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The following Midrash to the book, Song of Songs, is
taken from a Parma MS., Cod, De Rossi, 541. It is, to my
knowledge, unique ; but, unfortunately, the text is very
corrupt and defective. Some passages are also misplaced.
Still its matter is almost entirely fresh, and it gives us at
least the structure or skeleton of that Midrash to the Song
of Songs, which was used by many of the old authorities, as
E.. Juda of Barcelona, Rashi, R. Simon, the compiler of the
Talkot, R. Moses Tako, R.Abraham b.Maimon,Nachraanides,
the unknown author of the n^^-nasm C^wnn >XD^^^', R
Machir b. Abba Mari, the compiler of various Hagadic col-
lections to certain prophetical books, and others, but which
has been lost to us for several centuries. This assertion
could not be satisfactorily proved without giving various
specimens of the contents of the Midrash, and thus showing
how they corresponded with the quotations of Rashi, R.
Simon, etc. This would, however, cause usele.ss repetition.
Hence, I intend to publish first the whole of the text,
which will be followed by notes giving the parallels and
corrections as far as they can be gathered from the
cognate literature both in print and in manuscripts ;
whilst in a postscript at the end I shall tr}- to fix the
date of our Midrash, as well as to establish its relation
to the so-called Midrash Cha&itha of the editions and to
the rest of the Hagadic literature. I hope that other
unknown Midrashic pieces will follow.

In thus beginning to edit materials collected in various
libraries in Italy, it is my pleasant duty to express my
gratitude to the University of Cambridge, which offered
me the means of travelling in the country of Azaryah
De Rossi and Samuel David Luzzatto. M}^ thanks are

4 Agadath Shir Hashirim.

also due to the Italian Government, which not only-
opened before me all the treasures I desired to see, but
also permitted, on the application of the English Foreign
Office, that certain MSS. should be sent to me to Cam-
bridge, where I could examine and copy them with greater
ease. In the Vatican Library the same liberality was
shown to me, and I feel very thankful to its Prefettos.
I am likewise under great obligations to all the librarians
and to the assistants at the various libraries in which I
worked during my stay in Italy, especially so to my
friend, Dr. Leonello Modona of Parma, by whose liberality
and kind help alone I was enabled to undergo the amount
of work which the treasures of De Rossi involve upon the
student of Jewish literature, and whose readiness to in-
struct and to inform is a constant aid to the inquirer,
even after he has left this fair country.

• nniK '\'\'Oii, mc^n ^dn'pd 'us inj 't * D*1*^n ^^ (109«) (^<

■5na3n i^j^n * D''-i''*L:'n i^k' 'jcj' mrDx T\"2pr\ 'is* !?N^'?n3 p-j : 'p'^'p
'o nx'n ^3x'?m D''X''n3ni D'-pnvni mnxn nnoxi ♦ U''-\'^r\ ^d

r\mv "IN* Nin ptj' ♦ vdn'pd yi uhu nt^"ll;1 • DTcnn hm D-'pn^'n
h^ t^-^x p330 p^N □•'nni D-'on iino pnirir D''p-ian • vonon Di^e'
n»nn ♦ d'-o 'pc' y^pin : D-'on ns i^smc^ )\s D"'p"'2ni ♦ D-'p-in
nx nr pp'TO P^ni rs^noi pvn l*^n V^ m^rnni D*23i3ni n:2^ni
vncj' man iinn nnp'pnro D'N'I ny-is nnaim nvid nnxi • nr lo
'hn^'\ mn *j^d nna pi • nr"? nr ppn» vn n^i nnN3 |n''jc' pamuD
^nws • ■iici''? N3iEi' nnt:' nsn riN mx")!? "iik^*? ik'D^n ""n pisn • j^n

• nr^ nt pDmx nn'-ra Di^cn nn^noa nr\^:i^ nxni men Dnoi
Di'?K> nL"iy noxj nim nnnx pjni: rn:^ rnx "pn c-x Lin"':3si 'x'

nj '•D 'ix^i* nnx*? □•'''p:^ no D-'n'? n"''?c*nc' '•d 'x "i : riDn?^3 15

• D^xj D^i?x"ni d'?wS13 xinL'^ h c^:) mTiix ^nen • 'ui iriT n^n>
Di; HTLJ' D^yac' nj33 • "iJi non^oni D^nsioni mnixa moDa '^^^
nibu: nx» 'Jtj' * nuiK''? wvz^ njj3 i"? i^n^t^ D^ynr^ni Dnvoa npi;»

Agadath Shir Hash trim. 5

D^B^n^^i • niotj* D^u3:r "i^^h ix-ipa pJ33 ♦ 'ik** 'J3 iqdo^ d^?di;
n^-k:* s"i : n"apn^ Mi^py^ n)D'^ D'vi^ 1333 Q^ynt:' n-iin'?i DTaK' 20

