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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 42 of 181)
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much vvaterbroughthimintoprifon,asmightferi!ehimbuttoOnc vll'ofwaflring or ^^ ^''"sed

drinking, at his owne choife. - ill" 'novS'oe

On the Table cleanclyfpread, muft be fet a whole loafe we!! baked, and the falt.and nocnrrucidol -

then tl:e houfliolder or the chiefeft Rabbi at Tabic taketh the loafe into his handstand yet bee ■mie it'

in the clcaneft and beft baked part thereof, makcth scat into it, and then letting it wa^determi-

downe,3nd fpreading his hands on it.laith, Blifjcd art thou Lord God, Kw^eftheworld, ''"^ ^^ a^cr-

vebo brvigeft bre.-zdoyu of the cirth': and then breaketh off that pecce of bread which lie |-"J^ ?.?^' "

had cut bcfore,and dipping it into the fait or broth,eatCLh it, without fpeaking a word ul! by a coiin-

forif hefpeakc, hee muft fay ouer his grace againe: After this, hce taketh the loafe, ccliofiomany

a;idcuttcthforthereft. Then he taketh a cup of wine * (if they haucany ) with both thitdecrcebc

hands . and with the right-hand holdeth it vp a handfull higher then the table, and loo- '^''-^'^^'^iJ-d, u

king ftf'dfaftly on the cup, faith, BUjfed&ic. who hasl made the fruit of the Vire. Ouer £/"^^j f^u-.^ '

water they pronounce no biclTirjg : and if thcic be not three at Icaft ac the Table, each ^tfih.



10 Of thc'tr Ceremonies at home jafter their rzturm^^c. C h a p. 19.

fRoWn-gooi- rnanmuftblefreforhimfeirc: if three or more, the reft fay, Amen. Salt is religioiifly
fellow, or the ^^^ ^^ j,^ remembrance of the facrificcs.lfwhen they cut, they fhould cut off the pcccc
1b"r"^ ° mone of bread, it would offend God. Bothhandsthey fpreadouertheLoafein memoric of
the lewcs, t^'s tf " Commandements, which God hath publifhed concerning Wheate, of which
Concerning bread is made. The bread muft be had in fpcciall honor, no Ycflell fupported with it.
Angels, it is or fet vp^n it : and a ^ fpirit called T>{abal giueth attendance, as deputed to obferue
tlius written m fiich-ss (through negligence) treadeitvndcrfoote, and to bring them into pouertie :
XTtiuloLZiAxo- *P^ another man (dogged by this fpirit, which fought to bring him topoucrtie)eating
ihc earth to "viduils one day on the grade in the field.the fpirit hoped to effeft his purpofc;but this
tlie firmament deuout Icw, after he had eaten, pared away the grafle, and threw it with the crummes
all iS full of fcattered into it, into the Sea for the fifhes, and prefcntly heard a voice,faying, Woe is
u°'''" J h i*^"' '""^ foole,who haue attended to punifli this man.Sc cannothaue occafion.Thcy drcame
are many hurt ^^'^^ ^^"" ^"'^ eucry mans proper Angel atcendeth at table,to hearc whatis faidjifthcy
full and accu. talke of the Law : otherwife an ill Angell commcth and caufeth bralles and difcafes :
fVng creatures, and in rcfpec^ of thefe ipirituali attendants, they cafl no: their boiws befide or behind
vvhich all haue them. They are curious not to eate flefli and fifh together : but firft flefh , and then
th'V °n'^ '" 'toure their teeth from the flefh, and eat a bit of bread,anddrinke a draught of drinkc,
place bcinc before they cat the fifti.Thcy mull notvfe the fame knife to meats madcofmilk,which
free : of vvhich they vfed in eating flefh. Milke muQ not (tand on the table with flefh, nor touch it.
fome arc for Befides the 2 3. Pfalme fet before them in the meale time, they teftifie their dcuoti-

