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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 24 of 181)
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tcrwards to perfons and places. By Rcuclation and Tradition they recciucd the reli-
gious worfliip, wherein'they infiruii^ed their poftcritic : vntillthat in their cxtrcamelt
thraldome God fent (Jlfofes and iAaron to dcliuer them : vnder w hofe conduct they
pafled through the Sea and Wildernelfeto the brinks ofIord3n,receiuing in the > way a Ic fcemcib,
that Law, which as aTutor, or Shoole-malkr, was in that their nonage to trainc ihcm '" the Wilder!
vp, vntillthat full and ripe age; whcn^G od fent hu Sonne made of a Woman ^made j^" before the
'under the Law, that he mt^hr redeeme them that txereiiiider the Law , that vee might re- ha^^/"^" w"^^
ceiHetheddopioriofSonnes. Oi this Law , although fJMofes hath giucn vs an abfolute place fortlte
relation in the Scripture, whereof hec was the firlf Pen-man (of that at jeaR which re- folcmne wor-
mayncthvnto vs)yctifvvceflialIoutofhu-n, bring thcin into their order, andranke l^np, asBcrnr^
them vnder their feuerall heads, as Stgomus c and others hauc done ; it niall net bee, I fj^dfud 'eV
thinke,ouer-tcdious to the Reader. K-.&Rx.'is

The Law is diuided vfually, into the ^ McraU. feremoninll,mi Itidiciall, as parts of and Molls at
the fame : the firft deliuered on the Mount Sinai, by the dreadfuil vo:ce of the Almigh- the fiift was "
tie God, and by the finger of God, written after in Tables of Itone , called ten rvords, |^'"S & Pricft,
fummariiv abridged into two Cowmandements , by the Law giucr himl'clfc; « y/^^ (-'^',"2 '^=
frH and great (^ommandement enioymng tb:^ lone oj- Kj o r> ; tne jccond , of our infcriour
NeiGhbovrs; that God , who himfeife is Charme, impofing nothing but the Pricfts vhder
louelyyokeofLoue andCharitievnto hisferuants. This Law is Eternall, written him.
firft in the hearts of our firrt Parents, which being defaced , itwas written againc in ^ GaUtb.4.4.^
the ftonie Tables of the Law, where it was but akiUing letter, till Grace and Truth by l.p'^^lfl'f^
I F. s V s C H R I s T indited and indented it in the flclhic Tables of the Goipcll , as trarmnd'epei
f (^hrifls new Commandemei'tvii\\n renewed hearts , and fliall for cuer bee then /W.^-r.

beefinifhcd. The other parts Ceremoniall and luaiciall, were (for the particulars) ci^cJammoriua,
proper vnto that Nation , the one rcipeding the manner of Diuine feruice , the other C'^remomalUctu.
of ciuillGouernement : notgiuen(astheother)immeciiately to thelfraeiitesbyGod tcm mortifa-a.
himfeife, but communicated in the Mount to Mojes , that hec might atouaintthc '""-ff ''<>■. ii^ofl
feople witiiall. f /c.i-,./

ThisNation was diuided, as is faid already, into Tribcs^ the number of g ,.V„V/, /.^^^
lacoffs lons,amoneft whom Let^t had no portion (but the Lord was their portion , they h 1 .C0M3,
fcruing at the Akar^ and liuing of the Altar) but 4^. Cities with their liiburbs aihgncd
for their habitation,amongfl other TribeS: that being lodifpcrfcd, they might d)lperfc
alfo.and preach the Law to the refl:and were reckoned ' to that Tnbc with which they i ir<d.i-;.-r.
dwelled: and whereas others might not marriel^, for fearc of alienation of their inhe- ': Somcfay

