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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 27 of 181)
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J hauin" eaten the Pafleouer on the night before.which was the tr<:e tiine,and was then «; "oth -Jque
firfi altered by thtlewes: which corruption continued to tlie dcfkiidion of their Tern- "^'^nAuimam
pie. Chrifi: fuffercd (faith Scaliq_er)on the third of April, the fourth yeare complete after ''^^-^'^i ^'^'lunt,
hisBaptifme. From which ninth houre the lewes began their Vefpera or JEucning: j.Edzf/" "
and therefore it was inioyned tbem ifitcr idaas Vefferas <^,\.o kill the Paffeouer.ln thefc e h* du'xfite^
Vefpers,as alfo on the F.uen ofeuery Feafl: and Sabbath.aftcr the euening facrifice,rlicy nrnt i'(fper<e
"Which doc any wotke, faith the lewifh Canon, fh all neuer fee good hgncof a blelllng: ^"^ ^''f "":''-
"which was the caufe that they haftened fo muchtbexieath ofthe Theeue^ which were ''"»'" "^ '"»'«
aucihedwithChrift. :.uir.V3hWT .•:-.. ^ .y'^^VV^' ammtmiu.ati

ThisLimbeorKiddewaschofena male of a yeare olde, tne tenth day ofthe horadinvlu-
f^loone,which they kepttill the fourteenth day tyed(aftcr their tradiciops) tothe foot ma.iim.mEx,
offomcbenchorfounTie,fotominifteroccahon to their children, of qucflioning a- '^•
bout it, to themfclucs of Preparation and Meditation, and to efpieiii this mcane
■while, ifany default were in the Lambe. Ifwas&tffapriuateSacriace, to be perfor-
med in cueryhoufe, after in that place oncly wherethe Tabernacle or Temple was:
they there difperfcd by companics,according to /ofiphns, not fewer then ten, fomtime
twenty in a company ; vvith Chrijl there were thirteen, and of thcfe facrilics and coin-

M 3, panics

I24 Of the FeJliuMl^ajes injiitued by Cod^ip-c. C h a p,^.

panics in lime of Cfi?/«/,wcre numbrcd e 56500. fo that reckoning the Icaft number
there were tentimcs Co many,befidesthofe that by difeafcs or other manifold lets were
not partakers thereof: and in regard of this Fcaft being aflembled thither through
Gods iuft iudgementjthcir whole huge multitudes were couped or caged together in
the walls of this Citie to deftru6lion,vnder7'?r«J.

The bloud of the Lambc they were to receiue in a veflell , and to fprinckle the fame
with a bunch of Hyfope on the doorepofte$,and to eatc it in the night, w hich was the
beginningofthcfifccenthday ,roaft with fire, with fowre hearbes and vnleaucned
brcadjboth the head,fectc,3nd purtenancc ; girded, ftiod, with ftaues in their hands,ia
haft,ftanding,burning whatfoeucr was left of the faroe.After the eating iht Sacrrmeo-
c LitJliH. *^11 Lambc, ftanding, they had other prouifion which they eate futing,<: or after their
manner oflyingj»tTable,in remembrance of their libertie ,as appeatcth by /o/twj lea-
ning on his brealt,and/«^«w his foppc at Cir;i?ifuppcr. IntheLawe it was comman-
ded that they fhould eatc the Paffeouer ftanding; which they onely pradtifcd in the
firft celebration in Egypt. Forfo the lewes fet forth the difference of the Pafchall
ScatEmTli night from Other nights,in their twice wafhing, which on other nights they doc but
P.U6. ' * ' once :intheirvnlcauened:intheirEndiueor lowrc hearbes: and whereas on other
nights they fit or lie, now they lie oncly,in token of their fecuritic. The wafhing was
d Ptautiu, Per- therefore neceflarie left they fhould defile the beddes w hereon they lay with their du-
faJocus hictuus ftie feetc. In which refpeft the '^ Gentiles alfovfed to wafti their feete: the Icvvcs their
en,hie aecumbe, wholcbodic. And thePharifeemaruelled at Chrift,iT/i ■s9»»T«i/8«fsr7/<&j), that he was
feruaqumi>e- notthus baptifcd or wafhed before he fate do wnc. Some contented themfclues only
fi^'*''^ with wafliing the fecte; the want of which office Chrift obieded to -another 'of his

