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BRISTOL, k. n. :



"The thought that our original forefather left his home and country, emi-
grating to a new and unsettled region on account of religious principle
should be precious in the eyes of his posterity, and cause them to so remem-
ber their father's God, that they may be gathered in the same bundle of life."
— Extract from letter of Mrs. Deborah D. (Gerould) Ranney.


The origin of the publication of this chapter of family history is
on this wise : — The descendants of Jabez Geronlcl, most of them liv-
ing in Pennsylvania, have had several quinquennial gatherings. (See
appendix.) At their last meeting, in September, 1834, it was de-
cided to print their own family record, the expense was provided for,
and the matter was committed to the care of Henry Geronlcl, m. d.,
of Cleveland, Ohio. The compiler made to him the proposition that
we go one generation farther back, and print the descendents of
Gamaliel Gerould, to which he cordially assented.

The collection of material for a complete family history was begun
more than twenty-five years ago. The usual difficulties have been
experienced, in obtaining the desired information from persons but
little interested in such things, who alone could furnish the facts.
However, as it has been "a labor of love," the woik has been carried
on as far as the means, time, and information of the compiler would
permit. When a clue was found, it was followed. The portion here
[(resented, containing the family of Gamaliel Gerould, is reasonably
complete. The family of James Jerauld, and that of Stephen Ger-
ould, brothers of Gamaliel, have been largely traced ; that of Dr.
Dutee Jerauld is in an unsatisfactory condition, although a large
amount of material has been gathered. The descendants of the lat-
ter probably number as many as all the others, but many of them
bearing other names, and being largely in the western and central
states, and, more than all. some of them having little interest in a
work of this kind, it has been impossible thus far to trace them all.
Though "cast down" we are not discouraged, but propose to follow
every clue that may be presented, until we have a full and satisfacto-
ry family record, with which this will then lie incorporated.

It will be observed that we do not follow the original method of
spelling the family name. The descendants of Stephen, generally,
spell it as we do, though some have shortened it to Gerald. This
particular branch has not been satisfactorily traced. The name is


often confounded with the Irish name pronounced like it, from which
the Fitz has been dropped. It is to be regretted that Gamaliel and
Stephen ever changed the orthography.

There is a tradition that the family once had a ; 'coat of arms," the
device upon it being a heart, a crown, and a flower-de-luce, but into
this matter I have never particularly inquired.

Further information in regard to the family histoiy is solicited
from any source. Errors will doubtless be found in this, but, when
discovered, it will be a great favor if they are reported at once to
either Dr. Henry Gerould, 1191 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, or
to the compiler. Dr. Gerould has gathered the material from his
family ; the shaping of all has been done by myself. The method is
not original, but the one now usually adopted by genealogists.


Goffstown, N. II., June, 1885.


The names arc numbered consecutively. Against the names of
certain children, on the left, will be found this character *. These
persons became heads of families, and their families may be found
under the corresponding larger number farther on. Under the
families, if the name is Gerould, the children's Christian names, only,
are given ; in all other cases the full name is given. The direct line
of ancestors is given in connection with each head of family, except
where one's family is given under his father's name. In the family
record, b.=born ; m.=married ; d.— died.


Jacqces (or James) Jerauld was a native of the Province of Lan-
guedoc, France. The family were Huguenots, and, according to tra-
dition, successful silk manufacturers. In the general breaking up
which followed the revocation of the edict of Nantes, which occurred
in 1G85, when five hundred thousand protestants left their homes for
England, Nova Scotia, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and other lo-
calities, the subject of this sketch came to this country. The date of
his birth, and of his arrival here, are unknown. There is a tradition
that lie was about twenty years of age when he emigrated, and that
he was one of a family of twenty-one children. It is maintained by
one branch of his descendants, that he settled in Boston, but his name
does not appear in the list of settlers in that place, previous to the
year 1700. We know that he finally settled in Medfield, Mass., as
his name and family appear on its early records.

