724.

S Paid. Cathedral C. Built

1675-1710; the masterpiece of Sir
Christopher Wren ; largest Protestant
cathedral; one of the finest modem

Southwark. S Marj- Overy. S

Saviour from 1540; Augustinian priory
C to 1540; collegiate C from 1897.
Built XII c; choir. Lady Chapel, nave
vaults, XIII c; transept XIV c; nave
removed and rebuilt XIX c.

Westminster. S Peter. Bene-
dictine abbey C ; now collegiate C. Choir,
transept, E part nave, XIII c; W part
nave, XIV-XV c ; Henry VlFs Chapel
1500-1512; W front remodelled 1722-
1740; cloister XIII-XIV c.

W Smithfield. S Bartholomew

the Great. Augustinian priory C; now
parish C. XII c ; remodelled early XV
c; nave removed XVI c; tower 1628;
choir and transept only.

Ludlow. S Lawrence. Parish C.
Founded XIV c ; chiefly XV c ; fine

Malmesbury. Holy Sa\iour, SS Peter
and Paul. Benedictine abbey C ; nave
now parish C. XII c ; clerestory XIV c ; nave
only remains.

Manchester. Collegiate and parish C of

Christ; cathedral C of Blessed Virgin Mary,

SS. George and Denys, from 1847. Nave early

XV c ; choir middle XV c ; second aisle of nave


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last half XV c; Chetham Chapel, XVI c; W
tower, XIX c.

Norwich. Holy and Undivided Trinity.
Trinity. Cathedral priory C of Benedictine
monastery. Choir, transept, nave, XI-XII c;
choir, clerestory, XIV c ; nave and choir vaults
XV c; cloister XIII-XV c.

Oxford. Christ Church. Benedictine priory
C; cathedral and college chapel from 1546.
Fabric latter half XII c ; Lady Chapel middle
XIII c ; "Latin" Chapel first half XIV c ; nave
and choir vault XV- XVI c.

SS Mary and John the Baptist. Mer-

ton College chapel. Choir begun c 1227 ; tran-
sept XIV c ; top tower XV c ; choir, transept,
and tower only.

S Mary the Virgin. Re-

buUt XII or XIII c ; choir c 1462 ;
nave 1490 ; nave roof and Lady
Chapel modified early XVI c.

Pershore. Holy Cross. Bene-
dictine abbey C; now parish C.
Transept XII c; presbytery XIII
c; transept vault XV c; nave de-
stroyed XVI c ; parts E end XIX c.

Peterborough. S Peter. Bene-
dictine monastery; cathedral C
from 1541. Chiefly XII c; re-
markable W front of 3 vast arches,
XIII c ; triforium windows XIV
c ; " New BuUding " XV-XVI c.

Rievaubc S Mary. Cistercian
abbey C to 1538. Founded 1131 ;
chiefly XII c ; choir end XII c,
beginning XIII c ; ruined.

Ripon. SS Peter and Wilfrid.
Abbey C ; parish C ; collegiate C ;
cathedral C from 1836. Saxon
crypt ; largely XII c ; W front
XIII c; presbytery end XIII c;
parts central tower and choir XV
c ; nave aisles early XVI c.

Roohester. Christ and the
Blessed Virgin Mary. Benedictine
monastery and cathedral C. Pai't
nave and crypt XI-XII c ; rebuilt,
W front, XII cj transepts and
choir XIII c ; some windows, nave,
clerestory, and roof XV c ; aisles re-
built XVII c ; central tower XIX c.

Romaey. SS Mary and Aethel-
flieda. Benedictine convent C.
Choir, transept, part nave, XII c ;
W end nave XIII c ; choir trifo-
rium, part N aisle, XV c.

Saint Albans. S Alban. Benedictine abbey
to 1539; cathedral C from 1877. Central tower
and transept XI c ; chiefly XII c ; W end
nave, presbytery, XIII c ; Lady Chapel XIV c ;
much changed in restoration.

Salisbury. Blessed Virgin Mary. Cathe-
dral C. Almost entirely between 1220-1266;


cloister 1263-1284; spire 1330-1375; only
English cathedral built in one style and at one

Sherborne. S Mary. Benedictine abbey
C. Fragments XII c ; rebuilt XV c

Southwell. Blessed Virgin Mary. Secular
collegiate C ; cathedral C from 1883. Nave,
transept, central tower, door N porch, XII c ;
choir, N transept chapel, chapter house, XIII
c ; nave windows XV c ; W spires,
nave roof, XIX c.

