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Anal-ogy-pgous-ogical. t/n^ogous.
im. Distinguish, to discern, or show a diflcrence. ^

Distinguish-ed-ahle-er. un%hle.
dis. Interest, to concern, or affect ; advantage/

Interest-ed-ing. JiX^d-edly-edncss-ing.
im. Manacle, a handcuff, /mmanaclc, to put pn hand-
cuffs ; to enslave. Marius, the hand.
im. Patriot, a lover and defender of his country.

Patriot-ic-ism, wn^ic. Pdtria^ onefe country.
mi. Petition, to, make a request to ; to ask from.

Petition-ed-er-ing. t//?^ed. Pcto, to ask.
im. Penitent, one who repents of his sins ; contrite.

Penit-Ent-ence-ency. m^ent-ence-ency.
mi. Popular, pertaining to the common people ; beloved •

by the people. Popular-ity. Populus, people,
im. Polity, the form of civil goJiremment.

Poli-Ty-cy-tic-tical. Vm^tic. Polis, a city.
im. Probity, tried virtue, or integrity ; strict honesty. .

/mprobity, want of integrity.
ir. Regular, uniformly the same. Rego, to rule.

Regular-ly-ity. tV^.-ly-ity.
rai. Repugnant, opposed ; contrary to ; inconsistent.

Repug-Nant-nantly-nance-nancy. Pvgno, to fight.
un. Extinguish, to put out ; to quench, or destroy.

Extinguish-ed-er-ing-able. ww^ed-able.
mi. Important, of great consequence ; weighty.

Important-ly. all^, wn^.-ly.
in. Feasible, that may be done ; practicable.

Feas-ible-ibly-ibility-ness. i/t^.-ibility-ness.
on. Solicit, to ask for ; to soek by petition.

Sdicit-ed-or-ous-oosly-ude-ation. ttii^ed-ons.


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dis. Continue, to remain in any place ; to extend.

Continual and Continuous, mean continuing.


Z)2j^.-ed-ing-ance-ation-ous. Teneo, to hold.
over. Tenacious, adhesive ; holding fast. Teneo, to hold.

Tenacious-ly-ness. Tenacity, adhesiveness.
mis. Represent, to show ; to exhibit, or describe.

Represe.nt-ed-ing-ation-ative. mi>^ed-ation.
tm. Discomfit, to rout ; to defeat, or scatter in flight.

Discomfit-ed-ing-ure. ww^ed. •

im. Domestic, belonging to the house ; tame.

Domesticate, to mak^ tame.' * '

Domestic-ate-ated-ation-ally. nn^Bihd.
un.' Ornament, to adorn ; that which adorns.

Ornament-ed-ing-al-ally. w/z^ed-a}. Omo, to adorn,
im. Plausible, that may be applauded ; apparently right.

Plaus-ible-ibly-ibility-ibleness. tm^ible.
mi. Parallel, running in accordance with, or lying side by

side, equally distant, as lines,
anti. Puritan, a dissenter from the Church of England.

• Puritan-ic-ical-ically-ism. anfi^.
im. Pregnable, that may be taken by f#rce.

/wipregnable, that can not be taken by force,
mi. Reprimand, to reprove severely ; a reproof.

Reprimand-ed-ing. t/w^ed.
im. Replenish, to fill ; to furnish ; to complete.

Replenish-ed-ing. w/i^ed. Plenus, full. '

Irrigate, to water ; to moisten. Irrigate-ed-ing-ion.
mi. Romantic, pertaining to romance ; wild ; fanciful.

Roman tic^ally-ness. t/;i^ally. ^

Sedition, rebellion against la^, or government.*



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un. Affa,Ue, easy of conversatioQ and masmers.

Aff-Able-ably-ability-ableness.* w/i^able.
in. Congruous, suitable ; consistent ; fit.

