Samuel Purchas.

Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 1 of 181)
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P V R C H A S his P I L G R I MA G E.




Places difcouercd/rom the Creation

vnto thii Present,

m VOV%_E <PJi]lTS


^V^ t 'l^^'^^^^^'^A^ AND

CjeographicalHiftone of A sia.Afkica,

mdA M E R I c A^ ti^ith the f lands


Declaring the Ancient Religions befoi . the F l o v d the
Heathn,Jh,fmtfi,andSar4cenicallin all Jges fines in Lf.


bcgfnnings, Proceedings, Alterations^'^cds
Orders and Succcfiloas. '

iriefe DefcriptionsoFthc Countries FafJo-s^ ^,

Nature. orhnrnMe UiJ^-ifiHc^-. th^Tasfe

The fecond Edition, rr nch enlarjed with AdditL hrcuph

the •whole IVorkiLJ ; ,

BySA«vHt PvKCHAs,MinifteratE^(^c)odinHffex-
V»i& D E 7 s J vm Veritas.



vs^'&J^i^^ x^


V «


gE0%G8 By The Divine Provi-

BVRIE^ Primate And Metropolitane Of
all ENGt ANDjOncof his Ma jcftiesmoft Ho-
norable Priuie Councell : and his

very good Lord, v,


That duetien>hicb emboUned
me^at my fir/i lookjng , and
leaping out of the Dung eon of
ohjcumie y to interrupt jour
more/erious affaire s^ Mth the
viei» ofthefe my labor s-^Hath
(by your Gracious acceptance
of me and them') encreafed to-^
gethenvith thevp.or^e , and encouraged mcc^tbefecond
time^ (jhmfeconded by manifold helpes of ^oo^es and
Relations of others^ and by afecondcare^ and labour of
mine ov^ne") to obtrude this fir jl T!* art of my intended TiL
grimage ypon your (jrace, ^oth then^ , andnoi» , no
utorth thereof^ butjour vporthineffe hath caufed thispre"
Jump t ion . For to rphom fiould f rather prefent my firft *



The Epiftle Dedieatoris.

fruites, then vnto the^ High^Triefi , That hee might
fhake them before the Lord , to make them accep-
table '1 0\(jither u any meeter to Tatronife a Hifioric^
ofT(eligion^ then kt^, to vpho/e Terfon ^eltgiongiueth,
and from the fame mutually receiuethy Patronage. And
therefore f y the meaneU ofLcui's/onnes^ doe her c^ a "
gam offer ynto ycur(jrace^, A s i a, A f r i c a. A-
M E R I c A , and that in their withered and fouler hue (^
faffed out Adorns rites » or prefent Irreligiom^eligionSy
not wa/hed mth the purerjlreames of /acred 'Baptifme.
E V R o p E challenge th a rcome in this Iqndhj herjelfe:
nor would Chriftian Hiftorie youchfafe thc/L^ Stran-
gers her holycompanie, and therefore hath enioynedme
O-i fecondTilgrimage y and Teramhulation ouerthc^
Worldy to trace herfootfleps^andohferue euery where her
TlanterSy Corrupters, and%eformers^

(jreat is this burthen of a twofold JVorldyand requires
both an Adas and an Hercules too^ to vndergoe it, The
newneffe alfo maizes it more difficult , being an enterprife
neueryet (to my \nowledge^ by any , in any language^at*
tempted-^ conioyning thus Antiquitie 4w^Moderne hi*
ftorie,/« theobferuations of all the rarities of the World y
andefpeciaUyofthatfouleoftheworldy R e l i q i o n.
Yethaueladuenturedy and (f/peal^ it not to boafl, but
to excufc^ myfelfe, in Jo haughtie defgnei) this my firfl
Voyage ofDfcouerie y beftdes mine oxane poor e fiockt^
hide thereony hath made mee indebted to aboueo-j thou^
/and Authoursy of one or other J^nde , in fknow not how
many of their TreatiJeSy EpiftleSy Relations and Htjlo-
ries^ofdiuersfubieUes and Languages yborrowed by my
felfe^befideswhatQforwant of the Authors themf clues')


