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*' vernment : but to undeceive allperfonsas to that Claufe; the Cotn-
" mons made fnch an Explanation, to fhew that the Bifliops and the
*• Church were to receive no real Benefit by it." Mr. Allen Blaney^
Curate of Ne^ington, Surrey, was fummon'd before the Parliament
for preaching againft "the Protejlation, Nalfon's CoUeBions, vol, ;:.,
p. 288.

f. 765. Nor for free liberty of Confcience.'] Thus the two firft E-
ditions read : the word Free was left out in 1674. and all the fub-
feauent Editions ; and Mr. Warburton thinks for the worfe. Free
Liberty being a moft beautiful, and fatirical Periphrafis, for Licen-
tioufnefs, which is the Idea the Author here intended to give us.

f. 766. Lords and Commons Ordinances. ^^ The King being driven^
from the Parliament, no Legal Ads of Parliament could be made :
therefore when the Lords and Commons, had agreed upon any Bill,
they publiftied it, and required Obedience to it, under the Title of,
An Ordinance of Lords and Commons. And fometimes. An Ordinance
ofTarliament. (Dr. B.) See thefe Ordinances proved illegal, by the
Members of the Univerfity of Oxford^ in a Trad, intitled : Reafons
of the prejent Judgment of the Univerfity of Oxford concerning the
Solemn League and Co'venant, Sec. publifhedin the year, 1646. p. 46.
Mr. C/fTf'/aW fpeaking of thefe Ordinances, (CharaLler of London
Diurnal) merrily obferves, " That an Ordinance is a Law ftill-born ;
" dropp'd before quickned with the Royal Affent. 'Tis one of the
•' Parliament's By-Blowos, [Ails only being Legitimate) and hath ao
" more Sire, than a Spani/h Jennet that is begotten by the Wind."
See Walker'^ Hifl. of Independency, part 1. p, i5.edir. 166 1.

"p. 767, 768. Nor for the Church, nor for Church-Lands, — lo get
them into their ovjn hands.'] The way of Jequefering, and invading
Church-livings by a Committee for that purpofe, is well known.
It was fo notorioufly unjuft and tyrannical, that even izV/y the Si-
drophel of this Poem, could not forbear giving the following re-
markable Inftance. " About this time (1646) lays he, the moit.fa-

" mous



Nor m/ Comfellors to bring
770 Tojuftice, that feduce the King -,
Nor for the Worlhip of us Men,
Tho' we have done as much for them.
Th' ^Egyptians worfliipp'd Dogs, and for
Their Faith made internecine War.

*' mous Mathematician of all Europe, Mr. William Oughtred, Parfon
" of Jldbury in Surry, was in danger of Sequejlration by the Com-
•' mittee oi, or ior Plundered Minifiers; [Ambodexters thty yvtic)
" feveral cdnfiderable Articles were depofed, and fworn againft
•' him, material enough to have fei^uejlered him ; but that upon his
" day of hearing, I applied myfelf to Sir Buljirode Whitelocke, and
*' all my own Friends, who in fuch numbers appear'din his behalf,
" that though the Chairman, and many other Frejbytermn Mem-
" bers were ftifF againft him ; yet he was clear'd by the major num-
" ber : the Truth is, he had a conflderable Parfonage, and that only
" was enough to fequefter any moderate Judgment : he was aifo
*' well known to afFecl His Majefty : in thefe times many worthy
" Minifters loft their Livings or Benefices for not complying with
" the Three -penny DireSlory. Had you feen (O Noble Squire) what
*' pitiful Ideots were preferred into fequefter'd Church Bfenefices, you
*' would have been griev'd in your Soul ; but when they came be- /
*• fore the Claffis oi Di'vines,co\x\6i thefe Simpletons only fay,They,l
*' were converted by hearing fuch a Sermon, fuch a Lecture of\
" that godly man Hugh Peters, Stephen Matjhall, or any of that ^
" Gang, he was prefently admitted." L///^''s /,//>, p. 58, 551. (Mr.
B. ) They fequeftered the Eftates of dead men ; fee an account of
the Sequeftration upon Sir William Hunjbys Eftate after his death ;
though he never was quefliion'd for Delinquency during his life,
Hijlory of Independency, part i. p. 128.

