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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 39 of 181)
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except two rcade together: To fetfayle ; (but if thou enter three dayes before, it is
notncccflarieto go forth on the Sabbath) to be carried in a Waggon, though a Gen-
tile driue It : If fire happen on the Sabbath, to carrie any thing out, but thy food, ray-
* Inmmnte n "'^"^ 5 ^nd ncceifaries for that day, and that wherein the holy Boeks lieth : to put to pa-
vi'i<eM- inline' fturcHorfcs or Afl'es, coupled together ; to receiue any good by the Light, or Fire,
von mod!) '■ib- which a Gentile hath made for the lew ; (otherwife, if he did it for himfelfe : ) To play
h.italcd& vsi^^onany Inftiumcnt; tomakeabed; to Number, Meafurc, fudge, or Marrie, left they
iteilj. Ugii con- {}jQyj J write any thing : To reade at home, w hen others are at the Synagogue : To
{'''nttlh'ciHor. fp^^ke of buying and felling ( which it fecmeth they obferuc not : ) To vifite
nicniKinuhomi' Field or Garden : To Runne, Leapc, or tell Talcs, &c. Allthefc on the Sabbath
t'dg,tdiilorum day arc vnlawfull. For dangerous difeafes it is lawfull to violate the Sabbath": Such
ciiltui maadaUi j^g jj^g three firft dayes after a womans trauell, &c. But of this, fee * alio the obierua- ^^^^^ of their Sabbath. It is not lawfull to walke outof theCitie, but their limittcd
z Cat 17. Ipace : but withui the Citie, as farre ai they will, though it be as big as Niniuic.

a l.cii'.t.-.x. 120. Jt tifo>bidde:i ^toktfrttbeSeed-niei^liersofManorTea/i.^c'ilhciMalcsnoT

Nan facia a'.L Females may be gelded or fpayed : and yet we may vfe fuch Beafts.
q<tid ^Hiid cauj.1 ^ ,^^ It a ptiKi/havle to kiior»,kjjfe , or embrace onevphichis forbidden by the Law,
tcluurndhTs •^^*"^- 1 3- Therefore our Maftcrs haue forbidden to fmil« on fuch, or vfe any meanes
mu'ierii: idfft, ortokcnsof Luft. Liki:wifc they haue forbidden men to know their wiues in the day-
vdoftuUyi,zd time, vnlcffc it be in thedarke, orvnder fome couering. The fame is forbidden toa
cum i.'lafaltiire, drunken-man, and to him which hateth his wife, left they get wicked children be-
vdman>>m tin. j^ficne them. Alfo to follow a woman in the ftreets,but either to go before or befidcs,
im n ife(5 * her. Andhewhichisnot married, may not put his hand beneath his Naucli, nor touch
"^ Idem. ' his flcfti, when he maketh water. And bccaufc * a man may not weare woaians at-
tire, neither may he lookc inaglafTcjbecauftthat is womanifli.

138. The

Chap. 15' AS I A. TbefecomiBooke, I85

1-8 The fat may not he eaten. The Fac of the Heart may : butnotthat whichison
tlic Inwards, and Reines^and Stomacke,and Gurs,and Bladder; the red maybe eaten.

176 Ifthy brother be ^ poorethoumaj/en not, %bttje him \io\\\z,iohdikOi^ccs,2iS\.o a Lacit.z-;.$a.
vntiethe fliooe,orco carry Veffels to the Bach. Concerning liberalicie to the '^poore, ^^ maiinx-
they limit it at the fift part ofa mans goods ; leftnicn{hould become poore by relcc- ^,ap_Driify
uingthe poore, pr^t.actmm.i.S

19 1 Thot4mayeTi<:r.otk-ndt(>atiIfraeltteottVftirj, wr borrow o» Vfitrv,'i>iorh? z c bcuc.z^.iy.
witnefle or furcty in cafes of Vfutie; norreceiucany thing bcfides theprincipaUjcfpe-
cially on any Couenant going before.

..«. J© I He that by conHrairit doth any thittgworthy ofd:ath(althongh he violate the name
of God) ought fwt to bejlaine.

