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A natural arrangement of British plants, according to their relations to each other as pointed out by Jussieu, De Candolle, Brown, &c. .. online

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Online LibrarySamuel Frederick GrayA natural arrangement of British plants, according to their relations to each other as pointed out by Jussieu, De Candolle, Brown, &c. .. → online text (page 31 of 63)
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MeoCba crbpa verticillata folio rotondiore, Rtdi Syn. 232, 4.*

Sy. pratensis. Stem branched at the top, changing from
ale green to dark brown; /^are^ harsh, wrinkled, hairy^
eeply serrated, hanging down close to the stem.
MenUia prateDsls, Sole Mmth. Br, 39, 17.

10. Mentha odorata. Sweetscented mint.

, Leaves petioled, heartshape, rather blunt, serrated, both
sides naked; pedicells and calyx quite hK\A\ flowers capitate;
head quite blunt.

Mentha robra, Milltr Diet.

Meatha odorata. Soie MmUh. BHt. 21,9.

Bergamot mint.

Watery places; perennial; July and August
Herb quite bald, reddish; stem upright, much branched;
spikes terminal, very short, dense;' lower whirl remote,
slightly peduncled ; biactece bristlelike ; calyx slender, fur-
rowed; tube and teeth entirely bald; stamens included;
odour like oranges.

1 1. Mentha piperita. Pepper mint.

Spike blun^ interrupted below; leaves petioled, rather
ovate, nearly bald; calyx quite bald at the base; stamens

Mentha piperata, ITuds. FL Angl. 251.

Mentha piperata officinalis. Sole Mentk. Br. 15,7.

Meotha officinalis, Hull. Br. FL 227.

Tyatery places ; perennial; August and September.

Stem 2 feet high, much branch^ ; hair* recurved ; leaves
ovate, lanceolate, acute, serrated, dark green, pale beneath ;
spike solitary, long; lower whirl very remote, peduncled;

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966 120. Mehtlis. S2. LABIATi£. Pkem.cof^

Iractece fringed ; odour pungent \ taste bitter aromatic. —
Stem and leaves covered with glands containing a catmina-,
tive ami antispasmodic oil.

|3. vulgaris. Leaves ovate, short, rather elliptical ; spikes
short, blunt, and like a head.

MeDtba (8picata)8pici8 brerioribns et babitioribot, folilt "y g^ lw hiKm,
tapore fcrvido piperifi, Raii Sifn. 8S4» t.
Mentha piperita, HuU Br. Ft. 127.
Mentha piperita vulgaris. Sole Menth, Br, 19,8.

7. hifcina. Leaves heartshape^ ovate, bald; jpiibf pointed,
long; lower whirl very remote, pedicelled; taste virose^

Mentha piperita syWestris, SoU Menth. Br, 53,84.
Mentha piperita, HuU Br. FL 12t.

12. Mentha vhridis* Green mint

Spikes interrupted, attenuated; leaves sessile, beartshapey
lanceolate, pointed, naked ; bractea and teeth of the eaiyx
rather hirsute.

Mentha Romaoa, 0«r. em. 680, 3.

Mentha spicata viridis, Lin, S. P. ed. 1, 576.

Mentha viridis, Lin, S. P. 804.

Mentha glabra, MiU. Die

Spearmint. Common garden mint. Brown mint. MiajfcrU mint.

Bogs; perennial; August.

Stem 3 feet high, upright, bald; leaves bald; spikes pa-
tiicled, whirls remote; hracteee twice as long as the flowers;
pedicells and calyx bald ; odour aromatic, acrid. — A con«
serve of the leaves, as also the distilled water and distilled
spirit prevent and stop nausea and vomiting: leaves used
also as carminatives to season flatulent fora; made into
poultices, or in fomentations, used to dissolve coagulationt
of milk in the breasts, milk with which mint leaves are
mixed not curdling nearly so soon as pure milk.

$. angustifolia. Leaves rather hirsute beneath; teeth of
the calyx fringed, fringes short.

