Samuel Purchas.

Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 28 of 181)
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leitinrKin.Congregati fiintoTKHfs Ifraelitit , eontKi Beniaminem pfopttr psllictmQ' tdo-
lnm Aficha. 7.0. Locus Eirbolifmi.

AdiTAQ. ^Mzr CavHs.2. lumnim.. Aioritnr Alofes Aiagiftcr nofitr qui tn pace qfufcit. 57.

^ - . IciiMii-.m

Chap. 6. ASIA. The fecond 'Booh* Jip : SchoU Sammai &fvho[it Hellcl inter fe contendere capern»t. i 3 . Fe^initas
decteM • hiterficJttir "^cMor. 1 4. Mardoch^us Phurim.

T^ifanflentts \,IetHHium. Mortuifunt fili] ty^ I e tun ium.t_M oritur LMari. T^ifari, 30,
( gitur c.gnus mc^andHS 14. dte, 14. P AS CH A. Exterminatio fcrmenti. ly.
Azyina. id. AETTEI'A TOT OASKA, Manipulus ifrugum, H M E P A I nEN-
■J HK02TH2 EBAOMA2 A E'T TE P OHP IITH, 2l.5o/f«»rrrf*/»tt A^yrnorHtn.
33. EBAOMASaETTEPOAETTEPA. ^6jeiuniMm. Moritur Icfue pliw Nhh,

liar c^vtu 7. EBAOMA2 aETTEPOTETAPTH. IO. letHnium, M oritur Eli liar. xj.
Tont.l^M^x. & .■'mhofilij eins : c^fitur ArcA tejiimenij.i^, EBAOMA2 AETTEPO-
riEMmH. 21. EBA0MA2 A E TTE P O E KT H. 2?. Solennuas.Stmongax.ttm
ca^ii .28.EBAOMAS aETTEPOEBAOMH. leiunium : t^Morttur Samuel Tri'
fheta. fLiKgnur ab uh.nipfp:i/e.

SivvanfUi2W,6. nENTHKOSTH HAHPflMA TflN HMHPfiN TH2 ^'*^'"'' 5®'
r]ENTEK'0 2TH2.23. leiur.inm. Defifiunt ferre primogentta &primitiM lerofolyma
in diehm leyehoam filij T^^xt, z 5 . leiuninm, O ccidttur "^bhan Si/neon filius (ja^Aliel,
J'-ilhi ^r/iael, R . HManiafecH'.dtis a pontificib .z"] . leiunium, Combujius ejl Kakhi Ha^
mna films Tardion v»a cum libra legis,

T^muz. Cavus 1 7. leiunium. FrangunturTabftU legis, Cejfat IthKt^culf.vrbi fijfa Tamti^. 1^,'
Bp'JlefKon cremat Itbrum legis. Pomtjlatuam in templo,

tAbpleniis. \. I ei-Antum.tJMoritKr Aharon Ponttf ex. ^.leiunium. Dtcretum contra ^^' i°*
pi'jre: noflros ne ingrederentur in t err am Iud(tam, Dejelutio Tetnpli pnorii (^ fojl trior is,
1 8, leiifnium. Extinlla efi Lucerna vefpertina in diebus ^yihax..

EIhI cavus. xj , leiunium, LMoriuniur Exploratores qui dijfamaverant terrai»t~i2, ^^^' *9»

As fortheSjbbaths, Ncw-moones, and dates not folcmnizcd with ftafting or fa-
iling, 1 hauc psfied cuer in this Kalendcr, as impertinent, or necdieflc.