Ill, yp'tcked'^'meii aremt corKfetentwitneffes. He is accounted wicked which tranfl d Ewrf.zj.i,
oreflerh any Precept, for which he is worthy to be beaten. A Theefe and a Robber is
not fiifficient to be a witnefle, after he hath made rcltitution: Nor a Vfurer,ncr a Pub-
lican . nor he which is enriched by play.nor children,till they haue beards, except hebs
twcntie yearcsoldc.

222 The <: Ki>!g ought not to multtpliePViues. OurMafters fay , Tliat the King may e 'Deu.ij.i';.
hauecighteencwiues. Kexb.MnU.,

2 2 c If'iny of the feneK(Cimm\\\Q^)NatteniJhallcome in thehands ofa lervjhe otivht ^"" '^"P/'"'^'''

toflayhinu. ,r„, r, , , bicmal,altcrum

242 TheFather or the Hfifiind may difanntttl the vowes ef their Children or fViues, fibifmbat.Vlu
And the may rckale the vowes of thoie which repent of their vow. A lonnc f f(rf.p,5oo.
ofthirteene ycarcs and a day,and a daughter of t welue and a day (if they be out of their
parents tuition) haue power to vow. " Abattardmaynotmarry an Ifraelites daughter " DW/.23.3;
to the tenth generation.

1508 T here are fifty dcfel}s which make a mian or Beasi v»capable of facred Ftincli.
ons\ to be eyther S ^crificcr,or Sacrifice : fiue in the eares, three in the eye-lids, eight in
the eyes.three in the nofe,fixe in the mouth, tweluc in the feed-vcfVels. fixe in the hands
andfcet,andinthebodiefoure,&c. Befidcs.thcreare fourc-fcoreand ten defeds in a
Man^whicharenotina Heart. No defecVnl^fl^ "^ ^^ outward^maketh a manvnfir,


PRECEPTS. eu>nExp,Kab.

12 "T^Fery one ( o-^ght to teach hif foKfte the Law :L\ke\\nkh\s nt^hcvv • irtdl^ife- f Dtut.11.19
JL-wfJ! thr'ir Difciples : and he which is nOt taught it of his father , muft Icarne

it as he can He which teacheth another the written Law^ may receiue a reward 5 but
not for teaching the Traditionall.

13 Rijebffore thine Z Elder -.ihii'is (faith R./<?A) a IVifemafi^ although young in g i^.ij.ji.'
yearcs. To him thou muff life when he isfoure cubitesdiftant ; and when he is palled

by,thoii maycii Ht downe againe.

16 7 he ftineyniffttttrnefromhis^'' (tnne'VnteCjbd. And being returned, he muft h IV«»».j-7o
hy^l befeechthee.O Lord, I haue finned and donewitksdly before thy face, fo and fo hatte
I done,e!»d bsholdc ,it repcnteth me ofmywickednejj'ejamioufomjdedfcrmy rvorkesjviill
doefonomore. And thus ought all to fay, which offer facrifices for finne ; and they
which are condemned to death fortheircrimes.if they will that death doe away their
offences. But he v\hich hath finned againflhisncighbour,oiighttomake reflitution,
and askc pardon ;othcrwife his (inne is not remitted. And if his neighbour will not
pardon him.lct him bring three other to entreatefbr him : if he then grant not . he is to
beaccotintedfJ'ae//. Ifthe offended partie be c'cad before, let the offender bring ter»
men to his £;rauc,and lay b; fore them,l haue finned againfi (fed and this man , and let
rcftitution be made to his heires,

jp Praycr^mu^hevfedeutrydAy.'T\\t\f:^ox^xk\fy of the great Synagogue, Esir^, \T>eut.\i.i^
Z,trt:b-iicl^z\\i\ the reft, ordayncd eighteene blelTingsand other prayers,to be faid with
cuciy facrinse. They ordained thefe Putes of Prayer; the eyes cali downe to the

R 3 groundy

10 6

1 "Deiii.f e.

* cltatvruf, ex

n txed.ii.

" Hifcum af,

o S.Mnnfler.

cum Anmtdt.



q InMat.ii.