ritances,intoanothcrT!ibc, this of Lf«/ either had.ortooke liberty iicrcin,as/«4?'J^- ,'!crc°"'Vh*"^^
:tr)d2.fhro.2 2. /o;/?<i^ maricd the Kings filkr; and thus £//s.^/-("?«, wileci' Zachane ^^^^^]JJ^.J
the Pricft, might be Cofcnto Afane the Mother of our Lord. The number of tweluc though tii,;
Tcmayned yet entire, in reckoning of thcfe Tribes, becai'fe /o/^p/^had a doubleprr- iicathofdii!cr-
tion, and his fonnes, E-phratm and AfanrJIes,m:i<ic two Tribes. Neither were iluy a- J'cfrcr might
lone reckoned ]fraclites,that naturally dcfccndcd from feme one of thefe tweluc Ions '^^^ "'fp
oflfracl, but fuch alio of other Nations as embraced their Ceremonies and Religion, [hcn'rurThcr
being for diftinftion fake called Profelytes.The Hebrew ' word which is interpreted a off, to inbcric
Prolelvte,f]gnifieth(f.v/r(«fff(^,or/jV<?»'/;(f fo)-r/j,bccaufc they cfteemed fucb,drawn forth I /I1-. fl'eat.m,
c^hc]:'v.ho\uyezlhfr madf the cht/drni Ppo(i,morct\imthcm{ducs,'mhunbemng^th^ '«^i^itb.z-i,.
confciences, not only with thofe Ceremonies whcrcunto the LavT and their Traditirn
tyed them, but with diners others alio. ThenameProfe!yte,asr'w/;'/<^ rOirmeth, "-is in pnfJej,
cy:her taken largciyforanyfiranger.or ifvifl'.y fora ccnuert to jheirReligion. A Pro. lul.Ub.i,
fclyte was madr with obferuation of three things , Circumcifion , naptilme or VV;.lL-
ing, and Oblation. Thctirftwas a figncofthcCoucnant , in which they wcreiccci-


no Of the H.ehre'vp Tolitie and autU Gouermment. Chap ,2.

iicd : the fccond,as a badge of their ckanncffc; (for all the Gentiles were vncleane;thc
third, for the attonemcnt with God.This was while the Temple rtood and now is not
in force : but whether Baptifme be ftill vfed, I know not. He ought to be circumcifcd
^ P. Rifi'is de in the prefence of three. And if by nature * or accident he were before circumcifed ,and
Citlefi'.apic.l.j. wanted that fore skin, yetdid they cut himthereandniadehimblecdenotwithftan-
&adprxc. 117. ^j,,g . 2nd when his wound was whole,then before three witncfles was he baptifcd^ia
which ccremoniethcy coucred the whole body with water. This manner of baptihng
they vfed alfo in reconciling and rcceiuing penitents, which had giuen fcandall by no-
torious offences, in token of repentance, and newnefle of life , hauing firft before this
walKing tcftified their humiliation by facing and prayer. Of this wafliing they were
a clem.Alcx. [o{ctupu\ous,th2t^ Clemens yilexatidrinHs tcRiBcth, they were often waflied in their
pom.l,^. beds. A woman Profclite was admitted by Baptifmeonly , and the offering of two

Turtles, or two Pigeons. Serarimdhh, Baptifme and Circumcifion arc ftill requi-
hMunJler.inL. red : the like is written by T. '2^/cww and ^ CMsmfter , whoadde, that when any de-
rrxcept. siiof. fireth to become a Profelite, they propound to him the hardeft things of the law : with
cumexpnf.Rib. the piomifes of future happineflc,ascfthe Sabbath, not eating fat, &c. with fcmepc-
M.'lith'iubr ' "^'■"^^s, that he fhould not after fay,had I wift ; and they would fecme to be willing by
Anmt,caf.ii. ^^^^^ driue them from their Religion, a» being corrupted by fuch new com-

mers : but Chrilt aftirmeth othervrife.

c BrtJeTol, The gouernementofthis people was, as '^rfnrwwthinketh, (befote lethro'szd-

liidc.^, uifehad brought in thofeCouernours of thoufands,hundreths, fifties. andtens)vnder

E.\Wi8. fcucntie Elders, accordingto the numberofperfons, which defcendcd with '' laeofr

Tijtm.ii.i . j^^^^ Egypt : and that the fcucntie alTigned after to Mofes for Afliftants in the gouerac-

mcnt, were continued in their former office with further ratification andincrcafeof

gifts, and not newly inftitutcd. Yea this number, he faith, gouerned in Egypt , how-

{ocntxTharaohs tyrannic did afterward much Eclipfe their authoritie, and were by

tJMofes and Aaron alfembled together Exod.^.^c). So that the thirteene Tribes, conh-

fted of feuerall Fa milies, according to the number of the chiefe heads thereof mentio-

« Kum.i,&u nedby: /l^/c/I-/, to which the thirteene Princes of the thirteene Tribes being annexed

made vp the nttmber. His rcafons let /iich as will, Icarne of himfclfc.

