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denburg and Thomas Glenn, for George Tyler and Charles Atkinson, the
one for Atkinson being a double log house, one-half being used for a store
and the other for a dwelling both of which buildings can be seen to-day
in a somewhat dilapidated condition. In the Fall of 1836, came a colony
from New York, and stopped at the tavern of George Brandenburg, who
with the other settlers of Hanna Township, went with them and helped
them to erect their log cabins, which was the beginning of the city of
Geneseo, and which colony came to Dayton for their mail for some time
.afterward. In this year William Paddleford bought land, and in the Fall
of 1837, moved on it with his family, where he resided until 1838, when
he moved on the farm now occupied by his son, James Paddleford, where
Mrs. Paddleford still resides, in the 90th year of her age. The first
frame buildings in the county were built at Cleveland, by Atkinson and
Wells, in 1836, which can still be seen on the farm of John S. Hanna, in
the village of Cleveland.

In 1836 a temperance meeting was held in the double log house of


Charles Atkinson, in Cleveland, by the settlers and people from the
Geneseo Colony, and a society organized, it being the first ever held in
Henry County. In this same building was held the Presidential election,
in 1836, for Martin Van Buren, President, and R. M. Johnson, Vice-
President it being the first Presidential election ever held in the
county. Whiteside County being in this precinct, the vote of that county
was polled here with Henry. In this election there were 72 votes
polled, three of which were democratic those three were Thomas Glenn,
Dr. Thomas Baker, and George Brandenburg, who has been a true demo-
crat ever since, and expects to vote for Tilden this Fall. The returns of
this election were made to Knox County, and taken there by George
Brandenburg. The Judges of this election were P. K. Hanna, George
Tyler, Thomas Glenn and Dr. Baker.

The first school in Hanna Township was organized in 1836, and
taught by Narcessa Stewart, who afterward became Mrs. Huntington
Wells, of Moline.

In 1836 the population was further increased by the arrival of Dr.
Gawyer, a man thoroughly radical but a good citizen, of good moral
character, who has since left our town. In the same year came Thomas
and Anderson Miller, who settled in this township. In 1837 came Henry
Hand, and settled and run the first chartered ferry on Rock River at Cleve-
land, and who has been a prominent citizen of the township until this
day ; also, in this year, came D. P. Grove, John Williams, John Searls,
Columbia Aldrich, William and James Burnard, Rev. Woodruff and son,

all of whom settled in Hanna Township. In the same year came

Stanbro and settled in the east part of town, where he lived to a good
old age and was much respected at his death, leaving his son on the home-
stead, who still occupies it, aud who has filled several positions of honor
in the county and is now a Justice of the Peace.

As an evidence of the want of good markets in those early days, we
state the following:

In 1839 the settlers collected their hogs and drove them to Chicago.
It took about three weeks to make the trip. After cammng out for this
length of time they arrived at the market and sold their pork for from
one dollar to two dollars and twenty cents per hundred.

In 1838 came Wm. Whitehead, Thomas Hill, Adrian Vanwinkle,
and Wesley Hanna. In the years from 1838 to 1845 the town settled up
quite rapidly. Among those coming in those years we will mention a few
of the settlers : J. W. Taylor, Adam Hooker and family, also the Lin-
nells, the Henningers, the Quillans, James Miller and Meads, with fami-
lies, and many others that for want of space we are unable to mention.

James Searles, though a resident of Rock Island County, living on the
bank of Rock River, has, from the early history of the town, always been
so closely identified with the interests of Hanna, that it seems like one
of the early settlers is left out without the mention of his name. He
settled where his family now reside, nearly opposite Cleveland, and took
a very active interest in schools, churches, and the improvement of our
water power on this side of the river. Mr. Searles died only a few days
ago, at the advanced age of 74 years, and his funeral was attended at the
old settlers' church, in Cleveland, by a very large concourse of friends,
and many of the old settlers of Rock Island and Henry Counties.


