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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 46 of 181)
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and halfe of firc,whercwith he ftriketh him. At the firft blow his members are diffol-

ued,at the fccond his bones arc fcattcred ; then come the Angels and gather them : at

the third he is brought to duft and afhes, and returncih into his graue. And this, faith

R. Meir, is more grieuous then the iudgement of hell, for the iuft, and the fonnes of

the Princes, and abortiues are iudgcd therewith, except they which die on the cuch of

the Sabbath, and in the land of Ifrael : of whic h yon haue heard their rolling opinion 5*^, cto. is,

before j neither will wc roll this ftone to our Reader againc.

Chap. XX.

The lewes faith aad hope touching their Mep>ts.

L'^SlO*-©?? He lewes generally belccuc, hope, and pray for a Mefsias ; but fuch a
* one, whole kingdome fliall be ofthis world, and who fliall (to vfc the

Apoftles » phf afe, who were alfo, cuen aftcrChrifts death and refur- a ASl.\.6,
recJVion, partakers of this drcame) Refl«re the Kingdome to IfrAel. And
becaufe the Scripture fpeaketh ibmewhat of the poorcjcontemptiblc,
and dcieftedftatc.ofthcprow/yf^yWr^/^/'^w, fometimes of the puif[ance,renowne, and
glotie of his kingdome: they therefore frame to their conceits, two Mefliahs, one
poorc and fimple, but a mightie wairiour^ whom they call MefuM Ben-Iojefhy the o-
ther, MefstAS Sen-Dauid; after the other in time.but before him in glory,and the true
Afefiias:how(oeuer euen this alfo be in their opinions but a meere man,and one which
fliall marrieand leaue behind him a remaining and raigning pofteritie.

The ancient lewct looked for this Mefstas to be fcnt them about this time, wheri
Icfus came in the Flefti : as that Prophccie which is fathered on Elias teftifieih. to wit,
that the world fhould be two thoufandycares TIpA*/, emptie and without Law, two
thcufand vndcr the Law, two thoufand vndcr the Mefsias: and accordingly Chrift
lelljs came into the world about the yeare after the Creation,39d ^.The lewes reckon
ioa.yeares fewer in all their computations, then the Chrirtians. Vpon this occafion,
and in regard of the generall expedbrion of the Mefstas^ about that time rofc fo many
Sedts,and cfpecially that rebellion of Ben.Cochtib,ht(oxt Ipoken of, to whom R. «^-
ksbha (famous forhisfoure and cwentie thoufand dilciples)gaue ttfliinonjc,and called

V- i him

210 The lewes faith and hopt touching their Mefiias. Ch a P , 2 o,

him Mefsias the X'/'»^. But this Ben-Cochab^ the fonnc of the Starrc, /\7"«w^.2 :5.was by

b Btn-cosKor ^^?7^« (as you hauc ieene)be(ieged, taken, and executed, and was called after '' Ben-

con^tih, or CU' ^ox^abh, the fonne of lying.They therefore, v\ hen as they found no Mefsioi ,{7i\A,t\\it

^bba. the time was deferredjbecaufe of their finnes: and after renounced Jtjaihcmaio him,

that fhould fet downe the time of his comming. And being conuinccd in their con-

c Gf«.4M0, fciences, that the « Prophecies of this time were alreadie part and accomplifhed,they

Vin'a'.it. affirmed in their writings, that he was then borne, but did not yet rcuealehimfclfe,bc-

caufc of their finnes. R. Sitlomon larchi writethjthat the ancient lewes thought he was

borne on that day in which lerufalemwaslaft deftroyed; but rncertaine where he

hath lien hid. Some fay that he abidcth inParadife tied by the haire of a woman^ head:

i cant'w.i.'i, fo interpreting that of the C'/jwfiWf/, The ^ haireof thyheadit ASfurfle,The Kwgis

c SaHbedc,ii. tied in the rafters; by rd/f<fr/ meaning Paradife. TheTalmudifts « write, that hclayac

the gates ofRomeamong the LazarsandLeapers,accordingto£/4;' 55.