Of the Moderne lewes MofaieaU 'Precepts. C h a p . / 1 .

ground,thie feet fet together.the hands on the hcart,in feare and trcmbling,as a fcruant
ipeaketh to his Maftcr : a place where is no dungc.efpecially ofan Afle and a Hcnne ; a
■window in the roomc which looketh toward Icrufalem, turning his body that way.
He which is blinde,lct him dnedi his heart to his Father which is in Heauen.

i'^ T'he SefitenceHczrtlixizitiic, and another Sentence u to he^ written en the peFit
of the Honfe. He which hath his PhylaBtries on his head and armes , and his knots oa
his gartncnt.and his Schedule on his doore,is fo fenced that he cannot eafdy finnc.

2 4 Enery Ifrael'tte is hound to verittfor himfelfe a booke of the "> Lavf.

29 SanBifiethe Sabbath .1. Remember thofe things on the Sabbath which make
to the honour and holinefte of that day. And wc arc perfwaded that Sathan and the
Diucls flic into darke mountaines , abhorring the holinefle of the day ; and after it i$
patt,returne to hurt the children of men. * To apply fpittle to the eyes is then prohibi-
bitod becaufeit is as amcdicinc.

40 He which u twentieyeares aide and mafrieth not,breaketh the Precept ofmcreafing
*e»(iw«/fip/;'/»^: except it be for contemplation and fiudie of the Liiw. But if he feele
in himfelfe /e*<r,Luft to preuaile,hc muft marric.left he fall into tranfgrcflion.

5 2 If a man refufc to marrie the wife of his brother deceafed without iflue he muft
by the fentence oftheIudgcs,puIl off his fliooe, which muft not be made of Linnen,
but of the Hide of a cleane Bcaft ; and the woman, whiles ftie is yet fafting ( for then ic
is moft truely fpittlc) fhall fpit in his face, faying , So let it be done to htm which wiU net
btiilde his brothers kouft.

6^ He which will eate theflef}} ofbeafl er birds, mufl kill them after the due manner.
Nor may any be allowed to be a Butchcr^except he know our Rites.

j^S i4''he» the fudges dijfcnt in any cafe, " the greater fart is to be followed. When
Sentence is paftjExecution muft follow the fame day ; and the Cryermuftgoc before,
proclayming the Crime and Penaltie.with the circumftauces ofTimc,Place, and Wit-
iiefTes. Ifany can fay any thing for his innocenciCjhce may caufc him to bee carried
backetothe Judges: if he belcdagaiac to death, hemufthaue two tvife-men by to
bearc his words.that ifthey fee caufe,he may be carryed backc to the Judges. If he yet
be found guilty , he muft be led to the place of exccutionjand there flainc by two Wit-
ncffcs. But before his death.let them exhort him to fay, Let my death be vnto me for
the remifsion of allmy fmnes . After this confcflion let them giuehim a cup of Wine
withagraincofFrankincenfctodrinkCjthathemay bedepriued of the vfeofreafon
and made drunke.and fo ftaine.

112 Honour thy FatherandiJMothtr. if .5/»»fo« faith , That the Scripture more e-
fteemeth the honour of Parents then of God : for we arc bidden honour God with our
fubftance ; but for thy Parents, ifthouhail nothing, thou oughteftto labour in the
Mill tofuccour them* another, thou muft begge for them fromdoore to

1^2 At this time we cemfanUtfe nothivgjbecaufe we haue no Temple.

i might adde diuers other things oflikc moment, which (to auoyde prolixitie) I o-
m it .-and for the fame caufellctpaffc many things which I might hither bring out of
the fame Authour ° in his notes vpon Matthew, hy him fet forth in Hebrew and Latin ;
where he both relateth andrefutcth diuers of the lewifh vanities j efpecially their blaf-
phemous cauils againft Chrift.

