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he was a captain in the regiment commanded by Col. Moses Nich-
ols ; in August, 1778, he was captain of a company and took part
in the Rhode Island campaign, under Col. Nichols. The following
year he was a captain in Col. Hercules Mooney's command which
went to defend R. I. In civil life, Capt. Emerson was a promi-
nent citizen of Hollis ; he was justice of the peace, representative
in 1782, and councillor, 1787. He was a son of the Rev. Daniel
Emerson, one of the proprietors of Dublin, and a person of much
influence in Hollis, both because of his official position and of his
personal character.

Roger Gilmore of Jaffrey, b. 1738; d. 1807; a native of Lon-
donderry, N. H. ; was an early and leading citizen of Jaffrey and
often employed in its service. He was its first tythingman, 1773,

Dublin Revolutionary Soldiers. 27

its delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1791, and its first
justice of the peace. In military affairs he was no less prominent,
having been lieutenant and afterwards captain of the first military
company of the town. He led a company, June 29, 1777, under
command of Lt. Col. Thomas Heald, to reinforce the garrison at
Ticonderoga. Capt. Gilmore was also a land surveyor, and his
memory is kept alive through the name of Gilmore Pond in

Elisha Mack, b. Lyme, Conn., came from Marlow to Gilsum,
and removed thence to Montague (Mass. ). He was a private in
Capt. Samuel Wetherbee's company of Col. Isaac Wyman's reg-
iment, July, 1776, and was at Ticonderoga, Nov. 1776. The
following year he was lieutenant in Capt. Davis Howlet's com-
pany, and marched to Lake Champlain, in lilay*; later he was a
captain in Col. Moses Nichols's regiment, Stark's brigade, July-
Sept. 1777. May 31, 1779, he led the "Keene Raid," an unlawful
attempt to seize a much disliked Tory of Keene. Capt. Mack was
prominent in various ways, was a mill owner, and in 1778-79
bridged the Ashuelot River.

Benjamin Mann, b. about 1740, Woburn, Mass. ; d. 1831, at
Troy, N. Y. Benjamin Mann came with his family to Mason,
N. H. , about 1 77 1. He was twelve times moderator ; town clerk ;
selectman, six years ; four times representative and a member of
the Committee of Public Safety. He was the first justice of the
peace in Mason. The fine elm trees on the Common in that town
were planted by Capt. Mann in 1790 (on the day of Rev. Mr.
Hall's ordination). June, 1775, he was captain in Col. James
Reed's regiment and took part in the battle of Bunker Hill. In
August, 1778, he had command of a company in the regiment led
by Col. Moses Nichols during the Rhode Island campaign. Some
time in the winter of 1775-76, he stated that he was in command
of Capt. Robert Oliver's company which was, perhaps, one of the
thirty-one companies sent to replace Connecticut troops during
the siege of Boston. Nothing has been learned respecting Capt.
Oliver. Mr. Mann was a thrifty and useful citizen. He removed
from Mason about 1800.

John Mellen, b. 1744, Holliston, Mass. ; d. July 25, 1784;
came to Fitzwilliam before the Revolutionary War, and was one

28 * Dublin Revoi^utionary Soi.diers.

of tlie most reliable and energetic citizens of that town. In 1775,
lie was commander of its military company. In 1777, Capt. Mel-
len was a member of the Committee of Safety, and led a company
to reinforce Ticonderoga in June of that year. The next yesLV
(1778) he was quartermaster in Col. Enoch Hale's regiment dur-
ing the Rhode Island campaign. Capt, Mellen was a person of
unusual business capacity and his early death was a severe loss to

Jacob Miller of HoUiston, Mass., when 28 years of age was
a sergeant in Capt. White's company under command of Col.
Ephraim Williams, 1758, and appears to have served with the same
rank in Capt. John Nixon's company, 1759. Oct. 6. 1775, he was
a captain in Col. Ephraim Doolittle's regiment, stationed at Win-
ter Hill. The next year he was commissioned Major in Col.
Whitney's regiment. The presence of Dublin men in the com-
mands of Captains Bullard and Miller is readily explained by the
fact that many of the early settlers of Dublin went from Sherborn
and Holliston, the towns to which those officers respectively

Joseph Parker, b. about 1741 ; d. 1807 ; came to New Ips-
wich, 1766. He was known as an energetic and daring man and
saw much military service. He served 13 days in the "April
Alarm," 1775, and in 1776 was captain of a company in Col. Enoch
Hale's regiment which joined the northern arm}' at Ticonderoga
in July of that year. It is probable that he had seen service in
the French War.