ljt(\/ Pharifaicallhoftes. But in the Pafchall rite a double wafliing was requifitc, becaufe

of their double fupper ; which in the flourifliing ttate of the Icvvcs was alio vfed m o-
thcr their chiefc folemnitics of the Pentecoft and Tabernacles. In the former they
eate thcit facnficesjn the later certaine Prayfes were fung.and it was called the fupper
dimiflbrie. But this fecond Pafchall Supper differed from that in other folemnitics,
wherein they vfed iunkets, which in this were forbidden ; and in ftcad thereof they
had Endiueandwildc Letticc,mingled with Vinegar, and other things, which now
they make as thickcas Muftard. The Honfliolder firft dipped his vnleaucned foppc
therein and eate it,and then tookc from vnder the Carpet or cloth another, which hec
brake into as many pieces as he had Communicants in his companic, cucry piece be-
ing as bigge as an Oline, which was giuen to each of them in order. Whenhecwe
thatfoppe.firfthefaid,Bleffcdbeihou LordourGodKingof the world, which haft
fan(^ified vs with thy Commandcmems,and haft giuen vs the precept of vnleaucned

And when he had eaten, hefaidCas bediftiibuted to the reft) This is the bread
of afflidtion, which our forefathersate in the land of Egypt. Euery one which is hun-
griCjComc and eatc .-eucry one which hath necdc, come and obferue the Paffeouer.
Afterthe dcftruftion of lerufalem,they added thefewordcs j Now wee are hccrefer-
uantSjbut hereafter we fhall be in the land of I fraell : nowwe are hereferuants, here-
after in the land of lfrael,free. After this.hctaftedofthc Cuppc and deliiiercd to the
next, and he to the third, and fo on through the companic. This was called the Cup
ofThankfgiuing,or of finging the hymme.which he dcliuercd with thefc wordcs,Ble t
fcdartthtiuOL o r DourG o D,Kingoftheworld,<reatorofthefruitcof thcVinc.
Then did they fing a hymme and depart ; for the Canon fotbad them to eatc or drinkc
anything after the hymme. Thefe were the Pafchall rites in the time of Ch r i s t,
wnoalfovfed that reiterated both wafliing (faith 5c<»//^fr) and fupper, and alfothc
hymme. They were in the Euen of the fourteenth day to purge their houfes of Icaucn,
and that throughout the lande,whcrc the Lambc might not be eaten. All the Iftac-
litcs were inioyned this ductie : and they which by occafion of iournying or vnciean-
ncffe could not now celebrate the Paffeouer, were to obferue it the next moneth.

The day after,or fecond day of this Pafchall Fcaft, they were to bring to thePrieft
a Comer of thcfiift-fruits of their Corne, and a Lambe, with ether duties !or a


C H A p . 5b ASIA* Thcfecond 'Booke, 12?

burin offciing to the L o r ;> : before which time they might not eate of the nevV
ycarcstniits, which at that time in tholc Countries bcganne to ripen, and lb to ac-
knovvlcdge God the guicr thereof, f Philo faith , That each primre mnn , which f phile iii'f. dc
otherwifc brought in his Sacrifice to the Pricft, fa crifccd or flew this ftcrifice with his vitaMal.l.^.
ownehandi : and eirev\ here ? hee affirmcth the fame. E/e.izarns , h eras other fay 6 '''''^c<:''H-
{(\cSy:-iedriir,n , ordayncd three hundred and fifticycaresbet'orc the birth ofChrift *',^"Ii''''-'^fJ''
that the Paffe-ouer fliould not be foJcihniz.ed on the lecond, fourth , or fixt day cf the M^idrfn'it
weeke : and therefore when ic (r\\ oh the (ixt day, w hich we call Friday, it was deferred Ma!.z6.
to the fctienth, at the time of Clu ifrs PaiTion, and he with his Difciples eate it the ni"ht
before, according to the law God.