As an evidence of our growth in wealth and advancement in in-
dustrial pursuits since those early days of hard toil and little recompense,
we have but to call your attention to our thrifty fanners and stock raisers,
with their well-cultivated fields and well-filled granaries, our unexcelled
water-power, with unequalecl advantages, and extensive flouring mills,
our railroad facilities and schools and churches, our ever yielding stone
quarries and vast beds of coal, from which millions of bushels are taken
annually. In order to substantiate these statements more fully we extend
to all a cordial invitation to visit our township and the village of Cleve-
land, and spend a day on the pleasant banks of Rock River, exploring the
labyrinths of our coal beds, and fishing.




Historical Committee.

Pleasant and interesting remarks were ther. had from Dr. Gregg, of
Rock Island ; M. B. Potter, J. M. Allan, William T. Allan, Lewis Shearer,
M. B. Lloyd, and John Logan, of Whiteside. The latter announced that
the old settlers' meeting of Whiteside County, would be held at Lyndon,
on the last day of August.

The speakers elicited much merriment and applause, and their rem-
iniscences were highly interesting. We regret that we can not report
them in our limited space. The social features of the reunion were not
the least delightful, and when the meeting broke up at about 5 o'clock,
every one went away pleased, we are sure, with the occasion, the place,
and the people. Especially did this editor, who bore away a token of
Mrs. P. K. Raima's distinguished consideration, in the shape of a beauti-
ful bouquet.


is a small village a few miles southeast of Cambridge. It is the result of
the railroad passing through that portion of the county, and was laid out
by C. A. Morris, owner of the town site, June 5, 18T-3. There are a few
stores, one or two shops, a railroad depot, and a grain elevator. The
number of inhabitants is about fifty. The village at present contains no
school, tl^e youth being sent to the district school about one mile south
of town. There is one church, the Methodist Episcopal. It was organ-
ized by the Rev. G. M. Morey, present pastorof Cambridge M. E. Church,
on April 10, 1866. About thirty persons united in forming this church.
They had met for divine worship in the Pleasant Valley school-house,
where they continued to hold divine service until 1875, when they com-
pleted their present commodious church edifice, costing about $1,000.
There are at present 88 members, and 40 scholars in the Sunday-school.
The pastor is the Rev. H. K. Metcalf. The Rev. G. M. Morey, W. B.
Frazell, and S. H. Humes have also labored here.


was laid out by Malcom McKillop, Nov. 25, 1870. It is a small town,
situated on the St. Louis, Chicago and Rock Island railroad, and contains
about one hundred inhabitants. There are three stores, two or three
shops of various kinds, and one hotel.


Member of Congress,

Sixth Congressional District,




A rt. Artillery.

Col Colonel.

capt Captain.

Cor pi Corpora I.

count .commissioned.

Comsy Commissary,

eav cavalry.

a ptd cap! u red.

disd ? discharged.

e enlisted.


inf infantry.

kid killed.

m.o mustered out.

prmtd promoted.

prisr prisoner.

Regt Kepi men t.

Se i K I Sergeant .

wd wounded.


