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mal mis. , Formation, the act of fonning.
JftVformation; a wrong formation,
ilfa/formation, a bad formaticm. ^

mis re, ♦ Apply, to lay on; to fit; to be busy.

mis re. Allege, to declajpe ; affirm, or assent.

dis re. Appear, to come in sight ; obvious to the mind.

mis re. Call, to name, or summon.

octa hexa. * Chord, string of a musical instrument.

in over. Elegant, polished ; polite ; refined.

pre re. Engage, 40 promise to do.

CO un. Equal, of similar dimensions..

bene male. Factor,, e doer of something ; an agent.

il over. Liberal, of a free heart ; generous.

im over. Modest, sense of propriety ; not boldv

ante post. Position, a place, or situation.

over re. Supply, to furnish what is wanted.

dis re. Unite, to join, or put togeilier. ,

^n \\n. ' Sm'e, certain ; firm ; infallible.

un in. Close, to shut ; to finish.

dis mis. Place, to sit, or fix.

out re. Sail, to move upon water in a ship.

en ig. Noble, great ; dignified ; generous.


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66 ANALYSIS or turn



On this page and the next, the stuaent may first define the given <
word, then combine its prefixes and define it in such connection. Moflt
of the words here used, are found in other parts of the book, with their

This exercise is merely to render the prefixes more familiar, and may
be often repeated, singly or in concert

over un. Anxious, greatly concerned ; solicitous.

mis re. Choose, to pick out ; to select, or prefer.

super sub. Celestial, relating to heaven. Calum, heaven

over in. Curious, strong desire for novelty ; nice.

dis un. Courteous,' polite ; well-bred ; civil.

in over. Diligent, steady in application; not tdle.

in mis. Direct, to point, 0E*aim ; straight ; right.

demi equi. Distance, remoteness ; reserved. *

in un. Discreet, prudent ; cautious ; not rash.

bi un. Fold, to double; an enclosure.

mis re. Judge, to hear and determine a case.

re con. Join, to unite ; to connect.

counter equi. Poise, to balance in weight.

preter^im. Perfect, finishecl^; complete.-

non in. Sane, sound ; healthy ; having reason.

counter pre. Signal, a sign given ; memorable.

mis un. Sent, dispatched ; thrown, or cast.

anti un. Scriptural, .according to Scripture.

con sub. Sequence, that which follows. ^

re un. Tempted, inticed; allured.

mis un. Taught, instructed,

ante proto. Tj^pe, an emblem ; a model ; to prefigure.

con inter. Texture, the act of weaving ; a web.

pyro poly. Teehniesy the doctrine of arts in generaL •


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under co. Agent, an actor-; an active cause.

over super. Abound, to possess much of; prevalent.

un in. Arable, fit for plowing. Aro, to plow.

dis un. Belief, an assent of the mind to.

after mis. Conduct, good, or bad actions ; behavior.

over mis. Carry, to bear ; to convey, or transport.

mono a. Chromatic, relating tO' color.

ante post, Diluvian, pertaining to the flood.

geo helio. Centric, pertaining to the center.

be de. Charm, to control by incantation.

over il. Liberal, of a free heart ; generous.

preter il. Legal, according to law. Lex, law.

inter. Mediate, to interpose to effect a union.

xmim im. Mortal,, subject to death ; deadly. [ing.

im un. Malleable, that Hay be drawn out by hammer-

im un.^ Polite, courteous; re%ned. PoUs, & city,.

dys eu. Peptic, promoting digestion. [edge.

non im. Proficiency, improvement ; progress in knowl-

re un. Pack, to put together in order ; a bundle.

re over. Pay, to remimerate ; to discharge, as a debt.

re pre. Possess, to have ; to hold, or occupy.

im re. Plant, to put in the ground, as seed.

re dis. People, the inhabitants of any place.

over un. Ripe, perfection in growth ; mature.

anti pro. Slavery, bondage ; servitude*

un re. Traced, marked out*; delineated.

mis dis. Trust, to place confidence in.

super. Vision, sight ; the faculty of seeing.

in un. Tractable, easily led, or taught.

dis re. Union, a joining ; a junction.

un inter. Weave, to unite threads in making cloth.

owet nn. Wrought, formed by work, or labor.


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The following cxplaiiation of the arrangement and characters in
sahfiequentseotlonsy indicating derivative formations by prefixes and
suffixes, should be made perfectly familiar.

