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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 40 of 181)
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againft the Circumcifion on the eight day. In the meanc time ten pcrfons are inuitcd,
neither more nor fewer, which arc all paftthirtecncyearesofagc. The night after her
<leliucrie,fcucn oftheinuitcd parties, and fome others fometimes,mecteattheChild-
houfc,and make there great cheare and fport all night, Dicing, Drinking, F.ibling, fo
to folace thcMother,thatfhe fliould not gricue too much for the childs CircumcilicUa
The Circiimcifer is called Mohel, who muft be a lew, and a Min , and well exercifcd
in that facultie : and he that wiil performe this office, at the beginning giueth inonie to
fome poorc lew, :o be admitted hereunto in his children , that after his better experi-
ence he may be vfedbf the richer. And this /1/oif/may thence forwards be knowne
by his ihumbes, on which h.e weareth thenailes long and S Qiarpc , and navrcw-poin- g Inarftufna,
ted. Thecircumcifing Inflrumcntisof ftone, c!afle,yron,or any matter that 'A'ill cut: ciimmatosiit-
commonly fharpe knmes like Rafors , amongti the rich lewcs elofcd in filucr, and fe: i""' ^""^^



Of the letvip? Circttmcifion,

Chap,! 4^

with ftones. Before the Infant bee circumcifed , hce muft bee wafhcd and wrapped in
clouts,that in the time of the circumcifion he may lie clcane : for othcrwifc they might
vfe no prayers ouer him. And if in thctimcofCircumcifion (forpaine) heedefileth
himlelfe.the Mohel muft fiifpcnd his praying, till he be waflicd and laid cleancagaine.
This is performed commonly in the morning, while the child is faftifig, topreucnt
much fluxe of bloud.

In the morning therefore of the eight day all things arc made rcadie. Firftaretwo
feaies placed, or one fo framed, that two may fit in the fame apart^adorned coHly with
Carpets, and that cither in the Synagogue,or fomc priuate Parlor : if it be in the S


ramfuam, cum
afcenderet ipfe,
"viddicet omne
poliquam vcro
fcvixeril in cor-

" Exod.l^.t,
a Ma!. 1. 1.
c valgus
crrd:t cii aiihuc

n\ihmntur aniini gogiie,, then the feat is placed neare the W7 vfri^f, ox Chefi , where the Booke of' the
ems rcKerfaritm j^^^^, j^ j^^p^^ "j-p^^^ comes the Suretie or God-father for the child,and placcth himfelfc
'fJ'kNamcirf ^^ ^^^^ faid feat, and nearc him the UHehel, or Circnmcifer. Other lewes follow them,
ems p-tusaim. oneofwhich cryeth with a loud voice, That they fliouldbring prcfently v. hatfoeuer is
needfull for this bufinefle. Then come other children, whereof one bringcth a great
Torch, in which are lighted twclue VVaxc .candles , to rcprefcnt the twelue Tribes of
Ifracl : after him two other Boyes, carrying cups full of red wine. After them another
carrieth the circumcifing knife •. another brings a difii with fand ; another brings ft ( • •
thcrdifhwithoilc;in which arc cleane and fine cloutSjWhich after the yl/oWapplycth
to the wounds of the child. The fc ttand in a ring about the Mohel, the better to markc
and learn:and thcfe their offices arc bought with monie by thofe children. Some come
V itut thitheralfo with fpices, Clones, Cinnamon, ftrong Wine to refrcfh, if any happen to
^^mVcMadif. Iwoune. Thefebeing thus aflembled,the God-father fitteth downe vpon one of thofe
rade ante diem two feats:right againt^ him the c^ofc^/placeth himfelfe,3nd fings the * fong of the If-
iiidicu.DriiJ.prxt raclites.and otlicrs. Then the women bring the child to.the dore,all the Con"reoation
"If"'' w prefcntiy rifing vp. The God-father goeth to the dore, takcth the child, fitteth downc
The Rabbmcs ^^^ his feat,andcricthout,B4r«cA^*/^^4,;.Blefled be hcthatcommcth; in their Caba-
liflicall fenfe,/7^/'^/<,bcing applied either to the eight day,w^hich is the day of Circum-
cifion,or the comming of ElrM, whom they call the Angel of the couenant, (fo they in-
terpret » the Prophet) and fay , that EHm comn)eth with the Infant, and fits downeoii
that other emptie feat. For when the Ifraclites were prohibited circumcifion,and Eliai
complained thus, '' The children of Jfrael hatte forfaken the couetiant, i. Circumcifion,
Godpromifedhim, That from thencc-forwards he fliould be prefent at circumcifion,
r/-r< liued whe to fee it rightly performed. And when they make ready that feat for £//<«,then they aie
jabts G'deisd houud'in let w'oids to hy, This feat ts for the PmphetElias c,otherwife ( asanvnbid-
^^^ '^'^""'^ d?n gucft) he commeth not. This feat rcmaineth for him three whole daies together,
one of the In" Then when the God-father holdeth the child in his lap , the A/^oW takes him out of
habitants his clouts , and layeth hold on his member, and holding the/or#-j;^;««f, puttethback