Congru-ous-ously-ity. tn^ous-ity.
non. Contagious, generating contagion ; catching. ^

Contagious-ly-ness. non^.-nesa. un^.
in. Contiguous, touching ; meeting ; joining.

Contigu-oiis-ously-ity. m^ous-ously.
in. Corrigible, that may be set right, or corrected.

Corrig-ible. twjble-ibly-ibility-ibleness
semi. Deist, one wjio denies Revelation.

De-ist-istic-istical-ism. ^cmi^istical.
de, Predal, pertaining to prey, or plunder.

Depredate, to plunder, or rob. PrtBda, prey.

Pred-Al-aceoift-aceously-atory-atorily. d^^at^^fttion^
im. Probable, likely to be ; that may be. Probo, to prove

Prob-Able-ably-ability. im^ablo-ability.
anti. Paralysis, palsy. Paralyze, to afllict with palsy. *

Paraly-sis-tjc-ze-zed. antijic,
un. Sagacious, acute in discernment ; quick of tholight.

Saga-cious-ciously-ness-city. wn^cious.
in* Scrutable, discoverable by inquiry, or examination.

Scrut-Able. tXable-ably. Scrutor, to search.
in. Tangible, that may be touched. Tango, to to^ch.

Tang-ible-ibly-ibility-ent. m^ible-ibly-ibility-ihleness
e. Vacant, empty; void; not filled. Vacans.

Vacate, to make empty. Evacuate, to leave.

Vac-AAt-ancy-ated-ating^ation. e^uate-uated-uation.

* See ezplaoAtiioii, page 9fi»


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m> Artificial, made by art ; feigned. FaciOf to make.

Artificial-ly-ity-ness, in^Ay. wn^.-l^.
un. Assiduous, diligent ; persevering ; careful.

Assidu-ous-ously-ousncss-ity. nn^ous.
semi. Barbarian, a man in a savage state ; uncivilized.

Barbarous, cruel; inhuman; savage; brutal.

Barbar-ous-ously-ity-ism-ian. ^emi^ous-ian.
in. Corporeal, or Corporeous, having a material l^dy.

Corpore-Al-ous-ally. . in^al-ally.
mis. Conjecture, to surmise, or guess. '

Conjecture-ed-al. mis^, Jacio^ to cast,
in. Discover, to find out ; to lay open to view

Discover-ed-ing-able. in^able. un^ed,
in. Ebriety, drunkenness. Ehrietas,

/nebriate, to make drunk ; a drunkard,
in. Experience, to try by use ; a series of trials.

Experience-ed-ing. wn^ed. «n^.-ed.
in. ' Felicity, happiness. Felix, happy.

Felicitate*, to wish joy to ; to congratulate.

F«licit-ous-ously-ate-ation. tn^ous-y.
in. Exorable, that may be moved by entreaty.

Exora-BleJjly. en^ble-bly. Oro, to entreat,
in. Evitable, that may be shiumed, VitOy to shun.

Evita-Ble. tXble-bly-bleness.
im. Invidious, envious ; likely to incur ill-will.

Invidious-ly-ness. un^.
mi. Manufacture, to make by hand, or art.

Manufacture-ed-ing-or. tinned,
non. Resemble, to bear the likeness, or similitude of.

Resemble-ed-lng-ance. n^m^ance.
in. Susceptible, capable of something more.

Suscept-ibla-ibly-ibility-ness, m^.-ibilily.

• Digitized

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in. Clement, mild in disposition ; gentje ; kind.

Clem-Ent-fntly-ency\ fw.ent-ently-ency.
im. Patient, enduring evils without murmuring.

Pati-Ent-ently-ence. iTw^ent-ently-ence.
im. Prudent, careful x)f cbnsequences ; cautious.


7m^ent-ently-ence. Prudens, foreseeing.
rai. Pliant, that may be easily bent ; flexible.

Pli-Ant-able-ability-ablcness . ww^ant-ablo.
in. Competent, sufficient for ; adequate.