Suchisthatthcirfoolcne ( by himP recited) in cJ'J/^ffr^. 15. e^««or,jf. about their
fcriipulous niceties in theirFcftiuals:Thcymay not then take Fifti;GcefeandHennes
they may : When one makcth fire, and fetteth on the Pot , hee muft order the ftickes
fo vnder it,that it may nctrefemble a buildmg. No more then fhall be fpent that day,
may then be made rcadie. NoChecfemaythenbemadc, norhearbescut. Heat wa-
ter to wafh thy feete ; not fo for thy whole bodie. Touch not (much lefTc maycft thou
eate) an eggc laydc on a feftiuall day : yea, if it be doubtfull whether it were then layd,
and it it be mixtvvithothcrs.all arc prohibited. But hee which kilicth a Hennc, and
findesEgges in the bellie.may eate them. Accordingto the number of the three Pa-
triarchcs,v^^r.i^<«»»,//i^c,and/<ffo^,thcycxpe(5t a tliird Temple, after thofc two alrca-
dicperifbed ; 1 interpreting the Scriptures ; of the firtt,^^ heardwefrom his holy Hill-


Chap.14» Asia. Thefeconddooke, l8y

ofzhc fecondjfaac went to meditate in thefislde; of the third, Thg ^Irie of this lc<M
houfe po.ill he greater then of the firfi.^c. Fit levvifh handling of the Scriptures. But I
hauebceiicfoplcntifullofthcirbart-enneffc, that 1 fearc tooucr-ladc, or ouer-loath
the Reader- ,

CMnn^er r hath likewife written feucrall fmall Trcatifes ofthe Faith of the Chrifti- r Munfieri
ans, and ofthe Faith ofthe le wcs,and ofthe lewifh Cauils againft our Rehgion,and of tra^auis Heb,
diucrs fabulous funilions which they hauedeuifed in difgrace thereof ; they that will, & l-at-contra
may in thcrn^fiirtherkc their blindencfle. For what greater blindenefle then to thinke f"'^''^'-
that their Melfias was borne that day the Temple was dcftroyed, and to remaineat
Rome till that time.when he fhall fay to the Pope, Let m^ people got , as Cliefes borne
fo long before,at laft faid to Pharaoh ? That he fhould be annoynted by Elias ? That he
fhaildeftroy Rome? That £//^ fhall re- vnite the foiiletothebodie in the rcfurrctSti-
oniwhichfiiallbeofalltheiiift.biitnot of all the wicked; not in the fame bodie, but
another created like to the former ? which rcfurreftion fhall be cffeited by Mefstahs
prayer: That the Temple atlcrnfalcmftull bethe very middle ofthe world? That in
the Mefsiahs dayes Wheate fhail grow without renewing by Seed , as the Vine ? But
ofthefe and the ]ikc,more then enough in this booke following. L.Carretus^ conuert L.amiMU'
from the lewes fctteth downe thefe fixe,as the maine differences betwixt them and vs dxiacvmterfuu
The Trinity.the incarnation, the manner of his comming, whether in humility or roy-
altiCjthcLawcerenioniall , whicbthe lewholdeth etcrnall, faluationby andforour
owneworkes,wh!ch the Chrillianafcribeth to faith m Chrift crucified, andlallly, of
the timeofhiscomming.whetherpaftorprefent. To thcfe he thinketh all oihcrmay
be referred. But let vs examine the particulars.

Ch ap. XIIII.

ofthe Jemfh opinions ofthe Creation^ cheir Ceremonies About the birth of a
Childe : Of their Circttmcifon, Purificition^ And R edemptien ofthe
frsi'bornCy AndEducation of their chddren.

