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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 41 of 181)
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ronhibtat. not to touch his body with vnwafhen hands, in regard ofthe euill fpirits which reft
a pa/io?!u thereontilltheybewafhed,andif he fhould touch his eyes hee would bee blinde, his
eares deafc , his nofe dropping, his mouth ftinking , his hand fcabbed with thefe vn-
■wafhed, and therefore venemous hands : and when hee waflieth hee muft powre water
three times on his righthand, and as oft on the left, before one hand may touch the o-
therrhe muft not be fparing in his water, ior Jiore of water , /}ore of health -.aftcT the
hands, the mouth and face muft be wafhed,becaufe they were created after the Image
of Godrandhowfliouldf^f «<j?»f«/<j(?^be vtteredout of a foule mouth ? hee muft
waftiouer a bafen, not ouer the ground : he muft drie his face very well, for feare of
wheales and wrincklcs. -and that with a cleane Towel, not with his ftiirr/or this would
make them blockifti and forgetfull. After all this followeth his Brnchab , or blcfling,
SleJfeJ be thou, O God, our God, King ofthe whole world, who hafl ctynmatided vs to wafh
em hands. Their hands they muft alwaics wafh on thefe occafions : in the morning ; at
their vetuine from theftoole; from bathing; when they haue cut their nailes; hauc
fcratched their naked bodicj haue pulled off their fhoes with their hands;hauctou< hcd
a dead body; haue gone amongft the dead ; haue companied with their wiues,or haue
killed a loufe ; If he r.efped wafliing after thefc,if he be lcarncd,hcfhall forget his lear-
ning ; if vnlearned, he ftiall lofe his fenfe.
b Ofthe lewcs They '-' haue a foure- cornered garment, which fome put on with the reft, when they
tj!^^^^-''^ "^^ ; ot^f IS then, when they will pray. The foure-comered parts thereof are made of
call this C3'" linncn or flke,tyed together with two winding-bands , of fuch length that they may
men: r.i/;//j. drav« through their head betwixt them, fo that thofe two quadrangular peeces may
viJ.SLl.Thhb, hang dow on his breaftjthe other on his back. In euery of thefe four corners han-
Tjd.Tahth. ^zih alabell.made of white woollen thrcds,by a]itleknot,ciownwards to the ground,
vrd.K.^.jf.^ . ^.^(i jhe fame is foure, or eight, or twelue fingers broad. Thefe labels thev call Z/j:,«.
Thofe which are deuout weare this gantient euery day, vnder a long outward coat , ill
fuch fort chat thofe labels may appcare out allele J fothac they may alwaies fee them,


Chap.] 5- ASIA. ThefecondSooke, 195

as monitories of the C<7w?w^;.'<^f»?fwrj of Co^. when they put them r,n,thcypraircGod

that hath commanded them to wcarc thcfe . He (fay they) that kccpcth duly this

•i Precept of" if/^'/, doth as much as if he kept the whole Law:forthcrearein alWiiie' d Ni.'m.i';.iZ.

knots, compared to the fine bookes of Mofes : eight threds added to them, make thir- Fringes and

teen. And the word Z/:i:,/V,makcth fixe hundred,all together amounting to fix hundred Fhykacnes,

andthirteene, thenumbcr (as you hauc heard) of GodsCommandcmcnts. Theya-

fcribe the continencie of fofcph in Pot:ph/tys houfe ; and oiBo.iz. , when Rttth (lept by

him, to thefe May it plcafe your patience, a llorie out of the Talmud. One rA,

lochMUK faw a boxe full of iewels , which one of his Scholcrs, Bi^r-Emorai purpofed

to ttealc, but was forbidden by a voice lounding out of the aire, let it alone Har-Emo.

rat, for it belongcth to R.Chaniras wife , which in the other world , flial! put into the

fame violet wooil, to make threed for, that of them, the iurt men there m.ny haue

their fringed garments fewcd. Once, hee which wearcth this garment without inter-

mifllon, i's fortified agaiiift the Deuiil, and all euill Spirits.