»Nn3 Dn^B'n tb' minn nanj n*? i"?\s 'ix Na'py '-> : n-nnn 1:33
nosn 'JK' • miriD n'pip'k:' noDnu^ I'-^jdi • ub)vr\ na :)n:h nn*\n
N^i • -|ns -1DID ^32 UD'i:' • minn (109^-) N^n idiqi • iin D^^ns noioi
noDn Dnpn • '"-^ nx-i'- noDn n"'::'x-i ':^ • min'? nosn wipn^* n'px my 25
nn^3 pN DN • min px n^an px dn nnii; p "wvha 'n : min^
r^y 'Diiiy HD^'j' ^li' nDDH nmptj' 'zh • min inn ps Non nsi'
inN : no^t;'^ n:r\D inoDn nn^ncr '^* nx n^h^ anxn 'nan
'nDEJ' 'a'u'kS • ntDh'ii^ n''i:'D DrraN_ i'?nb' n"2pn urh 'oxtj' nt^'ptro
Dmis 'DN : 1^ J30 ^D3x Dn3N NTn ^N 'maN^ nipon 'dxsj' 30
sTtaan n"2pn W ' y^T nnalS^ p tnxo pn nn3 ^nitj'pn b
iV nx-iHB' K^x • "lynr nM> n3 n"3pn 1^ 'dh hd"? • "i3i nn^o'«^n
iionn Dr D3^ )2iy 'r^ ' na ^to 10:^* D»n3i3n \d ' pn^'' b^ i'ptd
D'-nann pa pnv hi^ i"??© nxn •'3s* N'?ni : ns ly n3'?3 -ij;3ni '•3X1
naiB'Ji ninnj;'3i Dn^ 'on no^i • m^toa D^3i^nnD\s amnx n'n^ 35
|D Di^kJ'i pnxn xin onnn Dnt:' nmax Na3n3B' n^n • dd'''?n
iniN "py Dninx Nn3n3C> n'?n n2 ii; n:h: 'dn no"? K"n : nniDn
pjj>-nDi noy^i 112^ Donsn jn^nycr • 133 pnx* v^y npwB' nipo
'OX noV x"T : 'T^^ nx iDnnn hd ':^ ' nan 'isr* nx Tin'pi on^ss

• m^nan n^n mpo mix ^y x33n3C' • nionn nv ns dd^ u'tr on"? 40
'IK'* n'?ix3^ X2 XI HK' n''"L^'o • '131 nt'x ns • nr ny >nni3o nxT '3E^
n3nxi *30D ^xji* nnx *33 ^b nox '*> '3^^ • ^xb' n"npn V'x mno
m•L^•01 '?\sin • niD^oa *"? n*''3n no n^tj'o 'ox • 'i3i ■in'7n3 dm3

• T'n'-n "py nsDOD v'?y naoi vipy xa3n3 nnar pt5^ • 3"in* non'po
x'?x ^x1t^' *3\N* u lo^:;'*'^:' imy dx x'lyai niD^on >^ ti'* nx3n no 45
ny (llOa) nWcr no -|^ iin3 -133 Dipon 1^ 'ox • o^^n ^h inntr

N^i 1^ nn3 noo ^xtr D**n '3^* • •i*3x nn ybv X33n3 moy x^tr
JO nipDiD nv3Von n^'i^'on X3*^3 ni33i d*D331 iB'y x^x n3^3 D**n
x'?i nr i6 "•'-'? nnx nv n^^1 '31^ • nion nx poyio xini • o'piyn
nobt:' 'OX • W no'pt:'^ 'ox • niobiy '2^ \'2 p^ddo xin^ dv • n^^^ 50
^K' rnwno ynin^ • 'ui vh 310 p3 p3n^ ynv 3'? in3y^ mn3i

6 Agadath Shir Hashirim.

>n*i ^B>D D^Q^K rwh^ im^i 7\):h^i n»K3 • ni'pnj |n no3 no^ty
pN 'IX n^QHi "I J D^isD nnniEJ'o nn^K'n tb'i ♦ cjVn'i neon n^K'

• Dn^K^ n^t^'pB' nn • nn-'Ej'n y^ 'jk* • t-b^ no'?^' vVy 'dx x'p'ki' im
nB'^tJ' minntj' lan D'-yTir^^ Dn^tJ* nt^^tj' • on-'K' nK''?^ xin '^^?^^ 55
nn^ET nB'^ty : n"npn'? D^ynei • n^tj'n^'? n^yaa^i • Wyi^h D^ynti'
1-1X133 x^Ei* ny man -iix^ D^iyn K'ont^jB' d>»^ r\^hv ujd 'dx

• nnn • a^on • n^K^xnn onip rnK' D>nm ^t^^c^' n333i • nnnn
T^ ' rhnp) ' '•'pti'oi • on'-k^n -T'K' • nns DnsD nE^'Va' : i^^nni
Dn''B> B^'pK' • pptntJ'D n'pnpi • inn'?^ '•'pk'oi • in^npn nnD nn^t^n 60
eiD3n nx nn^B' |n*i • nns njiK'xia • n^yt^ ni^yo Ji'^tJ' nJ33

