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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 43 of 181)
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bif//t filios : & of Vfuric^buying and feiling,then on the Sabbath, and haue their trickcs to deceiuc
tiks dtaintuT Cod Almighty. Their Euenfong they haue foonc donc,thattheymightreturne , and
'vtattum lit ^'^'^'Ic the day yet lafteth,makc an end of their third banquet, by which they are fecu-
boiia leMjiora. red againft hell and againft <Jo^ and CMagcg : They conclude it with bldfings and
lia :qKiaficut fingings,ti!l it be late,to prolong the returne ofthc foules into Hell : for prefcntly after
'""' T'p^>''f(^ . they haue endcd,there is proclamation through hell, to recall them to their dungeons.
"J1"\T[ """"' In thcfc Songs they call vpon EIim to come ; fo iuftly are they dc]uded,who fcoffinc-
re (MatiSic Jy imputed vnto c Christ the calling »j EitM. But their Eltas being bfi(te ( as he fome-
vfr tunc de in4 inve {'z\d o[ ^y^ habs Baal) andnotcomming.thentheyrcqucft him to come the next
fluxit tipi'eret Sabbath. Buthe(itfcemeth) isloathtoleauchisplaccvnderthej'r^ <?/ /(/> in Para-
farudpahit. ^jj^g. ^^herc he ftandeth (fay they) enrolling their good workcs in the keeping of the
cl'-T^i'em Sabbath. When this their deuotion is done,the women in hafte run to draw watcr,be-
(eifuleikTU caufe the FountaineofMirianijIsj^w.zo.flowing into the Sea ofTiberias , dothfrom
pberctb& thence emptie it felfe in the end of the Sabbath into all Fountaines. and isverymedi-
AiaLbpa^.jC^. cinable. After this doe the Icwes make a diuifionbetweene the Sabbath and chenew
f *''^;'l^'''' vveeke. TheHoufholderlightctha grcatCand!e,calledT'^ir ^4»^/i?ofI);f?/>7ffioK : ac
p ^"^"S""- -whofe light he vieweth his walls," blcfleth a cup of Wine, and a little filuer boxefuU
t Maith.:7.^7 offvvcct fpices.pourethalittleofthe Wine on theground.andspplicththe boxetoe-
u This holy ucry ones nofe to fmell to, thus to remedic the ftinke, wliich is caufed at the new ope-
wine they T\\ng oi'hell for the returne of the foules : or clfe to keepe them from fwovvning at the
ipnn c a out (]fparti,re ofone ofthcir foules. Forthey areofopinion,thatthemlelueshanea fupcr-
thcmfclues as nuousSabbatharie loule,which on that day is picntiiully ient in to them, to inlarge?
cffi-'ftuall a. their heart,and to expell care and forrow. iy4ntot:iiu Margarita affirmcth , that they
gainft difcafcs dreameof three foules in each man.belides thcSabbatharie foule, two ofwhich Icaue
and dmcUs. f,j(jj j^ ^js QccpCjOne mounting to HcauenjWhcre it Icarncththiigs to come; the o-


Chap.iS. ASIA. The fecond "Booke, ' 2,05

ther called biutini.contcmplating finne and vanitic. The viewing oftheir nailes at the
candle, is inrcmembrance<)fy^<^j/«jnakediKffe, all fauing where the nailes coiiered
his Hngcrs and coes ends. Thewinc they pouie on the ground, to refrefti Co^ah and'
his coa^pliccs vndcrthcgroiind.

