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God's Grace is sufficient for all.
The vilest sinner but needs true penitence.

Sinner Saul is made a Saint Paul.

A preface is a paradox ;
The first page speaks the closing vox ;
The last touch of the author's pen,
Preface the lore of previous ken.

When his book-building is complete,
He then preludes with plan so neat.
Politicians are mostly preface,
Both bowers preceding a deft ace.

Rare are the qualities of the just Judge,
Who from Right, not " fear or favor " can budge.
Has knowledge of character, every phase,
Mental machinery, simple or maze.

The working of each in all circumstances,
Passions and senses in perilous chances.
Full knowledge of these is better than Blackstone,
If Honor, virtue and conscience he lacks none.


Fred, states a truth, Tom. thinks it a lie ;
Yet both see one fact, one verity.
Or, if you will, reverse the statement,
Facts are the same, without abatement.

Each from their own proscenium box.
May predicate such a paradox ;
The scene is viewed from different angles.
One, features tint, the other mangles.
One mind receives certain impression,
One has otJier ideas in session.

Essential Truth is what man needs,
To dignify his noblest deeds.
Fred's consistency is Tom's absurdity,
Fred's absurdity is Tom's consistency.


Old World nations, ruled by despots.
Lived and toiled as helpless helots.
Persecuted for opinions ;
Mass, made slaves, and knaves made minions.

But immortal minds will spark
In a despot's realms most dark.


Civil and religious yearning,
For expression, perished burning.

Orphans of martyred liberty,

Banished, in extremity,

Saw a star of Promise gleaming.

Faith said follow, hope now teeming.

Like the star of Bethlehem,

Fair Columbia's beckoning gem.

Pilgrim orphans crossed the wave.
Planted Freedom for the brave.
In the New World's virgin soil,
Set apart for freemen's toil.

Free in all their honest powers,
As sunshine and Summer showers.
From old continental jars.
Freedom's fruit were thirteen stars,
Whose fragrance, wafted o'er the wave.
Tyrant's covetousness did crave.

Valor repelled the invader.
With Independence arrayed her,
Sealed it with most sacred blood.
Waved it on Washington's spud.


The Heaven-preserved, precious gems,
To rivet their bright diadems,
A cordon 'long the Atlantic,
Galaxy rare and romantic.

Met in the City of Penn.
Brotherly love band of men,
Wove their garland, Constitution,
A "bond of more perfect Union."

To perpetuate their prize,
For posterity, free and wise,
Rang the " Bell of Liberty,"
For oppressed, asylum free.

Went on adding star to star,
Till they reached Pacific-bar.
Yellow stars o'er golden ore.
Guards Pacific's wealth-wreathed shore.
Having reached our natural bounds,
Grasping danger, honor wounds.

Southern stars were soiled with sin.
Destiny took slavery in.
Freedom must set good example,
Washing slavery from the sample.


God of Freedom had decreed,
All her bond-men must be freed.
Four-years' fighting broke their chains.
Half-million hearts life-blood drains.
Billions of America's treasure,
Sorrow's tears exceeding measure.

Now our galaxy is bright,

Lustrous in all nations' sight.

Centenary joys surround it.

Grace and glory bright have crowned it.

Glory's promise fills desires.

Constitution of our sires.

A hearty laugh of real glee,
Sends contagion coining smiles.

All glooms will suddenly agree.
To abdicate to dark defiles.


Persecution never yet accomplished its designs.
Motives may be good enough, but Satan draws

the lines.
Truth and honor ever are maintained by worthy

Persecution is matured in selfish, hidden scenes.


Persecution sprouts the germ of truth that may

o'erthrow it,
Glamour of delusion blinds till destiny will show it.
Each honest act of innocence is, in oppression's

The blossom of rebellion, wherein much danger


Persecution's victims are the devotees of right.
Whose carnal allies but betrays ; in righteousness

is might.
Joseph's persecution made him ruler of a nation.
His would-be murderers, in distress, found him

their salvation.

