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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 49 of 181)
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■time, as was alfo the abftinencefrom Swines-flefh,as we before hauc obferucd out of
Saint f f//fr'0AW(?,who alfo mentioneth this their worfhip oi Chob.rr, fo interpreting f Htemi.'m
thofe'wcrds of Jmos, The Starre of your god^thit is, faith hcCy Chobar ox Lac/fir , ^"""U
ivhich the Saracens fiillwor/hij) to this day.

And in the life of Hilanon, he telleth, that Hilarion pafling thorow the defarr
"came to a CuieorTowne called Elufa, on that very day whereon their Annuall
foiemnitie had gathered all the people into the Temple oiFenus (for they wor-
fhippe her for the Morning-ftarre, to the worfhippe whereof the Saracen Nati-
on is audidcd) Th^fe hearing that H//<«ri(?« paffed by, who had before cured ma.
ny of them, came flocking about him with their wiues and children , crying in
Syriak-, ' that is, BLeffevs. Hee in courteous and mildc words, perfwaded
them rather to woiftiip the liuing God, then thofe ftones; promifing, ifchcy would
beleeueinChrift, hee would vifite themoftner. Marueilousvvas the graceofGod:
they fulTered him not thence to depart, before hee had laid the line for buildin^of a
Church;andtheirPrieft, crowned as he was, was marked with the fignc of Cbrift,
Thus fane Hierome,


% f 6 ^f the Saracens Name^Nation^dnd proceeding in Jrines.CiiA? . 2 i

f Sufdccti. h'lft.

Sabel JEn.9.1 7.
Volattrrand 11
Cbrol Arab.
tolitie ofthc

■gTlie Arabian
names in other
languages arc

h Abn-becher,
i Cull fa, or
Amird was tlic
name of the
chiefe place or
foueraigntie in
Cafes fpirituall
and ccmporall:

k Qthmim.^,

This robbing and'rogucing people liucd in muchobfcuritic, vntill that darknefle
brought th;m to light, and a T^ligion newly ftampcd by Mahomet ^va a fecret and iuft
•iudgcment of God, tor the contempt ofthc Truth.was by as new a kinde of preaching
(viz. force of Arttics) obtrudedon the lukc-warmc world. For whenas Af^J^xjw^f,
( of whofe life followeth a large difcourfc) had obferued that fick ftate of the Empire
afflicted with lewifh rebellion, Pcrfian inuafion, andNeftorianlnfcd'tion, befidesthe
fecurine ofthc Head it felfe, Heradms then Empcrour : he thought good to take Oc-
cafien by the fore-lock^, and to ftrikc whiles the yron was hot. Firft, f vndcr pretence
of Religion hauing inucigled a rtiultitudc of Difciples , he made a commotion in Ara-
bia : and being therefore driuen oiJt ofMecca,many of his followers rcfortcd to him :
Ofwhom he appointed Captaines and Leaders ofthc reft, Fhecjuar, Omar, Oz,me»,
Alifre, Talaus, Az^ubeirus, ZadimHs, Zaedinus,and Ahueheid. The Arabians (as fome
affirme) aided Heraclius inhis warre againft Cofdroes the Pcrfian : and after that warrc
ended, the Arabians complaining for want ofpay, theTrcafurcr anfwercd , that there
was Scarce fufficicnt for the Grcckc and Roman Souldicrs , much Icfie for that compa-
nie of Dogges. Whereupon , as long before on like occafion they had rebelled in the
rcignc 9i luhan, fo now enraged, they departed into Syria, and adioyned themfelues
vnto ^/rti^wfr, who eucn then after the Pcrfian vi6loric had obtained (fomc fay) of
the Emperor whom he ferued in thofe warrcs, to himfelfc and his followers, a Region
toinhabite; the Emperor fo rewarding his exploits in the late warrcs. Mahiimet\\\\.\\.
this fupply alTailed Mecca, which diners timci before hce had in vainc attempted, and
tookc it, with other pecces in Arabia, viz,f/«»rf;>»,/«r/p, Tambic^crc. He afterwards
created fourc Gcneralls, whom htc called the foure piarfe [words of Cod , and com-
manded them to goe into the foure parts of the world, and kill all fuch as would not
embrace his Law. Thele foure were Ebubex^er, g or Vbeqtiar, Omer, Ofmen^vaA i^ili,
Ebubez^er went into Paleftina , but was ouerthrowneby ThtodorHsT>egArius, Cafars
Lieutenant. About the fame time died Mahumet, and this •> Ebuhez^er fuccccded him ;
although cJWrf'S'wwf/' had defigncdft/^/i his fucceflor. Eubocaracr ^bubacher (for
diuetfly is this called) hauing by his might, and the afliltance oiHomar and
0/»?ir»,obtaynedtobc » C^/'_/k,ouerthrew the Liipcrialls, and foone after died. Ho-
»*<*>- the next ^ii?///^,wanneBofra, the chiefe Otic of Arabia, sncl all the Countric as
farre as Gub.tttt, and put Theodoras, the Empei crs brotiieijto flight. He beficged Da-
mafcus^ and hauingbroken the forces th t came to refcuc it. obtc'yncd it : fubduing al-
fo iWPhcenicia. After that, turning his forces into 'Eg.ypt, Cyrus thcBifhopof c/^/^a-
ctidria flayed him with promife of two hundred tiioufand pecces of gold , for yearly
Tribute. This was difannulled by Htracltus , aiici Emam-el the Deputie dcnyed the
paiment : whereupon entring the fecond time vnder condu(f^ of Ilamrus , Egypt was
conqusrcd. After two y cares ficgc, Icrufalem aifo was wonne. laidns one of his Cap-
taines fubdued f ^^^'jfTrf, and all (JHefo])otamta. Afterwards phcir g Mttatt:ai oucrall the
Countries betwecnc Euphrates and Nilus , he inuadcl Perfia: where the Perlians loft
both their King Horr/ttfda, their State, Religion, and Name :of Perfians being con-
certed into Saraccns.This viflorious Hemar made Icrufalem his Royal! fcat.wherc he
built aTemple to Mahumet •. and while he was praying,was murthercd by his feruant,,^ th; fuccecdmg Ca/tph,(cnt a great Armic into Africa,vndcr the leading of
Hucbai whoouercomming Gregerins Patrttitts a.nddeftroying Canhage, fubie^ed
"all that Prouince to their Empire; making Tunes the Mothcr-citic : but loonc after
tranflated that honour to Chatroan, which he built thirtic fixe miles from the Sea, and a
hundred from Tunes. In the third yeare of his raigne {Jiiuauias the Deputie of Egypc
with a Nauic offeuen others fay.of a hundred and icuentic faile,a(riiled
Cyprus, and taking Cow/?<«»r/<f, wafted the whole Hand : and hauing wintered his Ar-
mic at Damafcus,the next ycarc beficged Arad'xn Cyprus, and won it, and difpcoplcd
all the He. Thence he inuaded the continent of Afi3,and carried away many prifoners:
andafter,in a Sea-fight with Co»i74W the Emperor,dicd the Lycian Sea with Chriftian
bloud.Hc wan Rhodes, and fold to a lew the brazen Coloffe or pillar ofthc Sanne,
which ladedninehundredCamcl5,fomctimesrekoncdoneof the worlds fcucn won-
ders, made in twelue ycares ipace by Chares. Kkci this he aifliifted the Cydidcs Hands