For their Sibbath-workcs they are determined Rabbinically: a horfe may hatie a
haltcr.or a bridle to leadebiit not a faddlc to hdc him : and he that leadeth him , mufl:
not let it hang lb loofe, that it may Icemc he rather carricth it, then leadeth the horfe :
A Hcnne may not weare her hole lowed about her leggc,but this marke mufl on friday
be taken off. And if any cattell fall into a pit, yet may they not helpe it out on the Sab-
bath: folpitcfully haue their TalmudicallRabbinscndcuourcd to make(where they
could not finde)afairhood in the a wordcsofChriftjteftifying the contrary ; B»tfrom t ^''"'■'•"•'f^i
the biginmtig it wasnot thiu. The lew may not milike his cattell, noreate of the milkc accufcd Chriil
when he hath procured a Chriltian to milkc them,except he firft buy it but at his owne for annointing
price. A Taylormay not weare a needle flicking on his garment. The lame may vfea the eyes of the
flaffeahcblindemay not. Clogges or Pattens to kecpe them out of the durt they '^''"'^^j&c.ycc
may not burden thcmfelues w ith. It is lawflill to carrie a plaifter on their fores , but if ||^^y ""P^
jtfall''ofF,thcymaynotlayitonag3inc;normaytheybindevpa wound anew; nor hLuafcluma
carrie money in their purfes or garments; nor rubbe their durtie fliooes againlt the S.i.&ilmeden.
groiind.though they may wipe it ofFagainfl a wall ; nor w ipc their hands, fouled vvith fol-A^.'^quiba
durt onaTowelUbutwithaCowesorHorfe-tailetheymaydoeit. Ifa flea bite he '^"''o"^ may
may remoue it,but not kill it ; a lowfe he may. But their Doftors difagree in this low- ^^''^'^^'^"'1
r.equeflion: fori?,£/' faith, One may as well kill a Camell. Ifa flic c light on cfecxcep™on'
meate.or a fpidcr run thereon it may not bercmoued : they will let men take their mo- the Sabb.ith,
ney vpon pawnes,but not deliuer it themfelues ; as the Francifcan hath his boy to take ^""^ Mifuotb
your almesjwhich his vow will not fuffer his holy fingers to touch. Hec mufi take ^°° ''='^<=rer-
heede of leaning more come to fowles that day then they fliall care , if it be in an open bat"h lourif ''''*
place,leflitmaytheregrovV,andhcbefaidtofowecorne on the Sabbath. Towhi- outo'fTJwnc
|}leatunewithhismouth,orp!ayit on an inftrument is vnlawfull; asalfo to knocke (forwkhin
with the ring or hammer ofadoore, and therefore the Clarke knocks with his hand though aswidc
when he calleth them to the Synagogue, To knocke on a Table to ftill a childc ; to ^^■^'"'"e"
drawaLctterinduftoraflies,oramoiflnedTable,isvnlawfuIl; intheayrenotfo. Of ,000"°"^^"^
thole Sabbath-labours they haue nine and thirtie chicfe Articles : whereto the fmaller wnich There is
(as thcfe) arc referred , with much ridiculous nicetie , as the firft Article is oftillin'» a meafured
ground,whcrein is refcrued digging.filling vp ditches,&c. and to this , going ouer a '"''^•
f3llow,rubbinghisdurtiefliooeontheground,&c. Tis time this ditch be now filled, f ^•^"C'^rbmf.
and v^/e proceed further. "'*

Chap. XVIII.

The lewijh Pajjcoticr^as they now obfente it , anci other their
Feajis and Fajls.

a^^QiFthelewiniFeafts, as they were celebrated before thecommingof Mxdor.Syn.
Chrift,we haue already fpoken. In thefcdayes they blmdely and ftub- ■^'"'«
bornely perfift in like Obferuation of times, though with fomc variati-
on of ccremonie. Their Talmud icckoncth foure New-yearcs dales;
behdcs the former din March and September, whereof we haucfpo- t ?^t^K
kcD.thefiiflofAugufrbeginneth their yeare of breeding cattell, ac- \fcA
countingfrom thence their time oftything. In lanuarie the firft,or,as7?.i//7/d'/ would
haue ir.the fifteenth bcgnn their new yeare for trecs,in reckoning the time of lawfulnes
to eate or tythe their fruit.Their months and moueable fcafts are guided by the Moon:
of which they telle this ftciie; The Moone,fay they, cxpoftulated with God, becaufe = Scal.Em.
thcSunncfiiincd with her, whereas no Kingdomc could endure a partner: whereat '^""■^■7'1' 59»«
God being angrie,darkncd her light.that from the fourth day wherein flie was created