e Bcfides this memorable Vcftiment , they weare a certainc knot neare their nofe, e Of their
ontof D«ff.6.8. they Jlali be frontlets betweetie thf^e eyes. They make it thus. They Tephill:m.
take a little black fourc-fquare calfe-skin, which they fold eight times, that it may haue
foure double folds and diftinftbreadths. Theyput into t'nefe , diftinift Scriptures, the
fame being fourc-foKi of parchment, Thefe Scriptures are taken f out ofRvod.i^.znd f -j-i,;, ^^^.^_
Dent. 6. Then take they haires out of a cow or calues tailc, and wafh themcleanc, and teenc firft ver-
binde them about thole writings of Scripture , fo that any one may fee , that they are fes in Exod.iT,.
good by the ends of them appearing out of the skin. This skin they few with clcanc e^ 4-5.6 7^«.9.
andfine flringSjtakenoutotCalues or Kines bodies, ormadeof Bullsfinewcs , or if ° "■''•^- ""^i"-
fuch firings cannot be had, with firings of Calue-skin-parchment. Then doe they few
a long and black thong to that thick hide or skin, and knit a knot about it. This peece
ofworkeihcy call Tf/^fc/Z/w, to put them in minde of often prayer: and tie it fo about
their heads, that the thick knot, wherein the Scriptures are, may hang betwixt the cies.
After this, they take another foure-cornered skin, which they fold ^s the former , and
write certaine verfes out of Exodus in parchment,and put it into a little hollowed skin,
and few it vpon the thick folded skin ; to which they adde a long thong,and call it the
Tefhillim of the hand. This they tie to the bare skin, aboue the elbow of the left armc,
that fo that which is written may be ouer againft the heart, which may hereby bee the
more enflamcd to prayer. That long firing is fofr.fincdthat it commeth to the fore-
part of the hand, thus fulfilling that Commandemeni, S The wordes which J co'>nmand g Deiit,6.6.S,
thee this dayJl-iU be oti thine heart, and t hntt fJsalt tie them for a figne in thy hand. They
tie onfirft this Tcfhillim of thehand,and then thatof thehead,and make i\ic\t brach/^b
orprayer, faying, Bleffed be thou, O God, our Lord, rvho hafi fanUijiedvs inthy Corn-
man dement s , andhafl commandedvs to put onTephi/iim ; lookingwhile he fpeaketh,
diligently on the knot on his fore-head. In folding, fewing,knitting,and tying them,
they very fubtilly frame the name of God Schadddi -. Other their manifold ceremonies
about thefe Tcphi/liw, I willingly omit. Their fanditic is fuch , that hcc which wca-
reth them muft bepure within and without : andif he lets them fall on the ground , all
that fhall fee them i'o lying, muft fafl: with him one wholeday : they mud not bee han-
ged vp bare, but in a bagge : nor may they bee left in a chamber , w here a man and his
wife he together, except in triple chcR or bagge. A man nniit not fiecpe while he hath
them oOj nor may he breake winde ; and if he banc lifl to the ftoole , he muft lay them
fourc ells from the place of his eafement, or lay them againft his heart in a double bag.
Their women feruants, and fick folkcs are free from wearing them. It is lufficient tor
women te> fay A/^/en to their prayers. And all this Afofes learned in Mount Sinai.

We haue beene tedious in furnifning our lew to his Martins; atSun-iifingistheir
houre, as you haue heard : but their Rabbins haue inlarged and lengthened that time
to about nine of the clock. Where many of the le wcs liue together, they refert at a let
houre to their Synagogue. Thither they muft goe chearefully : before their Synagogue
they haue an yron fattened, to make cleanc their fhooes,according to Salomons coun-
fell , 1^ Keipe thy foot when tkou goefi into the houfe of (jod, Hee that hath Pantofles, j, Scclcf.A.ff,
muft put ihcm off, as it is written , . ' For the place where tbott Jiandefi ;>; holy ground. \ Exod.) .j^

