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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 4 of 181)
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the day of Ex- ^^j^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^ diftinguiilied by qualitie,or his|r*.t/ac^#difccrned by quantitie.orbis
pronou iTcc It' eteryiiticmciCuvcd by time , or his frefence bounded by place : <= of whom all things
whichtoapri- arc to be conceiucd, ^ beyond whatfocucrwc can concciue.

uareman the ThePerfons, which communicfate in this DiuineNaturc,are three ' : This is their
lewes cftee- ovvne witnefl'e of themfclues; There are three which bearc record inHeauenjhc Father^
nTedthelofle . jyord , and the Spirit and thefe three are one. This myftcrie was manifelled in
of eternal hfc. ,.,' ,-^in j- l t • i cjt^i r- t

StenhHs thin- the ' baptifme of Chnft, and m our baptifmcm the name ot the Father,Sonne,ana

kcLhthatnonc Holy-Ghoft. The Angels vnto this glorious Trinitic 5 fing their Holy, Holy, Holy:
can incerpi cte the Scripture it felfe applying that which there may be interpreted of the Father, both
it, andlW«5 totheSonnc/<».i2.4i.andtotheSpirit,^ff.28.25.ThefewithotherpIacesdoe alfo
tui-getifis, t at ^^gi^jf^p their pcrfonall diflincSion.The creation was not onely the Fathers workc, but
Tranflate it; alio ofthe other appeareth by that ncwne plurall ioincd to a verbe fingiilat
theChalda;- in the firft word oi'cjifofes, and other like plurall appellations, Eyr44.24.and €f.^^.<^.
ans, Arabians, 1^Sam.'J.^7. andmany fuch places. The Apoftles applie thecoucnant, worfiup.and

Grecians, r,a- .vQj.j^gs of God mentioned in the Old Tellament, totheSenneand Holy Gho^'mihe
tines, and the ^ j j

New Teftament it fdfe vfe in fteade thereof Tfc« tori. Mmtaitm readeth it 7«fc«i;and aflRrmeth that it wasknovrne
both toth° common Ifiaclites and to the neighboring nations, &c. but fee themfclus: I name it after the modern vfc
for diftmftion. ZiBf/'/eand^GvcaWMSjObfcru? that the name of God in all nations is TcrM|>(i»;w<itoa of foure letters.
In Dutch and Englilh,they therefore double the laft confonant. V'ld.K. Mof.l.i. Ric.adpriecafj'.zo.Keuchi.n de
•unbo mir'if Li. x Hf^.i^.S. y j4\ioc.\%. z txtdS.^, * ^aa contradiilionem implicant fub dmina ommptten-
tia tion centMe'rititr.Nonpro dcfcilu poteniit, fed qiitd non pofimt habere rationcm patibilU vcl pojfibilu. CeauemeMius dicUury
quod eanonpo(fi:nt peri, qnkm fin'odVats non f(iffitfacere.Aq^.\.ilx^,a7t.i.& d. a r.T'im.t.M.. b I^G(I/./.^.^.t? 14.
c Deus'ubiqi^eelt, vdmigisprepriiejiiplunivbiqtit.Trekat, &vtR. Mof.Demtfl habttaaitum mitndi , nenmundiisha-
hliaciibim elus. d ^kqiud omnm de silo retuleris, vim aliquam ippus mugU &• virtiitem , qiiam ipfum expUceueris. ^id
ea'tmdignum dc eo am d'.c.u, nut, q-ti ommbns &fermontbus&fcnfibmmai»rc^ Triii.pag.'j^^.^^atiitriitlea
remoHendd,,,priuat:o, & afimilattoad Creatmits. R. Mof.Moreh l.i.^^.^ 'ij .tanqiitm de rtge diccre-
turhabenuir tnilliciimlletnlentiaitri, quod baberit centum talentx trgenti. c Dcus vmn inTrinitate, trmiuiavnitate.
Arneb.iit'Pjal.i^i, i /tUit.i. g £Jay6,,Ett)b!mbxcfi[e,


