Samuel Purchas.

Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 148 of 181)
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if niggardife at home doe not hinder. And fhould men be niggardly in this aduenture,
where ?^<i^<i/muftnecdsvcrifie his name, where keepinglooieth, aduent itngpromi-
fcth fo faire a purchafe ? Mifcrie of our times , that miferable men fhould here want
what they alreadie haue, and refufe to haue there,at no rate, aboundant fupply to their
too miferable feares of want. Lift vp your eyes and fee that brightncffe of Virginia's
beautie .- which the Mountaincs lift vp themfelues alwayes with wilde fi-niles to be-
hold, fending downe (iluer ftreamcs to falute her which powre themfelues greedily in-
to her louely lap, and after many winding cmbracements , loth to depart , arc atlaft
fwallowed of a moremightie corriuall, the Ocean .- He alfo lends Armies of Fifhes to
her Coarts, to winne her Loue, eucn of his beft ftore,and that in ftore and abundance:
the Mountaines out-bid the Ocean, in offering thefecret ftorc-houfes ofvndoubted
Mines .-heeagaincoffereth pearlcs : and thus whiletheyfeeke to out-face each other
With their puffed and bigge fwollen cheekes , who fliall get the Bride , the one laies
hold on the Continent and detaines the fame, maugre the Oceans furie, and he againe
hath gotten ihcliands ail along the Coaft, which hee guardeth and keepeth with


C H A P.5 . A M E R I C A. TI}e eight <Booke, 75 5

his watcrie Girrifons. Virginia, betwixt thofc two fowcr- faced Suters, is almoft di-
lhacled,and eafily would giue entertainment to Englifli loue, and accept a TsljrvIirL
tan appellation,if her husband be but furnifhcd out at fitft in forts and futes,befittiug
her marriage foleninitie : all which her rich do wric would maintain for euer after with

And well may England court her.rather then any other European loucrs, in regard
ofhis long continued amitic,andfirftDifccucrieofher lands and feas r.this by Sfl>a..
fttan Cakot with his Englifh Mariners, a hundred and fiftecne years /ince, and the other
hyS'nWalter Raltighs c\\3,xgzznA direction, Am«Dom. one thoufand fiue hundred

Then.firft of all Chriflians.did Matter ?W/jj e/^>wrf^Af,and Maflere^rfW Barlorv,
take pofleflion in Queene Eliz^abeths name. The next yearc that it irrour of Refolu-
tion,^ Sir %ichard Greewife^comayed thither an Englifli Colonie,whicb he there left ^ ^"k- voyage
for plantation, vnder the gouernement of Mafter^<t/f>^« Z..?«tf, which there continu- 'f'^-3-M-M*-
ed vntiU the eighteenth of lune in the ycare following, and then ( vpon fome vrgent TmMili'.fnd'oc
occafions) returned with Sir Fy^»ci/ COrrf^<r into England. Yet,had they flayed but a /.j.c.ij!
little longer.a (hip of Sir H-'alrer Raleighs had fupplycd their necefitties : and foone af- Iheed.deBry,
tcr Sir Richard3"3\nc repaired thither with three fliips,and then alfo left fiftecne men
more to kcepe pofleflion. Inthcyeare 1587. a fecond Colonic were fcnt vnderthe
gouerncment of Maftcr Johu white. To their fuccour Sir JValter Raleigh hath fcnt fiue
feueralltirTics,thclaftby''5'<<w?w/A/<?rtfofWeymouch, in March, one thoufand fxc b BricfeNote
hundred and two 5 but he and the former performed nothing, but returned with fnuo- '^^^ ^a:kc,&c.
lousalleoations. Theizmtyczie^C^^tixnc BartholemewCjofmld , and Captaine^*/- F'ntcdieci.
^*rr,difcoueredtheNorth parts of Virginia, of wljjch voyage Ioh» Brereton^ hath t Johmrtn-
written a Treatife. ton.Gshncl