S s Ac

1 p 5 Of their morning (prayer, ere. C h a p ,^ 5,

Attheentrance inatthedoore,hc pronounccth fome thingsout of 'ZJ^w/WiPfalmcs:
rfiey mult enter with feare and tvcmblingi confidering whofe piefcnce it is ; and for a
■while fufpend theirpraymg for the betterattcntion.Andeuery lew mutt ca(^ ina half-
penic at leaft into the Trcafurie, as it is written ; / rvtllfie thy face in righteoufiffe, that
is inalmcs, as they interpret it. In this attention they bow thcmlelues towards the
k NW.J4.5. Ar'ke, in which is the booke ofthe Law,and fay, •>' How ft/re are thy Texts, O I ac OB ?
1 P/i/.5 .7- And I hy dwellings, O Ifrael ? And ' / vill enter into thy houfe in the mftliitudc of thy mer-
m VJalAi.S. cie, I Tvill bow'dorvne in thy holy Temple tn thy feare. And,™ O Lord 1 haue lotted the ha-
bitation of thy houfe, and the flace ofthe Tabernacle of thy glorte : and diuers other ver-
It fecmeth ffg out of the Pfal. After thcfe things they begin to pray , as is contained in their com- i.4-th3t ^^^ prayer booke : and becau fe ihcfc praiers are very many , therefore they run them
h""^ headed • o"c^ ='^^ '^^^ cannot reade,muft attend.and lay ^men, to all their praicrs.Thefe praiers
bucTn the' " are in Hebrew rimes. Their fiiftpraier is, T/jc Z-o)-<;/<?//^,f^Kor/^,whichraigncd before
bocks m(aY any thing was created, at that time, when according to his will they were created, was
M|),4. ic is faid, ^^jj^jj King,andthen when all fhalbebrought agaiiie into nothing.fliall rcmaine King,
a manou^hc ^^ v.hom fhall be giuen feare and honor. He alway hath beene,is,and fliall remaine in
h° ad when'hc his bcautic for cucr.He is Ow*,and bcfidcs him there is none other,w hich may be com-
pi"yci'h,bc- pared or aflociatcd to him, without beginning and end ; with him isrulcandftrength.
caufchccftan- Heismy Cod andmy dcliuerer which liucth. Hec ismy Rock in my neede, and time
de:h before of my trouble, my Banner,myRcfiige, my Hereditaiie portion , inthatday, when I
God with fear j^ Jq^^ ^jj \^^\^^ Into his hands I commend my fpirit. Whether I wake or lleepc.he is
^nl7^c!!t. wiihme,theretoreIwillnotbeafraid.

•iueth a reals This done, they fay then their hundredth " benedi{5tions one after another , wnich

why a man is arefliort and twice a day repeated. Firft for the wafhing of their hands, that if he then

bare.awoman fQ^aot it hcmiohtnow in the Congregation recite it. Then for the creation of man,

couered, be- ^^^i^^^ ^^^^ he was made full of holcs,whereof, i f one fliould be flopped he fliould die:

c'l^fiSn then, a confeffion ofthe Rcfurredtion : then forvnderftanding , giuen to the Cock

ncd. (as you haue heard) to difcernc d4y and night afundcr , and with his crowing to awa-

n Grounded kenthem; and in order, 5/f,'7<r^,<:i^ff. That he hath made mean Ifraclite or lew, "S/ir/l

o.tDcki. 10.11. Q^^^i;^ xhathehathnotmadbmeaferuant, ^/^j(/f^,G~<:.Th3thehathnotmademea

'^r ^f *h woman (The women here fay,that he hath made me according to his v;\\\)Bleffed,&c.

tJcd require That exalteth the \ovi\y,'Bhffed.&c. That maketh the blind to fee ; which they ftiould

of thee r they fay at thcii firft wakcning,5/#^,C^c.That raifcth the crookcdjat his nfmg,Blejffd,&c.

reade not Mub -j-j^jt clothcth the naked ; at his apparelling, "^/^-^ijCrc That raifeth \y them that fall.

fihoc',hu\: Blejfcd,&c. That bringeth the prifoners out of prifon,^/f//f^,d"C. That flretcheth the

^^"''•'ah an World vpon the waters ; when he fctteth his feet on the ground,Z?/i/f ^ &c. That pre-

h^.m<ircd. And pareth and ordereth the goings ofman;whenhe goeth out of his Qhzm\>(it,Elejfed,&c,

in theTr'catifc That hath created all things neccflarie to life ; wh'jn he puts on his (lwo€s,T lrjfed,drc.