thereof, winch the toppe thereof , and rubbeth the,tie, foto make it hauethcleflefenfeof
efcapcdand paine. Then heetaketh from the Boy the circumcifing-knife , and faith with a lowd
^K^dmMi ^°^'^^'' BUffed bee thou, O god our Lord, K, Kg of the World , which haH [amlified
d Thecaftcrn vsvfith thy Co?m>i.-!Kdeme>its , And giueKVs the ('oHenam of Circumci/ion : zn(iv.'h'i\cs
Icwei circum- hce thus (peakcth, cuts oft" the fore-part ofthcskinne, that the head of the yard may
cife ouer water bee feene , andprefently huileth it into the d San-difh, and rfftoreth his knife to the
tlie Inhabitats goy againe : takcth from another a cup of Red Wine, and drinketh his mouthful!,
° llrl iTw't'nfctf which he prefently fpitteth out on the Infant, and therewith wafliethaway the bloud ;
Mahjfa.sni ' an^^ '^ '^^^ ^^^ t''^ child beginnc to faint, he fpittcth out fome thereof on his face. Pre-
Sum vfc.watei fently he takcth the member of the child in his mouth, and facketh<= out the bloud, to
wherin is boi- make it ftay from bleeding the fooner , and fpittcth out that bloud fo fucked into tlie
fl'* 'Thld'es o*^" other cup full of Wine, or into the difii of Sand. Thisheedoth at icafithrice. After
fpices \tare' the bloud is flayed, the (JI/o/;f/ with his fharpe-pointed thinne nailcs rcndrcththc
pTrruf. skinneoftheyaid, and puttetb it back fofarre, thatthe head thereof ij bare. Hee
)S more painefull to the Infant , with this rending of the remayningskinnc, which
action is called Pr<^^, then with the former. This being done, hee layeth the clouts
(dipped in oyle aforefaid) to the wound, and bindcth them three or foure times
dcarsdVd'from ^bout ; and then wrappcth -yp the Infant againe in his clouts. Then faith the Father of
his office, 2nd jf ii- (Jog not leiid the skinne ©f the yard, it is as no circumcifion, Dvff.pxtd.f,


liaue another
as fcnflcfle a
drcainc rhac
Phineai was £
li.i!, and there
fore Elias in
his Thabi ga-