Before he commeth, they write, 'that ten notable miracles fhall happen towarne

1 them thereof. Firft,God fhall raile vp three Kings, which Oiall make profefTion ofthc
true Faith, but fliall indeed betray it, and fcduccmen, and caufethemto deny God.
The loucrs of the Truth fliall flee and hide themfelues in caues, and holes of the earth,
and thcfe Tyrants fhall purfue and flay them. Then (loall there be no King m Ifrael (as it

f H^/b.3.4. is f written)noPaftor,noholymen.Thchcaucnsfh3ll befKutvp, the people fliall be
made few : for thcfe Tyrants, (which yet by diuinc difpcnfation fhall raigne but three
months) fhall impofe ten times as much, as was before exafted, and they which haue
not to pay fKall lofc their heads. And from the ends of the earth, fliall come mcn,black
andloathfome ; the dread of wh#fe countenance fhall kill men: for they fhall haue
two heads and feuen eyes, foarkling Hke fire.
J The fccond Miracle fhall be a great heate of the Sunnc, caufingFeucrs.Peflilcnces,

and other difeafes,fo that the Gentiles fhall digge themfelues graues, and there lie and
wifh for deatb.But the Ifraelites fhall haue this heate to be as a wholefomc medicine

g UalatA-^. to them : fo interpreting the g Prophet.

2 God fhall make a bloudy dew fall on the earth, of which the peop!e,and the wicked
ofthc Ifraelitcs fhall drinkc, thinking it to be good water, and fhall die : it fliall not

h Din.ii.y hurt ^ tbeinH,whoP}allfhini,iic.

A Fourthly, God fhall make a wholefome dew to fall, whereof the indifferent meaner

finners, ficke of the former dew,fhall drinke and liue, H"f.i^.6.

- Fifthly,?'^!; ' SuMKePoall bedttrketied thirtie dayes,and then rcceiue againc his light,

i lotli.x%. whereby many fliall embrace /«i^<»'y5»(r.

6 Sixthly, God, fhall permit theEdomites(orRomans)toru!couerall theworld:but
onccfpccially at Rome fhall raigne nine moncthes oucrall the world, wafting large
countries, laying heauie tributes vpon the Ifraelitcs. Then fhall the Ifraelitcs haue no
helper(as faithf/I?/ 49.1(5.) ButflfterninemonthsGod fhallfend Mefsias Ben-Iofffh
of the children of fofeph.whok name fhall be T^hemiAS^the fonne of H'ifiel.Hc fhall
come with the vzceof £phrMm,A'fa»aJfeyBettiamin and Gad,3iid the Ifraelitcs hearing

k lercm.^.t^. ofit,{hall flocketohim,asiirr«/w;>fhewcth,'= Conuertyett the rebellions chii~
dte;t, I will t>..keye,one of a Citie^ tindtwo of a Tribe, &c. This Altfsias fhall oucrtlirow
the Edomites,and flay their King, and deflroying the Empire,fhall carrie to lerufalein
holy veflcis.rcferucd in the houfe of ey£//4« for a treafurc.The King of Egypt alfo fhall
make peace with the Ifraelitcs, and fhallkill the men about Ieruralcm,Dam;fcus, and
Afcalon ; the fame whereof fhall affright all the inhabitants of the earth.

7 Seuenthly.There is at Rome a marble Image ofa Virgin, not made by mans
which fhall refort all the wicked ofthc world, and fhall inceftuouflyconiierfe there-
with. Hence fhall God framcan Infant in the fame, which fhall with breach ofthc
marble come forth. This fliall be named e/^rw///«j the wicked, the fame which the
Chriftians call Antichrift, of ten elles quantitie of breadth and length j a fpan- breadth
betwecnc his cycs.which fliall be red and deepe in his head ; his haire yellow, the foles

■ of his feet greene, deformed with two heads. Hee fhall profcffe himfelfe the Roman
Mefsias and God,and fhall be accepted of them. He fliall bid them bring him the lafh
yvhich be hath giucn them, which they fhall bring with their Prayer-bookc: he fhall

2. ' '" ""<;