pcace, Ionic q,, j,y multitudes of »ew graces or thankefjritiings, if any better wine or dainties be fet
prouoketo^'^ before them, yea bcfides the particulars of their cates, euen for euery good fcnt, as of
good.fometo Oyle,Rofes,Spiccs,&c.and are of opinion, that to vfe any thing without fA«i»;^<;/2;W»^ life and is to vfurpe and fleale it. Let this be fpoken to the fhame of manypro/v»«« Efaus with
death,S:c.Or«/; vs,that will rather/f // Gods hlefsir,gs for their meat^ihen fcck;cchem to their meate : al-
Th ^ r*''h though in them the paiment ofthcfe by tale,and not by weigbtis no better then a bend.
kt\Jc\\ka%iel A/^T"' '"".They make a religion'oflcauing fome leauings of their bread on the tabic":
isGoJsSecre- but toleaue aknife there wcrcdangerous,euer fince that a lewonccinthe rehcarfing
taric, of which that part of their grace after mcat,which concemeth the rcedifying of lerufalem, in a

name are two

^ decpe agonic tooKc his knife fokft,3ndthruft into his heart. This their grace is long,

bo^^k ' £/ containing! commemoration ofthc benefits vouchfafed their forc-father$,& a prayer
Thif.Samaei is ^°'' rcgranting the fame:to fend E/i/u, and the Mefsias-.Si that they may not be brought
the diuel.Euc- to beg or borrow ofthe Chtiftians:& for his blclTing vpon all ofthat houfe,&c. whcr-
rie one hath unto is anfwered with a loud voice. Amen : and they fay to themfelues : S Ffare the
two Angels, Lord ye his Saints, for ther that feare him haue 770 want ; the Litns lackf and fuffer htw^
handthc'other <?'^' ^'^''^(J^^'^^f^^kf'heLordfJMllrvantnothiagthattsgood: andwhile this is faid,
at h!b'left,«^»j- there muft not a criimme be left in their mouthes. The prayers muft be in that place
barrJ.M.N.Ub, where they haue eaten ; or elfc they flialllofe the benefit of burialhand acertaincde-


uout lew in the field, rcmembrin" that he had forgotten his grace, returned backe to
Hce mat jj^p houlc,and there performing his duty,had tntractihuflji fent vnto him a doue of gold,
on the table ^" Cities where arc Synagogues.about fiue in the afternoonc their ^ ClearkCor Ibme

fr.all not be fUch officc)goethabout,& with knocking at their dores, giues them notice of eucning
profperous. prayer:thither being CGiTic,thcy fit downc and fay this prayer (ofthe firft word, called
Sanbcd.cMcl(, JJihre.) ' Blejjedare they rvhich dwell in thy houfeprayfing thee conttnually, Selah. Biejfed
h / V/-"'p°/r^ ^''' ^^^P'^P^^ '^^^ "''' thfu.bk^cdart thefeofUwhofe (jodis the Lerd.l will magnijie thee
tor among the ^ God my King,c^c. all that T45 . Pfalme throughout:he which faith this Pfalme thrice
Icwcsjis as our a day fhall haue his portion in etcrnall life.Thcn the chicle Choriftcr or Chanter, fing-
Scxtcn.They cth haifc their prayer called Kaddffch: and then all fay thofe cightecne praifcs mcntio-
^^('h'?*h r "^'^ '" Morning Prayer. Then goeth their Choriftcr out of his pulpit, and kncclcth
it is an iniien- ^0^^'"^ vpon the ftcps before the Arke,and falleth downc with his face on his left hand
110 ofthe Chri. (all the people doing likewife) faying, O mereifull andgraciottsGod^ I haue finned in
ftians, and be- thy fight, but thou art full of mercy: be mercifull vntonie,andrcceiue my prayer pro-
caulc(faith ccedingfrom an humble heart, Reprove mce not O Lord tuthy vrath ^rer correli mee in

caybenjK) I cy tJ^i^gn„r,gy ^^^^^ (q procecdcth through that whole fixt Pfa!me:his countenance coucred
arc D.-.ptilcd : d> • r o

tliey vie this prouerb thereof,}!* which ringcth a bcl let him fall in the dunghill:and he which hangs on the bel-rope,
way h:hin^mh;ll. ^'■.t'J,""V^./;i'.i.M;).ii. i P/((/.ii4.4,.eJ' 14+. 15, «?> 145. ?.