Mentha spicaia aogostifolia, glabra, folio rugosiore, odore gratiore«

y. ciliata. Leaves rather hirsute beneath ; teeth of the
calyx fringed ; fringes long, very copious.

Mentha spicata angustifolia, glabra, spica latiore, JHUeH in RaH Sgn*

i. laltfolia. Leaves broad, short, wrinkled; teeth d[ the
calyx fringed ; fringes short.

Meatha spicata glabra, latiort folio, BltkH in MaU Syn. €04, 3.

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fLex.caf. 32. LABIATE. ISl. Pultgium. S67

IIL 121. PULEGIUM. Hiny. Pennyroyal.

Calyx 5*cut, irregular^ not 24ipped, mouth closed with
hairs when in fruit ; corolla little longer than the calvx,
4-lobed, nearly equal j upper lobe not nicked ; siamens "di-
dynamous, diverging. — ^a Ai:u)ma creeping; herb aromatic ;
whirls pedicelled ; bractece 0.

Pulegium atomaticum. Scented pennyroyal.

Leaves .reverse ovat«^ oblong, blunt, rather crertate ;
Jlowers m whirls; pedicells ana calyx tomentose; ieelhot
the calyx fringed.

Polegiam, Raii Syn, 2S5, 1.
* Poleginm regium, Qer, em. 07 1^ 1.
Polcxinm val^rare, Park, 29.
Meatba Pole^m, Lin, S, P. 807.
PmnjffjfmU PudMng'gram. PuHaU royal Orgnnh.

Inundated places; perennial; September.

Stem prostrate, much branched, downy, creeping; leaves
petioled, Wunt ; whirls many-flowered ; pedicelS hairy j
nairs short, horizontal ; corolla purple; tube white ; stamens
exserted. — Herb antispasmodic, used in hysterical diseases,
in infusion, or as a distilled water: syrup of the juice used
in hooping cough.

fi. album. Flowers white.

y. ereclum. Stem upright; pedicells hairy; hairs slightly

Polegiom roU, Qtr, em. 671, 2.

Mentha Pulegiom /?, Stokei Bot. Jf. M. 3, 320.

iV. 122. BUGULA. Dioscorides. Btigle.

Calyx 5-cut, irregular, not 2-lipped { corolla tubular,
npper lip or galea very short, truncated, 2-toothed ; lower
3-lobed; middle lobe large, reverse heartshape; stamena
exserted, ascending; anthers all alike, short, 1 -celled; wii-
erobasis reticulated. — Hairs short, tranversely parted.

a. Flowers axillary^ spiked; leaves broad; root creeping.

1 . Bugula reptans. Creeping bugle.,

Stohnes creeping ; leaves oval, oblong, baldish ; stemf

B«giila, RaHJyn. 245, 1 1 Gtr. cm. dSl, J.

pogolA vulgaris. Park. 245.

Ajuga re plans, Lin. 8. P. 785.

Tevcrium reptans, SnfUb. Prod.

Bugnla reptans, Scopoti Corn.

Brown hufU* Sickle wort. Herb earpavter,

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S6d 122. Bugula. S2. LABIATE PLex.cof^

Woods and damp pastures ; perennial ; April and Maj^
Flowering stem upright, simple, rather hairy ; leaves d-'

Iipticy blunt, repana; upper leaves sessile ; bracte^B not \xk

the least cut; middle lobe of tlie corolla cut.

/BL hirsuta. Stolones short; Iierb hirsute; stem roundish.
Dry mountains.

2. Bugula pyramidalis. Pyramidal bugle.

Stolones ; leaves oval and oblong, villous ; root-leaves
▼ery large, reverse ovate, crenate; bractetB not cut; w/^ls
pyramioically crowded, many-flowered.

Ajugn pyramidalis, JLiii. S. P. 785.

Scotch mountains ; perennial; Mav and June.