Chap. 21. ASIA. fhefecond 'Booh.e, % 1 1

caiifc them tobelecue in him; and Hiall fend Embafladors to ihc fonncof

Hiifi'l . and to th? people of Ifracl, commanding tliem alio to bring him their I.awc,

andtoacknowlcdgchimfor God. Then fliall NehemiU! goe vnto ty4tmillns-w\i\\

three hundred thoufand Ephramites , cjrrying with him the booke ot the Law ; and

when becomes athim,hefhallreadccutotthcrame this fentence, lam the Lordethj

G od^t hoy. P^^ilt hut! e none other (jods in my fight, tyirmtllus fliall reply, that there is

no llichientcncc in their Law.and therefore they iTiould acknowledge hiin for God,

as well asthe Gentiles. Then fiiall NehemiM ouerthrovv two hundred thoufand of

y^rmdhs his Armie ; Vi hcrcat Armillus fhall be fo wrathfull , that he fliall aflemble all

his forces into a d?epevallcy,and there fliall dclkcy (with msny other Ifraelites) this

Nehemui. But the Angels fliall take and hide him.that Armillus may not know ofhis

dcath,leil he fliould not Icauc one of Ifrael lining. All Nations fliall then expell the 1 f.

raclites,nnd fuch atfliiilion fliall befall them,as neuer hncc the beginning ofthe world.

At this tin.e fliall the ^»^f//^/'f^>»«/ £■<?'»«' /^"""''^.^ndfeparate the wicked from Ifrael,

aswritcih-^ Daniel. They \^hichrcmaine fliall flie into the defjrt.and for fiue and for- a Op.iJ.r',1.

ty dave!!fpace,li'Je v.ith graflc, andieaues.and heaibes ; butall the wicked Ifraelites

fhall thc.«^rw///«J fliall af^erfubdue Egypt, and fhall turne thence againfilcriifalcm,

and feckc sgainc to waflc it. Thefe things after their manner they fable out ofthe ele-

uenthand tvvcltthofP.;«if/.

The eighth Miracle is the arifing oi Michael ^ who three times fhall windc his great 8

horne.r/.sy. i;.andZric/7.y.i4. Atihefirfl found, thctrue (JAUfuM Ben 1)aurd, znd
Eli'ii the Prophet, fliall Anew thcmfflues to thofe deuout Ifraelites in the defarts of lu-
da.vvho fliall then gather courage : and all the lews in the world fhall hearc this found,
and fliallcoi.feiTe Gods dcliuerance, and all that mucbccnc led r aptiue intoAfi'yria
fliall ademble together. The fame home fhall ftrikefcareanddifeafes into the Chri-
Itiansand otherpeople. Now fliall the levves make great iourneycs towards lerufa-
1cm and together with i?/.'^*^ and C^lefst.ts fhall come thither with ioy. fyirmtllf.s
bearing this, in his pioude furie fliall re-aflemble his Chriftians aganfl the Mcflias and
lenifalcm.But God not fuftcring his people to fal out of one trouble into another flial
fay to the MelTias ,Comc place thy fclte at my right hand ; and to the Ifraelites , hefttll
and wa'Jeforthegreatfi'.ccoHTofiheLordihisddy. And then iliall God raine fire and
brinrtone from heauen,3S E^ekiel^ reporteth , \vherv\ ith Armillus and his armie fliall ^ j- g ^
die znA'^thehotifeofI(tcobj'hAlli-'easfire,a-^dihehoufeofIofcfhasajid!fje^ctndthehoi4fe j (Jbad.ii.
ofEfi.'f (the Idumxan Atheifls w hich dtftroyed Godsjioufe) as ftuhhle.

At the fecond found or blall of chii borne of cJJ-r/r^.ii?/ the graucs at lerufalcm fliall
open and the dead arife and Mrfstas Ben Daritd with Elias fliall reuoke into life that "

Mrfsi.ts Ben Jofph; and thelfraclites fliall fend Af>f.<.-aj Ben Dauid into all countries
ot'helcwcs difperiion tocaufethcm to co:' e to lerufalcin ; and the Nations with
W horn tbcy are jliah bring them in thcii Chariots^ and on ihcir flioulders.

