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Dis,miss, to give leave to depart ; to send away.

Dis,able, to deprive of ability, to weakfla or impair.

Dis,inter, to take out of a grave, or oi^m the earth.

Dif,fuse, to pour out and spread^ as a t^U.

Dif,fer, to separate ; to disagree* Fero, tofeear ; dif apart.
DUO, DU— denote double, or two, '. i

DuOjdecimo, a book with twelve pages to a sheet. Decem^
ten ; and duo, two, making twelve.

Du,plicate, a copy; two of the same kind.

Du,plicity, doubleness gf heart, or speech ; deceit.
B, EX, EF, EC— denote out ; out of ; from; beyond, [e^ out.

E,duce, to draw out; to elicit, or extract. Duco^ to draw ;

E, lapse, to run out ; to pass away.

E,lect, to pick out from among two or more.

EjVade, to escape from ; to avoid by dexterity. Vado, to
march ; e, from.

E,Tnerge, to rise out of Si fluid ; to issue yroiw.

Ex»clude, to thrust out ; to hinder from entering. CiaudOf
to shut ; ex, out.

Ex,haa8t9 ^ empty, by drawing out the whole.


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BN0LI9H LAN«»t7AaB. « 15

Ex^cess, superfluity beyond tiecessary wants.

Er,nux, the act of flowing out^ as in a stream. Flao^ to
flow ; ef^ out.

Er,fiilgence, a shining /r^rM, as with a flood of light.

Er,fervesce, to throw off vapor, or gas, as in boiling.

Ecjlectic, a selecting, or choosing /rom.

Ec,centric, deviating, or departing /rom the center.

EsjCort,* a guard sent forth to attend an ofllicer, &c.

Es,cape, to flee from and avoid ; to shun or evade.

Es,chew, to Ree from ; to shun, or avoid evil.

Esjtrange, to keep at a distance ; to withdraw.
Ex,t EM — denote in, or upon ; giving intensity.

En,courage, to inspire with more courage.

En,Iighteh, to^ed light on ; to increase the light.
' En,velop, to <^»r by i/iwrapping, or folding.

En,circle, to twciose, or to go round ; to surround.

Em,body, to form into a body ; to collect.

Em,power, to give legal, or moral power to.

Em,b6lden, to give boldness, or courage to.

Em,phatic, uttered with greater force of voice.
EQUi — denotes equal.

Equi, lateral, a figure having rqual sides. Lotus, a side.

Equijlibrium, equality of weight, or force.

Equi,v^alent, equal in value, or worth.

Equi, distant, at an equal distance from. [senses.

Equi,v'ocal, language equally implying either of two

Equi,SQnance, an equal sounding.
EXTRA — denotes beyond ; more than, or excess.

* Ep, in some cases, has the sante import as ex.

f En, is borrowed from tlie French. It coincides with the Latin, it^
and tlie Greek, en. ^ is changed for in, before labials ; as, employ. In.
some words en, and ih, are interchangeable ; as, enclose, incloie.


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Extra^v^agant, going beyond due bounds ; exeesrio^^ . F«»
gans, going ; extra, beyond.

Extra,oi/dinary, hfiyond the common order.

Extrajudicial, out of the proper court.
IN — is nsed in two senses'. 1st. It denotes not, or a nega
tivc sense, when prefixed to adjectives and adverbs.
iM, IG, iL, iR^ — denote the same, in the same connection.

In,capable, not capable ; wanting capacity. .

In,caulious, not cautious ; not circumspect.

In,effably^ in a manner not to be uttered.

Im,possiblej not possible ; that can not be.

Im,mortal, not mortal ; exempt from death.

Im,mutably, not admitting change.

Ig,noble, not noble ; of low birth, or fanjily..*

Ig,norant, riot knowing ; wanting knoj^dge.

Iljlegal, not legal ; contrary to law ; unlawful.

Il,liberal, not liberal ; not free to give.

Iljlegibly, in a manner not to be read.

Ir,religious, not religious ; impious ; ungodly.

Ir,regular, not regular ; deviating.

Ir,revocably, in a manner not to be revoked, or recalled.
IN — in the 2d sense, denotes m, on, or vpon, when prefixed

to verbs, or words derived from verbs.
IM, IG, IL, iR— ^denote the same as in, when in this sense,

they are used in the same connection.
. In,carcerate, to put m prison.

In,augurate, to invest with an office ; to induct^.

Im,mure, to confine within walls.

