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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 35 of 181)
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lewes. And three leagues thence the Synagogue of ° £«.»f^/f /ncercEuphrates and in
the fame place fixtie Towers one againft another, and a Synagogue bctwccneeuery
one. The monument ofEx^ch$e/\\is built of lechonias with hue and thirtic thoufand
Icwes. And this is a holy place, whither they rcf rt from the beginning of the ycare to
the diy o( ExfiatioM, to pray and kecpc feftiuall. Thither commeth the Head ofthe
Captiuitie, and other chicfe men from Bagdad, and two and twcniie miles about they
pitch their Tents heere and there: and the Arabians kecpe then and rherc a great Fairc,
At this time they rcade on the Expiation day out ofa booke which f ^/-c^b/V/writ : and
thcreisaholyhoufefullof bookcsfincethetimeof thefirftand fecond Temple, the
cuftome being, that they which die without children fhould bequeath their bookcs
hither. The lewes in Perfia and Media make Vowes to be performed in this place, to
which alfo the Ifmaelites refort to pray. The Sepulchre of the three Samts, compani-
ons of p Danif/,\s halfeadayes iourney from hence,with faire and great arches.Three
miles thence is Alkotfonath,and in it three hundred Icwes. At Kupha the Sepulchre of
Jeconi<f,And feuen thoufand lewes.One and twentie daies iourncy thorow the wilder-
neflc is the Region of Seba, now called the Land of Aliman, where dwell lewes, the
children of 1 T^ch.ik This Region extcndeth lixteene dayes along the mountaines,
fubied to iio forren Nation, hauing therein foure hutfdrcd ftrong Cities two hundred
townes, an hundred Catties. The Metropolis i^ Thcmai. In all thofe Cities are abouc
Three hundred thoufand lewes. In the Region of Tilmaas an hundred thoufand.Threc
dayes iourney hence is Chibar, in it fiftie thoufand. Thefe (they fay) arc ofthe depor-
tation oi Ruben. (Jad^indAfatAjfes.Fiom hence fine and twentie dayes iourncy is Vi-
la, which is a Riuer running into Eliman, where were three thoufand. And feuen iour-
neycs from thence Nea:at,andin it feuen thoufand. Fiue iourneyes from thence Bofra
vpon Tygrisj and in it one thoufand. Two dayes lourhcyes from thence the Riuer Sa-
mura, beginning of Perfia, with aTowneof the famc'liamc, wherein were fifteenc
hundred. Theplaceis famous by the Sepulchre of i/^^r**^, who in his rcturne to Ba-
bylon in EmbafTagc, heere died. There was a Synagogue honored alio by the Ilinac-
lites. In Sufan were feuen thoufand lewes infourtecne Synagogues, bctbre one of
which was the Sepulchre of Dante/: about which rofc a controuerfic bctweene the
Inhabitants ofthe one and other fide ofthe Riuer:they which dwelt on that fide where
the Sepulchre was, fcciTiing to the other the more fortunate; thiscaufed blowes, but
was afcer agreed, thatcuery yeareit fliouldbcremouedby courfc, whichwas done
with fo'emneproccffion, till ' 5^«/^-<rthePerfianKingthinkingit aprophanation to
the holy Coffin, caufed it to be hanged in a cheft of glaflir for all men to fee, and for-
bad to t?kc fifli within two miles of that place m the Riuer.

From hence was three dayes iourncy to Robad-Bar, w here were twentie thoufand
lewes. Two iourneyes from hcncewastheFiucr Vaanath, where were foure thoufand
lewes. Foure iourneyes further, MalHhaath : heere they were not 1 fmaclitts,nor vndcr
the Peifian: they had two Colledges of Ifraelites,which ackno ucnhcii fie,
the i-/#«£io//^e'Crfp/;«//'>in Bagdad. AtGhaarian, fiueiourneyes beyond, were fiue
and twenLie.houfand. Here began the mountaines of Hhaphthon, wherein were an
hundred Synag-'guesTliis is the beginning of Media: they fpeake Chaldee : and there
■w ere amongft them the '' Diftipks ofthe wife. Ghamariaisvndcr the Pcrfifln,v here
DtHidElrfft was. It was ten dayes iourney thence to Hhamdan, chiefe Citic of Media,
there were fiftie thoufand lew cs in that Region, and the Sepulchre of (J^forolrc/tf and
Ifiher. Fnure iourneyes further was Dcbarzcthaan,neere ths KiuerGozen, in it fnure
thoufand Icvves. Beyond that, Icuen iourneyes, Asbahan the ciiiefc Ciiie,twclue miies



f Students of
the lalmud
vndtr the KK.