The Epiftle Dedicatorfe.

fhaue-j ta{cn ypon truB, of other mens goods in their
kinds. iVhertn had I eniojed that Ac^dcmickc leifure^

'Ec ivSidoii J\fyj.oi7lv Am.Mim QiS,

Or the benefits of greater Libraries, or fufficient confe^
rencewith menmore^skilfuUi my Braine might haue
yeelded a fairer iffue, a-> more comfleate and better-ar^
med M inerua • ^ut befides the raant ofthefe, the daily
cares of my Family, the ivee^y duties (in Treachingand
Catechifng) of my Adiniflerie^the grolfcnes of the Aire
where iliue, M^hicb^fomefayynal^es a duller mt^f a/rL^
fure:,aficl^ier body^maypleade excufefor me, Ifnoty

Clades Authore leuatur,
TheSVoxld is the iveight thatprejeth me^andmy boo^e
fiallhauf thispraifein the greatejl difpraife^

Magnis tamen excidic auOs.
Hovpfoeuer^ f jhall thinly mj feJfe happie inyour
Graces Examination andCen/ure,ifit heenotlmpietie
in meeto offer to intercept y and with intcrpojition ofthefe
lines O-j while to Ecliffe your (jraciom affeB andinjltu
ence-j lento our Church and Stdte. <iAnd though your
Grace cannot , for more neceffarie imployments y and
needesnoty as knowing them^ better alreadie , afforde
jow^- Precious time to thefe things of bafer worth: let
if your Recreations flo all vouchfafe them-> as ^mem^
hrancers, out of my labours to refreffo yours , fflmllbee
more thenfuffcientlyrecompenced. Others may hence
learne by that moU laborious, though not mofi learned
Argument of Induction , two lejjons fitting thefe time Sy
r/?e VnnaturalneiTe^j/F action and At hz*
I s M E : That law ofU\[^ture hauing written in thepra^
Uife of all men (as wee here in the particulars doe fhew^

f 3 the

The Epiftle Dedicatorie.

th(L^ profefiton offome ^Religion , andin that %eligion^

vpherefoeuer any foci etie of Trie/les or Religious ^^'Z*

Jons, are, or haue beene in the World , no admittance of

Pariticj the Angeh in Heauen, T>iuels in hell, {as th(L^

%oyalleft of Fathers , the^ Father of our Countriehath

fronounceci')and all %eligiotis on Earth, ai here yi^efhew,

beingequally fuhieU to inequalitie, that is, totheequi^

tie of fubordinate Order, And iff Hue tofinijlo the rejl,

fhope t9fhevi> the Paganifme ofit/intichrifticni-) Tofe*

rie, and other T^feudo^ChriJlian herefies, and the Truth

of Chriflianitie^ as it is norpprofelfed and eflablifhed in-j

our Church, lender the^ (jreat Defender of theFaith :

forvphofe^long¥^2i\gnt, and j cur graces prolperom

feruice londerfo T^eligtous a Smeraigne , 1 heartily

pray ynto the King ofK ings, and chief e

Shepheard of our Souks y I e s v s


Your Graces mofl

vnwortby Chaplaine,


T o Th e Reader.

