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ii. 314; New Capitol, ii. 316, 316; Spe-
cialized Items, ii. 317-345 ; Canal Sinking-



fund, ii. 317-323; Canal Contracts, ii.
323t^28; Kings County Charities, ii.
S28-335; Canal Awards," ji. 336; Benev-
olent Fund of the Fire Department, and
District Courts in the Metropolis, ii. 337 ;
Local Government, ditto, li. 338, 339;
Ontario Town Meeting, ii. 339, 340; Al-
bany Streets, Schenectady Police, Water-
vliet Police Justice, ii. 340; Rensselaer
County Board, Vienna Assessment, Sene-
ca Ferry, ii. 341; Alden Commissioners,
Bocbester Railwaj', ii. 342; Peekskill
Academy, Sale of County Lands, Genesee
Insane, Cemetery matters. Instruction of
Teachers, ii. 34-3; Hartford School Tax,
Glennville Fire Department, Bath-on-the-
Hudson, Green County Police Justices,
Camden, Notary Public, Buifalo Ferry,
ii. 344; Western Agricultural Society, ii.
344, 345; Black Lake Drainage, Beaver
Creek Sewer, Buffalo Iron Bridge, ii. 315.

Vienna, N. Y., taxes, ii. 341.

Vining, on Executive Departments, i. 35.

Virginia: States Rights, i. 75; wlieat-crop,
i. 105; new banks, i. 116, 117; hard
times, i, 133; Harrison election, i, 181;
Baltimore Convention, i. 2-38, 230; growth
west of, 1. 316; distinguished sons, i..317;
remonstrance against negro immigration,
i. 417; Electoral vote, ii. 444; slavery
discussions, ii. 544, 547, 549, 550, 663,
566, 568; in the Revolution, ii, 548.

Virtue, continuous, not possible with mer-
cenar\' motives, i. 26.

Wabash asd Erie Canal, engineer's
opinions, i. 388,

Wages: Currency and Prices, i. 101-164;
how reckoned, i. 149; real, i, 150; pro-
portionate tax, i. 154.

Walker, Amasa: book, i. 426; Economy
of Taxation, i. 432.

Walker, Congressional teller, ii. 417, 418.

Walker, Henry, chairmanship, ii. 499, 500.

Walworth, Cliancellor, on Leaseholds, i.

War Department: General Eaton, i. 20;
Executive functions, i. 29, 30; organiza-
tion, i. 32; cost, i. 434-446 ; concealments,
i. 436; swayed by Grant, i, 447. (See
Army, Civil WarJ etc.)

War of 1812: centralizing effects, i. 39G;

?ensioners, ii. 27, 72, 203, 204, 208 ; New
ork in, ii. 508.

Washington City : Treasury removed to, i.
36; arrival of Cheeves, i. 124; visit, i.
402; State lobbies, i. 486, (See Congress.

Washington, George : Farewell Address, i.
893, 294; a Virgmian, i. 317, 327 ; beacon
erected, i. 330; generation, i, 337; gift of
Slave Power, i. 418; system bequeathed,
i. 443, 452, 453, 500 ; sacred traditions, ii.
13; fears, ii. 83; Electoral College, ii.
385, 389, 390, 411, 433 ; Association din-
ner in Massachusetts, ii. 499, 500 ; on
Slavery; ii, 548, 559. (See Revolution, etc.)

Washington, Justice, a decision, i, 208.

Water-privileges, rights reserved, i, 190,

Watervliet.N. Y. : Shaker settlement, i. 88 ;
bridge, ii. 176 ; police justice, ii. 340.

Watson, James, in the Ring, i. 603.

Weavers, in Philadelphia, 1. 135.

Webster, Daniel : policy, i. preface (xiii) ;
unusual reticence, i. 24; bank measures,
i. 84; on financial disorders, i. 114, 115,
118-120; master-spirit of Whig policy, i.
122; New York speech, i. 137; tears, i.
138; on wages, i. 155; on contracted cur-
rency, i, 156; on laboring-classes, i. 157;
English trip, i. 157, 161; financial opin-
ions abroad, i. 161-163; administration, i.
164; condemned, i. 250; dozen "great
stakes," i. 330; generation, i. 337; a dis-
mantled executive, ii. 515.

Weiglits, ii. 212.

Welch, on Canals, i. 371, 388.

Wells, David A. : commissioner's confes-
sions, i. 42.J ; tax-estimate, i. 427 ; Re-
ports, i. 432, 433 ; letter, i. 434, 435, 438-
442 ; partial statements, i. 461 ; Social
Science Association, ii. 377.