Chap. 2 • ASIA. The third 'Booke» 2^7


inthc Archipelago, and then fcnt Ills FIccte againft Sicilia. where they made fpoylc
vith fire and fwordjtill by Oljmptus ihey were chafed tVifi)ce.tJi'l/iat:>M himfelfe with
an armie by land entred into Cappadocia : laidhzuiug ouerrun all the neighbouring
Armenia,vnto the hill Caiicafus. But meane- while Ot»?*«, bcfieged in his houle by
yi/iKis faflion.flcvv himfelfe,when he had liuedcightie and feucn ycarcs , and reigned
iwcliie. The Saracens could not agree about their new Prince ;yI/;<^»» and' ^//with iHali.j,
great armics.beingCorriuals of that dignitie: and ey^li being trcacheroufly murthercd
by cMuanias mcanes,in a Temple neare Cufa a Citie of Arabia was there buried , and
theplaceisofhim called Mafladalle or Alii his houfe. '" e^/Wew,thefonneofiL/^// m HafenBen
and FMima L^iahumets daughter, w'as by Muau'ta his owne hands crowned, " and by Mi,
him foonc after poifoned. Thus was cJ^f«^«/fole C^r/,;?^, w ho grauntcd peace to the n^omcfayhe
Emperour,on condition that he fliould pay him euery day'o ten pounds of coide, and a ■_^"S"^"»='"d
Gentleman feruant With a horfc. Damalcus was now made the leateroyall. Of which are reckoned
Citie.although we haue faid fomewhat in our firft booke, yet let vs be a little beholden but the fixth
to Beniamin TtideUnfs^to flie w vs the Saracenicall face thereof In his time it was fub- Caliph of the
ic(ftto7yor<i/^/»?(ashetermethhim)Kingofthcchildrenof Thogarma, that is, the Arabians
Turkes. The Citie faith he,is great and faire,containing on euery fide fiftcenc miles; °fii,„"j ^^^^
by it flideth the riuerPharphar and watereth their gardens :*Amana is more familiar, both ceafed&
and entreth the Citie, yea,by help of art,in Conduits vifitcth their priuate houfes; both imierted foon
ftriuing in emulous contention whether fhali adde more pleafure or more profit to the after.when
CitiCjby Naaman therefore in the heate of his indignritioH preferred before all the wa- ^""'""^^(^
tersoflfrael. But nowhere is fo magnificent a building, faith iSif«/<iw/», as the Syna- wj^h'iheEm.
gogueofthelfmaelitcs , which is therein : the people call it the Palace of 5e«W<«<^. perour.wuh
There is to be feene a wall ofGlafre,builtbyArt-Magicice,diftingui(lied by holes as promife to [-ay
many as the yeare hath daycs, and fo placed, that euery daytheSunnc findcththcm him the like
fitted in order to his prefentmotion,each hole hauing therein aDiallwith twelue de- ^^^^^^^■V.Vn.
grces.anfweving to the hourcs of that that in the,m is defigned both the time of ■> HijloricisA-
theycareandofthe day. Within the Palace are Baths and.coftly buildings, fonchof donii,vt&
golde and filuer as fecmeth incredible : I fa w there hanging a ribbe, of one of the Ena- Vhar.Orontes^
kirns or Giants. nine Spanifli palmcs long, and two broad, on the Sepulchre was writ- ^•'^^i 5-'^'
ten the name of iy^ hham-^z,. After this,in the time of Tamtrhn, the magnificence of
their Temple was not quite exlind,but as is reported,it had fortie great Porches in the
circuit thereof,and within nine thoufand Lamps, hanging from the roofe , all of golde
and filuer. For the Temples fjkc at firft he fparcd the Citie,but after,prouoked by their
rebellion, he deftroyedit and them.

He fubdued the SeSt of Alt m Perfi3,and after inuadcd Cilicia.and fent (to ayde Sa-
fores) abandofSaracens, which afflidedChalccdon, and facked A'^mariaaCitie of
Phrygia; and with a Fleet inuaded Sicill.tooke Siracufc , and carried away with them
the riches of Sicilia,and»of Rome it felfe.latcly fleeced by the Emperour, and here hor-
ded. Another Armie of Saracens,oucr-running the Sea-coaft of Africa,led away eight
hundred thoufand prifcncrs.

r_MiiamAd and C^tfe on the other fide fubdued to MttaHi.Lydia^znA Cilicia ; P and P About thefe
after,with5<««w another Saracen Gencrall,6eficged Conftantinople, from Aprill to f3'if"pr",?hc"
September ; and taking Cizicum,thcre wintred their forces^and in the Spring returned (.jUgj MnHar,
to their fiege.which they continucd-feuen yeers j but by Diuine afiiftance, and force of obtained Per-
tempeftjthey were chafed thence. And ^o»/fe«f/»f flew three hundred thoufand Sa- fia,andthcA-
raccns, in abattell (not long after) againft Snfia the nephew oi Muai4t, and compelled "^'?7Tf/^
the Saracensto pay agreat tribute. q/fi,/Wreigned after the death oi Mn.wt his fa- D°,^c(»hin lu'flm.
ther (a better Poet then Souidier) he foonc died. Neytherdid bis fucceflbrs ^^r«4« q AnM6i9. '
and /^W^/'iwliuetwoyceresintheroome. r^^/a(j>w«/fc waschofen^^//f&, who de- r Ahi'mtUc
fcended from H^^/'j when as >^^<i*/<2«ofthe linage of i;«^«c4r<f( the Arabians call this Tonne of ,?»/«>■-
the {Jiia,YaHnim race ; the other AyAX,ian) had pofleffed himfelfe of that title by force, p'!^^j"j^^]^
whom Cit/^ the kinfmanot^W/wf/tfcoucrthrew. Ciafa after this viflorie, cntring i,]ji;„ia„o[
Damafcus,pluckt (one of the former Calif hs) out of his grauc.burned his bones, f Others call
and hurled the Afties into the riuer,and cruelly perfecuted all the Maraunianftockc. bim Abdul

