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has three children, Allen B., Carl M. and Nellie C.

CAMERON CHARLES, Geneseo; railroad agent; Epis; from Scotland.

CAMPBELL L. O. Geneseo; Justice of the Peace and Notary Public; born Malone, N.Y.
Oct. 16, 1816; came to county 1860; Rep; married Sarah L. Wright, June 20, 1841; she was
born in Ogdensburgh, N.Y. 1819; has two sons, Leonard W., who is general agent of Chi-
cago, Michigan & Lake Shore R.R. and James C.; one daughter, Fannie P.; has been Justice
of the Peace ten years; Police Magistrate four years.

CANFIELE) H. B. Geneseo; Dry Good?, Boots, Shoes and Carpets; born in Jackson Cr.
Iowa, Jan. 26, 1847; came to county 1875; Rep; Meth; wife was Mary Day, of same county,
born Aug. II, 1853; married July 23, 1873; has one child, May Ire/.; is a member of the
firm of Chamberlain & Canfield, the largest dry goods store in the city; has a branch store
at Tiskilwa, 111.

CARL II. M. Geneseo; harness-maker; Rep; from Germany.

CARLSON CHAS. Geneseo; laborer; Rep; Luth; from Sweden.

CARLSON OLAF, Sec. 23; P.O. Geneseo; laborer; Rep; Luth; from Sweden.

CARMAN JEREMIAH, Sec. 24; P.O. Geneseo; farmer, on R.Garnett's farm; Rep; from N.Y

CARPENTER L. N. B. Geneseo; retired farmer; Rep; born Vt.

CARSE ADAM, Geneseo; teamster; Dem; Prot; from Ohio.

CASH G. W. Geneseo; salesman; Rep; Prot; from Indiana.

CASS LEWIS J. Geneseo; laborer; Dem; from Ohio.

CASTKLO MICHAEL, Sec. 35; P.O. Geneseo; fanner; Dem; Cath; from Ireland; 80 acres.

CEDERLOF FRANZ, Geneseo; tailor; Rep; Luth; from Sweden.

CHAMBERLIN B. H. Geneseo; dry goods merchant; Rep; Bapt; born 111.

CHAMBERLIN H. C. Mrs. Geneseo; born in Vt.

CHAMBERLAIN NATHAN V. Marble Finisher, Geneseo; born in Middletown,
Logan Co. 111. Dec. 9, 1851; came to this county in 1866; Dem; Prot; wife was Miss Jennie
Marlett; married Sept. 3, 1874; she was born Jan. 27, 1849; has one child, Allen D.

CHAMBERLAIN SAMUEL, Stock Dealer, Geneseo; born in Worcester Co. Mass.
April 16, 1820; came to Co. in 1855; Rep; wife was Delliza Reynolds, born in same county,
March 13, 1824; married Nov. 7, 1843; has one child, Dulcenia. Mr. Chamberlain is owner
of the celebrated stallions Bashaw Drury, Estraba, and Scotch Giant. Bashaw Drury has
made one-half mile in 1:12.

CHAMBERLIN FRANKLIN, Geneseo; retired; Rep.

CHERRY ANDREW, Geneseo; laborer; l5em; from Ohio.

CHERRY JAS. Sec. 34, P.O. Geneseo; laborer for W. C. Rout; Rep; born in Pa.

CHERRY SARAH Mrs. Geneseo; from Ohio; owns house and lot.

CHERRY FRANK, P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep.


CHURCHILL JOHN, Sec. 25; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep, Prot; from Maine; 80 ac. $6,0001

CLARK FRANK, P.O. Geneseo; farmer for J. Johnson; Bapt; born Pa.

CLARK N. T. Geneseo; stonecutter; from N.Y.

CLARY GARRETT, Geneseo; railroad watchman; Dem; Cath; from Ireland.

CLASPILL JOHN W. Geneseo; porter to Geneseo House; Rep; from Ind.

CLAYPOOL R. A. Geneseo; cooper; Dem; Meth; from Ind.

CLEMENT JAS. Geneseo; blacksmith; Rep; from N.H.

CLIFFTON JOS. Geneseo; railroad carpenter; Rep; Prot; born in 111.