Chap. 17. ASIA. the fccond 'Books. %o\

and inclined to the ground. This is done in imitation ^-or/<?/7/A'ii, Then the /'r^cnrw/ar , „
orchiefcChori'aeiagaiiicrihngvp faith, Ahdv.cknownotwhat to dee, biitrliacwe J ' " *
direcl our eyes vino thee. And then they lay vp the othcrhalie of their ICaddefch , and
fo endeth their Eucnfong.

Now fhouldthey goe hoiTic,and after ruppcrretiirne to performe their Night deiio-
tions:butbccaufea full belly would rather be at rel},and might ejfily forget his duty,
after fomcpawfe and flay, they procecdebeforethcy goe to their other taskc: and in
that time ofpawiing between their •z^f/pi-rj and »oS«/»f J, it there be any flri!c between
any.and reconciliation cannot be maJc, then he which cannot reconcile his neighbour,
goeth to the common prayer- booke,andfliut(ingit,knockcth thereon with his hand,
laying anikeLw,! conclude the bufincnc ; as if he (hould fay , 1 conclude praying till
mine aduerfarie be reconciled to n;c : vntill w hich thing be effedled they may not pray
further : and fo fomctimes their prayers are nitermitted then and d;uers daics together,
if one party will be flubborne.Thcfe prayers arc for fubftancc much like the former : as
a^ainft the Chriflians,and for their ovvnercftitution by their MelTias. They depart out ■
of the Synagogue with repetition of thofe fentences mentioned in the former Chapter,

At Supper they behaue themfckies as at Dinner. Going to bed they put offthe Icfc
fliooebefore the right; their flVirt they put oft.when they arecoueied m their bcds,for
fearc of the walls beholding cheir nakcdnes. He that maketh water naked in his cham-
ber fliall be a poorc man: and the prayer, 'i^f.??(;7/^^f/, muft behislafl words on his
bed,and flccping on the tame,as \nPfal.j^.'^.Sfeakj inyoKr heart bid, andbefi. °''''■^•^•
lent. Selah. Ifhe cannot by andby flcepc,hemuft repeat it til! he can ; and fohisflcep
ftiall proue good to him. The bed muft be pure : for how elfe fliould they think on the
namcofGodPAnd it mull be fo placed,that they mufl lie with their heads to the South,
their feet toward the North, for by this mcanes they Hiall be fruitfull in male children.
Thev hauc alio their Chamber Morals,inflru(Sling of duties betv^ixt the man and wife,
vnm'eet for fobcr and chafte eares. Tis time for our pen to flccpe with them , and end
this Chapter.

Chap. XVII.
Tbeir weekely obferuAtion of Times, z'iz. Their Mundayes
avd T h urf day es, and Sabbath.

5rS^^4s5^Ttherto haue we heard of their prayers euery day obferucd. They hauc

^ alfo their times deligned to the reading of the Law. In the" Talmud .- « „ r/
^ IS reported, that i;.J:.r^in the Babylonian csptiuitywas Authourvnto Kamj.c 7.
the lewes often Commandements Firfl:,that on the Sabbath : fecond-
^'^^-Vu'^^^^ ly on Munday and Thurfday ,with fingular folemnitie,fome part of the
Law fhouid be read: thirdly.thacThurfdaylliould be Court or law-day for deciding
controuerfies : fourthly.that it fhould be a day of wafliing, fwceping, and deanjlng in
honour ofthe Sabbath :fiftly, that men fhould then catc Lcekes : the fixe, fcucnth,
cight.and ninth arc ofwomens baking, clothing, combing, battering: the lafl is of
cleaning after vncleane ilfues.Their learned m.en confirmc this infiitution o^Ez,ra, by
authority offcripturc," They went three dates in the deft* t^O' found now jtcrs. By waters " . "^ 'J *^'
they vnderftand the Law. For fo it is faid,E/tr 5 ij.i , Come ye to the waters •■ that '\s,tothe „ Vrmriprao
Law : and therefore they ought not to let three dayes paffe without fome folemne rea- ap Druf.
ding cf the Law.Mundav,andThurfday are chofen to be the daies.becaufe on " Thurf- 1 The dcuou-
day A'lofes went the fecond time into the Mount, and returned with the two Tableson ''^'"''^"'ss faft
the Munday, on w hich day P alfo the Temple was deflroyed, and the Law burnt. and'^Th 'r/ ^'^