The lafl Miraclcjis the third time o^ A/icLrels winding his home , when God fhall lo
bring forth all the le wes,\vhich arc by the Riuers Gofan , Lachbach , Chabor , and in
ihcCittics of luda, and they without number or meafurc,fliall with thtir infants enter
into the Paradife o^CMofes ; and the ground before them and bchindc them fliall be
mcerc fire, which fliall leaue no fuflenance to theChriilians. And w hen the ten Tribes
fli:illdcpartoutofthcN3tions,thcn^/^i'p//Airo///;(r £■/</««/(? ot Diuinc glory fliall com-
palTc them , and God fhall goe before them , and fliall open to them the tountaines fio-
vv'ingfromthe treeonife,i:/"e49.To. Imightaddcto thefe miracles that ofthe "^Afle, j ;';^cj)Wi
which y//I'rjiE'4w rode on when he went to facrificehis'fonne; which A'fofes aW'o vfed dj.
when he returned into Egypt (and fomc fay BfUams Afle was the fame) this fliall the
\jMcjsiM ride on according to Zachartes PropheciCjZ'/e/^j.p. 5.

Againft thefe ten miraculous fignes,fore-fhewingyl/f/r//M his commirg, the moft
being full of troubles, they haue ten confolations : f ill, The certaintie of Meflias coni-
ining:fccondly,That he fliall gather them from all places ofthe difperfion, Itrem.
; 1. 8. but f ^f/^-:;*"? there mentioned fliall be lo cured, that <= they fhiitl leapt m Harts ^&i.c. e nfi.^^.e.
thirdly. Cod will r.iifcvp the dead: fourthly, Go'1 willerc6t a third Temple, accor-
ding to the figure of that in'£\.f%/ 41, fifcly, That the Ifraelites fliall then raigiico-

V 3 vier


Xhe lewes faith and hope touching their Mefiias, Chap .20.

g Iiii 40.10,
Ofiliefc huge
creatures, Pes
the lame huge
reports and
hideous vani-
ties.4 Efilrns

h B.wa Bi[tay

i t.iid.lHllm*.
k Bcchom


fincld Fidt cunt
tiaIitdi*os 1,2.,

Kamtrs Poly^
OhuIs journey
oi l-'haetim
mntcrs: the
fuch pedling.

uerall thcearth.i'/i 60.1 2.yea,all the world fhall be fubicft to the Law, Soph,:^,p.
lixtly ,God will delhoy all their enen)ies.£a:^c^.2 5.i4.reiienth!y, Cod will take from
ihcm all difeafes,£/rf.5 3.24.eightly,Cod will prolong thcirliucs, thauh^y {Kail Hue
as long as anOakc,£p.6 5.3 2.and as in the titties from ^d,ir,iX.oNoe: nimhly, T^ey
paifee God face to ftcf^EJa.^o.^.andthe^ /hal iiipropheae^Ioel 2.z^.teinhly,Co&([\2.l
take away from them all cuill concupifcence ,and inclinatloH to cuill , £z^ch. 56.26.
Thus farrc out of the bookc Abhkns Roche/.