Nd now, Reader, The Pi lgmme comes
vnto thee,thc fecond time,with whom he dares
bee fomewhat bolder. Being, I know not by
what naturall inclination, addi£led to the ftudie
of Hiftorie , my heart would fomctimes objed
a felfc-iouc, in following my priuatc delights in
thatkinde. Atlaft, I refolucd to turne the plea-
furcs of my ftudies into ftudious paincs , that o-
thers mightagaine, by dclightfuli ftudie, turnc
my paines into their pleafure. I here bring Re-
ligion from Paradife to the i^rke^ , and thence follow her round about the
World,and (for her fake) obferue the World it fclfc,with the feuerall Coun-
tries and Peoples therein \ the chiefe Empires and States ^ thdr priuate and
publique Cuftomcs ; their manifold chances and changes ; alfo the wonder-
full and moft remarkeablc effcds of Nature ; Euents of Diuine and Humane!
Prouidence, R aritics of Arte ; and whatfbeuer I finde by Relations of Hi-
ftoriansi as I pafle, moft worthiethe writing. Religion is my more proper
aime , and therefore I infift longeron the defcription of whatfbeuer I finde
belonging thereto ; declaring the Religion ofthc firft Men ; thccorrupting
of it before, and aftertheFloud j the lewifh obferuations ; the Idols, Idola-
tries, Temples, Priefts, Feafts,Fafts, Opinions, Se(51:s,Orders, and facred Cu-
ftomcs of the Heathens i with the Alterations and Succcflions that hauei
therein happened, from the beginning of the World hitherto.

ThisWorke I diuide into foure parts. This firft exhibiteth, Relations
and Thcologicall difcoucric ofAsiA,AFR.icA, and America ; The
lecond, when God will, fhall doc the fame for Evrope : Thethirdand
fourth, in a fecond vifitationjfhall obferue fuch things in the fame places,as I
hold moft remarkeablc in the Chriftian and Ecclcfiafticall Hiftorie, and that
according to the fame method; which is fquarcd in the IVhole by order of
Places, going ftill out of one Countrie into the next ^ in each particular part
and feuerall Countrie, by the order of TVw^, deducing our Relations, fb farre
as wee haue others foot-prints to guide vs , ( though not exadly naming the



day and yeare, and determining qucftions in Chronologicall controuerfies,
ycc in fome conuenicnt fort j from the Ancient timcsjund by degrees dcfcen-
dingto thcprefent.

If thoudemandefl what profit may be hereof; I anfwerc, That hcreftu-
dcnts ofail forts may finde matter fitting their ftiidies : ThcnaturallPhilo-
fbphers may obfcruc the different conftitution and com mixtion of the Ele-
ments, their diners working in diucrs places, thevarietie of hcauenly influ-
ence, oftheyeareliefeafons, of thcGrcataresintheAire, Water, Earth:
They which delight in ftate-affaircs , may obferue the varietie of States and
Kingdomes, with their differingLawcs, Polities,and Cuflomes,their Begin-
nings, and Endings. The Diuine, bcfidcs the former, may here contemplate
the workes of God, not in Creation alone, but in his luftice and Prouidence,
purfuing finne eucry where with fuch drcadfull plagues^ both bodily,in roo-
ting vp and pulling downe the mightieft Empires- and cfpccia'ly in Ipirituall
Iudgemcnts,giuing vp fo great a part of the World vnto the efficaae of Err our
inftrong deltijiens, that hming forjaken the Fount awe of lining waters , thejfjjould
digge vnto themjelues theje broken Pits that can hold no ivater ;dcuout in thcirfu-
fliould be a Religion, difagrecing from each other, and theTRVTM, in the
pradife thereof

LikewifcourMiniftersmaybeinciredvnro all godly labours in their fun-
ftion of preaching the Gofpcll,iceingothcrwirc, for outward and bodily ce-
remonies, the Turkes and lewes (in their manifold deuotions in their Orato-
ries cuery day) and other Heathen would conuincc vs of idleneffe. And let
me hauc leaue to fpcakc it for the gloric of God,and the good of our churchy
I cannot Hnde any Priefts in all this my Pilgrimage , of whom we hauc any
exa£l Hifloric, but take more bodily paincs in thcirdeuotions, tharv is perfor-
med by not-preaching Miniftcrs , efpecially in Countrie- villages , whereon
the wcckc daics they cannot hauc occafion,or companic,for publique praiers;
and therefore if they only reade the Seruice on holy daics , and neucr ftudie
for more (which I would it were not the idle praftifcof fbmc)eucn the Hea-
then ftiali rife vpin judgement againff them. I fubfcribe with hand and pra-
ii:iCc to om Liturgie , but not to fuch Zf/^^ir^?^ .- whofe darkcncffe is fb much
the more intollcrablc, in this Sunne-Qiinc of the Gofpcll , wherein wee hauc
a gratious i(V»^, fo diligent a frequenter of Sermons j and Rcuerend Bi/ioj>s
(notwithflanding other their wcightie Ecclefiafticall craploimcnts) yet dili-
gent Preachers.