Chap. VI L

Cftl>e ancient obUtisns. Giftes, and Sacr'tficfs of the levpes: oft heir
Tithes^and of their PrieFtSy andperfoas ^^cele/iafiicall^
and Religiotti. .-• »-•

^wlm^^^ crbycurDifcourfejtoobfcure, rather than illuftrate, that which is \o
t.'c>^yh.'Z3-^3 largely and plainly there cxprcflcd; yctbccaufc of that fubiecft which
wehaue in hand, I cannot altogether be filent ('at leaft of the kindes and heads) refer-
ring the defirous Reader, for his inoreperfect fatisfaftion in particulars, to thofe clea-
rer prophetical! fountaines. Their Rites for time and place we hauc alrcadic defcribed :
The ncxtintendedpart of this Tewifli relation fhall beofthcirO^//j</o«/, which were
either Gifts cr Sacrifices, Their Sacrifices were fuch oblations, wherein the thing of-
i fcred wasin wholcorpartconfumedindiuincworfhip, for the rroft part by fire cr
1 iheddirgofbloud.Thcfewereof eight » {oxt%.'Btirnt-ojftrings,Me(it.cj[erwgs. Peace- g car.Skim.d(
offerings, Sinne-eferings, Trefpajfe.offerings^the offerings of the Confecratton, Clec.nfing Republ. Heb.Lti,
J andExpiatiw,^ fWorcduccththcm to three : Burnt, Pence, snd Sinne-offerings, ac- b PbilitteS*^
'I cording to the three cau{es of facrificing ; The warfltip of (jod, the obtaining of good "^f"

things, and freedome from euill.
-I The Burnt-cfferings were by fire confumcd,thc Rites and manners hereof is cxpref-

1 fed , Leutricus t, the fire was to be perpetuall on the Altar, being that which God
iniraciiloi;fly fentfromheauento confume e^<«ro«/ facrifice; for ncglefting which,
and vfmg other, his two fonnes7s(4^4^ and e^^^/^KwerclWckenby arcuengingfire
from God. The UHeate-offiriu^ was made of fine flower, without hony or leucn,

■ -. - and

1 1 o 1'ke Oblations fiifts, Sacrifices and Tithes of the I ewes. C h a p .7.

andwithovleandincenfeonthcalter, or frying pan, oroucn, or caldron, according
to the rites'prefcnbed, /,«<./-, 2. partly facrcd to the Lord by fire, the rcHto bee the
Priefts. T];ie Peacf-offtrifigr are with theirpropcr ceremonies enioyned,L(r«/r. 3. and
7; t?ie fat and kidneyes were to be burned on the Altar (the fat and blond beint» vnj-
uerfallyfcrbidden them for food j the breaftand right flioiildcrwas the Priefts: the
reft to the Sacrificcr, to be eaten the firft, or at tunheft on the fecon'd day : or elfe oa
the third to bee bnrned with fire. The offerhig for Jinnej of ignorance, fox \.\\cVt\^(i,
Prince, People, or priuatcman, isfet downe, Z,f«/f.4.and(5.The Shme-o^er-nv^ jjt
cafeofcofjtewpt^whcrethefmne is committed againft God and m^n vviliinfly, vvitli
the due manner thereof is expreflcd, Leuit. 6. To thelewereadioyned Trajeis Mid.
fratfes, withmuficall voyces, andinflruments. Cymbals, Violes, Harpes, and Trum-
pets refounding, For he u good, for his mcrcie endureth forester. The fixt kinde ofSacri-
fices was proper to the Priefls at their confecration, recorded Leu^t.S.iOjhc feuenth
mentioned facrifice is ofpunficatioH or cicaDfing,as ol a woman afcerchild birth Leu.
12. or of a Leper,! ^.14. or for vncleaneiffues of men and women, fi&ij^'.i ^. Theei^ht
is the facrifice of f.v/>nt^/o« or Reconciliation, on thatfcftiuall or fafting-day before
fpokenof, Leuit. \6, Hereunto may we adJe the lights and the daily ofrerings of in-
cenfe, morning and eucning, Exod. ;o. on a golden Altar, whercunto the Prielis onely
had accefle, with fuch perfume onely as is there prefcnbcd.

