Samuel Purchas.

Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 5 of 181)
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^welleih? An<i,hwhativayts the/ightparted} And ifwc cannot conceiue that which Ts V.^nrof.i.^.d}'^.
foeuiuentlyfeene,and without which nothing is fcene and euident: how iuaccefswle '^''l' 4 '"finite
is that lipht \'<htte\at\\t Ltfht oixh:\sh^i d\yclleth} Euen this light is more then ad- '^^'^in^'^l'mpi-
mirable;''liteofthecarth,ornament oltheheauens, bcautic and Imileot the world, Spacc.Lishc
eye to our eycs,ioy of our hearts : moft common,pure,and peiicclofvihble creatures ; Hcatp, anU
firft borne ofthisworld,and endowed with a double inheritance of earthly and hea- Jv.oifture.

for a greater and more glorious liglit ; greateft inilrumcnt of Nature, refeniblance of I'atnt.Vanw.g.
Grace,typc ofGlory, and bright glafle ofche Creators bi ightnelTe, iconem Heb.

This Ltght God made by his lyerd, not vttered with found of fyllables , nor that ^-f'"' de Amort
jri/c;&;'« r/^f^^-^w^'W^C (and therefore before the beginning) W'MB'//^ Godandwus God: i,]iiil^\,'^.-^^
but by his powcrfull ' efteaing (caHi»g things that were not (is though they were) and by f^{y^ i„rmn,<m
his calling or willing caufing them tobe,thereby '» fgnifyinghis vviU as plaincly, and 'fi-
effedtinoitaseafilyasaword is to a man. That vncicatedfupereflentiall light, i\\z^-lM,(!>Ur'dnriUic-'
ternall frinitie,commandcd this light to ^<7,3nd approued it as good,bcth in it felfe and ^J'.''!\.''t^j ^\
tothc future Creatures : ^rtdfepcraredthefamefromdjytie>7ef' (which feemeth a "meet li/^^^p^^



^ ■'emtio:

tion to the principles ofthatinftitu:ion ofthe creatures, whiles they were yet in ma- fi^^^J^l^-'l- SmpltciHs ind other Philofophers (may Iteaim them.or Atheifts ? ) haue ab- i':'l^\^„^J^^_
furdly done in this and other parts of the creation. And this was the firft dayes worke. u^ vigor, in per-

fj-icuis csypQri-
bus(olor:incpicismsz,cneraiis: incm'rocalor exiefluans. Archang. inC' -k Zofc.jjj.ij. 1 VerkimDci voluntas
tfl,ep'<s'!iraeJt. Amb. hex i.c.q. yerbimh(Kfig>itfcntimpemm,'.mretum&volunl.jicmDeieffi<.iice-m.l'erer.
m' C'bhifis in Gen. n Si. E.ifil hex. horn. i. &• a!^: at'p.ttril'nn Panaug I 4- V-UmgiM cerpora in luctdi & opacu hacferie.
i luctdo cm-pore ra4> '' "c lumen, i-ide ^tendor, ijthinc nitor : qmhus (i:^fon:t (imii ordmc corpus upachm,, obfcHr,uie*
ntm,T,mbram,'jmbiatimm,tuiumbrutmem, &c. tencbrgait, hibm aBmem,afM a viribm, vna ab ip,itia,&c.


IN the fccond Godfaid, Let there l>e a firmament. Theword /J^^m-*) tranflated firma- o /«»/«<•, iv^.
ment fonifieth" <-ApW«worfA-p4«/r«ww,anrcichingout; dcfigningthatvaft and ":i>e,cy:.F.-tgn:i
widclpacc,wherein are the watericdoudes here mentioned, and tiioie lights ^„^^,^/j^^^_
follow in the fourteenth him placedin«p';r«/o-howlbeucrfomePvndevlUnd p^n,ju>iturvel
konely ofthe ayre. Thefeferatingthewatersvnderthis from the waters a- qaoa/Hnum
^e«fffe^//7w^^wc«f,fomeqinterpretc of waters aboue the heauens to rcfrefli iW\r cyi- maUco d.duci-
ceeding heate,or of I know not what Chryftaline heauen : fomc offpirituall iubftances '/^'■^•'^■/^""''
whom ■S4/7/'confuteth;Or;^f« (after his wont) alUgorically. Moft probable it fee- ^ ^,,„'„,„,/^^
meth that Cjl/e/«intcndeih the fcperation of thofe waters here below, in their ele- loPic.Mir.^nd. .
mentaric feat,from thofe aboiie vs in the clouds; to which 'D^??//^ alluding, fayth : He qS.^f.^j-A/ab.iit
thathftretchedouttheheaKins like acmten,andbidthe befimes of his chc-.mbrrs m the hexDitBi-^.
waters. This ieperating ofthe waters is caufbd in the the fj/J^'^S
which thofe forces are placed \vhich thus exhale and captiuate thefe waters That mat- i_,,„ija,d&
ter beforccndued with //^^fw/w^quahtie, was now in this fccond day (as it ieemeth) scbohfiici.