This their dcuotion is as ancient, as that Pharifee, Lt^kj ' S.ffaf} twice in the weekf ; i^id Buxdor fL'
that 1 whichthemoftdeuoutamongfl them doc to this dayobferue. Yea it fccmeth c.^.&Druf.
the deuoutcr fort fafl foure daies,fiith f anothcr,on Munday,Tufcday,Wednefday and P'''^'-"> ^"c.i.
Thurfday, the firft tor Maruiers and traucllers by fea, the next for fuch as parte thorow '•*^. '^•-•
defirtplacesjthe third for children which arc troubled with thefquinancie:('ofthisi;- f in'-ih' b '4
Iia: Leaita f tcftifieth.that after the beginning ofthe world it firff aflailed. children.and fjcar.


202 Thevoeekely ohfiruciuon of times y<isc, CHAP.iy,

aftcrtliat men; fo tliatromecimesvvhen they neezed, their fpirit fied away and ihcy
died, whence came that ciirtomc of fahiting and praying well to men in neczing. The
ftran"lin" oi Achitoj!hd,t\\zy alio intepretc of this neezingfarewellj.The fourth dayes
faft is for women which are with childc or giue fucke : but the Tuefday and Wcdnef-
dav in likelyhood were not ordinary, as the other. Sunday might not be thus honou-
red being the Chridian Sabbath ; and Friday was the preparatiue to their ownc.Thofc
two daycs are generally halfe holy-dayes. Affembling early in their Synagogues, be-
fides their ordmary prayers they annex many other. Among others they vfe one Prayer
called Fehurachii, ofrniraculous effect as apreared mVeffafians i\mt,Vi\\o comitting
three fliips full of Icv^ es, without Oare or Marrincr to the wide Seas, which arriued in
three feucrall regions, Louandi, Arlado, Burdeli(.worlce for Geographers): Thofc
which ariued in this laR pott, by tyrannicall Edift of the King, were to be trycd w^he-
thcr they were trnelcwcs,as HaKatuM.A'Iifu!, and Az^aritu madeproofcof their Re-
ligion, Whcrc'pon three dayes being required (as they faid Nabuchadnc^z^ar had
granted them) wherein to betake themfelaes to fading and prayer: in this time ofrc-
fpite three deunute ievvcs,/«'/'-j5/:','S«^-w»7/;7, and. vi»;«f/,inncnted each ofthcm a pray-
er, which they ioyned intoone,3nd ccntinncd nipraying.thc fame three dayes , at the
^nd wherofthey call themfelucs into the tire,anQ there continued til it wasconfumcd.
Hence arofethis ordinance euery Munday and Thurfday to vfe the fame prayer,which
is this; ^nAhe ismercifull ^dr.d f.irctoni-/"^ ''micdath not deFfroy the finncr. He often
tiirneih his anger from vs, and doth not kindle all his wrath. Thou, O my God, fuffer
inc not to want thy mercy : let thy gcntlencff; and truth keepe me al wayes. Helpe vs,
OGod,ourGod,and gather vs from the Genti!cs,&c. for their reiiitution, as in other
their prayers and deftrudion oftheir cncmies,the ChriRions. After this they proftracc
themlelijes on their faces (as brfcrc) with many other orifons to the like cffe(^.
d Theniancr Their folemne ceremonic of the Lawe-lc(?lure followcth; In alH their Synagogues
ot ilic Law- jj^py [^gyg jj^g fj^,^ bookcs of y1/<'/i?J, written in great letters on Parchments of Calucs-
Lccture. skins.fowcd together in length, which at both ends are faftened to pieces of wood, by