The One Hundred ami Twelfth Regiment, Illinois Volunteers >\ as mustered into the service of the United
Staio on the 2oth and 2 3d da\ s of September, !Hli2. at I'eoria, Illinois, and was ordered to report to Major Gen-
eral Wright, commanding the Department of the Ohio, at Cincinnati, Ohio. It moved from I'eoria on the 8th
day of Ociober, 1862. by rail, and arri \ ed at Cincinnati, Ohio, by midnight on the 10th of October, when it was
Immediately ordered over the Ohio River to report to Major General Gordon' (i ranger at Covington, Kentucky,
Tin- regiment reported to General Granger on i he morning of the llth of October, and Immediately began to
prepare for the field. Having been brigaded with the 33d I ndiana, 77 th. 971 h, and 108th Illinois, under com-
mand of Col. Cobiirn. of the :-t3d Indiana, and having obtained transportation and marched from
Covington. Ky., on the 18th day ot Ociober. 18(>2, for Kalnionth. Ky.; but on the 19lh day of October it \\ as
del ac bed t mm the brigade and ordered to guard a large supply train to Uig Kagle, on the Lexington and Cov-
ington pike. ; . 1 1 jiig Kagle on the e\ cuing of the 21st of October, and under orders
marched to Georgetown, Ky., on t he 23d, and to Lexington, Ky., on tlie 24ih. It remained in camp at .Lexing-
ton, Ky.. for about Bve months, performing various duttea, ana aided in driving Cluks' command out of Ken-
tucky. On t he ^ 1st of March. 1SH3. t he regiment moved for Danville, Ky.. arriving there on tlie even ing of the
,';!, and at miitniglit on the 23d it was ordered back to Dick's River Hridge, on the Lexington pike, with orders
: the bridge ami hold the opposite side of the n \ er at all hazards. It remained at the bridge until the
evening of the 24th, when it fell hack to II irk in an, at the mouth of the Kentucky River, with the rest of the
army retreating before what was supposed to he a superior force of the enemy. From the Kentucky River it
marched back to Nicholasvllle, and frorp thence moved by way of Cam]* Dick Robinson, Lancaster, and Crab
On-hard, in tlie direction of Somerset, Ky., in pursuit of the enemy by to reed marches, it lit the cavalry and
mounted infantry having overtaken and defeated tlie enemy at Dut ton's Hill, near Somei set, and driven him
across the Cumberland River, the regiment moved back to Stanford. In October, 1862, ilie regiment, on its
arrival at Lex Ing! -u, Ky., was brigaded with the 45th Ohio, and the 18th and 22d Michigan, under command ol
General Green*- clay Smith, of Kentucky; he remained in command until .January, 18tJ3. when Col. Doolittle,
of the 18th Michigan, took the com ma nd. At Stanford the regiment wa.s again detached from the brigade, anil
ordered to Milleiig.-ville. K> ., where it w as mounted, and remained in camp until the 2tith of April, when the
new brigade, consisting of the 45th Ohio, 8d Kentucky, and the 1 1 2th Illinois, under command of ] Jen jam in
I J . Ruukle, of the 45th Ohio, marched for Somerset, Ky. At >omeis,i U joined other troops under the cuin-
mand of Brigadier General S. I*. Carter, of Tennes-ee. and moved to Monlicello, Ky., south of the Cumberland
Ki\ er, and aided in driving a bo. ly of IJebel troops under com HIM nd oi Genei ai IVgram from the place ami out.
of Kentucky into Tennessee. The re ihe regiment was under ti i e for tin- tii st time. 1- rom Monti cello the reg-
iment returned to Somerset, Ky.. where ii remained until July, 18t>3, and where dctachmeMs fiom it were
constantly engaged in aetive and ^-vere duty scouting up and down the Cumberland River, often at trreat dis-
tances, by night ftOll by da\ , and in guarding ford.s and ferries on the Cumberland River. "While a ; Somerset,
Ky., two hundred picked men from the regiment, nmler command of ('apt. Dunn, of Co. D, with similar
detachments from other regiments at Somerset, all under command of -Major Dow, of the regiment, joined
< 'oloiiel Sanders in his celebrated raid o\ i-r the mountains into Ma. -I Tennessee. J-'or rapidity of movement,
marching over mountains, swimming rivers, by da\ :md night, and for successful execution, battling the
enemy, doing him a trn-at am-nint of damage, and finally escaping from a vastly superior force, where every
mountain gap was supposed to be securely guarded, this raid stands among the most brilliant of the war. It,
severely tested the eminence of the men and Officers who participated in it; the detachment of the 112th lost
deven men captured, and live men drowned in swimming Clinch Km-r at night, l-'rom Somerset. Ky., the
regiment moved back to Danville, Ky.. and in the month of July assisted in driving about 1,500 Rebels under
com ma nd of Scott, acro t lie Cumberland. It was four days and nights engaged in the pursuit of Scott, with
hut little or no re>t or sleep, and for more than one hundred miles was skirmishing with the enemy. After
capturing about 500 prisoners, scattering main others in the woods, and recovering most of the prope 1 1 \ stolen
by these raiders, Scott was finally driven over the Cumberland River and into the mountains, when the regi-
me nl again returned to Danville, K\ ., ha vi ng had one man killed and six wounded in the pursuit, and begail
the work of preparing for a campaign into Kast Tennessee. From Danville, moved to Stanford : from Stanford
to Crabb Orchard, from which place, h.i ving completed the necessary preparations, the regiment marched for
Kast Tennessee, with the army under General flnrnside. Kehrigadeu with the 1st Kast Tennessee, -Mounted
Infantry, 8th Michigan Cavalry, and 151 ii Ohio Mounted Infantry, under command of Colon et Jt\ rd. of the 1st
Kusl Tennessee, on the 21st of August, 18t>3, ami arrived at King's ion. Tennessee, on the 1st of Sept em In i . The