CLOUSE GEO. N. Geneseo; clerk with J. Moderwell; Rep; from Ohio.

CLOUSE ESLEY H. Geneseo; clerk with P. Taylor; Rep; born Bureau Co.

CLOUSE SARAH Mrs. widow, Geneseo; Evang; from Pa.

CLOUGH VICTOR W. Sec. 19, P.O. Geneseo; farmer with H. V. Clough; Rep; born in Vt.


OLOUGH HARVEY V. Farmer, Sec. 19. P.O. Geneseo; born in Bangor, N. Y. March
20, 1832; came to this county in 1857; Rep; owns 320 acres of land, valued at $24,000; wife
was Sophia L. Hines, born in Brattleboro, Vt. July 20, 1839; married Jan. 26, 1855; seven
boys, four now living : Victor W., born Jan. 20, 1856; Henry C. born May 23, 1858; Frank,
born Aug. 19, 1861; Llewellyn, born Feb. 22, 1874.

COE A. T. Sec. 23, P.O. Geneseo; farmer for G. L. Coe; Rep; born Ohio.

COE G. L. Sec. 28, P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; Cong; born N.Y.; 80 acres.

COLE CLINTON R. Geneseo; laborer with J. Goss; Rep; Unit; from Mass.

COLE SETH, Geneseo; farmer; Dem; from Mass.

COLE W. W. Geneseo; lawyer; Rep; Cong; born in 111. ,

COLLINS JOHN, Sec. 26, P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Dem; Cath; born Ireland; 80 ac. $4,000.

COLLINS J. S. Sec. 23, P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Dem; Cath; from Ireland; iGoac. val. $8,000.

COLLINS M. Geneseo; laborer; Dem; Cath; from Ireland.

COLSON C. J. Geneseo; carpenter; Rep; Luth; from Sweden.

COMBS JOHN L.Sec. 29, P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; Bap'; born in N.H.; 20 ac. val. $1,500.

COOK J. T. Geneseo; homoeopathic physician; Rep; Cong; born Ohio.

COOK W. P. Geneseo; express agent, also bookstore; Rep; N.Y.

COOPER J. H. Geneseo; book store; Rep; from Vt.

COOPER ARTHUR, Geneseo; painter; Rep.

COOPER GEO. M. Geneseo; bookstore; Rep.

COUGHLIN PAT. Geneseo; laborer; Dem; Cath; born Ireland.

COUGHLIN PAT. Geneseo; laborer; Dem.

COX JOHN, Geneseo; painter; Rep; from N.Y.

CRAGIN E. Geneseo; crockery, glass and silverware; Rep; from N.H.

CRAGIN E. A. Geneseo; dealer in crockery and glassware; Rep; from Mass.

GRAIN GEO. Sec. 19, P.O. Geneseo; farmer for H. H. Grain; Dem; born in Conn.

CRANE HARVEY, Geneseo; retired farmer; Dem; born in Conn.

CRAWFORD HUGH, Geneseo; clerk; Rep; from Scotland.

CRAWFORD JAS. Geneseo; engineer for Ott Bros.; Rep; Pres; from Scotland.

CRAWFORD CYRUS, Geneseo; hostler; Dem.

CRONK EDGAR, Geneseo; harness-maker; Rep; from N.Y.

CRONIN HUGH, P.O. Geneseo; laborer for T. H. Boyle; Dem; Cath; from Pa.

CROSS Mrs. Geneseo; Dem; born Ireland.

CROUCH ROYAL G. Gen.-seo; mason; Rep; from Vt.

CROGIN LEONARD, Geneseo; clerk; Rep.

CRUM WAIT,' Sec. 6; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; from N. Y.

CURLEY JOHN, Geneseo; laborer; Dem; Cath; from Ireland.

CUSHLER CHARLES, Geneseo; laborer; Rep; German.

T~VULY CHAS. Geneseo; laborer; Dem; from Vt.

*-' DAILY WILLIAM, Geneseo; coal miner; Dem; born 111.


DAINELSO GUSTOFF, Geneseo; laborer; Rep.

DAHLQUIST JOHN, Geneseo; laborer; Rep; Swede.