Pharaoh persecuting, reared a Hebrew leader,

To aid whose mercy-mission Heaven's power

David's persecutor's drove him crazy in exile,
Became " sweet psalmist," mighty king, by God's

anointing oil.

Persecuting Saul begets a persecuted Paul ;
Chief of sinners, chief of saints, shows power of
Grace for all.


Bunyan, chained in prison cell to crush his ear-
nest spirit,

Is hving yet in loving words, dear name, the
good revere it.

Luther, persecuted when he truth would not

Burst the bonds which bound him, making

Roman tyrants tremble.
Truth and right are living lights which God has

made eternal.
All Satan's efforts to crush out but makes them

bloom 'more vernal.

Some folks are silly enough to say,
A great steam yacht has come to-day,
To try its timbers in the bay,

In front of St. Augustine.
An humble mortal with a mind,
To plead for nature, true and kind.
Deserves what comfort he can find,

Despite the charge of fustian. 1886.

Pleasures are like the touch-me-not.
The jewels burst as they are caught.


Like full-blown poppy, red and rare,
Plucked, beauty leaves the seed-pod bare.

Like the bright enchanting rainbow,
Recedes as fast as ivisJi would fain go.

Like the pretty, sensitive vine,
Touched, is beauty's fleet decline.

Like inviting Venus' fly-trap.
Holding memory in its sly-snap.

In promise pleasure's bloom is bright,
lis fruits }'icld comfort very slight.

The Grace of God gives lasting pleasures.
Yes, supreme joy's eternal treasures.


Why, kind Heaven, tell me, pray,
In the Spirit's soothing way,
Joys of home have been denied me ?
Trusted friends have sorely tried me ?

Heaven-born rights by man withheld ?
Christian hopes by Christians knelled ?


Bosom counsel, friendship ties,
Business hopes, manhood's desires,
Made the football of the world ?
Merit close in malice furled ?

Ah! frail mortal, why complain,
Pilgrims in this world find pain.
This-world subjects serve King Mammon,
And his chief a heartless Haman.

Think of all the Christian martyrs.
Who this world for Heaven's joys barters.
Think of God's own Son on earth.
Seek the joys of spiritual birth. 1887,

"Come to grief?" Ah! grief hath held me,
In its withering grasp for years ;

Hope deferred to death, it quelled me.
Lorn, yet leal to virtue's tears.

Oh! cold friendship! pleas rejecting,

Years of pain I plead in vain.
Homeless, heartless, none respecting.

Patience pilloried in pain.


With one close and true confiding,

Vindication to pursue,
Honest motives ever guiding,

Hope had granted hfe anew.

Mystery for information

Was the passport I received.

Wrecking Hfe by deprivation.

Justice sighs to be retrieved. 1887.


Grand Army of the Republic parade at Pitts-
burgh, The procession was 35 minutes passing a
given point. A quarter of a century has passed
since secession and rebellion of the ten Southern
States — the slave section of our Union — and their
attack on the banner of Liberty and Union at
Sumpter, in their mad efforts to establish a Con-
federacy of States, with human slavery as the
chief corner-stone of its foundation, kindled the
flame of patriotism in the North, The flower
and vigor of her free manhood rushed to the
rescue of our beloved country. Four years of
fidelity, danger and daring crowned their courage


with glorious victory for the Union, and a peace
that rejoices humanity with its glorious results.
What emotions well up in the breast of a soldier
to see the remnants of stricken ranks of comrades
once more tramp time in martial order, with gray
heads, grizzled beards, stooped forms and halting