The gouerncment in that time ofCMofes was mixt,the Monarchic being in A-fofer^
but qualified with an Ariftocratie in thefe feuentie, and the other Officers before men-
tioned ; a Democratic alfo appeared in the aflcmblies fo often mentioned. In lighter
matters the Chiiiarchs, Centurions, Qmnquagenarij, and Decurions iudged : in more
wcightic the feuentie. Thus it continued in lo/JMas time till they had conquered and
inhabited Cities. And then each Citie had their Senate or Counccll of the Chiiiarchs,
f lof.AHtiq.l.^. and other Officcis before named,proportionable to the greatncffe thereof. ^ lofefhta
capM. numbreth feuen Elders, and two Leuites in cucry Citie, which feemeth more to agree

with his time then this former. Euen in Bethlehem the leaft of the thoufwdi of Inda^
g Kuth.^ I, ^oa«,s aiTcmbled ten Elders about the matter of ^»//;,It feemeth that they had Lcuitci
1 chron.i},^. a{f,(^ing in the iudgements,and Tribunals as men learned in the Law : and fo we readc
^ '/.■■'■ a of the times ofDauid and / But 1 had rather fend my Reader for thefe things
'' ^ ' to the Scti',tures,3nd to the labours of5frr^»j/« and 5/^(7w/«^; from all which it is alio
apparant that the flate was after Mops & loftjtia, managed by Judges ofdiuers Tribes,
not by eledlion nor inheritance fucceeding in that office, but by appointment of God,
til! they defired a King, whereas before God was their King , andby his Law partly,
partly by Oracle ruled the State, being,asfomcthinke,an Ariftocratie. There were
alfo in the times of thefe ludgcs, Princes of each Tribc.and the heads of Families : there
w as alfo a gouerncment in each Citie by the Elders or Senate , exercifed in the Gates
thereof, as before is obfcrucd. They had accordingly their Counccis or Aflcmblies,
cither of the whole Nation, or of a whole Tribe, or of fome one Citie.

TheKingdomcoflfrael, aftrritwasdiuidcdfromthehoufcof 'Z)4«/^, continued
the like forme of gouerncment, as is moft probable. After the captiuitie, it appcareth
by the Hif^ories of Hei^ra znATslehcmiah , that the chiefe Iway was vnder the Lieute-
nant or Dcputie ofthe Pcriian King , according to commiflion from him. Ocher Of-
fices happily rcceiued fome alteration in regard of their numbers and eftate, weaker