Ucicn^Qw^ Abedramon one ofthathoufe,with a grcatnumber of his friends and fol- f^^umtn.


25 S Of the SaracensName,Nation^andproceedhi^in Jrmes, Chap.z.

lowers fled Into Mauritania Tingitana.wiiere he was welcomed of the Saracens there
t)eing,& firftintituled himfelfe M irAlmumim,\<{h^\ch fignificth The Prince ofBeleeiiers
X Lffl writcth and then builded t Marocco. Abdimelec hauing other yrons in the fire, negleftcd this :
othcrwife,as firft appcafing tumuhs in his own ftate ; then ouerthrowing the Emperour in the field :
J"°"'^'j?"= after,recciuing(bytreafon of the Deputie) Armenia ; winning that part of Perfia,
pcarc^ hcfalth ^^'"^^ yet was lubieftto the Romans,and by his forces fpoylingThracia, whiles the
Marocco was Greckes were diuidcd amongft themfelues. He alfo chafed t\\t Roman Garrifons out
built in the of the coaft Townes which they held in Africke. yf^^/wf/pf being dead, " Vlitusihz
4J4vycareof {onnc oiAbedramon fucceeded.vnder whom the Saracens, bcfidesthe fpoile ofGala-
c'^n^d^f' t'*j<^°"q"ered all Africke betwixt Niger and the Sea, alittle pcece excepted at the
Ler, Sudidy "louth of the Straits fubied to Rodertcus the King of Spaine: C^«r4j was made Lieu.
and of SM/ijcr, tenant of the Saracen Empire in Africke. To him lulianus Earlc ofCeptafiill ofindi«T-
Walid.iio, nation againrthisPrince,fordeflouringhisfairedaughterC<i^4, aboutthe yeareyiz.
offereth the conqueftofSpaine,ifhe would furnifh him with fome competent forces
of his Saracens. This Traytor,thus ftrcngthened with the authority of his place (be-
ing Goucrnour of the lie Viridis and diuers places in Africa and Spainc) backed with
his friendSjand aided with the Saracens, oucrthrewthe Gottifli Empire, which had
now ruled Spaine about three hundred years :/fo(i<r/r«jloofing the field and his ftatc
and Ipending the remnant of his daies with an Hcrmite in a folitarie dcfart of Lufita-
nia, lulianus himfelfe was after flainc by the Saracens, as were the Spanifh Traytors;
Seal.K.T.Iib.S. theiutl endofvniufttreacherie. 5M/;^cr out of an Arabian Geographer, calleth that
''fet\\l"Hi[l Captaine,/^«/(?.f or U^efes,{omc oi'^utz^ir of the Marawan ftocke , who had with
Tb.i. ^'"*' him a valiant Captaine named T^iri^or 7 <ir/i^,ofwhom the hill and the flrait is named
(as the vulgar pronounce it)(7'^>''"/'«'' properly GebalTanck^. thatis.thc-hill ofTarik,
Dccauiehe had fhipped ouer his Barbarians thither,and fortified himfelfe in that hill,in
the nintieth ycarc of theHcgira : which he did lert his barbarous fouldiers fhould for-
fakc him,and therefore alfo caufe his fhips to be burnt.