;>. 769, 77c. Nor e-jil Counfellors — To juj}ice,&i:c.'\ Alluding to
the unreafonable Clamours of the Members at WeJIminfter, againft
the King's Friends, whom they ftiled E-vil Counfellors, and ordered
a Committee, Odober 1 64 1 , to prepare Heads for a Petition to the
King againft them, (Nalfo?t''s Colledions, vol. 2 p. 510.) which Per"
fons they mark'd out as Deiinque?its, with a requeft previous to the
Treaty of Newport in the I/Ie of Wight, to have them excepted from
Pardon. And thefe were fuch as were unwilling to give up the
Conjlituiion. (See their Nd.mes,, Impartial Exatr.ina! ion of Mr. Neap's
3'' vol. of the Hifory of the Puritans, p. 333, 334, 335-)

3^. 773. Tlf u^gyptiansiiorf^ippd Dogs.'] Ahuhis, one of their
Gods, was figur'd with a Dog'i> Face, {^tt Moid faaconi Antiquity
explain d, vol. z. part 2. b. I. p. 197.) The Woilhip of the Egyp-
tians h cx'^osi'dhy Juvenal, Sat. 15. lin. I, &,c.

H z ^iis


775 Others ador'd a Raf, and fome

For that Church fuffer'd Martyrdom.

^uis nefc'it Voluji Bithynice, qual'ta demens
jEgyptus portenta colat, Crocodilon adorat

Pars hac

Honjo j^gypt, mad vjith Superjliiion griywit.

Makes Gods of Monjiers, but too 'well is hionjjn :

One SeSi devotion to Ni/e^s Serpent pays.

Others to Ibis, that an Serpents preys.

Where Thebes, th\ hundred Gates lie unrepair'' d.

And ivhere maitnd Memnoti s magic Harp is heard'.

Where thefe are mouldering, let the Sots combine

With pious care a Monkey to enjhrine :

Fi/h-Gods you II meet tvith Fins and Scales o''ergro<w», '1

Diana'' s Dogs adord in e'v'ry Tonvn, ?•

Her Dogs ha<ve Temples, hut the Goddefs none. j

' Tis mortal Sin an Onion to dei'our.

Each Clo've of Gar lick is a facred poivr.

Religious Nations fur e, and hie fi'' d abodes.

Where eu\y Orchard is o"" er-run Kuith Gods !

To kill is Murder, Sacrilege to eat

A Kid or Lamhi Man s Flcjh is laivfulmeat.

Mr. Dryden.
The Egyptians likewlfe worlhipp'd Cats, fee an inflance of their ex-
treme Severity in puniihing a noble Roman with Death, who kill'd
a Cat by miftake : notwithftanding the Egyptian Nobility interpos'd
in his behalf. Vid, Dicdori Siculi Rer. Antiqu. lib. 2. cap. 4. p.
36. Antiquity explain'' d by Montfaucon,\'o\. 2. part 2. b. i. ch. 17.
p. 202.) fee an account of Egyptian Deities, from Athenaus, in Dr.
Lightfoot's Mifcellanies, chap. 55. Works, vol. i. p. 1027. Mr,
Purchafe gives from Saint J erome, and Ortelius, one remarkable
inftance. Crepitus Ventris inflati, Pelujiaca religio ejl. (Pilgrims,
vol. 5. book 6. chap. 4. p. 641.)

3^. 77:;. Others adord a Rat — ] \h.Q Ichneumon, the Water-Rat
of the Nile. Diodorus Siculus mentions this (Rer. Antiquar. lib. 2.
cap. 4. p. 36. vid. Vo/J. de Idololatrid, lib. 3. p. 1131, 1132.)
The Ichneumon was a great enemy to the Afp and Crocodile, (vid.
Diodori Siculi, id. ib. p. 37.) Plinii Nat. Hiji. lib. 4. cap. 54, 35,)
The manner of deflroying them is defcribed by Dubartas, {Di'vine
Weeks, p 200.) in the following manner.

Thou maVft the Ichneumon, '^.vhom, the Memphs adorer

To rid of Po\fons NiWs manured Shore :

A/tho' indeed he doth not conquer them.