^00/ tuberous; stem single; footJeaves many, peti<ded,
blunt, repand; stem-leaves very few, short; braciece oval,
cut, coloured; spike close; corolla purple;

5. Bugula alpina. Alpine bugle^

Stolones 0; stems manv, simple; leaves reverse ovate>
unequally toothed, rather hairy; stem-leaves nearly as large
as the root-leaves; whirls rather distant, many>flowered.

Bugula cerulea ol p i na, Raii Syn, 245, 2 ; Park, 585.

Ajuga. pyramidaiis, Huds, FL Angh 248.

Ajoga GenevcDsif, Withering Bot, Arr,

A^Vigsk. alpina, Lin, MatU* 80.

Mountain bugle.

Mountains; perennial; June.

Lower bractece cut; upper not cut, coloured.

b. Flowers axillary j solitary; leaves slender^ mostly S-cui or
toothed; root annual. Chamaepitys.

4. Bugula arvensis. Field bugle.

Stem diffuse; leaves 3-cut, edge of the lobes not cut;
fiowers shorter than the leaves.

Chamaepitys vulgaris, Raii Syn. 244, 1 ; Park, 283.

Chamiepity^inas, Ger, em. 525, I.

Teucrium Chaioepitys, Lin. S. P. 787.

bognla Charoepitys, Scop. Cam 718.

Ajuga ChamcplfyB, Engl. Bot. 77.

Teucrium arveose, SaUib. Prod. 7G.

Chroundpino. Her^ivy. Forget me not. Field egpreti.

Sandy fields; annual; April and May.

Stem much branched; Zeat/fi S-cut to the middle; lobca
revolute; lower leaves undivided ; ^ott'^5 nearly sessile^
yellow spotted with red. — Herb bitter, acrimonious, useful
^n gout, intermitting fevers, and jaundice.

$. tridentata. Leat;e^ linear; edge not cut; tip S-tootbed.

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PI ex cor. S2.hABlATM. 18S« GbiuiMidi]^ 36»

V. ISJ. CHAMiEDRYa Daoicoridei. Germanier.
Cahx tubular, gibbous at the hu^ 5-toothed; teeth
linoeoUle, upper broadest, 2 lowest slender; corolla riugoit;
l^slea truncated, deeply cat; lobes fidcate^ connate at the
ly; lower 1^ S-parted, lateral lobes loog^ middle lobe
Goncaye^ very larger slightly 5-lobed ; stamens 4t% didyna*
maofly exserted, ascending; fnicrolasiSf or cariopsides,
smooth. — Flowers axillary.

1. Chanuedrys lacmiaia. Jageedrleaf gemumder.

Stem decumbent ; leaves pinnatifid ; lobes S-cut ; flowers
pedunded, in threes.

Cfcwwpityg fomliuit Ger. miu 525, 2.
Tevcrivm Botryt, lAm. S. P.
Ciiiiiiilfjt Bolryt, Mmmk MM. 383.

Cultivated places; annual; June to Auffilst*
Sfem 4-sided, branched; hairs horioontsi; learns petiol e d t
many-cut, lobes cut; flowers in threes from the base of
each leaf; calyx much swollen at the base; corolla purfriish.

5L ChastuBdrys qficinalis. Shop germander.

Stem rather procumbent, villose; leaves wedgeshape^
OTate^ cut, crenate, hirsute^ petided ; flowers in thms.

OuuMMlryt volcarlt teu latiTa, Raii Syn. 831, 1 { Pgrlh 104.

Ckuam^ry ttajor latifoliB, Ger. em. 6My i.

C^hiwirji niaor, Qer. mm. 656, 8L

GkMMBdryt* Pvk. P^rai. 456. ^,

Teaeriom ChaoiBdrys, liR. 3. F. 790. \r

Teoerhin veronicvfoliom, SaUti, Prod. TA^

Ch— dryi oticiBalif , Mmiuk Mdk. 383.

Wda gernumd^r. Bngltsk irmcU.

Old walls; perennial; July.

Rhixoma creeping; stem ascending, branched, nearly
4-dded; lower halfof the leaves not cut, Rowing narrow;
ctdyx faanry; teeth downy, edged with white; corolla pur-
plish.— Herb diuretic, emmenagogue and diaphoretic; ks
deoocticm in wine recommended in gout.