px 'n3i • D^32X3 n?D^Ei' 'D'2 atj'nj fiD3 px 'nil : D^^nxD oVtyn^n
no^B' n»Dn mm • n^Jti'n n^yon : noixttV no^K' ^tt*3 nt^na cjoa
»3 • n^Ey^^K'n n^ynn : n^bi^h nroan |n3 '^^i • mp ^n b noDno
ni3in3 nryi nosn xVni • nty nyi nosno nn^n -iny ^33 mn xin 65
ny I'pn n"?iyn "pd nx ^i^pn I'pn nosno xv^tj' nan x'?x • it nvn n
■py nn'ptr nt^n : ibn o^iyn bn d^ik' no^K' nM la • nryn xn*t5'
n'pitj' n"3pnB> nni x^x • '** xdd ^y 2^''h ntJ'D^s ^di • -|^»^ '^* xdd
nyi D^iyn eiioo d>)^ n?o^t^> n^n -|3 • isid nyi D^iyn (110^») ^iidd
n^njj' n3iex-i nT't:' niT'T nt^''?c' nj3D 'ox 0"'^:^' nc^'pti' x"t : iqid 70
'IB'* "py I'po nrn!? nrni ♦ iniD'?o noyon^i • idid nyi o'piyn s]ido i'po
■iTnB> n^^iB' mn'' : "\'^'< hv "|'?o nn p no'pB' *'?B'» xin ptj> ♦ iihi
iVo nn p nbnp nm 'oix xin pK' • mbi D^tJ^iTn i'?d nvnV
x'px "I'po n-'n x'?i o'ptj'n'' ^:n v'?y moc' n''ti'^'?£:>n mn\n : D'?K'n''3
1ot^' n^DTo Q-ix n^nt^ hn^n i^on mix "pid* n^^ x^i ♦ nn^n inno bv 75
>-i)2'<i) po xTmo nvnh "irn • vjdd ninmioi niyir |nt^' ninnn ^y
1333 'otx D'T-B^ nt^'pEJ' J niniin p inn'-D nx pinic'i v^y pnoiy 'it'*
y^Ei' "py xint^ • nrn D'piy h^ n^ti' "py pc'xnn T-L'^n : nio'piy nuh^
njiot:' ^y xin:r n^Ei^n h^ n^Ei' b »rEr : yrhhn nra ynEr 'je;' d^j^o

• xnn D'piy "pe:* it'e:' hv n''E^''•^Ern • n''rnErn hv n^:r:h 'jb' • D'-J'-o 80
xins:' Dn^E^n -l^E^' : iS nr^T ■nE:*y "pnai 'je^ • D'^d x"y ^y xinE^

• nisi • p-i'iEi'^ 'lE^^'p x-ip niDE:' D-'ynE;' : on^E^'n "pd bv niii^
' Dmnsx • nnx • nnny • Dmn'- • nniyj nt^x • nb • '*n^ • in • nyj
Di-iQ • "piyj p • D^yiEi'yEi' • v^: n^2 dxi • -\)^ • nxr • n'p'-x • ti^m

Agadath Shir Ilashirim. 7

• D^mt'D nisn^ • d^j.-id ns'poo • n^i^^np d^^isj nnn* • Dinn p^yo 85
D^jy T1JK mon pnvn ■•'?*{< • ^np my d^c'-s mux n^jr'py d^jhx
ms n^jy |VL^''•N ^n "pwS ^n in''^ • njp h'pijd n^m pnni njNn

• D-o^on D^uy cnnp Dn-i;-^ Dn''Dn D^pn:; • onnji D^onn D^< ny^in
uu "py p-n::''' : piiDM nc' "py 'tj'^ • nin't:' nii'sn: nio:;' D^yatJ' nn

lyj Nip: • 'TkT' nna ^:3 '^^ • nisn xipj D'-n "py m'-K' noKEJ* 90
ns'? ^n^^^ p '3 'nan ix xtn pt;* in N-ip3 : inanixi "ik^^ ly: ^d
DiS 'jc' n"?* (Ilia) Kipj : o'piya nn''n"' |n*ii' • n^n* Nnpj : n^n^i p

• 31 nx N'lpj • "yni '•nx \vrh 'jci' • D^yii D^nx sipj • D^yvj'y:^ n^*
: D3\"i'?x "•^'? nns* 0*33 'jk' p Nipj : '^* dnj Dsnx *n3nN* 'jsy

: 'n^N '*' Dy 'Jt:* oy K-ip3 : Dn3y "^v^ *J3 ^"p '•3 'Jt' • n3y Nipj 95
J irrxn ^^N ^oxi?i '^^ ' DK Nip: : b)ii mj ^o *3 ':k> • ^13 xipj

• "n'-'-y-i ^mnx ':t;' • ^n^^yn Nipj : n33iK'n n3n 'jtr • n3 N-ip3
*j''n33'? 'ytj' • n'?3 Nipj : Dipo !?::^ 131Vt n-'^^'iy Dn:y ^n^^yi Nip:
Dn3y xipj : n"3pn^ nmo dhk^ "py • onin* sipj : n'?3 ^ninx D:^^^
N*3'p3 Dy ]n ':'^ • nnx Nip3 : pi^i i^V^ 3n3JC' minn nx 1E^•yB' 100
: nh'a *^nD3 'jb' • n"?\s sipj : trm ]n m» 'j^j' • tj'nj Nip3 j 'i3i
Kipj : ni:;' "1133 'j:;' • -n:^' xipj : fi-io'- 3Kt |»*j3 'jb' ♦ 3xt xipj
Nipj : n::'' "•* D-13 o TlT • D-13 xipj : vjnp Dxi ^jip 'jc' • dnt