DANFORD WILLIAM, Geneseo; retired; Rep; Pies; born Ireland.

DANNENFELSER F. Geneseo; teamster; Rep; Prot; born 111.

DANIELSON AUGUSTUS, Geneseo; laborer.

DANNEFELSER FRED. Geneseo; retired; Rep; German.

DASHEM JOHN, Sec. 2; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; from Pa; 130 acres.

DAVIS CHARLES E. farm hand, with C. B. Smith; Dem; from Md.

DAVIS HELEN M. wid; Sec. 26; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Cong; born Ohio; 127 acres.

DAVIS H. H. Farmer and Soap Manufacturer; Sec. 22; P.O. Geneseo; born in Winuham

Co. Vt. Out 5, 1822; came to this Co. in 1853; Ind; owns So acres, valued at $6,500.
DAVIS H. M. Geneseo; painter; Rep; born 111.
DAVIS JOHN, Sec. 19; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; Meth; 40 acres.


DAVIS IRA M. Farmer; Sec. 26; P.O. Geneseo; born in Fairfield, Me. June 3, 1804; came
to this county in 1856; Rep; Christian; owns 40 acres, valued at $2,000; wife was Anna
Allen, born in Fairfield, Me. July 21, 1804; five children, only one now living.

DAVIS N. D. Sec. 19; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; born in New York; 50 acres.

DAVIS NOAH D. Geneseo; Photographer; Rep; Lib; from N. Y.

DAVIS PAUL, Geneseo; retired; Rep; Spiritualist; from Vt.

DAVIS WARD, Geneseo; retired farmer; Rep; Cong; from Mass.

DAVIS & HAYWOOD, Geneseo; soap manufacturers.

DAVIS A. L. Geneseo.

DAVISON HORATIO, Sec. 31; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; Cong; born N.Y.; 40 acres.

DAVISON LARENZO, Sec. 32; P.O. Geneseo; Cong; born Vt; 80 acres.

DAVISON THEODORE, Sec 32; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; Cong; born Iowa.

DAYS JAMES, Sec. 31; P.O. Geneseo; laborer; Rep; born Ohio.

DEATS JOHN, Geneseo; laborer in Powell's lumber yard; Rep; Meth; from Germany.

DEBREY JOHN A. Geneseo; butcher; Ind; Cath; from N. Y.

DEDRICK JOHN, Geneseo; Merchant; born in Sweden, Dec. 4, 1837; came to Co. 1858;
Rep; Unitarian; wife was F. M. Wilse, born in N. Y., Otsego Co. June 6, 1847; married
June 13. 1870; has two boys and one girl; was in army three years; is a member of the firm
of Dedrick & Lawrence.

DEGRAFF H. Geneseo; carpenter; Rep; Pres. pref; from N. Y.

DEGRAFF HENRY M. Geneseo; carpenter; Rep; from N. Y.

DEITZ JOHN, Geneseo; laborer; Rep; Meth; from Germany.

DELANDER JOHN, Sec. II; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; Luth; from Sweden; 5 acres.

DEMARANVILLE DANIEL, P.O. Geneseo; farm hand with J. Anderson; Rep.

DEMING C. R. Geneseo; retired merchant; Ind; from Mass.

DEMING HOWARD A. Sec. I; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; from Ohio; 1 60 acres.

DEMING RICHARD M. Sec. 12; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; from Ohio; 40 acres.


DENSMORE CHAS. W. Geneseo; engineer for Kendall & Kidder; Rep; Prot; from Me.

DERUE ED. Geneseo; saloon; Dem; Belgian.

DEWEY HENRY F. Sec. 3; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; from Mass; 120 acres.

DICKENS W. T. Geneseo; agricultural implements; Dem; from England.

DIEDRICH FREDERICK, Sec. 28; P.O. Geneseo; lab. for G. Stilz; Luth; born Germany.

DOBBS ISAAC, Geneseo; engineer for H. Lawbaugh; Rep; Prot; from England.

DOBBS JOSEPH, Geneseo; jeweler; Rep; Prot; from England.

DODGE ALBERT, Geneseo; carpenter; from Mass.

DODGE A. H., Geneseo; butcher; Dem; Prot; from Mass.