Chap.Io. ASIA* thefccond^ooke. I65

in compaffcjand therein i^ooo.Tfraelites,ouer wliom , and all the Perfian Icwcswas


TKArchcneth was the iurtheft Citie ofthat Kiiigciome,fiuc ioiirncycs froin Ginah, where

were 50000. Foiirc iournycs thence Tubot : and 2 8 . further I paflcd to the mountninj

Nisbon,\vhich oiierlooke the Riuer Gozcn^whcre wercirany Ifraelitcs ; and ihcy Tay

theredvvell the foiuc Tribes oiDan,Zahiilo>i,A{fer,Nafhthali. Their countrcy extcn-

dcth ;o.dayes ioiirney,and hath many Cities, free from fubic6tioii tp any Heathen :

they arc gouerncd of lofcfb ArrMcaU Leui.ta : they till the ground , and holdc warrcs

withthcchildienofC/;«/,trauollingthroughthc defert thither. They are in league

with the Gopher Akhorecha people that worfhip the windes , and liuing in the Wil-

dcrneffe : they haiienfcythcr bread nor winc.buteatc raw flefh.cythcr new or drycd:

they haue no ' nofc but onely two holes. Fiftecne ycares fince, they tooke and facked "* The Tartars

RaiachicfeCiticinPcrfia; whereupon the King warred a^ainft them, apd pafTing efl.emeait

throu"h the VVildcrneffe to them , was deceiued by his guide . and his people ahtiolt ''"^j'^^'".,

ftarucdjand after forced to flic ; with whom paffed into PerGa Mofes one ot tne lewes ^'i^,' .t'^pXA^r,

in thofeparts.vvhichtolde me (5f;?Mrf?/nour Author) all this. Hence I went to Che- and hence" '

uazthaanvpon the Riuer Tygris.which runneth thence into Hoducr the Indian Sea, pcri-.-p^v/2?

hauinc in the mouth the Hand Nckrokim a famous Mart, where were jcc.Icwcs. I thisoj.mionof

failed ten dales thence to Kathiphan,\vhcre were ^oco.Illaclitcs. Thence to the King- ^^ '"'■^^'

domcofHaauIctr.ja people ofC^«.« which worfnip the Sunne: Thence after 22. daycs

layling T came to tlie He Chener3g,where they worfhip the fire, where were 25000.

Icwcs. Forty dales fayling from thence was the Kingdcme of Sin,from which to Gin-

galan was 1 5.daics ; there were iccoclfraclites. Thence I went to ty£ih:of!.-n Indui^

which they call which wer:h)ghmcuntains,and in them many liraelites,

fubiccl to none,which warred on the Hameghtam,i\\n is, the Libyans. From thence

to AzZan was 20 dales iourneyihtough the wildcrncfleScbor, the King wher-eof was

Sultan Alhahoi an Ifmaelitc.Tvvelue dales thence is Hhalauan,w here were qco.kws ;

from which they paflc in troupes through the defert al-Tfahaca, into Zcuila in the trail

ofGecna or Gina:a,whcre they encounter fliow ers oflands. This Region is in the l^nd

ofChus.and is called Alhhabas.towards the Weft.Thirtcenc dales iourney from Hha^

uan is Kits the beginning of Egypt. And fiue from thence Piura,onccPithon , where

were 20, Icwes, and many rnonumcnts of our fathers to be feene. Thence to Mifraim

is foure iournies,where were 20GO.Iewcs in two Synagogues , which dijffered in their Mifrdm er

diftribution of the Lcdturcs of their Law ; the Babylonians finifhing it in a yearc , as in """•