Compet-Ent-ence-ency; iw^cnt-ence-ency.
im. Pertinent, relating to the matter in hand. '*'

Pertin-Ent-encc-cncy. iVw^cnt-ence-cncy.
im. Permanent, remaining unchanged.

Perman-Ent-ently-ence. m^ent-ence.
rai. Prominent, standing out ; jutting.

Promin-Ent-ently-cnco-ency. wn^cnt.
in. Nutriment, that which nourishes ; food.


//i^tious-tive-tion. Nuirin, to nourish.
in. Expedient, suitable for the purpose; useful.

Expedi-Ent-ently-encc-ency. tVi^ent-encc-ency.
Expedite, to hasten ; to quicken ; to dispatch.

in. Experiment, a trial ; to make trial.

Expcri-Ment-mental-mentally-ence. tn^ence,
in. Deficient, wanting in something ; not sufficient.

Dcfiti-Ent-ently-ence-cncy. tn^cnt-ency.
Incipient, beginning; commencing.

Incipi-Ent-ently-ency. »

aemi. Transparent, admitting a passage for light.

Tcan8pax-snt*ency. ^Mit^ent-ency.


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un. Actuate, to incite, or move ; to pukin action.
I Actuate-ed-ing.* un^ed. Actum, done,

in. Accurate, in exact conformity to truth.

Accurate-ly-ness-cy. m^.-cy. See Rule 9th.
tm. Conjugate, to give the inflections of a verb.

Conjugate-ed-ing-ion. Jungo, to join ; con, with;
un. Consummatje, to end; to finish, oc complete.

Consummate-ed-ing-i'on. tinned. [treasury,

tin.^ Confiscate, to adjudge to be forfeited to the stato

Confiscate-ed-ation. ^ Fiscus, a money-bag.
nn. Dedicate, to set apart to a sacred use.

Dedicate-ed-ing-ion-ory. ww^ed.
un. Emulate, to strive to equal, or excel.

Emulate-ed-ing-icyfi. unji\g.
Emanate, to issue from ; to flow from.

Emanate-ed-ing-ion. Mano, to flow.
re. Iterate, to repeat, or do a second time.

Iterate-^d-ion. i/n^ed. Iterum, again.
un. Illustrate, to make clear ; to explain.

Illustrate-ed-ing-ion-ive. ww^ed.
re. Ingratiate, to commend one's self to another's good

will, or kindness. Ingratiate-cd. re^.-ed.
pre. Intimate, to hint at ; familiar. .

Intimate-ed-ion-ly-cy. preJ.on.
ex. Legislate, to enact laws. Lex, a law.

Legislate-ed-ion-or-ure-ive. crc^or.
re. Masticate, to chew, or grind with the teeth.

Masticate-ed-ing-ion. pe^^.-iag, Mastico, to qhew,

* ObBerve Rule Ist^ also the 8th and 9tlf tibiroiighoat this Motion.


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in. Adequate, -equal to ; fully sufficient. Aequus.

Adequate-ly-ness-cy. in^.-cy.
Iji. Delicate, nice ; feeble ; of a fine texture. ♦

Delicate-W-ness-cy. i^.-ly-cy.
un. Dissipate, to scatter ;. to drive asunder.
• Dissipate-ed-ing-ion. wn^ed.

pre. Dominate, to rul^. Predominate, to rule over.

Dominate -ed-ion . jorc^.-ed-ing-ion.
un. Estimate^ tb value ; to set a value on.

Estimate-ed-ing-ion. un^ed. tn^ble-bly.
tm. Extirpate, to pluck up by the roots.

Extirpate-ed-ing-ion. wn^ed. «

un. Fabricate, to construct ;0to manufacture.

Fabricate-ed-ing-or-ion. wn^ed.
un. Congratulate, to wish joy to another.

Congratulate-ed-ing-ion-ory. un^ed.
un. Insulate, to place in a detached situation.,

Insulate-ed-ing-or-ion. wn^ed. Insula^ an island,
un.. Initiate, to introduce ; to instruct in first principles.

