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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 10 of 181)
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br:;ndcd to contempt and flname till his death, his foule become a ftage of Anguifh,
Feare,Horrour, and other Furies, the harbingers of hell: not able to differ (which
yethe cannot but fuffer) the guilt ofpafledwickcdncfle gnawing him, tha waightof ,

prefent mifene prcfiing him,:he dread of a death,and a death attending him ; rcftiefle
in himfelfc, hated of the world, defpairing ofrciiefe from God ; £ liuely mappe ot the


2 4 Of the reltques of the !Diu'mc Intake, (Urc. Chap .6.

« j.Tim.^.6, deadly and damnable ftatc of finnc and (inners, (without Chrift) » dead vtbilesthcj
. . . _ //^fj moiling fepulchcrs, the DiuclscaptiueSjhelsheires, exiled from heauen, and va-
MariyrAn Gel', gabonds on the earth, eucn on that which they call their owne land.
€hry[ojl.ho>n.zo. C'*^'^> more vexed with the punifhment.thcn at the fault of \\\stmnt,def^rtedfror»
Camel. Betram, ihejrre fence of the £,«r</, which is meant either of hisiudiciall conuentinghim.or ^ in
flepohtlud.c.i. regard of the vifible focietic of the Church, cradled yet in his fathers houfhold,
TraT"'^' ^' * ^'^"^ God did efpecially fhcw his prcfent prouidcncc, proteition and gr3ce,who o-
d Ant'iq, lib. i. thcrwife fiUeth the heauen and earth, of whom and in whom they are : from hence, as
€ap.i. eyidam before out of Paradifc, {o Cain was, as it were, excommunicated, expelled,

e ?.cmeli.b\^. and out-lawed, and </»?/« >«/^f/<i»^<|/;Vo<i, which « fometaketo be appellatincly

in ant'tq.Eibl. " °^ roamed father: ^ Jofephtu faith,he built Naida,applying it to a proper place. which
g I'fiudo-Bcro. was either Eaftward from Eden,orEaftward towards Eden from Canaan, where e/^-
jiii nameth the dam is fuppofed to hauc d welt,and after with his wife to haue been buried at Hebron,
Citie OeiiM by Afterward, his pofteritic being multipHed (his wife, Efifhan. out o^Lcftogtnefis cal-
h' Eucn I m ^^^^ Sh.tpie, c ComeFior calleth her C^almana, ( "Thilo, Themcch) he huilt a cMe which
felfeknew one hecalledby the riAine ofhufenne B Henechx to crofTe that curfc of his wandering to and
fV. coliin of fro on the earth, or to arme him againft others, which his guiltie ccni'cience caufed
Broxtedin Ef- himtofearc, or to bea receptacle and flore-houfc of thofe fpoiles, which. lofefhus
fcx, wliufe po- faith^ he robbed from others by violence, when as the earth was barren to him. Phih
fteritie yone f(^^^^ may fo entitle that Author) which hath written ofthe antiquities of the Bible,
woman! wnicn ^ . , , J , , , t < t i rr' i r r ^ i r//ii- i ii-

alfo (jruiucJ afcribeth to him other atieSyAJai/i;,Leed,Tehe,ieJca,Ce/et, hUb.n, adding that he h-

him) wasfuch, ucd 7 ;o.years, Thcfe things may be probablc,although that Author be otherwife fa-

ih:'c his fonnc buIous,confidering that men did ordinarily Hue many hundred ycares in thofe times,

reported to ^^^j ^^j.^. ^jj-^ exceeding fruitfull,efpccially after that\\^% embraced ofthat

wcre'iii.of "^ family.^ And ifthat in yif/'r4^<»»«/ pofteritic the feed of /^co^ in leflc then joo.ycarej

them prefent was rru'tiplied to To ' great a pcoplc,it is like that the (^aimtes were no I^ kfle popu-

•thistuncrall, lous,liuing in more freedom.Hefir(t (faith /c/ip^w^Jfound out weights and meafures,

and one of his and affigncd proprieties in pofleflionsofland, before common as the aire and light,

daughters ^^^ ^^^^ author to lewd pcrfons,ofa lewd and vngodly life.Probablc it is that the Ci-

bou"c\nhu"n- tie was called Henoch, bccaufe the curfc fufFered not the fatlicrtortayioaplacCjbut

drcd thither to Icaue a hafty inheritance to his fon to finifh and rule it. lahal 2nd lubdhnA Tubd-

ofherproge- f^jw, were inucnters of Arts : thefirfl todwell in tents and kccpecattell; thefecond