Spaine, the Ifraelitcs in three. But twice a yeare they affembled together in prayers,

onthefeaft f.<«:fif«<c L?j« andonthefeaft Latiz Lcgis. Klathafiecl was chiefeouerall

the Vniuerfities (or Synagogues) of Egypt.and appointed Maflcrs,, and i/£elitui. He

was familiar with the King Amir Almuniduin Eli fonnc oi Abitalib, At Alexandria

were ^ooo.lfraclires, ButforhistrauclsinEgypt, and the Synagogues which there

he tound.asalfcbackcagaine into Sicilia,Germane,Bohemc,Piu(ria,&c.bccaufe there

are vet knownc Synagogues ofthcm Lfurceafc relation. And much may 1 fearc I hauc

too'much wearied the Reader in folpng a lew ifh pilgrimage; but feeing Authous of

bc(lnote,'->it/;^f>',Dr«/5"«.f,L/f/'f«/,G~'<".citehim and y/>-M/}l/o»/. hath taken the paincs

totranflatehim, sihistrauelsare fuch ample teftimenics ofthis our prefcnt fubied'tof

lewifh difperfions.Ihaue bin bold to annex thefe things.fom whcrot might hauc found

fome ochcrplacc,ifthebookehad fooner cometo my hands. If any lill not to bcleeue

luch multitudes ofIcwcs,I will not vrge him ;howfoeucr that deluge of Tartars in all

thofe Afcan Regions foone after fifwi^w/w/ dales, brought a newtatc of all things in

thefe Ealkrly pai ts : as a lcw,and relating thcfc things to lewes, and by lewes paffing

to vs, it is like he reported,andvve haue receiucd.with the moft. For his Geographic,-

fome of his names arc caiily reconciled to the prcfcnt,fomc hardly,which I leaue to the

Readers indullri.e.

C H A ^c


A Qnmologu of the Uwljh 'H'tjlorie,



i oo 8.
Abnm borne.

b lof.Scalt^rr

Chap. XI.

^^Cronoifi^ieofthelerfi(J}HiBorie from the beginning of the
■warUjonejly collected.

^^^^!^^^Hc Floud happened ( as .(Wo/f/ rcckoneth thcparcclls in the Ages of
the Patriarchs) in the ycare of the world 1656. which arc thus accoun*
ted ; ^«/^w at the hundred and thirtie ycare b egat 5«A :5«^ at a hun-
dred and fiue begat Ems: Enos at ninety Kaimn : he at fcucnty Ma~
hala/eel,vjho at fixtie fiue begat lared : tared being one hundred fixtie
twoycarcsolde begat Hf«e<rib,who at fixtie fiue begat LMethnfelttb;
and he ata hundred eighty feuen begat Lamech,yfho in his hundred cightie two ycare
begat IVoah ; in the fixe hundreth yeare of whofc Hfe the Floud came : whereof cueric
Nation almortintheworldhathfomctraditionjhowlbeucras /f(r»/ir/«//x cyteth out
ofc/'^rrtf/rom the beginning ofthc world to that firft deluge is called altaor, orvn-
knownc ; as from thence to the firft Olympiadc was jut/d/wV or fabu'ous ; onely that de-
fcrr.eth the title cf jrop/xo;' from the Olympiads forwards, if wc regard humane Hiftory.
But the Diuiiic hath made the former more cleere then the later. Some difference is in
what part of the ycare the world was created.which is luppofed to be Autumne , be-
caufe the trees were then in thofe parts of Eden laden with fruits ; and the Icwcs ftill
obferue that time. Scaliger alfo fometime of a contrary opinion.hath nowyeelded to
this. And the Egyptians in the time oiFirmicus held that the world was created in the
thirtieth part of Libra, The Floud after Scaliger began in the yeatc 1 65 7. on Saturday
the fcuenteciuh of Nouember.