Im,press, to imprint in, or on ; to stamp.

Ig,nite; to kindle, or set on fire ; to take fire.

Il,luminate, to enlighten ; to throw light on.

Il,lustrate, to make more clear ; to explain. /

' 4

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Ir,ritate, to make angry, or fretful; to provoke.

Ir,rigate, to water; to moisten; to bedevV.

In,heritable, that may be inherited,

Im,pressive, tending to make an impression.

lg,nition, the act of setting on fire.

Iljkisory, tending to deceive ; deceitful.

Ir,ritable, susceptible of being made angry ; passionate,
INTER — denotes among, or between.

Inter,change, a mutual exchange between.

Inter,pose^ to place, or come in between.

Inter,mix, to mix together ; to tn/crmingle.

Inter,rupt, to stop or hinder, by breaking in between,

Inter,val, a space between things ; a void space.
INTRO — denotes within ; into, or in. .

IntrOjSpection, a view of the inside^ or interior.

Intro,duce, to conduct in, or make known.

Intro,gression, the act of coming in; entrance.

IntrOjVersion, the act of turning inward.
INFRA— denotes under, or below.

Infra,mundane, under the world.
JURIS — denotes legal, or lawful right.

Jurisjdiction, legal authority, or control over.

Juris,prudence, the science of law.
Jiy XT A— denotes near by, or nearness.

Juxta,position, a being placed in nearness,
MIS — ^enoiQS wrong ; erroneous.

Mis,apply, to apply in a ujrong manner.

Mi!j,estimate, to estimate erroneously.

I\Iis,pronounce, to pronounce wrong.

Mis,place, to put in a wrong place.

Mis,conduct, wrong conduct ; ill bohlvior.
MALE, M AL-^enote t/i ; evil; had.


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Afal, treat, to treat HI ; to treat roughly ; to abuse*

Mal,practice, cuil practice ; immoral conduct.

MalcjVolent, wishing evil to others ; envious.

Male,(liclion, evil speaking ; cursing.

Male,factor, an evil doer ; one who commits a crime.
MULTi — denotes many,

Multijlateral, a figure having many sides.

Muhijform, having many forms.

Midtijplicity, the state of being rnany^

MuUi,pIicalion, the act of increasing,

Mu!ti,ped, an insect having many feet.
MAXu — denotes a hand.

Manu,scri|>t, a paper written by hand.

Mann, fact ure, to make by ha fid.

I^I Mni.njii, to relcjise the haful from bondage.

]\Ianu,til, a small book, easily carried by haftd. [adverbs.
NOV, xi:, iJX — dcjuote nol^ wlien prcfi.\cd to adj(!clivos and

N»>n,elect, one not elecuul. Non^ not ; clectuny elected.

Non,stMise, nol sense ; vnid of sense.

Non, existence, not having rxistrncc.

N«%u'ter, not eiiliL'r, as the noutrr gender.

lJu,truo, not true ; c<Mitr:iry to fact.

Vn,s:ife, not saf*;. lln,s«imnl, nut soiiiul.
i;m — deuot«;s undoin^r what has been done, when prefiJ^i^d to
verbs and ])arliciple8.

Un,lace, to undo the lacing; to loose the strings.
/ IIn,lailing, removing tlie cargo of a ship.

Un,harnessiiig, stripping off the hanuss.
Not r — denotes night,

Nn(l,ur'nah pertaining to nii;ht ; ni/ijhily,

NMtijiv'aj^ant, wandering in ihe night.

Noct,am1)uli&t, ouo walking by nigkt, in liU sleep*


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OB, oc, OF, op-*(lenote in front; against; toward; tn,or«ft.
OI),trude, to thrust in, or on, as uninvited.
ObjStruct, to block vp, as a passage ; putting in the way.
Oc,cur, to meet, as in front, before the mind, or eye.
^Oc,cupant, in law, one who comes before, or first in

.Ofjfer, to bring before, for acceptance, or rejection.
Of,ficious, excessively ybrt/jarc?; intermeddling,
te^ Op,ponent, one who opposes, or sets himself against,
Op,position, a standing over against, or in front of.


Omni,s^ci«at, knowing all things, as God does.

Omni,p'otent, having all power, as God has.

Oimii, present, being present at once, in all pliaces.

Omni,bus, a carriage common for all to ride in.

Pan,lheon, a temple dedicated to all the gods.
, Pan,tomime, imitating all sorts of actions.

Pan,acea, a remedy for all diseases.
PLENi — denotes /w//.