^^'* of muficall inftrumcnis: the third of working in mettals, and making of Armour,

1 00000 men ^^.j^j^-j^ [^^-^^ thinkc to be Vulc.why the neerenes of name and occupation.His ' Hftcr

k iorop'i faith Ndamxhis accounted by fome Rabbincs, the firftinuentcr of making Linncn and

that Umcch Woollen, and of vocall Mufickc ; yea they make her the wife of Noah alfo.

had77.chil- Thus letTs leaueihis family multiplying in numbers,jn fciences,in wickedneflf,fa-

~^"^' uouring nothingdiuinc,oratlcaftnothingbuthumaneintheirD;uinitie:(therefore

in chi-on ' cMedthefomes sf men "",) let vs looke backe to Adam, who in this wicked fruit of

m Gf».6f.i.x. his bodie might readecontinuallledures of repentance for the finne of his foule.«>^-

n The Icwcs d^m bcgatc a child in hts ovne li\enes ", that is, not in that likcncs of God, Vi herein he

fable, ihat was created, but like vntohimfelfe, both in humane nature, aud natural! corruption,

none oy^Ami ^j^ j,^^^^. j^^ calie^ 5<r/A,of whofe pofterity the whole world was hyNefih rcpcoplcdi

h'-blidaftc- Vnto 5f.'i was borne £«o/7;.7"^if»^^f.-i>«wf»,faith M o s e s^tocatlvfofithenatncoftht

Abel, til! the Lo^'^.This fome " interpret ofthe beginning ofidolatry.that men began to prophane

birth of ScJ', the name ofthe Lord: fome to call the name of the Lord, that is,atter'7(^^fo.S'.f/(7»j<7,

had the true j.^ apply the name ofGod to Images, Stars and men : But the more likely opinion is,

ormeo a jj^gj-^^.^en j^al^jw had obtained amore holvpofteiity.which was now multiplied in
man, and that »» . • 1 1 1 <- 1 ii • • • ■ ,. i 1 /i . .

in tbat no. diuers families,? Religion which before had bin a pnuat in-matein Adawi houfhold,

yearcs fpaca w as now brought into publikc cxcreifc,whereof Pr,«;fr hath alwaics bin accounted a
he berate Kd-

chaty tii^t is , Diucis . K Mof, Egjif . due. dithjlb.i . cap. 6. He interpreteth Adam^ begettmg a ch'dde in hif owne lil^emfe, of
thitinlb'uftion whereby Seth was taught, and became a pcrfcft man : the others being bcafts and Rocfco/, which in
an. alicgoricall lenfc may be trucly (poken j and fo perhaps was meant, » Bteugbton.Coiicait, Hartyrjit Gen. p Lu-
ther, m Oeacf, IrtmcU. yatablin, Ctuum. m Gencf. fca r, in Gentf, lib 7,