: mnn p^yo "piy: p 'jb' • p^yo Nipj : Dins ynhi:^ 'jb' • dtiq
CB^np 'JB' • D'-B'np xnpj : ^n^33 nn'h no 'jb' • onn'- xnpj 105

• n''m*L;'o Nipj : "121 ns'poo '•'? rnn onsi 'jb> • ns'pDn Nipj : vnn
no'pi : ">'' niN'3V '?3 inv* 'jb' • mx3:; Nip: : p^'?y ^m^'o 'jb' '
^moN 'JB' • DsnVx Nipj : n"3pn h^ rni'?''»n intr • mN3^' iNip:

• mi:x K"ip3 : D''3r"?y '•c'np'pi 'jb^ • D^^nsi D"'3r'?y Nipj : nnx D\n'?x

• XipX D^B"'X D3'''?N* 'JB' ' D''B'''X Nip3 : mO* piX '?y mUXI 'JB' 110

nnb xnpi 'jb* • pn\*n >^^x xnp3 : myn ^3 nox-'i 'jb' • my xipj
ha 'JB' njx xnp: : ma* -)Dn3 pnv 'jb' • non xipj : pn^-n *'?^x

• nrxn x-ip3 : -i3no3 D''3:y3 'y^ • DUiy ixipj : ^nm* njx nr:
xnpj : "inpi ponn n'?23 ob' ♦ \m''-) xnp: : "•B'x-is nj''xn3 'jb'
xnpj : n'puD '•'? Drr-Mi 'jb' • n^UD xip: : 'ib** *n'?mi 'jb^ • n^m 115
*J3 nn"? -inx* 'jb* • •'n 'J3 "px iwSip: : y'pon Mjn3 *n:v 'jb' • njr

'JB' • ms (llli) xipj : pB>\v3 inj-i:;' 'jb' • pB'^x xipj : 'n ha

6 Agadath Shir Hashirim.

Nipi • 3py^ nv^in ^Nin ^k ob' ♦ ny^in xipj : n-niD mss ^3

HD nn^3 'JK' • Dnin^J Nipj : Dsn ^s pi 'jti' • nsn Nipj : lox 120
t^^npa ♦ pt^iy jnK> npnvn db' ^y • D»pn^ ixip3 : nan ntj'iv
'Jty • D^anp ixipj : D"ip»n mm DaV niT^n ps^inc^ • Dnc^^
iK-ipj : pK isi'-)* DMjyi 'jtj' • Dn:y iNipj : nnp Dy 'Tl:'^ ^jn^

♦ D»»yn ^3» D^o^on jnjri ♦ nn iinir D'^D^nm "is Nin inc* D-'O'^on

♦ n'pK' D'?:i'n* • D'?K'n''^ sip nioD' O'-yn^' : nn'-Dmni Dn^t^'yoi 125

• C113 nQ» • 'ic^* Ty '^» XD3 D^DiTD |v^ ' |i32^ • ny^3 • Dn» nxi^
nmsN HDoyD ps ♦ nn '•van n'piyn pxn b ti'iK'D ♦ psv "Tim^

♦ Dniyj T\^^ nb n'?ini ^y nsD nyiD in ♦ '?i<ns • nniJD "iy» ma'

♦ n^'sn rr-n n^ mnin T'y • ni^non ''mt^> : D''iJn ^nm oy Tim

• py p n^^j • nnryj n^ Ty ntrn* • nnn^ • mivo ^jc> • nny ^ijd 130
n:osj nnp • njvn T-y ninj "in nsniD mpy D'-c'npD • diid in "'^

nn • E^nipn in • n^nj men • D'-nyn nin^i • \vvn n^j • pnvn Ty
■)K's • B>nn ntj> '1:^'^ • ono nn • nj^n • nn n'-y • nju^n nynj • non
Knpj ivv nioE^ i'p''S • 'nc''' Dn?D nn • nj^n ♦ nn n'-y • uip^ '>* '•d
Nin nDinn::' nsT ">'' • nsn'- t<np3 : d'?k> i!?o pnv ^d'poi • d'tej' 135

• p^n^n ninn nnn • |i:3^ 6iyn nx xnn 'n^^y onn^i loy nsn)

D'pEJ'n*'? ixnp'» • Dvi XD3 'npj n • pit^n nn"? "-^ Dna 'npj

r\'h^ iipji 'jti> • my '•a'-iN n''''nni xon ^y 2m^ Cpy a6''v 'ninnc' ""^ 'n
D''D:rn nnno nnon iip'- 'jc' • d'' xnpj : o^cj'n''^ '•>'• D'C'V nnjn ^3
hi\h nn^ny x^n -jn • n^c'xnn m b n>n ^n^pc' iodi 'nnx Dip» ^x 140
n^y x^n |V!f nni^iD nx nn nn^M 'JC' • nn n^y i^'\i>:i • n^jn b nx
n"apn '•js'? mV:! n-'nt^ x'?x • nni nt^^a dc> ^y nxnpj no ^jsoi ♦ nn

x^n xnn o'piy'? ^nx • nnnno Dni nt^'ai nnix njn nni n:io:^'
'JCJ' • fjij ns* • PE^* nnp jr^f n^y '^^ • n"npn ^t^' '\^\y hv nxnpj
xn '?2 npn^: h^ {\\2a) innnt:^ x'-n no • pxn "pn n^'o pju ns - 145
ymn^ nnnp^ |rv pnoyoB' dej'D ivv nn vir\^^ : npnv ^tj' innoK'
^nsT xnpj • miT ^jxi xinc' th^v ^sn 'pa'? ^nynin -|3 ninn"? xou pa