Daniel Reynolds of lyoudonderry, b. ; d. 1815 ; a well

known citizen who was a captain, stationed at Winter Hill, Dec.
1775. In Sept. 1776, he held like rank in Col. Thos. Tasli's
regiment. A year later he fought under Col. Moses Nichols
against Burgoyne. From Jan. to Nov. 16, 1778, he was a captain
in Et. Col. Stephen Peabody's regiment, and was major of Col.
Hercules Mooney's regiment in 1779. He held various civil
offices in Eondonderry. He was Et. Col. of a regiment of six
months' men in 1781.

Samuel Richards of Goffstown, b. ; d. ; was prob-
ably a son of Ensign Benjamin Richards, a soldier of the French

Dublin Revolutionary Soldiers. 29

and Indian War, early settler of Goffstown and grantee of that
town. Capt. Richards during the summer and autumn of 1775
commanded a company in Col. John Stark's regiment. The family
was one of the best-known in Goffstown, and Capt. Richards held
a good place in the esteem of his townsmen. The King's officers
in 1772 seized pine lumber at the Richards mill upon the pretext
that it was of size and quality suitable for the Royal Navy, and
therefore forfeit to his Royal Majesty. Such seizures were not
uncommon in colonial times in N. H.

Caleb Robinson, b. Exeter, 1746 ; d. ; held a lieuten-
ant's commission in Capt. Isaac Sherman's company of Col.
Loammi Baldwin's regiment (Mass.) in 1775. Capt. Sherman
had taught school in Exeter, and a number of men from that town
joined his company at Cambridge, Mass. In 1777, Caleb Robinson
was a captain in Col. Nathan Hale's regiment (2d N. H.) and was
made prisoner at Hubbardton, 1777, with Col. Hale and others.
In 1 78 1, he was a major in Col. George Reid's regiment. Capt.
Robinson belonged to an Exeter family of good standing. One
of its members has founded, in recent years, the Robinson Female
Seminary at Exeter.

Abijah Smith of New Ipswich, came thither from Leominster,
Mass., about 1764. He had been a soldier in the French and In-
dian War, and was accordingly made a leader in preparations to
resist Great Britain. In Col. Nahum Baldwin's regiment which
marched in the autumn of 1776 to reinforce Washington's army
about New York, Abijah Smith held a captaincy. He had a large
family and died in New Ipswich, 1786.

Benjamin Spaulding was an early settler in Jaffrey, where he
held various town offices. In later life he removed to Marlboro,
N. H. , where he kept a hotel. He went to Cambridge, ' ' Lexington
Alarm," April, 1775, and, 1780, commanded a company in Col.
Moses Nichols's regiment which went to reinforce West Point,
July-Get. of that year.

Jeremiah Stiles of Keene, b. 1744; d. Dec. 6, 1800. A
prominent citizen of Keene, who held there various civil and
military offices. In 1775, he commanded a company at Cambridge
under Col. John Stark ; later in the year his commanding officer

30 Dublin Rkvoi^utionary Soldiers.

was Col. Paul Dudley Sargent of Amherst. Capt. Stiles was
present at Bunker Hill. In 1776, Capt. Stiles was a member of
the Keene Committee of Safety. He was well known as a sur-
veyor and an active speculator in the land of the new townships
in Cheshire County,

William Stilson, said in N. H. State Papers to be of Hop-
kinton, but evidently (see N. H. State Papers 9 vol. VIII, pp. 94-
95) 533). was a citizen of Somersworth. In Dec. 1775 he was 2d
Lieut, in Capt. Nath^ Odiorne's company at Winter Hill. Nov.