Chap. 2. ThefafiBooke. 5

Newjncirhpr can the one be the Sonne, or the other the fpirit ofGod, naturally and in
proper manor of fj:!eech but they muliaho lubfift in the fame Nature with the Father,
which being infinite,rpirituaIi,iiT,mutibIe, can be but one, v\ hich mull wholly , or not
at all,be comimmicatcd.Tn a vvord^thceqi:aIitie,the nameSjthc proprietics.thc works,
the vvorfliip peculiar to God , arc applied to the Son?!e2adHo[jGhoJi, equally with
the Father. Which ihey that h!i may Icarnc in llich ascfpccially treatcofthis fubieifl:
where this myflcrie of the Triniiie is ancrrcd againfi^all hcrctikcs,Iewes,and Infidels :
Yea by fome f alfo.out of their own authcnticke Authors,whcther they rccciue Scrip- f i4crn de-jtr.
tures Jlabbins, Philofopherj or any other. I intend oneiy to annoint the doorc- ports C.R.F.Pdtrk^ '
efthishoufe with this difcourfe, that I may make a fitter cntrie thereinto, leauing the ^'-Ga'J.iz.
fuller handling of this mytterie to fuch as purpofely frame their whole edifice with "%'■'''/''«"'»'.
large common places hereof; which yet alvvay nn:fl:,bce mere ccrtaincjy rccciued by S ■''(A'". s«,
faith, than conceiucdbyrcafon: according to that of I vstt k M-^rtyr, F»?7<m/« StOT^wjiaif.
Trimtate imflligitfir^Cr Tritntas in Fnitete nojcttur: id vere cjuo modofifit, nee alios fcnt- " f 3a'c<» to
tari veLm, ipfc mihi pefum ^ffiUJActre Thinke of' one, a threefold light will da- '" '":''°«'j ^
zell thec;difiinguifli into three, and an infinite vnitie will fvvallow thee. Vnus^^ fi '^^^r^iaiTna.-
dteiiehet, vr.ifstmns, faith * 'BerKurd. ^df^'^ i

Hauing thus with trembling hand written of that dreadful! myfierie of the Trinitie, ^^^''"■' '^ feUa.
of which we may fay, cir,n Aiciinr^ nctiA^eitur-^ It is not told with tcllino, nor can be *ic- -^^'i^^" , >yeis
fcribedby defcription;The nexttobcconfidcred aretheworkcs ofGod , which are "^'ifdveiifif^
citherinwardandimmanent, or outward and tranfient. The inward are eternal! and l-'^'u.Naz..
vnchangeable, indeede no other but himfelfe, although accounted and called workes "^''^'^■"^^"gci.
in regard of their effefls in the World and of our conceiuing. For ■ a!! the proprieties i 'D.Ahbot.par.
of Gon are infinite, as they are immanent in himfcife, yet in their tranfitiue and forren i-^'fi>'-l'''g,9.
effcds are fiintcd and limitted to the model and ftate ofthe creature wherein the fame
cifcds are wrought. Such an immanent watke we conceiue and name that k^ufytf^^l^ k Trekat.
CodtoMchmg the cre^tian oiihc World, with his prouidcnt diipofing all and euery part ^""d'
thereof, according to the counfellofhisownc will, and efpecially touching the tcafo- '•5-'^«^-*«
nable creatures, Angels and Men, in refpecS: eftheir eternall ftate in Saluation or Dam-
nation. The outward works of God are,in regard of Nature, C^eatton and Preuidence:
in regard ofGrace, Redempion and Salfiation^xn th.e fulncfl'c cf time performed by our
Em/tnuil, God manifeftcd in the flcfh , true God andpcrfcft man, in the vnitie ofone
perfon, without' confufion,coniicrfion, or feparation. '" This is very God and life c- i . . -
ternalljIefusChrift the Sonne of iGod our Lord , which was conceiued by the holy . '^^y'^V'^'^i
Gheft, borne ofthe Virgin ^<.>-r^fufFeredvnde^ Vemms /'i/rt/.r, who was crucified, "'f'-'^'^f • *"
dead and buricd;dercended into Hell; rofe againc the third day;hc afcendcd into hca- "^""P'^^ 4
ucn; where he fitteth at the right hand of God the Father Almightie, frojn w hence he *?^^^'^*
fhall come to iudgc the quicke and dead. And tofuchasarcfonnes, "God doth alfo n Gallt's' ^
fend the fpirit of his Sonne,to renuc and fanftifie them as children cfthe Fathcr.mem-
bers ofthe Sonne, temples ofthe Spirit, that they, cnen all the elc6i: , may bee one holy
^/jfio//^'' C/?«.Tc^,cnioying the vnfpeakeablc priuiledges and heauenlyprcronatiues
ofthe Communion «f Satxts, thtforgmene^e ofSinnes, the RefwreUion efthe "Body, e.r.<i
EticrlafiiKglife, Eucnfo, come Lord leiiis.