Initiate-ed-ion-ory. un^ed. Eo, to go ; in, in.
im. Maculate, to spot, or to stain. Macula, a stain.

Maculate-ion. tm^.-ion-ly-ness.
un. Mutilate, to cut, or break off ; to mar. •

Mutilate-ed-ing-ion. tinned. Mtift'/o, to* lop off.
in. Numerate, to number. Numero, to number.

Numer-Ate-ated-ation-able-ator. tXable-ably.
ap. Proximate, nearest, ^j^proximate, to come near.

Proximate-ly. ap^.-ed-ing-ion.
un. ^Stipulate, to bargain ; to contract, or settle.

Stipulate-ed-ing-ion-or. wn^ed.
un. Salivate, to produce an imusual discharge of saliva.

Salivate-ed-ing|ion. tinned.


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^ SlTdLIdti LAKOtJAOS. 107

im. Abbretirt*, to shorteii. BreviSy short.

Abbreviate-ed-ing-ion-or-ory. wn^ed.
un. Affiliate, to adopt as a son. Filius^ a son.

Affiliate-ed-ing-ion. w/i^ed.
t^. Ameliorate, to make better. Melior^ better.

Amcliorate-ed*ing-ion. w/i^ed. [peat.

1WB. Capitulate, to sureender by treaty, as an army ; to re-

Capitulate-ed-ion-or. re^.-ed-ion. Caput, the head,
un. Expatriate, to banish ; to quit one's country.

Expatriate-ed-ing-ion. Patria, a country.
Expostulate, to reason earnestly.

Expostulate-ed-ing-ion-or-ory. Postulo, to ask.
un. Emancipate, to free from servitude.

Emancipate -ed-or-ion. tinned,
im. ' Exaggerate, to enlarge on beyond truth.

Exaggerate-ed-ing-ion. un^ed.
dis. Incarcerate, to put in prison. Career, a priscgoi.

Incarcerate-ed-ion. dis^.-ed.
un. Incorporate, to form into a legal body ; to mix.

Incorporate-ed-ing-ion. un^ed^ Cvrpus, a body,
un. Incarnate, to be embodied in flesh.

Incamate-ed-ion. Carnis, flesh. ^

11. Legitimate, lawfid ; to make lawful.

Legitimate-ly-cy-ness. t/^.-cy.
com. Peregrinate, to travel from place to place.

Peregrinate -e'd-ing-ion. romjon.
un. Remunerate, to recompense, or repay.

Remunerate-ed-ion. wn^ed. Munu^, a gift,
un. Retaliate, to return like for like.

Retaliate-ed-ion-ive-ory. Talis, such like.
in. Subordinate, ta place in rank below ; to make sukjtct

Subordinate-*ly«ion. tii^.-ion.


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un. Adulterate, to pollute ; to debase by mixture.

Adulterate-ed-ing ion. un^ei. AduUero.
un. Alleviatei' to make light ; to remove in part.

AUeviate-ed-ing-ion. t/n^ed. Levis ^ Ugbt^
un. Ambiguous, doubtful ; having two or more meaninge^.

Ambig-uous-uously-uity. wn^uous. . Am., round ; ago^
CO. Belligerent, waging war. Gjerens Bellum, [to go

in. Commensurate, reducible to the same measure.

Commensurate-ion-bility-bleness. i»^.-ble
un. Commiserate, to pity, or feel sorrow for.

Commiserate-ed-ing-ion. un^ed, Miscereor^ to pity,
in. Combustion, a burning ; a tumult, or uproar.

Combust-ion-ible-ibleness. injble-ibility. ^
in. Compatible, consistent ; suitable ; agreeable.