20, 1776, he was at Mt. Independence, on I^ake Champlain, in
command of a company in Col. Isaac Wyman's regiment which
had been sent in the summer of 1776 to reinforce the American
army in Canada. He was sent, Sept. 8, with a party to build a
road from Mt. Independence to Castleton, Vt. Complaint was
made to the New Hampshire authorities as to his accounts with
the soldiers under his command, who continued as late as 1791 to
send petitions for the balance of their pay (for the month of Nov.
1776). Other details are lacking.

Salmon Stone of Rindge, b. Groton, Mass., April 17, 1744;
d. Rindge, Oct. 4, 1831 ; was an early settler in Rindge and prom-
inent in its affairs. Salmon Stone was corporal in Capt. Nathan
Hale's company, April, 1775. He was captain in Col. Enoch
Hale's regiment July, 1777, and held the same rank in the regi-
ment commanded by Col. Moses Nichols which fought at Ben-
nington and Saratoga, in the autumn of 1777.

Othniel Thomas, b. Topsfield, Mass., ; d. Rindge, April

21, 1794 ; was a leading citizen of Rindge ; selectman, 1780, often
moderator, and was sent to represent Rindge in the convention
which ratified the Federal Constitution. He was lieutenant in
Capt. Salmon Stone's company. Col. Enoch Hale's regiment, July,
1777, and had the rank of captain in the regiment of I^ieut. Col.
Daniel Reynolds (six months men) in 1781.

Samuel Twitchell of Dublin, b. Aug. 24, 1740, at Sherborn,
Mass. ; d. at Dublin, April 16, 1820. Capt. Twitchell was the
third permanent settler of Dublin, where, also, four of his broth-
ers and three of his sisters made their homes. He removed to
Dublin in 1762 and lived on lot 7, range i. In addition to his

Dublin Revolutionary Soldiers. 31

farm, Capt. Twitchell owned a mill near his house and in 1769
bought the water privilege at the outlet of Thorndike Pond, of
Col. Joseph Blanchard, the agent of the Jaffrey proprietors. Mr.
Twitchell was a leading citizen of Dublin, as is proven by the
offices which he filled there : he was moderator, 1782, '83, '91, '94;
selectman, 1773, '88, '92, '93 ; representative, 1792, '93, '94; cor-
oner for Cheshire County, 1 79 1, and justice of the peace. He

appears to have been a member of the church in Dublin from its
organization under Rev. Joseph Farrar, 1772. His father, Joseph
Twitchell, Esq., of Sherborn, was for many years one of the lead-
ing citizens of that town and, as an agent for the proprietors of
Dublin, was very active and efficient in his efforts to secure settlers
for the new town at the foot of Monadnock. It is said that
twenty-seven of the early settlers of Dublin came from Sherborn,
Mass., most of them, presumably, through the exertions of Joseph
Twitchell. Samuel Twitchell (see N. H. State Papers, vol. XV,
pp. 108, 536-37) was a lieutenant, June 28-July 2, 1777, in Capt.
John Mellen's company. Col. Enoch Hale's regiment, which
marched from Fitzwilliam and adjacent towns to reinforce the
garrison at Ticonderoga. He was succeeded, it appears, by Oliver
Wright of Marlboro. In August, 1778, Samuel Twitchell com-
manded a company from Dublin and neighboring towns. Col.
Enoch Hale's regiment, which took part in the Rhode Island
campaign. It is presumed that Capt. Twitchell had been an
officer in the military company of Dublin previous to his service
in 1777. It is stated that he was the third commander of that
company ; his successor was commissioned Feb. 16, 1786. Capt.
Twitchell' s father was one of the earliest purchasers of land in
Dubhn, as shown by an entry in proprietors' records (N. H. State
Papers, XXVIII, 493) " Martha Thornton Esqr Sold to Joseph
Twitchell one Rite viz Peter Powers Rite the 41 draft Lott 14 in
4 Range & ye Lott 19 in 9 R & ye L 19 in 10." The Twitchell
family once had numerous members in Dublin, but few now
remain. Samuel Twitchell was a descendant of Joseph Twitchell

32 Dublin Revolutionary Soldiers.

who took the freeman's oath, May 14, 1634, and father of the
famous physician and surgeon, Dr. Amos Twitchell of Keene,
N. H.