This f /mj;,.:'*/ ordayhed , that the Fcaft of Lots flicL-Id not be celebrated on the
fecond, fourth, or laicnth : Or Penrccofl on the third , lift , or fcdench : Or that of the
Tabernacles on the firll, fourth, and (ixt : Or thcFaft of Expiation, on the fiift, third, or
fixt : Or their New- yoares day, on the firft, fourth , and fixt , which decree is extant in
the boolce oiGamiiliel, Panics MaRer , which they did fupcrfiitioiifly , to auoide two
Sabbaths, (info drift a rcit) together, and carrying boughes on the Sabbath^ if that
fca(Hcil thereon, and on other fuch reafonlefie rcafons,

After this fixtccnth day of the moneth, or fecond d:!y of the vnleauened"brcadj
in wliich fr(l of all, fickle was thruR into the Haruefijto offer the firR frcits thereof vn-
to God, were nunibrcd feiien intire wcckes, and the next day which was the fif-
tieth , (accounting inclufiucly) was celebrated the Feaft of Pentecoft , rccci-
uinghisname of reckoning offiftie : and Schefuvth, thas is , of {Veci^es , bc-
caufecTthis reckoning of feucn wcekcs, it is called alfo the Ff<r/? o/ //ji' //jj?-«f/?
of the firfl ftj^its : ' the rites thereof are prefcribed. Leuit.z-),. The JnRitution was i BxoA.ii,\'c.
inrefpeftof the Law then giuen on Mount Sinai, and a type of that Euangelicali
Law , which Christ, hauing alcended vp on high , did write not in Tables of
ftone.but in flefhie Tables of the heart, when (at the fame tirtic) hee gaue the holy An.iA.
Gh iho his Difciplcs,as a remembrance alfoof the Author of their Harueft-truuSj
and cuery good gift.

As the Icucnth day in the wceke, fo the fcucnth moneth in the yeare, was in a great
part fefliuall : firtcO tor tha t purpofc^ as the fruits of the Earth bring now inned.

The fti 'hlay of this moneth was , befides the oxi^xmucKnlr.Tds or FefliuizH Afcw.
Moone^^ theFcaflof Tn/wpf:/, in refpciSf of that rite then ob-fcrned of founding k Thc.'e;/^-"
Trumpets, being thcir'?v{.'B'-;'C(r>'^j- day, after the ciuil! account : the inifitution is read moone feaftsot
Lesiit, 2 -i . and ">{««. ip. Whether, as fomc ofthe Rabbines will haue it, for Ifnul^s de- Sabbaths, it
liucrance, that in remembrance of thatRrmme, thefcRams-horne Trumpets lliould ^'^'^"^^'Ij «»*
be founded, cr in regard oftheirwarrcs, or in refpeftof that fpiiiiuall warfare which ^s" ^^'hodlc'trU
continiicth our whole life , or that this was fo fefliuall a moneth , or the beginning of cefm'a Sahbata :
their y care for cinillacconrts, and for the Sabbaticall and lubilee-yeares J orforlbme vin' tucurtu ■
other C'UiC, let the wiler Reader iiuigc. ludiea^oppctere?

On the tenth day ofthis moneth was the Feaft orFafl o^'^concUiatien or Expiati-
on, a day of pntlil^ pif».2>jr.', fa fling and afflicting themfelucs, defcribed in Ltiiit. 1 6.
throughout the Chapter, and chap. 2 •? . wherein is liueiy in that type fhewed the ctlke
of lefus Chriffjtheetcrna!! highPricfi, who hath alone wronght our atonement, en-
tredintothcFloIyplaeeof heaitcn, andlai'dourfinncson the fcapc-Goate, bearing"
them, andfa-isfyingfor thcminhisownct^erfon on thc.Croffe,. and by tiie Iprinkling
ofhisblp^idfandi'icdvsforcuertoGod his Father. Pan/, Hel).<). doth vnfoldthe
fnyilericcfthisdayes rites, wherein only, the high Pricftalcne might cntc?r into the
holyphcc, andhi'.Tifelfe alone perform.- theother offices of Expiation. The lewcs
tl'.ciighr.ih-.t this falling and afflidting themfelues was in refpcCf ofthcir Idolatrie with
the golden Calic, and therefore it fcemcd, that in Theodurcis time they did not arilitft rhc3d<iret.i{ii.
themfcriies, but iported rather in ob.'cnre and profane rflanncr. Thefacrificcsarefct SzJnLsiut.