1 . The prefixes are placed in the left hand margin of the

page ; or, in the body of the page in the same line, and
ott the left of the words, with which they are to com-
bine ; thus,
re. Appear, to come in sight, or be visible ; or thus,
com-de-0X-im-op- Position, place, or station.

2. After the definition is given, the word is commonly re-
• peated with some, or all of its suffixes, separated from

each other by hyphens ; tius,
re.Appear, to come in sight, or be visible.
Appear-ed-ing-ance .

3. A period is placed alter the last sufl5x following the

word, showing the end of the foregoing f6rmations ;
and then follows the word again, if necessary to be re-
peated, with its prefix italicised,, and its suffixes sub
joined as above ; thus,
re.^pear, to come in sight, or be visible.

Appear-ed-ing-ance. re Appear-ed-ing-ance.

4. When the word is not repeated, the prefix is italicised

and followed by a caret. If a period follow the caret,
thus, re^. the caret shows the place of the word to
which the prefix is to be added, and the jieriod shows
that no sufiix is to be used ; thus,
re. Appear-ed-ing-ance. r^^. meaning re Appear.

5. A suffix after the caret, thug, re^ed, denotes the formation

to be rekpipe^Ted.


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6. If a period follow the caret, and a h3rphen follow the
period, thus, re^.-ed, it shows the first fermation to be
rtf Appear; and the second^ rcAppearcJ.

Note. — ^The following examples more fully iUustrate the coknbiiui-
I tions indicated by the aipran^ement and characters used in this work.

1. fe. Appear-ed-ance.

2. re. Appear-ed-ance. re^. '

3. re. Appear-ed-ance. rc^ed.

4. re. Appear-ed-ance. re^ed-ance.

5. re. Appear-ed-ance. re^.-ed.

6. re. Appear-ed-ance. r^^.-ed-ance.


1. Appear, appearecf, appearance.

jReappear, rcappearcJ, reappeara/ice.

2.V Appear, appeared, appearance^ reappear.

3. Appear, appeared, appearance, reappearec^. [ance,

4. Appear, appeared?, appearance, reappearec?, reappear-

5. Appear, appeared, appearance, reappear, reappeared.

6. Appear, appeared, appearance, reappear, reappearetZ,


7. ante-post-mis-re-Date-ed. re^, mi$^. postj^. ante^,, form
Date, datec/, redate, * misdate, postdzX^^ an/edate.

8. Compress-ed-ing-ion-ible, form [ihle,
Compressec?, compressing, compression, compress-

' A correct understanding of what is indicated by re^,

and re^.-ed, is indispensably necessary.

With the above word, re^. denotes reappear ; and
re^.-ed, reappear, anJ reappeared.


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uiu Blind, destitute of the sense of seeing.
Cpmponent parts.

Blind-ed-ing-ly-ness. un^ed, '

Combined thus : •

Blindet?, Blinding, Blind/jir, BlmdnesSy Unhliaied. ,
un. Bless, to express^p, desire to make happy.

Bless-ed-edly-edness. un^jed.

Blessec?, Blessedly, Blessedness, Unblessed.
un. Class, an order of persons ; a scientific division.

Class-ic-ical-ify-ified*-ification. ww^ed-ical. [Hon,

Classic, Class/ra/, Classt,/y, Classified, CIassj/^a»

?7nclasseJ, U?tc\aiSSicalW
un. Doubt, to wave^ in opinion ; to hesitate.

Doubt-ed-ful-fully-fulness-less. wn^ed-edly-mg.

J)o\khtcd, Doubiful, Douhtfulli/, Douhifulness't

Undoubted, Undoubiedlt/, Undoubting,
. in. Fail, to become deficient ; to decay ; to desert.

Fail-ed-ing-ure. un^mg. ^

Failed, Fail/'7?^J-, Failure, Unfailing.
un. Faith, belief ; trust ; assent of the mind-

Faith-ful-fully-fulness-less . «n/ul-fulness.

Faithful, Faith/w/Zy, Faithfulness, Unfaithful.
re. Jfund, stock, or capital ; increase ; money.

Fund-ed-less. re^ed-mg.

Fundcc?, FimdZe.9A, i^f^fundec?, Refwudirig*
un. Gild, to overlay with gold.

pild-ed-er-ing. un^ed-ing. .

Gildcrf, Gilder, Gildiw^, Ungilded, Ungilding,

*See liule 11th.


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ua. Harm, to dajnage, or injure ; damage.