Compat-ible-ibility. in^ible-ibly-ibility.
Contumacious, stubbornness ; obstinacy.

im. Coagulate, to curdle ; to congealt Coagulo,

Coagulate-ed-ion-ble-bility. ww^ed.
in. Discriminate,* to distinguish the difference. i

Discriminate-ed-ly-ion. m^.-ly-^ion.
Ejaculate, to throw out. Ejaculafe-ed-ing-ion-ory.
un. Equivocate, to use words of a doubtful meaning.

Equivo-cate-cation-cal-cally. wn^cal-cally. .
nn. Exhilarate, to make merry ; to enliven ; to cheer.

Exhilarate-ed-ing-ion. unjdd. Hilaris, merry,
un. Perforate, to bore, or make holes through.

Perforate-ed-ing-ion. t/ii^ed.
un. Palliate, to cover with excuse ; to lessen.^

P*alliate-ed-ing-ion-ive. Pallum, a cloak.
un. Ruminate, to muse ; to meditate ; to ponder.

Ruminate-ed-ing-ion-or. tinned. -


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im. Deny, to contradict ; to refuse, or disown.

Deny-ed-ing-al-able .* wn^ed-able-ably .
un. Envy, to repine at another's prosperity ; to grudge.

Envy-ed-ing-ous-ously-able . t<n^ed-ous-able .
on. iSquity, strict justice ; right ; impartiality.

Equitable, according to equal rights.

Equit-Able-abljf-ableness. wn^able.
in. Efficacy, power to produce effects. *

Effica-cy-cious-ciously. in^cious-ciously.
' Gratuity, a free gift. Gratuit-ous-ously.
over. Industry, habitual diligence ; assiduity.

Industry-al-ous-ously. overjjoxia,
un. Luxury, undue indulgence of the appetite ; a dainty.

Luiniry-ous-ously-ousness. unjou8, .
un. Mercy, favor ; kindness ; mildness.

Mercy-ful-fully-fulness-less. t/n/ul-fully.
bn. Melody, agreeable succession of sounds,

Melody-ous-ously. m^ous. un^ous-ously.
«n. Pity, sympathetic feelings ; tender feelings.

Pity-fiil-fully-less-able-ably-ableness. tfn^ed-ful.

Pite-ous-ouBly. See exception first, under Rule 3d.
un. Perfidy, treachery ; a violation of faith, or trust.

Perfidy-ous-ously-ousness. tfn^ous. [evil,

ir. Remedy, that which cures a disease, or counteracts an

Remedy-able-less-ing. ir^able^ably,
un. Symmetry, a due j^ppprtion of parts,

SymmetyjjFrfial-eally. wn^calrcally,

V * Obsery fi J^yjfi 8d aM its ezpeption^ throughout this section ; and
also "Sii^^ 4tlv ^O^h, and ^th, and the exception under ^ule lltfa.

> '" ""' i(f ' .


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un. Beautify, to make beautiful ; to decorate.

Qeauti-Fy-fied-fuI-less-ous-ously-ousnesB . tin^fied-iiil
un. Clarify, to make clear. . Clarus, clear. r

Clarify-ed-er-ing-cation. tinned.
un. Defy, to dare to combat ; to cballenge.

Defy-ed-ing-er»ance. wn^ed-ing.
un. Espy, to discover ; to see at a distance.

Espy-ed-ing. unjed,
un. Edify, to improve the mind in knowledge.

Edify-ed-ing-ingly-cation. wn.ed-ing.
un. Fortify, to strengthen, as by forts, or otherwise.

Fortify-ed-ing-er-cation. unjdd.
un. Mortify, to destroy vital functions ; to humble.

Mortify-ed-ing-cation. un^ed. Mors, death,
un. Notify, to publish ; to piake known.

Notify-ed-er-ing-cation. i/n^ed.
un. Ossify, to become bone ; to form bone.

Ofifeify-ed-ing-cation. wn^ed.
semi. Petrify, to convert to stone ; to make callous.

Petri-Fy-fied-fying-faction. ^cmt^fied. See Exception
un. Rectify, to make right ; to correct. [to Rule 1 1th.