X i^mtjif, Zulciminiasthc next" Caliph,fentAf*j//w<«/ with a great power into Thracc,ivherc
y"'cu^Miib ». ^^1""8 fpoyled the countrey.hc laid fiege to ^ Conftantinople ; Zulcimimus his mafter
z mlfgnyig. ' aflaulting it by Sea,wich a Nauie ofthrce thoufand which fiege he died , Jn»»
Dnfihler. chro. Domini jx^.Anmar, ^ his fucccflbur, had no fucceflc in this attempt, partly, throuoh
Omar. the violence of froft, caufing famine and difcafes in his Campc, and partly, by force, of

an artificial! Glafle, wherewith Leo the Emperour caft fire amongft the enemies Fleet
and ficringcuen the Seas about the fhips: that by this fubtiltic and force of tempeft,
a Inid, of three thoufand faile, fiue fliips onely are faid to hauc efcaped. » Giz^td, fcnt with

fupply of three hundred and thrcefcore fhips, durft not approch for feare of this fire :
and the Saracens by their C'/./)A were reuoked, when thcplaguc had flainein Con-
ftantinople three hundred thoufand people.

When Aumar was dead,G/*«W was chofen in his placejand after him Hafchumfan

6f Abdelmelech : who being murthered,fr^//W,or EMelit fonne ; in whofe time

the bottome of the Sea, neere the coafts of Afia mittor, burned, and fent forth fmoake

b "P.Vhf.Leo. firfl,and after,heapes of lioncs,with which the fhores of Afia, Lesbos, and Macedo«

cPaiti. Aemil, nia, were filled, and a new Hand i" tookebcginningof the heaping together of earth

lib.z. which was annexed to the Hand called i'/?cr<f.

* 5cd,"'.T.U. '^^^ Saracens in Spaine eredkd amongft themfelues many petite Kingdomes, and
fag.';s\. faith,' by their diuifions made way to Pelagim, with fome remainder of the Spaniards to re-
thatthe coun- couer fome of their loft countrey, who dying in the yearc 7^2. his fonne FafiU fuc-
tne pcoj^c cecdcd,in whofe time the Saracens paflcd the Pyrenzan hills into France,where Theo.

monl'therrof" '^'''"" '""^ ^"""'^ ^'" '^^" ^'"§ ' ^"' ' ^^'''''" ^^^''''mafter of the Kings houfc ru-
as if it were ' ^<^'^» ^' "-"^'^ ^'^ ^^^^^^ '" ^^^^ °^<^^ before, and his fonne, (both '?/;/>/«/) after him. The
lately done. It Saracens tookc Narbonc, and after Burdeaiix, killing in it, rnan, woman, and childe
was/<.D.7i5. andrafing the Temples to ;he ground; they parted Garunna, andouerturned Anc-o-
Hegire 106. lefine and Bloys, and came into <f Turon, where £Wo the Goth then King of a gr^at
a7te""hey had P*"®*" France, in wars with Martell, forfcare of the common cnemie,eiured league,
inuaded ^"'^ ^"'^. ^^^" '"X"' forces flew * three hundred and feuentie fiue thoufand Saracens ;

Spaine. and thole of Nauarrc flew the reft that efcaped, in their returnc. But when £ude was


C H A P .2. A S I A* The third tmh. 2 ^ p

Jead,/^rf>'''<'^tookcpart of hisKingdomc from his fonncs, HmolJus ahi f^aifarus^

■who thereupon recalled the Saracens, which vnder the leading of ^i inn's tooke Aiie -

nionby thctreafonot y1/(?«r;c/«/thcnGouernour, from whence, and out ot France

they were driuen « by 'JMArttllus. ^ y„^^ ^^^t

The Saracens made fourcinuafions into Thrace while ^w//f«T was Caliph, to whom &Tii.&T>fi,

fuccccdcd ,Anr.9 y^J ( the third, who wafted Cyprus,and carried away the peo- i^c^A^

pie into Syria, After hnn and % /«/ (which two ruled not two yearcs) Martian raig- g h»/:-«.

ncd; andafter.anothcrof the fame name, and the Saracens were diuided, TchidDa-

</rff,and Z«/f/»?;»i«^,challcngcd each to himfclfe t!ie Soueraigntie : and when all thefc

were oucrthrowne and (laine, e///7w«//««/amongft the Perfians raifed vp the fcruants

to murthcr their maftcrs, and with them he ouerthrew Iblinus with one hundred tbou-

fand Saracens 5 and after, (Jliaruan himfclfe with three hundred thoufand,who fleeing

into Egypt, was there alfo vanquiHicdand flaineina Temple.

