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tive State Legislature 271)1 General Assembly; is Tax Collector and Police Magistrate.

OLSON SWAN P. Farmer, Sec. 18, P.O. Bishop Hill; born in Sweden, June 8, 1848; came
to this county in 1866; Dem; Lib; owns 60 acres, value $3,000; has lived in this county ten
years; married Miss Kate Nordine in February, 1875; she was born in Bishop Hill, 1854;
have one child, named Swan Alfred Olson.

ORDWAY S. Sec. 27, P.O. Galva; farmer; Rep; from Vt; owns 12 acres.

OSBORNE JNO. Galva; laborer; Rep; from England.

OSKURG PETER, Sec. 31, P.O. Galva; farmer, boards with Peter Elfors; Luth; from Sweden.

OSTROM E. Galva; laborer; Luth; from Sweden.

OTTERSTROM JNO. Galva; laborer; from Sweden.

C. H. Galva; painter; Prot; from Ohio.
PAINE J. C. Mrs. Galva; toys; Prot; from Ohio.

PALMER CHRISTOPHER C. Wagon-maker, Galva; born in Exeter, Otsego Co.
N.Y. Jan. 5, 1840; came to Co. 1858; Rep; wife was Lucy A. Lamb, born in Williamstown,
Mass. May 22, 1842; married March 23, 1862; has two children; was private in Co. G, 112th
111. Infantry; enlisted Aug. 12, 1862; discharged July 6. 1865; went through the following
engagements in the late rebellion : Knoxville, Tenn; Loudon, Bean Station, Philadelphia,
Tenn., and Resacca and Kenesaw Mt. Ga.

PALMER LAURA L. Mrs. (wid". of D. W.), P.O. Galva; Bapt; from N.Y; owns 60 acres land.

PALMER MARANDA Mrs. (wid. of Geo. D.) P.O. Galva; Bapt; from N.Y.

PALMER MARY Mrs. (wid.of Jno.) Galva; Meth; from Pa.

PALMER N. S. Galva; farmer; Rep; Bapt; from N.Y.

PALMER W. A. Galva; clerk; Rep; Prot; from K.Y.

PARKINS J. H. Sec. 28, P.O. Galva; farmer; Cong; from Eng; owns Soacres, val. $4,500.

PARKINS W. H. Sec. 28, P.O. Galva; green house; Ind; Cong; from Eng; owns 244 acres.

PATTERSON J. O., M.D. Physician and Surgeon, Galva; born in West Newton,
Westmoreland Co. Penn. Dec. 13. 1819; came to Co. 1868; Rep; United Pres; first wife was
Elizabeth A. Wallace, born in Pittsburgh, Pa., Feb. 2, 1827; married July 17, 1845; died
March 29, 1859; second wife was Mary E. Nealley, born in Bangor, Me., Feb. 14, 1835; has
had five children three dead and two living all by first wife.

PATTERSON THOS. W. Galva; stationery; Rep; Prot; from Pa.

PATTEY MARGARET Mrs. (wid. of David), Sec. 35. P.O. Galva; Meth; from Isle of Man.

PEARSON JNO. Sec. 35, P.O. Galva; farmer, rents of Wm. L. Wiley; Prot; from Sweden.

PECK B. S. Galva; physician; Rep; Pres; from Galesburg.

PEPPIDING J. Sec. 29, P.O. Galva; farmer; Rep; Prot; from Eng; owns 20 ac. val. $1,200.

PERRY THOS. H. Galva; civil engineer; Dem; Pres; from Conn.

PETERSON ALFRED, Galva; tailor; Rep; Luth. from Sweden.

PETERSON ANDREW, Galva; laborer; Luth; from Sweden.

PETERSON ARICK, Sec. 15, P.O. Galva; laborer on A. C. Deem's farm; Rep; Luth; Sweden.

PETERSON AUGUST, Galva; mechanic; Rep; from Sweden.

PETERSON A. J. Galva; shoemaker; Luth; from Sweden.

PETERSON N. Sec. 30, P.O. Galva; farmer, rents of L. Husted; Prot; from Sweden.

PETERSON O. Galva; clerk; Dem; Prot; from Sweden.