The Gifts which we haue reckoned a fecnnd ibrt of Oblations -that were not as the
former in whole,or in part confumcd in their ofFering,but prcferued w hole and found
•were giuen cither according ii» /Aw' Liiiv,©?- hyForv.oToffreevptll.Thc Law prefcribed
Firftfrujts and Tnhes^afidthi' ferfomllhalfe.fhehcl.lhc firflftutts of M 3n,ofbcafts,and
of the fruits of thecarth,the Law cxa61:eth£.vo<^.22. 2 j.and are affloncd to the Priefts
7s(«»«.j.and 1 8. which, of'men and vndeane ben fts,were to be redeemed, of others to
be facrificed.Of Hf Af/,when we confiderthe aftignement of therr to the Tribe of Z-r-
»;,wcmuft lb farre acknowledge them Leuiticallaiid Ceremonial!, But fome confi-
dering the psyingof them to aPneft, fo foone as wercade ot a Pricft,in Scripturcand
that by the father of the faithfftli (which the Apoftle vrgeth againft Lcuiticall Ceremo-
nies,in that Lent himfelfe in isyilrakrm payed them j and his nephew /acol> vowed the
a Carletenof P-y^cnt thereof, fo foone as Godfhould giue him whereof to pay Tithes; and that
Tubes due by ( the firft times of the Chriftian Church excepted, wherein there was no fuch fetled
Ditiineughc. order frr things of this and^like nature) Titheswere payed tothc Church, vntill the
vide&cdf.i6, Arch-enemie of God and his Church, in his Antichriftian fupremacie robbed the
'^'"'/^''^ J Mmiftcrs of that due, which in Gods rigkt they before held, impropriating the liuing
%m,neinTyl'- of the Altar to them that //(fed notatthet^har, bntyet ordinarily leaning themto the Church ('as they then accounted the Church) cannotfoenfily fubfcribetothat
Dec. Rebuffs opinion, perhappes more common then true, whichdilanulldiuineriohtotthenon-
fiatuitdeiure paymg Tithes, as bcingthen a lewifli and Leunicall ceremonie. But I leaue the
mmfnauJrlll ^"'^^ '° ^'^^''^'^ ''''' """^^ further, with Mafter C'^rlaon > in his Treatife of
decirnasinuen-' that argument (not to mention the Canonifts) whoferealons, if they want weight
ta).q^i.%,iz.!i in any mans iiidgement, yet let the fame confider another iupplie, net at all fsuou-
iiirevcrocano- ring of ludaifme: namely, that > Tithes are due to Chrif!ian Minifters l;y Vow?
moformam & Chriftian Common weales , and Counfdis hauing confccratcd them to God and
eicZaZxyn- his Church; neither is it now umtafter the V owes to enqiare, and ' withoutDiuinc
dar>is§ 25/ difpenfationtoalterit, without fatisfaaion fufficient. But leaning this fore too tcn-
p}ieceptum{ait) der to be touched, and ypt little touching and motiing fome confcicnces pretended
dcamatiimpar- tender; let vsviewthc Tithes, as they then were, lewlfti. ]n Lfutt. 27,^0. is a dc-
tZfm'Zi'mle <^'^i'^""^" °^ 'l^^ Lords right, AHTythes Are the Lords ; and an afllgnation of "the fame,
^^^ ' ' NHmb.\%.z\.Behold^I haite gmen the children oft-^y i all the tet:th,?^c S^'mti Hie-
b M.Ver*nam, ^ome reckons foure forts of Tithes. -firft, thatwhichthepeoplepaiedtothe Leuitcs:
c LeMt.zy.iS. fecondly, that which the Leuitcs hence paied to the Priefts = : thirdly, that which
d Hteru!i,(ujcr they referued for expence in their folemne fcafts when they went to the Tabernacle
l%]m 18.1^. °^ Tcmplef. The fourthwas a third yeares Tenth, which was then laid vp forthc
f D«-/.i4,z - ' Lf "'te,and thepoorc amongft them S . The pradife hereofTieher^lJ} reftored in the
g Da;.i4.JS. leformationof Religion, Oy/^fw. 10. when the Firft-fruits and Tenths were brought