• an I'po nnp xnp: : nDin"? Djn*'? psv ■'on: "pn pn^nyc* • psv
'Jt^ • ''Dv n'?^'?3 xnpj : n"npn D^n'pon •'d'pd i'?o '?c' n-y x^n^>

n^ pxc' n^iya x\nK> • n^iyn xnpj • pnxn b^ ^^^^ >Dr n^^^D l^^

Agadath Shir Hashirim. 9

l^-ix'?'! nn ^^'sn sip* -^ ^5 • nn 'vsn snpi : n"2pn k^n d3-id

• nnryj x^ n>y xnpa : p>v ^-\V'^ nx '^* nnix 'jk' • mnon ^^q
n^^3 D^^^'n^ ."1312 ^33n • nbn xnp3 : D^iy^ ^3Q» nnw nvxtr i^yn

':cr • 1-nn xip: : |trn in D^^ma in ]^i xnp3 : trit^'D nnyi 155
nmn ^ip • no-i xipj : Dnoac' iVd^ m-in» x^n^^ imn pxn
D^y3L^•1 : nsinn pyri^^i d^^'^ T^'^V n^jat^ x^v xipj : yjoti':
t3^:^'a • pnv nj-'n idioi nnan {'••'jp rr'C'X-i mm'? no'pK' xnp niOB'
n-i*n • nv^'?n ^d'd ni^nnn n^n^ npV nono nyt r^'O'W nnt^o
nn'-c'D nro''3nn mnx: minto nn'-on mon'?o nnnn idd nxT- min 160
nnr mion • ny^ moiy nV ^nntj^D -ivi3 nny D^rj? m^xn * t'D3

♦ D''Div nsi: L*'m nnit^'x D'pjy in jt'i'? c^jq nniQ ts '•'pd nni fiD3
npino n^nj D^n^yj n»x nnx nivyiD n^yit^'y^^ dhjd pmn ]»::>
D'onni Dnn |n n'py D-'nnx n'?*''X Dniyj nti>x mny nami npioy
jr^y n"3pn 'ip3 niot^ ''yntj'i : nxnn I'nn mp^ • D^^n xv n^n 165
-)i^*n "inx -i:^'> x-113 • -nni nin nr^y • nn'-Ji "phj x'pdj x:r''ji di
HD^n "pyn noiJ • Dpi:n xi3p iinn K^np pn^' T'on 31D pxj n-'on
nnx (112^) |nnx pt^^xi loi:;' t^'-x anp pirn • nnxi n^; nx3
x-in -ivv inriDo i^o dqic:' ^njo ly^ ^n:;'x nin man nyn • -^m
"i2iy *iviDi3n n::> n''nx ^E^'x r]''r\^ d\-i'?x "'^ yjn xiip n:n ^»i: 11 o
D''Dnnn iv'py • jv'^y xnpj : n"3pn hh c^ns: : Dimi jijn • \yh'^r\
jnx : x'-nt^' no xyix na "-^ • n'piyn nx xin pnac D'-n^x
fivn xin:;> • ^3 ^y m^x xinti' m^x : vnma ^3 ^y jnx xinty
n'piyn I'-xc^ nc' • ijoq fin pxi xin^^ n'-nx x'x n^nx : "?!) "py

'^* aJK'j : 'K^^Ji D") "•* "lox n3 xc'^ji di • inix xnn^^ '-na 175
ir^nx "pHJ : na"? ni'?n: nix'pDJ n^i'iy^ • x?Q3 : nna pic* ^d

• r:^'? -nni nin • -nni mn • nn'-ii nr^y "•* * Tify in^j : nn mi
"» • Tiv ♦ "!-> Dnoa nnx • nnx : -j-'cnpno D^n'?x wxnij • xni3

♦ n''Dn : h^h "•'• mo • 3in : jox^n "pxn |»x: : nn'piy x^i ni^*

h> -.^ . t^x • ynn nixno n^j'-y ninto • ninta : "^'< nxj ^jx n^on •'S 180
•pyai "•* Dpi: • Dip: : xin X3p ^x '•d • xi3p : xin n'?3x trx -i\n'?x
pinn * pinn : h nx3 ijn'' ^o • nx : nx3 nx: "-a • nxj • nn-'n
DXJ xinn Dvn n'-ni • k'^x : vxmp "ps"? '^* nnp ♦ amp : "-^ D^yc^'no