Rectify-ed-er-iiig-cation. unj&d.
un. Rarefy, to make thin, or less dense. Rarus, thin.

. Rare-Fy-fied-fying-faction-fiable. unfied.
un. Ramify, to divide into branches. Ramus, a branch.

Ramify-ed-ing-cation. un^ed.
dis. Satisfy, to gratify the wants, or desires.
' Satis-Fy-fied-fying-faction. wn^fied-fying.

ob. Stupefy, to make stupid ; to blunt.

Stupe-Fy-fied-faction. objection. ,
fan. Vitrify, to become, or form glass.

Vitri-Fy-fied4action*fiahle. tin^fied. ^.


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By9;,i«a u^vqjjaqm. Ill



anin in. Debt, ithat is due,firom one person to iinodi«r.

Debt-pr. tn^ed-edness. uninjdd.

Debtor, the person who owes anoth^.

Indebted, peiag in debt| or was in debt.

Indebtedness, the state of being in d^bt.

Unindebted, was not indebted, or in debt,
un in. x\pt, fit; suitable. Aptitude, fitness.

Api-ly-neas-itude. in^itude. uajy.
un mis. Aim, to point at ; to try ^ to actcomplish.

Aim-ed-er-ing-less-lessly. misled, un^ed,
Bnper un. Add, to put together ; to unite.

Add-ed-ition-itional-itionally. wn^^ed. ^w/wr^.-ed.
uft in. Art, -skill ; cunning. Artificial, made by art.

Art-ful'fully-fulness-less-lessness-ificial-isan-ist. tn^ifi^ial.
out un. Boast, to brag in speech ; to exalt one's self.

poast-ed-er-ing-ful-fully. unjng, out^.-ed.
all an. Dj^ead, great fear ; apprehension of evil.

Dread-ful-fully-fulness*less. wij^ed, allied.
be uo. Dec^, or f ^deck, to adorn ; to embellish, or elothe.

Deck-ed-er-iog. un^ed. ie^.-ed-ing.
un re. Draft, to delineate ; to draw the outline.

Draft-ed-ing. rc^.-e4-ing. unjed.
un re. Gain, to obtain ; to win; to acquire.

Gain-ed-er-ing. rc^.-ed-ing. unjed,
ap il. Laud,* to praise in words. Laus, praise. >

ApipiaMse, praise given to ; a shout of approbation.

Laud-able-ableness-atory. i/^able-aWy.' <j^^.-ed.
re un. Mind, to obey ; tp fix the thoughts ; the intellect

Mind-ful-full]r*J3^. ^Ht^ful-fuUy. r^^,^.


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un, re. Adoxn, to deck, or ornament. Onto, to dock.

Adom-ed-ing-ment. rc^.-ed. tinned,
mis un. Accept, to receive what is offered; to agree.

Accept-ed-ing-ance-ation-aWe-ably-ability. un^aBle.
mi re. Adjust, to put in order ; to settle. Jus, right.

Adjust-ed-ing-iftent. rc^.-ed. wn^ed. ^ "
dis un. Allow, to grant ; to adhiit ; to afford.

AUow-ed-ance-able. tinned. Jt^^ed-able.
pre un. Acquaint, to make fully known ; to inform.

Acquaint-ed-ing-ance. un^ed. prejaice,
self un. Deceit, fallacy ; fraud ; cheat ; double dealing.

Deceit-ful-fully*fulness-less. unjxxl. self^,
all un. Devour, to eat with greediness ; to destroy.

Devour-e^-ing. vn^ed. alljng, Voro, to devour,
in un. Discern, to distinguish by the eye, or senses. .

Discer^-ed-ible. wn^ed. in^ible. CernOy to see.
re un. Discuss, to debate. Quatio, to shake ; dis, apart.

Discuss-ed-ing-ion. wn^ed. fc^.-ed.
super self. Exalt, to raise high; to elevate. Altu^, high

Exalt-ed-ing-ation. 'je?//ling-ation. super jflXion.
un in. Exhaust, to draw out ; to drain.