Chap, I J.
of the aeahon ofthe IVorld.

m^^M!^^^ Hey which would without danger behold the Eclipfecf theSunne.
r-'i'V- &^^» ^-^ "Otto fixe their eyes direftly vpon that bright eye of the World,
^■^^ r?/;Vfc (^hliough by this cafe darkened ) but in water behold the lame w ith
^o^?.| I^I^-ji^ more cafe and Icfle peril!. How much fitter is it likewifc for ourten- ■
^^';;^.v4^^ der eyes in beholding the light of that Light, ^th<; Father of lights'^ in * ^'""■'^•tr.
iijAi4 - ^ »ia»» IS no d.nksneffs, to diuert our eyes from that brightnefle ofglo- <^,ifr'''\'-^' .
lie, and behold him (as wee can) in his workes? The firfl of which in execution 'Maupumoi-
was the creation ofthe World, plainly dcfcribed by M o s e s in the booke of (?«■»?- ^rimeturkd'om

: B 3 ps> ^

of the Qreatwi of the V/orld.

HAP. 2.

fts , both for the Authoiir .matter ,m3ner,and other circuaiftanccs ; Rcafon it felfe thus
farre fabfcribing, as appearcth in her Schollers, ( the moll of the Heathens and Philo-
fophers in all ages ) That Jiis World was made by a gicater then the World. In pro- uingthis, or illuftrating the other, a large field ofdifcourfc might be miniftrcd : nei-
rcMitumvcne- tlicr doe I know any thing vi herein a man may more improue the reuenues of his lear-
ritol^m.Orex ning,or make greater flicw with a little,decking and pruning himfelfejlikcit^ sops
(mj^:.-npuuj.Ts, j^^^ ^^^ o R a c E his Chough , with borrowed feathers , than in this matter of the
c GffJ.!. >. Creation, written of ( after their maner) by fo many le wcs, Ethnicks,Heretikcs, and
" Nothingbut Orthodoxe Chriftians. For my part it fliall be fufiicient to write a little, fettin" downc
Nothing hitl fomuchofthefubftancc of this i'ubicdt, as may make more plainc way, andeafierin-

build this city, opprefled the prelTc with then huge volumes) there are diuersofthePrimitiue mid-

Du.Bart. die, and decayed times ofthe Church : a c/o^^ indeed of Authors, both for their num-

^""'l^' .^7' t>cr, and the varictic of their opinions , the moll of them couering rather then difcoue-

mjterig q:«e ring that truth (which can be but one ) and more to be bclccued in their confuting o-

e^ni fHiwn'!, thers, then prouing their owne aiTcrtions. Their ilore through this difagrceing is be-

faorkmani, come a fore and burthen, whiles wc muft confult with many , and dare promife to cmr

ge/tcraUom,o^i- felues no liuer footing : yet cleauing as taft as we can ro the letter, imolorino the af-

i"'"cUro- - '^ft^"<^^ ofthe Creators (pint, let vs draw as nearc as wc may to the fenfeof Moses

'no'fii'eiiacitra words, the beginning whereof is, <^ InthcbtginnitigGod createdibe Heatten ani the

emv.t tcmporU Earth . Wherein (to omit the cndlcfie anddiuers interpretations ofothers.obtrudin''

nimcntum , allegoricall, anogogical],myfticall fenfes on the letter) is exprefled the Author of this

qu:t)\ie^j. viaiiie vvorke to be God, Eloh$»i; which word, as is fayd , is ofthe plurall number infinua-

'r.TcHTbr^r^ ting the holy Trinity, theFathcras thefountainc ofallgoodncfle, the Sonne as the

jCtHHut difiri- wifedome of the Father, the Holy Choft as the power of the Father and the Sonne

men inter crea- concurring in this workc. The aftion is creating, or making ofnothing*, to which

re,formare&- is required a power fupernaturall and infinite. Thef/>wf wasthe-Jbegmnin^oftimc,

f^ccre, I. ex vvhen as before there had neither bcene time,Hor any other creature.