Harm-ful-fully-less-lessly-lessness. wn^ed. '^

Hanii/l//, Harin/w//y, Hdirmless, UnhsLrmed.
un. Health, that state in which all parts of a living body

HeaUh-y-ily-iness-less-ful-fuUy-fulness. [are sound.
t^n^ y-ily-iness-ful-fully-fulness .

Healthy, Healthi/y,* Heslthifiess, ?7/jhealthy.
un. Heed, to mind ; to regard with care. /

Heed-ed-ful-fully-fulness-less-lessly. t/n^ed-ing.

Heedet/, Heedful, Heedless, Unheeded, Unheeding.
un. L^arn, to gain knowledge ; to acquire skill.

Learn-ed-er-ing-edly. ^^ed-edly.

helmed, Learner, LearniV?^, UnleB,med.
un. Need, wint ; necessity for something.

Need-y-ily-less-lessly-ful-fully. wn^ed-ful.

Needy, Needz/y,* Needless, Unneeded, Unneedful
un. Pain, any uneasy sensation ; disquietude.

Pain-ful-fully-fulness-ed. w/i^ed-ful.

Famful, Pain/M%, Unipained, f/npain/wZ.
un. Skill, familiar knowledge of any art, or science, united
with dexterity in its application. :

Skill-ful-fully-fulneSs. t/»^ed-fid-fully.

Skillful, Skillfulness, Unskilled, Unskillful.
un. Scorn, extreme contempt ; to despise.

Scom-ed-er-ful-fully-fulness-ing. unj^d,

Scorned, Scorncr, ScomtV?^; Unscomed,
un. Tune, to sing with melody, or harmony.

Tune-ed-er-ing-ful-fully-less.t wn^ed-able.

*Se6Bule8d. f See Rule 1st


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In some few instances, the first hyphen cuts oflP certain letters which
are essential to the formation of a legitimate word ; as in Digni-ty,
Ijcgi-ble, Palp-able.

This division is made simply for convenience in forming other deriv-
atives. By preserving such letters only as undergo no change in the
radical part, other suffixes can be added in the uniform manner.

Hence, it must be distinctly recollected, that when a word is so di-
jeided by a hyphen, as to be incomplete without adding that part so
cut cifff the first letter of such part is a small capital ; as, in Bigni-ry,
Legi-Ble, Palp-Able ; showing that^ ly, file, and Able, must, in\ each
case, be added to the radical part to form a legitimate word ; thua^
Bigni-ry-fy-fied-fication ; forming Dignity, Dignify, Dignified, Ac.


un. Alarm, to arouse by fear ; an out-cry. •
Component parts.
Alann-ed-ing-ingly-ist. t/n^ed.
Combined and defined thus:
AlarraeJ, was alarmed, or aroused.
Alarmiw^, causing alarm.
Alamiwi^/y, in an alarming manner,
l^alarmcfl?, was not alarmed.
un. Blame, to censure ; to find fault with.

Blame*-ed-ei:-ful-less-lessly-able. wn^ed.
BlamcJ, did blame, or was blamed.
f Blamer, one who blames, or finds fault.
Blame/w/, full of blame ; faulty.

* See Rule 1st Only an occasional reference will be mnde, here-
after, to the rules for fomiiiig derivatives, merely to remind Uie pupil
that he must obsei^e their application at every step of his progrem


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BNaLI«H LANaUAai. 78

Blvffneless, without blame, or fault.

Blamolessli/f in a blameless manner.

Bldimefessness, the state of being blameless.

Blamai/c, that may be blamed.
;n. Dignity, true honor ; nobleness ; rank.

I>igni-Ty-fy-fied*-fi cation, in, ty. unfied.

Dignity, to make honorable ; to honor.

Digni^eJ, was made honorable.

Dignification, the act of making honorable.

Im\ignitt/y treating with dishonor.

Undignijied, was not dignified.
im. Method, a suitable arrangement ; order.

Method-ic-ical-ist-ism. imjical,

Method/c, pertaining to method.

Methodical, pertaining to method.

Methodism, the doctrines of Methodists.

Methodist, a professor of Methodism.

/mmethodica/, not having method,
m. Opulent, 'wealthy ; rich ; affluent.

Opul-Ent-ence-ently. m^ent.

Opulence, wealtlr; riches; affluence.

Opulcn/Zy, richly ; with abundance.

/nopulen^, not wealthy ; not rich.
in. Approach, to draw near ; to advance.

Approach-ed-ing-abje. tVi^able. «;i^ed-able.