T ■ till



The lewijh 'Pa£eonerjZ!rc,


f Their order
of celebrating
rile Paffeouer
aiihi^ day.

till man was made on the fixth , fhc fliined not. Hence it comes to paflc , that at the
change in two day es fpace {he is neuer fecne. This is the Rabbinicall ciiftome , if they
cannot vntye the knot.they haue (not a cutting-fword,as Alexayider for that Gordian)
but fome leaden Legend or fable Rabbinic- ali-jy to determine it. Hteronimnsaf.Fi^
de (who about two hundred yeares fincc was the Popes Phyfitian.and turned from lu-
daifme to'Chriflianity) thus relateth it : The Moone, before equall with the Sunne, ex-
poftulated with God for the reafonaboue recited, and therefore was commanded to
goe leffen her felfe. She (like fome fhrewifh leweflc) replied, fhe had wrong , and had
fpoken but reafon : he to fatisfie her,faid,the Sunne {hould not fliine by night, and yet
fliould fhe appearc in the day. What.faithfhCjisacandlebeforethe Sunne ? He then
promifed that his people Ifrael fhould obferue their folemnc feftiuals,according to her
defignement. But when all this would not content her, as ycelding himfelfe guiltie he
enioyned a peculiar meat- offering euery New. Moone, for indulgence of that finne.
Thus doe they both dreame ridiculoufly ,and blafphcme alfo beyond all names of impi-
etie,in their TalmudicallTra6l-H«/r». And this they proue out of A''>/r?w. i8. as truely,
as in another place out of£/".4o. that God hauing pollutcti himfelfe with burying of
C^'f«i/f/,purged himfelfe with fire ; the water not being fuflicient thereto.

The f richer Icwes prepare thirtie dayes before for their PafTe-ouer {dentem nan
metitem) good Wheat for their vnleaucncd Cakes. The Sabbath before the Paffeouer
isfolcmneandfacred,whereintheyhauea Sermon the ^nfchallLambe.
Two or three dayes before the Pafli:ouer, they Icowrc their houfholdc implements,
ofWood and Mettall, with much curiofitic and varietie of Rites. For 'he that in this
Feaftvfcth an impure veffell, isashee that hath laine by an vncleane woman. The
night before the Feaft,thegoodmanofthchoufc with a Waxe Candle, a Difli , and
Wing,beginncthhisfearchforvnleauened bread; and with other men or boyes to
helpe him,afcer their ^Amen to hisbleffing.with Waxe Candles in their handes, they
leauenot agMoufe-holevnfearched,andhide that bread which they meane to catc
that night, left they fhould finde that.and be forced to burne it. That which they findc,
they cunouflycouer, left fome Moufc by carrying it, fliould make them haue new
worke : and for this caufe fuppe alfo in a corner , with great care that nothing fall to
the ground. When he hath ended his fcarch,WhatfocnerLcauen (faith he) is vnder
mine handes, which I haue not feene, let it be toffcd too and fro , l>ke the duTi ef the
earth.ln the morning they make their vnleaucncd Cakes of ineale,grownd three dayes
at leaft. The kneading- trough muft be lined with Linncn.lcft feme of the leauened
Meale fhould cleaue thereto, The goodman himfelfe muft draw the liquor that it is
kneaded with, and that at Sunne-fetting. The Cakes are made with as much fcruple,
round,and pricked full of holes in a colde place, &c. to keepe them from leauening.
They cate little, and the firft-borne nothing, till night, that then they may haue the
better Pafchall-ftomacke. AttheEucnfong they obferue much-what the fame cerc-
monics,as at the Sabbath.They make at home the faireft fhew of their plate and riches,
and feate thcmfelues on Chaircs (as it were) ot State , and account now of themfelues
as great Lords,triumphing oucr their late t/€^pr/<«»/^r«/Wir; at their returne from
the Synagogue they haue a Difli with three Cakes fet before them, repreienting the
high Prieft,thc Tribe of Le«/,and the people of Ifrael: another D.fhhath in it aloinc
of Lambe or Kidde.with a hard egge ; another contayneth a Callimawfrey of Apples,
NutSjFigges, Almonds, &c. drefledwith Wine in Bricke-fafliion (with Cinaraon
flrewed on itjin remembrance of the ty£gjfti,i» Fornace. They haue alfo a Sallet of
hcarbes znA a Sawcer of Vineger fet on the Table. Then fit they down , and cucry one
(to the child in the Cradle) hath his cup filled with wine. And here with a carowfe af-
ter a blelTing begins thefeaft, witha fcrupulous vfe of thcfe things mentioned: then
followcth the ffipperit fe/fe,v,ith much not til midnight,with fuch chet re as they haue,
with diucrs ceremonics,cur(ing their enemies, calling for Elias , pray ing for the re-e-
difying ofthe Temple ;v{]ng many Diuine Attributes, as, U^fercifnII God ^ Great
(jod,BoMntifull(jod^ High God, Faire God, Sweet God, Mightieged, ayidGod ofthe
/fwtfi^no w build thy Temple fhortly, very foone,veryloone,in our dayes, very foone,
very foone. Now build, now build, now build , no w build , now build thy Temple