, S. dumuedrys palustris. Marsh germander.

s Stem difluse^ downy; leaves oblong sessile^ toodied,
rather naked ; flowers pedunded, in pairs.

SoMiliai, Jtai£ 3^ 246, 1 s Gtfr. Ml. 66Q, 1.
. 8e#fidiaai Irgitiman, Park, 111.
jh t m i l am Scordivm, lAn, 8. P. 796.
9tiit$r gtrmumder. 8oardS»m. Omrlkk gtrwumitr.

ibop; perennial; July and August.
iksM procumbent, 4-8ided, hany; hwes toothed, ser-
vsAei; flowers in twos or threes, pedunded; calyx baky.

VOL. II. 2 B

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S*7b 134. Scorodoiiia. 32. LABIAT-E- VI. ex. cot.

VL 124. SCORODONIA. VaL Cordus. Woo^sage.
Calyx tabular, beUied at the bottom, 2-Iipped ; apper
Up not cut, ovate, upright; lower lip 4-toothed; 2 side t^th
6bort; 2 lower teeth jutting forwards; ^aUa truncated,
deeply cut; Ibbes rounded; lip 8-cut, side-lobe oblique
spread ; middle lobe reverse heartshape ; stamens 4, didy-
namous, exserted ; gynohasis or cariopsides smooth. —
Flowers racemose, terminal, yellow; racemes leafy.

Scorodonia solUari(i. Single-flowered wood-^age.

Steins upright ; leaves heartshape, rather downy, toothed,
petioled ; racemes axillary, &cing one way.

Scorodooia tea Salvia agreitis, RoH Sjfn. 245, 1 ) 6er. em. 662« 1.

Scorodonia ten scordiom alteram qai bittdam et salvia agrcfttis. Park, 1 IK

Teucrium Scorodooia, Lin. 8. P. 789.

Teacrivm lalvieroliaro, SaliMb. Prod, 76.

Scorodonia WeromaUa, Mtench Metk. 884.

Scorodonia aolilaria, SUtku B. M. M, 3, 874.

Wood iogo* Oariick tmgo.

Woods and heaths ; perennial ; July.
Rhizoma creeping; stem 4-sided, panicled, racemose;
leaves wrinkled ; flowers peduncled, yellow ; stamens violet.

Vll. 125. LAVANDULA. Gesner. Lavender.

Calyx tubular, ovate; outside many-ribbed; inside bald;
edge not cut or but slightly toothed ; periphyllum ovate,
projecting; corolla tubular, long, bellied above ; galea larger
narrower than the lip, flat, 2-cut ; lip 3-lobed ; lobes equal,
blunt; stamens 4, aidynamous, from the side of the tube,
convergent, enclosed. — Stem herbaceous or shrubby ;^oti/eri
spiked, bracteated.

Lavandula Tragi. Tragu^s lavender-

' Leaves sessile^ lanceolate, linear, not cut, edge turned
under; spike int^rupted ; braciecB lanceolate.

Lavandula flore cemlca^ Cttr, em. 583, 1.
Lavandula migor, sive vnlgarb. Park, 73.
Lavandula Spica, JJn, 8. P. 800.
Lavandula Tragi, Salisb. Prod. 78.
Lavender spike.

Cultivated shrubby ; June and July.

Stem upriAt; stem-leaves scarcely turned under: branch-
leaves turned under, airy underneath; hairs stellate; bractesi
hroy/n;Jlowers violet, sweet<*scented.— Spii^j? yield much
essential oil in distillation, oil very sweet-scented, contain-
ing a lar^ proportion of camphire ; ,/2ou/erj nervine^ anti^
splMmodif:, oqmalic

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PL ex. tor. 82. LAfelATiE. 126. Nepfeta. S71

VIIL 126. NEPETA. Pliny. Cat^nt.