T!ic next Feaft was that of" Td'snigcles;. in remeir.brance that howfocucr they
now dw^cil in ftronp Cities, goodly !u:ufes,&c. yet their fathers liucdinTentsinthc
vvildcrntriCj where Gcd by a cloud in the A^'.^j timc,3nd hre in the night-protedtcd that

M 3 people;

ii6 Ofthe FeJliMlldajeshijlituedbyGQci^iijc, Chap,^.

people. It is exprcfled Leff.i^.lsljim.^g.TJeHt. 1 6. It was obferucd from the fifteenth

to the one and twentieth , the firll and laft of them being (as at the more

folemnely feaftiuall, with abllinence from labour, and a geneiall Conuocation. They

were the firft day to take boughcs & branches of trcei,and to make therewith booths,

and to dwell in boothes I'euen dayes.This was negleded from the tirnc of lofttah, lill

1 hehem.t. ^^^ dayes of 7'lehemt.ih , ' when hee and Ez,ra folemnized this feaft feuen dayes with

boothes on their houfe-tops, and in their Courts and flrects, with Ledutes eucry day

out of the Law, and folcmnc afl'embly on the eight day. The Hebrevves report thac

they made them bundles of that matter, which they carrycd, eucry day of the feucn,vp

and downe in the mornhig before they might catc , whereupon it was called the Fcsft

HI Tag. ia cup, ofPalmesor Willowes. The feuenth day, faith /'W.'/jF.if;/«, r.i they corrpaflTed the ij. Altar with thefeboughesfcuen times, in remembrance of the fall oflcricho , tyiridrim

n AhH Ofixnd. Of.inder, " aflirmeth that they vfed this carrying nbour boL'ghes cuery day , cfpccia!3y

.-iirinc.H.vntoa. the fcuenth, in which thcy obfcrucd a k'mde oi Trcccfsien ot LitanteCm^mg, »>?»,»

^ -i-^tj • /eljotm Hofi»ntt ana lehoH^i Lrt:^eltcha-na •.(iii\ieciion\ngvp i grcAt niimhet o{ihc

names of God, then of his attributes : thirdly, of the thiags which they wifli to bccfa*

ued, then ofthcmfelucs and other things, interlacing cuery particular of thcfc with

fingiig Hoftn»a,\ike their Orapro nobis in the Popifli Lctanie. Then they alter it in aa

other forme, Pray redecme the Vine of thy planting, Hofanrja,0'c.t\\za in another. As

thou fauedit the Rrong in Egypt, when thou wcnt'll out for their dehuerancc , (o He-

fuKna, oc Then in a longer forme of prayers, with this foot of the fong Hofanna : and

laftly all rings Hof.m/ia,Hoftinnd: and hereupon the later lewes called this fcafi Hofin-.

na, as alfo thofc bundles ofboughes .-and although that the later lewcshaiienowad-

d«d much, the Ic wes ot Italic differing from them of Germanic, yet in Cifrr/fi?/ time ihc

acclamations of//tf/f«;i^,when he came riding on an AfTe into lerufalein^tefiifie fotne

fuch obleruarion then amongft: them.

The facrifices of cuery day are defigned Num. 29. The firft day, thirteenc bullocks,

the lecond, twelue, and eucry day one leflc to the fcuenth : in all 70. ( as the Rahhntes

interpret it) ac cording to the number of the 70, languages of the Nations, which {hail

be fubducd tothcMcffias ; and 98. Lambs, in rclpe(5l of fb many curfes in the Lavv,2-

gainft the tranfgrefiing Ifraelites.

Johj.jj. The eight day was the Feaft which they called HaMz.ifh, and a/^trfrcri, that is Ccl-

iiiirA.i9.i J, IciSlion, called alio tht great day of the Fe^fl , in the two and twentieth day of this mo-

nethT;^-/. In this they were to contribute to the continuall Sacrifices, and publikc

thar.kfgiuing was made tor thefruits of the Earth, and the jirfi fruits of the later frisks

vHoff'updefil. were offered. leroham P in an irreligious policicremoued the Feaft of Tabernacles

cap.T. from the feucnth moneth to the eight, from Tifri to AlArchefnati.