c If the Cir-
ca mc lie 1 doi
not f'lckinrhis
fafl-.ion hce is

Chap.i4« ASIA. Thifetond'Booh, I^I

the child ; "Blefed be thou, O God our Lord, Kwg of the World , which kafi fanSiificdvs
in thy Commandement s ^ and ha(i commanded vsto facceedc into the Cotienant of our Fa-
ther Abraham. To which all the Gohgregation anlwcrcth, ay^s this Infant hath
happily fucceeded into the Coaenant of our Father Abraham ;/» happi/ji/Jyal!befiic-
ceedemto the pojfefsion of the Lav> of M o s E s , into Marriage alfo , and other goad
tvorkfs. Then doth the ^</o^f/ wafli his bloudie mouth and his hands. The God-fa-
thcr nfeth with him,and ftandcth ouer-againft him ; who taking the other cup of wine,
faith a certaine prayer, and prayeth alio oucr the Infint, faying ; O onr (jod, God ofonV
Fathers ,firengt hen and kfepe this Infant to his Father and LMother , and ?nake that his
t}ame,inthe people of Israel, KMy bee named (here hefirft nameth the Childc, calling
him Ifaac) [[ziiCjwhichri^aJ the fon»e of Abvah^m. Let his Father reioycetnhitnthaf
hath come ofit of hu lejfies ; Let his Mother reioyce in the frMit of her -^ombe , as it is
written,* (JAiake gladthyFather and Mother , andhcr that barethee toreioyce. And • rw.i^.ij.
God faith by the Prophet, "i pajfedby thee, and faw thee troden in thy bloud, and I faid a E\fcb,i6.6,
intotheeiathybloud, thou Ihahliue; yea , I faiivnto thee,inthy blotid,tho'.i p^altUue.
Here the M»hel'^\xK.% his fingcrinto the other cup of Wine, wherein hce had fet the
bloud, and moifteneth the childs lips three times with that wine , hoping, that accor-
ding to theformcrfentencc of the Prophet, hec Hiall line longer in the bloud of hi^
Circumcifion.then othcrwilehcflioiiid. T)aiiid aKoCMhj^HeifiKindfaHofhismar- b P/S/aoj.8.
uilloPU aUs rvhich he hat h done, and of his wonders, and the lodgements of hit mofith, &c.
Then he continued! his prayer for the prefent aflembly.and that God would giuc long
lifctotheFathcrandMothcrof theBoy , and blcflc the child. This done, heeoftcrS
iheblcflcdCup to all the yong men, and bids them dtinke. Then with the Childc
( who is thus made a lew ) they rcturne to the Fathers houfc , and reftorc hirh to his
Mothers aimes. This laft prayer hec makes ncare the Arke , and fome of the deuouter
leweSjbefore and after Circumcifion, take the Childe, and lay him vpon £//<« pil-
low, that £//^ may touch hifn. <= The skinnc caft into the fand, is inmemoricof t Glof.Ttltniii,
chatpromifc, ^ / vpill makethy feede as the fandof the Sea ; zndofBa/ams faying, ^ Gfs.jz.n.
e who can nttmber the duft of I A c o B , «. his pofteritie , whofe fote-skinnc is caft c l^um.i^, lo.
jntheSandorDuft, and becaufe the Curie ^ on the Serpent is thus fulfilled , Tik^ f.Gw.j.Ui
thoa fliult eate, i, this skinne in the duft : thus to their cnemie the Serpent fulfilling al-
fo that precept , % If thine e»emiehHnger,feede him. And by this mcancs the Serpent g Pr»».zj.irJ
can no more fcducc this man.

If a child beefick on the eight day, they deferre Circiimcifion till his recoueriei
they hold alfo the blowing of the North w inde neccflarie to this a6tion, and therefore
thinke that their Fathers forbare circumcifion thofe fortie ycaresinthc wiidcrncfle,
becaufe theNorthwinde blew not ail that time, left itfiiouldhaueblowncaway the
piller of fmpkc and fire : and bcfides this winde i^holfome for woHnds , which elfc arc
dangerous. But Icaft they fhould ftay beyond the eighth day cxpcding thisNortherne
breath, thcic Talmud tells that cuery day there blowfoure winded, and that the North
ismixed with them all, and therefore they may circumcifeeuery day. ]f the child die
before the eight day, he is circumcifed at the graue without any prayers : but a (igne \i
crcded in memorie of him, that God may haue mercie vpon him , and raife him at the
day of theRefurrcftion. ]n fome places all the people ftand, except the God-father,
becaufe it is Vinttzn, All the people fiood in the Couenant, But to purfuc the reft of their
niceties, grounded vpon fuch interpretations, would be endleffe. We willfollow the
child home, if you be not alreadie wearie, and lee whatrout is there kept.