Exhaust-ed-ion, mjble. Haurioy to drB,w ; ex, orA.
in un. Explain, to mak^ plain ; to expound. .

Explain-ed-able. Explan-Ation-atory. «rt^ed.
over re. Flourish, to grow luxuriantly ; to thrive.

Flourish-e^d-ing. rc^.-ing. over^, Flos, a flower,
in un. Fracture, or /nfraction, a breach ; a rupture.

Fract-ure-ion-ional. wn^ured. Frango, to*break.
re un. Install, to induct, or placje in office.

Install-ed-ation-ment. wn^ed. rc^.-ed-ing-ment.
il mi. Limit, to bound, or set bounds to.

Limit-ed-able-ation-less. im^ed. ilJSble.


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w tm.. Adjourn, to defer till another time.

Adjoum-ed-ment. 7/n^ed. re^.-ed. [own,

re un. Adopt, to take a ohild as an heir ; to take as one's

Adopt-ed-ion. un^ed re^, Opo, to choose. [oil.

dis un. Anoint, to pour oil on ; to consecrate by the use of

Apoint*ed-er-ing-ment. un^ed. dis^. [tions.

re un. Assault, to attack with violence ^ or hostile inten-

Assault-ed-er-ing. tinned, re^.-ed.
self un. Banish, to condemn to exile ; to drive away.

Banish-ed-ment. unjid. selfjnent.
mis un. Bestow, to give ; to impart to, or confer.

Bestow-ed-ing-al-ment. w/i^ed. misled,
de inter. Nation, a body of people under one government

Nation-al-ally-ality-alize. internal, rfe^alize. Natus,hom..
im un. Perish, to die ; in a state of decay. •

Perish-ed-ing-able. unjng. tm^able-ablen^§s.
im un. Prosper, to render successful ; to thrive.

Prosper-ed-ous-ously-ity. ww^ous-ously. imjty.
re un. Publish, to make public ; to utter, or print.

Publisli-ed-dng-ment. un^ed, re^.-ed-ing.
ir un. Redeem, to ransom, or purchase back.

Redeem-ed-er-ing-able. ^n^ed-able. triable.
dis un. Regard, to look toward ; to notice with respect.

Regard-ed-ful-fuUy-less. un^ed, Jw^.-ed-ing-ful.
ir un. Reproach, to censure : to treat with scorn.

Reproach-ed-ful-fiilly-able. un^ed' tV^able-ably.
out un. Rival, to strive for the same thing; a competitor.

Rival-ed-ry-ship. unjed, iow^^.-ed-ing.
in un. Support, to bear up ; to uphold ; to maintain.

Support-ed-er-able. un^ed, m^able'-ably. [some place
re un. Summon, to call, or notify by authority to aj[)pear at

Sunimon-ed-er-ing. tinned, rc^.-ed-ing.

10* .


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in un. Alter, to make some change in. Alter, aaodi«r.

Alter-ed-ing-ation-able-ability. un^ed.. tn^able-abljr*'
in mi. Contest, to dispute, or to strive ; a strife. .^

Contest-ed-ing-able. ww^ed-able. tn^able-ably.
self mi. Convict, to prove guilty. Vinco, to conquer.

Convict-ed-ing-ion. un^ed. selfjedL-ion,
unac ac. Custom, frequent, or common use.

Accustom, to make familiar by use.*

Custom-ary-arily. ac^.-e4-ing. unac^ei.
dis un. Enchant, to practice sorcery { to delight. '

Enchant-ed-er-ing-ment. un^ed. disced.
un in. Expert, skillful ; experi^ced ; prompt.

Expert-ly-ness. m^.-ness. unjy, Periofy to try.
super un. Intend, to meanj or design. Tendo, to stretch*

/Superintend, to have the charge of; to oversee.