By profession he was a physician. It is probable that he had giv-
en some attention to medicine before leaving his home. During the
voyage he fell in with another Huguenot family, to whom a daughter
was born, when he acted as accoucheur. She was Martha Dupuis or
Dupee, whom, when she had arrived at a suitable age. he married.
It is supposed that this, was when he was about thirty-six or thirty-
eight years of age, and she about sixteen. He practiced his profes-
sion in Medfield until his death, which occurred Oct. 25, 1760. His
wife died March 25, 17G3. The house which he built, and where he
last lived is still standing, and in a good statu of preservation. A
grandson, bearing the same name, studied medicine with him. and
took his practice and the old homestead. There are some now living
who remember the latter, and being treated by him.

One branch of the family give the name of the immigrant as Dutee
Jerauld, but this must be incorrect, as it stands on Mi-dficld town
records as James, and i» so given in his last will and testament, the
original of which, a few years since, was in the hands of Mrs. Ann
P. (Jerauld) Townscnd, Providence, R. I.


The following is a copy of this instrument : —

In the name of God, amen. This fifteenth Jay of September, one
thousand seven hundred and fifty-nine, I, James Jerauld, ofMedfield,
in the county of Suffolk, in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, in
New England, physician, being in perfect health of body, and of sound
mind and memory, thanks be given to God, but calling to mind
the mortality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all
men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament:
That is to say, principally, and first of all, I give and recommend
my soul into the hands of God who made it, and my body I recom-
mend to the earth, to be buried in a decent and Christian manner, at
the discretion of my exeeutors, nothing doubting but at the general
resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of

And as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God
to bless me witli in this life, I give, demise, and dispose of it in the
following manner and form : —

Imp) imis, I give and bequeath unto Martha, my dearly beloved
wife, the improvement of one third part of my real estate so long as
she remains my widow, and also the east end of my dwelling house I
now live in, and one third part of my cellar under the west end of my
dwelling house, and one third part of all my other buildings to her,
so long as she remains my widow. Then I al^o give and demise un-
to my dearly beloved wife my house that stands near the meeting
house^n Medfield, and one acre of land, be it more or less, adjoining
to said house, to be at her disposal forever, and also I give to her, my
wife, all my debts and all my movable effects, both within and with-
out doors, of every sort, and also all my negroes, to be at her dispos-
al forever ; only I will that my negro Gesar be not sold or disposed
of out of my family, that is to say, be sold to any excepting to some
of my children, and theirs, during his life.

Item, I give to James Jerauld, and Dutee Jerauld, my beloved son
James' two youngest sons, after my debts and funeral charges are
paid, the one fourth part of what shall remain of my estate, if any there
be, after the rest of my children have had what I hereafter give to
them, to make their portion equal to that which I have given to my
said son James already, which was eighty pounds.

Item, I give to my well beloved son, Gamaliel Jerauld, besides what I
have given him already, which is to the value of fifty-three pounds,
six shillings and eight pence, twenty-six pounds, thirteen shillings
and four pence, after my debts and funeral charges are paid ; also
one fourth part of what shall remain of my estate, if any there be,
after the rest of my children have had what i hereafter give unto them.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son, Stephen Jer-
auld, besides what I have already given to him, which is to the value
of forty pounds, forty pounds more, after my debts and funeral
charges are paid ; also the one fourth part of my estate, if any there
be, after the rest of my children have had what I hereafter give unto


Item, I give and bequeath unto ray well beloved sou, Dutee Jerauld,
besides what I have already given unto him, which is to the value of
fiftv-tbree pounds, six shillings and eight pence, twenty-six pounds,
thirteen shillings and four pence more, after ray debts and funeral
charges are paid ; also the one fourth part of what shall remain of my
estate, if any there be after the rest of my children have had what I
have hereafter given them.

Item, I give my well beloved daughter, Mary Spaulding, besides
what I have already given her, which is to the value of twenty-six
pounds, thirteen shillings and four pence, forty pounds more after
my debts and funeral charges are paid.

Item, I give to my well beloved daughter, Hannah Jerauld, sixty-
six pounds, thirteen shillings and four pence, after my debts and
funeral charges are paid.

Item, I give unto my well beloved daughter, Susanna Jerauld, sixty-
six pounds, thirteen shillings and four pence, after my debts and
funeral charges are paid.

Item, I give unto my well beloved granddaughter, Ruth Jerauld,
twenty-six pounds, thirteen shillings, and four pence, after my debts -,
and funeral charges are paid.