The fecond age of the world is reckoned from the Floud to AWahnrnj : whofe birth
was aftcrtheFJoud two hundred ninetie two ycarcs: Semtvio ycares after the Floud
begat tAr^acfad : he at thirtie fiue yeares 5^/<«A,who in his thirtieth ycare begat He-'
^^r.-H^^f?" at thirticfcure/'f/fjjWho being thirtieyearesolde begat ^egn, and heat
thirtie two Serug^Wi whofc thirtiethycarc ATrfW was borne, who at nine and twcntic
bcgate 7Vr<»^,who at fcucntie ycares begat Abram. Thus Sctiliger,QalHifms, Buntm.
gtiSjtyArias iJ\{ot}tiinus^Genebrard,Pererws,AdricbomiusyOpmeerus,^c, But Ittnitts^
Brof.'gl3io^,Ljdyat,Codamat)nus,(^c.zddef]xi\e yenTCsmctc. ForLMcfes faith, ^*i».i i.
52.That Terah died in Charan,agcd two hundred and fiue ye3res,and then Abram(25
it is in the next chap.) was feuentie fiueyears old;fo thatTerah v^hcn Abram wds born,
was a hundred and thirtie yeares olde. Whereas therefore he is faid at feuenty ycares
to beget AbriintyNnhor^znd Haran ; it is to be vnderftood, that he then began to be-
get:* yi^>-<fw being named rrfi for diuinepriuiledge, not becaufe he was eldcft. The
like phrafe is vfc d Gen. ^.%i,l^nh being fiue hundred ycares olde begat Shem, H^.m^
and lafhei ; and yet neyther were they all borne at once.nor was Shem the cldeft : let
the Reader chufc whether ofthefe opinionshe beft liketh.

In the feuentie fiue yeare ft/^^»-4»«vvent out of Charan.hauingreceiuedthepromife:
from whenceto the departure ofthelfraelites oat of Egypt are numbred touic hun-
dred and thirtie yeares. Rather herein wc are to follow Pauls interpretation oi'Mofcs^
then genehrards, who (jal.-i^A?. accounts thofe one hundred and thirtie yeares menti-
oned by cJ^f*yf/,£.vo</.i 2. 4o.from the promifc made to y^^r<i^<iw, and not from the
timethat /*?fo^ went downe with his family into Egypt. So that the departure out of
Egypt,aftcr Scaliger s computation,and fome oi\\tx%fPerkins,Adrtchomius^^ch:i.\i\'f:-
r.ed in the ycare of the world 2 45;?. whereto if we adde thofe fixtie ycares ofTerahs
life before amountcth to two thoufand fiue hundred and thirteene. And
foSrow^/^fw rcckoneth. /««;«/ and LjJjat account two thoufand fiue hundred and
nine. The difference fecmes to arifc from hencc^that one accounteth from Abti'.ms de-
parting out ofVroftheChaldees; the other from his departure from Haran aferhis
fathers death about fiue yeares after. But it were an cndlcffe workc to reconcile Chro-
nologcrs in their different computations. Some reckon fiue and twenty,'' Scalrgcr :hc
fifteenthofAprill^the day of their departure. And then the Hcbrewes beyannedi^nr-


Chap.ii. ASIA- ThefecondBookei, 167

yrarc at the Spring-Equino6tiall,vjhich before they bcgannein Autumne.

From thisdcpirturCjiothebuildingof^rf/owow Temple'' 5«'<j//^^rreckoncthfoure \^ j^rr »•
hundred and cightie yearcs , whofe firlt foundations (he faith) were laide the nine and ^^ Em.TMbs,
twentieth otMay being Wcdnefday, Anno Mundi 293;. and of the great lulianPcri- & m oi/ufcp,
t>d( which diflfetcch feucn hundred fixtic foure yeares from the yearcof the world) '3'
3 dp/. In this computation ot foure hundred and eightie yearcs, betwixt the depar- ^^.^'''T'^"'!"'"
turc and foundation oftheTcmplc.manyChronologcrs agree, Arias CMoKttiKus,A- GrlciansJ!
dtichowitis,Broi!ghton,Pcrkln!,Lydjfat^<sfc, although lomediflent much, Thcfuma- SMijiTScat.
rifcchofthefcparccUs. /r/t>/^r died fortie yearcs after their deliuerance. /o/7;»/i ruled £.r./.j.
fcuenteene; 0/Wif/fortie; £A«^fcJiefcore; C/aVow fortie ; Abmelecht\\xcc;Thol4
iwentie three ;/.i?rtwentic two ; Iefht€{\-%c;lhjart feuen; ELtm ten; Abdon eight;
Sampfon twentie ; Hcli fortic ; Samuel and Saulfome ; 'Damd tortie ; Salomon in the
fourth y care aud Iccond month began to build his Tcmplc,aftcr which he raigned thir-
tic feucn yeares.