^^^^^^Hcn a lewifli woman f is great with child.and necrc her timc.her cham- f zuxdorf.Syn,
bcr is furnifhcd with nctciTaries; and then fome holy and deuoute man W.c.i.Eto
(ifanyfuchmay behad) with chalke maketh a circular Ime round in 'Il^'f->'''d. Ulitb.
the chamber Vpon a! the wals,and writcth on the dorc, and within and
without on euerywall,and about the bed in Hebrew Letters, Adam,
Chaua^(^huts LiliSyA.Adam^Etfe^arvAy hence Lilts. Hereby they fignifie their defire,
that if a woman lliallbcdcliuered of a fonnc,God may one day giue^/w a wife like to
jE«if,andnottoL;7M:ifit be a daughter, that fhe may once prouc to her husband a
helper likci:»(?,and not a fhrew like L?7/J. This word tZ,//// is read in the Prophet, in- ^ jfa,i^-\M^
terprctcd aSkrich-Owle :buttheIewcsfecmetomeanebyit a diucllifli SpeElritm\ix
vomans (hape,that vfeth to (lay or carry away children, which arc on the eight day to
be circumcifcd. EIim Lcuita writeth, that he hath read that a hundred and twentie
yearese^«^<?w contained himfelfefrom his wife £«f, and in that fpace there came to
bimDiuels which conceiued ofhiiti.whcnce wcrcingcndred Diuels and Spirits,Fairies
and Goblins ; and that there were fourc mothers or dammes of the Diuels,^//^ /;,'?>(4e-
t»ah,Ogereth^iud Aiaehalath. Thus is it read in 5fK5/r^, When God had made^- BenSlrah.
eiam,zm\fiiw it wm netgoedfor him to be alone, he made him a woman ofthe earth^like qiigft.6o.
vntohim,and called her £-«//V.Thcfedifagrecd for fupcriority, not fuffering" C<fpr«£ " LUcan.lib.t,
friorem,Pompetufneparer/i : Ldis (made of the fame mould) would not bevnderlingj
and nAdam would not endure her his equail. Ltlit feeing no hope of agree-
ment , vttcred that facred word Iehovah, with the Cabalifticall interpretati-
on thereof, and prefently did flie into the Ayre. Adam playning his cafe, God
fentthrec Angels after her, viz,. Senoi,Senfenoi,SanmAngelefh , eyther to bring her
backe, or to denounce unto her. That a hundred of her children fhould die in a day.
Thefe oucrtookc her cuer the troublcfomc Sea ( where one day the Egyptians


^<J3 X)ftheTcwip?QremomeSjZ7C, Chap, 14.

fhoulil bfe drowned) and did their meflage to her : flic retufing to obey, they thrcatned
her drowning : but (he bclbught them to let het alonc,becaulc (lie was created to vcx«
and kill children on the eight day,ifthey were men ; if women children, on the twenti-
eth day. They neuertheUrte forcingher to goc.Li/w fAare to them, That v>henfocucr
fhe fl-iouldfinde tht; name or figure of thofe Angels, written or painted en Schedule,
Parchment,or any rhing,flie would c'o infants no harmcand that Hie would not rcftife
thatpunifliment,iolooTe a hundred children in a day. And accordingly a hundred of
hcrchildfcn or young diuels, died in a day. And for this caufe doe they write thcfe
names on a Scroll of Parchment, and hang them on their infants neckes. Thus fane

Their cxpofition ofScripturc is fo abfurd, that wehauc hence a manifeft argument,

that as they denied the Son that Eternal/ fVord and Truth,\\hoi'c written word this is ;

fo that fpirit which indited the fame, the Spirit of Truth hathpnt a v^iile an their heart,

and iuftlv ll'ffcred the fpirit oferrourto biindc their eyes, r^<?//^«»/ thej/ fw.ld fee eifid

mtvnde'rfiajici. This will appeare generally in our cnfuingDifcourfe; but forataRe

let vs begin with the beginning oiC^iofes, whereon R. Licob Baal Hr.tturim hath left

to the world thcfe flnoakicfpccul.^tions. The Bible bcguineth with ^f//^, the fecond

letter in the Alphabet, and not with «yikph the fiift,becaufc that is the firft letter ofBe-

yacha which fignifieth biclTing this of ex/j<!«r,that is,a curfe. Secondly, Teth fignifi-

S./uc.B.H.w cthtwOjinfinuating^ the two- fold Law, wr/Zfe^^jW VKwritteni for Bcrepnth hath the

Gen.uvkl.Ph. lerzQvsoi'B.traP^eiet ; firft, hee made; fecondly, L^'wts ; thirdly ,Berefl:>i[h (ihe did.