numerous skirmishes and battles, and licing constantly in tlie nee nf the enemy. At Cleveland one Cap-
tain was killed and several men wounded, and about twenty men captured in a skirmish. At Calhonn the
regiment, with the brigade, was driven back by an overpowering for. e under Wheeler and Forrest, and the
112th brought up the rear; ami for tlie manner hi which it was done, holding the enemy in cheek and saving all
the stores, ii was complimented in an official order. It had. however, twentv men captured and one Captain.
who were guarding a ford on the HteWMM, and were cut olf at Philadelphia; it made a handsome charge and



. ,

ber, when it commenced retreating t


Colonel, Thomas J. Henderson, commissioned Sept. 23, 1862. Promoted Brevet Brig. General Nov. 30, 1864.

Mustered out June 20, 1865.

Lieut. Colonel, Emery S. Bond, commissioned Sept. 20, 1862. Mustered out June 20, 1865.
Major, James M. Hosford, commissioned Sept. 20, 1862. Resigned Feb. 1. 1863.
Major, Tristram T. Dow, commissioned Feb. 1, 1863. Mustered out June 20. 1865.
Adjutant, Henry W. Wells, commissioned Sept. 22, 1862. Mustered out for promotion In 1st Tennessee Heavy

Artillery, Nov. 25, 1863.

Adjutant, Bradford V. Thompson, commissioned Nov. 25. 1863. Promoted Captain of Co. B.
Adjutant, Gilbert K. Woolsey. commissioned April 25, 1865. Mustered out June 20, 1865.
Quartermaster, George C. Alden, commissioned Sept. 10. 1862. Mustered out June 20, 1865.
Surgeon, John W. Spalding, commissioned Sept. 11. 1862. Resigned March 22. 1863.
Surgeon, Luther S. Milliken, commissioned March 22, 1863. Mustered put June 20. 1865.
First Assistant Surgeon, Luther S. Millikeu, commissioned Sept. 15, 1862. Promoted.

First Assistant Surgeon, Charles DeHaven Jones, commissioned May 4, 1863. Mustered out June 20, 1865.
Second Assistant Surgeon. Wesley Phillips, commissioned Jan. 13. 1863. Mustered out June 20, 1865.
Chaplain, Rosnill N. Henderson, commissioned Oct. 13, 1862. Resigned Oct. 26, 1864.

Company A. From Annawan and Vicinity.

Captain Tristram T. Dow, comd. Sept. 20, 1862, pro-
moted Major.
Captain Asa A. Lee, comd. March 1, 1863, kid. Nov.

18. 1863.
Captain John L. Dow, comd. Nov. 18, 1863. m. o.

June 20, 1865.
First Lieut. Asa A. Lee, comd. Sept. 20, 1862. prmtd.

First Lieut John L. Dow, comd. March 1, 1863,

prmtd. Captain.
First Lieut. James P. MeChesney, comd. Nov. 15,

1863, resigned Aug. 10, 1864.
First Lieut. L. W. Browning, comd. Nov. 18, 1863,

resigned May 20, 1864.
First Lieut. T. J. Williams, comd. June 15, 1865, m.

o. June 20. 1865.
Second Lieut. John L, Dow, comd. Sept. 20, 1862,

Second Lieut. James P. McChesney, comd. March 1,

1863. promoted.

Second Lieut. L. W. Browning, comd. Nov. 18, 1863,

Second Lieut. Thomas J. Williams, comd. Aug. 10,

1864, promoted.

Second Lieut. Jesse Goble, comd. June 15, 1865, m.
o. June 20, 1865.