Pleni,potentiary, an embassador with full power,

Pleni,tude, /u//;ie** ; abundance.

Plenary^ full ; complete ; entire.

Plenum, fullness of matter in space. \
PRETER — denotes beyond ; past ; more than.

Preter,natural, beyond' vfhzx is natural.

Preterjegal, exceeding the limits of the law.

Preter,it, that which is past ; past tense.

Preter,imperfect, the tense of an action not perfectly past,
POST — denotes after,

Post,meridian, xifur noon ; any time aftef noon.

Post,mortem, after death, as a postmortem examination.
Postdiluvian, a person who lived after the flood.


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20' ▲NA'trais of this

Pd^,pone, to put off till another time ; to defer.

Post,script, a paragraph added afterward ; an addition.

Postjcr'ity, those coming after, as children ; descendants
PRO— denotes fore ; forth ; forward ; out, or for.
' PrOjbation, fore-triBl ; the act of proving ; trial.

PrOjduce, to bring forward ; to bring forth,

Pro,pel, to drive forward ; to urge on by force. Pelloy to
drive ; pro, forward.

Pro,pose, to bring forward, or offer for acceptance, Pono^lf^
to place ; pro, before.

Pro,m^inent, standing out beyond ; jutting out,

Pro,mulgate, in some way to send forth; to puWish.

Pro,g^nostic, /ortshowing, as a future event.

PrOjgression, the act of moving forward, [rank.

PRE — denotes before ; forward, or to surpass, in time, or

Pre,mature, ripe before the natural, or proper time.

Pre,cede, to go before in the order of time.

Pre,concert, a previous agreement.

Pre,meditate, to consider on heforehRud.

Pre,occiipy, tb t^ke possession before another.

Pre,judge, to judge in a cause before it is heard.

Pre, eminent, surpassing, or superior in excellence.

Pre, face, that which comes before, as introductory.

Pre,pare, to make ready beforehand ; to adjust.
PER— denotes through ; hj ; very ; over,

Per,vade, to pass through, or spread through, Vado, to
march ; per, through.

Per,ceive, to get impressions through the senses.

Per,forate, to bore through, or pierce through,

Per,vert, to turn by, or from a proper purpose.

Pei^jVious, admitting a passage through,

Per/orm, to carry through an undertaking.

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:U3. _■■ ^ it" [■■■■■■MtfiM- ■ " rr r tti


Per,petual, continuing throvgh all time.

Per,fect, every thing gone throvgh with ; complete.

Per,day, or Per,diem, by the day ; Per,annum, &c.
?RiMO, PRIM — denote jirst^ or original.

Prime, genitor, the first father, or forefather.

PrinijOr^dial, first in order ; original.

Prim,itive, an original word ; one not derived.

Prim,ary, first in order of time ; original,
QUAD, TETRA— denote four,
* Quad,rate, a figure having four equal sides.

Quad,ruple, four fold ; four times told.

Quad,ruped, an animal having four feet.

Quad,rant, the quarter, or fourth part of a circle.*

Tetra,spermous, in botany, having four seeds.

Tetra,syllabic, consisting of four syllables.
RE * — denotes again ; bach ; return, or repetition,

Re,enter, to enter again, o\ a second time.

Re,assign, to assign back, or transfer back,

Re,pay, to pay back, or return, as money.'

Re,people, to furnish again with people. ^

Re,mind, to bring to mind, or notice again,

Re,spect, to look back on, as with esteem.

Re,p^etition, the act of performing again^

Ke,organize, to organize again, or anew.
RETRO — denotes backward, or batk,

RetrOjgrade, going, 'or moving backward,

Retro,spection, the act of looking back on.

R^tro,pulsive, driving, or repelling back,

Retrd,action, action turned backward,
BE— denotes separation, or withdrawal.

Se,clude, to separate ; as from company.

* In some wordfl» si^ has lost its original meaning ; as, in rejoice.


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Se,cede, to withdraw from fellowship with.

Se,duce, to draw aside from the path of rectitude.

Se,lect, to^ choose one or more from a number.

SejCure*, separated, or withdrawn from danger.

Se,crecy, a state of separation from public observation.
SUPER, SUPRA, SUR — deuote over ; over and above ; beyond

Super,fine, over and above fine ; very fine.

Super,ficial, being on, or over the surface ; not deep.

Super,stitious, over scrupulous ; over exact.

Super,vision, the act of overseeing ; inspection.