In the yearc 1603.'^ the Briftow men (by IcaucofSir W?//<?>'^<j/«^^)fet forth a voy- ^''chermoce
age thither in deg.4^ In this Expedition was ^»^rrfJi«//ifr»<f, which hadbecnethe ^j'^'r^°u
yearc before with Captaine (jofnold. They difcouercd Whitfon-bay ( fo they termed hmifej'fe in "a
it)inoneandforticdeg.twenti£fiuemin. Thepcople vfed Snakes skinnes (of which Ltttertohis
fome were fix foot long) for girdles: they were exceedingly rauiflied with the mufick father: they
ofaGitternc-boy,dauncingin3ringabouthim: they more feared two Englifli Ma- "(Jdcdin4i.':
ftiiies then twcntic men. They had fuch Boats as before arc mentioned, fcuenteene ^^'•^u ■
foot long, foure broad, of Birch-barkefowcd withOfyers, the fcamescoucred with ManmPrme
Rofcn,almoft as fwcetc as Frankincenfe, carrying nine men ftanding vpright, 'and yet
notweighingabouethreefcorc pound. They brought one of them toBriftoll. This
ycare Captain C/7^?r/- fet forth again for Virginia: at Meuis they laded twcntic tunnes Written by
oiLignumvttii-.hee and foure more were flaine by the Sauagcs. And in the yearc "^^o-Carmcr.
l6o<;.C3pti\ne Cjeerge Wajfmeuth made thither a prolpcrous voyage, and diicoue-
red threefcore miles vp a moft excellent Riuer. His voyage was fet forth in print by

t lames Refer. e JamcsKofier

After this followed the plantation by the prefentAduenturers, for the foundation
of aT^^fw Britan Common-wealth:and the Eaft and *VVeft parts of England ioyncd in » Then Patcts
one purpofcofa two-fold plantation, in the North and South parts of Virginia. Of prcfcribe that
the North parts our Method requires firft hicBtion. Mawooflien was many yeares they plant not
together vifited by ourmcn.extendingbetweenedeg, 43. and 45-. fortic leagues in ^^"fe" 100.
breadthjand fiftie m length. They found therein nine riucrs,Quibiqueflbn,Pcmaquid, ^th^^ "
RamalTocApanawapeskc, Apaumenfck, Aponeg, Sagadahoc, Afliamahaga, Shawo- f The'sauaees
kotoc. Sagadahoc is in 43. it is a mile and halfe at the mouth,holding the fame bredih reckon thui by
a d ayes iouniey,and then makes a found three dayesfiourncy broad, in which arc fix <iaies journey.
Hands: it hath two branches. the one from theNortheaft twcntic foure dayesiourney, | ^^'''ftofhcr
the other A/'.^^.thirtie daies iourney. At the heads a'c two Lakes^theVVeftermoft eight h'-jhuHij
dayesiourncy long and foure wide,thcEaHer(r,oft halfe fo large. This'is'Sa/J^aieshis U.chalcnre
'dominion. TheTarcntines Scountrcy isin44.|^,wherethcSauagcstcllofa Rockeof madca voyage
Allum,necre the riuer ofSafnowa. Captaine ''7'i^ow/w //.wo.?»? fayled to the Riuer of hitherwardthe
Sagadahoc i6od.He relateth of their beafts.dogs like woIucs,of colours bl3ck,white, '^"'^ y""' but
red,gnfled : xedde Deare,and a beaft bigger,cal!ed the Musj&c.of their fowles,fiflics, l^ft^'^!," ^\

t c trees :


Of Virginia,

C H A p.^.

i jAmesTJiiiUs

k li.niiot.
S.I. O'llbcft and

1 Ral.Gllbm.
m Thekfeem
to be the de-
formed Ar-
made in (be
telling more

n EdirardHar'



trees : of fome Oare proued to be filucr. Balhahts hath rhany y/ider.Captaincs, called
Sagamos-.thm houfes built with Withes.andcouercdoucr with Mattes , fixorfcuen
paces long.Hc cxpreflcth alfo the names of their twelueMoones or nioncths ;as lanu-
arie MuflekeflioSjFebruarie Gignoki3keflios,&c.