This murther grew through the faction of the ayibafm ftocke, who confpired a-
gainft him,becaufe he had ikinc one ot their kindred. AbitUbM the chicfc ofthis con-
jpiracie, fuccccdcd him, in the ^ ycarey^p.andrcmoued thc^i6^/,-/)Wif tothatfami- h lofScal.Cen.
lie from the CM ar ami tans, in the yearc oftheir Hegeira i ; 2. after the Arabian com- ^pil'<'-& Hl'-if
putarion; as wc follow i'lr^Z/g'^r herein ; and he the Chronicle which Abraham ZacK.
/6. gathered out ofthe Monuments of the Ifnaelites.In the former relations.we haue
principally followed Cnrto his Saraccnicall Hillorie ; though by the way wc liauc bor-
rowed of others alfo.

Th\!bM being dead, Ahagefhar EtrrMntz,ar i fuccccded. Hee imprifoned \ AnmBSm.
the twehie fonnes of H'«/?«, thefonneof>4//, where they pcriflied; Hee began firlt 7^i.H<g.m6.
to build the Citieof Bagded : he died ^ in the 15 8. ycare. Johit di Barros ' aicribcth k ^i.Dum.yjn^
this Citic to the lame Bugiafar alfo, for fo he calleth him ; but Curio to one iJVLuam^t ' '^i-^^'^-^MA*
long after. Scaliger m thinketh thistobcScleucia, a Citie built nigh vnto Babylon m Ammad.iii
by S leucHs, neere the meeting and mixing of Euphrates and Tygris; ofwhichfeeour £«ff*. c\irm.
Babylonian Hiflorie. LydyMm.tem,

C^f<(W;hisfonncfucceedcd " ituito HegiraiS ^.ikcrhim Aharon Errefchi J, a»no n 783. 78^
Hegirte 170. and in the yearc 19;;. fruin thefonne of Re f chid, fiaine by the faction of SoS. 813.
his brother /J/^»«o», 198. This ^4«ru« was ftudiousot learning, and learned men •
He made Ah King of Chorafan , and made a law. That the Pofteritie of A/i fliould be
cloathed in yellow filkc. In his time many bookes were turned out ofGreeke into A-
rabike; he died in the ycare " 218. yi/«;er«:<?/w followed; and after him in the yeare o ijt.
226. ofthe Hegira tyiharan ElttAthnkj and next to him Methucal, who was llainc ^^i>»Vrm.ti,u
in the ycare 24/. by a Turkc. Muthr2at::^ar his fonne and fucccfl'or died in the yeare af- ^^ '
ter, whom £/«»;^/ififf« followed ; vndcr him the Turke-men fet vp ^«-W<?<i fonne of
To/on feruant of Mamon King of Egypt and Syria, and flew the Cha/ipha AnneHegirA
a?*;. An?ioT)omiiii 868.

After this time waj the Caliphate or Popedomc diuided, one fitting at Bagded , an-
other in Egypt. The Egyptian Chaliphs in onr Egyptian Hiflorie are exprefled in their
due place and order. In Bagded fuccccdcd Af«^M^/. And the next ycate Afutofjad,
who died P aurio Hegtra 279. A' his fuccefloiir died 288. Micht.iphi, who p gn». 500,
flew ^^<ir«» the laft of Te/o«jfamiIie that raigncd in Egypt, died 295. ^«'f^^^/*« held ^07. ^131.
the place till the ycare ;5 20. The next was Slkahar^ to whom fuccceded in the next
yeare, /^a/x-f, and after him Alitktaphe his brother, who made To/on a Turke his chicfe
Captaine; of whom afterwards he was blinded. yt-/fty?fi^//)^i;fucceeded H anno Hegira 1?4J»
^42 .In his dayes the family ofBawia ruled, whole fonne OHeaz. Edditla flew the Cha-
iiph. Their father had dreamed, that as hee piffed , fire afccnded from bis yard vp
to hcauen; which the Diuiners told him, fignificd the enfuing greatneffe of his