Ghap.I. ASIA- ThefecondBooke, m

. — -■ • — - — - — t : — — , ,

and Icfl'e then in thofi: former times of profpcritie, fo that what /o/i'/J^;« hath written ,
of I'eucn Elders in each Citie , and thofc things which in the T^/^w^^ are written of ^ Sanhcfr'n
the- r Politic , had now firft (as fome ' thinke) their beg inning. Concerning this, be iiie,- r^i. jud,
caufeitisnotfocommon, letmehaucleauefor a larger dilcourlc cut of the Talmu- vid.?a<i!.-R'!c dt
dic^.l Sanhedrin , which thus rccordeth. » Matters which conccrne goods are deter- T''!'nud.&- Ga-
mmed by th ree; Criminall cafes by a Councel! of three and twcntic. But fuch things ^"^-^^^^'-^A'
as belong to a whole Tribe^ a falfe Prophet, or the high Pricft , by the great CounceJl xo thtfe tbrce
at Icrufaleni of feuentic and one. The high Pricft iudgeth and is iudgcd : he fitteth at Courts Chrift
Funerals on a little Scat, all the multitude fitting on the ground. The King iudgeth not alludcth Mm-
and is not indgcd, giucth teftimonie againft none, nor none againft him. Hee maketh y - ' ^*'i''^h
Warres, but not without confcnt ofthe Sanhedrin : he thay not haue aboue eighte?nc u'^'^u^k^
wiues:heoughttohauetheBookcoftheLawwfittcn,andhangmgabout hisnecke. dc,^ftooj' '"^'
la ciuillcaufes, each ofthe Litigants chooieth a ludgc or Arbitrator'', and both thefc b Thefe'aibi-
thus chofcn cboofe a third. Otthisofliccarevnc3pablc,Dicers, Vfurers, andfuchas tracers were
pra6life difhoneftcourfcs for gaine: They alfo which arc ofneare Kindred to the par* no"hofcthrce
ties may neither be ludgcs nor VVitncfles.Their Companions or Adueifarics may gjuc ^^^ T^
teflimonic, bu: not iudgemfent. Women and Scruants might not be witneflcs, lof. bur others'
^nticj./^.-j. Nor a Thcefe,Robbej:,Vfurer,Publican, Child, or Keeper of Doues. Ph. bclidcs.
JF^ri^;«rf»<^.Thi$laft^/t//«dcth not mention, butaddeth a Gentile, Foolc, Dcafc, ' They dealt
Blindc. The antienteft witncfle is firft examined : and that from his ownc fight, or the °'|'")*'''^,"'"'*
debters mouth, or elfe it is nothing, Thirtie daycs after fcntence giucn thcDcfcndant for feare of th
mayalledgewhathecanfor himfclfe. The odde number is the cafting voice. In cri- people, or thai:
minallcaufes decided by threeandtwcntiCjOneoddevoiccablblueth, buttheremufl thusthekty-
be aboue tweluc ofthe three and twentie to condemne; and when fentence is giuen rannie,and his
nothing may be alledgedfurtherforaccufation, which for abfolution is lawfull. And '"ft't^e "liphc
he whichhaih fpokcn foi the accufed may not after fpeakc againft him. Ciuill caufes woAcof dark!
arc examined in the day and fcntenced in the right, butcriminail « only by day : and ncfle to excin-
fcntcnceofcondcmnationmaynot b-rc pronounced the fame day, and therefore on guirhthe light
holy-dayesEuens examinations are forbidden, Profelytes and Baftards may deter- oftheworld,
mine ciuill caulcs,Pricfts and Lcuites with other Ifraclites, are required in criminall. ^^{j,^"'"^'''*
Thcfeludgesfateinafcmicijclchiuingonc ^ Scribe or Rcgifter on the tight hand, d'onewrotc
and another on the left : In the Scflion-houfe were prcfent belides three orders ofStu- the abfolucrs
dents which fate on the ground according to their degree, out of which the number of f.-ntcnceb, the
thcSenators were fupplyed when neede was, fo that one ofthe firft order being made "'her of theirs
Scnator,another was chofcn out ofthe fccond order into his place,3nd out ofthe third „ d wh"''""'
in the roomc ofthe fecond, and out ofthe people into that third order. The witnefles perhaps Chdfl
mufttcftifie only from their owne fight, and that exad^ly what'feuenthyearcof the alluded J^jt.
jubilee, what yeare of that feuenth,what moncih,what day ofthe moncth,and weckc, ^5-4i- iaith
and in what houre. and place, he faw it. For to faue or loofe an Ifraelitc is afmuch as to ^"fl^'^'^''r'\**
prcferue or dcftroy the frame ofthe world ; if one witneffe be ignorant of any of thofe l\^^ oth'cr que-
circamftances, or contradi6teth another, his teftimonie is vaine. None ofthe Students ftions and cir"
which fit by may be fuffered to accufc, if they can fay any thing in defence ofthe partic cumftances
they may. Jfthey cannot find fufficicnt to abfolue him that day ^the Senators or ludges ^hich I for
fcanne that matter fcrioufly , two or three together all night, vfing a iparc dyet. ]f ^''c",>"c hauc
tweluc condcmne, and the reft clearc him, they adtie to the niimber of ludges till they f fh^pjf^ j.^.
make vp feuentic and one to make further fearch. When fentence is pronounced, the citcth cigh-
condemacdperfon is carried away and brought againefoure or fiile times to fee whe- teen tnmcs to
therhcorany other can fay any thing for his purgation. And if nothing bee alledged l^^ P-'n't^id
fufficicnt to reuerfc the fentence, he is led to execution, f the Cryer going before him |^nw j^h"^'
and proclayming the crime and fentence andaccufers, that it any can then fay any nine, fixe with
thing in his behalfe, he may Ipeake. When he cornmcth within ten cubits ofthe place ftranglmg.
of execution, he is admoniflicd to confeffe his fault, and fo he fhall haue part in the life ^ te.»4-dt ai-
to come rand it heknow not the forme ofconfcfiion, it is enough for him to fay , Let ^yj"'^l"f|=-
dcathbcvntomctheremiffionofallmyfinncs, Bein^ within foure cubits he isftrip- i''L."V!?,'^',!„
prd naked all but his pnuities, it it bee a woman fhce is led rortn in tier ciotties. The uc other by
iioning place was built twice the height of a man , fiom whence by one of the wit- the Talmud, ,

