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Re-issue of the Works of the late
Samuel Butler

Author of " Erewhon," " The Way of All Flesh," etc.

Mr. FiriELD hag pleasure in announcing he has taken over the publication
of the entire worlci (save one) of the late Samuel Butler, novelist, philosopher,
scientist, satirist and classicist; "in his own department," says Mr. Bernard
Shaw, "the greatest English writer of the latter half of the 19th century."
"The Way of All Flesh" and "Erewhon " which have been out of print for
some time are now reprinted, and all the other works with one exception are
now offered at more popular prices.

The Way of All Flesh. A Novel. New Edition. 6s.

Erewhon. i ith, Revised Edition. 3rd Impression. 2S. 6d. nett.

Erewhon Revisited. 2nd Impression, 340 pages. 2s. 6d. nett.

(A few copies of the original edition, gilt top, 6s.)
Essays on Life, Art and Science. 340 pages. 2s. 6d. nett.

(A few copies of the original edition, gilt top, 6s.)
The Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont and the

Canton Ticino. Profusely illustrated by Charles

Gogin, H. F. Jones and the Author. Pott 410,

cloth gilt.
The Fair Haven.
Life and Habit. An essay after a completer view

of Evolution. 2nd edition.
Evolution Old and New. A comparison of the

theories of Buftbn, Erasmus Darwin and Lamarck,

with that of Charles Darwin.

Luck or Cunning, as the main means of organic

The Authoress of the Odyssey, who and what

she was, when and where she wrote, etc.
The Iliad of Homer, rendered into English prose.
The Odyssey, rendered into English prose.
Shakespeare's Sonnets, with notes and original text.

Ex Voto. An account of the Sacro Monte or New

Jerusalem at Varallo-Sesia.
Selections from Butler's Works.

London : A. C. Fifield, 44 Fleet Street, E.G.

I OS. 6d.
5 s. nett.

5 s. nett.





5 s.












New and Forthcoming Books.

Anarchism. By Dr. Paul Eltzbacher, translated by
S. T. Byington. 330 pages. Cloth extra, 6s. 6d. nett.

A careful and unbiassed «tudy of the anarchist doctrines of Godwin,
Proudhon, Stirner, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Tucker and Tolstoy, with extracts
from their works, and portraits of all save Stirner. This is perhaps the
best exposition of anarchism yet made.

The Fabian Socialist Series. An authoritative popu-
lar library of socialist thought, by the most prominent
members of the Fabian Society. 6d. each nett, postage
id. ^ cloth, gilt top, post free Is. 2d.

I. Socialism and Religion. 2. Socialism and Agriculture.
3. Socialism and Individualism. 4. The Basis and Policy
of Socialism. 5* {^" ^p^H') Driving Capital out of the
Country, by Bernard Shaw.

On Cambrian and Cumbrian Hills. By Henry S.
Salt. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, gilt top. 3s. 6d. nett.

A study of Snowdonia and the Fells, written from intimate experience,
but from the point of view of a mountain lover rather than a rock
climber. A delightful pocket companion for the hills.

The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp. By W. H.
Davies, w^ith 8-page Preface by G. Bernard Shaw. 6s.

In this book Mr. Davies, whose poetic genius was recently discovered,
tells the frank unvarnished story of his life as a tramp in England, the
United States, and Canada. Mr. G. Bernard Shaw when sending the
manuscript to the publisher wrote, " I recommend this most remarkable
autobiography of a super-tramp to your special attention."

Ernest Crosby : A Valuation and a Tribute. By
Leonard D. Abbott, w^ith photo. Is. nett, postage id.

Social Reformers Series. A new series of short
biographical expositions of Pioneers of Social Reform.
6d. nett ; and in \ cloth, is. nett, postages id. and 2d.

I. Robert Owen : Pioneer of Social Movements. By
Joseph Clayton. 2. Henry George and his Gospel.
By Lieut.-Col. D. C. Pedder. [In May.)

London : A. C. Fifield, 44 Fleet Street, E.C.


" It is not wonderful that such a man as Butler
should be the author of * Erewhon/ a shrewd and
biting satire on modern life and thought — the best
of its kind since ' Gulliver's Travels.' . . . To
lash the age, to ridicule vain pretension, to expose
hypocrisy, to deride humbug in education, politics,
and religion, are tasks beyond most men's powers ;
but occasionally, very occasionally, a bit of genuine
satire secures for itself more than a passing nod of
recognition. * Erewhon,' I think, is such a satire."
— Augustine Birrell, in The Speaker.






author of

•life and habit," "the authoress of the odyssey,"

" Shakespeare's sonnets reconsidered,"

AND other works


" Tov yap flvai Sokovvtos dyadov X^P'-^ navTa irpaTTOvfft
Travres." — Arist. Fol.

" There is no action save upon a balance of
considerations." — Paraphrase.




Popular Reprint from \oth, Revised Edition
Third Impression^ April 1908

All rights reserved

Printed by Ballantvne, Hanson

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