Approache(/, did approach, or draw near.

Approachiw^, continuing to draw near.

ApproachaJZ^, that may be approached.

7napproachai/c, that may not be approached.
Z7napproachc(?, was not approached.

Unapproach&i/e, that can not be approached.

* See Rule llth.



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il. .Legal, according to law; lawM. LeXfl^w.

Legal-ly-ity-ize-ized-izing. «7jty.

Legal/y, in a legal manner ; lawfully.

Legah"^y, lawfulness ; state of Keing lawful.

Legah>e, to make lawful.

hegdlized, was made lawful.

Legali>t7Ji^, making la^jirful

//legal, not lawful.

//legal%, unlawfulness,
il. Legible, that may, or can be cead. Lego, to read.

Legi-Ble-bly-bility. e/^ble-bly-bility.

hegibly, in a legible manner.

Ijegxbility, the state, or quality of being legible.

lAegihle, not legible ; that can not be read.

Iliegibli/y in a manner not to be read.

IRegibiUti/, the quality^ of being illegible.
> im. Palpable, perceptible by the touch.

Palp-Ably-ability-ableness. 2m^ably.

Palpai/y, in a manner perceptible by touch.

'Pdlipabiliti/, the quality of being perceptible^.

/mpalpai/y, not to be peiteived by touch.
un. Real, actual existence ; true ; genuine.

Real-ity-ize-ized-ization. ww^ized.

Reab7y, the state of being real, or genuine.

'Realize, to make real, or effective. *

RoRlizedy was made real.
, Redlizatioti, the act of making real.

Unredlized, was not realized,
un. Subdue, to conquer by force ; to orercome.

Subdue-ed-ing. wn^ed.

Subdutn^, continuing to conquer.

Unsubdued, no^ brought into subjection.


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Press, a primitive word, signilies to preas, or

urge by weight. From Premo^

pressum, to press,
the person who presses,
the result of pressing,
did press, or was pressed,
continuing to press,
the act of pressing,
in a pressing manner,
to press too much,
opposite pressure,
to press together,
was pressed together,
the act of pressing together,
continuing to press together,
capable of being pressed together,
the result of being pressed together,
the quality capable of being pressed

together, or the capacity, &c.
the property, or quality capable of being

pressed together,
was not pressed together,
not capable of being pressed togethert
the property, or quality not capable of

being pressed together,
to press again ; put down, or subdue.
Wtts pressed again, or put down, &c.
the act of pressing again, &c.
tejidiiig to press again, ^c

Press er,

Press ure>

Press ed,

Press ing,

Prfess ion,

Press ing ly.
Over press.
Counter press ure.
Com press.
Com press ed.
Com press ion,
Com press ing.
Com press ible.
Com press ure.
Com press Ability,

Com press ible npss,

XJn com press ed,
Un com press ible.
In com press ibility.

Re press,
Re press ed,
Re press ion,
Re press itre,


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Re press ing, ' continuing tQ press again, &c.

Re press er, the person who presses again, fee.

Re press ive ly, in a repressive manner.

Irre press ible, not capable of being pressed again, Ac

De press, to press down, or bear down. ,

De press ed, was pressed down.

i)e press ion, the act of pressing down.

* De press or, the person who presses down.

De press ible, capable of being pressed down.

De press ing, continuing to press down.'

Ex press, to press out, or utter by words.

Ex press ed, was uttered by words, &c. ^

Ex press ion, the act of uttering by words, &c.'

Ex press ible, capable of being Uttered by words.

Ex press ive, . tending to utter by words, &c.

Ex press ing, continuing to utter by words, &c.

Ex press ly, in an express manner.

Ex press ive ly, in an expressive manner.

Ex p^ress ive ness, the property, or quality capable of be-
ing uttered in words.

In ex press ible, not ^capable of being uttered bywords.

In ex press ive, not tending to utter by words, &c.

In ex press ibly, in an inexpressible i^ianner.

In ex press ibility, the property, or quality not capable of

being uttered by words.

. Un ex press ed, was n»t uttered by words.

Ua ex press ible, not capable of being uttered by words, k

Un ex press ive, not tending to express by words.

Im press, to press in, or imprint.

Im press ed, was pressed in, &c.

Im press ion, the act of pressing in.

Im press ing, continuing to press in, fec#


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Im press ive, tending to press in.

Im press ure, the result of pressing in.

- Im press ible, capable of being pressed in.

Im press ment, the act of pressing in.