The ftudious of Geographic may fomewhat be helped in that kinde : not
that we intend an cxaft Geographic, in mentioning euery Citie with the de-
grees of Longitude and Latitude, but yet limiting eucry Countrie in his true
fituation and bounds; and performing happily more then fome, which take
vpon them the title of Gcographers,as their chiefcprofcffion .-and more then
any, which I know, hath done in our language.

He which admirethandalmoftadoreth the Capuchincjlcfuitc, or other
Romaniftsjforfelfe-inflided whippings, faff ings,watchings, vowes of obe-
dience, poucrtie, and fingle life, and their not fparing their limmcs and liues
for their will-worjhips^ may fee, in all thefc , the Roraanifts equalled by Hea-


thcns, iF not out-ftripped euen by the reports of the Icfuitcs and other their
Catholiques. Bodil) exercife profiteth Itttle , hut GoMmeJJe is firofitablevr.toally i.Tw.4.8.
and hath the promife of this life undthat vehich is to corner.

Hcrealfb the Reader may fee moft of their Popifti Rites, deriuedoutof
Chaldacan , ^Egyptian , and other Fountaincs of Paganifme^ as in thcJatcr
taske we fliall hauc more occafion to (hew.Hcre euery Eoglifh-man may fee
caufc to praife God continually for the light of his truth , communicated to
the facred name oflnsws', and of thole that profciTc it, how infinite are the
fc£ts and fuperftitions I God hath JJjewedhis IVerdvnto our I AC OB (The
Defender Of His Faith) /'/If Statutes and his iudgements 'vnto this
I $ 5. A E t of Great Britainc. He hath not dealt Jo with euery Tijtion^ neither haue
the Heathen^ norfcarfly, iffcarccly , any other Chriftian Nation, fomuch
knowledge of hUiudgements. Andycthowfeditiousarcfome Jhowpropbane
arc others ? ho w vnthankfuli the mod I That beaftly Sinnc of Drunkennefle,
that biting Sinne of Vfurie , that Deuillifh Sinne of Swaggering , ruffling in
deformiticof clothes,likc vnoT\{!itonsChim<£ras , and barking out a rnultifbr-
mitie of oathes, like heilifli Cfr^w, as if men could i^oxhc<^ Gallants ^vnlci^e
they turned X'f«///j. Thefearethepaiments wee rcturne vnto the Lord, in
ftead of prayers for, and loyaltie to his MajeHic y pcaccablcneiTeandcharitie
to each others 5 modofticandfobricticinourfelucs-