Supra,mundane, over, or above the world.

Sur,charged, overcharged, as clouds with electricity.

Sur,mount, to rise above ; to overcome.

Sur,pass, to go beyond in any thing.

Sur,t*eit, to be overfed with meat, or drink.
SEX, HEX, HEXA — denote six. Hex and hexa, are Greek.

Sex,ennial, lasting*, or happening once in six years.

Sex,tant, the siacth part of a circle ; an instrument.

Hexa,gon, a figure of six sides and six angles. •

Hexa,m'eter, a verse containing six poetic feet.

Hex,androus, in botany, having six stamens.
SOLI, MONO — denote one ; alone,

Soli,tude, the state of being alone ; a lonely life.

SolijFoquy, a talking to one's self, or aiione,

Mono,theist, a believer in one God only.

Mono,logue, spoken by one person only.

Mono,p'oly, the sole power of selling certain goods.
SUB, SUBTER — Aevioie under ; below; after.

B, in SUB, is changed, lor euphony, to c, f, o, p, or s,

and thus forms [sun.,

sue,' su;^, sue, SUP, and sus, all retaining the same import aa

Subydue, to bring tmder, as by conquest.


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Sub,mcrge, to put under water ; to plunge.

Siic,ceed, to follow in order after ; to come after,

Suc,cuinb, to submit, or to sink vnder, unresistingly.

Suf/er, io undergo pain of body, or mind.

Suf,fix, what is placed afur, or at the end of a word.

Sup,port, to hold up, by something underneath,

Siis,tain, to hear vp, and keep from sinkhig.

Suhter,fluent, flowing ufiderneath.

Sul)ter,fuge, fleeing under ; an artifice for concealment,
SK.Mi, HKMF, DKMr — denote half.

Semi,circle, huJfn circle. Semi,annual, //a//* yearly.
V Semi, diameter. Demi,wolf. Hemi,sphere.
SINK — denotes without,

Sine,die, without fixing a day for adjournment.

Sine,cure, an ofilce of revenue without emph)y.
TRANS, ULTRA — dcHote tfcro^^ ; heynnd ; change; through,

Trins,a!lantic, (Hvroas the Atlantic ; an ocean.

lIhra,montane, beyond the mountain."

Trans,parent, capable of being seen through,

'i^rans,gress, to go across ; to violate a law.

Trans,latc, to render, or change to another language.

Trans,mute, to change from (me substance to another.

'i'nnis,plant, to remove and plant in finolher place.
TRi — deiiDtcs three,

'rri,augie, a fignrc having three angles.

'rri,(Mniial, occurring once in three years.

'IViJinrons, hearing three flowers.

Trijcojorrd, having //tree colors, as the French flag.
jNi — ih'Moies one.

Unl,f«)nn, having one, or the same fiirm. *

l!ni,ty, the state of being one; sameness.

IJjuijVcrsey ilio eutiro creation as one wiiole.


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The Greek word constituting the prefix, \s given in Roman letters^
inclosed in a parenthesis. The Greek prepositiofu are not inclosed.

A— denotes privation ; destitute of, or without,

A,ch'romatic, destitute of color. Applied to a telescope.

A,theism, dish elief of lYie existence of a God.

A,nonymous, without a name ; nameless.

AjCephalous, without a head ; headless.
ANA— denotes, again ; against; hack.^ Used in various senses

Ana,baptist, one who re-baptizes, or baptizes again. ^

Ana,rysis, resolving a thing hack to its elements.

Ana,t'omy, a cutting through, or dissecting,
ARCH — (arche) c\ipf; sometimes hcginning,

Archjbishop, cAi>/* bishop, or principal.

Archjfiend, the cAe>/* fiend, or foe.

Arch,deacon, the chief, or principal deacon.
ASTRO — (astron) denotes a star.

Astro,n^omy, the science of the stars,

Astro,l''ogy, divining or foretelling events by the stars.

•Astro,g'raphy, a treatise on the stars.
AUTO — (autos) denotes one's self

Auto,graph, a person's oxcnn hand ^vTiting.

Auto,crat, a man who, by himself, governs a nation.

Auto,m'aton, a machine seeming to move itself

Auto,p''sy, personal observation ; ocular view.
APO, APH — deilote yrom.

Apo,gee, the moon's greatest distance ^om thp earth.

Apo,s^tasy, a departure from the faith.

Apo,s'ile^one sent forth; a disciple of Christ.