Anti.\6o-j.viz% fetlcd a Plantation in the RiuerSagadahoc.the fliips called the Gift
and the Mary and Ieh»,'hc]ng fent thither by that famous Englifh lufticcr S\r Ieh»
Popham-iind others. They found this coaft of Virginia full of ]lands, but fafe. They
ichofe the place of their plantation at the month of Sagadahoc , in a Wefterly Peninlu-
ia : there heard a their Patent and Lawcs.and built a Fort.They failed vp
ito difcouer the Riuer and country,and cncountred with an Hand where was a great fait
of W3tcr,ouer which they haled their Boatc with a ropc,and came to another lall,fhal-
low,fwift,and vnpaflablc. They found the Countrey ftored with Grapes white & red,
good Hop$,Onions,Garlike,Okes,WalnutJ,thcfoyle good. The head of the Riuer
is in foure fiuc andoddcminutsC3pcSinicamisin45. 36. a good place to fortifie.
Their Fort bare name ofS^.George. Fortic fiuc remained there,k Captainc (jeergf Pop.
kambeingPieCident,Ralei^h gilhert AdwinW. The people fceitied affe6^cd wthour
mens dcuotions .and would fay King lamer is a good King,his God a good God, and
Tafito naught. So they call an euill fpirit which haunts them euery Moone.and makes
them worfliip him for fcare.Hc commanded them not to dwell neerc/or come amon''
the Enghfli.threatning to kill fome and infli£t fickeneflc on others, beginning with
two of their Sagamos children , faying he had power, and would doe the like to the
Englifh the next Moone,towit,m December.

The people ' tolde our men of Cartiballs,"" necrc Sagadahoc.with teeth three inches
long.but they faw them not. In ^c Riuer of Tamefcot they found OyHers nine inches
in length : and were tolde that on the other fide there were twice as great. On the 1 8 .
oflanuarie they had infeuen houres fpacc,thunder,lightning.rainc,froft/now,all in a-
bundancc,the laftcontinuing.OnFeb.j.thePrcfident died. The Sauages rcmouc their
dwellings in winter neereft the Dearc.They bauc a kind of/hooes a yard long, 14. in-
ches broad.made like a Racket,with flrong tWinc or fincws of a Dearejin the mids is a
hole wherein they put their foot.bucklingitfaft. When a Sagamos dieth,tlieyblacke
themfelues,& at the fame time yearely , renuc their mourning with great howling : as
they then did for KnP^nrAkeny ,viho died the ycarc before. They report that the Cani-
balls hauc a Sea behinde them. They found a Bath two miles about , fo hot that they
could not drinke it. M^ , Pattefen was flaine by the Sauages ofNanhoc, a Riuer of the
Tarentines. Their fhort comons " caufed fearc of mutinic. One of the S3uagcs,called
jimmquinSox a flraw hat and knife giuen him.flript himfelfe of his clothing of Beuers
skins, worth in England 50 fti.or 3 l.toprefentthemtothcPrcfident,lcauingonelya
flap to couer his priuities.Hc would alfo hauc come with them for England.In winter
they arc poorc ° and weake,and do not then company with their wiues.but in fummcr
when they are fat & lufty .But your eyes wearied with this Northerne view, which in
that winter comunicated with vs in extremity of cold,looke now for greater hopes iti
the Sontherne Plantation,as the right armc of this Virginian body, with greater cofts
and numbers furnifhed from hence. Captainc Barthelemew Ge/we/^.hauing longfoUi-
cited many of his laft prcuailed with fom Gemlemtn.ssM'.Edrvard-Maria
fVi»g field, Ci^tom lohn Smith, Si. diuers others,with the help of fom Noblemen & Met-
chantSjhis M"' granting C6mi{rion for cftablifliing Councels to direct here, & to go-
ucrn & execute there; fo that Decemb.i 9.1 ^o(5.they fet faile,& after long contending
with contrary winds.& the windy inconftancy of fome of thecopanic that would hauc
returned for England before they had faluted their dcfired Port.they were by a ftormc
forced into the fame vnexpe6ted; where after fome harme by affauitof the Sauages,
on the thirteenth of May,M.«'»»»j;/J^/^wa$ chofen Prefident.their fort contriued,& the
fals foone after difcouered.Six weeks being thus {fentfCap.N'ervport returned with the
fliips, & Czf, Smith (before held in much iealoufic) was by thepaincs ofyi'.Hnnt the
Preacher reconciled, & admitted of the Councel,i oo.being left there for the plantatio.