Im press ive ly, in an impresshre manner.

Im press ive ness, the property capable of being pressed

in, or capacity, &c.

Im press ibility, the quality capable of being pressed in.

Re im press, to press in again.

Re im press ed, was pressed in again.

Renm press ion, the act of pressing in again.

Re im press ing^ continuing to press in aga,in,

Un im press ive, not tending to press in,

" Op press, to press against ; to bear ddwn. ^

Op press ed, was pressed against, &ft.

Op press ion, the act of pressing against, &c.

Op press or, the person who presses against, &c.

Op press ing, continuing to press, against, &c.

Op press ive, tending to press against, <fec.

Op press ive ly, in an oppressive manner. ^

Op press ive ness, the quality of pressing against, 4cc.

In op press ive, not tending to press against, &c.

Sup press, to press under, or to bring under.

Sup press ed, was pressed under, &c.

Sup press ion, the' act of pressing under.

Sup press or, the person who presses under.

Sup press ing, • continuing to press under.

Sup press ive, tending to press under.

In sup press ion, not pressing under.

Xti sup press ible, not capable of being pressed under.

Ua sup press ed, was not pressed under.


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The pnpil mtiBt now form and define the derivative words
for himself as in the following eziEunple :

un. Mild, soft ; gentle ; m6derate ; calm. Mitts, mild.
Component parts.

Mild-ly-ness. ww^.-ness. '

Combined and defined, thus:

Mild/y, in a mild manner ; calmly^

Mildness, the quality of being mild.

Unmild, not mild ; not gentle.
^ Unmildness, the quality of being mmiild.
im. Bleach^ to whiten, or make white.

Bleach-ed-er-ing. t/n^ed.
un. Blush, to redden in the cheeks.

Blush-ed-ihg, unking.
un. Blend, to mix, or mingle together.

Blend-ed-er-ing. un^edT.
un. Bail, to set fifee from arrest ; to dip out water.

Bail-ed-er-able. wn^ed.
un.- Blight, to blast ; a disease of plants.

Blight-ed-ing. wn^ed.
un. Clasp, to close in the hand.

Clasp-ed-er-ing. un^ed,
un. Coil, to gather in a circle, as a rope.

Ooil-ed-ing. wn^.-ed.
un. Curb, to restrain ; the fence of a well.

Curb-ed-ing. wn^.-ed. •

sub. Chant, to sing ; to celebrate in song. Canto, to sing.

Chant-ed-er-ing. ^^^er.


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out. Frown, to knit the brow ; to repel by a stem look,

Frown-ed-ing-ingly. out^,
on. Grant, to allow ; to yield ; to give ; to concede.

Grant-ed-ing-or. w/i^ed.
un. Greet, to salute ; to address with kind wishes.

Greet-ed-ing. wn^ed.
mis. Lead, to guide by the hand ; to induce.

Lead-er-ing. mis^Ang, '

re. Loan, the act of lending ; that which is lent.

Loan-ed-ing. rc^.-ed-ing.
un. Maim, to disable ; to injure ; to make a cripple.

Maim-ed-ing. un^ed,
un. Quench, to extinguish ; to put out.

Quench-ed-ing. «w^able-ably.
un. Quell, to subdue ; to quiet, or to restore peace.

Quell-ed-er-ing. un^ed.
tm. Screen, to shelter ; to sift, or riddle ; a riddle.

Screen-ed-ing. wn^ed.
im. Shield, to cover ; to secure ; defensive armor.

Shield-ed-ing. wn^ed.
un. Shrink, to shrivel ; to draw back'; to recoil.

Shrink-ing. wn^ing.
mis. Spend, to lay out ; to dispose of, or waste.

Spend-ing, mt^.-ing.
un. Saint, a holy person ; a Christian.

Saint'ly-like-ship. wnjy.
un. Smooth, glossy; having *an even surface.

Smooth-ly-ness-ed-er^ wn^.-ed.
un. Spoil, to riiin ; to corrupt ; to plunder.

Spoil-ed-er-ing. unjdd.
un. Stain, to discolor ; to blot, or^pbt ; to make foul.

Stain-ed-ing-lessu un^ed.


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un. Safe, secure from danger.

Safe-ly-ty. un^Ay,

Safc/y, in a safe manner,

Safe/y, in a state secure from danger.

Z/nsafe, not safe.

UwsafeZy, in an unsafe manner,
tm. Bribe, to offer a reward to pervert judgment.