Ver!aluc:s,'K -phat "irdeth Ifrael with ftrength;hisgirdle,Mj/fi^,(^c.Thatcrowneth Ifrael with com-

hereof a Caba- Un^ff^ ^vhcn he puts on his hzt,Bl-(fcd &c. That ciueth fticngth to the wcarie. rBleffed

beiicdiftions p^gp/^^^„^the children of thy cottenant,^c.O happy we ! ho*v good is our portion?hovv
haue one bkft fweet is our lot ? how faire is our heritage ? Oh hnpny we , who cucry morning and c-
fingtohis * ueningmayfay,Hf^?-#//)-<if/,T^fLori^oarLWMc»^Ge^.Gathervs that hope in thee
mindejd'-c.See from the fourc ends of all the earth, that all the Inhahtar.ts ef the earth may know that
}'.Kk.ce Cee!e[l, ^/^^^ ^,., ^,,^ Qg^ ^ ^^.^ Qar Fathertvhtch art in heauen , bee mercifuU vnto vs for thy.
'^^'z^h \o names fake, which is called vpon vs: and confirme in vs that which is written, « \/)t
o ep an.i. o ^f^^^^^^^^^^^j^ y^^^^^g^^^^^^j^ ^^^1,^^. y^^ ^^„^^^l^ ygit j-^^ anav^f and ^r^ije amQngaH
the people of theearih,rvhen I JJ}all turne your caftinitiesjaith the LcrJ,

Then follow two fhort praiers for the Law giuen them. And then tlicygoeonto

the Sacrifices , w hich, becsufc they cannot execute in aftion out ofthe Temple , they

rcdeeme with wordes , reading the precepts concerning Ikcrifices, according to their

i HBfM.h times, comforting themfelues with the faying of H o s i,? H^ewdlficrtjice the cali^et


Chap. 15' ASIA. ThefecondBooke* i^y

of our /ippcs. Then rcpeate they an Hiftoric of Sacriiicc, and a Prayer ofthe vfe cftlie
Law, and how many wayes it may be expound',!. This done, they (v,i:halii!l voice
that none can heare) pray for the rcedifying of the Ttpiplc, in thcfe words; Let tkjf
vill bee before thj face, O God ourLord, Lord of oui Fathers, tliat the holy hcule of"
thy Temple may be ref^ored to cur dayes, and grnnt vs thy will in thy Law, After,:!-
{\'\o with great ioy and clamour, they fing a prayer of prayfe in hope hereof; and fit-
tinc downc againe, they reade a long prayer, gatl.crcd heerc and tliere out of the
Plalmes: and Tome whole Pfalines, and part of i. Chronic. 50. and lartly , thclaft
words of 0^>t^;^. 1 Tke Sauiattrslhall Afceviinte Aiount Sion.totudgethe m^or.nt oi^d iw
of Efau, andthe Kmgdome PmU be the Lords. Which they fpeakc in hope of the dc-
firuftion of the Chriftians, whom they call Edoinitcs, and of their owne rcditution,
( In fomc of their clofe Writings, which they will not fuffcr to come into the hands of
Chriftians, they fay that the fou 'e of fijfo/w entered into the bodicofChrift, and that
.both hee and wee are no better then £/^» J The proceed * finging, And GodfliAl bee » ^t,j,nef pf^^
Kt>i IT oHtr aU the earth: in that day God fliall beone, andhis name one, as it is writ- ccpLSHufcum'
ten in thy Law, O G d, Heare Jfrael, God ottr G c\ X) ij one G o d : And thcfe cxpof. Rub,
words in their next prayer they repeat,refounding that lall word ■• 0/?tfby the halfeor ^ ^ l j
whole houre together, looking vp to Heauen : and when they come to the lart letter
thereof, Daleth, d^ they all turnc their heads to the foure corners and windcs of the
World, fignifying that God is King of thewhole world •.hzwm^ in the word,/ci^^,ma=
nyf'.ipcrftitiousrubtikiesi that the lettcr'D/j/<?f6 in regard of his place in the Alpha-
bet, fignifiethfoure, and the word echadtwo hundred forty and f:uc, wherciintc ad-
ding hac/elohechem emesfiodyour Lord is true.thcy make vp the number of three hun- '
dred fortie and eight, and fo many members there are in mans bodic : for eucry mem^
bcr, a prayer fecures them all. And this verfe thrice recited, fecurcth agairllthe ill
Spirit. They f cftecmeic aholyprayer, by which miracles may be %vroi[ght,and there- f theyma)?
iforcvfeit morning and eucning. They haue another prayer called i'f/:;tf»i«f/j-<r, that is, notfayitwuh-
cightccnc.bccaufcit containeth fo many thankefgiuings, which tl^ey fay twice a da)', '"fo"'^ cubits
and thechiek chanter of the Synagogue /ingcth it twice by himfclfe. They thihke by "^ fifht of'a"*"^
this prayer to obtainc remiflion of their finnes. They muft pray ii ftanding fojihat one vnclcan place
footmuftnotftandmoreonthcgrcundthen the other, like the Angell, ' ty^nd their where dung or
foetw/Uarrghtfeot. Whenthey comziozXv^kwoxdsinhyholy.holy^holy^LwdGedof vrineis,except