Within ten daies after the departure of this moueable they called it ,a more
fauagc enemy then the Sauages had affailcd them, &fcarcely ten left vntouchcd with


C H A P.5. A M E R I C A. The i'l^ht ^ookei ^ST

fickoes.through want of conuenicnt lodging & diet, of which from May to Septeinb.
fiftic dkdWiifgfield wai dcpofed & Ratclijfe eftabhfht in his place.and by the induHry
oiSmitb,lamesTown was buildcd.the fauagcs fupplying their nEccirities:they failing,
Captainei'w/r^ fought trade abroad,others at horiie, intending a retiirr.e in the Pinace
forEngland,by his vncxpedted returning were forccdto ftayorfinke, which adion
coft the life of P Captaine KendaliSoonc after the like plot of the Prcfidcnt & Captaine p M. rvbgfldk
^rc/;i?r was difconcred.and by himagainefupprcflcd. The Winter approaching, the writestbatone
Riuers sfFoordeJ them plentieof Cranes,Swans,Geefc,Ducks,with which.and Pcafe, ^"'^^^'""^
-Wilde Beafts and other land-commodities they daily feaftcd. But in the difcoucrie of ,'nXaccu"^°
Chickahaminc Kwtx.George Caffort was fupprifed, & Smith with two othcrs,wcre be- fi„g k^sM,
fet with 20o.fauages his men {lain,& himfelfe in a quagmire taken prifoncr; but after who wasfliot
a moneth he procured himfelfe not onely libertie.but great admiration amongft them, t° ^<=^^^ ■ and
and returmng,oncc more Itaycd the Pinace from flight, and the Fort from being a- J'/hJjffji^'ji

bandoned. r n /■ i i • eAliNcwpon

The Treafurer and Counccllmcane while caretull to lupply their wants, fenttwo had not come,
fliips with neere loo.mcn : Captaine Nevfort arriued fafely. Captain Nelfon with the
other fliip by force of windes was driuen to fhifc as he could, clfe where. Now the fa-
uagcs enchanted by Smiths relations of God, Nature.and Art , were in m:inncr at his
command,tiIl the ambition of iome (by giuing toure tinges as much for their commo-
dities as he appomted.feeking to feeme of fo much greater magnificence and authori-
tie) made them price their commodities dearer. Newport (whom Smith had called fa-
thcr.and extolled with Powhatan the Emperor) wentvvith lolemuitie to vifit him, fen-
ding Smith before.who after his manner of State , gauc him <J royail cntertainemcnt ; c^fdwlngfield.