Such scenes carry the mind back to the pain-
ful period of National shame, humiliation and
sorrow. Then the aroused spirit of determined
action — enlistment — the feelings animating us in
voluntarily surrendering personal freedom for
submissive discipline and servitude that a Nation
might have new-born freedom — free from the
reproach that proved past liberty a pretense.
Then the mind involuntarily takes in our weary-
ing marches, scoutings, bivouacking, skirmishing
and bloody battles. Strange commingling of
thou";hts sickeninc;' and humorous, blendincr the
grave and the gay. And oh! the joyous sensa-
tions that spontaneously possessed us at Lee's
surrender. Then we had gcmdnc joy. Then
came the " mustering out." Oh, heart ! don't
collapse zvitJi overstrained rapture/ None but
veterans can possibly appreciate the full meaning


of "' iimstering out." We were bound by our
oaths that gave our personality, our feelings, our
desires, not only into the power of humane masters,
but in many cases to the capricious commander
whose strained authority could mitigate or out-
rage one's sense of duty and discipline. Relief
from the perils of service, resuming again the
freedom of action so long denied. Returning
again to homes made more sacred by our service
and suffering, civilian citizens of a purged Re-
public, more dear by blood-sealing. Oh ! inex-
pressible emotions of rapture.

PSALM 133.

How pleasing and delightful,
When brethern we do see

Together dwelling right, full
Of love and unity.

It is like precious ointment.
Poured on the sacred head

And beard, by God's appointment.
O'er Aaron's garments spread.


As dew distilled on Hermon,
And decking Zion o'er,

God blessings will confirm on
Such saints, life evermore.

Good precedents were begotten by capacity
equal to an occasion. Mediocre never equals a
great occasion, but seeks a guiding precedent.

Why do men delight in reading
War accounts of carnage, fearful.

Brutal passions impulse heeding.
Tyranny commanding, cheerful.

Vicious men seek slaughter's glory ;

Death in battle bravely meet.
Pride in deeds of triumph gory.

Let blood-thirsty heathen greet.

Human brotherhood, seed sowing,
Christian fellowship, world wide.

Arts of peace and love, well knowing.
Heroes brave for these have died.


IVar is Satan's grand ovation,
Making minions rally round.

Peace, with righteous invocation,

Votaries with virtue crowned. 1887.


Earth is a garden of human diversity,
Since old Satan has sown his tares.

Multiform flowers among weeds, interspersely,
True to Heaven 'mid vanity's cares.

Each kind of fair flowers have their ties of con-

To glory God is their creed.
Their fragrance of praises, privy or collection,

Secures Heaven's favors in need.

Presbyterian plats of cultivated flowers,

Lilies, Fuchsias, Tulips, Primrose,
Among rank weeds form Christian devotion
bowers ;

Each's peculiar fragrance God knows.


There are Methodist flowers of each's shape and

Red Roses, sweet Pinks, Violets.
Emotion, yes, rapture fragrance, incense so true.

Praise offerings in payment of debts.

Baptists, Water-lilies and lovely Iris,
Bloom among the rankest of weeds,

Beauty's fragrant service seeking rivers of bliss,
Reclaiming the lost with love's deeds.

Episcopal Polyanthus, rich and rare,

Refinement excludes vulgar dross.
Ceremoniously bishoped with culture and care,

Devotedly true to the Cross.

Modest flowers of virtue, peaceful Quakers —

Fragrant Hyacinth and pure Plilox,
Spiritual devotion with brotherly love blends;

Penn transplanted flowers of Fox,

There are grand Dunkard flowers of true, honest

Plain Phlox and the meek Mignonette ;
Praise incense ascends from their every-day vase,

To God, whom they never forget.


Catholic flowers are most numerous of all,
Passion flowers and cardinal flowers,

Faith's penance on plenary favors will call,
Thanking God for Pope and his powers.

Unity of diversity, bouquet of beauty.

Christian flowers of every hue,
Faithful in love's fragrant lines of clear duty,

Cultured by Rev. Gardeners true.

See the budding oi innocent promise on earth.
Rose-buds and honeysuckles sweet,

The next-generation bloom just at its birth,
Whose bloom should the Saviour's smiles

Life's way-side has stray flowers of silent fra-

Some, lost 'mong the mountains of sin.
Or in arid deserts, those faint, flowering vagrants.