Ten miift be the number (you haue heard) of the inuited guefts , and one orfwo of
thefe learned Rabbins,who muft make a long praier and fermon at the table, although
others mean while are morebiified in toffing the cups ofwine.I was onceprefent(laith
h Huxdorfius) at one ofthcir circumcilion-lcafts,aiid one of their Rabbins preached on h Cei{,i,pag.J4
.Frs.3.i8. tVtfdome ts a tree of life ;hw more woo(W.'?i or ridiculous ftuffcl neucr heard
liiallmy life.Thisfeaft they nbfcrue by example o{ Abraham, \\hi> ' made a great feaft i Gen.ii.S.
»he» the childwas weaned : their Kabal pcrueits it, vhen he was circumcifed. The Cir-
cumcifer abidethfome time with the mother,!cft thcbloiid fliouldagain iftuc from the pfc VerdimnJl^
child.Tiic mother kcepeth v.'ithin,f x weeks, ^^■hcchcr it be a male or female : all which pr.e.Kj^.


I ^ i Of the edfic4tion efilmfcyildnu. C h a p . / 4.

time her husband imtfi not fo muthas toudhii^r,or«at ihtltt in the fanic'dit^ with her.
*; The lewes I f 3 t'eiuale chilvi be borne vtbere is fmaU folcmri tie ; only .u fixe weeks age, fome
iiukc fniall ac- yong ^jeiiches ftand about thecr-adlc^au-d liftitvp with the chid in itjandirme it ; flic
compcof wo- v^iichTlands at the i)cad,bciiigGod-tr.other:aiid after this they iuukectogcthcr.
men becaufe yvhcn the fortie daies are accompUfncdjbeforc the wife rhay accoinpanie or haue a"

ckc-imcifed "7 fello wfliip with her husband, fliee niuft be purified in cold water, andptit on white
and becaufc it and ^kan garments. Their wafliaing i#with great fcrdpulofitie,in a comnoon watering,
is writcLn, Pro. or in priuate CefterneSjOr Foiintaincs ; which muft be fo deepe,that they muft ftand vp
a. mcni cdl -(q j|^g „e^-}; ji^ water : and ii"it be muddle in the bottorae,they mull hatie a fquare ftonc
wtoy::ti, t. ey jpfj-^i^j on, that their whole feet may (land in cleare wat^r, and that the water may
arenotworthy ' pafle betwixt their, toes : for the Icafi part nor eouered with water, woiildfruftraiethc
of lite ettrnal, whole aftion : aKQ lor this caufe they lay afide all their haire-laces, neck-laces, tings :
Yet arc they they diuc vndcr the water, fo that no part may bee free from the lame. Some Icweflb
more ea^c-i ly ^^a {\2,nd by for-vvitncflc hereof, which is twekie yeares old and a day at leaft.
^u,/'°''^^, ^ (V ' They redeeme their firft-borne in this fprt ; when the child is one and thirtic daies

tion then the old his fr.thcr fcndethfor the pncH » with other friends , and fets the child on a tabic
iwnV.n.Ciirb. before hiir- ; adding fo much monie , or monies-worth, as amounteth to two florcns
/.s.c.M. of gold, ortwoDoIarsand ahalfe : my wife (faith he) hath brought me forth my.firft-