;yongwoman,oncacniiut:iiiiiiuuitiwciuicuiiicrs,tncirneaas Oiinoulders theS.feas and
painted rcd.with a great chaine of white beads about their necks ; before thofe fati his ihips &c. '
cheefeft men in like orticr in his Arbor-like howk.Nervport gaue him a boy, for whom
Powhatan gaue him 7^amontackfh\s fcruant, which was after brought into Eivgland.
Pamhatan wittily cheated our men, & offering fo much corne as they gaue copper/aid
he could catethat.not this. Thcirgettings in th!svoyage,othercommodities,&their r rhomasSa-
townSjWere cafually conllimed by fire : and the fhip Itaying fourteene weekes, fpcnc «''^''-' he adop-
moftofthatprouifion for reliefe of the Colonic: and by the bitterncffe of that great ^^'^ ^l^o Smnh
Froft l6o7.aboue halfe took their deaths.^/«^/,?/^3nd Archer were fent for England. V^^^^'J"'"'^^'
Beingbufied in the Spring to rebuild their towne, Nelfon ariued with his loft Phosntx, fonTeT^ his
(fo they fuppofcd his fhip) & dealt honcftiier then they report of the former Mariners, giand-chil-
ThefecondofIunei6o8.i'»s;//jlcfctheForttodifcouertheBayofChcfapeack: in the '^ren.
vv3y,wantingof conuenicnt watering places,they wcte fo thirftie as to refufe two Bar- Diic.of Che-
ricoes ofgolde for one of water: and they arriued atAtJWif/T'oB'afinScptemb. where c'^'p i ■
theyfoundfomeficke, many dead, and the Prefidentprifoner: which place by clcdi- co]k&.ioatc.6
on ofthe Councell and requefl of tiie companic was bcftowed on Smithy

C iptaine Newport returned M'ith rich prelents ofBafon, Ewer, Bed, Clothes, with a
Crownc for Tow^^r^w, which made him ouer- value hiinfelfe : (ome Poles and Dutch
which were I cut to make Pitch and Tarre.Glafle mills and Sopc-allies, prooued after
treacherous, 7'(;w^rff'»» minding murther and villainie, at once fixtccne ofourmen
were beiei: with I'euen hundred, which by the policic oi Smith ( feahng en Opechanca-
notigh their King) was prcuented, and turned to their en khing with cbeir commodi-
ties : and amongftotherthey vfed poyfon.which wrought not. After, S-Mtih took the
King ofPal'paheigh prilbner,which forced the fauagcs to peace. Thus haue we a little
while beheld TV/!'^'i:rf//,more then fliewes, on this Virginian Theatre, thofe tilings
which were wel intended, being il pcrucrtcd, & their greatcft aduantages arifing from
cafualldifaduancages: diuerfitie ofemulationsbcclowding that morning ffarre, and
difaftrous Comet.fliining rather with fieric glcamesofciuill broyles and brails in that
Hemifphire,then comfortable illumination and influence to the common good.

The Sauages were now in good termes with theEnglifh, their Plantation at /^wir;
ToB'»f where they had buik a Church and many houfcs, in fbme reafonable manner

Tec a flourifhcdi

y^S Of Virginia, CHAP.5f.


flouriflied : the countrcy was with great paines and perills ofthe Prcfidcnt further dif-
couered ; their Swine, Hens, and other prouifion nourished ; and fome quantitieof
many Furrcs,Dics,Mineralls, Saflafrafle, Sturgeon , and other things
fent tcftimonic of their induftry and fucccffe.And Virginia grew now in fuch
" Mew life of requeft/ that nine fhips were furnifhed with the better part of Hue hundred mcn,to in-
Virgmia. habite therein the yeare one thoufand fixe hundred and nine, the gouernement being

dcuolucd to theL.</*/4»'4r;.

SivThoMM Gates vi2Stippo\r)K(i Lieutenant Gcnerall; Sir George Semmers Ad-
mirall of Virginia,and were fent to refidc there as Gouernours ofthe Colonie, But the
5<r4-F'fKr«rfjWherein the two Knights, and Capiainc Nevpfort ^ with a hundred and
fiftic perfons.faylcd.aftcr long conflift with the two angrie elements, was fent to bcc
ittiprifoned in Bermuda, where bctwcenetwoRockesthe fliipfplit, the people cfca-
g txllt.multu ping to Land. In the meane time g three ofthe other fhips ^ had landed their men in
raw- Virginia,fome of whom ' were fuch as had beene the emulous and enuious corriualls

h A Catch pe- q£ j|^g prcfidentAvhich they then bcganne to fiiew : and to fecond the fame, a greater
P Hf/vf<«»*' ^^^^ ^y gunne-powderbefell him, which forced him for his recouerie to fct faile for
the other England, after he had liued there three yearcs.raaintayninghimfelfc and his that time