Calyx cylindrical, not 2-lipped, striated, dry, bald on th«
inside, 5-toothed; teeth unequal, upper toodi broadest;
ttibe of the corolla long; mouth spreading; edge rdElexed;
galea slender, short, 2-cut; lip S-lobed; side lobes short ;
middle lobe very large, concave, crenate ; stamens 4, didy-
namous, exserted, converging. — Flowers verticillate spiked,
or terminal panided ; pemmdes many-flowered, bracteated.

Nepeta mollis. Soft cat-mint.

Z^oves petioled, heartshape^ toothed, serrate; whirls pe*
dicelled ; flowers spiked.

Nepeta miuor mlgaris, lUii 8^, 837, I ; Park. 38.
Meotha felioa, ten caturia, Oer. em. 688, 1.
Nepeta cattaria, Lin. 5. P. 796.
Nepeta mallis, Sattsb. Prod. 78.

Edges of chalky fields ; perennial ; July and August.

Herb very soft, sometimes woolly ; 5/^in upright; leaves
wrinkled; spikes blunt, many-flowered; corolla white, lip
qx>tted with red.— Ocfeitr aromatic, much liked by cats.

IX. 127. BETONICA. PUny. Betonjf.

Calvx irr^ular, not lipped, 5-toothed; teeth unequalf

awned; mouu hairy; coro/2tz lipped ; tubebent at bottom;

Siea upright, not cut; lip S-cut; middle lobe deflexed at
e sides; stamens 4, didynamous, short, not converging^—
Stem simple; flowers terminal, spiked ; true bractecd 0.

Betonica officinalis. Shop letom.

Leaves heartshape, crenate, rather hairy; hairs of tM
stem adpressed; calvx rather bald ; galea not cut; middle
lobe of tne lip nicked.

Betooica, RaHSfii.9!a»% 0«r. tut. 714, 1.
Betooica Talgaris flore parpurco, Pmrk. 614.
Betonica oficinalU, X^a. S. P. 810.

Woods; perennial; July and August

Stem with rough and stiff bristles ; learns blunt, serratures
broad; lower leaves petioled; spikes leafy; corolla purple
or white. — Root emetic ; herb sternutatory, also smoxed as
tobacco: formeriy in high esteem as cephalic.

2b 2

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972 ISS^Stachys. SH. LABIATE. PL ex, cor.

X. i28. STACHYS. Dioscorides. WimruUvi^.

Cahfx ine^ilar, not lipped, sometimes closed, 5-toothed ;

teeiii awlshapei irregular, sometimes distorted; corolla Up-

r; tube sboi% gibbous, {NXMoioent ; galea «rche4» nicked;
5«lobed, lobes refieaced sideways; stamens 4, didyn*-
nous, becoming reflexed sideways. — Flowers axillary or
TerticUbitdy spSsed ; true bractets 0,

I. Siachys sylvatica* Wood wound-wort.

Stem soud; leaves heartshape, wrinkled, pointed) serrate,
pistioled; wlurls Gr^w^ed.

Ckileopsis legitima Dicwcoridis, Rati S^. 93Tt 1 1 P«rir. 908.
GaleeptU vera, Ger, em. 709, 1.
StachyB sylvatioi, Mi. $, P. 811.
Hedge nettle.

Woods and hedges ; perennial ; July and August.

Rhixoma rather creeping; stem simple; leaves dark green;
spike ovate; interrupted; cah/x hispid; corolla brownish
bJood-colour; lip white, spotted.

^ mi$ms. Leaves angular.

CMeoptb q. lamiuBi tyhratlcim tf itstOA l<B»U(h»%f)alioangalMOBilflu
Plakeoeti, JHUem in RaH Syu, 837, 2.

9. Stachys amhieua. Deubifid timwidwort.

Stem pq^; baves obloii^, serrate, petii^ed; wUrk

Sudiyt amiiigim, Bti^L Bet. 30, «OaO.

FicMs in north of Scotland; perennial; September.