g Thus curi-
ous were the
Roman WO'
men in the
lites of Bo»it
uing aMoufc-
hole vnfear-
male moufe
might niarre
[he lolemnity.

Chap.iS. ASIA. Thefecond'Booke, toy

pen all nigl ,

oarmcnt. Each man drinkethfoute cups full of the blcfled', wine, in regard of fourc 'HucnoUe
deliucrances,\vhich the Rabbins finde in ^Aro^.C.i^^y.e.y. The ceremonies oi'Ol^ofej paf !c{,uni hi[lop
they are not tyed to (forfooth)becaufe they are not in Canaan. riam dfexku

In the morning they vifite the Synagogue with their Sabbath-rites. They bring two ^'^^ ££ jf^*''*
Bookes out of the Arkc.and call forth hue men (and if this fcaft be on the Sabbath , fe- ^foficx„ain
uen;torcadeoutofthef3me. Nice arc their determinations what workes they may fraiiguntfauem^
doe on t\ is day,and what not : they may dreflfe no more meat then is this day eaten. If & dam pairef.
they beatc- fpice.themortermiiftlie ride-wifc,fordiftin(ftions fake of the day, &c.taft- _(•'■"' V'^nvq, m
jngand wcepingmuftbcauoided pfanyfarfeaHenne, the needle muftbc threedcd 't"A„'il''^J^'^^
the day beforc,and the thrced mull be burned, not bitten or broken afunder. In fuch fii^fjimplfiki
trifles the Sthoolcof 5cA4*ro^/ licenfcth to eate the fame day an cggc hide on a felli- mall.i^ini.vhiU
uali day. Hillel denies it,and betwixt them they haue fee the Rabbins by the cares, in Fcrdwaail,
this and fuch profane quelbons. Their Euenfong hath afhort difpatch: and then the ^''*f-'9.
next day they ' reiterate the fame ccremonies,and that for certainty bccaufe they doubt d Abimdar.s
ofthe firfld.iyofthemoneth^and therefore oblcrue two. The foure daies following cautdauon m-
are halfcholy daies. Some woi ks may be done in thcmjand not fomc, and what they **•
doc (to a difference) mull be done othcrv\ife, as writing crooked,&c. andtiiac
which cannot without lofle be deferrcd,may now be dene. The fcuenth day they ob-
ferue in more complcate holnicfie,and the eight too/or the reafon before
be more fccureofthe true day. After the featt ended, they fatisfic with fjfting their
feaftino-riots, &. that on two .Mundaies and one Thurfday ; vnto the three and thirtieth
day after,they are fad andheauic in remembrance of i?.e/5f^i;^4, of whofe Difciples
foure andtwentic thoufand died in that fpace,and were buried by women in the night,
and therefore after funne fet, all this while the women lay aiide their worke ; on the
three and thirtic day the men bathe them and fhaue their beards, and arc merry, be-
caufethenhisDilciplesccafed dying. 'i'"'^"°^-