DODGE CHAS, Geneseo; farmer; Meth; from Germany.

DODGE HENRY A. Sec. 15; P.O. Geneseo; rents farm of L. Stimson; Ind; born Henry Co.

DOHRER JOHN, Geneseo; barber; Rep; born 111.

DOLAN ANNA Mrs. Geneseo; Cath; from Ireland.

DOLLBURY SWAN, Geneseo; laborer; Rep; Luth; born Sweden.

DONEFELTS FRED. Geneseo; retired; Evang; Germany.

DORMAN FRED. Geneseo; butcher; Dem; Luth; from Germany.

DOXEY NATHAN, Geneseo; retired saloon keeper; Dem; born N. Y.

DRAIN G. W. Geneseo; Saloon; born McDonough Co. 111. May 6, 1840; came to county
lS6o; Dem; wife was Jessie F. Nye, born Bangor. Me. 1853; married Dec. 25, 1871; has two
children; Mr. Drain is a member of the firm of Seibel & Co.; who are proprietors of the
most elegantly furnished and costly rooms in the county.

DRESSER J. F., Geneseo; book-keeper in First National Bank; Rep; from N. Y.

DRUMM PETER J. Farmer. Sec. 9; P.O. Geneseo; born in Milwaukee, Wis. Dec. 3,
1850; lived in South Bend, Ind. six years; in Plymouth, Ind. three years; in Story Co. Iowa,
one year, and came to this county in 1868; Dem; wife was Nancy Smith, born in Alleghany
Co. Md. Feb. 2, 1852; married March 21, 1872; has three children.

DUNCAN JAMES, Geneseo; soap maker; Rep; Meth; from Pa.

DUNHAM CHAS. Sr., Geneseo; retired; Dem; born Mass.



DUNHAM CHARLES, Geneseo; Attorney at Law; born Berkshire Co. Mass. Jan. 24,
1840; came to county in 1853; Dem; wife was Carrie L. Loring, born in Me. 1840; married
April 9. 1862; has one child, Edith; was admitted to the bar in 1862; read law and was ad-
mitted to bar in this county.

DUNHAM JOSEPH L. Geneseo; lawyer; Dem.


DUPUE HENRY F. Geneseo; laborer; Dem; German.

MORTIMER, Geneseo; auctioneer; Dem; from N. Y.
-* EARNEST GEORGE, Sec 33; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Luth; born in Germany; 80 acres.

EARL FRANK, Geneseo; clerk; Dem.

EASTMAN SAMUEL W. Geneseo; laborer; Rep;

ECHART THOS., Geneseo; laborer; Dem.

ECKART TEIOMAS, Geneseo; Dem; from Germany.

ECKERT \VM. S. Geneseo; laborer; Dem; from Pa.

ECKERT HENRY, Geneseo; laborer; Dem; German.

EDBERG JOHN, Geneseo; laborer; Rep; from Sweden.

EDGCOMB FRANK D. Sec 33; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; Unitarian; Maine; 160 acres.

EDIEN HENRY, P.O. Geneseo; farm hand with J. H. Smith; Dem; Luth; from Germany.

EDWARDS BENJAMIN, Sec. 28; P.O. Geneseo; Rep; from Mass.

EICKHOM AUGUST, Geneseo; tinsmith; Dem; Luth; from Germany.

EMERY ARTEMUS, Geneseo; retired farmer; Rep; from Maine.

EMERY F. D. Mrs. & CO. Geneseo; milliners.

ENGDAHL JOHN, Geneseo; Merchant Tailor; born in Sweden, Nov. 27, 1834; came to
county 1864; Rep; Luth; wife Anna Anderson, born in Sweden, Oct. 20, 1844; married
Aug. 24, 1864; has four children living: Emma H., Allmena, Martin N., Victoria E.

ENTRIKIN J. C. Geneseo; stock dealer; Dem; from Pa.

ERDMANN EMIL, Sec. 12; P.O. Geneseo; rents farm of M. Stewart; Meth; from Germany

ERDMAN FREDERICK, Sec. 33; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Ind; Luth; from Germany.

ERICKSON JOHN, Sec. 10; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; from Sweden; 40 acres.