Jason Wait of Alstead, b. ; d. ; was ensign of the

first militia company of Alstead, 1773. In Feb. 1776, he was in
command of a company in Col. Timothy Bedel's regiment which
went from the towns of western N, H. to reinforce the northern
arm5^ In November of that year he was captain of a company
in Col. Joseph Cilley's regiment. July 5, 1780, he was made
major "vice Norris resigned," in the 2d N. H. regiment under
Col. George Reid, and resigned Dec. 8, 1782. Mrs. Prudence
Baxter whose husband, Simon Baxter, was a Tory, stated, 1778,
that Capt. Wait as a prisoner had experienced kind treatment from
said Simon Baxter. Capt. Wait was a prisoner in New York,
captured probably in the disastrous battle on I^oug Island.

William Walker of Dunstable, b. ; d. ; is sup-
posed to be the same person as the Wm. Walker who served in
the French War, 1 745-' 46, as a sergeant in Capt. (afterwards Col.)
John Goffe's scouting company, and who served the following year
under Capt. John Webster. In less than a week after the I^ex-
ington fight he had a company at Cambridge and joined Col. James
Reed's regiment, being present at Bunker Hill. March, 1776,
Capt. Walker was chosen a delegate to the County Congress, and
was a member of a committee ' ' to see that no British goods were
sold in town." In December of the same 3'ear, he raised a
company for Col. Daniel Gilman's regim.ent, which was to serve
till March, 1777. In that year he was made major of Col.
Daniel Moore's regiment and took part in the campaign against


Abbott, Captain Joshua, 24

Adams, Elisha, 8

Adams, Joseph, 8

Adams, Moses, 7, 8

Alden, Thomas, 8

Ashley, Colonel Samuel, 7, 20, 26

Badger, Colonel Joseph, 7

Balch, Hart, 8, 9

Baldwin, Colonel Nahum, 20

Baldwin, Colonel Loammi, 25, 26, 29

Bartlett, Colonel Josiah, 7

Bates, Nathaniel, 9

Bedel, Colonel Timothy, 20, 32

Belknap, Lawson, 5

Belknap, Nathaniel, 9

Bellows, Colonel Benjamin, 7

Blodgett, Captain Samuel, 26

Brewer, Colonel Jonathan, 21, 25

Brown, Captain Josiah, 25

BuUard, Asa, 9

Bullard, Captain Benjamin, 25

Billiard, Colonel Samuel, 25

Bullard, vSimeon, 10

Chamberlain, James, 10
Chase, Colonel Jonathan, 7
Cilley, Colonel Joseph, 21, 32

David, Captain Isaac, 25
Dearborn, Captain Henry, 26
Doolittle, Colonel Ephraim, 21, 28

Emerson, Capiaiijjj.,nyfei, 26
Evans, Colonel Stephen, 7

Fisk, Thomas, 5
French, Samuel, 10, 12
Frost, Joseph, 10

Gerrish, Lieut. Colonel Henry, 24
Gilchrist, Richard, 18
Gilman, Colonel Daniel, 32
Gilman, Colonel Nicholas, 7
Gilmore, Captain Roger, 26
Goyer, Bartholomew, 10, 11, 12
Green, Thomas, 18, 19
Greenwood, EH, 18

Greenwood, Joseph, 8
Greenwood, Joshua, 12
Greenwood, Moses, 12
Greenwood, William, 12