Bribe-ed-er.* t/n^ed.
un. Fade, to lose color ; to decay ; to vanish.

Fade-ed-ing. ww^ed-ing.
un.* Prune, to triln ; to lop off useless branches.

Prune^-er-ing. wn^ed.
im. Pure, genuine ; free from mixture.

Pure-ly-ness-ity. tw^.-ity.
mis. Rate, to tax; a tax, or price fixed.

Rate-ed-able. mis^.-ed,
un. Shame, that which brings reproach ; disgrace. '

Sham^-ed-ful-fuUy-fulness-less-lessly. un^ed.
un. Tame, to make gentle ; to domesticate.

Tame-ed-ing-able-ableness. «/»^ed-able.
un. Trade, to barter ; to buy and sell.

Trade-ed-er-ing. unking,
un. Urge, to press ; to press by motives ; to importune.

Urge-ed-ing-ent-ently-ency. Mw^ed.
re. Crime, an offence ; a violation of law.

Crime-ful-less-inal-inaliy-inality-inate. rc^inate.
Crude, raw; in a natural stated ; rough.


. * Observe Rules 1st and 2d, throughout this section.

Digitized by LjOOQ iC


on. Fruif, productions of the earth ; as grain, &c.

Fruitful-fuUy-fiilness-less . «/j/ul-ness.
un. Fright, sudden fear, or alarm.

Friglit-ful-fully-fulness-less. i/w^ened.
re. New, lately made ; recent ; not old.

Renew, to make hew, or to improve.

New-ly-ness-ish. rc^.-ed-ing-al.
un. Thought, an idea formed in the mind.

Thought-ful-fully-fulness-less-lessly. unjvl.
un. Till, to cultivate the" ground.

Till-ed-ing-able . ^ wn^ed.
im. ^ Tax, to assess a tax ; to charge ; a rate.*

Tj^x-ed-er-ing-able-ation. un^ed,
over. Whelm, to cover with water ; to overburden. .

Whelm-ed-ing. over^,-ed'ing,
im. Wrap, to wind, or fold together { to involve,

Wrap-ped-per-ping. w^^ped. See Rule 6th.
be. Wail, to lament'; to express sorrow audibly. •

JBewail, to bemoan. Wail-ed-ing. ie^.-ed-ing,
un. Chaste, pure ; uncorrupted. See Rule Ist. ^

Chaste-ly-ity. uUj^, injty,
un. Curve, to bend in a circular form. "

Curve-ed-ing-ity-ature. wn^ed.
in. Cure, to heal, as a disease.

Cure-ed-able. tXable-ability. t/n^ed.
over. Drive, to impel ; to urge forward by force,

Drive-ing-'er. over^, un^en,
' be. Guile, craft; cimning; artifice.

JBcguile, to imposQ on by artifice.

•Guile-fid-fully-fulness-Icss. be^.^eii,
ag. Grieve, to mourn ; to give pain of mind to.



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on. Accost, to address ; to speak to, face to face.

Accost-edring. wn^ed.

Accostee^y did address, or was addressed.

Accostmo^, continuing to address.

Una,ccosted, was not addressed.
tin. Affifm, to assert positively ; to decline.

Afiirm-ed-ing-ance-ation-ative. wn^^ed.
on. Arrest, to take a person with a warrant ; to^stop.

Arrest-ed-ing-ment. «ii^ed. '

un. Complain, to murmur, or find fault.

Coinplain-ed-ing-ant. unking,
dis. Content ; to satisfy ; to quiet ; easy ; satisfied.

Content-ed-edly-edness-ment. diSj^ed-ment.
im. Defend, to vindicate ; to drive back ; to repel.

Defend-ed*er-ing-ant. wn^ed.
un. Delight, a higli degree of pleasure ; to please.

Delight-ful-fully-fulness-some-someness . unfiA,
pre. Design, to plan ; to project ; to delineate a figure.

Design-ed-ing-less. pr«^.-ed-ing.
on. Exert, to put forth power of body, or mind.

Exert-ed-ing-ion. t/»^ed.
VD. Instruct, to teach ; to impart knowledge.

Jnstruct-ed-ing-or-ion-ive. tin^edUve.
!m.» Impeach, to accuse, ot censure.

Impeach-ed-ing-ment. vn^ed-aLIe.
iin. Molest, to trouble, or disturb.

Molest-ed-er-ing-ation. un^ed, ^
•elf. Neglect, to omit by carelessness, or design.

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