For the forme,I haue fought in Ibme places,with varietic of phra/c, in all,
with varictic of matter, to draw thee along with mce in this tedious Pilgri-
mage. Some names arc written diucrfly, according to the differing Copies
which I followed, which thy difcretion willcafily concciuc. I docnotinc-
uery queftion ict downe my ccnfijre ; fbraetimes, becaufe it were more then
nccdcsj fometimes becaufe of the difficultie. I mention Authors fbmtimcs
of meane qualitie , for the mcancft haue fcnfe to oblcrue that which them-
/elues fee, more ccrtainely then the contemplations and Theorie of the more
learned. I would alfo acknowledge ihc labour of the meaneft. I haue labou-
red to reduce Relations to their firft Authors , letting their names to their
Allegations: the want whcrofhath much troubled me.whilflthcmoft leaue
out their Authours, as if their owne afTertion were fufficientauthoritie in
things borrowed. I hauc (tomygreatpaincs) contracted and Epitomized
whole Volumes (and fbme very large) into one Chapter j a thing vfuall
through thefe Relations. Where I haue found plcntifull difcourfe for Reli-
gion (my chiefe aime) I am (hotter in other Relationsjand where I haue bad
lefTehelpes for that difcouerie, I infift more on the wonders of Nature, and
difcoueries by Sea and Land, with other remarkeablc accidents. The/e Ra-
rities of Nature I hauc fometimes futed in a differing phrafe and figure of
/peecli J not that I affcd a fantafticall fingularitic ; but that thefe diuine
workcs might appcarc in Robes, if not fitting their Majeftie, yet iiich as our
Word-Robe did willingly without any great affcftation or fludic, affoord:
not without example of the Scripture, which vfeth to bring in the mute
Creatures, fpeaking and performing, (as it were) other perfbnall offices ; nor
without this cffeft, to make the Reader flay a while with obfcr nation and
wonder 5 befidcs that, varietic of it felfe is delightfome.


w-*^ -


If any mifiike the fulncffc in fbmc places , and the barrcnncfle of wordcs
in others; let them confidcr,wc handle a World, where arc Mountaines and
Vallics, fertile habitations,and fandie dc/arts : and others ftcps, whom 1 fol-
low, hold mccfometimcs in a narrower way , which clfe where take morcli-
bertic. I touch here and there a Centrouerfie ; both for iliultration of Hiflo-
rie ; and in fcafon, and out of feafbn, to (hew my afledion to the truth.

Now if any man thinke , that it were better thcfe rotten bones of the pal^
fed,andflinking bodies of theprcfcntSupcrftitionswcrc buried, then thus
rakedoutof theirgraues J bcfides that which hath beeneiaid, I anfwcre.
That I hauefufficient example in the Scriptures , which were written for our
learniagto the ends sf the IVorld, and yetdcpaint vnto vsthe vgly face or idola-
triein fo many Countries of the Heathens , with the Apoftalies , Sefts , and
Hereficsof the lewcs , as in our firftand fccond booke is fliewcd .-and the
Ancknt'pAthcrs a.]C0yIuJiin,Tertul/ian,Clemef3s,Ire>}£H^y Orige»y and more ful-
ly, Eufebiuf , Epiphaniiu , and i^ugusiitte , haue gone before vs in their large
Catalogues of Herefics and falfc Opinions. And what doth more fee forth
the glorieof Gods grace, then in pardoning ; his power, then in reforming ;
hisjuftice,theningiuingmcnvptofuchdclufions ? Are not thcfe the Tro-
phecs and glorious viftories of The Crosse Of Ch.iist, that hath
iubuertcd the Temples, Oracles, Sacrifices, and Seruices of the Deuill ? And
maift not thou fee herein, what Man is, and thou thy felfe maift bee, if G o d
leaue thee to thy fclfc ? Reade therefore, with praifes vnto G o d, the father of
thy light J and praicrs for thefe Heathens, that God may bring them out of
ihc frtare of the Deuill y and that Chrijl may hce hts faluation to the ends of the
World. And let me alio obtaine thy praiers in this my Ptlgrimage^io be there-
in dire£led, to the gloric of God, and good of my Countrie. Eucn [o
Lord Iesvs.