ERICKSON CHARLES, Geneseo; laborer; Rep; Swede.

ERICKSON AUGUST C. Geneseo; Rep; Swede.

ERNST GEORGE, Geneseo; blacksmith; Dem; from Germany.

ERNKE GUS. Geneseo; teamster; Luth; from Germany.

ERTMAN FRED, Geneseo; bakery; Dem; born Germany.

ERTZ JACOB, Geneseo; blacksmith; Dem; born Germany.

ESBECK J. N. Geneseo.

EWING R. S. Geneseo; portrait artist; Lib. Rep; from Ohio.

T7ARBER PAUL, Geneseo; liveryman; Rep; from N. J.
FARBER \VM. Sec. 6; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep.

FARMERS' NATIONAL, BANK, of Geneseo; organized in 1876; cash capital
$50.000; surplus $2,000; Levi Waterman, President; E. C. Gilbert, Vice President; Jno. P.
Stewart, Cashier; Directors: L. Waterman, E. C. Gilbert, Chas. Dunham, R. F. Steele, N.
C. Howard, E. P. Van Valkengburg, R. Harrington, P. S. Schnabele, Thomas Nowers, Jr.

FARRELL FRANK, Geneseo; painter; Dem; from Ohio.

FARRELL RALPH, Geneseo; painter; Dem; born 111.

FARRELL RALF D. Geneseo; painter; Dem; from Ohio.

FARWELL EDWIN, Geneseo; farmer; Rep; Bapt; from Mich.

FAY OSMER W., Geneseo; pastor Congregational Church; Rep; born in N. H.

FAY MOSES. Geneseo.

FAY A. G. Geneseo; druggist; Dem.

FEHLMAN GEO. Geneseo; shoemaker; Rep; German.

FELGER I. S. Geneseo; dry goods, etc; Neutral; Meth; from Ohio.

FELSKI WM. Geneseo; laborer; T.uth; from Germany.



FIELD JAMES, Geneseo; engineer Kendall & Kidder; Rep; Prot.

FIRST NATIONAL, BANK, of Geneseo; James McBroom, President; S. T. Hume:
Vice-President; Hiram Wilson, Cashier; C. M. Morton, Assistant Cashier; Directors,
George Wells, W. Sanford, George Wilson, Hiram Wilson, S. T. Hume, James McBroom,
Henry Xourse; bank was organized in 1864; cash capital $100,000; present surplus $50,000.

FISCHER AUGUST, Geneseo; blacksmith; Rep; from Germany.

FISCHER JOHN, Geneseo; school teacher; Rep; from Germany.

FISCHER CHARLES, Geneseo; furniture; Rep; German.

FISHER CHARLES K. Geneseo; druggist; Rep; Bapt; from Mass.

FISHER H. V. Hardware; Geneseo; born at Wilkesbarre, Pa; came to this county in
1869; Rep; Prot; established the Henry County Nncs at Geneseo, in 1874; member of
the Common Council of the City of Geneseo during 1875 aIM l 1876.

FISHER S. A. Geneseo; hardware, with brother, H. V. Fisher; Ind; Prot; Wilkesbarre, Pa.

FISHER \V. O. Farmer, Sec. 25, P.O. Geneseo; born in Pa; came to this county in 1859;
Ind; owns So acres; wife was Pallas Chambers, born in Indiana.

FISHER WM. L. Geneseo; hardware; Dem; from Pa.

FISK ORSON, Sec. 3; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Dem; from N. V.

FOGG C. W. Geneseo; coal dealer; Dem; from Maine.

FONES DEWEY, Geneseo; farmer; Dem; Prot; from N. Y.

FONES EDWARD, Geneseo; teamster; Dem; from N. Y.

FONES JAMES, Geneseo; teamster; Dem; Prot; from N. Y.

FONES JOHN, Geneseo; laborer; Rep; Prot; from N. Y.

FONES M. Geneseo; laborer; Dem; Prot; from N. Y.

FONES FRANK, Geneseo; street commissioner; Rep.

FORD HORACE C., P.O. Geneseo; with J. D. Ford; Rep; Meth; from Vt.

FORD H. S. Geneseo; retired farmer; Rep; Cong; from Vt.