Chap.7» The prjl'Booke* 55

principal! part,and God himfelfc in both Teftamcnts caileth his hoiife a hottfe of: ray.
er ; the calues ofthe lips.and the ciaculations ofthe heart being the body and loule of
Diuintvvorniip,whcreoffacrificcs were in a manner but the apparelL fafliioncd to *Somcareof
that infancie ofthe Chiuch. Ofchc nnmcs' ofthe poRerity of ^(^<?»?, and his hun- opinion that
dred yearcs mourning for yibel; oiSeth, his remouing after yidafrn^^iiezzh to a irioiin- =>'! 'hole Fa..
taineneereParadife,andfuchotherthings,morefauouring of fabulous vanity in the 'hersmenuo-
falfe-namcd ^ Ollcihadms, Philo and others that follow them,I liR not to write. And ^^^^ z^'i'd
wellmight Cjenchardhiwz fpared his paines in icarchingiorthe antiquity of Pope- flicallFathcrs
ly in this firft age ofthe world.Eafily may wc grant a Church then,truly Catholik, in alfo.&Priefls
the pofteritie of 5ff/j,infl:ru£i:cd partly by reuelations, partly by Traditions, concer- f"' diiijnc
nine the crcation,the fall.the"oodandeuill An"els,thepiomifedfeed,thevnitvand ^"^'J^'l'-^hich
Trinity,piininimsnis and repentance for tinne,publike and priuatc deuot!ons,ando- Lordrtupand
therlikeArtides gathered out oi Mofet: butforthe rabble of Rabbinicall dreams Prkfttioodv-
which he addeih hcreunto,we had necde ofthe itr/flicite faith of fome fimple credu- nited,continu-
lous Catholiketoreceiucthem :asnaincly Purgacoriercfemblcdinthe^f)'r/»'»?'^ac ^^ '° thcfiift-
thc entrance of Paradife, Free will grounded on that which God fpeaketh to C'^'^^-, ""^'"^ ™any;//??.-!/f ^-^/^owf?-^/??; (the prerogatiue ofthe elder brother ouer theyonger falfly afcerthLfloud
appliedto thcrule ofthe minde ouer fiiifull lurts) the choyle of mcates in the, firf-f fa- Bctra^i.^el.iud,
thersab(iincncef"roniflefh,filli,and wine (as he faith) which had not bccnc permit- f.i.
ted to them, as it i-; to vs : Traditions, when as yet they had no Scripture : fupcrf-htious ^ MeihodijKe-
obfequies to the dcad:bccaufe the lewcs in their offi.e for the dead call vponthe' fa- ^'"'■'^'"'''•"e
thers which lie buried at Hebron(namely iy4drtm,EMe,zn^ the reft) to open the gates ccncbrar
of Paradil'c: Deuotion to Saints, becaufe the Cherubims were fee betweene Paradife chron.exEdttl'
and tinners ; (as ifthcir Saints were honoured to keepe them out ofheauen) and not e7:ci'ct.viSt.
the bloudy facrificcsonely in e^^f/x offering, but that vnbloudie faciilicc (fo they ^''^"^^Ctnct.
ft ile their Majfe) in the offering oiCaine : ( we enui: them not their founder) yea, he /'q^'^'.'' '/°°*
finds their facranicntsof Orders in Gods executing the Pricffly hn&:ion,oi matrimo. gatiumi^c^
nie'm Adam 3nd Ei^e fiflj aptrftftem the l^rnccbes which they ware, of Tenmice be- intcrf.Gentbr,
czu^Q GoA^zxd. fThou art df-fl^^.nd to dtifithnttlha/t retttrne , of CcnfirTyiation in thofe
W0rds,Shee/L-?//^rf*i^^ thyhead(ihz Truth will breaketheir heads for lb reading it)of
J'Ojff/s^inthat^'f/^^ went to the Cherub which kept Paradife, and rccciucd of him
three graines ofthe tree of !ife,whcrof\Ye read in the Apocalyps , the kauesft^.il heale A^oc.vlt.
rA<r7V.^f;w/j; with thofe graines was an oyte made, wherewicd was anovlcd,
and the {tones put into his trouth.,whence fprang the tree whereof the CrofTe of cur
Lord was made, hidden by Salomon in the Temple, and after in the poolc oiBethefda. t A^iimfs At^
Spe^atMmadmifsinfHmtene'atisamici^Ti'xAwotGenibrard dcfeiucan ^ Archbifliop- cbiepifcfuii^
prickcPorifthe oblcrnationbehis,didnot J^e/i';«f^/c7or /^rf/»w;* deferue the Palme-
vicfory for Ffrfr.rprcteudedfuccefTors.which could findcfuch antiquityforproofeof
their Catholicifme ? Much good may it doc their Cathohquc mawes with fuch dain-
ties, lujf artthoaO LordAnditifi are thyindgcments^which becaufe they votll not be-
leeuethytrKth,giticfthemonertofHchflrongdelaJiof!Sj to beleeue fo groffe afidpa/p4~
hie lies.

Chap, VII.
ofthe cauft andcomm'mg ofthe Floud.