PETERSON OLOF L. Furniture Dealer, Galva; born in Jarbo, Gestrickland, Sweden,
Aug. 30. 1840; came to U.S. Sept. 1865; came to Co. 1865; Rep; Meth; wife was Lizzie
Hanson, born in Jarbo, Gestrickland, Sweden, Jan. 18, 1840; married June 5, 1865; has three

PETERSON OSCAR, Galva; laborer; Luth; from Sweden.


PETERSON PETER S. Contractor and Builder, Galva; born in Ochlebo.Gestrickland,
Sweden, Oct. 28, 1834; came to U.S. 1856; came to Henry Co. 1868; Rep; Meth; val. prop.
$1,000; wife was Carolina II. Larson, born in Stavarngaer, Norway, Oct. 30, 1845; married
July I, 1861; has had five children, three living and two dead.

PETERSON" PETER, Jr. Broom Corn Dealer, Galva; born in Bollnas, Helsingland,
Sweden, Nov. 7, 1835; came to U.S. 1846; came to Co. 1846; Rep; wife was Julia M. Troil,
born in Hudiksvall, Sweden, March 19, 1840; married July 19, 1861; has one child dead
and one living, Peter Fred, born Oct. 30, 1865.

PETERSON SWAN T. Galva; laborer; Luth; from Sweden.

PHILHOWER PHILLIP, Galva; carriage manufacturer; Rep; Bapt; from N. J.

PHILLIPS NICHOLAS E. Grain and Broom Corn Dealer, Galva; born in Phillips-
burg, Orange Co. N.Y. Jan. 10, 1826; came to Co. in 1865; Dem; Bapt; wife was Eliza A.
Ives, born in Stark Co. 111. Aug. 17, 1849; married Sept. 6, 1870; has two children, boys;
came to this state in 1847.

PIEREY WM. Galva; Rep; Prot; from Eng.

PILGRIM JNO. Galva; teamster; Rep; Meth; from Eog.

PITZEL " , Sec. 22; P.O. Galva; farmer, rents of Jacob Emery; Rep; Prot.

PRATT RUFUS H. Physician and Surgeon, Galva; born in Cumberland Co. Me. March
2, 1836; came to county 1857; Rep; Prot; wife was Frances E. Lawder, born in Hamilton,
Ohio, 1849; married Feb. 5, 1873, died March 15, 1875, has one child, William R. born
Dec. 22, 1874; was private, Co. C, 112th 111. Infantry.

PREBLE D. Galva; butcher; Prot; from Ohio.

PREBLE W. B. Galva; clerk; Dem; born Tp.

PRICE ARCHIBALD, Carpenter and Builder, Galva; born in Sussex, N. J. Nov. I,
1831; came to county June 19, 1867; Ind; Meth; first wife was Susan R. Van Syckle, born in
Sussex Co. N. J. Sept. 13, 1837; married March 31, 1855, died Oct. 25, 1868; second wife was
Nfary J. Doll, born in Butler Co. Pa. Nov. 5, 1846; married May 20, 1874 ; has had three chil-
dren, two living, one dead, all by first wife.

PRICE JNO. Galva; Bap; from Eng.

PRICE OBED, 'Contractor and Builder, Galva; born in Sussex Co. N. J. April 22, 1834;
came to this county in 1856; Rep; Meth; owns 45 acres land; wife was Mary Abbott, born
in Carbon Co. Pa, Sept. 29, 1839; married Dec. 29, 1859; has two children, one girl and
one boy.

PURDY A. W. Galva; carpenter; Rep; MetU; from Ca; owns 37 acres land.

THOS. Sec. 34; P.O. Galva; laborer; Epis; from Isle of Man.

D EGAN E. M. Galva; express agent; from N. Y.

A ^- REGAN MARY C. Mrs. Galva; widow of Wm; Swedenborgian; from N. C.

REGNELL J. A. Galva; clerk; Prot; from Sweden.

REED CHAS. A. Galva; barber; Rep; Meth; from Schuyler Co. 111.

REED D. P. Sec. 21; P.O. Galva; farmer; Rep; Free Meth; from Pa; owns 87 ac. val. $6,500.