L z neflcs, «<^^' - «^'f|.as

112 Of the Hebrew Tolit'te and c'tuiU Gouernementjtts'c. C h a p .2.

nefles he was caftdownchead-longjthe ground beneath being fet with flints; and if

hce dyed not with the fall , another of the witncfles fmote him neere the heart with a

flint, which if it did not finifh his death, the whole multitude caft floncs at him. They

might not condemneaboue one in one day, to death. Hce which was ftoned, if hce

were a man was prefently hanged on a Gibbet , and after taken downe and buryed

with other perfons which had before fuffcred in likemanner. When the flefh was

there confumed his bare bones mightbee laid in hisowne or his fathers Sepulchre.

* He which After this , his friends and kinfmen went to the ludgcs and witnefleSjand faluting them,

was ftoned for acknowledged the iuflice of ihcirfa6t. Befides this punifliment of ftoning, * they

blalphemie punifhed with the fire, f«vord, or ftrangling. The manner of burning was , to put the

was hange ti ^Q„jjgfj,f,gjj perfon in dung vp to thearme holes, and one executioner on one fide, and

then hisgibbec another on the other, graned him with a linncn cloth about his neck, pulling the lame

and he buried till they forced him to gape.and then abar or rod cf burning mettall was thruft dov\ nc

together. The into his bodie. Thcfword was vfed in beheading. Strangling was done with a courfe

^°"' r^"^'^ peece of hnncn . pulled dofe about his neck, till he were dead. It would be toolong to

hi^^de '' h'was ^^'^^^ ^'^" faults were appropriated to each of thefekindes of execution. If a man had

alfo buried deferucd tvvoofthem,hee was to beepuniflied with the moftfeuere. In fome cafes of

likewife the homicide the guiltic perfon was put in a little-eafe prifon, where he was forced alway

iwordwbuh to Wand, and was fed only with Barly till his belly rotted , and his bow els fell out, A-

they vfcd in ^^ ^^^^ might prefently flay him which had floUen any of the holy Veflels, or b]a!phe-

L f ^ '"^' med the name lehoua. The Priefl: which exercifcd his function while he was polluted,

cloth vfcd in was not brought to iudgement, but other Prieftschofen to that purpofe led him out of

ftrangling thcholyplace and knocked out his brainec. From the Sanhedrm was no appealer

were buried. Jhey werealfo c3.\\zdi^ehokckim,t\\^x is, Scribes or Law-giuers, bccaufewhatfoe-

"Druf.^rxt.l.^. ue^ tliey Jgiiuercdorwrit wasreceiuedfor a Law.