Therci-ee- be, mc, and the Law bids me giuehim to thee. Doefl thou then giuemehim: faith the
f^ilb ^i- '^ Prieil:?hcanfwcrcth,yea, ThePrieftaskeththemother.if fhecuer before had a child,
a There "is or abortion ? if fhcc ani were,N6 : then the Pritft askcth the father. Whether the chilti
none of chtrm or the monie be dearer to him. ?hce anfwereth, the child :then doth the Prieil take the
no,-, fo imjju- monie and lay it on the headoi the Infant, faying: This is a firft begotten child,whicK
den: that dare God commanded fliould be redeemed , and now, faith he to the child, thou art in my

vve.irc 1^ IS a pQ^^^j. k^j ji,y pQf(.[.jts Jcfjj-g („ rcdceme thec ; now this n:ionie{liallbeeeiuentothc
true I'rielt or r; ' / r • /■ , . \ t i ■ ■ i i n , i ,

Lcuitejand Pncuh't thy redemption :and ;/ / h;<:ueredcer,:edthee^asts right, ihoujhMt bere^ee-

therefore this med : if not. yet thou being redeemed according to the Law and cuttome of thelewcs,

is but a fliadow flialt grow vp to the fcare of God, to marriage and good workes, Amen. Ifthe fathct

ot thatwh^ch It ^jg^ bcf. re the child be one and thinie daycs old , the mother hangeth a fcroll about

''ru'" r^' ""j his neck, whcreinis vvfi:ccn,This is the firif-borne , and notredeemcd : and this child
afhadow, and , ' i i- a j i ■ . u'

now is no- wneii he commetiioi age niultredecm.e himiclic.

thinj : as ap- The lewifli Chach^mim, or Wife-men, hauc left no part of life vnprouided of their

peareth by fuperflitious care : as we haue feen concerning the buth and circumcifion of their chiL
theirowne drcH, With the Purtficatiofj of tlie mother , and Redanftton o(t\\t firft-borne. To pro-
h>'°Vjl'l vv ceede with them: they enioyne the mother, while fheegiucth fuck, to eate holcfome
Vtd.Scal.Dia- foode of cafic digcibon, that the Infant may luck good miike ; fo that the heart and d.c. flomack be not ll-ipped,but may come fo much more eafily to obtaine wifedom^ and
vertue, ForGod hath great care of children , andhath therefore giuen a ^j^oman two
breafts, and placed them next her heart ; yeaiii the dangerous perfecution vndcr Pha-
b In thebooke ^f-^'^i Exod. i . lie '' caufed the earth to open It felfc, and icceiue their Male children,and
Mediojch. created therein two ftones, from one of which the Infant fucked milkc , and from the

other honie, till they were gtowne,and might goe to their Parents : yea, and if you be-
lecue their C/t"w<?r^ (canyoii choofe?) a poore lew hauing buried his wife , ■and not
able to h;re a nurfe tor his child , had his owne breafts iiMraailoufly filled with milkc
and became nurfe hiiulclfe. Ye3,Mt!rdochain (faith their Aiedr^fch)iuckcd the breafts
of Ilc'Jlcr, and for this caufe did fliee, after her exaltation, fo preferrehim. The condu-
fion is, if nieegiuegroffe foode to her lnfants,fheefhali bee caft into hell, Shcenuift
not goe naked breaflcd, not too long fafting in a morning, norcarrieher hifants , or
c ^[aU\ 21.6. luffcr them to goe or be naked, left ^ the SuKtie hurt them , if it hee in the day , or the
A'hone in the night : and that they may foone learne that the earth is filled with the Ma-
ie'lic ofdiuinegloiie :and for.this caufe muft they beware, that they neuer goe bare-
headed : for this were a figne ot impudencie , and ill dilpofition. And asreligioufly
they muft ptouidc, that they be alway girded with a girdle': tor the girdle diftinguiOi-
ethbetwixt the heart aiTd the priuitics ; and in his morning prayer he laith, "Befedhee
thou, O God, tvhich girdeft Jfmel voith the fjrdle of Jlreifgth : which , if he fliould not
haue a girdle on,would be iii vainc. Their Mothers theretbre fow their girdles to their

coats :

Chap. 15. ASIA. Thefecoiid^ooke,


coat5:with great care they aiioid going baie-foot.cfpecially in laniiarie and Februarie.