Hus we hauc feene in part the fulfilling ofthe Prophecie ofthe kid of
the Woman,and of that other ofthe Serpent, in the poll eritse ofCatue
and Selh. The family o^Came\s firft reckoned, and their for wardnes
in humane Arts,' as the children ofthts worldare wifer in their ienera-
-.^^wB,,,.^,. -/''o^jin the things of this life,which they almofi- onely attend, then the " ^'""•^'^-^v
children of light. As for the '^ lewifli dreames,that Lamech was blinde, and by the di- g , ^^'"^yf-^f.
redion of THbalcaine his fonnc guiding his hand flew C^/«f,fuppormg it had beetle a s^,m, ^'^''


Z 6 Of the cauje^and comming of the FlouJ, Chap .7.

wilde beaftjvvhich wheii he inragcd him,that he killed his fon alfo, they that
lirtmay follow.

O\fops reckoneth the Generations according to the firft-born in the pofterity of

Seth^2.% enioy ing the Principalitic and Priefthood , that fo the promifcd feede of the

Woman (after fuch a world of yeares commmg into the world) might iuftifie the fta-

blenefle ofGods promiles,his lineall defcent from tA^am with a due Chronologic,

bcinc declared. After Seth^Enofh, Kenan. MehaUlesL fared rvas Henoch thefenenth

/fcl""^' f''o'" ^da?}t^rv'io walked rvith Qod , whom (jod tocke away that he fhctdd Kot fee death,

cH'el).M^<;.&c'. This before the Lavv,andf/f//.a^ in the Law,are witneflesof therefurreftion; being

ii.iic.7.\-!. miraculoufiy taken from the earth into heauen, not by dcaih, but by fupernaturall

M.3.tih.\T.\i. changing of their bodies. That he fhoiild be [\i\\ in^ an earthly Paradife, and that he

e Gib ex Rab, gi,^} £/,^ Hiould come and preach againll Antichrift.and ofhim be flaine, is a PopilTi

tM'!"^*"*'''''' '^'^'^^'"^ ; t^he fcripturc "^faying, that Henoch wm takjyi arvay that heflw.ldttotfee death ;

*■ I'ercr'iib 7 of£//^<,thathe is ^ already come inthefcrfonoflohH "Baptrfi; the Ipirit and power, or

i>i Gtn.thin- fpirituall power of walking with God,reformii"ig Rcligion,and conuertingfoules^be-

A-ech that ludc ing communicated to many ofthofeMinifters which hauc lien ilaine in xhcflrcetes of

knew of this fl,\ii jy.g,ji ptrie.

ropvcic y Thishisadum.ptionisefunpofeci tobevifiblydone. Hewasa Prophet , and /«//«•

and reuealed *''^tn in his hpilile cite a teliimony ot his, which either oy * tradition went irom hand

the farr.e to to it iccmech the whole word ofGod was delivered before the daycs o(A^o-

the Church, /f/ ;God by vifions and drcamcs appearing vnto the Patriarkes; orelfe it was wrir-

iPi'k-Rifor. tcnandfinceisloft. Someholdeicwaspcnnedby fome lew vnder the name of £-

„''-r^'' '^- •. r. • fioch. S eyinffiiftifie thinketh that the Booke entituled£«oc^ was fors-d in his name.

g De emit Dei. . <-> •* , ^ , 1 i r

W.I i.cai'.zt, ^5 other writings vnder the names or Prophets and Apolilcs : and therefore calleth it

h Eb qundearii .Apocrypha (as ^ Hicrome doth alio) ' Chryfojlome and TheophjflaR ^(.coum''Mofes the
Scriptwarum firftPen manof holy Scripture. Although it feeme that letters were in vfe before the
eccriUa origamn flgmj ^ jf k [gfephus his teftimonie be ti ue,who affirmcth that j4dam hauing propheci-
'inh's ^iit'm "a ^^ '^° vniueriall deftrui£l:ions,one by fire another by W3ter,his pofterity ercfted two
focryphn etjiin, pillws,one of bricke another of ftonc,in both which they writ their inuentions of A-
uenituraiiqua. Itronomy; that of (lone was reported to rcmaine in his time. Some'afcribc thisto
verttai ,iamen Seih^ss alfo the firft naming of the feuenPIanets. The fcience of Aftronomy , they
p-i)pter riuija f^y^vvas much furthered by £«oir^,who (faith Supolemon) was by the Greckes called
cMonk^a aiaho- ^'^'«sto whom they attributed the inueiiiion thereof. '^Tlmjr was of opinion that
ri/.«. letters were etcrnall.