Intend-ea-ing. 5M/>«r^.-ed-ent-ence-ency. un^ed.
re un. Invert, to turn upside down. Verto, to turn.

Invert-ed-edly-ing. wn^ed. re^jdd,
un re. Polish, to make smooth ; refinement.

Polish-ed-ing-er-able. re^.-ed. un^ed. Polio, to smo9^
dis un. Sever, or Dissever, to separate by violence.

Sever-ed-ing-ance. un^ed, ' rf«^^.-ed-ing-ance.
un in. Suffer, to endure what is painful ; to allow.

Suffer-ed-ing-^r-ance-able. m^able«*ably. tm^ing.
un in. Temper, disposition ; mood ; humor.

Temperate, moderate; abstemious*

Temper-ate-'ately-ance . injaLte-eXel^'BJKk .
rein in. Vigor, energy ; active strength.

/invigorate, to nfake vigorous. Vigar^ strength.

YigcMr-oiis-ously. tn^ate-ated-ating. retn^ftte-atod.
all un. Worship, to perform religious service ; to refp«cl

Worslup-ed-er-ing-fiil. im^^d^ing. oi/^ing.


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re €ii. Asi^ert, to affirm, or aver ; to declare.
Assert-ed-ingtion-or. tinned, re^.-ed-ion.
re im. Attack, to assail by force, or words.
Attack-ed-ing-able. wn^ed-able. re^.-ed.
dis un. Avow, to declare openly. Voveo^ to vow.

Avbw-ed-edly-al. wn^ed. Je^.-ed-ing-al^
inun. Civil, relating to policy ; sober; well-bred.
Civilize, to reclaim from a savage state*
Civil-ly-ity-ize-ized-ization. un^Azed. tn jty.
in\m. Congeal, to become thick, or stiff. (Je/t/, frost.

• Congeal-ed-ing-able-ation. wn^ed. m^able.
in un Control, to govern ; to keep under check.

C«n^ol-led-ler-lable. wn^ed. in Jablc. See Rule 6ih.
in im. Corrupt, to vitiate, or^make worse.

C*rrupt-ed-ing-er-ion-ible. un^ed. in^ible-ibly-ion.
ipn dis. Inthrall, or Enthrall, to enslave.

Inthr^-ed-ing-ment. (fiX - 6d-ing-inent. t/n^ed.
uH te. Fonent, to bathe with warm liquors ; to excite. -

Foment-«d-er-ing-ation. re^.-ed. wn^ed.
dis un. FavOj to befriend ; kind regard ; resemblance.
Favor^ed-ale-ably-ableness. dis^.-ei. tin^able-ably.
un in. Frugal, sparing ; ^ prudent use of.

Frugal-ly-ity. ,*n^.-ity. wn^.-ly.
in un. Grateful, %nkful ; having a sense of benefits.

Grateful-ly-ness. un^Ay-ness, in^.-Iy-ness.
mis un. Record, to iTister ; to write in ; a register of factf

Record-ed-er-ing-e%ip^ t/n^ed. im^ed.
dis un. Relish, to plei^ ^j^q ^^ste ; a pleasing taste.
Relish-ed-ing-able. i ed. 'Jw^.-ing.
' in un. Utter, to speak, o^^Qj^Quuce words.

Utter-ed-ing-able-ance. ,n,ed-able.
VMih, to diisiippear. Vidh-ted-ing.


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in un. Active, having the power of quick motion ; bnqr*

Active-ly-ness-ity. un^, iVi^.-ly-ity.
in nn. Diminish, to lessen ; to impair. Minus ^ less.

Diminish-ed-ing-able. un^ed. in^able.
re un. Deliver, to free ; to surrender ; to utter a speech.

Deliver-ed-er-ing-ance-able-y. t/n^ed. rCj^.-ed-ance-y.
dis un. Embarrass, to perplex ; f render intricate.

Epibarrass-ed-ing-ment. ww^ed-ing. dis^.-meni.

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