"enti^crtata'for- ^^'^ worke is called Heaiier. a»d Sarth; which ^ fome interpret all this bodily world

raxm'mHucerc, here propounded in the fumme , and after diftinguiflied in parcels , according to the

5. membrafiii. fixe daycs feuerail workes.Somc vnderfbnd thereby the * Fir fl matter; which others

gitk ordif.ue: § apply onely to the word E-!rtb , expounding He.iue*i to be that which is called Em-

q'tx tmen m- nyr^».« including alfo the fpirituall and fuper-celcftiall inhabitants. A^ainc others

pnuMir.Ef.^l. '^"°'" ^ wilhngly follow, h extend the wordHeauen to a larger fignification, therein

j.OccolapjiiG. comprehending thofe three Hcaucns , which the Scriptures mention: (one whereof

d Iv itf';(^v T^ is this lower, where the Irirds ofthe Hsa-^cn doe R\e , reaching from the Earth to the

jf*™ ^p'ofor. Sphere ofthe Moone : the feccnd , the vifiblc Planets and fixed'Starres , with the firff

S.ifiL hom.i . in Moueable : the third , called the He^Henef He«uens,the third Heanen and Taradife of

frhicipiotcmpo- Gad) together with all the boaft of them. By Earth they vndcrfland this Globe , con-

ris,'.defi, fimul fifljngofSca and Land, with all the creatures therein, thefirff verfe they hold to be a

Tid!mu7n' S^"^"ll propofition ofthe Creation of all Creatures, ' vifible and inuifible , pcrfedfed

Vhdofonui m HWyfWJ. ap.Fhotiim 140. ■roi^aiTTiv'ri^onovvty &c. Tempmtiontam menfuramotiisquam[/.ovri,per'
miilcntia & diircmtk^mtm rtuimq^ corpsrcrum aHorl- e(l xon at^v qmfiati ov-Hmncsflcfimtn inWitmt ordmem,De,ii,xnn,
mandm, tcmpra,^^:io. Dcm xmi fuu,<eon mimdum, rntmdifi TtmpUi, 1^ tmfiugencrationem. rharnxsaU , fimulcum
tempore. fhijituorvKm lonunturjimidcrcata, f. cmhm Cmpwenw, ninteria ceypmalnqux nomine ttme !ind\ig:tttr,Tcmpui,&
Vatun Angchc.1. Sitm.p.uq.nT.aft.i Faginsvenk , j^imm Deia principio cceliia & tcnamcreau-t , cmt tensinanis &
vacua .-Nam fimphhtcr (an) hoc volitU Mofes, nonjl.iUm nb initio cxDoUriim fi:ii]c misndim , vt Mic cermtm, fed mane cce!i&-
ler>\-e chaos f,(ifjecr.ealitm. e Merida &?crer,minrcrpyetat>0ncmh.m Chryfiflomntnhiii-.nt. f Caluin.inCett.SMunficr.
Luther, Ariopeus & Vsg.ap Marhrut. R.7(jchm.vmi ifitrlligil per & te,,:m mate/mm temiilfmam & impatpMlcm di-
licrfc tamen ;t!turj:,i::i vt calumcale^n, una tc,reftri< fucrit.Immfi intcrBr,:tatiirc\ti>mm Ulum hminvniHeilitatvaml'i-
tiim cum fuim-cahltiUm mcolu illiin 4- (piritalibM furmis aiqite 'mc!iigcmi,i , turn natiriam ilkm prnmm ex qua terra ac res
vm;m cee'cjksac te,ren,-csf.,^a fitnt. de tnptici Ccdo vid, Ar. Nature olferuat, g 7 hcodoret. Beda, Strabus M-
e!imis,Lyra,&p!criq!icfchi)lajfic!. h Z.weh. de oper.Dci pars.i.l.i.a Biirgenf.Poisnus ,Ei{cann<,(i-c. Paul. Merttla
Cfmg^. part. I. /. I . Pe>er. in Gtn. interprets by Hcaiicn the heaucniy bodies then trade: and after perfeftcd with
Uglu and Bietion; by Earth, the element ofthe Eaith, i,


H A p . 2 . The firfl 'Booke,

ink fixe dayes ; as many places of Scripture teftific: which, as concerning the vi- k Gen.i.i.E.wd
fibIe,/^/e/''^/handlethafccr particularly, largely, and plaincly, contenting himfcifc ^ jS,
with briefe mention ofthofcinuifible creatures, both 'good and "^ bad , nsocrafionis J'^
ofFercd in the following parts of his Hiftoric In the prefent," he omittcih the particu- „, Ge'Il'^'
Jar defcription of their Great ion, left fomc (asIewesandHeretikcshaueclonc)fhould nVet.Martvr.
take occafion to attribute the Creation to Angels, asaffillants : orfhould, by theex- inGoi,
cellencie of that Nature , dcpainted in due colours , be carryed to worfhipping of An-
gels : a fuperllicion which men haue embraced, towards the vifible creatures, farre in-
ferior both to Angels and themfelucs.