So much by Strength, as fubtle Stratagem.^——

So Pharaoh'' s Rat e" er he begins the fray

^Gainji the blind Afpick, with a cleaving Clay



The Indians fought the Truth

Of th' Elephant and Monkey^ s,Toot\i:

Upon his Coat he 'wraps an earthen Cake,

Which afterivards the Sttn^s hot beams do bake :

ArTiid (with this Plaijler, tV J [pick he approachethf

j^nd in his throat his crooked Tooth he broqcheth j

While the other hootlejs firinjes to pierce and prick

Through the hard tetnpir of his Armour thick.

Yet knon-ving himfelftoo 'weak 'with all his ivile

Alone to match the fcaly Crocodile,

He '■with the Wren his ruine doth confpire :

The Wren, 'who feeing him prefs^divith Sleep'' s dejire,

Nile's Pois^ny Pyrate, prefs the ftimy Shore,

Suddenly comes, and hopping him before.

Into his Mouth he f^ips, his Teeth he pickle:,

Cleanjeth his Palate, and his Throat fo tickles.

That charmed ivith Pleafure, the dull Serpent gapes

Wider and 'wider 'with his ugly Chirps :

Then like ajhaft the Ichneumon injlantly

Into the Tyrant^ s greedy Gorge doth fly.

And feeds upon that Glutton, forfwhofe Riot,

All NiWs fat Margent could jcarce furnijh Diet.

And Mr. RolUn (Ancient Hiji. of the Egyptians, Sec. 2"" edit, vol
I. p. 42.) obferves, that he is fo great an enemy to the Crocodile,
that he deftroys his Eggs, but does not eat them. (See more Chronic.
Chronicor, Ecclef. lib. 2. p. 411. Gr uteri Fax Artium, torn. i. p.
\\ 6. Pur chafe his Pilgrims, vol. 5. p. 6\o. Motitaigne\ EJfays,
vol. 2. chap. 12. p. 186. Speo7ator,N° 126. MzV? were likevvife
worfhipped in fome places; Mendefii Murem colunt.l^ot. Seled. in
Jwven. ed. Henninii, p. 8go. vid. Chartarii Imagin. Dear, qui
ab Antiquis colebantur, p. 63. Memoirs of Martin Scrihlerus, book
I. chap. 14. Scot's Difcourfe of Devils and Spirits, chap. 23. Dif
co'ueryof Witchcraft, p. 525.

ir. 778. and Monkey s Tooth.'] 'Twas worfhipped by the

Veo'^lc oi Malabar and Ceylon. Malaberes Sc Cheilomnfes IIjS)!**-
Aalgoj funt. Notum e Linfchotano Cheilonenfes Lufstanis anno 1554-
pro folo dente Simiaj, religiose ab illis culto, & in monte Ada?ni
intercepto, obtuliiTe 700000 Ducatorum Spicileg. Hen. Chriftoph.
Hennin. ad Sat. 15 Ju-venal. p. 667. fee Linfcoten'^ Voyages, chap.
44^ p. 8 1, printed by John Wolf, he Blanc\ Travels. * " Whea
" 'twas burnt at the inllance.of the Priefts, as foon as the fire was
" kindled, all the People prefent were not able to endure the hor-
'• rible Stink that came from it, as if the fire had been made of the
** fame ingredients, with which Seamen ufed to compofe that kind
" of Granados, wliich they call Stinkards.'" See an account of a
Law-Suit between a couple of Convents for a Human Tooth found
H 3 in


And many, to defend that Faith,
5? 80 Fought it out mordicus to death :

But no Beaft ever was fo flight,

For Man, as for his God, to fight.

They have more Wit, alas ! and know

Themfelves and us better than fo.
785 But we, who only do infufe

The Rage in them hke Bout e- feus ;

'Tis our Example that inftils

In them th' Infection of our Ills.

For, as fome late Philofophers
5^90 Have well obferv'd, Beafts, that converfe

With Man, take after him, as Hogs

Get Pigs all th' Year, and Bitches Dogs.