Hale, Colonel Enoch, 7, 21, 28, 30, 31

Hale, Colonel Nathan, 21, 25, 29, 30

Hardy, Thomas, 12

Heald, Colonel Thomas, 22, 25, 27

Henshaw, Colonel Joseph, 25

Hobart, Colonel David, 7

Houghton, James, 13

Hunt, Caleb, 13

Hunt, Henry, 13

Hunt, Willard, 13

Johnson, Ithamar, 13
Johnson, Moses, 13
Johnson, Simeon, 14

Knowlton, John, 14

Leonard, Levi W., D.D., 5
Long, Colonel Pierse, 22

Mack, Captain Elisha, 27

Mann, Captain Benjamin, 27

Mason, Benjamin, 14

Mason, Francis, 14

Mason, Joseph, 14

Mason, Moses, 14

Mellen, Captain John, 27

Meserve, Colonel Nathaniel, 21

Miller, Colonel Jacob, 28

Mills, James, iS, 19

Moody, Captain Dustin, 26

Mooney, Colonel Hercules, 9, 22, 29

Moore, Colonel Daniel, 32

Moore, Colonel David, 7

Morey, Colonel Israel, 7

Morse, Daniel, 15

Morse, Ezra, 15

Morse, John, 15

Morse, Jonathan, 15

Morse, Micah ist, 15

Morse, Micah 2nd, 15

Morse, Reuben, 8, 15

Morse, Thomas, 7, 18, 19



Index of Names.

Moulton, Colonel Jonathan, 7
Muzzy, Robert, 7, 18
Muzzy, Thomas, 16

Nichols, Colonel Moses, 7, 22, 26. 27,
28, 29, 30

Odiorne, Captain Nathaniel, 30 _

Parker, Captain Joseph, 25, 28

Partridge, Levi, 16

Piper, Henry C, 5

Poor, Colonel Enoch, 22

Pratt, Asa, 16

Puffer, Jabez, 18, 19

Peabody, Lieut. Colonel Stephen, 28

Reed, Colonel James, 8, 23, 27, 32
Reid, Colonel George, 11, 12, 23, 29,

Reynolds, Captain Daniel, 28, 30
Richards, Captain Samuel, 28
Robinson, Captain Caleb, 29
Rogers, Major John, 21
Rollins, James, 16
Rollins, Joseph, 16

Sargent, Colonel Paul Dudley, 23, 30
Scammel, Colonel Alexander, 23, 26
Scott, Captain William, 23
Smith, Captain Abijah, 29
Smith, Jonathan K., 5
Spaulding, Captain Benjamin, 29
Stark, Colonel John, 24, 26, 29
Stickney, Colonel Thomas, 7
Stiles, Captain Jeremiah, 23, 29
Stilson, Captain William, 19, 30
Stone, Captain Salmon, 30
Stone, John, 16

Stone, Silas, 16
Strongman, Henry, 18, 19
Strongman, Richard, 16
Strongman, William, 16
Stroud, John, 9, 16
Swan, John, 17

Tash, Colonel Thomas, 28

Thomas, Captain Othniel, 30

Thornton, Colonel Matthew, 7

Town, Gardner, 17

Twitchell, Abel, 9, 19

Twitchell, Abijah, 17

Twitchell, Joseph, 31

Twitchell, Captain Samuel, 8, 17, 30,

Twitchell, Stephen, 17

Van North, Abraham, 17

Wait, Captain Jason, 32
Walker, Captain William, 8, 32
Webster, Colonel John, 7
Wentworth, Governor John, 7
Whipple, Colonel William, 7
Whitcomb, Colonel Asa, 21, 25
White, Thomas, 18

Whitney, Colonel , 28

Willard, Colonel Jrsiah, 7

Williams, Colonel Ephrainij 28

Williams, Josiah, 7

Williams, Samuel, 18

Wilson, Daniel, r9

Wingate, Colonel Joshua, 26

Woods, Eben, 18

Wright, John, 17

Wright, Oliver, 18

Wyman, Colonel Isaac, 19, 27, 30


On page 26, line 14, instead of "earnestly supported," read "vigorously


Additions and Corrections, October, 1904.

(.S>* also History of Dublin, N. H.: a New Edition is in Preparation.)