Their cheere in thefe dayes fliall be the greatcfl beafl$,birds, and fiflies, which God
euer created ; and no other wine then what grew in Paradife, and was kept in ey!cums
Celler till that time : the great Oxe5if if »?of<) mentioned in g lob^znArfal. 50.10. All
the benHs efthe wood art mine^and the heafts feeding onathoufjtnd W/,that \s,B:hemeth
which eucry day feedech on a thoufand hils. But lert this deuoiiring beaft fiiould con-
fume all the hils in the world, they tell you that he is a flailed Oxe , ftill abiding in the
fameplace, and whatheeatcthinthe day, groweth againe in the night. Thehuge
Whale Leuiathan,ot is they pronounce it, Liptafan, mu(l honour alfo this Fea(}:of
this they write in the ^Talmud ; that to preuent filling the world with thefe huge mon-
ftcrs,God gelded the male Lf«wfi/?»,and the female is flainc, and preferued in pickle,
for the iu(l,to be eaten in the timc5ofthecJ^</f/<«,Ep)'.2 7. The male Bckerneth\\z%
gelded alfo, and the female was ftoredvp for this feaft. Eliot L(?«/f^' rcpoitcth of a
huge huge bird.alfo called Bariuchne,to be rolkd at this fcafl; of which the •' Talmud
faith.that an egge fomctime falling out ofherne ft, did oucnhrow and brcake downe
three hundred tall Cedars ; with which fall the cgge being broken , ouerflowed and
carried away fixtie Villages. We will haue the Whetflonc'bcforc we pzn.K.B.irchafi-
»,tA faw aFrogge as big as Akra,a Village oflixtiehoufholds: then came a huocr Ser-
pent and fwallo wed that huge Froggc. Laftly, the hugcfthugert Crow that eucrthc
Kabbin faw.flcw and deuoured thefe both ; and flying away.fate on a tree, which tree
fure could notbeleflcthen the three hundred Cedorsbeforcmentioned, if this Crow
were but as bigge as that cgge. R Paj>a anfwereth.that he would neuer haue bclceucd
it, but that he faw it (I hope they will pardon vs ifwe be ofthe fame mind). But would
you not faineheareofaman.holding like proportion? then let R, Saul teWyou of his
aduentures in the burying ofa dead corps , v\herehee eiicountred with a bone of a
man ir.towhichthcreflcwaRauen, and theRabbi would ncedes followafter to fee
vvhatbecameother.-andfo, heweiit andhc went, three leagues in the hollow of the
fame bone and could finde no end thereof^and therefore returned : fo he perceiued it
was one ofthe bones of Off the Giant, whom A^fofes had flainc. Perhaps you will
maruell how yl/oyi-j could atchieue liich an cxployt. Forfooth youtnuft vnderfland
that Mofes was tennc cubits high.and had 3 n Axe tenne cubits long , and leaped other
ten cubits in the ayre.and fo gaue the deadly blow to 0^(who it feemes was laid along
infomedcepeTrcnch.orelfeyouwillthinkethcRabbine lied. Tufh, yourincreduli-
tiemakesyouvnworthytohearetheirftoricofR. OftJi, who beguiled the Angell of
Death. of whom (w hen he came to finite him) he would in kindnc flc needcs learnc his
future place in Paradife; wherewith the deadly Angell was content, and went with
him,yea,for his fecurity at his rcqUcft refigncd his deadly wespon into his handsThus
at lafi they came at Paradife,wKere he flic wed him his place.- which he deiirous to take
bettervicw of,required his helpe to lift him higher, andthtnwitha quicke deliueric
leapt into Paradife. Thusdid the poorecoufc.ed Angel mine his prey, and was "lad
with mucha-doo to recouer his fword from the Rabbinc. And that you miohr fee their lefle in Cofmogr.iphie then Theologie, another was carried to the place where
heauen and earth meet,and kifTe each other ; where,whiles he mi"ht take the more di-
ligent view in oblcruing thole partsCwhich the Frier of Oxford neuer faw.nor FauP^at
with his .i1/fp^c/?^/;/»//«) he hanged his Cloke on a window in heauen; and fuddenly
kwasconutyedoutoflight. Flercat amazed that there Hiould be thceues in heauen,
avoycctoldehimicwasthe heauens motion, ai.d at fuch an houre the next day he
mightattcnd,andagaineobtainehisCloke;whichhe did accordingly. But to take
view of other llrange creaturcs,makercon-.e, I pray, for another Rabb'i with his Bird ;
and a great dcale ofroome you will fay is rcquilite : Ki\ih\Kimchi on the 50, Pl'almc


CHAP.2b. A S I A. The fecond Booh, 2iJ

auerreth out ofRabbi lehudnh^xhit Ziz. is a bird fo great , that with fpreading abroad
his wings.he hideth the Siinnc, and darkciicth all tlie world. And (to Icapc back into
theTaImud)acertaineR3bbi('aylingontheSca,fawabirdin thc'middle oftheSea, 1 Like the filTi
fohiqhjthatthewaccrreachedbutto her knees ;whcrcupon he vvifhcd his compani- '"'"= Legend
oni there to wafh.becaufe it was fo fliailow ; Doe it not ( Ihith a voyce from heauen)
forit is feuen yearcs fpace fincc a Hatchct,by chance falling out of a rrians hand ill this
place, and alwaves dcfcendin£?,is not yet come at the bottome. I rcrceiue by your in- ,t »„ , . »
credulous fmiles, you Will Icarce beleeuc^tnat a Lion in the wood hla, roared lo
dernely,that all the women in Rome (fonre hundred miles from thence) for very hor-
ror prouedabortiue ; and when became an hundred miles necrcr, his terrible noyfe
fliooke the teeth out of all the Romans heads; and the Emperoiir himfclfe, that caufcd
thcRabbitoobtaineofGodbyhis prayer tomakethistriallot the Lion, fell downc
from hisThronc halfe dead : and with much importunity rcquclled his belpe, to caulc
himrecirctohisdcn. But this roaring hath almoft marred our fcall.