I do by these presents constitute, make, and ordain my well be-
loved wife, Martha Jerauld, with my two sons, Stephen and Dutee
Jerauld, to be executors of this my last will and testament, and I do
hereby utterly disallow, revoke, and disannull all and every other
former will and testament legacies bequeathed, and executors by- me
in any ways named, willed and bequeathed, ratifying and confirming
this, and no other, to be my last will and testament. In witness there-
of I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above


Signed, sealed, pronounced, and declared by the said James Jer-
auld, as his last will and testament, in presence of us, the subscribers,
and subscribed in presence of the said James Jerauld.

[Witnesses mimes wanting in copy furnished.]


1 (1) James, b. ; d.

2 (2) Martha, b. ; d. in Medfield, Mass., Sept. 23, 1733.

*3 (3) Gamaliel, b. Sept. 23, 1719.

4 (4) Stephen, b. Nov. 29, 1720. Settled in Sturbridcre, Mass.,
where he d. Jan. 22, 1785. He had a family of four children, two
of whom have many deseendents.

5 (.j> Dutee, b. March 5, 1723. ITe was a physician, and set-
tled in East Greenwich. R. I. Of his ten children, seven have
left a numerous posterity. He d. July 13, 1813.


(i (6) Mary, b. July 8, 1725: m. Jacob (?) Spaulding, May 2,
1753. Lived, first, in Medfield, Mass., thou in Providence, R. I.,
where she d., leaving no children.

7 (7) Joanna, b. Nov. 2. 1728 ; never m. This is the name as
given in the Medfield records, but in the "will" it appears as

8 (8) Susanna, 1). Nov. 6, 1730; d. Sept. 16, 1770. Probably
never married.


Gamaliel Gekould, 2 (James 1 ), b. Medfield, Mass., Sept. 23.
1719; in. (1) Rebecca Lawrence. Dec. 25, 17-11, who d. Jan. 12.
1751 ; m. (2) Jerusha Mann. Oct 11, 1751. who was b. Nov. 12,
1724, and d. Nov G. 17G2; m. (3) Mrs. Mary Everett, of Dedham,
Mass., Aue. 10, 17G3, who d Jan. 4, 1810. He was a farmer in
Wrentham, Mass., where he d Oct. 18, 1705. For some reason he
changed the spelling of the family name from the original, as did his
brother Stephen, and their descendants have followed after them.
The other branches retain the original orthography.


e * 9 (1) Gamaliel, b. Dec. 25, 1742; d. Jan. 12, 1750.

10 (2) Rebecca, b. Apr. 28, 1744; d. Mav 22. 1744.

11 (3) Katie, b. Mav 30. 2745; d. March' ! 4, 1740.

12 (4) Rebecca, b Feb. 9, 1747; d. July 5, 1747.
*13 (5) Jabez, 1). Nov. 1. 1748.


14 (G) Ebenezer', b Julv 13. 1752: d. Julv 25, 1752.

15 (7) Klias, 1). Sept. 22. 1753, d. Oct. 16, 1753.
*1G (S) Samuel. 1). Julv 28, 1755.

17 (9) Benona, 1). Nov. 19, 1756; d. Nov. 24, 175G.

18 (10) Jacob. 1). Dec. 12. 1757; d. Nov. 3, 1837. Never m.
•19 (11) Jerusha, b. Julv 20. 1760

•20 (12) Theodore, b. Sept. 11, 1761.


Jabez Gerould, 3 (Gamaliel 1 -), b. Wrentham, Mass., Nov. 1, 1748 ;
in. Demnris Dennett, of Newton. Conn., who d. March 20, 1829. He
served in the Revolutionary war, first, as an enlisted man at Bunker
Hill, where he was wounded, which caused his discharge. Subse-
quently he was commissioned a captain, and had charge of the ord-


nance of his division. After retiring from the array he settled in
Newton, Conn., where he was a blacksmith. In 1798 he emigrated
to Franklin, N. Y., and in 1801 removed to East Smithfield, Pa.,
where he resided till his death, June 12, 1802.