The leucnthycarc was appointed a Sabbaticallycare wherein thcy were neitherto

fownortorcape , but to leauethat which fhould voluntarily grow in their fields and

yards to the poorc, and fecondly fhouldnotcxatftdebtof their brethren of the facie

Nation, but remit nfDeut.i ^,Exod.z$.Leu.2^. and the obferuaticn hcreofis cxprtf-

Ke^!. fed in the time oi Nchemiah.

q lofscd Ami- After fcucn times fcuen yeares which make fortie nine , they were to reckon lobcl
m,:d.iHZu[eb. orycareof/«^//f(?,L<r«.3 5. beginningon the day ofReconciliation:Whcrcin fcruants
r "iinfoin de ^^'^"^ freed, debts remitted, poilelTions, that had becne alienated, returned, the law al-
Temp. n^ de lowing no further fales, proclaymed with lound of a Trumpet of a Rammes-hornc,3Qd
Tefl.tud. therefore called label, which hgiiificth a Ramtr.e, orRammcs-hornc.

i AleUa.chron^ Touchitig this yeare of Inbilec is much controucrfic. The ancient Authors account
I '^ k V if'' it the fiftieth yeare. 5c<?//gei''irefufeth their authoritie herein. Many moderne writers
ten.i ie:n» an-' ^'■^-^^ ^^^ fame opinion, as ■■ Hofpinian,^ AieLmRloon, Ftibruius ^ Padnau»s, &c." (^f.lfii-
« </.^o. ' J'l'-i hath at large difpi:ted this queftion agaiuft CrentK.he7ntKS and ^uckdccrus , by dt-

u cdy.if.lfigoge uers arguments proiiing that the lubilee was but fortie nine yeaies complete , and that
"^•-'- . the fiftieth yeare \v33 the firft onwards cfanother/«^//i'f or Sabbath of yeares :Yctis
I'hi'o ' ' ^^'^ fpace I cckoncd by fiftie, as Ouid calls the Olympiad, ij<iif:^uennis OlymptiH : eyirs~
y Ai.i'Miiii de J'oph.v:er, " md Ai'.fo::!Hs :• affirming the like • and yet the Olympiad is but fcure yeares
ttda. complete, andreckoned from the fifth to thefiftcxclufiuely. Otherwifethey fljould


Chap.5. ASIA. Thefecond'Booke, }%-j

hauehad two Sabbaticallycares together, namely the fortie ninth being the feiienth

ycare, and the next which was the fiftieth yearc. As for the later Writers, they might

be deceiucd by following the ftreame.and beguiled by the Pop[h luhike , which lio-

niface the eight , before called BentdtBus , ( and yet neither was good fay er nor doer)

inftituted, i/inno ■n.oo. to bee obferuedeucryhiindrethycarc: and ^/*wf«/ the fixe '

abridged to the fiftieth : as Autntinus, Irhhemius, Crantz.tus^ and other haue written.

Whether they were Heathcnifh in imitating the Ltidi fecalans^otlewifh, in follow- .

ing the legall lubilec : Cerraine it is, Rome thereby becomes a rich Mart , where the

a yi//irf/i«t«rjof"//i*5'rfrr^refort from all places of the Earth to buy heauen :and-ff^^- a ^poe.ii.ji.

Ion b the grttit (^itieis cloathedifi fine lir.neK und purp/eand fcar^ct, and gddedwtth gold b y.i6,

and pre cietis Jio»e <t>id pearlej,v:k\\ the giincsofhcc ff^arret , giuing in exchange crAe c v.13.

fati/es of men, waflicd from their fiunes ; A thing mere precious to Chrift then his mofl

precious blond. But his pretended Vicars haue learned to effedt it ( the filling of their

purfc) with greater eafcdeucut Pilgrims from .all parts, vifiting Saint Pff^?-^ ftaircs,

whence theygoetruelySaint'P^rrr/hcires/5//«(rr<j»^_go/^A4Hf/«tfw, andyetfindc d AB.i.6.