10 Agadath S/iir Haahinm.

: '-itr^ iDit' \^'' vh'\ D1J* vh n:n • 'ib'^ ioib' : ^b'^k *"? ^Kipn '*♦
nx s^n • ui< : Nin ^jn D^:nns nsi p^'Ni ">•' *:k • pinxi p^'xi i85

♦ iDi3n 'pTj'x : *"? nn non inv • no : lyn ^vyn nisriD • nisn
D"'n'?N *3 • t:siB^ : >> u^ ny '?ijd • "pnjD : cj'npi T'y n»<i • i-y
^x nnx Dx • -innoo : "iK'^ -["po nos hd • i'pd : pnv tasit^

: nn sim onn -):>'v nn »3 • i^iv : -innoo "ps' nnx ps • innoD 190
: la^JD irn^ nc* • -iti'* : prn "pnij • "pxij : y^B'io '■lt^'* ^-^'?x * y^t'iD
(113a) : nnxi n^* nn • nnsi n\' : "-^ mmi pjn • Dimi p:n
inji niDtJ' D-ync* 1x^pJ:^ '-\^'2 -inni • nio'ii* nync' n"npn xip:
nxnpJB' D'p'L^'n^a Dm"? iTiy xim • niat^* D'-yne' minn nx nn^
nTB' • mx T\^'v 'pn nn"::^ X'y • nn^t^n te^ x"n : nioti' n^yntr 195
mm m*::' y^^nn* nT'ir rwyo riT'ty • nxnn m^c' D^^ m^ti' cmax
'>^^ n^:^' • xnn o'piy'? riT::'') : Dn^^^'n T^i^i no'pk^ riT't:' nn riTc?
in'?nn jno ^'' on-'t^n "ps^ • d"?12d nnnijj'o nn^trn ■T'K'i • ::'nn i^K'
ntr* nDXB' Tl^'h • nrc' ididi \sjj in'pnn tn» c'n • 'xja isidi nn^'
1D1D1 ''XJi in'pnn D-'ocn lanxn ♦ '•xj: 121di na:;' in'pnn "ixnn ^y 200
cx'-a: Dnnx (n»x:) nn'-t^n ^3C> • D'-nac' n2'^ nn'^-jn T'C> : nat'
p x^D*: x''nj p x'>n3 i'pd nox on'-^'n T't^^ Vax * nimnn 'jn
Dn^E^'n ^3 • on'-kj'n T'::' x"n : mm ^j^d -ihd 'dix 'mm : x-'t^'j
nn p • 'hh nnxn na^pjn hd • na^pj dcj* "py noxj iny::''? noxjt^
n'?ix2 ^nx : onnx pnuyt:' nn'pr pi^yt^' inix::' n"3pn ^js'? nsiv 205
Y'x Dn*L"n T'cr x"t : tinn i-'^lT ""h n'':r '::;' • xin -i3T ]ych nno
D''Dn in ninnj^ \m^ "i'po'? non imn no'? 'pc'io nnry p -iTy"?x
E'tJ' -itry lino 1^ '0X1 -irn n^iD pxD x'y d::'d ■h xvin i^ 'dxi
nxi minn iino D''X"'njn nx n'?''D T\"2\>r\ p • yanx t*::' iinoi

♦ Dn''t:n -i>-j' x"i : d"?idd nn'pDJ Dn-'cn i^C'i D'-x^n^n "]inn D-ainnn 210
njT'n pn^ W nrcn nx 'ix rn layc'V noxjc Dn'::n ^3
VJa^ pnv^j nvj'y^ noiy n"2pn "jd"? nr::^ 'ix vn p^s"? • n'pixjn
nxn ox^o nox Dn'''i:' ^n'j'::' 'ix p':a * m*? m^'j' 'di"? n-'ny xn
'jd"? (1136) pmvLra in pn^^-a • D^^ ^y nnxi pn\*^ m'pya nnx

♦ pxn ^33 -|0'j' nnx no ir:nx '"^ 'ixi n"3pn d^s'pdh o'pd iVo 215
D'i'pDn "d'pd "i'?d 'ox:^• x'px nns pxn 73 x*?© 'ix |n no^pi

Agadath Shir Hashirim. 11

pN DK • nnroi *OEy px px3 ^OK' pi< px3 nn3 "h px ds n"apn
'lEj'* nn 'iDnon ^d:^3 nn^o ^^ px h)y22 pixa ^nix pD^'pno ^oy

u^ ''-^n • nyi n^iy^ innVro nna d::^ ina '1x1 po ^hipD vni 220
n^JVi D^^^iy ^ao '3:^ no3 • D\n hv nnxi • pn^*^ m^V^ nnx m^c'
nox I'p^xn Dn-c-n ''n*L^•:^ io^d • nn-'Ej'n T':^' idx: id"? • Tiy mo*
n^hb)v ''Qo • pixn "pDn ']'oi:^ nnx na "irjnx '^* CD^^n '•3x^0