Rhizomm creeping, white; leaves paler than those of s. ^1-
Tatica; corolla bright red; lip variegated; teeth of the caiix

5. Staekys paluUris. Marsh woftndwmi.

Leaves beartshape, linear, lanceolate, rather bald, sessile,
acutely serrated; wldrls 6 to 10-flowemI.

Sideritlt Aagtica stranoM mdfee, MtA Syn. S49, 1 ; Wttrk. 58T.
Pm»z coloni, Qer. em, 1005.
SUudiyt palmtrls, Lin. 8. P. 811.
Qowns nlikeoL Clewne woundmort.

Moist places; perennial; August.

Mhixoma creeping; stolones necoming tuberous; stem
rc^h ; bristles deflexed; leaves silky above, woolly beneath;
lower leaves slightly petioled; spikes dense, long; ctfrolla
purple, lip variegated. — Herb astringent, used to cure
wounds by the first intention, by being'bruised and spiled
to them ; also in ointments.

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PL ex. car. 32. LAl^AT^ 1». Trixaga 573

XL 129. TRIXAGO. Lonicerui. Trissago.

CaUfx irregular, not Kpped, 5-toothed; teeth rniequal;
moath nearly naked; corolla lipped; tube not so long as
the calyx; galea arched, not cut; lip 3-l4>bed, middle fobe
larger, Wunt; stamens 4, didynanFiou^, becommg dive^ed
sideways. — Flowers verticillate, spiked; true bractea 0.

Trixagoarvense. Field trissago.

Leaves heartshape, blunt, crenate, rather hirsute; lower
leaves petioled; upper leaves sessile.

SIderiilf biMinis lato obtiuo fall o, RaU Syn. 248, Ss Cer. em. 699, d.
8idenci9 hederulv folio. Park, 587.
Siftcbys UrtMiiM, Urn. S, P, 8J4.
GlcclMMi narrobiaslri, rHimn D^lpk,
Tringo eordifolium, Mwnch Mtth. 398.

Fields in light soils; annual ; July and August

Bw4 fibrous ; stem weak, branched ; leaves 3-ribbed at

the bottom, broadly crenate ; teeth of the odyxfringtd:

coroUa purplish.

XII. 130. ERIOSTOMUM. Link. Base^horehmmi.
Calyx irr^jukr, not lipped, 5-toothed.; teeth unequal^
^inose; mouth with long hairs; corolla lipped, tube short;
galea arched, nicked; lip 3-lobed; middle lobe very large,
reverse heartshape; stamens 4, diverging.-^fKoM^eri verti-
cillate, spiked ; true iraciece 0.

Eriostomum Germaniam. German base^orehotmd.

Leaves narrow at bottom, silky above, woolly beneath ;
root leaves ovate; upper leaves acutely crenated.

Stachys Focbt ii, RaH Sym. 239, 1 ; Q«r. «m. S95, fi.
Staciiys m^or Grrinnnicti, Park^ AH,
Stach>s Gemanica, Lim, H, P, 812.
fnid sthUdng horthound.

Fields and hedges in chalky soils; perennial; July.

Stem woolly, very soft ; leaves veined ; spikes leafy; calyx
very closely villose; corolla purplish, very villous on the

XIIL ISl. GLECHOMA. Dioscorides. GrounA-ivy.
Calyx tubular, cylindrical, striated, naked on the inside,
5-cut, rather unequal, not 2-Jipped, 3 upper teeth long,
S lower short ; coroUa tubular, tube twice as long as the
calyx, bellied above; galea distant, slender, 2-cut; lip
S^uty side lobes narrow, middle lobe large, nicked ; o^

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574 181. Olechoma. 82. LABIATE. PL ex. cor.

thers 4> bent, cohering in pain; wary girt with a sarcoma.
— Herb cre^ing; hairs dudncdy articulated ; fiowers axil-
lary, pedunded.

Olechoma hederacea. Ivy ground^ivy.

Leaves heartshape or kidnephape, crenate ; teeth Uunti

CaUmiotha hnmilior, folio rotondlore, Aolf Syn, S43, 3s

Hedera terrMtris, Oer. em, 856, 1.