Mrs. Gerould was a devotedly pious woman. At the time they set-
tled in Pennsylvania, there were neither churches nor school houses
in which to hold religious services. Her house was always open for
this purpose. Prayer-meetings were held there whenever the neigh-
bors wished. Israel Brainard, a cousin of the Indian missionary,
David Brainard, once came there on his way to his home missionary
work in western New York. He held a service in the house of Mrs.
Gerould one evening, and went on his way the next morning, probably
never knowing why he was sent to Smithfield. In the audience was
a man of some standing in the community, but quite skeptical. The
sermon of Mr. Brainard, which was from Jer. 31 : 19, made no particu-
lar impression on any other than on this free thinker. It was re-
garded as a dry, doctrinal discourse. But it was the means of the
conversion of this gentleman, who afterwards became an active
Christian, and a most efficient helper in every thing that was good.
The fruit of that sermon, among other things, as one on the ground
has said, was the building of the Congregational church, this person
selling his last cow to buy material with which to build.


21 (1) Jerusha, b. March 16, 1783; d. young.
*22 (2) James, b. Mav 5, 1784.
*23 (3) Susanna, b. Jan. 1, 1786.
*24 (4) Ephraim Bennett, b. Jan. 14, 1788.
*25 (5) George, b. Nov. 25, 1789.
*26 (6) Ziba, b. Jan. 11, 1792.
*27 (7) Jabez Lawrence, b. Dec. 13, 1795.

*28 (8) Abel Judson, b. April 8, 1799. . .. _ .

/ *29 (9) Theodore, b. May 11, 1801.


/ 16

Samuel Gerould" 5 (Gamaliel 2 ), b. Wrentham, Mass., July 28,
1755; rn. Azubah Thompson, of Med way, Mass., April 30, 1786.
She was b. in Medway, March 3, 1765, and d. June 13, 1851. At
the age of twenty-one he enlisted in the Revolutionary army, for four
months, "to go northward," and served out his time. April 6, 1777,
he enlisted for three years, and served out his time in "Captain Knap's
company, Colo. Shepard's regt., in Genr'l Glover's Brigade." After


the war be settled in Stoddard, X. II.. arriving May 5, 1786, and
building him a log house on one of the highest hills of the town. He
was a farmer, and d. Jan. 15, 1824.


*30 (1) Samuel, b. March 7. 1787.
*31 (2) Clarissa, b. Aug. 15, 1788.

32 (3) Cassandra, b. March 8, 1790 ; d. April 27, 1870.
*33 (4) Roxa, b. May 17, 1791.
*34 (5) Jerusha, h. Jan. 18, 1793.
*35 (6) Electa, b. Nov. 12, 1794.
*36 (7) Moses, b. May 5, 1801.
*37 (8) Rhoda, b. Oct. 20, 1803.
*38 (9) Lyman, b. April 9, 1806.

39 (10) Susan A., b. Dec. 18, 1808 ; d. Feb. 23, 1815.


Jerusha Gerould 3 (Gamaliel 2 ), b. Wrentham, Mass., July 20,
1760; m. Eleazer Blake, a mechanic of Wrentham, Nov. 29, 1785.
He was b. April 1, 1757, and d. Sept. 27, 1852. He was a soldier in
the Revolutionary army from April 20, 1775, to June 12, 1783. He
Bhared in the sufferings at Valley Forge, and was one of the guards
at the execution of Major Andre. He was promoted to be a sergeant,
and then to be Assistant Quartermaster of the Fourth Massachusetts
Brigade. After their marriage they settled in Stoddard, N. H., but
shortly after removed toRindge, N. H., where he was engaged in the
manufacture of wooden ware and in fanning till his death. For many
years he was one of the deacons in the Congregational church in that
place. Shed. May 20, 1849.


♦40 (1) Enos Blake, b. May 28. 1788.

41 (2) Beia Blake, b. Nov. 21, 1790. He left home April 12,
1809, to enter business in Boston. Sailed from that port on a
trading voyage Dec. 3, 1816, and ever after followed the sea. He
wrote and spoke fluently several languages. He d. on board his
own ship at the entrance of Manila Bay, Philippine Islands, April
12, 1829, and was buried at sea.

42(3) Eri Blake, b. Nov. 16, 1792; d. Dec. 14, 1813, at
Watertown, Mass.

43 (4) Jerusha Blake, b. Aug. 26, 1795 ; d. May 6, 1823.
*44 (5) Ebcnezer Blake, b. Nov. 16, 1800.