Dn^ 'oxK' • '•yo -in >32b im^toy nr ♦ in^fi HIjTtyi^ ^^p^'* (i 225
<ja'? '0x1 • v^^^h D^^*n 13X rso i*? '0x1 n^pDn 'ox la n^r2
13X p^ii-i ' "iJi 3y2 T-^x XI "'3JX n^n ii^h nnx nait^rin p mpon
'y^ ' namx-i^ nixno •'jxi tiixi'? ddx D^^n n"apn '»x inixn'?
^n^t^ nna>nn i'?''X in^D nip''C':?3 •'ip^y x"n : T'X-io nx ^rxin
»'?x n'py n"apn irn n'p^nnn '?n''p minn ^3 h)y "ix n:iEj>x"a ^£^'o 230
^jpy^'' x"n : minn nx ^n»p D^oys ^nc'tj' no'po dk^ ^^^l mnn
^nx T'H "py pp^^'ij myoi n-iT» ^3^0 ij^^ori' '•s'? in^s nip'-y'JD
mp^Ej'jo ':''pc^'' x"n : nc "py x'?x nip'-jj'j px:^' 'nti** '?c' jnn-'n ynin^
^yi n* "py ipc^ij'? tpio xini I'pon ^y nano xmt^ mxa in^Q
mnyn "ix ])i:'o::f xax : in^a nip^:^jo ■•jpt^'* D^pnvn ^ax • i^ji 235
: Dn^xJiEj' ^E'xi p^'m nr Dnnn '•t:>x-i p^t^^nc' pjix '<hn:2 'ik*'

nip'-coo *:pt^* (114a) x"n : p"'^'"' rix 'itj'* nny x"i

np'-L^'j • xnn o'piya nnxi nrn o^iyn nnx ]n nip^K'j ■•nti' • in*Q
'nn ^nnji • xnn rh)vh np>t*: ♦ D'^^n noc*: raxn nsn nrn o^iya
nx [pnn3]»:i' min nm i'p"'X p'-n inn nniD o rnn^^ni nsn 240
])W]}y T^injn 'JC' : 'oin^n "^ nm six • pnimn \'"'n no • "iti''
pr "pD mm nm fix • nnnc-o jc'^-'noK' |ot Vd p^n no • ^etsj
loi^n n? p'o inn n^nin '3 x"i : |n pnant'O tiua pjj^^mDB'
nr"? nr n'pno '"pioj : minn -jinV i?3x mo ^djjk' ]V'd inn'pn mm

• Dniox mo D''pmyn nx nny:;' '•o'? • n'-n^^'o ''pTW mm nm^ nxj 245
pxi Din '''pDi x^x mix po^n px p^n no x"t : nm* pov pmyi '}^

• inn D'V"^ "^^'i^^ '"10^ • ^nr 'bn x^i ^d3 ^bn x^ mix pojia
VB'in* 'n !?XB' : xdi mnt:^ '•02 x'?x po'-'-pno px mm nm id
D'3iD *3 IX • p'o T-in DniD 'D x")ip nnx nx^n t'xyoEi'' 't nx

12 Agadath Shir Hashirim.

»3 • -I3T \wh DiK^V K^K p nx-ip vh yt^in^ ^m i"? 'os • "^'niT 250

• "ion jtj'^^nnK' no b r^^ ^^ '^ T'^ Q'^i^ '^ ^""i * ^"'•^"' °'^^^

h"T\ min nan i^ ^13»

nm pN 13 • "ion jDt^n psB' nt^D ♦ D^^ID "\y^U IT'lS (H
inn jiDDiQX h\y pK' no • D''niD y^i2'^ nn'? N"n : pnon nmn
i^E:>a3 nro^ N"n : Dipa bn i^in pt^' min nm id i:dd pn n^v 255
nm p • VJD nx pn^^oi mx^ nxisn per no • pt^"? min nan
□■•pj^i fiit^''? n''nn niSDi 'it< tmn pa' : ans"? nxian mm
DiD-iip ms in'' DS p^l) mm nm i'?::'o: no'? N"n : imnnj'?
Kinji' *D "ID • n^^2 N^v pc' nitanip d^o VtJ' n^an imn p^ h^
: Nine' no *s"? vjd'po px^v noan nan n'ponn nan n?D3n x'po 260
':k» • pt^!? I'pK'ot^ mm (ii4i) • in'^'-pTn nr D^mn i^:o*Lr nn^ x"n
'n DiK'o ^xj'' '-a xnon n : anmo h^ i'?iy • pt^ '•jdd "piy p^ini
'?::' lanra ^^h^u ^jdo I'pon n-'prnn pnt^ n"3pn Th'\^ no"? 'ix '•x:'-
: omo T'JOD' nnV -iox3 id"? ♦ niK'x i^o'? mix nn"? is'ppi K'npon n''3
D^pnvn nnB' no"? nx nn 'ix xpnn '-\ n"'n o^nit: i''30C' nn"? x"n 265
H'-nK' fiDV nio^j? nx ne'o T-an:^ iJ''^*o inK' • D''j;y>-i "pe^'o na^^i ns>
movy pn j'-'pnao^k^' b*^ nrn o'piya pix:^ nonn "pxi *i'?in inn
x^io nnx "iDi • nna niovy"? 'ntj''' nioi*y pn nona nioi*y? nnx
nn nxn noxn in^n nn mn 'ix xin pi npy^^ pt^'JC'D pn^'^n
N"n : iK'y '?k' inno n3''j npy* nn n^nK' no"?© • nni:' nnn - jn 270
mm ^'\2i 13 ^1D> • nxno i^ pxi nn i"? pxc' pt:' ej** • '\'^'o^ nn?
ppnoEj* p::o • loti' pnm pt:' V'n • nxno on*? pxi Dyo nnb ::»»
x"n : mm nan p nx3 inxnoi i^in mm • ■h:^ bx >^3» mix
pEj>D n'?t^0JD' mmn nx n^EJ'j? dx yp>-yb\::' \m'2 "p^ pnm pB'
nio^y p Vy • inix pnmx nioixn D^iyn ciid ny i^in lot' nion 275
in'''? mnoxt^ ninnnni cjocn '?3 bv loc' pnm pEJ* x"n • innx
DDnx ppnno !?ixl*'3i ni03 nra^oni^ xin::' h^i'^i xn^ nmy^ Da"?
mmn pc'pnoi 5n'''?y pmio nnxi '•'•js'? D3X''Dnn'?i onnx jnn^ pt'pnoi
•pixe* n''0 'jc • ni02i "pixD'a nra'pon I'p^'orj' p^joi • mix pD^''poi
mo "inan mx '^\:> • niyn mnnn fix p^joi • d'?xjx niooi onsx 280
n'pnni ^xnu nvv n:ni '^^ • \s3m fix i''''Joi : ^ix'j' laop \nx
i'?^x : -jiznx nio^y p hv loc' pnm pi:' x"n : \ifphr\ ni'?y