* From thence to the dcftru6tionofthe Temple yndcr Z*^f^/'<fcf arc accounted foure " An.M,i\69„
hundred twentie and feucn. This agrees with « £j:.f^/<'Zf account, reckoning a day for <= iv44.5.
a yeare,three hundred and nineticdayes or years after the apoflacie of Ifrael from God, ^■^''f-1^^7'
the rebellion againft the houfc of 2) <JK/ii in the beginning of '^^f^oi^o^wjraignejby the
incanes oUeroboam ; to which if we addc feuen and thirtic years w hich Salomon reig-
ijcd,after the foundation of the Temple, the fummc is foure hundred twentie feucn.
The fame appear? th thus ; Roboam reigned feuentccnc yearcs ; Abiam three ; Afa forty
one ; Jehojh^phat twentie fiue ; lehoram eight ; Aha^iah one ; Athatiah fixe ; loafh for-
tie • Amat.ia twenty nme ; Az,aria or Vt.^ia fit'iie two. Betwixt tAmaz^ia and h^a-
ria the Kingdome was ruled elcuen yearcs by the Statcs,as lomc gather out of 2. Reg.
1 5.1 . (others reckon it not.) lot ham fixteeue; tyih-tx. fixtcene ; £z,eksah twenty nine ;
Mattajfes fifiie fiue ; Amontwo ; Tofioi thirtic one ; I^hoahaz. thtec moneths ; Elmk^t/n
orlehoial^tmckuenycarcsiJehoiachifiihTCtmoueihs; Zedekjahot (JMattaniah elc-
uen yeares. The little difletencc from the former Humber may be afcribed to the cur-
rent and vnfinifhed yearescf fome of their reignes.

From this time of 5^<if/!j<t^rUine, fome begin the reckoning ofthc feuentie yeares
captiuity; in which time others comprehend ail Sedikj^ raignc,and account the return
Ynder Qr^/ to be fiftie nine yeares after this dcfolation; and from thence a hundred
and eight to the Edid o(T>arit(j'l>{oihusi from which time arc numbred two hundred
fiftie nine to the Dedication of/udas ; and from thence a hundred fixiic
two yeares to the birth of Chiifl, fo<i 5c- (z//g-irr. dScal.deEm.

It were a worke irkfomc to my fclte,and tedious to the Reader,to recite the variable I'Kr.
opinions ofChronologcrSjOr to trauerfc their arguments about thefe points. _.j^ ,, ,

To recite here their highPricfts and later Kings.with the time of their pontificalitie n^ ^^ ilelhz
and reigne,out of y:/''?.« <J^'""''"«-'J J^f'ld notvnfit. Firft,7f/i<^ returned with Zoro- variety of opi-
^rf^r/^and built thcTemple.whofe time ofPricfl hood,aftcr<5'r<z/'^fr, ///«/«^, andthofe nions oflc.
that reckon vpcn the Edift of D^nW/ ATor^w;, mnftnccdes be very long, Tolcauc ^'^'^'^'^,^^^'.
that thcrcfore.his fonne /oac/w^f fucceedcd in the Pricft-hood twentie eightyearcsjbc- n£^ch°a -
fides twenty yeares with his father. Sliafib held the Prieft-hood one and forty yeares ; logcrs^may fee
Joidda twentie fiue ; lonathan twentie foure ; leddoa twentie feuen^ till the time of y^- Ce/iebr.chrea.
/exander; Ontos twentie feuen, after Phrlo : but Euftbius faith twentie three; Simon lib i.ii fine.
JuBi^ thiticene I Eleaz.artvia^ty;(J^a»afest\\emk feucn iOnmihinymne. Likcwilefcc

Afterwards the Syrian Kings appointed highPriefts: of whom Aj/o« was Pricft ioo\^^ chap 4
threeyeares ;/t/c»ftojtwclue yeares, in whofe ieuenth yeare ludM Maccabeus be- f jofeph. ^m'lq.
ganto adminifterthe Common- wealth, Jonathm brother oi ludas ruled cightcenc &Car.Sigo.ele '
yeares ; Simon his brother was both Prieft and Captaine eight yeares ; loannes Hirca- f'pM- hibr.l.^^
rHs his fonne thirtic one. Whereas they had vfed to date their c^ntradts according to ^"^"^ let aown
iheycares from AUxAnder,z% we reade in the books oi Maccabees-.v^hta Simon Hir- of high Prfcfls
canus was high Priefl that order was abolifhed,&: anorhcr taken.that cucry date fhould from the firft
be cxprefTcd in fuch or fuch a yeare of TV. high Priefl of the great God. But lead the to the laft.
Writing being cancellcdjfhoiiid be negle6led,and perhaps the Name cfGodcaft with ^'"^''^,
it on the dung-hilljthc wife-men abolifhed that order on the third oltT//r/,which they " * ' •^°