camt thiifeer principaliy,with fuch foode as the Countrey ycelded. Hee faith, he left bchinde at his
but ill there- jeturne fiuehundred men and women, three Ships, feuen Boats, two hundred expert
turnetwoof Sot,i(liers,ihirtie nine of their J^^r(»4««j or Kings,asSubie6ls and Contributers to the
orv^iicii ^ap. Englifli, fo farre fubie<3, that at his commaund they haue fent their fubiedls to lames
jv.KjHgwis Tofvne, to receiue corrcftionat his appointment for wrongs done; and their Coun-
Maftei)pefifti- tries were free to the Englifh for trauell or trade. But Neceffitie forced hun toleauc
cdon Vflianc. ^^^ Countric, which it forced the other appointed Gouernours not to finde. Hmc
iRailiJfe./nar' fH^/^giyry^^^ Hcnce proceeded the diforder and confufion which after happened a-
'"' "^^ ' mongft them. A grcatbodie was heerCjwhich acknowledged no head, and therefore
grew vnwcldie and diftempered. Some fought for ruleouer others, which wereoucr-
ruledbyvnruly pafltons of Ambition, and Fadlon in themiclucs: others fought their
cafe,except fometimes they were ouer-bufie in d ifpleafing others, and dcuouring that
which others had carefully laboured for : Ruine feifeth on the Church, Rapine makes
prey and fpoylc ofthe goods, Rauine deuourcth their beafts, Famine confumcth
the men,lniuries make the Indians their enemies ; two of the fhippes pcrifh vpon V-
fhant, and one man alone was left to bring home newes of their perifhing : the relt
rcturne laden with Letters of difcouragement, painting out Fan)inc , Sedition, and
other Furies, which had broken loofeamongft them, in the blackeft colours : which
were fcalcd with report of the loffe of their Admirall, to make vp the mcafiireof
k Lord de la All this did not daunt the Noble Spirit of' that Refolute Lord, appointed Lord

Ware. Gouernour, who in the beginning of AprilI,'one thoufand fix hundred and tenne, ice

faylefrom thecoaftofEngland, andon theninth ofluncarriued fafely at thedisfor-
liiicd Fort in Virginia,where he found the prcfent State like to the Boxe ' of Pandora,
Mh'lt ' 6 "^^^ being endowed with manifolde good gifts (each ofthe Gods beflowing one on
Bym-u'b.i'^i. her) was fent with a Boxe full of euills to Promtthew, who refufed the offer , but by
Eptmethetts was opened, whereby all euils were f tffered to flic out, Hope onely rcmay-
ningjwhich hefliutfaftinthebottome. And thus was it with this Virginian Pando-
ra, cnnched with the bed offerings of Natures bountie,but by Epimethean catelefnes.
Allcuillshadnowdifpcrfedthemfelues , and made the Virginian Colonie aftageof
Miferie ; onely Hope remained. But alas cuen that alfo proucd ficke.and was ready to
m Relation to giuc yp the Ghoft,in the dangerous fickencffejwhich befell that Noble ^ Lord, which
thcCounccH forced him after eight moneths fickene(re,toreturne for England againe. He fliipped
of Virginia y j^j^jgif^ jn^ggjjfrMcuis.anlland in the Wcftlndics, famous for wholfome Bathes,
the Lord dela ' ,111 ■ . r 1 1 n i

Ware. 161 J. biitby Southerly windes was compelled to change his purpole , andat Jalt to rnake

home : hauing left Deputie Gouernour Captainc Gterge Pearcte, a Gentleman ot ho-
nour and refolution,with vpward of two hundred perlons.