Apli,el'ion, a planet's greatest distance yrom the sun.
ARiSTO-^aristos) denotes the best: that is, noble or tuples.


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Aristo,c'racy, a government by the nobility, .
Bio-^(bios) denotes life,

BiOjg^raphy, the written life of a person.
BiBLio — (biblion) denotes a book,

Bibliojg^raphy, a history, jor description of books,

Bibliojthecai, belonging to a library,
cATA — denotes, o_i,'^rt//i.Y/, or down. It has various meanings.

Cata,baptist, one who opposes baptism.

Cata,ract, a dashing dtm-n ; a waterfall.

Cata,phonics, the doctrine of reflected sounds*

Cata,s^trophe, a fnal evont ; a disaster.
cHORo — (chores) denotes a place, or country,

Clioro,g'rapny, the art of making maps.
CHIRO — (cheir) denotes a ha^d. ^

ChirOjg'raphy, writing with one's own hand,
OHRONO — (chronos) denotes tinu..

Chrono,m'eter, an instrument to measure time,

Chrono,Kogy, the science of time.

Chron,icle, a record of facts in the order of time,

Chron,ic, of long continuance^ as a disease.
cosMo^ — (cosmos) denotes t^ie world.

Cosmo-jg^raphy, a description of the world,

CosraOjg'ony, a treatise on the creation.

Cosmo jp^olite, a citizen of the worlds
DiA — denotes throufjh,

Dia,m'eter, a right line through the center of a circle,

Dia,g^onal, a line drawn through opposite angles.

Dia,phoretic, promoting perspiration through the pores of
the skin; sudorific.
OYS— denotes bad, or difficult,

Dys,pepsy, difficulty of digestion.

Dys,phony, difficulty of speaking.


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DF.CA/ DEC — (deka) and Latin decern, denote ten.

Deca,gon, a figure having (en angles.

Dec:a,logue, the fen commandments,

DeCjimal, a fraction numbering by tenths,

Deca.pode, an animal having ten feet.
EU— denotes ^ood ; well, or praise,

Eu, peptic, having trood digestion.
, 'Eu, phony, a smooth agreeable sound.

Eu,pathy, a state of rigid feeling.

Eujogize, to, or give commendation.
EPi — denotes in ; on^ or upon.

Epijdemic, some general disease on the people.

Epi.lepsy, seizing on suddenly, as a fit.

Epi,taph, an inscription on a tombstone.
ENTOMO — (entoma) denotes an insect,'

EntomOjl^ogy, a treatise describing insects,

Entomo,lite, a petrified insect,
GEO — (ge) denotes the earth,

GeOjg'raphy, a written description of the eartA,

GeOjFogy, the science which treats of the structure of the
earth, its minerals, &c.

Geo,m'etry, the measurement of the globe by lines, &c.
HOMO — (homos) denotes like, or similar. ^

ITomo,geneous, of the xa?ne kind, or qualities.

Homo,rogous, sides, or angles of the same ratio.
HETERO — ;(heteros) denotes unlike, or different,

Hetero,geneous, unlike in kind, or nature.

Hetero,dox, unlike scripture doctrines ; heresy.
HEPTA — (Latin septem) denotes seven,

Hepta,gon, a figure having seven angles.

Sept,en^nial, occurring once in seven years.

SeptjUple, sevenfold ; 'sev€n times as much.


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HELTO— (helios) denotes the sun.

HeliOjCentric, the position of a body, as seen from the
center of the sun.

Helio,m^eter, a solar nistrument ; a micrometer.
HYDRO — (hudor) denotes water,

Hydro,rogy, the science of the laws of water ^ &c.

Hydro, phobia, dread of water ; canine madness.

Hydro ,p'athy, the wvijcr-cure.

Hydr.ant, a pipe for conveying watfr.

Hydro,statics, the science of Jiiiids at rest.

Hydra, a wattr serpent ; a monster.
HYPER — (huper) denotes over ; excess ; beyond.

Hyper, critical, critical beyond use, or reason.

Hyper,bole, an exaggerated expression.

Hyper,oxyd, that which has an excess of oxygen.
HYPO — (hupo) denotes under ^ in a figurative sense.

HypOjCrite, one 7i7ider disguised sentiments.

Hypo,th'esis, a supposition under consideration.

Hypo,chondria, a being under dejection of spirits.
ICHTHYO — (ichthus) denotes a fish.

Ichthyo,rogy^ the science which treats of fishes. .
LExico — (lexikon) denotes a dictionary.