Mission angels gather them in.

The weeds of this world are so rank and so rude,
They crowd the fair flowers out of place.

With vigilant love and devotion imbued,
Flowers flourish anew with God's grace.


Let all Christian flowers seek true inspiration,
Which will greet and assist each other,

To root out all weeds by love's irrigation.
For Christ's coming, our Elder Brother.

SEPTEMBER ist, 1887.

Faintest tinge of Boreas' breath
Proclaim abroad fair Summer's death.
One sees it, feels it, like, so faintly,
Death's halo o'er a brow most saintly.

Summer's gone ! ah, gone forever !
What tender tics old Time must sever !
The requiem zephyrs lull to rest,
Sad memories hope fain had blest.

Hope tries to plead, yet tries in vain ;
Doubt calls despair. Hope dies in pain.
Such strife begets immortal birth.
To greater joys than hoped on earth.

VANITY. 1887.

Yea, verily ! all worldly life is vanity.
Turmoil and strife show spiritual insanity.


Seeking gratification of carnal desire,
With jealous interference to feed selfish fire.

The flowers of earth teach an important truth,
Of fragrant dependence on Infinite Ruth.
They bloom without pride, nor with selfishness

Mature their seed, die without pain or regret.

The praise-warbling birds find a home in God's

care ;
They wing with the genial clime, feed on its fare ;
Their tongues ever tuned with melodious song,
Of praises to Him who preserves them life-long.

Yet man, in his noble mien, image of God,
Will spurn the faith-flowers of humility's sod.
Rob God of the glory, due all their life long;
To se/f give life-service, due Jesus in song.

Man stores bitter pain in the vaults with his gold :
From pleasure cups drink pangs of woe mani-
Without trust in God all enjoyments are vain,
They pierce hearts with horror and souls rack
with pain.


Give God fragrant service, the bloom of your

life ;
His Law make our guide in all business and

His Spirit will comfort and peace will bestow,
His Grace be sufficient to save you from woe.

Philosophers muse on the mysteries of Faith,
Which is clear as sunlight to the sanctified braith.
The sanctified soul has its wisdom from God,
Whose glory is seen in the universe broad.

Man's wisdom is ignorance vainly called science
Mystifying Nature with Chance for reliance.
True science of mind is exemplified Grace,
Discerning in Nature God's glorious face. 1887,

God's lightnings of wrath and His thunders so

Makes humble the heart and most reverent the

Relentings of Love and His showerings of Grace,
Must comfort the meek and print joy in the face.



Our Earth is connected with Heaven above,
With trilHons of Love's mystic lines ;

And legions of angels as pure as the dove,
Which prayers of the good intertwines.

The Lord made the world in His infinite love,

For man to exemplify glory.
For recreant conduct from Eden did shove,

Sad object of salvation's story.

The conflict broke out between Abel and Cain,
The soul of shed-blood winged to God ;

God came and avenged with a tormenting pain.
Lines mystic extended to Nod.

Since then angels care for God's meek ones

Instructing by visions and dreams ;
The patriarchs, Joseph and Samuel, we know,

Familiar with Moses He gleams.

Joseph and Mary were directed and saved
Child Jesus from Herod's designs ;

At Christ's baptism the Spirit, dove-engraved.
Revealed new dispensation lines.


At Pentecost, to Peter and Paul so oft,

To lone St. John on Patmos isle ;
With might angels came to save and raise aloft,

Confounding oppressors most vile.

Innumerable angels are constantly winging,

To comfort all sorrowing souls ;
Returning with joy, wreaths of prayers to them

Through Heaven their glad refrain rolls.

The myriad kindred tics which time has broken.
Of parent, child, husband and wife,

Establish myriad lines, affection's pure token.
To last while frail mortals have life.

For each ransomed soul is an angel on wing,
To all the loved ones left on earth.