Fcr/l. word oiGtveJis) hath as many letters as Aleph be Tifyfci, that is, the firft of Tijl.rei ot

Ca _ , . . ^

tcriallantlira- for God created the world for the Ifracjites which keepc the Sabbath; fixtlyalfo. offie-

matciuil.w /. yitj) ^//jjwhich figniheth the couenant of witjCircumcifion and the Law,anothcr

Rcuch!n.l.\. I j-jyCe qfthe creation: feuenthly.likewife it hath the letters of'Si;rii/>/7;,thatis, hccrca-

ad'IcJotlrrab ted as many worlds as are in the number /f/?' (that is , three hundred and ten) thatilie

ftranoecoiv- Saints miglit'^ reioycc therein. Now if I fliould follow them from thefe letters and

ceitsof ibc their myfticall fentcntious cxpofition of greater parts of the lentcnce, you

Cabahdb on fj-jould heare Kj\4ofes tell you out of his firft words that the world was created for the

th:le ^^ofas, TdlnntdfisSox the fixe hundred andthirtecne precepts , becaufe hee lotted the Jfraeliier

out 01 P. Rich, J ' J ... 1, I r ' r I ,r I . U IT

deed Jir.l 4. ''=""'' '■^'^* -"^ oth;r people : Againc , that heforefaw the Ijraelites rvould recetf.e the Lame
Wefindcthe (but he isnow an Aflcjfaithhcwhichbeareth wine and drinkethwatcr). There arc in
father in seih, jh- {^,(1 yerfe Icuen words,\vhich fignifie the Icucn dayes of the weekc , fcuenth ycarc
the fonne in of reft,feucn times fcuenth the Iubilee,leuen times feuen lubilees, feuch heauens,icuen
£W?wVh-^rpi- '"''"'^^ of promife.and feuen Orbes or Planets.which caufed T>auid to fay , / wilhraife
lit & wil'dom thee fearr t :mes a day.Thcrc zxc iS.letters init,whichfliewthe aS.timesofthevvorld,
&c. ofv\hich 5^/c»;c«fpeakcth,i;ff/f/.^ i.ThcrearC in \x.6./ilefhs^-iaA thctforethc world

b Ad pafiidcn- ^zM laft f ooo.yeares. So in the fecond vcvfe,7'Af enrthrvas without forme aad voyde^xc
dim j.y^/fpfej.which fliew the world fhould be ;coo.places voyd : now in the third « ver!e
V'ict there be are4.y-^/c'pAj,whichniewother4ooo.yearc,two of which fliould be vndcrthe Law»
biht .-Thus is and two YndcrMeffias.

the light dark- Now for the firit man,his b3dy(raith R.Ofia in the ^ Talmud) was made ofthecarth

ned. ofBabv!on, his head of the land cflfrael, his other members of other partes of the

jrir"'^^'"'"^ vorld.' So R./I/«V thought hewascompaft ofthecarth , gathered out of the whole

?(.iU -0^6 e3rth,as it is written,T/3;«f lyes did fie myfdJl.tKce, now it is clfewhcrc written , The

eyesoftheLordtireoHeralltheearth. There arc 12. houres ofthe day, faith K.Aha,'m

the firft whereof the earth of s^(^.j;?2,or earthly matter was gathered : in the fecond,thc.

trunke of his body fadiioned : in the third, his members ftretched forth .- in the fourth,

his Ibule infufed : in the fift.he flood vpon his feet : in the fixt, he gaue names to the

creatures : in the Ceuc\Mh,Eue was giuen him in marriage: in the eighth, they afccnded

the bcddetwo.and defccndcd foure : in the ninih he receiued the precept, which in the

tenth he brake,and therttore was iudged in the elcuenth ; and in the twelfth -was catt

out of Paradile : as it is written, A^an continued not one night in houour.Thc ilatureof


C H A P . 14- A S I i» Thefccond 'Booke. l2^

AAam was from one end of the world co the other, and for his trnnfgrcfTionjthc Crea-
tor by laying on bis hand leficncd him : for before, faith R.Eleit:^(ir, with his head hce
reachfd (a reacher indecde) chc very firmatnent. His language v/as Syriakc or Arami-
ttfli, fj:th^./^«iij,3nd :>.% Rcfch L-kif addeth, the Creator ("he wed him all generations,
3nd the wife-men in them. His {\nuf:,iii<:t%.IehHde, was hcrcfic j R.lfaac tbinketh,
thenourilliing hisfore-skinne.