■which the book may be lifted and carried. This book is kept in an ArkecrChcrtfctui
fom wall of the Synagogue.Bctove the doors of the Ark is a hanging ofTapcftry,njore
or lefle precious,according to the qualitie oftheir Feafis,& for the mofl part wrought
withBird-worke. The booke is wrapped in a linnen cloth, wrought with Hebrew
vvordes : without that is hanged about fome other cloth of Linnen , Siike, Vcluct or
Golde, to which isfaftenedaplateof Siluerby a chaine ofGolde, vpon the which is
w.'nt\.cn.thecroirr,ecftheLaw,orhol!fiiffeoftht Lord. Then goethone about, crying,
"^f I, , a of ^^° ^'^''" buy « Geiiluh etz. chm'jfn. This is an office whereby they are authorifed to
j^i^j " handle thofe pieces ofwood and to open the book of the Law. He which giucth moft

fot itjhath It : the money is refcrued for the poore. The pieces of wood arc called etz.
f Pce.5.18. ckv'ifn^tvec of hie according to( Sa/ometi : IViftdame is a tree cf life to them that lay
PYectntof, ^"^^'^ thereon. When the s chief e chanter hath taken oHt the booke , and gocth with it
into the Pulpitjthey all fingoutof7S(»w. 10. ^^^.ylrifeO Lord, and let thine energies he
fcatteredjiwd let ihem that hate tbeeflie before thee : and out oi'Ef'j/ 2.3. {Jl^any people
p-.allgoeandfiy^ComeJctvsdfcendtotherKour.tofiheLord^tcthe boitfeofthe Godef la.
'Cob,<if!dhe fiuill teach vs his TiKiyes^a-i-id wewillw^lk^etn hisptithes ; for the Law jKill aoe
OHtofSioit^andtherpordofthe Lord from lert'.f.dsm. When this Pracentor layeth the
h pya^34.4. booke on his arme,he faith, ti OM^gnifie the Lord ivith me, and let vs exalt his name /o-
^^fr;!?f)': to which all the people tir\{\\er ,Kxalt j e the Lord our God, and hew biforehis
i P/^ii.99.9. foot-floole forit isholy: exalt yetheLordour God,i»dbDW to tJjt mountaini of his hali-
,■/"'% „. ' netfe for lehouah our Godis holy. There , vpon a Tabic coucted with filke , hee laveth

pTlnili^ui JtfCtl'^ tl 1 11 111111 1 .j'-v rT* 11/" t "

di"!,dafide u- downc the booke; and he which hath bought the Olhce, takcth from it the clothes
uiti>,^uftrcma wiierein it is wrapped. Then thcfe two call lonie one of the Congregation by his own
ijuul : mm j,-j j [lij fathers name,who commeth forth and kiffcth thcbook,not on the bare Parch-
trcs erani-qui i^^g^j ^f^f that ^vcre a finne) but on the cloches which coucr it ; and t.-kjiig it by thofe
Vn</cx lillu- p'^^ccsoi'wood,{anhaloudt,Praife the Lord, O'C. Blejfedbe thou O Lord, who haft
r^Y, ' chofcn vs before any other people,andghienvs thy Law. 'Biffed be thou, O God ,ihe

Law giucr. Then the PrtsccKter rcadcth a chaprcr out of the booke ; and then he


Chap.I7» ASIA. Thefecond'Book.e.