REED JNO. Galva; laborer; Rep; Prot; from Eng.

REDNALL RICHARD, Galva; carpenter; Rep; Epis; from Eng.

REED I. N. Galva; traveling agent; Rep; Prot; horn Galva Tp.

RIBLEY ELLEN Mrs. P.O. Galva; widow of Adolphus; Meth; born 111.

RIGGEN F. M. Galva; mason; Prot; from Stark Co. 111.

ROBINSON ELLEN Mrs. Sec 32; P.O.; widow of Daniel; Cong; from Ireland; 172 ac.

ROBINSON DANIEL, Sec. 32; P.O.. Galva; lives with mother; Dem; from Pa.

ROBINSON G. H. Galva; restaurant; Rep; Prot; from N. J.

ROBINSON JAS. Sec. 32; P.O. Galva; lives with mother; Dem; from Pa.

ROBINSON JOHN, Sec. 32; .P.O. Galva; lives with mother; Dem; Prot; from Pa.

ROBERTS GEO. W. Sec. 12; P.O. Kewanee; farmer; Rep; Freewill Bapt; from N.Y; 80 ac-

ROBERTS JNO. Sec. 12; P.O. Kewajiee; farmer, lives with son; Rep; Prot; from N.Y.

ROCINE CHAS. Sec. 32; P.O. Galva; farmer; Luth; from Sweden; owns 105 ac. val. $6,300.

ROGERS THOS. Sec. 12; P.O. Kewanee; farmer; Dem; Pres; from Ohio; 160 ac. val. $11,000.

ROOT J. P. Galva; general merchandise; Rep; Meth; from Peoria Cp. 111.



ROCKAFELLOW ABRAHAM J. Farmer, Real Estate Dealer, and Stock Raiser,
Galva; born in Somerset Co. N. J. July 28, 1819; came to county 1837; owns 217 acres
land, val. $21,700; first wife was Sarah S. Newcomb, born in Missouri, Dec. 29, 1822; mar-
ried Feb. 1841; died Feb. 19, 1868; second wife was Jane C. Young, born in Orange Co.
N. Y. April 17, 1835; married Nov. 18, 1869; has eight children, seven by first wife and one
by second; is President Galva Manufacturing Company, and Director in the First National
Bank; Mr. R.'s first wife's father and mother, Charles and Bettie Newcomb, emigrated from
Keene, N. H. to Mo. in 1817, and remained five years; then went to Springfield, 111., and
then removed from there to Fulton Co. 111.

ROSE M. P. Galva; carpenter; Rep; Meth: from Sweden.

ROUNDS WM. Galva; laborer; Prot.

RUNQUIST NELSON, Grocer, Galva; born in Alfta, Helsingland, Sweden, Aug. 31,
1837; came to U. S. Oct. 1846; came to county same year; Rep; Sec. Adventist; wife was
Martha Nelson, born in Sodevald, Helsingland, Sweden, June 24, 1840; married Jan. 13,
1865; has two children, girls.

SANDEAN C. Galva; tailor; Rep; Meth; from Sweden.

SANDEAN E. Galva; P.O. Galva; laborer; from Sweden.

SANDERS CARL M. Photographer, Galva; born in Skone, south part of Sweden, Sept.
28, 1839; came to U. S. May 12, 1870; came to county May 18, 1870; Dem; Swedenborgian;
wife was Ida M. Carlson, born in Smoland, Sweden, Nov, 7, 1846; married March 2, 1872;
has four children, two boys and two girls.

SANDERSON E. Galva; clerk; Rep; Prot; from Vermont.

SAUNDEAN CHAS. Galva; tailor; Meth; from Sweden.

SCOTT JNO. P.O. Galva; farmer; Dem; Prot; from S. C.

SECORD V. C., P.O. Galva; engineer C.B. & Q. R.R; Prot; born Tp.

SEELEY I. B. Galva; druggist; Dem; Prot; from N. Y.

SEILS GEO. Galva; molder; Dem; Prot; from Sweden.

SELBERG CHAS. Sec. 19; P.O. Galva; farmer; Ind; from Sweden; owns 35 accres, $1,750.