Hw.inTif.f.T. is more then 3pparant,thatthc booke bearing £;?<jr^/ name, is very
i chofiifi.Hor/t. fabulous which,becaufe the talcs therein prefelTeantiqiiitie ( although they were la-
tnM^th.y. j^j. (jj-eamcs) I thought it notvnfit to borrow out of" Scaliger fomwhat of that which
an i ''^ ' ' * he hath inferted,in his notes vpon Eufebim^iht. Greckc copie being, as the phrafe tc-
1 otbo Hemn, Ihtietb,tranflated oui ot Hcbrew,which had beenc the woikc of fome Ie\v : the anti-
hb.i. <^uitie .-ippcareth,in that " Ttrtullian citeth it.

m plinJib.T, Ami p it came to pafle when the fonnes ofmen weremultiplicd, there were borne

eap.ji. ^ jQ themfaire daughtcrs,3nd the Watch-men (fo he calleth the Angels out of D/i«.4.)
leb chro;i VK ' lifted and went aftray after them; and they faid one to another, 1 Let vs chufevt
144 Fw^ Grxc. 'fO'tfis of the daughters ofmen of the earth. And Semtxas their Prince faid vnto them,/
f.v tib, T . BriKh. feare me you wiUnot doe this th'mg^andl aloKe jhallbe dckter of a great fmne. And they
o aH anfwercd him & laid;''*> will all fvearewith an oath^andwill Anathematife or cur ft
Id'-olxt. o:ir fellies not to alter this our ni'mde till vfe h aue fulfil ed it ^ and they all fware together,

of the book of Thcfe camcdowne in the daycs of7<J>'efl' to the top of the hill //i?r;wtf». And they cal-
Jim:h. led the hill Wf^wowbecaufc they fware and Anathcmatifed on it. Thefc were the

q This fable names o?ihi\xTsM\cTS,Sem!XAs^iiy^tarcuph,jdrach'el,Chababiel,Oratnmame,'T\amiel^
aiofe of the SapCtch,Zd:iel^Balkiel,Az.alzel,Pharrf}aros,Samiel^&c.

.a. c inteipii.. fhcfe tooke them wiues, and three generations were borne vnto them; the firft
ration of -Wa/M ^. 1^1 i ■.,- 1 , • 1 -r^t ,

words.Gfos. were grcatGiants; theGiantsbegatetheA'i^pOfAw-/, to wnom were borne Eltuci;

1 1.1 hcfeaiiesof and they taught them and their wiues forceries and inchantments. £«,«ir/taught firft
Cjd,&c. to make I'Aords and wcaponsfor warrc,and how to vvorke in mettals. He taught to


Chap. 7. ThefirJl<Booke, ^j

make womcns ornamencs,and how to lookc faire,and lewclling. And they beguiled
the Saints 5 and rtmch iinne was committed on the earth. Other of them taught the
venues of Roots, Aftrologie,Diuinations,&:c. After thefe things the Giants began
to cate theflefh ofm? n,and men were diminifhcd : and the remnant cried to heauen,
bccauic oftheirwivkednellcjthat they might come in remembrance before him.
Andthefourc great Archangels (Jiltchael, (jnbriel, Riiphae/ and 'L'r/f/ hearing it,
looked downc on the earth from the holy places of hcoucn: and beholding much
bloiidflicdon the earth, and all vngodimcfle and tranfgreffion committed there- •
in,faidoneto another. That the Spirits and Soules of men complamc, faying, That
ye fhouldprcfent our prayer to the Highcft, and cur dcftruiSion. And the foure
Archangels entring.faid to the Lord , Thou art God of Gods and Lord of Lords,
&:c. Thou feed what £*«ee/ hath done^he hath taught myfterics, and reucalcd to the
vorldthe things in heauen,&c. Then the Highedfaid.The Holy onc.The Great one
fpake and fcnt Frui tothc lonne oiLamech, laying, Goc to IVoe, tell him of the end
approaching and a i\oud (haW deihoy thecanh &lc.To "^apLzdhcuia, Go Tyap'-^aei
and binde Lxa I hand and foot.,and ca(t him into darkneflcjand open the wildcrncflc
Jn the delert ofDodoc/^znd there calt hini, and lay vpon him fliarpe ftones to the day
ofiudgemcnt,&c. And 10 (/^^r/V/hc faid,Go (Tafrr/f/tothe GiantSjanddellroythe
fens ofthc Watch-men from the fons of Men, fet them one againft another in warre
find dcfltu<f^ion. To Michael he faid,Go binde Semixa and the others with
him that haue mixed then^felues with the daughicrsof Men (vntill fcuentie "cnera-
tioii >) to the hiis ofthc earth ; vntill the day ot'their 1 jdgcmenr,till the iudgcment of
ihe world be finiflicd, and then they fhali be brought into I' r/te Cff»/;/y«>« <)/^r#j and , -i, , , ■
Vnto tryal!,andTnto the prifonofiiie ending of the world, and whofoeuerfhallbec J^^^'^X'^^
condemned and dertroyed,from hence- forth fhall be caH together with them till the '"* ""f®"*
finiHiing of their generation.&c. Andthc Giants which were begotten of the Spi-
rits and fleflvhcyfliall call them euill fpirits on the earth, becaufe their dwelling
is OH the earth. The fpirits that depart out 01 cheir bodies fliall be euill fpitits,becaule
they were engendered of the v\ itch men and Men.