Adair J. W. e. Aug. 12, 1862, eaptd. near Cassville,

Ga. May 24. 1864. in. o. June 20, 1865.
Browning J. II. e. Aug. 12. 1862, disd. May 17, 1865.
Barton M. e. Aug. 12. 18t)3. miss'g, Franklin, Telill.
Bradeu J.S. e. Aug. 13,1862, m. o. June 20. 1865.
Batten J. R. e. Aug. 13. 1863, disd. wd. May 12. 1865.
Branner J. e. Aug. 12, 1862, ill. O.June 20. 1865.
liaremore J. S. e. Aug. 12. 1862, kid. in action at Ke-

saea G:i. May 1-1. 1S64.

Brown L. e. Aug. 12, 1862. kid. April 3, 1864, in Ky.
Batten J. H. Corp], e. Aug. 12. '62, in. o. June 20, '65.
Buckley J. R. e. Aug. 12. 1862, m. o. June 20, 1865.
Brown 'E. K. e. Aug. 12. 1862. disd.
Benson \V. e. Aug. 12. 1863, ill. o. May 29, 1865.
Bice I.e. Aug. 12. 1862.
Bradford J. II. e. Aug. 12, 1862.
Browning L. W. 1 "

May 20, 1865.
Bice j.'M. Corpl. e. Aug. 12 1863. wd. Nov. 18, 1863,

at Knoxvilie. Tenu. captd. near Atlanta, Ga. Aug.

6. 1864, in Georgia prison 9 months.
Caughev it. Corpl. e. Aug. 12. 181)2, died.
Canghey J. e. Aug. 12. 1SH2. kid. at Franklin, Tenn.
Cummings P. e. Aug. 13. 1863. m. o. June 20. 1865.
Cope J. B. e. Aug. 12, 1862, m. o. June 20, 1865.
Cole N. H. e. Aug. 12, 1862, died in Andersoiiville

prison. Ga. Aug. 29, 1864, grave 7211.
Caughey M. e. Aug. 12, 1862, m. o. June 20, 1865.



Oaughev H. e. Aug. 12. 1862. m. o. June 20. 1865.

Demote'?:, e. AUK 13. 1862, in. <>. June SO, 1865.

Dow T. T. Capt. e. Aug. 12. 1863. print I.

Dow J. T.. ('apt. e. Aug. 12. 1862. prmtd.

Dennis T. Corp]. P. Aug. 12. 1862. m. o. June 20, '65.

Davis A.J. i\ Aug. 12. 1862, died at Audersonvillo

prison. Ga. April 2. 1864. grave 356.
Dinginan L. e. Aug. 12, 1862, ill. o. July 5, 1865.
Dlngman J. e. Aug. 12. 1862, cllscl. June 1. 1865.
Uiltz II. W. e. Aug. 12. 1862.
Kver \V. J. e. Aug. 12. 18U3, m. o. July 3. 1865.
Fowlett M. e. Aug. 12. 1862. m. o. June 20. 1865.
Fuller J. H. e. Aug. 12. 1862, died Jan. 8. 1865.
Fisher H. e. Aug. 12. 1862. in. o. June 20. 1865.
Godfrey S. e. Aug. 12. 1862. \vd. Aug. 6, 1864. ill Ga.
Gooding VV. e. Vug. 12. 1862. disd. wd. Sept. 20. '64.
Goble V.e. Aug. 12, 1862. eaptd. Nov. 1863. at Knox-

ville, Tenn. In reh. prsn. 17 mos. m.o. May, '65.
Giles S. B. e. Aug. 12, 1862, dieil in .Vnder.sonvilte

prison. Ga. Sept. 6. 1864. grave 7988.
Goble J. 1st Sergt. e. Aug. 12. 1862. m.o. June 20, '65.
Heaps J. IS. Corpl. e. Aug. 12, 1862, kill, at Resaca,

Ga. May 14. 1864.

Hayes G. \V. e. Aug. 12. 1862. in. o. June 20. 1865.
Hards J. f. Aug. 12, 1862, kid. al Knoxville, Tenn.

Nov. 18. 1863.