Chap. 7- -ASIA. Thefecond'BQokr. Jji

tothetreafuric or chambers of thehoufe of God. a hfefh Scaltger hath written a a lof.Scal.d^a-

Trcacife of Tithes, the fiitnme whereof is this. Eucry thing which was food for man, fiil>a dedecitnu

and \vaslaidvpforptefcruation,ifitreceiuedencreafefromthe Earth, was fubiedtco '"Or"fi-

offerings, and confequently to firft fruits and Tithes Garden-hcrbes were not cxemp- tr'^,'"^^'*'/

ted: they tithed Mints and AiMiife. (But *> Drw/*** faith this was of tradition^and not pr^ccpftl).' '

cf the Law: for the Law required onely the tenths, /)rc«<f»f«^f«/,ot the encreaie,vn- c rlcrumnid

dcrwhichnamc(raithhe)thofecamenot,)Outofthefe they firft paidthe firft fruites: f^. If"''"

fccondly, « Theruma: thirdly, » two-fold tithe, and thcfe all in their dueorder.Thc rtVo'<f5i"*»

husbandman might not touch any of his encreafe before thefededuflions.Firft fruits reifipat^t.i.

of come grapes and oliues were offered in the basket: but the Theruma and Tithe on- \w''!'\^^"^'a

Iv of the kindes alreadie drf (Ted and prepared, as whcate fanned.oyle and winc.Cornc fcemetira fe-

i'n the care,nnd fo the reft was called Tubal : af er they were made rcadie.thc Therumn cond kind of

•Cv as taken ^ fromtheheapeandgiuentothePiiefts: this was called the great Therti- fiiftfruits: foir

r;.-» a;id was not defined by A/o/f^' but the ancient Lawyers determined that it might ^^^ firft were

not be Icffe then the fourth or fifth .or at le»ft the fixih partrthe firft they called the 7 he- f he°earc',&l'a"

rum* ofagoedeyejiht fecond indifferent. the laft oian emlleye, and niggardly. When appcarcth, '

this was taken away for thcPtiefts.the reft of the hcape was tithed for the Leuite:« this

was called r/f'f/?ry?//f^*f; and the tenth part thereof the Leuites S gaucto the Priefts, ^ J^«wi8.ii.

which was called the tithe of the tithe, ox the Theruma of the tithe For the former The- ^^•^^•-7-^*'

rHmai\\fy nzmed.thf great Theruma, becaufe it was more then this. After this dedu- j, j^U.jg'.i^

ftcdjthc Leuites might freely vfe the other nine parts ofche tithe (which before they h Which made

tnight not) whether in.oroutof Icrufalcm. The Husband-man orLay-man, wasyet iitwclueofan

to pay another called the /^f««</'/fif,namcly,the tenth part of that which remamed to ^lun^red,

him after the firfl ttthe-.znd this alfo was hofy, nor might be fpent,but bctrrc God in the ^^'''•''♦' ^4-

Court of the Temple. And therfore it was to be carried to Icrufalcm. or if the way were j %'.RtJJ]lri

longortedious,thcymighibefold. andafift '> part was then to bee added: with this .'/. ijj.w

money they were to buy wine,oile,facrifices and other neceflaries at lerufalem where- veut.i^.n.

with the Husbandman & the Lcuitc w ere to feaft in the Templc.After this fecund tithe '*",^? harumpri.