(J^Isfcs proceedeth therefore to the dcfcription of the firft matter, and the crea-
tures therofframed and formed. For touching thofc inuifible creatures , both the An-
gels and their hcauenlyhabitaticn, howfocuer they arc circumfcribed , and hauc their
proper and mcftpcrfcft fubftance, yet according to the interpretation of Diuines,
otheirnaturediffereth from that ofother creatures, celcftiall or tcrrcfii3ll,as not being ^^ . ,
made of that firft matter, whereof thefe confift. Let vs therefore labor rather to be like i.
the Angels in grace,that we may be like vnto them in glory,than prie too curioufly in- /. i. t. 4.
to their ' Nature (to our vnderftandings in manner fopernarurall)and cndeuour more, * ^^ Dionyf. &
jnheedingthcway which lea dcth to that 7/M«<r« of /^ir5/cj(7f^, than bufic outwits ^s thofc which
too bufily in defcrying or deicribing it. Onely thus much wee may obfcrue thereof, mcmionc h
that it is beyond all reach of our cbferuation: in regard of fubftance not fubicfttocor- dcintcUwcnt.
ruption , alteration, pafllon, motion : in quantide , p many dwclUngpLices , moft fpaci- cceleli. vihkh
ous and ample ; in qualuic, a Paradifc, fairc, ftiiuihg , delightfome , wherein no cuill "umber 7, O.
can be prefent or immincntjno good thing abfentia meere tranfcendent,»'i/ci& ere bath j ^ '^"j"^''
not fee>jc,»»r cure heard^nor the heart ef man can conceiue. \N\\ctcthe.'\Tabcrnacle of „^^^^^^ ' ^'
^odfhall bervith men^andhewill dwellvJth them,and fhallbe ' all in allvmothem ; rpkere Gabriel Mi- '
the pure in heart fl.^allfee him , and eucn our bodily eyes fliaJl behold that moft glorious chael,al which
of creatures, the Sunne ofrightcoufneffe, and Sonne of God,Chrift lefus. '" courfe and

Embracingthefethings with Hope, let vsreturneto Mofes\\\s dcfcription ofthe ^^"^"'°'''go-
fenfibieWorldj who fheweth, that that Heaucn and Earth, which now we fee, were world Eadi
in the begin ning or fiift degree of their being, an Earth vithoc.t forjnedridvotde,^. dark- 5 ^4. j'eares &
ned ^efth andwatcrs : a matter ofno matter, and a forme without forme; a rude.'and in- 4niomhs, &c;
digeftcd C^;/ej- , or confufion of matters, rather to be fbeleeucd than comprehended P ^"''•14.^.
of vs. This is the fccond naturall beginning. For, after the exprcfTing of thematter, fol- ^ , co *' *^'«
loweth that whicirPhilofcphers call a fecondnaturall Principle, ^ Friuatien^ihcwzui incb.ii ?* *
of that form, of which this matter was capable,which is accidentally a naturall princi- c ■^rift.phyf.l.T.
pie, required in regard of generation, not of conftitution, here delcribed by th.-t part ^"'•'■P^'^f.'tnGen
next vs, £ii?7^,which was rv:thont forme, as is laid, oW'&o/W.This was the internal con- % j^i^knefle
fiitution : the extetnall was , d^.rkfnejfe vpon the face ofthe decpe. ' Which Deepe com- philopMuV
prifeth both the earth before mentioned, and the vifibles hcauen? alfo, called a Depth, vnderftandeth
as to our capacity infinite , and plyant to the Almighty hand ofthe Creator : called al- the Aire and
fo Waters, " notbecaufe it was pcrfeft waters, which was yet confufed, but becaufe of Waccr.a/i.Pto.
a ccrtaine refcmblance , not onely in the vniformity thereof, but alfo of that want of \^qil:
ftabilitie, whereby it could not abide together , but as the Spirit of God moucd vpon QcncL
thefe Waters, to fuftaine them; and '^ ,is the Henne ficteth on her cggcs to cherrifli and x HierJ.trad.
quicken, as Hicrome interpretcth the word, fo to niaintaine,3nd by his mightie power Hebr.Trcm.ei'
to bring the fame into this naturall order. Here therefore is the third beginning or ^"'i' ,
Principle inNature,T6^f/tfrwc, which the Spirit of God , the third petfon in Trinitie ^y'^ "'*'■-;'*
(not pyre or wind, as^ I'ome conceiue, being things which yet were not ihemfelues y Mcrc'.de*
formed) by that aition fianied it rnto, and after more particularly effeOiled. Fab.mundi, cir