Of the lewijj) TalmnJ,^c.


g Can.Jfjgo^.l.

inftituted a holy-day. As for the name of Uifaccabees , Imius faith it came from
theinlcriptionofthofo foure letters (JW. C- ^- A in the banners of thofe Princes
■which deliue'red the Icvvcs from the Macedonian thraldome. Scaliger faith.that Jiidat
onely and properly was fo called, but by abufe of Ipcech was not oncly giuen to all df
that kindredjbut to all which fuffcrcd in thofe times pcrfecution for Religion; as the
icucn brethrcn,and others. The name ^o/wo^^itbegan with that Hircanm^Scaliger
£hinketh,becau fe in the fixty eight Pfalnte is by the le wes interpreted Princf.

^riHohlus (omie of H/rf<j««j,hrft after the captiuicie called himfelfc King, and
reigned one yeare : Unnna Alexander his brother twenty feuen : after him his wife A~
Uxar.dranxnt: Hircantts her fonne three moneths : tAriUohulus his brother three
yeares. Icrufalem was liktnoiPowfey , and Btrcantts recouered the Pricfthood,
rvhichhe held two and twenty yeares: Antigenus by ayde of the Parthians poffefled
ludaca fine yeares, and in his fecond yeare Hertd was proclaimed King by the Ro-
mans, who tooke the Cittie the fft yeare ofAntigoiiWs, and raigncd foure and thirty.

Scalt^rtr g afcribeth to Herods Kingdome the number after Exfeiius account, rec-
koning from the birth of e/^^»,tw 1 977. he died 20 1 6. Archelaus his fonne was made
by y^»^*f?/.'i Tetrach of lerufalem 2016. and was baniflied 2025. AgricoU was made
KingbyCj/zg'«/^i05 5. y/^r/fp^ his fonne by C/^iW/w/ 2060. and died -2,116. thirtie
yeares after the deftrui^ion of the Temple. The Dynaftie of the Hcrodians lafted
139. yeares. Ihai Scaligtr. HeattributcththcnatiuicyofChrirttothe 3^48.ycareof
the world.

Here we mutt leaue the Chronologcrs contending ofthc yeare of the world, in
which this blcfled Ndtiuitie happened ;fome adding many more yeares, fomc not al-
lowing To many. It is certaine by the Scripturc,that he was borne in the one and forty
or two and fortie of ^;/_f«i?»x,baptifed in the fift oijtbtnus, then beginning to be a-
bout thirtie yeares ofagc: in the thirtie three yeare he was crucified. In the fcucnty
two as Baronius, znA feuentie one year of Chrift,3s BuntingHs and LtMety account,leru-.
falem was deflroycd by Tittts,\n the fecond ot'Vejpafan. jirias Momanus reckoncth
this the yeare ofthe world ;989. and faith, that the Hebrcwes reckon it the 3841^
which niuft needsbc falfe. The fault arifeth from the falfe computation of the Perfiaii
and Grxcian Monarchies. h/<?/ip^«/ counteth from the time of 7/tfr*^ to the dcftru-
h lof^AntiqM. ^j^,^ ^f j^g Temple twenty cighthigh Priefts.and a hundred and feuen yeares. After
5f-<//^«rinhisC<»«.//^j^./.5.thisyearei(5i 2.isthc 1614. ofChrift, of the world 5461.
after the lewifh account of W/M 5372. of the Armenians io<Ji. of the lulian Period
(5^2 5ofthcHcgira lozi. Anno ^.O/j^mp. <^c)j. The Dionyfian account, which we
vfually follovv,was not generally rcceiued till after the time o^C^arles the great.