Harris H. U. e. Aug. 12. 1862. m. o. June 20, 1865.
Harrington L. M. e. Aug. 12. 1862. died in Ander-

sonville prison, Ga. April 2. 1864.
Hlrsphbprifpr H. e. Aug. 12. 1862. captd. at Dan-
ville, Ky. paroled and excd, m.o. June 20, 1865.
Hart J. A. inusien. e. Aug. 12. '62, m. o. June 20, '65.
Irwin J. A. e. Aug. 12. 1862, disd. March, 1864.
Johnson J. e. Aug. 12. 1862.
Kepler J. e. Aug. 12. 1862, wd. at Franklin, Tenn.

Nov. 30. 1864. m.o. May 26, 1865.
King L>. J. e. Aug. 12, 1862, in. o. May 15. 1865.
Kenny P. e. Aug. 12. 1S62. kid. at Franklin. Tenn.
Kukrek F. e. Aug. 12, 1862. m. o. June 30, 1865.
Lemhart J. L.e. Aug. 12, 1862. in. o. May 31, 1865.1
Leonard H. H. Corpl. e. Ang.12, '62, m.o. Jun. 20, '65.
Leonard A. O. e. Aug. 12, 1862. disd. April. 1864.
Latimer J. M. Corpl. e. Aug. 12. '62. disd. May, '63.
Large H. P. Sergt. e. Aug. 12. '62, m.o. June 20. '65.
Lee A. A. Capt. e. Aug. 12, kid. at Knoxville, Tenn.

Nov. 18, 1863.

Moinena. S. T. e. Aug. 12. 1862: m. o. June 20, 1865.
Morgan J. e. Aug. 12. 1862, kid. at Kuoxville, Tenn.

Nov. 18. 1863.

Mover H. e. Aug. 12. 1862, taken prisr.
Mathers T. E. e. Aug. 12. 1862, captd. at Franklin,

Tenn. Nov. 30. 1864. m. o. July 1, 1865.
Meyers P. e. Aug. 12, 1862, disd. May. 1863.
Machesney J. P. 1st Lieut, e. Aug. 12, 1862, resigned

Aug. 10, 1864.

Meir A. mnsicii.e. Aug. 12, 1862, in.o..Iune20, '65.
Maehesney VV. B. muslcn. e. Aug. 12. 1862.
McMillan W. e. Aug. 12, 1862. died Feb. 1863.
McGath H. J. wagoner, e. Aug. 12. 1862, captrt.
McDermond R. e. Aug. 12. 1862, m.o. June 20, 1865.
Nowers T. e. Aug. 12, 1862, kid. at Kuoxville, Tenn.

Nov. 18. 1863.

Niles L. C. Sergt. e. Aug. 12. 1862, drowned 1863.
Orton 0. Corpl. e. Aug. 12. 1862. m. o. June 20. 1865.
Porter W. K. e. Aug. 12. 1862, m. o. June 20, 1865.
Pope S. S. e. Aug. 12. 1862. died Feb. 16, 1863.
Patten W. e. Aug. 12. 1862, m. o. June 20. 1865.
Patten J. p. Aug. 12. 186 1. died May 19, 1863.
Plumer H. e. Aug. 12. 1862, m. o. June 20, 1865.
Rochefellow A. e. Aug. 12, 1862, captd. at Franklin,

Tenu. Nov. 30, 1864. m. o. July 1. 1865.
Richmond H. J. e. Aug. 12. 1862. in. o. June 20. 1865.
Stewart M. Sergt. e. Aug. 12, 1862. m. o. June 20 '65.
Smith L. W. e. Aug. 12. 1862. disd. June 3. 1865.
Smith C.J.e. Aug. 12, 1862, m.o. June 20, 1865.
Stazner L. e. Aug. 12. 1862. m. o. June 20. 1865.
Slick H. e. Aug. 12. 1862. m. o. June 20. 1865.
Stilwell J. p. Aug. 12. 1862. disd. Aug. 7, 1865.
Slick J. Corpl. e. Aug. 12. 1862, m. o. June 20, 1865.
Troyer .T. C. e. Aug. 12, 1862.