Women haue


apjrc tioin the


k Z^ch.lz.i,

J 1)15 prepa-
ration crlVra-
fceue they ob-
fciuc before
the Sabbath,
anj other
a» calls thcra

1 £A-«(i.i6,ij.

which was callfed forth,\vith like kifling and blcflitig rcfurneth. Then another is cal-
led forth, and doth likewife. Ai-er him another, who had need be of Arong armcs : for
he iifteth vp and carricth this booke that all may fee itjall crying,T/«^« the Law which
^JMofesgAue to the Ifraelttes. This Office is called Hagbuhah , and is folde as the for-
mer. The vvonicnmeane-while contend amongft themfelues in this Synagogue by
fome Lattice ro haue a fight of the Law ; for the women haue a Synagogue apart feue-
red with Lattices fo.befides their pretence fulfill the faying of Z.-!c/?/»-
rre^Thef-imt!ycf'Dauidp>.illmo!trneiip.''.rt, and their wines apart, CTC If he which
carrieth the booke fhould ftumble or fall, it were ominous , and fhould portend inucii
euili. Thefe two Officers fouldvp the booke as before; and then come all and kifie
the fame.and then it is carried to his place with finging. After this they end their Pray-
ers as atothertimcs,l'aying,Lcr^/M^f wewr^ right eon fnejfe, becaufe of mine enemies,
direli ihjwAy bcforeine -.znAjThe Lordkeefe my goingettt and comming in from hence-
fertb for euer. Which they alto fay when they goe forth on a iourncy or to worke.

Tbey prepare *thcmlelues to the obfcruation of their Sabbath, by diligent prouifi-
on on the Friday before night of the bell meates well drefled; efpecially the women
prouide them good Cakes. They honour the Sabbath with three bankets : firll, on the
Friday night when their Sabbath beginneth,another on the Sabbath day at noone : the
third before fiinne-fet. ' E^'teyeit to djy^todaj is the Sabbath of the Lord, to day ye [hull
net findc it (Manna) in the fielde : dn you not fee To day thrice mentioned, and therforc
by/W"/''-' o\\ncordaymng,that-<^<i«»<»muftfooftcjibeeaten on the Sabbath? The
richcrt lewes and moft learned Rabbins,difdaine not fome or other office, as chopping
ofhearbs,kindlingthefireor fomewhat toward this preparation. Thetablercmaineth
coueredallthat night and day. They wafh, andilneedebe, fhr^ue their beads on the
Friday,and very religioufly cut their nailes, beginning with the fourth finger of the left
hand,andncxt with the fecond, then with the hft, thence to the third, and laft tothc
thummc.ftiU leaping ouer one: in the right hand'they begin with the fecond finger,and
after proceedc to the fourth,and fo forth. Thefe parings if they treade vndtr foot, it is
a greater finne ; but he which burieth them is a iufl man,or which burneth them. Now
muft they alio whet their kniues and put on their Sabbaich-holy ■ day-rayment to falute
Malchah the Quec ne ; fo they terme the Sabbath. The Clarke goeth about and giueth
warning of the Sabbath; and when the Sunne is now ready toft, the women light
their Sabbath-Lampesin their dining roomes, andRretching out their handes toward
itjfay ouer a blefling. If they cannot fee the Sunne, they take warning by the Hens fly-
in" to rooft. The caufe why the women now and at other feafts light the Lampes is
MavtUyaily determined by the " RabbinSjbccaii ic t hat Ene caufed her husband to fin,
yea,with a cudgell belaboured him,and compelled him to eate, which they gather out
oi\\\svioxAts,^ThevP9man gane me ef the tree {to\\\t,7ih\in6x\h-xo[\'mo^ ^r/id I did
eate. Now after they had eaten, the funnc which before fhincd , as it fhall doc in the o-
thcrlife,diminifhcd his light, and for dimming that light flie lightens this. And for
three caufes (you fliallbelceue their "T^r/^z.'/^) women die in trauell; for forgetting
their dough whcrevMth to make Cakes with Oylc^fA-. 2 5. for ncgledling their tcrmesj
and not lightning the Sabbath-Lampes. which their Cabalilh gather out of the three
letters of the name of Ene or Chanah. Thefe lights arc two or more , according to the
condition of the roomc.