SEWELL THOS. Galva; engineer; Rep; Prot; from Eng.

SEWARD W. H. Galva; bridge builder; Rep; from Will Co. 111.

SEYBERT DANIEL, Galva; carpenter; Dem; Meth; from Pa.

SEYBERT JAS., Galva; carpenter; Dem; Prot; from Pa.

SHARP S. J., Galva; student; Dem; Prot; from Va.

SHEETZ N. I., Galva; dentist; Rep; Prof, from Freeport, 111.

SHERMAN CHAS. S., Galva; billiard hall; Dem; from Ohio.

SHERMAN NELSON, Farmer; Sec. 35; P.O. Galva; born in Milan, Huron Co., Ohio,
Sept. 17, 1828; came to county 1866; owns 80 acres land, val. $4,000; wife was Anna Brit-
ton, born in Pitsford, Lenawee Co., Mich., March 9, 1845; married Feb. 18, 1863; has had
two children, one girl and one boy.

SHORT EDWARD L., Galva; policeman; Rep; Prot; from Ind.

SHUA A. C. Galva; lab; Dem; from N.Y.

SHTJRTZ G. W., Galva; wire worker; Rep; born Tp.

SHURTZ W. M., Galva; boarding house; Rep; from Ind.

SHURTLEFF C. A., Galva; Justice of the Peace; Dem; Prot; from N. H.

SILEN JNO. E., Galva; farmer; Dem; Prot; from Sweden.

SILGA A., Galva; lab; Meth; from Sweden.

SIMMONS C. W., Galva; plasterer; Rep; Prot; from N.Y.

SIMMONS E. Galva; carpenter; Rep; Prot; .from N.Y.

SIPESGEO. W., Galva; baker and restaurant; Dem; Prot; from Pa.

SMALLEY CHAS. O. Agricultural Implements and Seeds, Galva; born in Ludlow, Vt.,
,Sept. 9, 1842; came to county 1868; Rep; Bapt; wife was Maggie Drury, born near Elm-'
wood, Stark Co., 111., March 6, 1847; married in Niles, Mich., July 31, 1866; has four chil-
dren, three boys and one girl.

SMALLEY D. W., Galva; livery; Rep; Prot; from Vt

SMALLEY OSCAR, Galva; drayman; Prot; from Vt.

SMITH E. W., Galva; hotel; Rep; from Peoria Co,

SMITH CHARLES, Galva; blacksmith; Rep; Prot; from Ind.

SMITH JACOB, Galva; farmer; Rep; Christian; from Pa; owns 6 acres.


SMITH GEO. S. Sewing Machine Agent, Galva; born in Suffolk Co., L. I., Oct. 26, 1833,
came to this county in 1857; Rep; Prot; wife was Laura A. Fifield, born in Sutton, N. H.,
April 5. 1837; married May 7, 1857; has four children.

SMITH J. S., Galva; merchant; Dem; Bapt; from N.Y.

SMITH JNO. N., Galva; peddler; Rep; Free Meth; from N.Y.

SMITH M. A., lives with father, Sec. 14; P.O. Galva; Rep; from Stark Co.

SMITH WARREN B., Sec. 10; P.O. Galva; farmer; Dem; Prot; from Vt; owns 208 acres.

SMITH WILSON, Farmer; Sec. 14; P.O. Galva; born in Richland Co., Ohio, March 28,
1831; came to this county 1861; Rep; owns 160 acres land, value 10,400; wife was Mary
M. Dennis, born in Warren Co., N. J., March 14, 1836, married June 18, 1854, has had
eleven children, ten living and one dead, six boys and five girls; Mr. Smith has three chil-
dren, Wynnie Bell, Minnie Dell and Willie Mason Smith, all born Oct. 17, 1871, all living,
and age six years coming Oct. 17, 1877.

SNYDER L. A. Galva; broom corn dealer; Dem; from Md.

SOPER A. W., Galva; hardware; Rep; Prot; from N.Y.

SOPER HENRY, Galva; salesman; Rep; Prot; from Fulton Co., 111.

SOPER JOS. F., Galva; merchant; Dem; Pro'; from N. J.