Theodore Gerould 3 (Gamaliel 2 ), b. Wrentham, Mass., Sept. 11,


1701 ; in. Ruth Bowditch, Fob. 19, 1788 She was b. Milford,Mass.,
July 28, 1767, and d. Jan. 31, 1861. He was a fanner, and resided
on the old homestead in Wienthain till his death, March 2, 1848. He
was a member of the Congregational church, and was distinguished
for his piety.

children :

*45 (1) Rebecca, b. Dec. 28, 1788.

*46 (2) Mary, b. Feb. 13, 1791.

•47 (3) Samuel Allen, b. July 27, 1793.

. 48 (4) Susannah, b. Nov 23, 1795 ; d. April 29, 1819.

49 (5) James Harvey, b. Dec. 2, 1798 ; m. (1) Elizabeth Dean,
June 26, 1827, who d. July 12, 1867 ; m. (2) Dolly Ann Green-
lief, Aug. 4, 1868. Settled in Keene, N. H., where he was a
merchant. In 1845 he retired from business and removed to
"Worcester, Mass., where he d. June 14, 1871.

*50 (C) Joseph Bvrarn, b. Feb. 22. 1801.
51 (7) Jerusha Mann. b. Aug. 23, 1803; m. Smith Pond, a
brother of Rev. Enoch Pond, i>. D., Sept. 2, 1822. He was a
farmer in Wrentham, where he d. April 14, 1874. He was, for
many years, a deacon in the Congregational church. She was a
writer and story teller of no little ability, an active helper in every
thing good, and '-Aunt Jerusha" to all who knew her. She d.
Dec. 30, 18-S4. They had no children, but adopted Mary Smith
Pond, who was b. Oct. 21, 1849, and m. Albertus J. Whiting,
Nov. 24, 1869.

*52 (8) Elizabeth Rowe, b. Aug. 4, 1806.


James Gkijould 4 (Jaboz,* Gamaliel 2 ),b. Newton, Conn., May 5,
1784; m. Lois Wood, Sept. 24, 1812, who d. Nov. 19. 1863. Re-
sided in East Smithfield, Pa., where he was a farmer and blacksmith,
and himself and wife were worthy members of the Disciple church.
He served as First Lieutenant, Captain, and Quarter-roaster in the
Pennsylvania militia, also was pobtmaster and justice of the peace.
In 1810 on account of ill health, he shipped as steward on the
"Keziah," at New Haven, Conn., for Spain, and was absent about a
year. While off Cadiz he witnessed a naval engagement between the
English and French. His ship was afterwards searched for a British
deserter. He d. Oct. 30, 1859.

*53 (1) J. Allen, b. A112. 27, 1813.
54 (2) Emeline, b. Jan. 17, 1815 ; d. Feb. 12, 1830.


•55 (3) Emma A., b. Jan. 19, 1817.
*56 (4) Marcus 15., b. Oct. 28, 1818.
*57 (5) Florilla C, b. Dec. 7, 1820.

58 (6) Anna Damans, b. Jan. 4, 1823 ; d. May 2, 1825.
*59 (7) Amna, b. Feb. 2, 1825.

CO (8) Christina, b. March 25, 1827; d. Feb. 2, 1828.
♦61 (9) Samuel W., 1). May 3, 1829.
•62 (10) James 0., b. Dec 7, 1831.
*C3 (11) Melvina A.,b. Aug. 31, 1834.
*G4 (12) Lois E., b. May 24, 1838.


Susanna Gerould 4 (Jabez, 3 Gamaliel 2 ), b. Newton, Conn., Jan.
1, 1786; m. Dutee Rice, a farmer, Feb. 12, 1804, who d. Oct. 11,
1848. Resided in Smithfield, then Athens, and finally in Smithfield,
Pa., where she d. April 27, 1870.

children :

*65 (1) Jerusha Ann Rice, b. April 18, 180G.
*G6 (2) Susan Maria Rice, b. March 2, 1808.
*67 (3) Hiram Rice. b. March 15, 1810.
*C8 (4) Mehitable B Rice, b. Aug. 9, 1812.
*G9 (5) Jabez G. Rice. b. Jan. 18. 1815.
*70 (G) John J. Rice, b. Aug 18, 1817.
71 (7) James P. Rice, b. Oct. 21, 1819 ; m. Lutia Ann Cawker
Jan. 7, 1852. He is a dealer in real estate in Milwaukee, Wis.
*72(8) Caleb Bennett Rice, b. May 8, 1822.
*73 (9) Betsey A. Rice. b. Dec. 24. 1825.
*74 (10) Orin B. Rice, b. July 1, 1830.