From the fccond night of their F'fich they number to their Pentccoft ' fifty daies * jj,^ un j ''
l^c^J^Iuely,andfay,B/^■}/c■<i^<rf^|J«,crc.which haft commanded vs to number the daies they may kin.
before harueft.of which this is the firft or fecond,&c. they number the fame Handing, die fire from
praying wichall for thereftitution of lerufalcm. They let not bloud on the euen of the anocher,not
PentecoHjbecaufeofa I'uppofedwindeT^^^^c/', which fhould haue flainc all thclfra- ||"''e fire with
elitcs.if they had rcfufed next day lo accept of the Laws. They kecpe it two dayes, for ^^11^°'^ "^"V
the former doubt. They take the Booke twice outofthc Arke, and reade thereout the it.aithoueh
precepts concerning this Feafisfacrificcs. now that they cannot pcrforme the things, to faue their
InrcmenibranceofrccciuingthcLaWjthey ftrewthepaucmentofthcirhoufes,flreets goods: nor
and Synagogues with grafle. They eate maptes made of milkc and cakes. One cake r''?r"'^L''
they make fcueniirrcs folded in thickcnes in remembrance of the feucn hcauens,by wuhTrccd^e'
which God defcendcd to Mount Sinai. Now they muft haue good cheere, becaufe ac they may:with
this time the King married his daughter,th3t is,the L<:w vnto them. many cnfiing

The f Feafl of Tabernacles is obferued eight daies : the two firft ,and two S UR more obferuations
folemnely: the middle foure are halfe-holy. They mutter oucr their prayers with fuch ^ j'h'^""^
harte,thai he is the perfedlcft who fpcakcs moft with a breath.They make them Taber- i^,-accpt-Mer! '
nacles with boughs of foure kinds ' of trces(mcrc fcrupulousthcn the Law ) in which cum exio(.Kib.
they fup , bur doe not lodge. The Precentor in the Synagogue takcth a bundle of 'Palme and
boughs and blciTtth and fhakcth them for it is written, i^ The trees fl^^lcbf their hands, Willow and
and mouerh them three times to the Eart,and as often to the Weft and to the7\(.and S. '^j"w".H°^
and then vp and downc like 3 Fencer,and then fhaketh them againe^as hauing now put the 'cwi^ '
the Diuell to flight. Then one takcth out the Booke,and lay eth it on the Pulpit.which hc-reof/fj/n-
they all with their boughs compafleftuen times a day, during the Fcafl; in hope of *•<'» dcliuers,
likedellruftion to the Chriflians as bcfcl! lericho.and then renew the fliaking of their •^'■"''''•/'•J-
boughs.The fcuenth day is monfo!emne,callcd by them Hofchanarahba^the great tio- ^^p'^
/^«;/<r;asifonc fhould lay,' the great feaft of faluation or helpe,becaufe then they pray i Abire-
Icr the faluation ofal ihc peoplej5: for a profpcrous new year : and al tbepraicrs ot this matMb.

T z feaft


The lewif} Feajis/jrc.

Chap. 18.