paidjthey might (and not before) vfe the reft as lay chattels fro borrow the word of [■^^'■^"7^,^"^""

my learned iricnd M'. Selden ofthe Inner Temple, whole bookes and notes haue fiir- arkitriorehn-

nifhcd this booke with no few notes in this and other arguments^ -Scaltger qiues them c^uitur . TalmU'

a Latine nzme,Poll»Ua,,fxpofed, viz^. to common or profane vfe.For better view ''f' ''"""w jo.

hereof: ifthe husbandman had fix thoufandmcafuresofwheatc, wine ore ile. he muft 9"^'"" Ij'^"'"'''
— ., _ . . . » klR.Ab.bea


tithe of the tithe. Now cut of the fine thouiand three hundred and ten yet remaining, uites obferued
the husbandman is to pay thefecoid //V^f.which come to fine hundred thirtie and one, f^-'^";f°'J^''=*
and then there remaineiG his owne vfe, fA-p»/f^ or lay chattels fourc thoufand feuen dhiTt'o'thdr'^*
hundred feuentie&nine.So that the firft and fecond tithe were in proportion as nine- fouie &twcn-
teenc ofthe hundred, bcfides the greater Themma', all thefe out ofthe cornereadie tie families, as
fanned : before which alfo they paid the firft fruits in the eare. Further, ^ the husband- the l^neftshad
man was bound to carrie them to Icrulaiem, and there to deliuer them to the Treai'u- [^^"J^'^l^T
rers, which were Leuites ' deputed i-idiucrs offices,to the cuftodie of thefe things as ai rXi.y.s!"
fully appeareth, z .Chren. j i .And if he did not carry them himfelfe, he muft fend them h Jnf~ph. Avtiq.
by his Delegates :touchingwhom, the Law cxa<9:ed that they fhould nut bee ofthe "^•♦7 calkth
Gentiles. As for ths fecondtithe^ they might redeeme it, with adding a fifth part ouer " ''[' ''^'^f^"''"
and aboue the price. Tol^it isaperfedl pattcrne of this: '" The firfiuihe of ^11 er.creaf: *-[J^* ' .'T^,
(they are his owne words) Igauc to the fames o/Aaron, rvho mi^ijlredat lerufilem: the "faiih'he, (be-
fecondttthelfald,and-0e»tandffenttte:iery ye.we at lerufalem : And thi third I gatie fidtsihetvq
vnto them towhomit was meet. "Yhz vulgar Latine reades this laft,/o that he nitn:.fired *- yeareiy cithesj
tttry thirdyeare all his tithing to the Prejelites andfir.tngers. And it ought, faith Scxliger, °"'^ "^"'''^ Y'
rather to be called the r(/^i?o/f^ff<^;r^_;e^rf, then the " ;/j/>^r;f;[>f: for this was no o- to^SacrficcT^
therbutthe^/-y?r«f*#, fothat what was paid in the firft and fecond yeare, and in the andFcaft-jwas
fourthand fifth of thatweeke, ofyenresor feuen yeares (pace, (thsieiienth whereof tor die poore
was alway Sabbatical! and freed from tillage, fuft fruits, 7'/&«-«»74 and lithin? in the &<:-cuc»y third


1 5 Z The Ohktmsfiifts-^Scicri flees and Tithes of the lewes. C h a p .7.

nai-neofthc^rJ?t/f/;f ;t'ne famcin third and fixth ycareswcrc not carried to Icnifa-

Icm.buclaid vpinthebarnes and ftore-houfcs of thehiisband-man, who to vfethe

words ofm-iofes, » woi to Iny them vp v^tthin h^s gates : Andthe Lenite, beraufe he had

tiopart nor inherit mce'(V!ththee,andt he flrx!7ger,xnd the fatherlejfeja7id the w'tdov<i,v(ihich

a BWM4.18, ^rejv!thinthygatesjhtllcome,andJJ:alleate m^dhfitisfied. ThclcwcsRiU'm all places

^^' . ofthcir habitations obfcruc the feuenthyeareSabbaticall, and therefore pay not then