Juft fo, by our example. Cattle

Learn ^o give one another battle.
795 ^^ ^^^^ ^" Nero\ time, the Heathen

When they deftroy'd the Chrijiian Brethren^

They few'd them in the Skins of Bears ^

And then fet Dogs about their ears :

^n a Catacomb, each of them pretending that it belong'd tea Saint
who was of their Order. Tatler, N° 129.

3^.780. Fought it out Mordicus to death. Vid. Stepham.Thefaur,
tingues Latino: fub voce Mordicus. When Catejby advifed King
'Richard the T'hird to fly and fave his life, (fee Shake/pear s King
Richard the Third, aft 5 . fc. the laft) he anfwer'd,
Slanje, I ha-ve fet my Life upon a Cafi,
And I 'wiUfiand the Hazard of the Dye.

jr. 786. — like Bcute-feus.\ * Boute-feus is a French word, and
therefore it were uncivil to fuppofe any Englijh Perfon (efpecially of
Quality) ignorant of it, or fo ill bred as to need any Expofition.

f. 795j 796, 797. We read in Nero's time, the Heathen — fVhen
ihey defirof d the Chriflian Brethren, — They fe%v' d them in the Skins
ef Bears, &c.] This is confirmed hy Tacitus, ( Atmal. lib. 15. p.
168, Lugd. Bata'v. 1589.) Et pereuntibus addita ludibria, ut Fe-
rarum tergis contexti, laniatu Canum interirent. In this he was.
imitated by Ba7:,ilo%mts, the Great Duke (or rather Tyrant) of
Mufco'vy: who uled to punifh his Nobility who offended him in this
aianner : covering them with Bears Skins, and baiting them with


PART I. C A NT O I. 8r

From whence, no doubt, th' Invention came
§00 Of this lewd antichriftian Game.
To this, quoth Ralphoy verily

The Point feems very plain to me :

It is an antichriftian Game,

Unlawful both in Thing and Name.
go5 Firft for the Name, the Word Bear-halting

Is carnal, and of Man's creating :

fierce En^UJh Majiiffs. (Rerum Mufcovitic, Comment, a Sigifmundo.
1600. pag. 196.)

f. 800. Of this U'iud Antichrijiian Game.'] Alluding probably to
Prjns Hifiriomaliix, (p. 5(;6. and 583.) who has endeavour'd to
prove it iuch, from the 6 1 Canon of the fixth Council of Conjiati'
tinople, which he has thus tranflated : •' Thofe ought alfo to be
" fubjedl to Six years Excommunication, who carry about Bears, or
*' fuch like Creatures for Sport, to the hurt of fimple People.'^
Our Knight was not the only ftickler in thofe times againft Bear-
baiting. Colonel Pride, a Foundling and Drayman^ was likewife a
Hero in thefe kind of Exploits ; as we learn from a Ballad upon
him ; which having defcrib'd his zeal againft Cock-fighting, goes
on thus :

But fiujh^ d nvith thefe Spoils, the next of his Toils

Was to fall ivith Wild-beafis by the ears ;
To the Beavjoard he goeth, and then opend his Mouthy

And f aid. Oh I are you there nxjith your Bears?
The Crime of the Bears nvas, they 'were Caz'aliers,

And had formerly fought for the King ;
And had pulC d by the Burrs the Round-headed Curs,
That they made their Ears to ring.

(ColleBion of Loyal Songs, reprinted 1731. vol. i. p. 1S4) Indee4
the Rebels feemed enemies to all kinds of publick Diverllons, if we
may believe a merry Cavalier, who triumphs at the approach of a,
fr^e Parliament, in the following words.

A Hound and a Ha'wk no longer
Shall be tokens of Difaffedion :

A Cock fight Jhall ceafe

To be Breach of the Peace ;
uind a Horfe-race an InfurreBion.

3^. 806. Carnal, and of Man % creating?] This is a Banter upon
the Members of the Affcmbly of Divines, who in their Note upon
Genefis, chap, i . ver. i . libel the Kine for Creating of Honours^
tSee Mr. Butlers, Remains, p. 226,)

H 4 f. 2ojF


For certainly there's no fuch Word
In all the Scripture on Record :
Therefore unlawful, and a Sin ;
8 10 And fo is (fecondlyj the Thing.
A vile Ajfemhly 'tis, that can
, No more be prov'd by Scripture, than
Provincial^ Clajfick^ National^
Mere human Creature-Cobwebs all.