Page 8. Elisha Adams, b. 1758, d. 1837, at F,armington, Me., enlisted'
from Holliston, Mass., in Capt. Jacob Miller's co.. Col. Eph-
raim Doolittle's reg't, July 15, 1775, and was present with that
company at Winter Hill, Oct. 6, 1775. His son, John Adams,
of Holden, Mass., was living in 1903.

Thomas Alden, b. 1743, d. Feb. 22, 1813, at Leicester, Vt,
m,arried May 25, 1769, Mary Cheney, of Needham, Mass. They
removed from Needham to Dublin.

Hart Balch, fought at Bunker Hill, signed "Association
Test," 1775, at Wilton, N. H., was highway surveyor in Jaffrey,
1777, and was "warned out" of Dublin October, 1779. Persons
of this family name enlisted from Beverly, Danvers, and
Topsfleld, Mass.

Page 9. Abigail Bates was appointed guardian of her two sons, Ed-
ward and Nathaniel, and appears to have married John Stroud
previous to 1790.

Nathaniel Belknap, b Framingham, Mass., Oct. 3, 1748; d.
in Dublin, July 18, 1826. He served three months during the
winter 1775-76, in the army besieging Boston. His widow,
Rebecca (Clark) d. Sept. 21, 1866, aged 102 years, 1 month
and 23 days.

Asa Bullard, a younger brother of Simeon Bullard, b. Apr.
18, 1765, taught school in Dublin, 1785, graduated at D3,rt-
mouth, 1793, received at Harvard the degrees of A. M. (1809),
M. D. (1813), was for several years a successful teacher in
Boston, where he afterwards practiced medicine, and died
May 1, 1826, at Mt. Vernon, N. H.

P.age 10. Bartholomew Goyer, of Natick, Mass., served in the Crown
Point Expedition of 1755. as private in Capt. Jonathan Hoar's
company, and was mustered out Dec. 15, 1755. Bartholomew
Goyer of Natick, was private in Capt. Nathan Watkin's co..
Col. Edmund Phinney's reg't, and in garrison at Ft.
George, Dec. 8, 1776; he had enlisted Jan. 1, 1776. It is sup-
posed that these persons are identical with Bartholomew
Goyer, of Dublin, N. H.

*2 ' Dublin Revolutionary Soldiers.

Page 12. In regard- to captivity of Samuel French, see N. H. State
Papers, vol. xvii, pp. 465-466.

Joshua Greenwood, b. 1755; d. Dublin, N. H., Dec. 1, 1827.
Moses Greenwood, b. Aug. 14, 1748.
William Greenwood, d. Aug. 30, 1830, aged 74.

Page 13. Caleb Hunt, son of Will.ard Hunt, d. May 26, 1811, at Marl-
boro, N. H. He had resided for a time in Stoddard, N. H. He
was b. 1761.

Henry Hunt, brother of Caleb Hunt, b. Aug. 12, 1762; d.
Marlboro, N. H. Nov. 17, 1828. Both are buried on "Frost

Wiliard Hunt, son of Adibah and Phoebe (Pratt) Hunt,
b. May 7, 1741 ; m. Martha Wadkins. He marched April 19,
1775, from Holliston, Mass., and served 10 days in the co. of
Capt. Staples Chamberlin, regt. of Col. Samuel Bull,ard. About
1800 he removed to Hancock, N. H.

Page 14. Sii-neon Johnson, b. Brookline. Mass. about 1730. He served
in the French and Indian War, 1756-63, and soon after re-
moved to Dublin. As a member of Capt. Lealand's co.. Col.
Doolittle's regt. he received advance pay, Cambridge, June 24,
1775, and was at Winter Hill, Oct. 6 and Oct. 31, 1775.

Elias Knowlton, enlisted from Dublin, May 5, 1775, and
was a private in Capt. Jacob Miller's co., Col. Bphraim Doo-
little's regt. at Winter Hill, Oct. 6, 1775. His name is to be
added to the list of Dublin Revolutionary Soldiers.

Page 15. Ezra Morse was sergeant in 1777.