Agadath Shir Hashinm. 13

1X11 'IN* xin pi D3'':3'?» n-'sn'' rnM D"'::'iy Dnx-i^ nsnt^ rsn in-L^^ 285

• "inns n)Dhv x"t : ion isnn "i^^y K"ipJ '^* ni^ ^3 psn ^oy ^3
♦rj' I*? jn-i nrn n'piya ni^'Q n-i^'y • xnn o'piyni nrn n'^iyn

: niD'piy
'JD'J'D • D^iyn Nnnt^* ^d^ 'ix 'x*'^ noii ♦ n^^lJ "l^!^^ ^i3C^'t5 H
n^riDK'D p '?y N'n: n* "py i'? ^ninnn '•jwS fix rh 'dx • n^in: innx 290
|n3y*j»D vni nvs'pDn n-n jnioo nn^n*^ □*»•' h^u^ ymn"? x'?x • non
nnnjy ^js"? ^I'pr^:' • n'?ixn "'ID'' nnpoi nny^tj'n ''D'' ivpo '•n''''n Dsnx
♦»i • n^ixjn nx nonn d^"? ^nscQ VK'ay bin ' inx nnyc-6 |nnn
*3*2B'o x"i : nnyo nny^B''? onnn onx px 3Vl^ nxrn oyan i'?xjn:r

• inaiDn x'?:j' innx p xin nnn n^n pm ijdc^jd:;' '•d • innx 295
pr^DD • innx ^J-'^L^'D x"T : o'piyn xinc' ^n"? \)2^'d 'rc^" )^]!: id
innx "yyc'D loxj 13^ D^jn^ nx |n m^'i'? pT-ny |n '-i::>''3:j'
'•\^'' nx nixing n"3pn TTiyt^ nnVo ♦ imn I'pon •'jx-'in • nvnj

mp 3py*rD no*? nnx nn 3py> -i"x • vp'^y^ Dmnn onon nr:!
n'-^'pyo nbv^h n''''bv ri"2pn nx-in'c> no'?Q * a'^ nc'i "pxtt-i nVy 300
p mn i'?^x * imn -|'?Dn ''jx^nn x"n : Dnnn::' Dmn tnix nxnni
itj'y y^p-in nz'V^D • py p n'cyo -|D yp-in nc-yoD '?x p p-'D pv
^j'pj::' Dtt's 'IX Dn {xs-o • O'lnns pinoD mj^p-x ^l'> nnvir nnit:'
DC'D • jny p yv?3X2 pnj D"'''n py 13 • vp-^ri yvoxi pn: non
"?:"?: nJ33 ]ino D^-'nn py -|3 p'?p-)t:in yvDX3 njin: n^JiD^^inK' 305

hihi nJ33 pi3D D"'''nn py 'ix onnx • xin 'ix n'^nti' • nonn

py fjx (115/^) ':^ p"n nonn hihy nn 'ix txo "i • nri^ i^no • non
YV2 n'-ni 'jy' rnnno pxvv n'•'k^'x-a ^d tiji^'-s bi : n:i^* p"n n^'^nn
D'-^nn py h^ vnnno pxvv n-'C'xnn 'o "irvn no • d-'d ^j^d hv b)n^
'jx^nn -10X3 -is"? • non hihih nnioD Dnot^' d-d hu^ nvhv2 ^ix 3lo
13X -[2 n"2pn ^jd"? 'TiT' nox ux * in nnD"k:^ji rh'i: imn -|"?Dn
■]»i ^K'p^x '•x x^noo"? 'DX^i* i'?D p"? h'^}2 : ni^nnn "pao pno:^
n» ' T'2X n'lh \x!»i nynr nx'ir aiD •''pd "ps "-vinEr no "p^ *^t3

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