FORD JULIUS D. Sec. 23; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; Cong: from Vt; half of 260 acres.

FORD J. D. P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep.

FRANK JACOB, Geneseo; harness-maker; Ind; Luth; from Germany.

FREDERICK A. A. Geneseo; laborer; Rep.

FREEMAN J. A. P.O. Geneseo; stock raiser; Dem.

FREEMAN JOHN, Geneseo; laborer; Dem;

FREEMAN DWIGHT, Sec. 17; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; from Mass; 40 acres.

FREEMAN PLINY, Geneseo; retired: Rep; Epis; born Mass.

FRENCH GEORGE O. Sec. 27; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; born in Mich; 112 acres.

FRENCH LYDIA J. Mrs. widow; Geneseo; Quaker; from Pa; owns house and lot.

FRENCH O. B. Farmer and Stock Raiser, Sees. 27 and 36; P.O. Geneseo; Rep; Cong;
born in Coventry, Tolland Co. Conn. April 27, 1811; came here in 1853; owns 90 acres,
valued at $6,000; Wife was Jane K. French, born in Meredith, Delaware Co. X. Y., Aug. 12,
1816; married Oct. 30, 18^3; have had four children; those living are Sarah E., Geo. O. and
Ella J.; John died.

FREY JACOB P. Sec. 15; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Evang; from Germany; 10 acres.

FREY LOUIS, Geneseo; restaurant; Rep; Evang; from Germany.

FRICK A. C. Geneseo; minister; Rep; Meth: born in 111.

FRITZ AUG. Geneseo; Luth; from Germany.

FRY PETER, Geneseo; saloon; Dem; Prot; from Germany.

FULLERTON JOHN, Geneseo; Pres; from Ireland.

FULTON FRANK, Geneseo; physician; Rep; from N. Y.

FUNK C. Geneseo.

/~*AINES NELSON, Geneseo; retired merchant; Rep; Cong; from Mass.
^-* GALLIGAN J. Col. Geneseo; supt. of stock yards; Rep; from N. Y,
GARNETT ROBT. Geneseo; retired farmer; Dem; Prot; from Pa.
GARVEY M. Geneseo; laborer stock yards; Dem; Cath; from Ireland.
GASTENER DAVID, Geneseo; laborer R. R.; Luth; from Germany.
GEE P. E. P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep.


GEE BENJ. Geneseo; retired fanner; Rep; Meth; from N. Y.

GEISEK GEORGE, Sec. 28; P.O. Geneseo; brewer; Dem; born in Germany; 10 acres.

GEORGE V. K. Geneseo; plow mnfg; Rep; Meth; from Pa.

GERSTNER F. Geneseo; laborer; Rep; Evang; from Germany.

GERSTNER MICHAEL. Geneseo; laborer; Meth; from^Germany.

GETTY A. M. Mrs. Geneseo; Cong; from Pa.

GIBBS HENRY R. Geneseo; horse trainer; Rep.

GIBBS Mrs. Geneseo; born N. Y.

GIBSON JOSEPH, Geneseo; lightning rods; Rep; Prot; from N. Y.

GIBSON HOWARD, Geneseo; conductor R.R.; Rep.


GIFFIN C. E. Geneseo; harness workman; Ind; from N. Y.

GILBERT E. C. Farmer and Stock Raiser, Sec. 31; P.O. Geneseo; born in Ontario Cc

N. Y., Jan. 27, 1836, came to this county in 1857; Rep; Christian; owns 240 acres of land;

wife was Florinda H. Beach, born in Ontario Co. N.Y. July 22, 1838; married Feb. 23, 1857;

four children, all now living.

GILMAN DANIEL B. Geneseo; Rep; from Mass.
GILROY PAT. Geneseo; laborer Dem.