Some comforting thought to sad souls they
must bring,
Preparing them for the new birth.

Oh ! what electric lines of spirit and thought,
Connecting human life with Heaven.

Proclaiming the victory God's Son hath wrought,
A world saved and unto ffim eiven.

MORALS. 1887.

God is Love ! and Love gives delight.
Gave man Eden to govern right.
The Devil is discord and deceit,
The spirit of Evil to cheat.
Invader of Eden, his blight
Placed man in a pitiful light.

Men can if they God's law obey,
Drive Satan from America,
And make it an Eden of bliss,
Where righteousness and peace will kiss.

The Earth and Man are God's to rule.
Who serves the Devil is a fool.
Choosing the Lord gives peace and life.
Defies the Devil, pain and strife.
Fostering Christian civilization,
Resisting Satan's vile invasion.

Man's wisdom devised laws to govern,

To keep peace and equity sovereign.

Intellect should give these diligence;

To keep them pure, requires vigilance.

These citadels of Truth and Right

Satan seeks with insidious might.


Clergymen are spiritual shepherds
(Thank God, but few prove human leopards).
For instruction, guidance and care,
Heed, reverence and secure their welfare,

A preacher, the devil knows why,
Would make his most valuable spy.
Disguised with so sacred a cloak.
The life out of virtue could choke.

God's Spirit presides in his vespers,
Precluding the de'il's honeyed whispers.
They are God's salt in society.
Suiting each rank in variety.
All laws, society should agree to
Have them sanction, with power to veto.

Our Doctors have charge of our health.
Disease gets possession by stealth.
For health we place life in his care ;
Confidence for success we share.

How much does society owe

To honor, which God doth bestow ;

For quacks, with insidious drugs,

To morals and health are death slugs.


The devil has no better allies,
When virtue with quackery dallies.

The devil has most success in law,
With sceptre of power in its claw.
With technical quibbles, delays.
Hiding facts and perversion's maze.
He keeps legal agents so busy,
Dame Justice becomes faint and dizzy.
As long as his agents are paid,
Justice must be outraged, delayed.

Our judges and lawyers should be,

Honor, wisdom and integrity.

With justice so loyal in league,

Success cannot move with intrigue.

The spirit of justice and law

Should overcome technical flaw,

Or ambiguity of phrase;

Heaven's power, such honesty sways.

Such men are the strength of the Nation,

Deserving a patriot's ovation. 1887.

Keep cool heads and honest hearts,

'Mid mad human passion's marts.

Man's pride and passion and a wife's perfidy,

Bred Erin's sorrows of the past century.


Ah! that kindred's fond affection,
Should to selfishness be turned,

Sense have soul in dire subjection.
Loveless life no lesson learned.

Life is short and death's duration
Covers all the years misspent.

Every phase of life's mutation,
For soul's scrutiny is sent.

Blood of Christ alone can hide them,

After full confession made.
In His Love let all confide, then

Peace shall on the soul be laid. 1887.


O, ye guides of intuition,

O, ye pilots of my path,
O, ye prompters of volition,

O, ye bees of love's flower math.

Come and hold a consultation,

'Neath my shade-trees on heart's lawn ;

Map my path of safe mit^ration,
To lo7ie sincere, desiring pawn.


Love, imbued with Heaven's monitions,
Grown in virtue's flowery mead.

Blushing with meek faith's nutritions,
Grace, inspired by human need.

For, such love pledged to devotion,
Strength herculean could inspire.

Acts prompt with electric motion,
Hope, glow with celestial fire.

Honor, for such love, would gladly

Suffer death in its defense,
If best efforts, overcome madly.

Failed 'gainst infamy to fence.

" Can any good come out of Nazareth ?"

An adage exemplified daily,
' Tis whispered 'mong all classes, on Envy's

By critical selfishness gayly.

Worth seeks appreciative patrons in vain,
Though fettered and struggling zealously ;

Contemporaneous cruelty gives pain ;
Merit is muddled by jealousy.