H;cj-»l>e'fpeaks Their College, faith (jalatinm ^ , (who from theirfaylingproueth that the Mef.
of a punsilimcc fias is come ) reprefented that Scepter by the holy Ghoft in lacoh promifed to hfda :
vfedamongft: and therefore not only vnderthe Kings and Iiidges didcxercife iudgements , but al-
them to drown fo when there was no King , or ludge in Ifrael. Of their qualitic it is thus written.
V^"" ' b" t They <^ appointed none ^ faid S. lokatiari) but men of wifedome, flature, and of good-
their neck. ^M P'efence, and of old age, and cunning in exorcifmes , and vnderftanding the icuen-
mM.iib.i8. tie tongues, that they might no: ncede interpreiers. Their flature and comlincfle,
b P,G.iUt.dc Rabbi^f/owo^faith, was required, to acquire them reuerence; and skill in enchant-
Arcani,i,!w.^. ,Tient, to conuince fuch Wifartls. There were rcquived the whole number of feuentic
f^'r' .., r), .1 and one, in determining the coins to Warre, inaddinetoaCitic, orthcreuenucs of
Cii//i«6. faith incTemple, orinconucntingthe ordinarie Judges or the Tribes; To conltiiute one
ih:xiGakti,m of this number, they vfcd impofition of hands ; ^./«^^ faith of fine, AWolfe.Lyon,
his woikc was Bearc, Leopard, and Serpent, were to beflaine by the three and twentie.
a eemj-cndmrn The great College called 5<t»Afi^rf_^ Wtf/<i, confiftud of feuentieandonc, thclcfTe
volumesot ofthreeand twentie. Thatodde number aboue feuentie, was to fupply the roome
Kanmmd.Stben of /l/o/rf, which was cuer thofe firft feuentie. Hereby Galatwus gathcrcth, that in the
a Dominican, Counccll that condemned Chrift, there was the whole number of feuentieandonc,
cMcd I'ugiofi' whichistruc, if i/er*^ had not before difannullcd that focietie. The greater 5<«»fc^-
^"' y""'^"' dri» ordayned the Icflc ; for thofe feuentie ordayned all theSefTions ot Judges, which
'erifiTolofano. in Other Cities and Places ruled the people: and to this Court of the feuentie in leru-
cThcyarefaid falem they were all fubic(ft. Theplace where they fate was called Gazith, that is,Car«
to goc into E- ued , whereof this Court had the name (as the Star-chamber with vs.) Other Courts
gypcto Icarne or Houfcs of Judgement, they had diuers, of the three and twentie. One J of them fate
k"^'^'"ihc'i 1° "^ the Gateof the Mountaineofthe Temple : another in the Gate of the Court : others
(hat they '" euery Citie. And when there was a controuerfic , it was firft brought to that Ci-

might beware tieorTovvne, andfo to the reft, if occafion required (in order) to that in the Gate
ofthein luac of the Mount, after to that in the Court-gate , andlaft to the GazithConfiftoric , in
Lcuitaad Sfijt. which they fatefrom morning till nisht. On Sabbaths and folcmne davcs they ftte
r.Cou«sof onthew/ll. , '

Judges in ^"t when //* ro^ obtayned thcScepter, he flew Hircanm and his {ox^wz Antigorus^

Itrufilcm. which had bccne King and Prieft,and alfo all of the feed Royall,and burnt the Genea-