GLADMAN JOHN, Sec. 16; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; from Germany.
GLADMAN JOSEPH, Geneseo; carpenter; Rep; -Prot; from Ohio.
GLAWE JOHN, Geneseo; R. R. laborer; Luth; from Germany.
GLAWE WM. Geneseo; R. R. laborer; Dem; Luth; from Germany.
GLEASON J. Geneseo; teamster; Dem; Cath; from Ireland.
GODFREY GEO. F. Mason, Geneseo; born in Amherst, Mass. Oct. 25, 1829; came to

this town and county in 1854; Rep; Cong; owns residence, value $1,500; married Miss Emily

Squires, at Brooklyn, N. Y., May 14, 1854; she was born in Belchertown, Mass. Nov. 9, 1832;

have one son, Eddie F.. born in this town Oct. 6, 1858.
GODFREY WM. Geneseo; butcher; born Kent, England, Feb. n. 1842; came to county

1854; Rep; wife was Mira I. Goodman, born Pr.., Feb. 8, 1847; married Sept. 10, 1868; has

three children living; Mr. Godfrey was Lieut. 65th Reg. of I. V. I.; was transferred from the

I I2th.

GODFREY WM. B. Geneseo; retired; Rep; Pres; from Mass.

GOEMBEL JACOB, Geneseo; retired farmer; Rep; Evang; from Germany.

GOEMBEL HENRY, Sec. 15; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Hep; from Germany; 40 acres.

GOEMBEL PETER O. Geneseo; carpenter; Rep; Prot; born in 111.

GOEMBEL W. S. Geneseo; merchant; Rep; Prot; from 111.

GOODELL LESTER, Geneseo; mason; Rep; Prot; from X. Y.

GOODMAN J. S. Sec. ir, P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Rep; from Pa; 40 acres.


(ioRETII SEHASTIAN. P.O. Geneseo; farmhand.

GOSHORN G. W. Geneseo; farmer; Dem; Pres; from Pa.

GOSS CHARLES, Geneseo; Rep: from Mass.

GOSS JOHN, Geneseo; lumber dealer; Rep; Unit; from Mass.

GOSS JOHN" W. Geneseo; clerk with J. Goss: Rep; Bapt; from Ky.

GRANT J. 1). Geneseo; Agricultural Implements; born Jefferson Co. N. Y. March 18,

1827; came to Henry Co. 1857; Rep; Meth. Epis; wife was A. A. Carpenter, of same county,

born May 31, 1833; married Jan. 29. 1851; has two children, J. DeLoss, Lisbia A.; Mr.

Grant spent ten years farming in Eilford; was their Collector for three years; was elected

Mayor of Geneseo in 1870, and served one year.

GRANT J. D. Jr. Geneseo; agriculture warehouse; Rep; Meth; from N.Y.
GRAVES C. S. Geneseo; druggist; Rep; from N.Y.

('.RAVES EMERY C. Geneseo; attorney at law; Rep; Meth; born in N.Y.
GRAY JOHN, Geneseo; Harness, Saddle and Trunk Store; born in Danville, Pa. June

4, 1837; came to county 1857; Dem; wile was Allie C. D.rake, born Ohio, Tan. 25, 1852;

married Oct. 26, 1875.

GRAY SAMUEL P, Geneseo; night qlerk hotel: Dem,



GREENE A. H. Geneseo; furniture; Rep; bapt; from N.Y.

GREEN DANIEL B. Geneseo; blacksmith; Dem; from Conn.

GREEN E. D. Geneseo; saloon; Dem; Cath; from Belgium.

GREEN GEO., P.O. Geneseo; farm hand with J. Anderson; Ind.

GREEN THOS. Geneseo; street commissioner; Rep; Cong, pref; from N.Y.

GREEN WM. Geneseo; cooper; Rep; Prot; from Indiana.

GREEN DANIEL B. Sen. Geneseo; retired; Rep.


GREENE JOSEPH N. Geneseo; Photographer; born Jefferson Co. Pa. March 6, 1826;

came to county 1864; Dem; Cath; owns residence; wife was Susan E. Brown, of Scott Co.

Iowa; married Nov. 23, 1862; has five children living.
^GREENE M. A. Geneseo; furniture dealer; Rep; Bapt; born in 111.

GRESSER F. E. Geneseo; retired farmer; Rep; Prot; from Germany.
GRESSER JOHN, Geneseo; laborer; Rep; born in Germany.
GRIFFIN G. W. Geneseo.