3^. 807, 808. For certainly theri s no fuch Word — In all the Scrip-
ture on record.'] *' The Difcipli?tarians held. That the Scripture of
" God is in fuch fort the rule of human Adiohs, that fimply,
*' whatever we do, and are not by it direfted thereto, the fame
*' is Sin." Hookers Ecclefiajlical Polity, book 2, §. 2. Of this
ftamp were the Trench Huguenots mentioned by Montlue, who were
fo nicely krupulous, that they made a confcience of paying their
Landlords their Rents, unkfs they could fliew a Text for it.
(VEJlr angers Fables, part 2. fab. 26.) In a Traft printed in thofe
times, intitled, ^Accommodation difco/nmended, as incommodious to the
Commonnvealth i p. 3, are the following words. " Firft, Accommo-
" dation is not the language of Canaan, and therefore it cannot
** conduce to the peace oi JerufaUm. 2. It is no Scripture-^joord :
*' now to vilify the Ordinances which are in Scripture, and to (et
*' up Accommodation, which is not in Scripture ; no not fo much as
*' in the Apocrxpha, is to relinquilh the Word, and follow the In-
** ventions of Man, which is plain Popery." Mr. Conjoley, in his
Traft, \ni\x\e.6. A Puritan and Papj/i, publiflied in the times, (and
reprinted 168 1-2. p. 6.) expofes them, for their folly in this
refpeft :

What mighty Sums ha<i<e they /que ez'd out o'th'' City,
Fnough to make them poor, and fomcthing 'uoitty ;
Excife, Loan, Contributions, Pole-Monies,
Bribes, Plunder, and fuch ParHament Pri'vi leges ;
Are ivords nvhich you ne^er learn d in Hoi)- Writ,
Till the Spirit of your Synod mended it.
f. 811. J'vile Afembly'tis, Sec] Meamng the Afembly of Di-
vines, compofed chiefly of Prefbyterians ; for pretending that their
Form of Church Government, by Claffical, Pro'uincial, and Na-
tional Affemblies, was founded on the Authority of Scripture, when
no fuch Words as Claffical &c. are to be met with there. (Dr. B.)
Sir John Birkenhead (fee Affembly-man, p. 22.) fpeaks of them as
follows. " Weigh him iingle, and he has the Pride of Three Tyrants,
" the Forehead of Six Coalers, and the Fraud of Six Brokers ; and
" take them in the bunch, and their ivhole Affembl^ are a Club of
*' Hypocrites, where fix Dozen of Schifmaticks fpend two hours for

" four


8 ! 5 Thirdly, It is idolatrous -,

For when Men run a whoring thus
With their Inventions, whatfoe'er
The Thing be, whether Dog or Bear,
It is Idolatrous and Pagan,

820 No lefs than worfhipping oi Dagon,
Quoth Hudibrns, I fniell a Rat ;
Ralpho, thou doft prevaricate :
For though the T'hefis which thou lay'il
Be true ad amuffim^ as thou fay*ft ;

825 fFor that Bear-baiting Ihould appear
Jure divino lawfullcr
Than Synods are, thou dod deny,
Totidem verbis -, fo do I :)
Yet there's a Fallacy in this ;

830 For if by fly Homaofis.

*• four Shillings apiece." What opinion the learned Mr. 5(Uen
had of them appears from the following account. " The Houfe of
" Parliament once making a queflion, whether they had beil admit
" Bi(hop U/I^erto the Aflembly of Divines ? He faid, they had as
" good enquire, whether they had bed: admit Inigo Jones, the
" K\x\^s Jrchitefl, to the Cow/««v of Moufe-trap makers." Jp-
pend. ad L'lbr. Nigr. Scaccarii per Th. Heanic, vol. 2. p. 594. See
the Noble Hijlorians Charader of them, (Hiji. of the Rebellion.
vol. I. p. 414- Mr. Milton'^, in the Im^iartial Examination of Mr.
Nea/e's 2' voL of the Hiftory of the Puritans, p. 3 So, and the opi-
nion of Dr. Gregory Williams, Lord Bifhop of Offory. Century of
eminent Frefb,terian preacher s^pref p. 3, 4. and Mr. IVhitelock's
in his Memorials, p. 71.)