Ephraim Bennett Gerould 4 (Jabez, 3 Gamaliel* ), b. Newton,
Conn., Jan. 14, 1788; m. (1) Elizabeth Foster, March 3, 1819, who
was b. May 31, 179G, and d. Aug 11, 1824; m. (2) Christiana Put-
nam, Oct. 6, 1825. He was a farmer, merchant and manufacturer in
Covington, Pa., where he d. April 22, 1845. He was an active mem-
ber of the Baptist church.

children :

75 (1) Theodore Clark, b. March 28, 1820; m. Mary Evans,
July, 184G, and d. June 6, 1848.
*7G (2) Henry Marty n, b. Aug. 4, 1828.
♦77 (3) Otis Gibson, b. Dec. 17, 1830.

78 (4) Maria Emeline, b. March 20, 1833 ; d. April 14, 184G.



George Gerould 4 (Jabez, 3 Gamaliel 2 ), b. Newton, Conn., Nov.
25, 1789 ; m. Batkskeba Beals, Dec. 13, 1813, who was b. March 14,
1792, and d. Sept. 16, 1874. He was a farmer in East Smithfield,
Pa., and a member of the Baptist church ; d. May 6, 1853.


*79 (1) Owen, b. Dec. 26, 1814.

*80 (2) Jaines Lawrence, b. April 24, 1816.

•81 (3) Harriet, b. Jan. 10, 1819.

*82 (4) Sarah, b. Sept. 14, 1822.

*83 (5) John, b. Nov. 1, 1824.
84 (6) Ephraim B., b. July 5, 1835; m. Mrs. Julia (Collins)
Gerould, widow of his brother John, June 28, 1878. He was a
farmer 'in East Smithfield, Pa., where he cl. Jan. 29, 1881.


Zib A Gerould 4 (Jabez, z Gamaliel" 1 ), b. Newton, Conn., Jan. 11,
1792 ; m. Eliza A. Bird, Nov. 25, 1816. He was a farmer in East
Smithfield, Pa. ; also a member of the Disciple church there. He d.
Feb. 7, 1871.

*85 (1) Sophia, b. Nov. 16, 1817.

*86 (2) Louisa, b. July 24. 1820.
87 (3) Betsey, b. Aug. 21, 1822; m. Jesse Bullock, Oct. 22,
1851. He was a merchant in Smithfield, and Canton, Pa , where
he d. Sept. 27, 1875. Child : 88 (1) Charles E. Bullock, b. Dec.
17, 1858. He is a lawyer in Canton, Pa.

•89 (4) Lewis B., b. March 31, 1824.

*90 (5) Phebe, b. March 14, 1829.

*91 (6) Henry M., b. April 26, 1831.

*92 (7) Clayton, b. Oct. 23, 1835.
93 (8) Jane Eli^a, b. Oct. 15, 1841 ; m. Diton Phelps. Dec. 27,
1865. lie served in the Union army, and is a farmer and drover
in East Smithfield, Pa. She d. July 21, 1873.


Jabez Lawrence Gerould 4 (Jabez, 3 Gamaliel 2 ), b. Neu ton, Conn.,
Dec. 13, 1795; m. Margaret Beebe, Genoa, N. Y., May 25, 1821.
She was b. in Sharon, Conn., Jan 29, 1799, and d. in Wavedy, N.


Y., Aug. 22, 1880. She joined the Baptist church in 1820, and the
Disciple church in 1832. He was a fanner and merchant in East
Smithfield, Pa., where he d. June G, 1852.


94 (1) Amelia Beebe, b. Dec. 22, 1822 ; d. Sept. 29, 183G.
*95 (2) Jabez Abijah, b. Aug. 17, 1*24.
*9G (3) Amasa Beebe, b. May 12, 1827.

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