But it were tedious to recite further. Th^ antiquity of it, and becaufe it is not fo _ . , .'
com_mon,and efpccially becaufe ° fomc ofthc Ancients and of the Papirts haue been nfiumr^'»
inifll - ledbythej^drcames(refufediull!yby/fro«5^fand ^.\^«/?/«f) interpreting the uii^kihenig!^'*
fonnesotGodigC^o/fjtobefpokcn of Angels (as their tranflation did readeit) ciynan^igl.
haue raoucdmcioinfertthofe tales. Notable is the diligence of the Purgatory Sea- £i^>"'n',E"fel''
ucngersjwho in 'L'/rtw notes vpon A>i^. deCiait. Dei. //^. i j.<rrt;?.25.haue in their ^"S"^'^-^''-
Jtidex e> pHrg^toriM,kx. the fealc of their Office vpon a teftimonic alleaged out of f ;<- ^^.^I'fuWm
febm de Prxp.Ei'ar/g.l,i>. ^.cap. 4. as il they had bin Vines his owne words,to be left seucr.fac hifi.
out in the imprcdlon. The words, becaule the fauor of the formcrerrour,haueI heere lib.i.ckmem'

Iks Acde Tit amhts decant afjttir/t.'r.onumftdff'foperat tones. Vnde mihtfv.fpicto (faith rctJinc.fce
'Eitfehiu4^\xiViues\%^c^(idiox\x)nor.mncii-iamincidt^neift(itflifint, qua ante diluui- /'i.J.cai'.J.
$tm agigMHibusf^chi diuina Scr.ptHra tttigit, de qiiihus dtcitur -. Cum autem vidijfertt
^/igeiiDeifiliM horatrmm, qidn cjfent p^iciof<e/legerur7tJibt ex Hits vxores , ex (jmbus
frocreattfufit famorfsimi gigantes af&cuU. Sufpicahitur enimfnrta^e qiiifp/am,tk'os &
illorumfptrttKS efje cjaiab homimbtu pojlea dij pi{tatijM!ii,pugn.ifij^ iUorum, tumtiltiu &
helUeJfe,qu£fabHlose de dijsconfcribebantttr. L^fe;f/V« "faith, that when the world " l-aaMltl
was multiplycd.God fent Angels to keep men from the frauds ofthc whom "P-^J*
hcfirbad all earthly contagion. Thefe were by the Diuell infnared wnh Women,
therefore depriued of heauen : and their progcnie of a middle nature betwixt men
and Angch.became vncleane fpirits ;fo that hence grew two kindesof Ddmonesot
jliiidlifh fpirits ; the one heauenly,the other earthly , which would now fccmc to bee
kccpers,and are dcftroycrs of men .

The Angels are fometimes QzW^d^the fonnesofqod; but that name hcommii- J/"^''^'^**

£ nicated

Of the canje,a}id comm'mg of the Floud.