Chap. XII.

a ^.MoflnSi-\titis

b Synag ludait.
reddit.ab Ham.
Gcrmherg c.i.
c txod. i».i5.
leii'U i;.rf. H.v.
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oft he levoifi^Tdmtid.andtheCompoJit'tenatsdeJiimAtiort thereof: dlfoofthelem^
learned mcrtytheirfuccefteny their Scriftures^andtht tranfmens of
them-, their Cabalif s, Maforites.

fe^ Abbi Mofche ijltikkptz^i, » in a worke ofhis , fet forth Anna 1 2 :? ^. as
■ "* BHxdorfiHs citeth him,*^ faith, That the IVritten Lawe which God gauc

toMofes , zudMofes tothelfraelites, is obfcure and hard, becaufe
it fpeaikcih fomc things contradiflory (which he fpeakcth to proue by
fome olaces ' mif-interpretcd) and becaufe it is imperfcdt, and contay-
ncth not all things mccte to be knowne. For who (hall teach vs (faith
he)thenotesofBirdsandBeafts?(aFr3ncilcanmightanfvverhim<i out of the Legend
ofS.Fr^i^cw.thePatron ofhis Order)whofliall teach them the propriety and nature
of points, and accents of letters ? Alfo,what fat might be eatcn,what not?&c. Many

Legend of S.f >(ipw,whcre he is fai4 to preach to the beafts,and fpcakc to the Swall«wcs.


C.H A P . 12. ASIA* l^hfccond 'Booke. M Q

{uch things arc dcfcfliuc in the Law,and therefore there is need of feme other Ei'pofi-
lion of the written Law.whencc thefe things might be learned. This Expofitiou (for-
footh) tnuft be their Tahuudjthc generation of which Viper, touched before , wc will
here more fully declare.

They fay,that ^o/eion mount Sinai was not with God forty dayes and forty riights
tel^eepe (jeefe. And God could haue written thofc Tables of the Law in a n houre, and
fenthimaway with them; fo to hane prcucntcd that Idolatry with l\^cGol,ien C^if^. ^ ^'"'(k^fcu
But God brought Alofes into a Schooled and there gauc him the Law in wri ting firft, '•^/"'^ i< - f-i'
andthcninallthatlongtimecxpoundedf thcfame,flicwingthecaufc,manner, mea- r'''"''°}, ,-
fiirc/oundation, and intention thereof in the true fcnfe. This vnwrittcn and Vtrball w^cnt'cud'-'
Xaw did /1/o/fJS teach 7c/7;«<J, he the Eldcrsjfrom thefe it was dcriued to thc.Pro- ycs.'crftUirc'e'-
fhcts.* After Zachayy and c^^-t/^/r/jj the lafl ot thefe, it came to the great Sanhedriny l'(r'>t\'"i>^cxa
and after them,by Tradition from father to fcnnc. , '^f", i>)c o./v^-

And h Ti^blx Bechai (aith,That (Jlfsfes learned the Law vritten , in the day time ; 'f 'jf.'^'''"^"" '
and rhi? Traditionall Law by night : for then he could not fee to write . Rabbi Mofche r'almnt'cado
yT/ii^oti,! fhcwcththecaufe why God would deliner the fame by mouth oncly, and aiinainfrxjat.
notin writing, left (I wiflc) the Gentiles fhould pcruertthis, as they did the other t^l^mham.
whichwas written. And in thedayofIudgcir»ent, when God fhall demand who are S^-'^^w£ir-
the //r4f///«,thcGenii!esn-i3il make challenge, bccaufe ofthc Lave im/ff^^jbut the 'i.^^f'i'^" ■'""''*
Ievvesont!yfliallbcaccepted,ash2uingvhis6'/iw<j»/, this vcrballcxpofition. God al- 4.,^_^ '" ""'
fo (fay they) gauc them C4t(rAirfw/>K,Wife-mcn,authors of diuers ordinances amongll h uvuhai
them,astobicflcGod3ttheSunnc-rifnig and Sunnc-fctting; and of Schoolcs where '^^"d-i'^.
children (Kould be taught the Law of yl/o/ifJ in cucry Citie, and where the Law of ^''"'■S.
tJI/o/" fhould be read weekly; and that the Ifraelitesflwuld not eatc ordrinke with \ '^''•"'^ff-'V/r.
the Geniilcs,nor what they had drcffed ; after the example of* T>aKieI.ic c. \ <^'''W.Hei.

Butwhcn the Temple w?sdeftroyed,and the lewes carried away captiucs , then a^ "Vawd '

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