C H A P.t. ASIA- ThefecondBooh» /;^

lories oftheir Kings: and further to ftabliH-i his Throne in bloijd,lic killed the Scribes
andDodorsof thcLaw, andcaul'cdall the Sa>:bedrin to be done to death. Bccauic
the Rabhanan (chey are the words of the Talmud) hadfaid according to Dent, 17.
From Among thy brethren thoH p:alt fet a Ktng oner thee : he flew the Rabbanan or Ma-
fters,rercruingonlyS4^<?,the fonneof 'Sor/jjWhofc eycshcafterpiit out. And there-
fore the 54«Wrwperiflicd: for, asisfaidjfiiie, oratleaftafccrR. !fn7ae{, thrcewere
jiecefTarie to the ordination by the impofition of hands.But there were by Herods'^cr-
mifiion other Indgcs inftitiitcd to be vndcr the King.jikc the former CoIIcdgc,but had
no authoritie offcntenccin waightieand criminall caufcs : and therefore they faid to
Pilate^ It is not lawfullforvs tofutatiy man to death, » as fome thinke.Rut others main- a Vekisv'ff,
tainethccontrarie. J5i?/r-«»?«Jtaketh a middle courfe, that the Icwes might examine ^''"Ifi'he/es^
andcondemne,butthen\veretoprefcntthe condemned partie to the Roman Magi- ^'"'^ '"""». '^'-
ftrate for execution : except in the caufc of (loning, wherein tbcy tooke mere libettic, oruf.'p'rf^. 1 4.
as in the Afts of the Apol\lcs,by Stepheu a.nd Pauls example appcareth. After their /-...;. i47.wiicrc
filfefentcnccpronounccdagainrtChrift,thcy were expelled from the ConfiftoricGa- iimcnwop-ofa
zith, fortieyeares before the, deflruflion of the Tcmpletandafcerwards, by thecom- I'^'t^ftsdaii^h-
mandemcntof the Romans, were all flaine. They being expelled Gazith, held their ['hor"cTJn/°'^
Confiftorie at Hamith, another place in Icrufale.T! ; but, faith R.Abdify>i,W\t\\ the place with Vine-^
they loft their power in criminall iudgcments, whichmiglitnotbegiuenbutinCa- braches-Some
zith. SodoctheRabbincsinterprete the words, D.eitt. 17.10, Accordir^gto the words lay this ppwep
v>hich they of that place Ihew thee, thoHpait doe. They hadinferiour punillimcnts with "'^'^t-'k^ a.vay
the whip for fmaller offences : in which the Law had ftinted them at fortic firipcs, and :°Jr"^ ^'T*'^"
they abated one of that numberforfeare of exceeding: as > 7V// fiich, He hadfiue tvwasVcftio>C
times receiued fortic ftripesfaue one. The <= whip was of caUies leather, zsDrtif.»s :x\- i^A-.hmScali.
firmeth. Bftr^ww/ faith that they had in cachCiciefcucn ludgrs in money martcrs, gcrhnhCn.
-whereof three were principall, two Leuites, and one of th,e reft,from whence the num- **^'^^.' ^'''■Mmi
beris faid to be but three. They had alfo ten Acdiles, Taskc-s or ludges ofthc Market, J^"J °j^„ft'-^'
oncofwhkhwasofthcPrieftly ftockc. They had in lerufalcm anvnderPrcuolt, or Eii/
i Captainc of the Temple. I n other Cities of their difpcrfion, they had Synagogues b i.cor.^o.i^.
and Magiftrates, as at Alexandria, Antiochia,Sardis and, other Cities, where they had ^ Druf.Prxt.
obtained priuiledges and immunities. The manifold mutations of their State by the f^i-^7i-
Babylonians, Perfians, Macedonians, Egyptians, Syrians, Romans, and ciuill Warrcs t-f/'/,,"/'"! ,
amongftthemfelues, did both then change the face of Goucrnment, and haue made z.m^c.^T^^'
it no tv to vs obfcure and vncertaine.

Now concerning the lewifli Excommunications, Drufius ^ hath obferucd, that e '^tfiefl.He!/,
the lewes had three kindes and degrees of Excommunications, Niddfd, Herem, Sa- ib.i.&i.
matha: thefirftfignificth aRcmouing; the fecund, Anathema ; f thethird, the fame f dodveca.
which the Apoftlecallcth Afuratuatha, by the Frftthey arc made rlTronwAyayii (o{ tar/a^n m fJL
which is an example, ^M.4.4 ) excommunicated from the Ecclcfiafticajl Aflcmblics, .rsi.tfneTl/rsb,.
Hcwhich was thus Excommunicated was called Memidde, and the denouncers /^<r- "^""fedpens'
tiaddim.Thevc wcrefoure and twcntie caufcs for the which it was inflidled.Ifany died '""" '■f' .
therein without repentancc,they iudged him worthy of Iboning, and therefore ftoned „^,. '"" """''
his coffin: whereof they § giue example of one £/f <?-<»»' the {ov.vicol Henoch. They g muf.Prietcr.

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