Chap .7.

nicatedto mzn,^\\o '\ by nature chtldren of wrath, by faith in the natural] andonely
bcotten Sonne ofGod.hauc this pretogatiuc to be the Tonnes of God, and felIo\^-
hei'res with Chrift. But fomc of the children of the Kingdome fhail be caftout, be-
caufe they haue rebelled againft their Father that begot them, profefTing thcmfelues
tobethefonnesofGod,bufi(/o(r«^* workes of their father the Diuell: and of thefe
Hypocrites and Apoftataes it is faid,that louing plcafur^ more then God , they mat-
ched themfclues in ^<«/«/familic,a prouocationfomightic to euilI,thatftrong J^f^;;-
fon and wife Solomon arc witneflcs,thatf theftreng men areflaine by this weaker fcxc.
This was the Serpents policie at ^i^,^*Uam5 pohcie after,'S^/'f//policy now ; * and
'Balaams wages doc moue many ftill to make fuch linfcy-woolfcy marri3ges,that the
t children fpaks halfe Jfhdod,Sind whileft the father profeflcth one Religion , the mo-
ther anothcr,the children become Giants to fight againft all that is called God,and to
make little or no profclTion (at leaft in their lines) of any Religion at all,

I denic not that then there were Giants alfo in regard of bodily ftatutc , " whom
the Scripture callethjbccaufe they were great and fearefull, "^fham and En!:m, of
their pride H^^^iwAof their ftrength G/^Z-^fM/w , of their tyrannic Nefhiim, of their
nan "htuieffcZ/iwx-wwwi/w. Such were O^ and Go/w^ after the floud. Yea fuch I'.aue
becne m all a" cs which (to omit otherEchnike Authors) " Angufiire affirmetb, tliat
at Vttca he faw a mans tooth as great as an hundred of the ordinary fifr. Vines on
that place, faith he faw one as biggeasamansfill. Nicefhortts tclleth of two men in
ihetimeof 7^f«)^/o//w/,iheonenot Ibadmirable fcrhis height, which w.osfiuc cubitcs
and an theotherforhisfmalenefle.likctoaPatrichin bign(.flf,yctwi tyand
learned. OurHifloricsofv ex^rf^»r,little/e/?»,C«rc7Earle ofVlfter, and oncinour
times I f 8 1 .letue in London,doe fliew fome fuch here and there,now and then in the
world which Goro/)?;« in his GigAntomachia , affirmethof his owne fight: andeuen
whole families of thefe monlhous men arc found at this day in America, both necre
to Viroinia,as ^ Captain Smithic\ioat\.\\ ; and cfpecially about the Straits of Msgel-
Ian ' neere which hcfound Giants.and in the fame Straits were fuch lecn of the ' Hol-
landers ten foot in hcight,wherc as yet other families were but of the ordinary g eat-
nefTc. One Thomivs Turner tolde mc that neere the Riucr of Plate,hc faw one twclue
foote high,and others whofe hinder part of their head was flat,not round, l" /.nthors
teWofcMaximmustne Romane Emperour,that hee was cight'^note and a finger
high,whofc wiues bracelets might feme him for rings, that he oftertin one day drunk
an tAmfhora, which is almoft fixe gallons of Wine , and cate fortfpounds of fiefli .-
Cordus faith fixty ; he could breake a horfe legge, or flrike out his teeth with a blow
ofhisfifl.&c.WhichoccurrcntsinNaturc no doubt haue giuen occafion to fomeof
further fablin". ^/ dem..gni,s maioralo^tiuntur. « We rcade in Pliny ofone offorty
fixe cubites in Crete found by the force ofan carth-qunke, breaking the bill w herein
he ftood.fuppofed to be Orton or Otiis : more credible is chat he telle h of one G^th-
^o>-^ in /f/.rWwtimc,nine foote and nine inches; and in Augtifttts time of another

half: a footf higher.

Howfocuerthc bodies of thefe men before the Floud were compofed^ccrtain their
mindes were difppfed to all monftrous inhumanity,which haftened their def}rui'tion.
This madeGodrorf/jfwf that he made man vpon the earth, not that there was any
chan<^e or repentance in him.but becaufe a change for want of repentance happened
to them. In long fuffcrance hee gaue them an hundred and twenty ycares Ipacc , in
which N'oahm'i<'^tbc zTreacher efRighteoufrefe; yea,che Arke it felfc,which Noah
that while was prouiding.might preach to them rcpei.taocc , that their tcares might
haue quenched his wrath, and prcucntcd temporalldrowningand eternall burning.
Adam lined till Heneths tirne,a witneflTe and Preacher cfthc promifc he himfcife had
rcceiuecl.f/f;2««r/ihimfelfe is made,not avcrballbuta reall Preacher,whiles his fonnc

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