Micah Morse 1st had a daughter, Anna, b. Conw,ay, Mass.,
July 25, 1771.

Reuben Morse d. Aug. 2 7, 1810.

Page 16. Levi Partridge came from Sherborn, Mass., and is described
in the deed of his lot as a "Little wheel Rite."

Asa Pratt was taxed in Dublin. 1793.

John Stone, b. June 30, 1761, Natick, Mass., d. in the army
later than 1781. He was a son of Silas Stone, Sr., and was

Silas Stone, Sr., b. Apr. 29, 1728, Framingham, Mass., m.
Jan. 25, 1750, Elizabeth, dau. of Dea. Jona. and Mary (Coo-
lidge) Russell, of Sherborn. She was the "Widow Stone"
mentioned. Hist, of Dublin, p. 22, and d. about 1820, at an
.advanced age, in Orwell, Vt. They removed to Dublin be-
tween 1763 and 1765. He enlisted, 1777, in Capt. Samuel
Blodgett's CO., Col. Nathan Hale's regt. (earlier Poor's), ^nd
died in the service at Lansingburg, N. Y., later than October
17, 1777.

Silas Stone, Jr., should be added to the number of Dublin's
soldiers in the Revolution. As soon as the news of the battle

Dublin Revolutionary Soldiers. ■ 3

of Lexington received at Dublin, he went to his former
home in Mass. and enlisted for eight months in the co. of
Capt. Benjamin Billiard, of Sherborn, Col. Jona. Brewer's
regt., and was at Bunker Hill where the regiment suffered
severely. In 1776 he served i| Col. Brook's regt., and was
badly wounded at White Plains. He did further service in
1779 and 1780. Jan. 9, 1790, he married Jennette Twitchell
and settled on the "Dea. Twitchell" homestead in Sherborn,
» where he died July 12, 1820.

William Strongman was granted a pension but it was not
received until after his death, March 30, 1836.
Page 17. Gardner Town removed to Stoddard, N. H. l.ater than 1798,
and became one of its most active, influential and prosperous
citizens. He married Lucy, dau. of Col. Eben. and Susanna
(Fletcher) Bancroft, of Tyngsboro, Mass. He was .an exten-
sive land owner in Stoddard at his death, 1815.

Abel Twitchell, b. 1751; d. 1837, is to be added to the list

of Dublin Soldiers. At the time of the "Lexington Alarm," he

enlisted in Capt. Henry Lealand's co.. Col. John Bullard's regt.

In 1776 he enlisted a^ Dublin for six months in Capt.

Chamberlin's co.. Col. Wheelock's reg't.

June 22, 1778, Dublin "voted to .abate the Rates of Abel
Twitchell, Samuel Williams and Ezra Morse that they were
assessed towards hireing the men for the three years' ser-
Page 18. It is supposed that Samuel Williams, who d. March 23, 1799,
in his 47th, was the Revolutionary soldier of that name.
John Caldwell, b. May 15, 1756, Nottingham West (Hud-
son, N. H.) ; d. Nov. 15, 1840, Northfield, Mass., enlisted from
Dublin in April or May, 1775, and served in Capt. Wm. Scott's
CO., Col. Paul Dudley Sargent's regt., with James Caldwell,
Paul Caldwell, Samuel Caldwell, Richard Gilchrist and Thom-
as Green. This company of "minute men" marched, Apr. 20,
1775. These names are upon the muster roll of Aug. 1, 1775,
and these men, except Paul Caldwell, killed at Bunker Hill,
and Thomas Green wounded there, were in the camp before
Boston, Oct. 6, and Nov. 14, 1775. John and James Caldwell
are described as of Windham, N. H. John Caldwell was prob-
ably the brother-in-law of Wm. Strongman and may have
made his home with Strongman, in Dublin. He was pensioned
Feb. 16, 1833.
Page 19. April 8, 1778, Dublin voted to abate Jabez Puffer's Rates to
Thaddeus Mason, and, Oct. 22. of the same year, to buy Jabez
Puffer's land in town and pay out the money for the su""ort
of his family."

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