SOPER WRIGHT R. Hardware and Groceries. Galva; born in Monmouth Co., N. J.,
Oct. 25, 1828; came to this county in 1856; Rep; Prot; wife was Mary A. Reed, born in
Scotland Co., Mo.. June 4, 1844; married July 16, 1861; has four children, two girls and two

SPENCER JUDSOX, Galva; Rep; from N.Y.

SPENCER MARTIN, Galva; merchant; Rep; Spiritualist; from N.Y.

SPENCER S. G., Galva; carpenter; Rep; from N.Y.

SPERRY S., Galva; mechanic; Rep; Prot; from Aurora, III.

SPIEGEL C,,Sec. 6; P.O. Galva; farmer; Prot; from Germany; owns 80 acres, val. $4,800.

SPRAGUE ROBERT, Sec. n, P.O. Kewanee; farmer; rents A. Hoffman; Rep; U. Breth.

STACY A., Sec. 6; P.O. Galva; lab; Prot; from Eng.

STAPLES F. M., Galva; butter and eggs; Dem; Prot; from Hancock Co., Til.

STARBOARD GEO., Galva; carpenter; Rep; Prot; from Me.

STARBOARD LEVI B., Galva; notions; Rep; born 111.

STODDARD OLIVER P. Dry Goods, Galva; born in Peoria Co., 111., Aug. 14, 1842;
came to county 1843; Rep; Prot; wife was Agnes A. Munger, born in Yates Co. N.Y., Aug.
9. 1841; married Jan. 29, 1867; enlisted as private Co. B. 42d 111. Inf. Aug., 1861, discharged
May, 1862.

STOWE C. H., Galva; painter; Dem; from Geneseo, 111.

STOWE MARY A. Mrs., wid. of Wm., P.O. Galva; Prot; from Philadelphia.

STOWE WM. A., Galva; painter; Dem; Prot; from Stark Co., 111.

STROM M. Galva; tailor; Lutb; from Sweden.

SUNQUIST ANDREW, Galva; lab; Luth; from Sweden.

SUNQUIST E. Galva; lab; Luth; from Sweden.

SWAN CRANSTON H. Farmer, Sec. 17; P.O. Galva; born Jefferson Co. Ind. Oct. 28,
1832; he lived in Indiana about thirty-two years, then removed to Knox County, Linn Tp.,
and lived there nine years, and removed to Henry County in 1873, and has lived here since;
holds office School Director in his town; married Margaret Jane Ikerd, May 22, 1856; she
was from Lawrence Co. Ind; she was born Jan. 18, 1838; they have seven children, five boys
and two girls; have lost one son; Rep; Lib; 130^ acres of Ian ', value $7,830.

SWANSON A. P , Galva; carriage painter and trimmer; Luth; from Sweden.

SWANSON C., Galva; blacksmith; Dem; Meth; from Sweden.

SWANSON C. G, Galva; blacksmith; Meth; from Sweden.

SWANSON OLOF, Galva; laborer; Luth; from Sweden. ,

SWEET W. B., Galva; book-keeper; Rep; Prot; from N.Y.

SWICKARD J. W., Galva; mechanic; Rep; Meth; from Ohio.

SWIFT GEO., Galva; teamster; Dem; from Iowa.

SWISTROM. E., Galva; laborer; Meth; from Sweden.

""PAGGART WM. D., Galva; carpenter; Rep; Meth; from N.Y.

THACKER JAS. Sec. 27; P.O. Galva; farmer, rents of J. M. Wiley; Rep; Prot.


THAYER CHAS. Galva; cigar maker; Rep; from Germany.

THOMAS JEROME, Farmer, Sec. 32; P.O. G.ilva; horn in Noble Co Ind. June 16,
1851; came to county 1865; Dem; owns So acres of land, value $4,000; wife was Lucy
Underwood, born in Coldbrook Tp. Warren Co. 111. Feb. 5, 1853; married Dec. 2, 1874; has
one child, Jesse Irving Thomas, born in Galva Tp. Henry Co. 111. Nov. 21, 1875.

THOMPSON F. A. Galva; schoolteacher; Dem; Prot; from Stark Co.