They fay alfo
that on that
day God fore-
foeweth how
much it ftiall
raine all the
yeate follow-
ing -.of plenty
alfo & dearth ,
&c. and direft
their prayers
h New Moon-

feaftliauc in them the words offauiKg,3s,0 Godfattevs^ind O God of mr fa/uat!on,znA
as thou hzRfaued the Ifraelites,and fuch like ': the prayers are therefore called Hofan-
veth.Thcn they produce fcuen books^Sc in euery of their feuen compafTings lay vp one
agaiti.This night they know their fortunes by the Moon:for ftretching out their arms,
if they fee not the lliadowcfihcirheadbyMoone-light, they muft die thatycarc; if a
finger vvantcth.heloofcth a friend; if the fhadowyeeld him not a hand, he loofeth a
fonnc ; the want of the left hand portendeth lofl'e ofa daughter ; if no fliadow , no hfe
fliall abide withhim.foritis written^sT^f/Vy^Wou'w departed frem them. Some Icwts
goe yearly into Spaine,to prouide Pome-citrons and other neccflaries, for the furnifli-
ing this fead ; which they fell in Germanic, and other places to the levvcs at cxcelfme
prices. They keepc their Tabernacles in all weathers, except a very vehement rtorme
driue them with a heauie countenance into their houfes. Their wities and feruants arc
not fo firidHytycd hereto.

The h new Mooncs are at this day but halfe fcfliuall to the lewcs, accounting them-
felues free to worke,or not in them; but the women keepe it intirely feftiuall , becaufe
they denied their Eare-rings to the molten Calfe, which after they be(lov\ed willing,
ly on their Tabernacle. The deuouter lewcs faft the day before. Their Mattins is with
more prayers, their dinner with more checre then on other daycs ; and a great part of
theday after they fir at Gardes, ortelling ofTales. That day when the Muoncisc-
clipfedithey faft.When they may firft fee the new Moone,they aflemble,and the chicfc
Rabbi pronounceth a long prayer.the reft faying after him.

The lewesbelecuing that God created the world, in September or Ti/ri, con-
ceit alfo, that at the reuolution of the fame time yearely, he fitteth in iudgement,and
out ofthebookcstakcth reckoning ofeuery mans life, and pronounceth lentence ac-
cordingly. That ' day which their great Sanhedrin ordained the New-yeares feftiuall
God receiuing thereofiHtelligence by his Angels, fent thither to know the fame, cau-
feth the fame day a Senate of Angels to be aflembled, as it is written , 1>anie/ 12. All
things prouided in the folemnefttnanner , the three bookes arc opened; one, of the
moft wicked, who are prefently regiftred into the Beoke of Death : the fecond , of the
iuft,who are inroUed into the 5i'i;^ifo/L//<r: and the third, of thcmeane fort, whofc
judgement is demurred vntill the day of ^iffo«<'/A««r/o«( the tenth of 7'yr/,) that if in
the meane time they ferioi; fly repent them fo, that their good may excecde their euill
then are they entered into the Books 'fLtfe; ifotherwife, they are recorded in the
BUcke Bill of Death, Their Scripture is produced by K. ^ben -.^ Let them be blotted,
eat of the Booke of the liuiiig, and not be written with the iufi. BlottiKgpo'ims you to the
Booke of Death: L/«««^,thatofLifc; 2r\6>7ot writing with the in ft , is the third Booke
oflndift'erents. Allthcworkes which a man hath done through the yearc, are this
day examined : The good workes are put in one balance, the bad in the other (what
helpe a filucr Chalice or fuch heauie metWl could afford in this cafe, you may finde by
experience in Saint Francis Legend, who,when the bad decdesof a great man , lately
dead out- weighed the good,at a dead lift caft in a filuer Chalice, which the dead par-
tie had fometime beftowed on Francifcan deuotion,and weighed vp the other fide,and
lb the Diuels loft their prey : ) God (fay they) pronounceth fentence of punifliment or
reward, fometime ia this life to beexecuted, fometime in the other. In refpcd hereof,
their Rabbins ordame the moneth before to be fpent in penance , and morning and e-
ucning to found a Trumpet ofa Rams home , as an ty^ue C^lary-Bell, to warne them
of this ludgcmentjthat they may thinke of their finnes ; and befides to befoole the Di-
uf ll.that with this often founding being perplexed,he may not know when this New-
yeares day fhall be, to come into the Court to giuc cuidencc againft them. The day
before they rile fooner in the morning, to mutter ouer their prayers for remilTion:
and when they haue done in the Synagogue,they go to the graues in the Church-yard,
teftifying.that ifGod doe not pardon them , they are like to the dead , and praying,
that for the good workes ofthe Saints (the iuft lewcs there buried) he will pittie them j
and there they giue large almcs. After noone, they ftiaue, adorne, and bathe them-
fcluesjthatthey may be pure the next day; (for fome Angels, foiled with impuritie
here bclo\v,arefaine to purge themfelucs in the fiery brooke T)iner ^ before they can