Hekncworvfed'camallfilthincflewithallthebcafts which Godbroughtvntohim ■=• RciiM-rtde
before £'«f was made, as fome interpret R.EIeaz^ar , znAR. Salomon: buiT{cnch/ine AtteCabd.l.i.
labo'Jreth to purge them of that fenfe : who affirmeth , that hee had an AngcII for his
Mafter or Inftruftor : and when he was exceedingly dciedled with remorfe of his finne,
God fent the Angcll Raz^tel to tell him that there llioiild be one of his progcnic which
fliould haue the foure letters oileboiiah\n his namcand flidiild expiate original! finne.
And here was the beginning of their Cabala: and alfoprcfently hereupon didhecand
Ene build an Altar and offer facrifice.The like offices of other Angels they mention » to a Soffay they)
other Patriarchs and tell that cucry three moneths arc fct new watches of thefe watch- ^"I'^id anothec ,
men, yea euery three houres^yeaand cuery houre is fonic change of them. And there- ^°^^\ '"^'"" '
fore we may haue more fauour of them in one houre then another: for they follow the .,^^| Ju"']^
the difpofition of the ftars ; fo faid the Angcll 5-cw^rff/ (which wrcftled with him) vnto Kalhael^ifaac '
lacob^ Ln me goe for the d.ijf breakfth : for his power v\as in the night. But let mere- 'Pelicl,iacib'
turne to : ofv\hom they further tell'^ that he vras an Herm3phrpditc,a man-wo- Gakie/, i^feph^
maUjhauing both Sexes & a double body, the female part ioyneci at the Hioulders and f"'' '\'^-^''-<'^-
back parts to the male, their countenances turned from each other. This is proued by rdi ccmn'rt""'
Aiofes his wordes,5o (^odcreatedmanin his Image,mitle and female crcited hctkeyru. cabnUii.Do^m
uind he callfdihetrname ylda-fK :yetafici ih\s\s mzmion o{^ Adams folitarineflc, and b Csa.iz.t6,
forming of £«^ out of his fide, that is, cutting the female part from the ma!c,and fo fit- '^ ^'^er. de
ting them to generation. Thus doth Leo HebntHs reconcile the fable oiP/atos Andro . ^'"'"^"•'■'•^lo
gynus w ith Mofes narration, out of which he thinketh it borrowed. For as hee tellcth ^ ^ ^'Y'
that /wp/f^r in the firft forming of mankinde, made them fuch Androgyni , with two IcoHebr. Dial.
bodies of two fexesioyned in the breaft,diuided for their pride, thenauill flillremay- i-de Amore.
ning as a skarre of the wound then made : fo with little difference is this their interpre- ^'"^^'"» Mer,
tation oi Mofes. Butlet vs looketo ourprefent Icwcs and the hiftone of their life. ■^•(■l'

In their chambers alwaies is found fuch as Pi^ure ; and the names of the Angels of
Health (this office they afcribe to them) arc written oucr the chamber dore. In their
Booke ^ Br<iinJ,jpiegel,pr\t\ted at Cracouia.T 55)7. is fhewed the authoritie of this Hiflo- d Brtsdff.
lie, coIle6ted by their Wife-men out of thofewordes ; e CMaU ar.dFcmale created he ■= Cen.i.i.?,
them, compared with the forming of <?«^ of a Ribbe in the next Chapter, faying, That
Lilts was diuorcedfrom u/^iJaw for her pride, which {l\ee conceiued , bc-
caufe n-ie was made ofcarth, as well as he ; and God gaiic him ai-;othcT,Fle/hofhispfJ:,
And concerning h«r,^.(JWis/e^-f tels, that 5^>»^r/ the Dcuill carne riding vpon a Ser- f jj/o,-^/^ ^^^^
pent, which was as bigge as aCamell, and caft water vpon her, and deceiuedher, l,%.c-H. ' ^

When thislev\'effe ia in trauell, fhee muft not fend fora Chriftian Mid- wife, except
no lewifli can bee gotten ; and then the lewifh women mufl be very thick about her
for feare of negligence or iniurie. Andiffhec behappily deluieredofafbnne, thereis
exceeding ioy through all thehoufe,and the fathcrprefently makes fefJiuall prouifion

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