^. 816,817. For nuhen Men run a nvhori?2g thus — • With their
Inventions, &c.] See Pfalm 106, 38.

f 820. — luorjhipping of Dagon] See I Maccab. x. 84. xi. 4.

i/. 821. ^oth Hudibras, Ifmell a Rat.'] See Don ^ixote, vol.
2. chap. 10. p. 131.

^. 824. ad amu/Jim-l Exaflly. vid. Erafmi Adag. chil. i, cent.
5. prov. 96.

830. — HomcsoJu.'\ An explanation of a Thing, by fomething
refembling it.

j^. 83 r.

U H U D 1 B R A S.

Tujfis -pre creptu^ an Art

Under a Cough to fliir a F - - 1,

Thou v/oud'ft fophiftically jmply^^

Both are unlawful, I deny.
iQ.c^ And I (quoth Ralpho) do not doubs

But Bear-baiting may be made out

In Gofpel-times, as lawful as is

Provincial^ or Parochial Claffis :

And that both are fo near of kin,
S40 And like in all, as well as Sin,

That put 'em in a bag^ and fhake 'em.

Your felf o' th' fudden wou'd mi( *em.

And not know which is which, unlefs

You mcafure by their Wickednefs :
^45 For 'tis not hard t*imagine whether

O* th' two is v/orfb, tho' I name neither^
Quoth Hudibrafs^ thou cffer'^ft much^

But are not able to keep touch.

Mir-a de knte^ as 'tis i' th' Adage,
850 Id eji, to make a Leek a Cabbage ;

Thou wilt at bed butyl'd- a Bull,

Or Shear Swine, all Cry and no Wool 5

f. 831, 832. TuJ^j p?-o crepi'tu, an Art, &c.] Thefetwo lines left
©ut in the Editions 1674, 1684, 1689, 1700. and reltor'd 1704.
See i^fl-v's Proverbs, 2.'- edit. p. 179.

jr. 849. Mir a de lente, as "'tis t th'' Adage, — That is, to make a
Leek a Cahhage-'\ Rodolphus Jgricola, Vir immortalitate dignus,
]ibro Dialeclices tertio, teiiatur apud Grtrcos proverbio dici folere,
Egrcgia de lente, quoiies res huniilis et pufilla magnis laudibus at-
tolleretiir : perinde quafi lentem, minutum, ac vile legumen fplendidis
cncomiis efferas : Opinor Cracis efFerri hunc in modum, Astva
•m^i (p«x^-;. Erafmi Jdag. Chil. 4. Cent. 5. Fronj. 30.

if, 851. Thowwiltat be ft hut fuck a Bull.'] AUudingto thatprover-
fciair&vingj As'vnfeasthe Waltham Calf, that lucnt nine miles to fuck a.
Bull. The Cynick faid of two impertinent Difputants, (fee Spe&ator
N° 138)" I'he one of thefc Fellows is imlhng a 7?flra,and theother
V ^ol4£ the Pail. Thi^ and tlie followitig line thus altered 1674.


For what can Synods have at alJ,

With Bear that's Analogical?
855 Or what relation has debating

Of Church- Affairs, with Bear-baiting?

A jqft Compariion ftill is

Of things ejufdem generic.

And then what Genus rightly doth
860 Include and comprehend them both ;

If Animal, both of us may

Asjujily pafs for Bears as they ;

For we are Animals no lefs.

Although of diff 'rent Speciefes.
865 But, Ralphoy this is no fit place.

Nor time to argue out the Cafe :

For now the Field is not far o&'V

Where we muft give the World a proof

Of Deeds, not Wards, and fuch as fuit
87i3 Another manner of Difpute.

A Controverfy that affords

Actions for Arguments, not Words:

Thoti canjl at heft but onjerjlratn
A Paradox, and thy ozvn Brain.
Thus they continued in the editions 1 684, i6Pg, i 700, reftored in
I 704, in the following blundering manner. T/jsu/t be at heji but
fuch a Bull, &c. and the blunder continu'dl believe, in all the edi-
tions to this time.