Ab^ut one any fifft fruits or Thernma; as forTithcs, they were not to be paid but at the Temple,

hindrcdand which is now deftroycd : neither hauc they anyccrtaincftockeofPricflsor Lcuites

(iftic ycircs. (howfoeuer many are fo named) and therefore being asked of vs,faith Scaliger,\{ they

d s'uUiihjibet ^ligjit repaire the Sandliuarie in Mount Moriah, whether they Would offer any facrifi-

f './^^'"V ;"' ces ; they anfwered, no, bccaufc there is now no Prieft-hood in Ifrac], So defperatc is

oi,i'''4i(;*;i(/tiM their defolation. Nowlcftany deceit might be vfed in tithing, there were officers ap-

iKcdmn-!.i pan- pointed, which were called ^ Fnithfall: thefe fcarchedthehoufes fufpeftedof non-

dei-nt i->ri!f.e\ payment: that encreafc whereof the tithing was vncertaine, was called £*i«jrf/. From

IkHnnd-Horiirn. jj^^ 'DedtcatioKof A faccal>tcui, to the umeof/oh^ Hyrc,wti-s,a\\ payed their 'irft fruits

tt^4h "^'T ^"'^ Thcrumct, but few their Tithes, bccaufe thofe Faithfull were vnfaithfiill, and cor-

an'd weiphcd' ruptcd with gifts : but then the great Coui;cell decreed that none fliould be chofcn of

inith'GmWt?;- that office, butfiichas were, asthcy were called. From thence "= tothedcffru£tionof

//s.halfean the Temple they wcretruciy payed. ThcFirt-fruits, T^^w^o/^ and Tithes were not

ounce of fil- payed all at one time, but each kmde at their ownc time,as wheat in Siran after Pentc-

hrrawonrat colt, wine inTfr^oylc in T*^*/^ : and fo of thercft.

Ftolcmais;ic Befides Fr.ft-fruits and Tithes,thcy payed to the Trcafutie pcrfonall offerings, as

hadontheonc ^.vc^. 30.1 a,euer>'manpayedhalfc a flickel, <• which the Flebrewes interpreted to

fide thefiguie be perpctuall for the maintenance of the Sacrifices; others temporarie, then onely put

oiAarimshX- •,„pi.a(Vt,fe. Asforthat collcrtion, 2,76»f .iz.madeby has forthe repairing of the

dic'otuTrthe Temple, and that after by Nehcmi.ih, Chap. 10, the cirdimfiances niewmuch diffe-

pot of Manna, rence, Thi^Treafutie, in regard of this Poll-money, grcvy very rich, as appeared in

written about c^w robbing the fame ot tcnthoufand talents at one time, bicfides a great bcamc

with bnmari- ^f gold, which!ts the Treafurcr, vpon O'^JP'^ his o^th, (afterwards violated

tankccers on j^^^jenheleffc) to rcdeeme the vd\ deliucred to him, wei^hinq'three hundred Oliins,

nam Side of enery /i-/<»<c being two pounds two ounces, snd a quarter Troy. v«//)' f and other Au-

Ssc'cs, on ihc thors mention thefe Oblations of the lewes to their Treafuiieyearely.

other hrii full in Theie Gifts and Offerings the Law exacted : they pei;formed many other al(b,

ii;(? /w'v. 1 iie either of their Frec-willor of Vow, othcr\A:ife little differing from the former, Leui-

'^-"^r"u,„J ttctis'vliimo. ManyotherCereminiesof their meatcs, eariiients, faftinss, trumpets,
Uat,laiLnAi?»«- . r 11 t n 11 1 1 ■ • 1.'. 1 r i-

i)j», was thirty and in oilier caics, I hopcl lliall haucleauc to omitte jn this place, and rcmitte him

ficics-fib they that would further know of them to the Scripture it felfe_h''aiiing pointed out tbcprin-
valucdChrift) cipall.