When they can fpeakc-thcy arc taught fentenccs out ofScriptijre,3nd to falute their
parents with good-morrow , good-Sabbath, &c, and after fcuen ycarcs thcyaddc the,
name of God.Godgiue you good-morrow, &c. but they niufl not name the name of
God but in 3 pure place. Thefe teach them the names of things in the vulgar^and jpine
Hebrew names among, that fo they may not commonly be vndcrrtood : for pure He-
brew they cannot fpcakc, except their moft learned Rabbinesonly. Their children
muft not conuerfe with children of Chriftians, and their parents make all things in
Chriftians odious to them, that they may feafon them from their child-hood wichha^
trcdofthem. When they are feucn yeares old they Icarne to. write and reade .-and
when they can rcade^they learne to ccnflrue the jextofMofes in their vulgar tongue^
When the Mother carry cth him firfl to the fchoole to maketh him cakes
feafoned with honie and fugar, and as this cake,fo (faith fliee) let the Law be fweet tp
thy heart. Speakc not vaine trifling words in the fchoole, but only the words of God.
For if they fo doe, then the glorious MaicHie of God dwclleth in them,3nd dclighteth
kfelfewith the aire of their breath. For their breathing is yet holy , not yet polluted
■with finne : neither is he * bar~mitz,uah, bound to obey the CommandementSjtill hec
be thirtcenc yeares old.

When he is ten yeares old, and hath now fome fmattcring in Mofes, he procccdcth
to learne the Talmud: at thjrteene yeares, his father calleth ten Iewes,and teflifiethiri
their prefence,that this his fonne is now ofiuftagc,and hath beene brought vp in their
manners and cuftomcs, their daily manner of praying and blcfTing, and hee will not
further ftand charged with the Jinnes of hu fome, who is now liar-mitx^Hah, and muft
himfelfe beare this burthen.

Then in their prcfence he thanketh God, that hee hath difchargcd him from the pu-
nifhmcntofhisfonne, defiling, that his fonneby diuine grace may be long fafe , and
«ndeuourto good workes. At the fifteenth yearc of their life, they are compelled to
learne their ^^»>4r^,or thccomplcment ofthcir Talmud Difputatioris and fiibtile Dc-
cifions about the Text of their Talmud. And in thele they (jsend the greateft part of
their liues, feldeme reading any of the Prophets , and fomc notin the whole fpace of a
long life reading one Prophet through, and therefore know fo little ofthe Mcffias.

At cightecne yeares their male children marrie , accordingto their Talmud- confti-
tution, and fometimes fooner, to amide formcation. Their maidens may marrie,when
they ' are twelue yeares old and a day. At twentic yeares they may traffike, buy, fell,
and circumuent all they can: for their w/g/^^««?' in the Law, is (in their feufe) fuch a
lew as you haue heard defcribed.

T'diui mm-'

a Popijuam
{•roduxerit pihi
■vecatur pueU.t
"^fqtud fcx n'cfcs
uid piifi.jiiam
duo piU^ A jr/in,
a^io aittem diet
& dc'iTiccps,
vocalur eduHt,
'"cc pant ampiti'i
niter puellam
7[-!2 & aduliA
mjij. Tiruf.eK

::-..\f. te,', i:

Chap. XV.

oft heir morfimg Prayer, with their Fringes^ Phylacl cries, and other
Ceremonies thereof.