This intcrpretanon ofthe Spirit mouing vpon the Waters,agreeth with that opinion '^ntecum'ter-
vvhich fome airribu tc to the Scoikcs , That all thmgs are procreated and gouernec! by "'Ij-'^d Hcrmsg.
one Spirit, Which Z-Vwocr/r^j called i he Ibulc ofthe world, Hermesznd Zoreafler, ,■ ^ !'J'L '?"' '

dc Aitgelis inter-
prct-iiarM .A''Ji ■^'t-u. M.'jm. Ic.^). is of thit mindc : but /. i.e. 3 1 . he findeih the foure elements in thefe fourc words
hctci-nemiioncd: Earth, Spirit, Dccpe, and Darl^cicJJi.


t Of the Creation of the World. C h a p . 2.

' Patricias and y^jOo/A>Df//)^/c»/cair Fire, the maker, quickncr, and prcfcrucr of all things: and

nombi cth tlic Virgil moft elegantly and diuincly fingcth, fecming to paraphrafe on Mefes words :
linkesof this

oX!c.'"j5«f rT>rmci^wC<£l'-*m,AcTerrM,tamfofci«eliqHentes

mtey>\t,aw.r, LHeriJtemrjue globum Lu»<t,Tita»ia^ne aftra,

miflis cfi nbarrea Spintas intHS alit ; tetamque infitfapcr artm

pendci,i.ic a ca- CMens agttat moUm & magnofi corf ere mifcet,

lefti , n ii fute t:jr o

(itirU : h',c vera That is,

'snmremain- Heaucn firft,ant1 Earth,aiid Watrie plaincs,

miimcilotc: hie Bright Moonc,ofStarri!3 thofc twinkHng traincs,

ab tinmam The Spirit inly chcri{heth,

ab inulleHiidi:, Loues, rr.oues. great bcdy noiirifiieth;

'^::'!tif^.i Through allinfUs'd this ^//containes.

rt primarm elfcn-

tsslt : hie uident The fivfl: creature which rcceiued naturall forme was the light , ofwhlch God faid,

abide.tli,ouim l^ec there Ips //ght-iUghzkme and delightfome fubicftof our Difcourlc, cfpecially

Tvef'lm 3 ^^"'"S '^^^'y P^^^'' ^^'^^ ^ confufcd and darke Chaos. But here (I know not how)that

deriu/t^s. 'pm- which then lightned the deformed matter of the vnformed world,hath hidden it felfe :

cDf. /.5. The fomc ^ interpreting this oftheSunne.which they will hauc then created ; fomc^ of an

interpretation immateriall qualiue,attcr rcceiued into.thc Sunnc and Starres ; fome ' of a cloud, for-

of this myfti- mgd of the \vaters,circular!y moiied, and fucccfiiuely lightning eyther hemifphere, of

'^^'"''Y'"'"' which afterwards the Sunne was compac?^ ; from which they J differ not much which

borrorothim t^inke it the matter ofthc Siinne.thcn more diffufed and impcrfctl, as the waters alfo

fclfemhisPa- were carthic.and the earth fluible, tillGodby afccond woike pcrfe6led and parted

niig Paiiarc. them. And Cto let pafle them which apply it to Angels or men) others' vndcrftand it

Pa.r.iyc.Paii- of the fiery Element,the cflcntiail proptrtie of which is to enlighten. Yetarc wcnot

'^^J- '"°J^^jh here pified all difficulties, whiles fome f ( perhaps not vniuftly) would perfwadc the

zlnlftfr Her- world.that F,7v,as it is ordinarily in Schooles vnderflood of a fublunaric clement, is

fnes and lomc with worfe then Promethean theft ilolnc out of hcauen vvhere it is vifible , and impri-