otafree-man But by this isapparant, v^\\\c\\'Do&orT)f,ynnam shath bbferued, that all thefe bc-
niuch On the '"g deliucred themin the Lords Trcafurie ; without their labour or cofl,togGthcr with
fiue and tw»n- their eight and rortie Cities allighed them, amounting to a farre greater proportion for
ticchof/^ijr themaintenanceofthatfmall Tribe: then all the Bifhoprickes, Benefices, Colledgc-
the >-' lands , or whatfoeuer other Ecclefiafticall endowments and profits in this Land, al-
or money- ^^ though the prophane Ammonites or hypocriticall Cloyfterersliadneuer confpired to
in theTcmple: flvaue oft'our ^ beards,and our garments by the buttocks, not leauing to ' couerour
ihat they nakednes or thcirfliamerAnd yethow fick \sAhjb {oxNaboths vineyard? And would

which had not God we had no /fs.i2^f/j to play the (too cunning) Phyfitians in this difeafc. Lctmc
this halfc the- haue a little leaue to fay no more then others (forthe fubflance) in BopkfsandSer-
m'lsht^haue it •'"ons haue faidalrcadie : although thofe Hcllies xo^hom we fpeake, haue \^oeares,
oft'hcrafor o- The firlilirokc that wounded vs, and caufcthvsflill to halt, was from Rome, the n>o~
thcrmoncy,or ther of abominations andrphoredomes. Hcere, as in thefuburbsof Hell, were founded
forapkdge. the Churches ruines : our Bulles cfBafJ^jir, (Abbcy-lubbers.and Cloy flerers) with
bk^chtTwhok ^^^ leaden homes of thofe Roman Bulles hauc piin-,eddowne our Churches, (our
liickcl. rr.if. Chauncells at leafi) and made them to fall into thofe ^ Cages of vnclcape Birds, the

rintmud.defic. c lif.Antiq.\(^.iz. { C'cFro Mi:rc)i,t, g 'Z>c»v?.w« Sermon of the Dignitie, &c, b i.Ser».io.
i D. 57/?.'Jfe/cr, Black fmith. k Apociii.i,


Chap. 7- ASIA. ThefecondBooAe. J^5

Popifh Monaftcries, Ofninethoufand two hundred cigluic and fouie Parifbcs in
England, aftcr^ M''.Ca»7def7s account,three thcuiand eight hundred fortie fine v\ crc (it a ahidcn En-
is properly termed) impropriated. And who knowcth V'.hether thofe Appropriations wij.duxlt,
did not fupplant thefc Supplantcrs,and difpropriatc them of that which in a iulkr pro-
prictic was giuen them in their firft foundations, for that three folde maintenance of
themff/fies,ofIear>}i>ig,andofthepoere:yc3,\nTp]^i\yyct fif we obfuue the courlcof
Diuinc luftice) we may fee many,whofc former iniieritances haue By the additions of
thefc,as ofa contagicvs garment beene infe61ed,and haue eythcr died , or beene fickc
at the leaftjof this plague. The Arke when it was in 'Z)d^o«j Temple (becaufe imprir
foncdinanIdoIl-Tcmp!c)brakeP.^^oK/necke: and when it was thence tranflated to
their Ciiics.they alio were filled with dlfcafes.Our Arkc hath thus dealt with the Tem-
p!es.,and cannot well brookc the Cities and lay-hands which imprilon, or (ifthcy will)
appropriate it. Othatthcy would once fend it home where it iTiouldbc ! How fitly
and fully doe thofe words oi'Hahacul^ b agree to the houfcs founded for Religion , by
this andlikeirreligion perucrtcd,and at latt fubucrtcd P"^ They couetedan cuUlcottetenJ- b Hai.j.j, jo,
ficjfe to their houses, they confuhedftMme to their OK*ne hotcfes , i'y dejlroying many people^ ti ,i i.
aud fmicd againH their owne ftults, TheflonehathcryedeHtofthe trail, and the henwe
out oftheiymhrhathatifroeredit^lVoe vntohim that buildethaTewne with l;lcnd,
re^ethaCittiehyinieiMitie, Thus \vc fee, the ftones haue cried o« o/":/;?/?- »d/// indeed,
and by their demoliflied hcapcs may receiue Labans nzmc,fegarfehadutha, the c heape "^ Cm; i 47.
cfvfitncffe, their ruines rcmayning tcftimonics of Gods iudgements. A violent fireame (^'"M''"-
(faith M. <> Camden) breaking through all obftaclcs, hath rufhcd out vpon the Ecclefi-
artickeftatcofthis Land,andouerwhelmcd, to the Worlds wonder , and Englands
friefe.the greateft part of the Englifh Qcrgie, With their molt beautifull buildings ;
?nd thofe riches which the Chriftianpietie of the Englifh had from the time of their f V^Th'l'"
firft Chriftianitie confecrated to God, were (as it were) in a moment dilperled, and (if chMcn^eJ^
Imayfo fay) profaned. tlicirs,driuing