•p. 852. Orjhear S<voinc, all Cry «W »o Wool.~\ *'* Now that ever
" a wife Woman fliould fee her Mafter come to this, to run a IFool-
*' gathering: I would it were fo well; but the f'P'oo I th3.t we fliaU
*' have, is as much as the Devil (God blefs us) got, when hejhore a.
" Hog, {Don fixate, vol. 3. chap. 13. p. 116. Ga^ton^ Notes,
book I. chap. 5. p. 17,)

Si. 854. Analogical^ i, e. Proportiozial.

f. 860. Include, &c.] In the two firll editions of 1663,
Comprehend them inclufi-'ve both

ir. 862. As likely — ] In the two firft editions.

;^. 871, 872. A Controverfy that affords — Aiiioiis for Argujnents
mt Words :] Alluding to the charades: of Z>/«/:ffj in /7r^//'s^;;f;V/,
lib. II. 338, 339. ^Lii:g:.a

86 H U D 1 B R A S.

Which we muft manage at a rate
Of Prow'fs and Conduit adequate

875 Tovwhat our Place and Fame doth promife.
And all the Godly expeft from us.
Nor {hall they be deceiv'd unlefs
We're flurr'd and outed bySuccefs:
Succefs, the Mark no mortal Wit,

880 Or fureft Hand, can always hit:
For whatlbe'er we perpetrate,
We do but row, w'are fteer'd by Fate,

•Lingua nieliof-yfedfrigtda hello

D extra •

Sue hperfons may in the ftile of the Writer of The famous Hijlory of'
Guy Earl of VFar'wick, cant. 4. be call'd " Good proper Fellows
" of their tongues, and tall."'

■i. 876. All the Godly, &c.] The Prejhyterians, and Seftaries of

I thofe times, caiPd themfelves the Godly, and all that were for the

/ Church and King the Ungodly ; though they themfelves were a pack

J of the moQi/ancIifed Knaves that ever lived upon earth: and 'twas

/ the obfcrvation of Harry Martin. V Ejlrange'% Fables, part 2. moral

to fab. 87. " That one Godly Knanje was worth fifty Arrant Kna^ves,

*■* and in proof, he ofrer'd to be judged by the Four Evangelifts.''''

Rebel. " 1 laugh to think how when I counterfeit a whining Paflion,

" and talk of God and Goodnefs, walk with a fad and mortified

*' countenance, how I'm admired arriong the Brethren, a?id ftiled

" A Man of God." Committee-man Curried, by Bam. Sheppard, aft.

I 3. p.9.1674. Royal Library Cambridge. They afted very much like

\ that confummate Hypocrite, Richard Duke of Gloucefter, in whofe

\ mouth Shukfpear (fee Richard the Third, adl. i. vol. 5 p. 4.22,)

puts the foiiowing Words :

But thin Ifigh, andivith a piece of Scripture
Tell them, that God bids me do good for enjil:
And thus 1 cloke my naked Villany,
With old odd endsjh 'en forth of Holy Writ,
And fiem a Saint nvhen mo/l I play the De'vil.
Mr. Coivley (fee Cuter of Cohman Jlreet , adl. i. fc, 2.) defcribes
them in the character of Barehottle, the Soap-boiler ; " He was a
*' very R.ogue that's the truth on't, in the bufmefs between Man
" Man; but as to Godnxiard, he was always accounted an upright
^ ** Man, and very devout." (fee the Fable of the Hypocrite^
V Eftrange \o\. I. Fable 497-y'

4. 882. nv are jieerd Fate.'\ The Presbyterians in thofe

days, were exceeding zealous for the dodirine of Predefination ; and



Which in Succefs oft difinherits,

For fpurious Caufes, nobleft Merits.
885 Great A6lions are not always true Sons

Of great and mighty Refokitions :

Nor do the bold' ft Attempts bring forth

Events ftill equal to their Worth :

But fomedmes fail, and in their ftead .
890 Fortune and Cowardice fucceed.

Yet we have no great Caufe to doubt,

Our A6tions ftill have born us out :

Which tho' th' are known to be fo ample.

We need not copy from Example ;
S^^ V/e're not the only Perfon durft

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