GRITEMANN JOHN, Geneseo; railroad shops; Luth; from Germany.
GROSS FRANK, Geneseo; butcher.
GRUBB JOHN, Geneseo; laborer; German.
GUILD HENRY, Geneseo; retired farmer; Rep: Prot; from N.Y.

T T ALL E. Geneseo; clerk; Dem; from Mo.

HALL J. G. Geneseo; hardware merchant; Rep; from S. C.

HALL W. H. Geneseo; hardware merchant; Rep; born in 111.

HALLSTEN JOHN, Geneseo; carpenter; Luth; from Sweden.

HAMILTON T. F. Geneseo; foundry; Dem; Epis; born N.Y.

HAMILTON CHARLES, Geneseo; student; Rep.

HAMMOND JOSEPH, Geneseo; gunsmith; Rep; Unitarian; born Vt.


HAMMONL) PETER, Geneseo; retired; born in Newton, Mass. April 9, 1776; Rep;
Meth; he voted for Adams; he is the oldest Mason in the United States. Centennarian.

HAND-1PIKE PETER, Geneseo; cooper; Rep; from Germany.

HANNA PETER, Geneseo; horse dealer; Dem.

HANNA J. L. Geneseo; wool carder; Rep; Pres; from Ohio.

HANNA JOHN R. Geneseo; laborer; Rep; born Henry Co.

HANNAN MATTHEW, Sec. 25; P.O. Geneseo; fanner; Dem; from Ireland.
.HANNAN PATRICK, Sec. 25; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Dem; born in Ireland; 160 acres.

HANNAN THOMAS, Sec. "25; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Dem; from Ireland; 160 acres.

HANSON A. E. Geneseo; shoemaker; Rep; from Sweden.

HANSON E. Geneseo; shoemaker; Rep; Luth; born Sweden.

HARBAUGH FRANK, Geneseo; tinner: Rep; Prot; born in 111.

HARBAUGH JOHN R. Geneseo; retired farmer; Rep; Meth; from Pa; 240 acres.

HARBAUGH WM. Geneseo; merchant; Rep; Meth; from Ohio.

HARDING F. Geneseo; molder.

HARKER JOHN E. Geneseo; painter; Rep; Prot; from N.Y.

HARKER THOS. R. Geneseo; book store; Rep; Unit; from N. J.

HARMAN T. T., P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Dem.

HARMS HENRY, Sec. 23; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; Dem; Luth; from Germany; 80 acres.

HARPER DAVID, Sec. 7; P.O. Geneseo; farmer; from England; 240 acres.

HARPER JOSHUA, Geneseo; Farmer; born in Fairfax Co. Va. April 24, 1796; came to
this county 1836; Dem; Cong; wife was Sarah M. Thomas, of Maine, born Aug. 9, 1807;
married Oct. 15, 1838; Mr. Harper was the first Recorder and Probate Judge of Henry Co;
was the first Representative of the county, served two terms; was a member of the Constitu-
tional Convention in 1848,


HARPER O. M. Geneseo; Rep;

HARRINGTON E. W. Geneseo; carpenter; Prot; from Canada East.

HARRINGTON F. R. Geneseo; billiard-hall; Rep; born N.Y.

HARRINGTON GEO. W. Geneseo; retired; from Mass.

HARRINGTON J. L. Mrs. widow, Geneseo; Pres; born in 111.

HARRINGTON M. T. P.O. Geneseo; retired farmer; Rep; Metli.

HARBINGTOX B. Capt. was born in Hogansburg. Franklin Co. N.Y. Feb. 18, 1822; Rep;
Lib. Mr. Harrington is a self-made man. having to care for himself at the early age of 12,
besides doing much for the support of his parents. At the age of 16 he entered the regular
army, in 1837, and served five years under the command of Gen. Worth in the 8th Regular
Infantry; was three years in the Florida war in Co. K, 8th U.S.I. He moved permanently
to Geneseo in 1856; he served as captain of Co. B, gth I.V. Cavalry in the rebellion; he mar-
ried Feb. 22, 1845, at Massena, N.Y., Miss Martha Campbell, of Windsor Co. Vt. ; she was
born March 7, 1827; he has buried two children, an only daughter, Clara P., Jan. 8, 1865,

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