Trover \V. Sergt. e. Aug. 12, 1862, m.o. June 20, '65.
Valentine C. B. Corpl. p. Aug. 12, 1862, missing in

action at Kelly's Ford, Tenu.
Williams T. J. 2d Lipnt. e. Aug. 12. 1862, prmtd. to

2d Lieut. Sept. 20. 1864, m.o. June 20. 1865.
Williams W. H. Corpl. e. Aug. 12. 1862.
Winters J. e. Aug. 12. 1862, died at Nashville, Tenn.

Xov. 80. 1864, from wds.

Woodruff K. T. e. Aug. 12. 1S62. disd. May, 1863.
Wintz P. J. e. Aug. 12. 1862. m. o. June 14. 1865.
Woodruff F. A. e. Avig. 12. 1862. missing in action at

Franklin, Tenn. Nov. 30. 1864.
Willett J. e. Aug. 12. 1862, m. o. June 20, 1865.
Woodruff T. A. e. Aug. 12. 1862, died Feb. 16, 1863.
Younkin VV. S. Sergt. e. Aug. 12, 1862.

Company C. From Cambridge and South-
west Part of the County.

Captain, John J. Briggs. commissioned Sept. 20, '62,
resigned Aug. 9, 1863.

Captain. John li. Mitchell, commissioned Aug. 9.

1863. in. o. June 20. 1865.
First Lieut. J. B. Mitchell, commissioned Sept. 20,

1862, promoted.
First Lieut. A. P. Petrie, commissioned Aug. 9, '63,

m. o. June 20, 1865.
Second Lient. A. P. Petrie, commissioned Sept. 20,

1862, promoted.

Second Lieut. H. sherbondy, commissioned Aug. 9,

1863. honorably disd. May 15, 1865.

Second Lieut. W. Gillespie, commissioned June 15,
'65; not mustered; m. o. June 20, '65.

Anderson William, e. Aug. 9, 1862. wd. at Bean
Station, Tenn., m. o. June 21, 1865.

Anderson Thomas, e. Aug. 9, 1862. captd. near
Lexington. Ky., excd., in. o. June 20, 1865.

Ayers James E. e. Aug. 9. 1862, m. o. June 20, 1865,
wd. at Franklin, Tenn., Nov. 30. 1864.

Atwater Thomas J. p. Aug. 9, 1862, wd. at Knox-
ville, Tenu., Nov. 18, 1863. disd.

Biggs John J. Capt. e. Aug. 11. '62. disd. Aug. 8, '63.

lioyd John Jr. Corpl. m. o. June 20, 1865.

Malign L. S. Sergt. e. Aug. 9, '62, m. o. June 20, '65.

Barney John F. e. Aug. 9, 1862. captd. at Richmond,
Ky.. Aug. 1863, paroled and excd., kid. in action
at Resaca, Ga., May 14, 1864.

Boyd John Sr. e. Aug. 9, 1862, m. o. June 20, 1865.

Berry Myron H. e. Aug. 9, '62. m. o. June 20, '65.

Bennett Daniel F. e. Aug. 9. 1862, died 1865.

Bennett Benj. P. e. Aug. 9, '62. m. o. June 20, '65.

Berry Samuel, e. Aug. 11, 1862, disd.

Betchell E. C. e. Aug. 13, 1862, wd. July 8, 1863. at
Richmond, Ky., captd. same time and paroled.

Buchanan William H. e. Aug. 9. 1862, capul. near
Mossy Creek, East Tenn., excd. and died.

Benedict E. K. Sergt. e. Aug. 9, '62, m.o. June 29, '65

Buck G. W. Sergt. e. Aug. '16. 62, m. o. June 29. '65.

Benedict Geo. W. e. Aug. 16. '62. in. o. June 12, '65.

Baldwin Harry H. e. Feb. 18, 1864.

Crlgler Wesley, e. Aug. 9, 1862, captd. near Rich-
mond, Ky., Aug. 1863. and paroled, taken again
at Kuoxville, Tenn., Nov. 18, 1863, and escaped

Online LibraryS. B. (Simeon Baldwin) ChittendenHistory of Henry county, Illinois : it's taxpayers and voters; containing also, a biographical directory, a condensed history of the state; map of the county; a business directory...etc → online text (page 70 of 78)