Church of S. Fantino, A^enice; 1510>1533.

Tewkesbury. S Mary. Benedictine abbey
C to 1539 ; now parish C. Early XII c ; choir
done early XV c ; chapels XIII, XIV, XV c ;
wood spire fell 1559.

Tlntem. S Mary. Cistercian abbey C.
Founded XII c ; cloister XIII c ; rebuUt XIV
c; ruined.


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Waltham. Holy Cross. Augustinian abbey
C ; nave now parish C. Dedicated 1062 ; re-
modelled XII c ; W front and tower, XIV c ;
presbytery and transept removed XVI c ; nave
only remains.

Wells. S Andrew. Cathedral C. Nave,
transept, lower part W. bays choir, end XII c ;
W front XIII c; central tower, choir, Lady

Church of S. Rjedbntobe, Venice.

Chapel, XIV c; upper part W towers XIV-
XV c ; cloister XV c ; most richly decorated
English front.

\^inche8ter. Holy Trinity, SS Peter, Paul,
and Swithin. Cathedral C and Benedictine
monastery. Built XI c ; E chapels XII c to
early XIII c ; presbjrtery piers and arches, nave
remodelled, XIV-XV c ; W front XIV c ; pres-


bytery remodelled and aisles rebuilt XVI c;
longest medijEval C.

Windsor. Virgin Mary, SS George and
Edward, King and Confessor. Royal and col-
legiate Chapel within the Castle; now Royal
Free Chapel of S George. XV c ; largest Eng-
lish royal chapel ; beautiful fan vaulting.

Worcester. Christ and the Blessed Mary
the Virgin. Cathedral [and Benedictine priory]
C. Crypt, parts nave, W part choir, transept
walls, XI c ; to last quarter XII c ; 2 W bays
nave kst quarter XII c ; choir. Lady Chapel, E
transept, XIII c ; nave, save 2 bays, XIV c ;
cloister XIV c.

Tartnonth. S Nicholas. Parish C. Founded
c 1123 ; rebuilt middle XIII c.

York. S Peter. Cathedral C. W crypt
XI c ; E crypt XII c ; transepts XIII c ; nave,
chapter house, XIII-XIV c ; choir and presby-
tery 1361- c 1420; towers XV c; nave and
choir vaults (wood) XIX c.


Abbeville. S Vulfran. Collegiate C ; now
parish C. Nave XV-XVI c ; choir XVII c ;
facade is one of the most beautiful flamboyant
fronts, richly decorated.

AlW. S CVcile. Cathedral C. Begun
1282; chiefly XIV c; rich S portal 1473-
1501 ; fortified brick C ; interior wall paint-
ings XV-XVI c ; beautifid choir screen.

Amiens. Notre Dame. Cathedi'al C. Be-
gun 1220; choir 1235-1240; done 1269;
upper part W facade XV c ; flCche 1529-1533 ;
chapels XIV c ; magnificent carved wood stalls
and portal sculptures; largest Ft ench cathedral.

AngeiB. S Maurice. Cathedral C. Lower
part nave XI c ; nave vault (domical) middle
XII c; N transept XIII c; choir 1274; W
towers rebuilt XVI c.

Angouldme. S Pierre. Cathedral C.
Chiefly early XII c ; repaired XIV, XV, XVI c ;
domical C ; W front sculptured throughout
with Last Judgment.

Aries. S Trophime. Cathedral C to 1801.
"ifeglise Primatiale." XI-XII c; choir 1430;
beautiful cloister, XII, XIII, XIV c; elabo-
rately sculptured portal.

Auch. S Marie. Cathedral C. XV-XVI
c; W towers and facade 1685; magnificent
carved wood choir stalls and glajss of XVI c.

Antun. S Lazare. Cathedral C. Roman-
esque body (XII c) enclosed with Gothic
chapels c 1465 ; central tower and spire c 1465.

Auzerre. S !l^tienne. Cathedral C. Crypt
XI c ; choir XIII c ; nave and transept XIV-
XV c ; lower fa<^ade XIII c ; upper part XV c ;
N tower beginning XVI c.