Our wine you haue heard of.fetched out o{ Adams Celler.E/^f. 27.2.;;. and Pfal.-j^.
9. Before the i'e3i[,Mefi;at will caufe thcfe prettie creatures, Tiehemaib and Lcuiathan
n to play togethcr,and make them fport: but when they haue wearied themfclues in „ x,^ „ ^
the fight, /1/f/jwr with his fword fliallkill them both.Ep. 17. i. Then foiloweth the iy;/., 04.16.'
feaft.and afterwards his marriage; "Kings duttghtcrs fljnll be among thtne honocrabie o ?/a/. 4j,i«i.
vomen :at thy right h,zndjiandeih the ^eene in the golde ofOphir, Amongft the A/eJl
fas his excellent women (Rabbi K>:'>;chi cxpoundcth) fliall be Kings daughters, for e-
uerie King fhall repute it his owne glory to beltow a daughter on the Uiiefsias -. buc
'the true Q^cene (hall be one of the faireftlfraclitcs daughters , and fliall continually
con\ierfe with him,whcreas the others mull come onely at call. He fliall thus beget
children,which fliall raignc after him,£/«.^^io.w hen he is dead.

Now the ftatc of the iewes in his time fliall be fuch , that the Chnftians fliall freely
build them houfcs and Cittics,and till their grounds, and beflow on them their goods;
yea,Princes fliall fcrue them.and they fliall walke in fairc garments,H/d. 60,10,1 1.12,
and5'/?.6i.5 d.Theayrcallofliallbenew and wholefome,£/<«.6 5. the benefit
whereofjthey fliall abide found , and Hue long , and in their age be as frtfli as if they
\vcrcyoung,7yi/.92. 14. i5.The Wheat once Ibwen fliall alway grow vp ofit fe!fe,no
otherwife then the Vines, /:/'«'/(-4 14.8. And if any fliall defire any raine for his field, or
gardcn.or one hearbe by it feifc.he fliall haue it, Zach. 10.11. Then fliall be peace a-
mong men and beafls,//o/.2. 19.^/4. 1 1.7. Jf there arifeany war among thcGentilcs,
the c^/f/r/4J fliall accord them, £/I?,7..4. They fhall liue in great fclicitie, full ofthc
knowledge and praife of God.The earth fliall be fulhercofj&c. The Talmud alfofpca- _ n^ . ,
kcth of a thoufand yeares wherein the world fhalle be renewed (fomcw hat like the o- f_Hf/fJt.d^ t'rici
pinion offome Ancients in the Primitiue Church) in which time the iull fliall haue dcidolit.i^de
wings giuen them like Eagles wheiebythey mayflicoucrtheface ofthe waters. But SM^te.
the bodies ofthe iiift which fliall rife againe,fhall neucr returne to duft. FJcus in this
and many other of their abfurditics, ictkestogiuean allcgoricall intcrprctaiion : but
which ofthe Heathen hsue not fo patronized their fuperflinons and idolatries? as ap- F """r, '^t*
pearcthin the Poets, Philofophers, Chalda:an and Egyptian Priel^s, whofcmyflicall p°^phe7m^n-
learning cannot free their religions from hc\ngm-}Hcries of tni<juitie, Sixe thonfand lioncdinthe
yearcs the world cndureth, faith fi./wj//«^,and a thoufand yeares fliall be adcfolation, Scr^ture, but
and God cnely fliall be exalted in tha- day (for one thoufand yeares is one day of the a Talmudicall
Lord) as it is written , A thouftndyeare m ihy (ight are as ydtcrday ;and this is a Sab- f^^ ^r"''"^'
bath.wherein fliall be the feaftings aboue mentioned. And thus did P Slta^ affiime, as ground to
is faid two thoufand yeare the world was empty,two thoufand the Law, & two thou- sihiltco his
iand Mtfsias • but for the tins of men that is Wanting which we lee wanting. (This lalt poiuions in
claufe Rictus faith is added by theTalmrdifls,wct> flil expeft their Me[sia<y\e,\\ty fiue ^'"^ '^"^^'[^9^
lubilees flial the world endu;c,6v: in the lafl,faith this ir//.ri,fliall com the fon ot'Daiad. ^Vodd Enolu