hofls ; thev leape yp three times aloft. And he Cfay their C^achamitn) which fpeakcth J '"^^ "a^d-
j J ■ u- n-nu u • 1 • L- r u- J u ned and dried

a word durmg this prayer, fhall haue burning coalcsgiuenhini to eate after hjs death, yp or e'fe

Thcfccightcene thankefgiuings, arc for the cighcecne bones in thechineorbacke. ucrcd.Thcy

bone, which mufi: in faying hereof be bended. mufl: not ftirrc

After this followcth a prayer againft the Icwes rcuoltcd to Chriflianitie,and againft 'j^'^"' <^y«s or
all Chriftians, faying; Thefe which areblottedeut (that is, reuolters) fhall haue no more p"^"V ;'^ *' *
hope, and all vnbelceuers fhall perifh inthctwinckling of an eye, and all thine cne- cgainftbluels
mics whichhatethee, O.God,fhall be dcftroyed, and theproudandprcfumptuous Mintflcr.
Kingdome fhall quickly be rooted out, broken, laid cuen with the ground,and at laft t E^^cl^. 1,7.
fhall vtterlypcrifh,and thou fhaltmakcthemprcfentlyin our daycs obedient to vs.
'B/elfedfirt then God, which brcakeft and fubdueft themwhicharc rebellious. They
call the Turkifh Empire the Kingdome of //aw4c/; the Roman,Edomiticall, proud, &c.
They are " themfelucs indeed exceeding proud, impatient, and dcfirous of reuenge. u traCl.SM-
The Talmud faith. That the lying fpirit in the mouth of yichabs Prophets, which per- ^cdiin.
fwadcd him to go and fall at Ramoth Gikad, was nbnc other but the fpirit of " T<[a- ^ i.Kjif'.zi.ii
^o/ijwhom he had before ftaine. And y FiSer C<?r^<r«/r/, a Chriftian lew, tefliiictb,
That there are not vnder Heauen a more quarrelfome, people, ihcmfelues acknowled- / '/ f ' "/'
glng the Chriftians far meeker then theinlelues: when they haue this proucrb, that the lud.cavM. °
modcftie ofthe Chriftians, the wifdome and indufti ie ofthe Heathens, and faidi ofthe
lewes, are the three pillars which fuftaine the world.

Buttoreturcto their deuotions; After thofc other before mentioned, followcth a
praycrfor the good fort, forprofelytes, reedifying of theTemple, for fending the Mcf-
lias and reftauration of their Kingdome, In the end they pray Godtokecpe them in
peace,and when they come to thefe words, H^ that makepeace about jfiall makf ff^cg

S 3 oftit

ipS OftkirMo'niingTrayer/jrc. CHAP.J5.