Hedera terrestris vulgaris, Park. 077.

Glechoiaa hederacea, Lin. S, P. 807.

Chamsclema hederacea, Moench Meth, S9S.

Aithoef. Turn hoof, CaUfbot, Gill go by the ground.

Woods and hedges ; perennial ; April and May.

Herb downy; stem creeping, branches upright, flower*
bearing; leaves petioled, spreading; flowers in whirls 3 or
4 together, blue. — Herb astringent, vulnerary, and pec-
toiul7 used to fine malt liquors; powder of the leaves used
in cough, consumption, and jaundice ; juice as an errhine
useful m headach.

^ parvifolia. Leaves small, finely cut
Calamiotha foliis elei^anter discectis, caulicolis erectioribas,brevioHhin;
follls minoribuB, DiUen in RtOi S^, US, S.

# y. grandifolia. Leaves heartshape, kidneyshape, large.

9. Olechoma Inrsuta. Hairy ground^ivy^ '

Leaves heartshape, toothed; teeth acnte;J>ediceUs usuaUy

8-flowered; teeth of the calyx awlshape; filaments bearing

the anthers below the tip.

Calaniotha q. hedera terrestris montana 0. Baahini, IHUoi^ in RtH $s^

l^mi^m PaoDQoicam tertium Closii, Qor. em. 704, CL
decoma hederacea /3, Hudtim PL Jingl. 954.
Glechoma hederacea •, cordifolia. Stoke* Boi, M. M, 989.
Glechoma hinota, Persoon Syn, 181.

Woods and hedges; perennial ; April and May.
Stem 3 feet long, rougher and more hairy than the for-
mer ; teeth of the l^i^ves terminated by a white spot; flower

XIV. 132.LAMIUM. Pliny. Dead-nettle.

Calyx bellshape, irregular, not 2-lipped ; apex spreading^
inside naked, 5-looth^; 1 upper slender, long; 4 lower
nearly equal ; corolla tubular, long ; mouth inflated ; edge
reflexed ; galea distant, slender, arched, not cut; lip 3*lobed ;
side lobes very short, with 1 or 2 brbtlelike teetn ; middle
lobe reverse-kidneyshape, crenated ; anthers hirsute*-?-
Flowers in whirls, axillary.

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Plex.cot7 S2. LABIATiE. 1S2, Lamium.- *?«

1 • Lammn, album. White dead-mettle.

Leaves ovate beartahape, pointed, acutely serrate, pe-
tioled; u/Atr/5 20-flowered,

UmVsm album, Rtii Syn. IMO, \% Qw.em. 708. \% lAm.S. P, 809.
Lamiom vulgare albam, tea Afchaag elictini florc albo, Pmrk, 601.
Wkite mrdUmgeL Dead nettle.

Ruins and waysides; perennial ; May to September.

R/uxoma creeping ; leaves deeply serrated ; floufers up-
right, white, rarely fleslb-colour ; galea vilioos; calyx bald,
with a browa spot; anthers black.

2. hamiitm maculatum* Spotted dead^-nettle.

Stem hirsute; leaves beartshape, wrinkled, pointed, hir-
sute, broadly serrate; ivhirls 10-fIowered.

Lamiain Boncaoaai Colomiue, Park. 605.
Lamiom macolatam, iU'n. S. P. 800.

Banks; perennial; April.

Stem ascending: hairs deflexed; petioles long; root
leaves with a white spot ; flowers large^ purple or white ^
galea irr^ularly crenated; anthers tawny.

8. Lamium purpureum. Purple dead-nettle.

Leaves heartabape, Uunt, petioled, toothed; teeth blunt
^d unequal; upper leaves crowded; whirls 8 or 10-flowered}
fube of the corolla bearded ou Uie inside at the bottom^
galea not nicked*

Lamium rvbram, RaH Syn. 940, 2 ; Ger. em, 703, 9.
Lamiom Talgare, folio snbroiundo, flore nibro, Park, 604.
Lamiam porpoream, Lin. S. P. SOS.
Lamiom and urn, Mmnek Mtth, SOS.
SmaU dead nettU. Red archangel.