NOw if any bee offended becaufe his Booke (which not long fincchec
bought) wanteth much of that which this Edition offercth ^ lanfwere,
that I then gaue what I had , and what my poorc ob/cure flate , with little
hclpc of Bookes or Intelligence from others,could affoord : And finding bet-
ter entertaincment then Icould dcferucordefirc, many Rcuerend , Noble,
Learned, approuing and almoft applauding the P/Z^r/wf ,notwithftanding his
raggesandrudeneffej I could not but acknowledge it a great, bothrecom-
pence and preferment, /audarialaudatis viru^ and was thereby encouraged to
cndeuour vnto fomcwhat more praife-worthie. Which when I had thought
to haue afTaied in my promife for Europe .- the quick falc of the former thrcat-
ning a fccond imprefCon fomeyeares before I could ( without better furthe-
rance) bcreadicto joyne£«yfi/'(r therewith; thereby alfo being grownc into
acquaintance with many l^udious in this kindc,whore Bookes and Pvclations
might much further mine : I waseafilypcrfwadedtothisrcuicw, and haue
prefented you yoiir Pilgnme^w'xth many, not fringes aMfck^cs alone for orna-
ment, but large pceces oFncwcloih to fupply his fbrwrdcfe(fl:s and rents:
and he which was then a new-borne Infant, is now with timegrown greater.
Thcfe things, in Nature and v(c arc necelTaric and commendable, and here



could not be effected without my great coft and paines , which might rather
merit Eiogics then Apologicsiyct (hall I hold my fcifcrccompenccd beyond
cxpcdation.irromeiickftomackdifgorge not fomccurfconmcc, for being
fo painfull to bring him better intclligcnce.But for them to whom this worke
is principally intended, cither their wealth will make it infcnfiblc jor their dif-
crction , eaiily pardonable. And how much more doth it coft fome in wran-
gl ing fees for a pccce of an Acre or T encment , then here for the grcateft part
of the World ? Neither yet doth the P?/en>»c-^turnc Stationer to follicitc
buyers, or to conftruc the Title of his worke * to the fmchafing thereof: and * ?uic\m\(n
happelythar,whichtbcyhaucalreadie, maymore then fufficemany igno- •P''i'''»«2«'
rant or idle owners, to whom that cannot be worfc,becau(e this is better. But
I would gladly giuecontentmenc to thcftudious,efpccialIy fuchjwhofe wea-
ker ftate (thcP//^n»?f/ownccaic) cannot rife and grow better with the ira-
preflion: For their fakes f would hauc printed the Additions by thcmfclues j
but that being To many and fo manifold for kinde and number,it would hauc
fcemed a looic bundle offlireds and ragges.-which being thus fowcd together
in Ht places, make the Pilgrimcs wcedes more handfome, and Iclleharfli.
With them is left me this cxcufc,euen that which accufcth me, Wanti which
had it not before hindred mc, I might iuftly be cenfured for a Wanton, fb fb-
dainly to obtrude on the world fuch after-births. What is here added cannot
be expreffed in an Epiftlc : but the whole Bookc is the Epiftle thereof^ cuery
part and limme whereof, hath new bloudinfufed, and additions annexed, as
occafion of better Intelligence hath offered it felfc: wherein I hauemadcmy
fclfe indebted to fbme hundrcdsof Authors,written or printcd,which before
I had not made vie of , as in the Catalogue of their names will appeare. Nei-
ther mean I hereafter to trouble the Worldwithany fuch reuiew in this Ar-
gument of A SI A, Apr. I c A, and Am ERF c A; butleaueit (if any thing
offer it fclfe) to my fecond di/coucrieof Chriflianitie in thofe parts :
meanc-whilepurpofingbyGodshcipeto fit my felfefor
rayVifitation (in this kinde) of EvROPE,for.
which I againe dcfire thy praiers, the
befl requital] of ray


H'Epfdf, AiCuiK, -arspaViif'srsp?, k AViJ'of cum
Tfei^[/!AT tf'p tt[Mpiha.fn vkv M.iamti.'^ovXyi,
Slyvyiay -n Uiav iiXijc^v ts TloTrav >^ lofTuy
Moj(^9k(t5< a-jrofcU'Uu sxjS'vctiAvav ^.i^umzv.

rp«t4«''/"-'''" S'TTOpdJ^lw <;-i<ptl,v'i<7KVi 7«c^4 f 4p£ffX0y

Eu jUctAa ffa^nJ^ov niipp(^i*Vof tcwto. BpSTctccTj
K*« Ag/ioif «pi5/' Tfp's-ipoj eio 'ts'atav;

I o. S E t D E N, I. G . ^ 5^f . //;/. r«fw/A'.