-ouer ail Ifiael, Amen: they goe backe three paces, bow tbcmfeloes downc-

wardsjbcnd their headon the right-hand, then onthe left (if fomeChriftisn be there

with an Image, they muft not bow, but Hftvp their heart) This they doe for honours

fake, not to turnc their hinder parts on the Arke : 'and thiis they go (hkc crabbes) out

of the Synagogue, vfing certaine prayers ; not running, but with a flow pace, left they

fbould fccmc glad, that their Mattins were done.

p Rk, prrecjaf- Other their niceties in praying, as laying the right-hand on the left oucr the heart :

fr/fiit.i9> not fpecting nor breaking winds vp or downe ; not (interrupted by a King) to ceafe

prayer ; to fhake his bodie this way and that way ; nor to touch his naked bodie ; and

to fay tyir/ien, w ith ail his heart : for they that fay t^men^ are worthy to lay it in the

ii world to come. And therefore "©.a^/^cndethaPfalmc with ylmen, ^mem Ggni-

fying,thatoncistobc laidhcerc, and the other in the other world : alfo in a plains

eminentplace, purged fromallfilth, freed from the fight of women, his face to the

Eaft, ftanding, his fcetc clofe together, fixing his eyes on the ground, eleuating the

heart to heauen,&c. 1 hold it enough thus to mention.

Their praying to the Eaft mufl be vnderftood from onr Wefterne pans, bccaufc le-
* Mor.Neb.l.}. rufalem ftandeth that way : forotherwifc 'T.embatH * fbeweth that Abraham prayed
^*M^- in Mount Moriah toward the Weftj and the SatiF}nm Sanclemm waJ in the Weft,

which place alfo Abrahjim fct forth and determined. And becaufe the Gentiles wor-
rhippcd the Sunne toward the rifing, therefore Abrah^ttn worfliippcd Wcftvvard, and
appointed the Sanftuariefo to ftand. The Talmud faiih^ Praying to the South bring*
eth wifdomc; toward theNonh,richcs.

I mighthecrc alfo adde their Letanie and Commemoration of their Saints almoft
after the Popifhfafliion. As thus for a tafte. VVe hauefir.ned before ihec, hauc mcr-
cie on vs. O Lord doe it for thy names fake, and (pare Ifrael thy people. Lord doc it
for (Abraham) thy pcrfeftone, and fpare Ifrael thy people. Lord,doe it for him w hich
was bound in thy porches (to wit,in Mount Moriah,whcrc the Temple was afterward
builded) and fparc Ifrael thy people. Lord, doe it for him which was heard in the lad.
der(/<Jco^jfromthyhighplacc, and fpare Ifrael thy people. Lord, doitforthcmc-
rirof lofcfh thy holy one, &c. Lord, doe it for him whichwasdrawneoutof the wa-
ters (Mofes) and fpare &c. Lord, doc it for (Aaron) the Pricft,with Vrim and Thwn.
tHim, Lord; grant it for him that was zealous for thy name (P W?^). Lord, doe it for
the fweet Singer (D<»»/^).Lord, doe it for him which built thine houfe. They name
not any, but exprcffe him after this fort. And then proceed in like manner, with the
titles, attributes, and workcs of God, Doe it for thy namc.,Doe it for thy goodneflc,
for thy coucnant, thy law, thy glory, &c. in fcuerall verficlcs. And then to their Saints
inanewpaflage. Dozitiox Abraham, Jfatic znd,faceb. DoekfoiA^fofes and Aaren^
for 'Dauid and Salomon (as if their combined forces fhould effedl more then fingIc)Do
it for lerufalem the holy Citie, for Sion, for the deftruftion of thy Houfe, for the
poore Ifraelites,for the bare Ifraelitcs,for the mifcrable Ifraelitcs, for the widowes and
Orphans, for the fucking and wa ncd ; and ifnot for our fake, yet for thine owne fake.
Then in another forme. Thou which hcarcft the poore, hearevs; thou which hcarcft
thccpprcffcd, hearc vs; Thou which heardeft&/^^nft.?>;?,&c. With renewing a com-
memoration of their Saints largerthen before rand (after fome repeating the diuine
titles) in another tunc they oppole their Saints ?nd wicked ones together : as Remem-
ber notthelieof«>'^cW, but remember lofttc^ forgiuinghim, and remember Hdi
and Sar/ttiel, and fo on in a tedious length.