Platonikcs , foned in this t'leir eletnentaric world : whereas tyiiaxagorat, Th.ties , iyinaximenes,

then dicl'crip- e-:^pedoc/esJ^'er.icui.-if, PU'», Parnnnjdes, Orpheus, Hermes, Zere.iBer, Tbile and o-

ihew thK"^all ''^'■■'■^■jthc fathers ofthc C^ddean^i/Egj/ptiartJewifli^nA G')'.«f w»learning, account the

thine,'; were *hcaucns and heaucnly bodies to be a:thereallfire,to which our fenfe alfo will eafily

mimeJutly fubfcribe. And PitirttiKsz^}imct\\x)mx.OceH:isLiicAmts,ov\toiTythagorai\\\%(c\\o\.

creaceii in the lers, was firft author of that former opinion,from whom <tAriflotle borrowed it,ifit be

beginnng by ^^^ (health rather, whiles he concealcth his nam.e.Diucrs g late Philofophers slfofecme

X i/OT.^wW ^° '^^"^ confpircd to burne vp that fierie element , or rather to aduancc it abouc this

/. 6. cnwLi.h fublunarie region into thaofthereall throne. Let the Philofophers determine this

words ^eimm v hen they do oth rr doubts : in meane while let vs,ifyou plcafe, vndcrftand this Lfht

fiiim elementu her naturall place : and afcer that; it pofTefled the Sunne, Moonc and Starres, faith our

gigmt-'thtofa. fenfe, which thence receiueth Light ^znA there in the c-Ethcreall region leeth new Starres

a '/',itali.& and UiperUinarie Comets .compact ofjEthereallfubftancc (as the molt diligent h Ob-

Marlorat. m j-^.y^j.; ^aue recorded) both procreated and perifliing : fo that that which before was

b Btif.bexJmn.a.Grig.'N.i'^'t^icetashieum. c Z3ach.Hu^i).UmkiV,d.ToftatiM,iifC. d W«'«?.|'.i./.i.(: 4.
e V^ f.onh.l.i- C.J.Hugo Amiot. inGtn. Gr. Ny(f'en.Iim!is,&c. f Vid.Vlutir. deVkc. Philof.l.z. Putrit.
VaKaiig.l.T.^ Paiicef.l.^ ^.&zi. ' adificv vn/i; ,C!ii:M partes (ondenfxtie , fiel{,i, xthcr aittemdiriM ab aiQn tohurns
Stoicoram nlnnionetn vid. Ant,, de Ciu . Dei. /. 8. «■. i . The Suane faith I'hilo, h(;iKeyi{ ^Aiif^ 'taoMiii, sn'i Zjiuh.Sol heb.
^■yvid.ibiigiii : and anoihcr.,Cceliimigmiiifluem B>ovqi^:\li rj^c-.v^nidiji, ignii&aqua. g Citrdan. defiib. I. ^. Mem-
la Cof. lib. i.c.i.lo Vic. Mirxr'i. dc clrmcn!. c. x.T) cho B'ahc ile Comcta 1 5 77. f. f /t.«^ l^epkr deftet. Nocig. P^alla^ rra-
(a^arlm, Mjrpur'i., &c. Leo Hebr. did. z. If>m antiquis mtum etementim , & fcilemterprettUur Voctaritm
llUtd emit pilriiu Arherem ■ matrem eij'e diem vel h Tych. B^a.l.i.dcN-St.& Comet. }\Cple>: & Karthulm.


C H A p . 2 . ^^^? firfl 'Books,

neither cthcrcall nor clemcncarie,whilcs there was neyther arthcr nor element pcrfe-
fted.afterbccame ,Ttherea!l-elcmentarie,as being happily the matter ofthe Sunnc and
Starresofoldjandofthefe later "appearances; and alio filling the stbercall world in ■! Such as -h
the higher and lower regions thcicof, both abouc and beneath theMoone, with the newflars Fire
Light here nientioned.and that vi gorous hcate, which as an affciSl or an cfrciiri: thereof, is one ct the
procreaceth,recreateth and confcructh the creatures of this inferiour world. No mar- 4. dements of
uell if the Philofophers are rtill dazzcled and darkened in this light , not yet agreeing ' ''^ woiia buc.
whether It bcafubftanceor quality, corporeall or incorpcrcall ; when the I-ir.ther c/ncaih^'tlle''^"
lights himfelfe thus conuinceth vs ofdarkenefle ; where U thewny i (laith he) where hght Mcone. Patrlt.

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