Bayeuz. Notre Dame. Cathedral C.
Fragments of XI-XII c ; chiefly middle XIII c ;
tower XV c with modem dome.

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BeanvaiB. S Pierre. Catheilral C. Choir
1240-1272; transepts XVI c; highest vaiUt
in France ; incomplete ; joined to old cathedral
called " la Basse-CEuvre " built before XI c.

Bordeaux. S Andr^. Cathedral C. " ^glise
Primatiale." Lower parts of nave XI-XII c ;
choir 1260-1310; towers and transepts XIV
c; nave vaults XVI c; tower Pey-Berland
(isolated) 1440.

S Michel. Parish C. XV-XVI c ;

isolate<l tower 1472-1492, with modern spire.

Boorges. S Etienne. Cathedral C. Crypt
and side portals XII c ; chiefly XIII-XIV c ;
nave chapels XV c; 5 aisles, 5 W portals
(unique) ; no transept.

Braisne. S Yved. Dependence of Premon- •
stratensian abbey ; now parish C. Begun end
XII c ; done early XIII c ; W bays nave re-
moved XIX c ; one of the most charming
French rural churches.

Brou. S Nicolas de Tolentin. Augustinian
abbey C ; now seminary chapel. Built 1506-
1536; architects, Jehan Perr^ (1506-1512),
Van Boghem (1513-1536); remarkable C
with notable tombs of French princes; beau-
tiful glass. Near Bourg-en-Bresse.

Caen. S Pierre. Parish C. XIV c ; re-
touched XV c ; tower, prototyi)e of XIV c Nor-
man towers ; apse chapels XVI c ; elaborately
decorated in flamboyant style.

■' S Etienne. " Abbaye aux Hommes."

Benedictine abbey C. Begun by William the
Conqueror 1066; nave and tribune vaults
middle XII c ; W spires beginning XIII c ;
choir XIII c ; nave iiyiu-ed XVI c ; rebuilt
XVII c ; central tower removed XVI c.

La Trinity. " Abbaye aux Dames."

Benedictine a)) bey C. Foundecl 1062 by Ma-
thilda ; contemporary with S Etienne ; almost
wholly rebuilt XII c ; S transept chapel XIII c.

CaroasBoime. S Nazaire. Cathedral C to
1802. Nave XII c ; choir and transept, 1310-
1320; W front fortified; E part an exquisite
and delicate type of Grothic.

Chartres. Notre Dame. Cathedral C. S
tower done c 1 170 ; burned 1 194 ((^rypt, fac^ade,
towers survived) ; rebuilt, choir dedicated,
1198; transept porches 1230-1240; conse-
crated 1260; N spire 1506-1514; beautiful
sculptured chour screen XVI-XVIII c.

Civray. S Nicolas. XI c ; upper part W
faille XV c ; W front richly sculptured.

dermont-Ferrand. Notre Dame du Port.
Collegiate C ; now parish C. Date uncertain,
probably XI c ; fine type of Auvergne Roman-
esque; tribune over aisles with half barrel
vaults buttressing nave vaults.

Conques. S Foi. Benedictine abbey C.
XII c ; grand C in Auvergne Romanesque ; trib-
unes all around interior.

Coutanoes. Notre Dame. Cathedral C.
Built 1205-1238; chapels 1251-1274; beau-


tiful central lantern and tower; Norman type
of cathedral.

Dijon. Notre Dame. Parish C. XIII c ;
high VV fa9ade of two series of arches over
open porch ; fine type of Burgundian C.

^Svreox. Notre Dame. Cathedral C. Parts
nave XI-XII c ; upper parts nave early XIII
c ; XIII-XIV c choir larger than nave ; mag-
nificent central tower XVI c; exterior much
changed in restoration.

Fontevrault. Notre Dame. Abbey C, called
" Grand Moutier " ; now prison. XII c ; clois-
ter repaired XVI-XVII c ; domical church.

iBSoire. S Austremoine. Benedictine abbey
C ; now parish C. Same character as Notre
Dame du Port, Clermont, slightly later in date ;
modem fa<^ade and towers.

La Charity. S Croix. Cluniac priory C.

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