i Ne« ycatcs

thefe cereaio-
nies, faith fom
the world be-
gan in Match.

k Tfd.69.1i.

Chap.iS. A S I A' TI;efecotidBboke* lOp

praifcGod; how much more they ?) and in the water they make confeflion of their

ijnnes ; the confeflion contayneth two and twentic wordes > the number of their Al- p.T{ cxlcji,

phabet ; and at the pronouncing of cucry word,giue a knock on chcir bread ; and then AgacultJ.^.

diue wholly vnder water. The fcaft it feifc they beguinc with a cup of wine.and New- ^^^MiiLi-c-t

ycarc Salutations : and on their Table hauc a Rammcs head, in remembrance of * that r^" ''^"'''

'TUmme which was offered in Ifaackj ftead : and for this caufe are their Trumpets of » Gc».ii i3.

Rammeshorne : Fifhthcy cate, to fignifie the multiplication of their good workes :

they catcfwcet fruits of all forts , and make themfelucs merrie , asaflured of forgiue-

neffc of their finncs : and after meat,all of all forts, rcfort to fome bridge to hurlc their

finncs into the water : as it is written, » Hcjhall cajl all our finnes into the hotteme efthe a Mich.7.1^,

Sea. And if they there efpie any fifh, they leape for icy , thefeferuingto them as the

fcapc-goatc, to carrleaVvay their finnes. At night they renew their chtare, and end

this feaft.

From this day to the tenth day '', is a time of Penance or Lcnt,whcrein they faft and b Recbncilia-
pray for the caufe afore faid ; and that if they haue beenewrittenin the boskeof Death, "on.
yet God feeing their good workes, may repent, and write them in the Life-hooke.
< Thrice a day very early they confeffe three houres before day, andfurceaiefuitesat ^ H'lp''i"'n ex
Law,&c. And on the ninth day very early ^ they refort to the Synagoguej and at their ^Bu\dmf c -o
retunie,euerymaletakcthaCock, and cuery female a Hen; it flieebcc with child, yiaxarbenS.i.
both.-andthehoiifholder, faying out of the hundred and fiftPfalmc.verfes 17,18,19, c 17. Addcib
•20,ai,22.andoutof 7o^chapter2^.verf. a:!,a4,2 5. fwingeth the Cock three times that the men
about his hea d, cucry time faying, This Cock^fhall make an exchange for me : hee (hall ""'' women
die for me -.and 1 DmU got into life wtth allthe jieople of Jfi-ae/,Jnien. He dothit three curfc"th6firft
times, for himfelfe, for his children, for the flrangers that arc with him. Then hee kil- c hriftian ihcy
]cthhim,and cutteth his throat,andhurleth him with all his force to the ground , and mcete.-and
roafteth him : (ignifying that he himfelfe deferueth death, the fword, ftoning,and fire : therefore will
the inwards they hurle on the top of the houfc, that the Crowes may, with it. carrie a- ^*" T" °^

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