THOMPSON J. F. Galva; farmer; Dem; Bapt; from Conn.

THORELL LOUIS, Galva; laborer; Prot; from Sweden.

THORN J. G. Galva; billiard saloon; Dem; from Knox Co. 111.

TODD J. F., M.D. Galva; physician and surgeon; Dem; Prot; from Stark Co.

TOLINE ANDREW, Sec. 12; P.O. Kewanee; farmer, rents of P. Levine; Meth; from Sweden.

TOLINE PETER, Galva; laborer; Luth; from Sweden.

TOWNSEND THOS. Galva; blacksmith; Rep; Prot; from Pa.

TROLIXE ERIC, Farmer, Sec. 30. P.O. Bishop Hill; Rep; Meth; owns loo acres, value
$5,000; he was born in Sweden, lSi6, and came to this country with the colony that settled
at Bishop Hill in 1846; he was one of the persons selected to divide the land of the colony
when the division was made; he married Betey Olson in 1840; she was born in Sweden; she
died 1847; in 1848 he married Christine Olson; shewas born in Sweden; has one son, named
Eric; lost five children.

T TDEAN ANDREW, Galva; laborer; Luth; from Sweden.

V UNDERWOOD ALBERT, Galva; farmer; Rep; Prot; from Mich.

UNDERWOOD HENRY L. Sec. 33; P.O. Galva; farmer, lives with father; Rep; from Ohio.

UNDERWOOD WM. H. Sec. 33; P.O. Galva; farmer, lives with father; Rep; from Galesburg.

UXDERWOOD MICHAEL, Farmer. Sec. 33; P.O. Galva; born in Chippeway, Wayne
Co. Ohio, Feb. 20, 1825; came to countv 1858; Rep; owns 172 acres land, val. $13,660; first
wife was Mary E. Beach, born in Medina Co. Ohio, Aug. 25, 1830; married April 22, 1847;
died Aug. 20. 1874; second wife was Katie Burlin, born in Mon mouth Co. N. J. July 13,
1849; married Nov 7, 1875; has had ten children, seven living and three dead, nine by first
wife and one by second; has been Justice of the Peace in county six years, Supervisor one
year, Assessor seven terms, also School Director and Trustee for many years.

UPDYKE J. Galva; laborer; Dem; Prot.

UPHAM A. W. Galva; laborer; Rep; Prot; from N.Y.

UPHAM CHAS. Galva; laborer; Rep; from Ca.

UTLY E. P. Galva; tinner; Rep; Prot; from N.Y.

WANDEAN ERICK, Galva; laborer; Prot; from Sweden.

V VANDERWAKER CHAS. lives with mother, Sec. 23; P.O. Galva; Dem; Prot; N.Y.
VANDERWAKER CAROLINE Mrs. Sec. 23; P.O. Galva; wid. of Nicholas; Prot; from N.Y.
VANDERWAKER WM. Sec. 24; P.O. Galva; farmer; Dem; Prot; from N.Y.; owns 45^ ac.
VANSICKEL N. Galva; Prot.
VINCENT JNO. Galva; laborer; Prot; born 111.
VIOX FRED. M. Marble Dealer and Cutter. Galva; born in Erie Co. N.Y. April 14.

1848; came to county 1864; Dem; val. prop. $1,200; wife was Althea M. Hendrick, born in

Ohio, Sept. 20, 1848; married Sept. 20, 1869.

W. W. Galva; butcher; Dem; Prot; from Mich.
WALKER WM. Gilva; warehouseman; Dem; Prot; from N.Y.
WAHLSTRUM ANDREW, Farmer, Sec. 18; P.O. Galva; was born in Sweden, 1831;
came to this country in 1850; Dem; Lib; owns 130 acres, value $6,000; has lived here twenty-
seven years; one of the oldest settlers; he married Manha Johnson in 1860; she was born in
Sweden; has seven children, named Frank V., Leander, Geo. A., Charles A., Fred. O., Mar-
garet, Nora A.

WARREN ALONZO. Galva; laborer; Dem; from Indiana.