Eiufcietn Hendecafylkhum.

^oUmen Fidei^ Salutes 4r/U
'^Dtdm^ Effigiem,Dc{q-^ Vcri
z/£terfiur»fUcitumfie decendoy
Myftes c^UAmmerito Celebris ahUs.
Aty PvR.cHAs£,/«i ;»p<<i C*rtf»i
lamcircunditur, endon^ ore do^$
yittet Ntmen,H0nofg^: qni prophana
Scrutat^vmmzf Gentium Nefn^os
Errerif^ Deos-J Volumiije harum
Sacro mulu reperUjprodiere h'mc
miulU; htcficjludijs tuts here aptaSy
P«/ci&r<f^Hiftorias, Locorq;/'4»^«'.
Hec vmm ddi/eiam : VOCE RE quiqui
2^ofiU qHtdfueritfRecotiditum^
SCJJiE, hMt invideatU Huic merenti.

T iking thefc fludies wcll,but wanting wings
•^ To lift rae vp, I lay in felfc-defpaire;
Bleflfing their happincflejwhofe filvcr ftrings
Could draw in mcancs their knowledge to repairej
Thinking thofc worthies parallel to Kings,
As will and may fcaft with fuch Mufes faire,
While barcncCic barrcs me from their facrcdfprings.

Affli61:ed thus,yet ftill affcdcd well.

The Pd^rime,movd with mildc compaffion.
Lends me his ftafFe to lift me from this hell.
And leades mc vp to fuch a lofty ftation.
As fhewcs where each Religion doeth dwell;
And to inhablemc for contemplation,
Reprints this 2?i?<?/[r,which docth itfclfef excel].
That now I write,inftcde of P i l g r. im a g e,
ninxoMOTSEioN on theTitlc-page.

A. JMagirvs.

On the learned Preachers Pilgrimage
%eligionis ergo,

npHcBodyofthisBookcis HIS TOR IE,
A Tllad in quaint garments o^GEOGRAP HIE^
Aaorn'd with lewels o^CHRONO LOGIE^
Fctch't from the Treafur'of A NT I ^ IT IE.
T he better f Art thereof, THE OLOGIE^
StuleoftheWtrU-y Religious PIETIE
Addes life to all, and giues ETER NIT IB.







Of the firft beginnings of the World and Religion.- and of the Re-
gions and Religions of Babylonia, Aflyria, Syria, .
Phoenicia, and Palrftina.

C H A p. I,
*^F God, One in Katun^j-
^ "Three in Perjens , theV i^-
I THER,SoNNE,and Ho-
ly Ghost.


G H A 1', II.

oftheCreation ofthelVerld. pag <
Chap. III.

o/Man, cenj/deredin his firft Jlate^^
vpherein he xf as created. -and of Paradi/c,
the place of his habitation. pag- 1 V

ghap. I in.

of the word Rel igion ; and of the Reli-
gion of our firft parents before thefal.^ 20
Chap. V.

of the fall of Man : andof Originall
finne. pag 25

Chap. VI.

OftheReliques ofthediuine Image af-
ter the fall^ rehereby naturally men addict
themfelues vnto feme Religion : and what
was the Religion of the mrld before the

f""*^- pag. 30

Chap. VII.
Of the caufe andcomming of the Floud.

CH... VIII. '^■''

Oftherepeoplmgofthe World: and of

the diuifwnof Tongues and Nations.


Chap, IX.

t_x/ Geographicall Narration of thc^

whole Earth in generall^an^more particu-

UrlyofMx^. ' pag.^^

C h A p. X.

Of Babylon ia //^<? ^^■/^/W/ ^ Idola-
trie .• and the Chaldeans Antiquities be-
fore the Floud; as Bcrofus hath reported
i^'«^' p.qg.51

Chap; XI.

Of the Citie andcountrie of Babylon:

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