Westchester County : allusion, ii. 211;
Andr^ Centennial," ii. 507-509.

Western House of Refuge: legislation, ii.
165, 171; speech, ii. 220.

Western States, holding Tilden accountable,
i. 388.

West Indies, yellow-fever, ii. 69; emanci-
ijation, ii. 562.

Westminster Review, on monopolies, i.

West Point, in Revolution, ii. 508.

West, the: swarms of settlers, i. 105; banks,
i. 113; depression of times, i. 133 ; tribu-
tary to New York, i. 256; emigration, i.
309"; railroad enterprises, i. 348; transit of
products, i. 353, ii. 39, 42; vision, ii. 214;
connection with East, ii. 250, 251. (See
Southwest, etc.)

West Virginia, senators, i. 419.

Wheat: prices, 1835-1840, i. 104 et seq.;
failure of crop in 1836, i. 105; fluctuations,
i. 106-107; highest price, i. 131; low
prices, i. 133-137; Odessa and Baltic, i.
161; rent paid in, i. 186; 189-191; fields
surrendered, i. 303; on the Ohio, i. 310;
freight, i. 381; exports, i. 429; product,
i. 466; transportation, ii. 44, 45; tolls, ii.
114; export, ii. 231, 232; compared with
corn, ii. 487; crop, ii. 512., (See Bread-
stvffs, Corn, Taxation, etc.)

Wheeler, William H., Electoral vote, ii.
384, 385.

Whig Party, America; Calhoun alliance,
i. 20; aristocratic system, i. 46; financial
measure, i. 75; nomination of Harrison,
i. 101; effect of policy on prices, etc., i.
121-164 ; effect on labor, i. 159 ; New
York Slate debt, i. 159, 160; new National
Bank, i. 165-182; Press, i. 181; errors, i.
260; Kent's vote, i. 284; party disbanded,
i. 326 ; preceding Republican, j. 660, ii, 543.

Whig Party, England, assailed, i. 40.

Whiskey, low prices, i. 134.

Whites: no appeal from Southern, i. 306;
abandoned, i. 400 1 subjected to negroes,
i. 401; population, i. 414; driven out,
i. 419. (See Negroes, etc.)



Whittington, Sir Richard, illustration, ii.

Wickham, William H. : Ring matters, i.

585; correspondence witli the Governorj

ii. 85-94.
Widows, money of, i. 224.
Willers, election, i. 597.
Williams, Andre's capture, ii. 509.
Williams, Congressman, Electoral count,

ii. 437.
Wilson, James, finance!', i. 102,
Wine, product, i. 464.
Wisconsin: activity, ii.224; disputed vote,

ii. 408-410, 419-422, 435, 437, 443, 446 ;

admission and slaverj', ii. 550, 567, 568.
Women : rights of married, i. 170; slander,

ii. 201, 202; Female charity, ii. 352,

Wood, Sir William Page, legal opinion, i.

Woodward, Elbert A., his connection with

Tweed enormities, i. 472, 483-508, 502-

514, 675.
Wool: cultivation, i. 105, IOC; prices, i.

136;, product, i. 464.
Working-men : convention, i. 78-87 ; taxes,

i. 154, 155; English wail, i. 433; out of

work, ii. 10, 62; sacrificial side of re-
trenchment, ii. 313. (See Farmers, etc.)

World, New York: Waste of the War, i,
453-466; Marble, i. 567; Ring frauds, i.
571; Tweed Charter, i. 606.

Wright, Silas : opposition to National Bank,
i. 54; re-election, i. 50; financial meas-
ures, i. 78; career, corporation rights, i.
171; Tilden's friendship, election, i. 183;
on Anti-Rent, i. 187; treacherously de-
feated, i. 244; Tilden's respect, 1^249;
association with Tilden, i. 316 ; generation,
i. 337; Secretaryship, i. 345; excellence,
i. 487, 488; tribute of respect, ii. 22.

Wyoming Countj', reimbursement, ii. 168.

Wythe, George, patriotism, ii. 523,

Yakcey, of Alabama, i. 237.

Yeaman, Electoral returns, ii. 425.

Yellow Fever, ii. 69.

Yeomanry, beggared, i. 164. (See Far-

Yonkers, N. Y., ii. 530.

Young, Arthur, on agriculture, i. 151.

Young, Joseph B., Ring frauds, i. 494-500,

Young, Samuel, rhetoric at Utica, i. 232.

Young, Senator, punished, i. 488.

Young Men's democratic Club, address,
ii. 15-19.




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Building the Nation.

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