WARTERS LUKE, Farmer, Sec. 9; P,O. Galva; born in Leavening, Yorkshire, England,
Aug. 20, 1831; came to U. S. Nov. 1851; came to county 1873; Dem; Epis; wife was Caro-
line E. Oldroyd, born in Pontefract, Yorkshire, England, Nov. 29. 1831; married April IO,
1852; has had four children, two dead and two living, two boys and two girls.

WATERS WM. lives with father, Sec. 9; P.O. Galva; Dem; from Morgan Co. 111.


WATT C. R. Galva; dentist; Rep; Prot; from Quincy, 111.

WATTERS WM. E. Galva; tinner; Ind; from Mo.

WELCH ANDREW J. Galva; carpenter; Rep; Univ; from Vermont.

WELCH E. Galva; tailor; Rep; from N.Y.

WELCH H. Galva; mason; Rep; from Vermont.

WELTON ELVIRA Mrs. P.O. Galva; widow of S. J.; Meth; from Ohio.

WEIR ROBT. Sec. 4; P.O. Galva; farmer, rents of Chas. Ives; Prot; from Scotland.

WENT WORTH EBER H. Meat Market, Galva; born in Starksborough, Vt. June 13,
1851; came to county 1853; Dem; Prot; wife was Sarah J. Hageman, born in West Chester
Tp. Porter Co. 111. Dec. 3, 1850; married Feb. II, 1873; has two children, one boy and one

WENTWORTH NELSON, Galva; Dem; Prot; from Vt.

WENTWORTH R. F. Galva; butcher; Dem; Prot; from Vt.

WEST D. E., P.O. Galva; farmer; Rep; Prot; from N.Y.

WESTBERG J. H. Sec. 19, P.O. Galva; farmer; Dem; Luth; from Sweden; owns 92 acres.

WESTMAN PETER, Galva; brakeman; Rep; from Sweden.

WHIPPLE H. G. P.O. Galva; Dem; Epis; from Conn; owns 60 acres, val. $10,400.

WHITE CHAS. Sec. 17, P.O. Galva; farmer; rents of H. Baker; Dem; from Peoria Co.

WHITE FREDERICK, Galva; peddler; Rep; Cong; from Pa.

WICKSTRUM JACOB, P.O. Galva; farmer; Dem; from Bishop Hill.

WICKSTRUM P. M. Sec. 19, P.O. Galva; farmer; Ind; Prot; from Sweden; owns 204 acres.

WILEY D. L. Galva; pres. First Nat. Bank; Rep; Univ; from Vt; owns 2,000 acres in Iowa.

WILEY JAS. M. Real Estate; Galva; born in Rockingham, Vt. Jan. 23, 1817; came to
this county in Spring of 1838; Rep; Cong; owns 1,000 acres land; first wife was Margaret
S. Miles, born in Sharon, Conn. Aug. 10, 1825; married Aug. 10, 1843, died April 4, 1860;
second wife was Mary M. Brook;, born in Chester, Vt. April, 1834; married Dec. 2o, 1860;
died Jan. 9, 1867; third wife was Lizzie S. Yocum, born in Jeromeville, Ohio, June 7, 1837;
married Jan. 4, 1872; has had seven children, five by first, and two by second wife, all liv-
ing; Mr. W. was one of the founders of Galva town in 1854.

WILEY SUSAN J. Mrs. wid. of Geo. R., P.O. Galva; Bapt; from Vt; owns 250 acres.

WILEY W. LORENZO, Lumber Dealer, Galva; born in Brimfield. Peoria Co. IlL
Aug. 29, 1846; came to this county in 1870; Rep; Cong; wife was Flora B. Wiley, born in
Brimfield, Peoria Co. 111. March 4, 1848; married Oct. 2O. 1871; has three children, one
boy and two girls.

WILEY W. F. Cashier First Nat. Bank, Galva; born in Brimfield, Peoria Co. 111. July 16,
1850; came to county in 1854; Rep; Prot; wife was Florence E. Munger, born in Penn Van,
Yates Co. N.Y. Sept. 17, 1852; married Sept. 26, 1871; has had one child, Floyd L. born
Oct. 21, 1874; died Nov. 20, 1874.