They begin their Sabbath thus foone,and end it alfo later, then the iuft time,in com.
miferaticn of the purgatory-foules,which begin and end with them this Sabbathsrxcftj,
beino the whole weeke befides tormented in that fire, ludas himfelfe,in honour of the
ChriltianSabbath.fromSaturdayEuenfong obtained like priuiledgc : witnes S.Br^K-
<^r>«inthelegend(canyourefufehim?) who found him cooling himfelfe in the Sea,
fitting vpon a lione which he had fometime remoued out of a placc.where it was ncc jj-
lefle.into the high-way. (So meritorious cuen mlud^s is any the leaft good worke.)
PTheredid/«<!/^acquaint£r^»^('« with this Sunday-refrcfhing of the hellifti prifo-
ncrs.and defired his holy company to fcarre away the diuels, when ihey fhould after
Sunday Euenfong come to fetch him againCjWhich for that time Brandon granted and
pcrfcrmed. **

m Orach.

n Cen.i.iu
o Dcfab.c^ii-

p Like to this
is tEc ftory of
Tumtu and K.
/it(iba in the


2 04 The weekely ohferuatmi o f times ^(ijc, C ti a p ,i 7J

The leweswill not quite cmptie any place of water, that on the Sabbath diefe fieiy
follies may findc where to cook them. Two Angels attend them home from the Syna-
gogue,one good,and the other euill,which if they finde all things well, that is.Iewifli-
ly prepared for the Sabbaths honor,the good Angell faith it fliall be for the next Sab-
bach.and the euill Angell (will lie.niil he) anfwereth , Amen. If otherwife , the good
Angell is forced to fay Amen to the euill Angels denunciation of the contrary. They
fcaH it with much ceremonic.pronouncing their blefling on the wine : with lookin"
on the Lamp, to rcpairc that fiftieth part of their eye-fight, which they fay in the week
time ordinarily is wafted : they coucr the bread meanc-whilc,that it fhould not fee the
fiiame thcrcofjin that the Wine is blefled, for the Sabbaths vfe before it. Thisgood
^ jje Sab c.ii. cheere on the Sabbath is of fuch confequence, that for this caufc in their q Talmud is
' reportcdjthat a Butcher in CypruSjWhichflillreferucd his beftmeatcs for the Sabbath,
grew by Diuinc reward fo rich,that his Table and all his Table-furniture were of gold.
Yon may rcceiue with like crcdite the Legend oilofefh following,who buying conti-
nually the bcflFifli, to honour the Sabbath with it, found in the belly of one of the fc
Sabbath-fiflieSja Hat-band ofPearles, worth no Icflethena Kingdome. The Table
remameth fpread till the next night. The Lampes muft not be put out , nor the liohc
thereof applyed to the killing of reading or writing , tic. The good m«n muft
honour that night with more kindncflc to his wifc,thcn on other nights : thcrfore cate
they Leckcs before : therefore they marry on the Sabbath : and the chi]dren,thcn con-
* Dicmt ci- ceiued^muft needes be * wife and fortunate. ]f a lew traucU . and on f riday cuenin" be
bal-.p-t quhdfii ftuther from his home, then a Sabbath- dayes-iourney,he muft there abide, be it in the
vxorem(xj>n rniddeftofa WoodorWiIdcrnefre,till the Sabbath be paft. They ftecpe longer on the
"•trJlu'tt^ii Sabbath morning ; fo with their gfcatcr pleafure to honour it. They then vfe more
venerK.iduem- prayers in their Synagogues ; and reade feucn Lectures of the Law. They now alfo
entefM.i!e,& reade the Prophets. Tiiey fiay here till noone and no longer , leaft by longer fading
no!talitet;pr0- and prayingthcy ftiouldbrcakc the Propheticallcommandement,''7'*fcwyZj<i/f fj// m/
fperaerueege. Sabbath a delight. After dinner alfo they rcade in their Law : for f on a time, t\\tSab~
!!m'11"«'!.f<. ' ^-J'^ and the £-4jy put vp their complaints to Godforwant of a companion and lear-
bmc hxrede, & ner,and the Ifraclites were giuen as a companion to the Sabbath, and on the Sabbath »
boimprutren- learner of the Law. Biitforallthistheytalke not more bufijy all the Wcclcc throuoh

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