chcir Pardons too cheapc to be good . But to returne to enr Pilgrimage, and to obferue

theobferuationof the Icwifh Itibilee; This feaft was partly ciuill in regard of the

poore, of the inheritances, of the Ifraelitifh Families, fpcciaiiy that ofthe Meflias, and

ofthe computation of times, as amongft the Greckes by O/ympiads, and amongft the

Romans by Lnfiraand Indt^iens : partly alio it was myfticall in regard of the Gotpell

of Chriflj preaching libcrtie and peace to the Confcicnce, the acceptable yeare oftht


And thus much of thofe feafts w hich God himfclfe inflituted to this Nation ; which
how the Jcwes oflater times haue corrupted, and doc now fuperttirioully obferue, in-
flituting others alfo of their ownedeuifings, fliall bee handled in due place. Wee are
next to rpeake of thofe feafts,whichvponoccafions they impofedvponthemfelues be-
fore the comming of Chrift : to w hich we will addc a briefe Kalcndar of all their Fafts
and Feafts.

C H A p. V I.

OftheFeapdndBdjls^vahichthe Icvpes itijlituted to themfelues : with

4 Kdendar cf their feafis and fa(ts threughthe ycarCM

they- are new ehjerued.

S*sf^He Prophet Z<icW/> , in his feuenth and eight Chapters mentioncth
certaine fafting dayes which the lewes by Ecclefiaiticall Iniundlion
obferued. One in the tenth day of the tenth moncth, becaufethaton
that day lerufalem began to bee befieged. ^,Rcg.^^, A I'econd faft
was obferued on the ninth day ofthe fourth moneth, in remembrance
that then the Chaldeans entied the Citie,
A third faft they held on the ninth day of the fift moneth in refpcct ofthe Citie and
Temple burned on that day.Firft,by T^ibuchodoKofor; SccondIy,by Tints, on the fame
day : which the lewes doe yet obferue with ftrid penance, going bare-foot and fit-
ting on the ground, reading fome fad Hiftorie ofthe Bible, and the Lameatationsof
leremie, three times ouer.

Their fourth faft they celebrated on the third day ofthe feuenth moneth, in re-
membrance of ^fl<;/9/«(«iflaine by //»»*<:/, Iere.^1,^2, i.Heg.vlt, To thcfe are recko-
ned the faft ofEHer, in the thirteenth day of, ^dar, their twelfth moneth ; and on the
feuentecnth day ofthe fourth moneth , in the remembrance of the Tables ofthe Law
broken by (_Mofe.ii theinftitution whereof feemeth to bee late , feeing the Scripture
doth not mention it.In this moneth the Egyptians kept the Feaft or Faft of thcic
Ofris , lamenting for him , w hich feemeth to bee the fame that is mentioncd.£x-fc/?.8.
Where women arc fayd to mournefor TetntH^u , wVomVlatarch callcth Amaz. , and


Tl8 Ofthefedfii and fafts "^hkh the letves injiitutedj'isrc. Chap ,6.

from thence dcriueth ///»/>??■/ title oi Amman. Of him was this fourth moneth called
Tamuz, .

a tfltr 9 SI ^" ^'"^ " fourteenth and fifteenth dayes cfAdar , they kept the feaft of Phnrim , or

lots infiituted i;i rcrh-cnibrance of that dcliucrancc from H'<j»?4« ; by the authoritie of

CaUuf.xi^'n, /i9rtri//MthehighPriert,asF«wff;»^reiatethoutof TA»/o, Anno M. 3467. nylntonius

M'trg'trita a chriftned Iew,rep6rtctiithaton thefedaycsthelcwesrcadc the hiflorie

. o{' Eper , and fo often as HAKian is mentioned, they fmite on theirfeatcstvith their

fills, and hammers, otherwifc fpending the time of this feaft in Bacchanall riots and


b lo^ They had the fcall alfo of wood carrying called Hv^ojjoeV. mentioned hy^ lofephns^

hello /#d./.i. in which the cuftome was for euery one to carric wood to the Temple to maintaine the

<''»7t fire of the Altar.