Thus haue wc heard tiicinfancic ofthe Church in the time of het nonage, and of {bed by r.-^.
thofe Hebrew Patriarchs : wee haue feene alio their prclent Infancie in thefe lewilli Vid.Gcncirurd,
fables, the lultrew.ffd of q Lo:'ii»^diitki-nejferatherth(nlight. And lb withourpray- c. In on m mam.
erstoGod, ithHioiO-lizthztVeileofLMofesfrom theirhearit, that there may bee 1 '''^■i-''3''


224 Of the hindtrances of the lewip? Conuerfwi. Cha p , 21.

One proper Shepheard,afid one /heepefol J,2.nd thac nican-vi'nile.wc may Icarne precious-
ly to eftccm, and rcuerently to makevfe ofthat light we haiie ; warned by the Ipcdtaclc
ofDiuinelufticein them,throughfo many ages blinded in loprlpable fooleries; wc
will now Icauc them and this Holy Land, and fecke further what aduenturcs wefhall
lioht on in ti»c next neighbouring Nation, hoping and crauing for pardon of luchpro-
lixiticinthispartofourDiftourfejfittcftjofallthe otherinthispart of our worke,to
be confidercd.

Chap. XXI.
Offke hopes and hinder art ces of the Jevecs Conner fion .

Hen I had now (as I thought) brought this lernfh ReUtion to an end,
and euen wearied the Reader with that which might much more wca-
a Rff^.ii.iJ. "^^^1^1^ nti\\QYIx\tzr:\LV.zx.'?to^\\cc\eoi >■ Paul , That alt Ifraetfhatlbefaued^
16. *^^!v«MJ^^ CT-f.whichbymoft Interpreters is conftrucdof thegcnerallconuerfi-

on ofthat Nation, after thefulnejfe of the GtKtiles he come in (as in the
beginning of this Workc is faid) caufed my ftraying penne (ready to wander from
thefc,fo farre wandering from their holy Progenitors) to vndertakc this taske , alio to
declare, what fdturchopcs,and what prefentfcares andletsmay be concciucd ofthcir
conuerfion to Chriftianity. The nope (though it be yet tcfled vpon furges of almoft-
defperateSeas,yet)hath Anehoram facram,^{nrc Knchox io rche on, and a kindeof
obfcurekenning ofthat wifliedfcrHauen, where it would be. For ^ 1<{ok itaperie-
b V.c^im.m jft„fadvtiumltiditi,vtnt4llufi!fer(ttdeilloruT»faltitefpes. Thedcftrudionofthelewcs
Km.(.\i. / faith fef^-rcJJf^ry'r) is not fodcfperatc, but there is fome ^s/)* left of their falua-

tion. And ahttle after (alluding to the Apofilcs myfteric) ^«»/ enim plenitudo fuertt
tarn ad Chrifii*m covHerfa ex Gefttsbns,tunc O" Ifraelita accedent : For when there (Kail
haue been a full conuerfion of the Gentiles vnto Chrift, then fiiall the lewcs alfo come
Tomt Haw. '"• So ChryfoBttne;'^ ^MiafubiMtratiit plenitude Gentium, ianod'fsimofiluahiturem^
ji.inMarcJe »if 7/r<?f/;becaufe the fulncife ofthe Gentiles hath comc in, atlaft all Ifracl iTisll be
verbis Dom. faued.The fame hope is generally chcriflied by the reft of ihc Fathers : yet doth indeed
circa ficH/n. Jcpend more vponT) tuinegoodncjjl then on humane probability ; the ftability of his

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