He placed /T/jf/i? in the CW/p^if/?, but ruled all things himfelfe. Vnto Aiatin fuc-
cccdcd Taia^ in his time Aieaz. Ledin flUh was madeKing ot Mecca,Medina, Aliman;
Egypt he obtained before. EtK.ttd Eddula fonne oi Aieaz. repaired Bagded, now
much decayed and gaue his daughter in marriage to the C^^/?p/74. This ' Etz,ad Ed- rjSi. ^09,
dida dkd/sttK(>He^tr£ 371, to whom T^atit^jam Eddula fuccceded, imprifoned by

240 Of the Saracens Name^lSlation jdnd proceedw^in Armes.CuA? ^z.



I Of.



1 1 70.

t 117^. 1113.

u Such were
of Chorafan,
Irak, Siras,
Damafco, la-
man, Mutzul,

"Seha Eddula, as was alfo Thia the Chaliph, and his houfe fpoiled <tAfino Hegirs. 5^3,
Sultan Eddula Segia raigned after this Beha, and Kudar was Chalipha after TVi i.Scbe .
rafh Eddnlaii\o\-\c^ Anno Hegirx ^11 . Kaim (ncctc^tA'vMht Papacie Anno Hegrra
42 2.andfiucyeares afcer/1^«/:/«^/. The »SWj%j» being dead, andlcauing a fonneof
three yeares old ; his wife, the Babes mothcr,purchafed the Sultanfhip of the Chalrpha
with a great fummc of money.

About this time flourifhcd Be>} Gni^eU, which made many Bookes of Phyfickc.
tyanHetiiherYiZi next Chaltpha, inhis time the Aftrologcrs foretold an exceeding de-
luge, not fo great as in the dayes of 7Vff«ri,becaufe then (faid they) w ere fcuen Planets
in Coniunftion with Pifces, whereas now there were but fix, Saturne being excluded.
This made the Inhabitants of Bagded afraid, becaufe of the low fituation : and caufcd
them to rtop the pafTages of the waters. Tlic Ifmaelites which of dcuotion performed
their Pilgrimage were moft of them drowned. The Chalipha for this caufe arayed the
Aftrologer, which foretold this, in royallapparell. He died ( anno Hegtrd •^iz.Mufie-
rafchad luccecded, then Rafchid, and in the ycare 5 3 o.Muktafhi.\n his time were ter-
rible Earthquakes, which made hauocke of all about Damafco, AIcppOjTripoliSjAn-
tiochia, and Laodicea. Tygris ouerflowed Bagded, and defolated many other Cities.
\nanno Hcgirs 5 j" j.fuccceded /l/«f?*>?f^f<(/,whoby hisPhy/itiansPolicicwasftrang-
led in theBith,by the violence of the heate,the doore bcingfliiit. His Ibnnc A/uJletiJ
cnioycd the roome, 566. In his time the Abafian Caliphaes were receiued in Egypt.
which the Phetimeans oiAlt his pofteritie had before fcparatcd.

7\( fucceeded ^ anno Hegtra 57 j. and Taher his fonne 621. Next Meflenatx^Ar
which gaue much Almcs,and built many Schooles. In his dayes arofein Aria,ona Ba~
</<», which profefTedhimfelfe a Prophet fent of God; who gatheretl an armic of the
fcummc of all Natioits,whereby he filled Afia with bloud and flaughter,bothof Chri-
ftians and Ifraelites, vntill Giatheddtn King of Gunia deftroycd him.

In the yeare 640. of Chrift 1 242. fucceeded AfuHeatz^em., the foure and fiftieth Sa-
racenicall Chalipha. The Tartar King ^/;;;4made his brother H/t/^c^o King of Irak
and Mefopotamia, who befieged and facked Bagded, and flew OHufieatz^m, This
Chalipha was flarucd by his commandementin the middcftofhistrcafurcs, becaufe
he would not employ the fame (through niggardife) for his owne defence. From that
time there bath bcene no Chaliph ( faith this Arabian hiftorie ) in Bagded.In him en-
ded the Abafian line, of which had bcene fine and thirtieChaliphacs.

Afttr Afahumet or Muhammed the falfe Prophet, the firft Captaines ofwarrc were

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