The FcaR of Dedication, cthcrvvifc called the Feafi oi L^ights , and the infiitution
thereof is largely dcfcribcd , Aiuccab.A. in remembrance of the inftitution of diuinc
worfliip andfacnficein che Temple, which hadbccncby y/»f/oc^«J polluted , andfa-
cred to //.'/)/rifrO/)v»p?a, all the fcruiccs appointed by the Law being abolillied. By
//rJ-w/I/i/cc-.j/'^wi, the Temple and Altar, and other holy inflruments , were dedicated
the fame day three y cares after their firft pollution, called therefore the feaft ai Lights,

c lof.Ant.iy. as I thinkc. faith "^ lofifhiis.hecMi'e Co vnexpcd^cd alight fiionc forth vnto them. But.

'>-■ FriiKCifciis funiHs, in his Annotations vpoii the Syrian tranflation of the tenth of /06;/,

where this Feaft is mentioned , allcgeth out of the Talmud, an other caufe as follow-
cth. When on the fine and twentieth day ot C'fini they cntred into the Temple , they
found not pure oyle , except in one little Vcfll-il , which contained fufficicnt for the
lamps but one day , of which oylc they lighted the lamps in order , which laftcd eight
dayes, tUl they prclicd out of theOliues cicane Oyle. And therefore the Wife-men of
that time decreed, that yearly thofc eight dayes beginning at the Hue and twentieth of
Ci/lrit fhould be dayes of ioy , and that euery one in the doores of their houfcs euery
eucning, during thofe eight dayes, fliould light lamps, for declaration of that miracle,
wherein they muft not faft nor lament.

Xikevvife i .A'fiic. ■[■},. is ordaynedfcftiuall the three and twentieth day of Air, for
the expiation ofthe Tower of Icrufalem by Str.ot7 Af^ic.

Stgouias reckoncth alfo the fcaftof /ir/>/-'r^, in the end of the ycarc, which yet is not
,, , ;-/ hkc to haue continued in fuccecding ages rand cfrhcj?re that wee hauc mentioned in

VhtiSirdmriid. 2.^'''^-''^. 1 1 and the feaft of Iitdith, for killinj* Holofernes : and on the fourteenth day of
>4«/<j?-,forthevi(n:orieagainft iN(/c<2»or,/c/i/. 12. Their later feafts I fhall mention and
declare their ("cuerall ceremonies, w hen we come to fpeake of their later times . and of
the prcfent le wifti (;;pevftition. In the meane time 1 thinke it not amiffe to fct downs
here out ofScaliger, a view or Kalcndar of theirmoneths, with the feafts and fafts , as
they are obfcrucd therein at this day.

lofScd.can, "Tifri Ptsnus. i. Clangor Tiibi' ;|. Icjunium Godolii ejiti cum Iftd^is occtdebatur in

Iftg. /.I .C.6. Jl'faz.fa, ler,^ r .^ . letunitim. Moriunttir 10. Ifrttelitx, %abbi Akj,ba fiitus /ofeph cch!/-

T I S K 1 b^bct city.r in vinctiLi vbimorhur y.lciuntHfK. Decretum contra Panes nojiros ,"Jt fertreni ^la-

*'"3°' dio^fdme,acfefie^fropt(rvitfilnmfitbricatHm. 10 lejuniumKippurim.i j.Sccnopegia.

ix.rihfitoz^d I"- O^tauaSccncpcgias.;:^. FcftiuitasLegis.

J4anhif,i9. Aiarchef. {^avus. 7.'.enrHnt osulos SedtkiA^Q-c.tofi. 29. hHtrcAhttitt

d'esviifitn Arino^lsno.

CaflcUAo, C'.^ffUplf»!is.z<^.'Encc£u\3.tS.h^!ti;7i»m: loiaJ^im eonb''fsst voltimen cjuod fcripfcrat

IBarHch diliante hremia. 50. Extmimrdtcsin Annodef^Ui.'fg.

Tcbeih.19, Tebeth CavKs. ^.IciminrAiScriftra efilex Cjrttce diehns P tolemitiTlfgu .TeKtbrctri-

duo per vnitterfiim orbem. 9. leitmifim.'hl'in fcnpferunt Afagifirinojiriqstareea diet na-
tatii. 10. Iciuniy.m. Ob jidctM' J era f.^lc?ft h Re^e Babylonis.

Sebat.ia, Sebat plenui, 5 . leiuninr/t ; Afor'mntur Semores qui fneruft acjuales lofnx fiHj I^tin.t ■^.

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