Ruins and waste places; annual; May to Sq>tember.

Stem bald» branched at bottom : leaves unequally cre-
nated ;72ou/^^ purple or white; anthers red; ca/yxbald;
teedi fringed. — This, as well as the L album, is used i|8 a

0. integrum. Leaves not cut : flowers small.
Lamium robium foliis per ambitnm nee serratis^ee creaatii, Sore
. Prof. MUrtyn'e MS.

4. Lamium indsum. Cut-leaved deadrneitle^

Leaves heartshape^ dilated, petioled, acutely and upe-

qwdly cut; upper leaves crowded ; tube of the corqlU bal^

pn the inside, slenderer tbaa the <^yi^

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S76 1S2. Lamiuin. 89. LABIATiE. PL ex. cor,

LaaioA rBbram iiiiaiii» foliU profwude iBcisU, BiM 89m flO,8.

LuniiMD pnrpiiraun $^ Bud$. FL Jngl* 855.

Lamion incisam, WiUd. 8. P. 89.

Lamiom distectoai. Withering Bot, Art, ed. 3.

Lamtiun kjbridiiiny Thecal, Parit.

Eatchen-gardeni; annual; May.
5/^771 branched at bottom ; leaves cuV lobes pointed;
JUnueri small, purplish. ^

5. Lammm amplexicaule. Siem-'embracmg deml^nettb.
Ftoral leaves sessile, embracing the stem, Qimt, cresatt
or cut; tidfe of the corolla slender.

LuiHmd folU eaalem ambieote mi^as et aiirat, MmH Sym, 840, 4.
Alsfaie Udkrala altera, Qeu am. 618, 4*
Alsloe HederulB folio minor. Park, 782.
Lamiom amplezicaule, tAn, 8, P, 808.
HemUt. Great Unbit.

Sandy fields; annual; February to June.

Lower leaves petioled, heartsbupe^ bluntly and deeply
ierrated; upper leaves heartshape, sessile, 5-lobed; lobes
crenated; flowers rose-colour; early flowers very shorty
barren ; later flowers 4 times as long as the calyx* fertile.

XV. ISS. GALEOBDOLON. Dioscorides. Archangel
Calyx bellshape, 5-cttt; teeth 5, unequal, pdnted; % lower
teeth narrow ; tule of the corolla longer dian the cal^
JS-iipped; ^les arched, not cut; lip 8«<mt; lobes broad,
pointed, middle lobe longest; anthers bald.

Galeobdolon bUeum. Yellow ardumgel.

Leaves ovate ; involucrum 4-Ieaved.

Lamiam lotAim, JBotf 5jrn. 840, 5 { Ger. em. 708, 2 1 JPorJIr. 606.

Galeopttt Galeobdolon, Lin. 8. P. 810.

Leooonis Galeobdolon, Scop, CaniL, 705.

Lamiuro Galeobdolon, Crant. Auttr, S62.

Polltchia Galeobdolon, Roth, Germ. 1,854.

GaleabdMlon Galeoptii, €Wr<tt FL Lond.

Galeobdolon lalenm, Hmb. FL JngL 2m.

Galeobdolon valgare, Penoon Syu. 188.

Cardiaca sylvaiica, Liomarek Ft, Fr» 884w

Yellow dead-meUU. Weasel tmouL

Pamp meadows and woods; perennial; May.

Stem erect, simple ; hairs deflexed ; leaves petioled ; whirls
many*flowered; calyx bald; teeth hairy; corolla yellow;
«iouth jotted with red.

$. monianum. Upper leaves lance(^te; mvohtcrum 6 or
8*leaved. '

y. regidare. Terminal flower salveraliape^ 6-cnt.

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PL ex. car. SJ. LABIATjE. 134.Galeopsw- 3^7

XVL 154. GALEbPSIS. Dioacoridfls. Hedge'^Mie.

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