On the Future the glory of merit will glow,

When jealousy rots in its slime ;
Its oivn light extinguished by Envy's stealthy

To light up a more distant time.

The Past ! O the Past ! O the glorious Past !

Had I but lived then, thinketh man,
To champion the Right, through the envious

While o{ present Right he is the ban. 1 887.

AUTUMN. 1887.

Sear Autumn skies are hazy.
Her chilling winds oft crazy.

Doth chase about

And scold and scout
Leaves, withered, light and glazy.

All Summer's growth is dying ;

Nature is sad and sighing.
Her green robes rare,
Seared, brown, threadbare.

Whisked off, she's naked lying.


Her blushes lost, time tainting,
Like girls, frost powder painting.

Her face each morn,

Her fair adorn.
Day's son soon finds it fainting.

True Nature, pride eschewing,
Knows fruits praise her well-doing.

Her garnered fruits.

And grain and roots.
Hold comfort worth the wooing.

O man ! your Summer season,
'Neath bloom bear truth and reason.

Life's Autumn cold.

Lays bare soul's gold.
Else sense blasts soul with treason.

BIAS. 1887.

Bias ! Mephistophelan bias !

Must tint most men's opinions,
As love-lit lads are swayed by spry-lass,

Men zuill be bias' minions.


One's strawberry patch of luxury,

Will influence his judgment;
One, subject to stern queen uxory,

Will often be to fudge lent.

One's plum-tree of personal preference,

Will flavor his vain notion.
Avarice, another's deference,

When views are voiced on motion.

Ambition sways, remorseless, judgment,

Of all minds which it ruleth ;
Envy decides with vicious grudge vent,

And honesty it fooleth.

Let Honor, Truth and Right have judgment.

The noble man's criterion,
E'en though for living you on trudge went ;

You'll find reward — Elysian.

TOM. MOORE. 1887.

Seek you wealth of genial wit ?

" Tom." Moore's works will furnish it.

Seek you love's sweet poesy ?

Or a soul's fond sympathy ?


Or most charming flowers of mind?
Grace with thought-garlands entwined ?
Wisdom's clear, refreshing fount,
Flowing from intellectual mount,
As from picturesque clefts they pour ?
Read and relish jolly " Tom." Moore.

Mortal mean-wells, meandering in misery,
Are victims of sore misconception;

Oft hopeicides, who despair of being free,
From dire, circumstantial subjection.

True merit will at Promise smile,
But seek attainment's simple duty ;

Counterfeit merit, full of guile,
In prize alone sees all the beauty.

True love denied.

Brave hearts have tried,
In fortunate conditions ;

But when sad fate.

With perils prate.
Succumbs to their collisions.

1 62

True love returned,

Devotion learned,
Will conquer stubborn forces.

When hearts confide,

No storm nor tide
Can overcome resources, 1887.

OUR HERO. 1887.

I love thee, " Tom." Moore, in thy brilliant beams

I bask ;
Yet, for thy mistakes I must take thee to task.
Yes, Washington was mixed to fill and filled a

" hero's mold,"
True "stuff" alone could fill it when the "stuff

had grown cold."

" Undazzled, tranquil, useful, scorning to be

With glory at command, a hero's highest score.
Patriotism and liberty were his inspiration,
To found humanity's home, a righteous Nation.

A reform asylum, the " motley dregs " to save.
Whose flight from tyranny, sought safety o'er
the wave.


Yes, half of Erin's suffering sons banished in

Are freemen here, our hero's name revere and


Here, alone, can Worth step from an humble,
rude hearthstone,

Into a scat like Washington's, Freedom's glori-
ous throne.

Christian virtue and wisdom must test the man
to govern ;

With these inherent traits the humblest man's a


O, muse of all muses! Come, inspire my lay;
Come soul, thrill my pen in a multiphase way.
Fancy, arrange facts into beauty's bouquet.

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