Almightie God that had thus farre tried the patience ofthe Eng'ifli, would not
fuffsr them to ^ee tempted abone that they were ahle: and therefore in his fccret proui«


Chap. 5' AMERICA. Tk eight l^ooke: ys^^

__ — __ ' ^ __

dcnce.before any knowledge was here had of his Lordiliips fickencfle, had ordayned
S'nThomM "Dale fhould be furniflit out with a good fupply of three niips,men,catteU
and many proui(ions,all which arriued fafc at the Colonic the tenth ot May, one thou-
fand fixe hundred and eleuen. Hcby his Letters, and the Lord Goucrnour by his Re-
lations, did animate the Aducnturers ; the one proteftinj^ hinilclfe willing and readie
to lay all that he was worth vpon the aduenture of the ailion, rather then )b honoura-
ble a worke fliould fade, and to rcturne with all conucnient expedition.if their friend-
ly indeaiiours would therein fecond his refolutions : the other 1 writing that foureof 1 SltThmaj ,
thebeRKingdomesinChriftendome, putall together, may no way compare with D.i/f J Letccn©
this Countric,eyther for commodities or goodncfle of foyle. Thi? fparke kindledin theCommu-
their hearts fuch conftancieof zcale and forwardneffe.that they furniflied out Sir Tho- "'^^
y»^^dff.r (who had happily returned with the reft from Bermudas) with l^x fliips,
three hundred men, and a hundred Kine, with other Cattcll, Munition, and prouifion

ofali forts.

SirT/^s-w^^jD^/^hauingnewesthatitwasa Fleetcof enemies , prepared hirnfelfe

and the reft to an cncounter,but it ended with a common ioy, in the fliaking of hands,

and not of Pikes, Lawes arc now made ( for lawlefncfle had marred lo much before )

for the honour ofGod/rcquenting the Church,obfcruation of the Sabbath,ret!erence

to Miniftcrs,obedience to Superiours, mutuall loue, honeft labours,and againft Adul-

terie,Sacrilcdge,VVrong and other vices, harbengers of Gods wrathand mans deftru-

dioii. The Colonic confiftcd of feuen hundred men of fundric Arts and profefllons

(few ofthemfickc) which hauing left the Fort at Cape f/m/^, fortified and kept by

Capraine D4«/fj,and the keeping of /4Wf J Zoww-r, to that noble and well-deferuing

Gentleman, Maftcrf/Mr^eff^r^/V, is remoucdvp the Riuer fourefcore miles further

hey ottdJamssTowne, to a place of higher ground , ftronganddefencible by nature,

with good ayre,plcntie of Springs,much faire and open grounds , freed from woods,

and wood enough at hand. Here they burnt brickes.cut downe wood.and euery man

falls to fomewhat: they haucbuilt.they fay, competent houfes, thefirft ftoric all of

bricke, thateucry manmay haue his lodgmgand dwcllingby himfclfc , with a fuffici-

entquantitic of ground allotted thereto. Here alfo they were building an Hofpitall

with fourefcorclodgings.and beds alrcadie fent, for the licke and lame, as the booke,

called thc7\(^»»p//f/o/'L'/>-^w/4,relateth. UiAerivhitaker in his Letter and bookfrom

Hettnco i6i2.teftifieth the health and welfareof the Colonic. Samuel Argall in the

yeare i(5i 5. affirmed likewife that he found the ftate of Virginia farre better then was

reported. In one voyage they had gotten oncthoufand and one hundred bufliells

of come : they found a flow kinde of Cattcll , as bigge as >" Kinc, which were good m Akare^^u..

meatc; andamedicinabic fortof earth. IhcytooVe Pokehmtu {Pewhatans deereft "J^j[P^"''"^°^

daughter) prifoner, and for her ranfome had Corne, and redeliucric oftheu Prifoncrs p^oj,/^"^^'!"!^^^

and Weapons. ~ come hither

Thus I haue bin boldefomcwhat largely to relate the proceedings of this Plantati- from the

on.tofupplantftich (launders and imputations as fomehauc concciucdor receiucda- North,
gainft it, and to c^rcite the diligence and induftric of all men of sbilitie, to put to their
helping hand in this honorable in it feife, glorious to God in the furtherance
of his truth,and beneficiall to the common-wealth.^id to the priuate purfes of the Ad-

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