Chap.K^. ASIA. ThfecoftdBooke, S9p

Chat. XVI.

of their Ceremonies at home ^<tfter their their medes and other-
Wtfe : and of their Euening Prayer.

Hus haue we fccnc the IcwifliMattins, which they chant (faith » nno- ., i,r
ther)in a ftrange wilde hallowing tunc,iiTiicating fomctimes tninipcts a Relation ot'
and one ecchoing to the other,3nd winding vp by degrees from a loft Rehcion in
and filentwhiipeiing,to the highed and lowdffi: Notes, that their voi- thcWtli.
CCS will bcarCjWith much varietie of gefture : kneeling they vfe none,
no more then do the Gra:cians: they burne Lampcs: but for fhcw ofDeuoiion or Eie-
uation of fpirir, that yet in levvcs could I neuer difcerne : for they are reuerend in their
Synagogues, as Grammar boycs are at Schoole,whcn their Maficr is abfent.In fumme
their hoiinefle is the very outward workc it \<:\it, being a brainclcfic head, and a fouie-
Icffe bodicMesnc-whilcthe good-wife at home, againR hct husbands rcturne,fvvcc-
pcththehoule that nothing may diltuibe his holy cogitations.andlayeth him abookc
on the tabic, cither the Tentnteuch of Alofes^ or'abooke of Manners, to readc therein
thcfpaceof an hourc, before he goeth out ofthehoufe about his bufinefl'e. Tiiisftu-
die is required of cuery dcuout lew, either in his owne houfe, orclle in their Schoole
or Synagogue. And being thus come home, they lap vp thei/7V/;/:';//;/;?ina Cheft
firftthatof the head, then that of the hand.

They account it healthfull alfo to eate lomewhat in the morningbefore thev '^o to
Vorke : for whereas there are threefcore and three difeafes of the gall, a bit of bread.or
a draught of wine can cure them all About cleuen of clecke his wite hath prepared his
_dinncr,pure meats, purely dreffcd: butiffhebauepullenor cattell, fiiemulHirll feed
ihem.Forit isfaid, '' Iwtllgiuegr.ijfein thy field for thy ccttell, a>idthoKft.ialt ente a/.'d b DfK/.ii.i?^
hefntisfied: you fee, the Cattell are firfl mentioned. And to keepe fijch Domcrticall
cattell, is good in refpeft of the difaftcrous motions of the Planets, which muft foms
way fort to e{tc(5t. But i*"thcy be .Qudious of almcs, and good workcs, then S,-:phrra
iJ<iA/;<4thcgre3tChanccllor(^!ome Angell_) according to hisoffice,regi[ircth the iaine
and commcndeth them vnto God laying, Tt^rne arvay tbatpl.inttane na^fort-^ne frgm c leu t< i
fucha o;te, for be kith do?ie thcfe ,wd thefe pod wsrl^esj And then doth it befall ibmc d Tmm-dtra^i
wicked inan, orelfe fomc of the Cattell. Before theycome tothe table, they muft smuh cap.j ,
make triallagaine in the priuie what they can doe : for itis written, « Thonjhal! carry % P*''"''- ^^.
c«n/;ffo/i^,/'<c^/(/fo/;/7(?»fW.Erpecially let there be clcanc water, wherein the houf- ^ j^-^i^l*,^
hold miiftfirft wafn, then the wife, and laftly the good-man, \^ho prefently without wine wkli the'

fingcr,forfeareoffome vncleannefie remamingvnder it. I had rather (faith R.vii/^;iJ</j toldul-,or!io:

dieforthirft,thenneglc6lthiswafhing/?W/f/ovi?f r/j^fWrr/ : whenhchadoucly fo and ihough ic

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