WILEY WM. L. Hon. Real Estate Dealer, Galva; born in Rockingham, Vermont, Nov.
2O, 1820; came to this county in 1854; Rep; Bapt; owns 2,500 acres of land; first wife was
Louise Bailey, born in Saxton's River, Vt. May 31, 1821; married April 14, 1842; died July
II, 1862; second wife was Eunice B. Williams, born in Westmoreland, N.Y. Jan. 15, 1844;
married Feb. n, 1864; has had three children, two living and one dead one by first wife,
and two by second; has been member of the State Board of Equalization from 1872 to 1876;
also Director in the Peoria & Rock Island R.R.

WILKINSON A. G. Galva; farmer; Rep; Prot; from Va.

WILLIAMS CHAS. Galva; blacksmith; Rep; Prot; from England.

WILLIAMS CHAS. Galva; laborer; Rep; Prot.

WILLIAMS C. M. Sec. 25, P.O. Galva; farmer; rents of L. Williams; Rep; Prot, from Ind.

WILLIAMS EDSON, Carriage Manufacturer, Galva; born in Charlemont, Franklin
Co. Mass. Nov. 2, 1815; came to this county in 1857; Rep; Bapt; first wife was Corinthia
M. Spencer, born in Columbus Co. N.Y. Jan. 5, 1816; married March 4, 1841; died Sept.
24, 1871; second wife was Mrs. Elizabeth Washington (wid. of Geo.), born in Essex Co. N.J.
Feb. 1822; married Nov. 9, 1875; has hud three children, one living and two dead, all by
first wife.

WILLIAMS GEO. Galva; laborer; Epis; from England.

WILLIAMS GEO. W. Galva; clerk; Dem; from England.

WILLIAMS H. E. Galva; blacksmith; Rep; Prot; from England.

WILLIS SAMUEL, P.O. Galva; janitor; Rep; Meth; from England.



WILSON GUSTAVE, Restaurant, Galva; born in Jonkoping Smoland, Sweden, Feb. 15,

1852; Dem; val. prop. $750.
WOOD JAS. B. Clerk; Galva; born in Barren Co. Ky. April 20, 1856; came to county

in 1876; Rep; Prot.

WOOD WM. A. Galva; laborer; Rep; from Chicago.

WOOLSEY THOS. Sec. 22, P.O. Galva; laborer on Ben Eldridge's farm; Rep; Prot.
WYMAN FRANK, Galva; clerk; Rep; from Wis.

\/OCUM L. M. Galva; banker; Rep; Meth; from Pa; owns 2,240 acres in Iowa.

YOCUM O. E. Galva; gen. mdse; Rep; Meth; from Indiana; owns 640 acres in Iowa.
YOCUM CHAS. Retired Merchant and Farmer; Gaiva; born in York Co. Pa. Oct. 16,

1811; came to this county in 1867. Rep; Meth; wife was Mary Smith, born in Lancaster

Co. Ohio, Feb. 21, 1814; married March 18, 1834; died July 12, 1875; has seven children,

all living.

YONGS P. R. Galva; Rep; from N.Y.
YOUNG HEXRI W. Editor Galva Journal, Galva; born in Long Island, N.Y. Dec. 17,

1847: came to this county in 1875; Dem; Prot. The Galva Journal was organized Feb. 9,




Bigelow H Attorney at Law and U.

S. Commissioner.

Bodison Carl F. Dealer in Groceries.
BoOStfUm Isaac, Brick Manufacturer.

Brownlee & Stoddard. Dry Goods,

Clothing, Boots and Shoes.
Collier Jno. L. Barber.
Davis Chas. E. Hardware and Stoves.
Edson Leonard P. Manufacturer and

Dealer in Brooms and Brushes.
Field Solomon, Patent Medicine


First National Bank, i). L. Wiley,

Prest. ; W. F. Wiley, Cashier.

Guthrie Brothers, Founders, Machin-
ists, Engine and Boiler Makers,
Dealers in Machinery Supplies,
Agricultural Machinery, &c. Re-
pairing solicited, also General
Machine Jobbing.

Henderson D. W. Live Stock Dealer,
Office, Live Stock Yards.

JarVJS Sam'l G. Dealer in Groceries.

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