Let none traduce mczsitrettHerof ffrael.indz traducer of our Law and State, thcpooteVi-
which hauethu • both changed and fctled thcie things.I enueigh againft Abjohms con- """ '° 'l*i^
fpir3cie.andv^c^zfo/>^f/jdcuifcs,which werethctroublers of Ifraell, andfodiflurbed orpTda^'udS*
the iuft heart of righteous Z»^««W,that on the fuddenhcalittic forgatetheexa^triile: xheyknow
and comnvindtd^Thoii i:- andT\hz dint de the Lands. So(ifloofers may haue Icaue to whocaft atrt//;
fpeakc) our Parliament (perhaps with fomcextafic of ioy.for rcinouing the finks and lak-^.T-mi.
flinkcsoffuperftition j had in thofe bufie times but negligent confidcration of/1/e- it>\i.,Mibt
phiboJJjcths right •, and our Vicar- CMephth«ft:'eths, the Clcrgie then, did not much vrgc 'Z^ '^^3y%np..
it,yea we would rtili fay of thcfc our halting Zibaei^Let them take all^, rather then wc ],iii ic here)
fliould want our Lordandhis Gofpell,tocome home to vsinpeace.hnd in peace, let them ihey are be-
reft which were Authors of this peace to vs; and let vsj^ay that a worfe generation of traycdtomc.

"U Iters doenotarife,3nd that the " Canker-werme eate not what the Graft-jofper hath P Let mc haue.
. rf , , ^ f, I /- I /- ' ^ ; T ITT thehkclibtrty

left,a»dtheCaterpilkrtherej!d»eofti}eCanker~tverme. Jmcancthoic Latron-patrons, toiniieioha-

and Patron latronSjWhereofthefe extend to the vtmoft w hatfouer might , and what- gainft vfces
focuer colour of right,in Exemptions,Cuftomes,^i Priuilcdgcs and prauileges, where- h£re,as £/>w-
by euery .

Prohibition :theothcrhauingatruftcommitted,makethhimlelfc a Bawdc,andklkth f^,"^
his Church (which coft no meaner price then the bloud of Chrift) for money. Oh theRoirini
Chrift,ouerthrowethe Tables of thefc Money-changers, andwith fome whipdriue proceedings
thcm,fcourge them out ofthyTemple.whichfupplar.t thy plantations, and hinder the laulyWMW-
gayninqofSoulesforsaine, Withfbnd thefe Balaams ,^^hKh hr ^aLcks bleinng, I'J'fl'f'T'"^
care not what curfe they bring vpon Ilracl, which prelcnt tor prctcnts , and Icrape to ^,^ m„y,e, pri-
maintaine their carnall liuing out of our fpirituall Liumgs; to bcftow on their Hawks, mic^ir. hoc ejl

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