LexicOjg'rapher, a writer of dictionaries,
LITHO — (lithos) denotes a stone.

Litho,g^raphy, the art of engraving on stone,

Litho,Fogy, the natural history of stones.

Litho,graph, a print from a drawing on stone.
MET A — denotes change ; beyond.

Meta,morphose, to change into another form.

Meta,b^asis, a passing from one thing to another.

Meta,phy8ics, a science above, Or beyond physics.
KYTHO — (muthos) denotes &- fable.


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MythOjFogist, a writer of fables,

Mytho,rogy, a system of fables.
Miso, MIS — (misos) denote hatred.

Mis,anthropy, hatred^ or dislike to mankind.

MisOjg^amist, a hater of marriage.
OSTEO — (osteon) denotes a bonp. '

OsteOjFogy, a description of bones.

OsteOjg^eny, the growth, or formation of bones,
ORTHO — (orlhos) denotes right ; correct.

OrthOjg'raphy, the writing of words correctly,

OrthOjdox, correct, or .sound in the faith.

Ortho,epy, a correct pronnnciation of words.

Ortho,Fogy, the right description of things.
ORNiTHo — (ornis, ornithos) denotes a bird^ or fowl.

Ornitho,Fog}% the science of birds.
OCTO, ocTA, ooT — (okto) denote eight.

Octa,gon, a figure having eight sides and eight anglei..

Octa,vo, a book in which a sheet makes eight leaves.

OctOjber, the eighth month of the Roman year.

Oct,ant, the eighth part of a circle.

Octo,«ocular,* having eight eyes.
PARA — denotes contrary ; beyond ; by the side of.

Para,dox, a tenet contrary to received opinions.

Para,llel, lying side by side , equidistant.

Para,gon, a model of excellencies ; a pattern.

Para,mount, beyond or superior to all others.
PROTO — (prolos) denotes first, or chief,

Proto,martyr, the iilartyr.

ProtOjtype, an original, or chief model.

ProtOjCol, the original copy of any writing.
PENTA — (pente) denotes five.

. * Nv& inserted for euphony.


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• Penta,gon, a figure having ^t?e sides and^vc angleii.

Penta,chord, five strings ; an instrument af music.

Penta,teuch, the ^ve. books of Moses. ^

Penta,m''eter, a verse having ^i;e poetic feet.
i*HYSico, PHYSIO — (phusis, phusicos) denote nature; natural,

Physico,logic, logic illustrated by natural philosophy.

Physiojg'nomy, a discerning of the character of the mind,
by the natural features of the face.
PYRO — (pur) denotes fire.

P5nro,technics, the art of making ^rc- works.

PyroJ'ogy, a treatise on heat.
POLY— (polus) denotes many.

Poly, syllable, a word of many syllables.

Poly,glot, a book containing words in many languages.

Poly,pode, an animal having many feet.

Poly,technic, comprehending many arts.
PHiLO, PHIL — (philos) denote a.fnend; love, or lover,

Philo,s''opher, a lover of wisdom.

PhilOjFogy, a looe of words, or of language.

Philo,math, a lover of learning, ' '

Phil,anthropist, a lover of mankind.
PERI — denotes around ; near, or nearest.

Peri,ph^ery, a line passing round, as of a circle. •

Peri,od, a circuit, or revolution, as of time.

Peri,gee, the moon's orbital point nearest the earth.

Peri,helion, a planet's orbital J^oint nearest the sun.
BYN, SYL, SYM, SY — (suu) denote with; together with,

S5ni,thesis, a putting of things together.

Syljlable, letters put togetlkr for utterance. ,

Syn,agogue, an assembly of Jews met together to worship ;
^ house for their worship.

SjHMjpathy, accordance in feeling t&i/ A others.


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• Sys,tej9», a sphem^ oicmnected parts arranged.

SyTi,opsis, a; c<>/Zec/ion of things viewed at once.
STENO — (stenos) denotes ftarrow ; hri^; sSort,

StenOjg^rapher, one who writes short-h.BXid.
ST^EO — (stereos) denotes sQlid ; firm.

Stereo^type, solid, or fisoed types in plates.

StereOjHi^etry, the art of measuring solid bodies.
TOPO — (topos) denotes a place.

TopOjg'raphy, a description of some country^ or plaee*
TH Eo — ( Theos ) - denotes God.

Theo,rogy, the science of God and divine things;

TheOjC^rasy, a government specially under God,

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