.MW>ifcM>y He good-wife iS to waken her husband, and the parents to awaken thc?r
*"" children, when after thirteene yeares they are lubicifitotheleuifh

Precepts : before their Pentecoft, they rife before it is light, and after,
the nights being fhorter, when it is now day. They are reawaken the
day,not to tame till it awaken them. For their Morning-praicr muft be
made whiles the Sunne is rifing, and not later •• forthen is thetimeof
hearing, as they interprct,L<iwf»r.a. 19. And he which is dcuout ought at that time to
be fad for ler-.ifdem, and to pray euery morning for the recdify ing ot the Temple, and
Citie : if in the night-time any ftreddcth tearcs for their longcaptiuitie, God will
heare his prayer, for then the Starres and Planets mourne with him rand ifheefutfer
the teares to trickle downe his cheekcs, God will arife and gather them into his bot.
tie, and if any decree be by their enemies enaifted againft them, with thofe teares hee
wil blot oiit the i^i\\s:^\l\\<L%'^DAUid,I'Ht mj teare.t in tJy hot tie, an tlieji not in tiy bookf^

S And

B!!::dorfSy>i. ■
luii.c,<;. Ofani
tnane, &• bora
diann, t^
cub turn, yro
h.ibcnt qui ofiii
&c.Ji/Jc orationc
aggrcditur. Vh,
P.Kic prac.

1 p4 Of their morning Grayer, C7C. C h A p ,i 5.'

And if any rubbe his forehead with his tearcs,it is good to blot out ccrtaine finnes that
are there written. In the beginning of the night God caufethall the gatcsof heauento
be fliur, and the Angels flay at them in filenccjand fcndeth euill fpirits into the world,
which hurt all they meet : but after mid-night, they are commanded to open the fame.
This command and call is heard of the Cocks , and therefore they clap their wings and
crow, to awaken men: and then the euill fpirits loofe their power of hurting: and in
this re{pc6ithc H^ife-men haue ordained them a thankfgiuingto be faid at cock-crow-
ing. Blejfed art tboH, O god, Lord of the whole world, who haft ^iuen vnderJlAndtng to
the Cocks-
^ifiidevdi "j-iipy ,ynj(^ not rife vp in their beds naked.nor put on their fhirts fit'.ing,butput their

fua mlpexerit, i^gj^jj g^^j armes into the fame as they lie, left the walls and beanies fliould feetheir na-
lm",oburi>ro- kedneflc. It is a brag of Rabl^i lefe, that, in all his life, heehad not herein faulted. But
Hernttur. Rie. togoeor fiandnakcd in the chamber, were more then piacular: and much more, to
ip't.r. Vrohibit make water ftanding naked before his bed , although it be night. He muft notput on
tiumhifpicere his garments wrong : nor his left fliooe before the right, and yet hee muft put off the
TotrXtkm l<-'fi:-foot fhooe firft ; When he is clothed, with his head inclined to the earth, and a de-
membrumvd' uout minde ( in remembrance ofthedeftruftion of the Temple) heegoethoutof the
tnotu vd alio chamber, with his head, feet, and all couered, bccaufe ofthe holy Schechin^m (diuine
faclo; &cum glorie)ouer his head. Thcnhegoeth toftoDlcinfomepriuieplace; for fo hath ^w^o/
accident Inuite, commanded,* Prepare thji felfe (O Ifraeljtoweet th^ God: andDAvin; » All that u
coniiertcrecitit- ^y,^^^^^ praife hts he/jname : that is, all within the body emptie and cleane : For elfc
R.imbam. Iibr,, muft not God bee named ; and therefore his garments muft not be fpotted and fouled.
cap.^o. M.Ti. To reftraine nature too long.were a (inne.and would caufe the loule to ftinke : and (fa-
Llngua hebrxa uing your reuerence) he muft wipe with the left hand, for with the rioht he writcth the
tmfanlla efi ^^^^^^ ofGod,and the Angels. And in this place and bufinefle he muft take heedc, hec
woprlumnmcn tbinke not of God or his Word ; much leffe name him, for God will fliorten the daics
fornhmioni aid offuchaone. 7^. 5/>v? told his Scholers , that the caufe of his long life was, that in an
membra quo jmpureplacehcneuer thought of the Word, nornamed thename ofGod. Befides,he
cmmttittir, rnuft turne his face,and not his hinder-parts toward theTempleof lerufalem.Hc ou^hc

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