attennuatcd r Ffai. lo^.*.^

lo Of the Creation of the World. C h a p . 2.

attenuated and extended abouc and beyond that myrichcape of carthic waters; and

r SlcVlitoPh- both the a:ther and ayrc formed ofthc' fame firftmatterjand not of a fit cflencCjwhich

m-is.videtn eos fQ^■^f.\y^^^^ deuifedto eftablilli the heauens ctcrnitic,bothtwinncsofthePhilofophcr$

^tiUtmnt'lmii braines. And wherein doe not thefe differ from each other touching the cclefliall na-

fMiinxrh)fed ture ;roundnefl'c,motion,numbcr,mcafurc,and other difficulticSjmoftofwhich arc by

ipfim Mundi v- fomc ^ denied ? Diuerfitic of motions caufed the auncients to " uumbcr eight Orbes ;

niiicfft. ccelum ptoUmie on that ground numbred nine ; ^lphe»fus and Tebititu ten j Coprmcus find-

tnt'itcm ; »» ji^g another motion,rcuiued the opinion of ArifiarchMs Samms of the earths mouing,

nUdamlma ^^- Others which therein diffent from him,yet in refpcft of that fourth motion hauc

C(t'.efta,inreli- added an elcucnth Orbe,w.hich the Diuines make vpcuen twelueby their Empyreall

qu» caloaer vel immoueable heauen. And many denic this aflertion of Orbes,fuppoling them to hauc

aquac<£lcjlii,&c ^ecnc fuppofed rather for ^ inftru(ftions fake then for any reall being. And Afaft$

^ImcZmcI ^^rc faith exj>Afjfum,is 1>aMid alfo callcth it a Citrtain f,\vh\ch in fuch diuerfitic of Orbs

'Xca('mxn.»u- fliould rather haue beenefpokcnin the plurall number. Tiie Siderins NftnciMsy ol

ranog.&z*' CjahUns CjaliUus tells vs of foure new Planets , Inf iters attendants, obfcrued by the

bard. helpe of his Glaffc , which would multiply the number of Orbes further. A better

t vatrit.TM' daffe^or ncerer fight and fitc might perhaps finde more Orbes , and thus fhouldwee

I ''ill? xunnzmOrbem in a circular cndlcfle maze of opinions. But I will not difputc this

J°* ' " * queftion,ortakeitawaybyauerring^thcSt3rresanimated,orclfcmoued by*/»/W//-

u l^ldi dehii getttu. A learned ignorance fhall better content me, and for tbcfe varieties of moti-

chri!l,claif.iH o,-,jjvvill with »L/i3/j»/;>*f,afcribc them to God the Architect of Nature and co-

Sr.c,Bofc,Kec- ^^Qj.ijei.tiierjvvithby \vayesNatu3ll,butbcft knownc to hirafelfc. Ncythcr lift I to

^(ho'"*Mi''^r'i dance after their pipe which afcribc a muficall harmonie * to the hcauens.

I'lidorhsCsrtutrtiincdo-Mninfunt, feddocendi& mcUigcndi »on iratk propon'itHr. Tych0nr,l,i;fag.iio,f( t;;ec-

t'rmanBarthiilirMSyal^. y Gal.Gal.fid.Nnn. z ?.KU^de An. call. Sod,Thettt.t^at.l.%.Vatrk.ficiaui,Vktoni-

K Mofben Mdimn." Arill.&c.R. Mef. I. j.interprccs hzekicls ^iCion.E^c.i, the wheel* to be the hcauens .and

tlic iacafts Angels, a Jnejl j^deribus rttio, fed Vei eji lUa , &c. Lac. lib. i. j. * The Cytbaipr. R, Hof. Cic.




Nd tlius were the zthereall and ayric parts of the world formed : in the Third day

^followcch the perfeiliing of the two lowed elements, water and earth , which as

yet were confufcdvntill that mightie word of God did thus both diuorceand marry

thenijCompounding of them both this oneGlobe,which he called Mrie land and feat.

IcallitaGlobc with theScriptures'', and thcbcft Philofophers «, for which relpeft

b Pro 8.5«. A^«w/t built the Temple of Z/'^yfei round. Neytheryetisitabfolutelyroundandapcr-

^f- * '• ^\'.n^t fcft fphere,but a^a.i^otiJ'iti Strabo affirmcth,hauing (faith Scaltger « ) iijt^if

^t^a'C'cJeN. >y t^op^ctfjdcpreffed vallics,extended plaincs,fwellinghillockes,high-mounting moun-

p./. z.MmU. taincSjlong courfcs ofriuers, and other varieties of Nature and Art, which all ia {q

Apon.1.1- huge a maze rather beautifie the roundnefTe, then take it away. The Eclipfe of the

Record.Scc. J^loone later feenc f in the Eaft then in the Wefl,the round fiiadow of the earth which

d s, /.J. ^ darkencthitjtherifingoftheSunneandStarresfoonerintheg Eaftthen Wefljthcvn-

ff^aiejiS'hi^ n cquall elcuationofthePole, and the Northerne conflellations appearing to vs,th«

^nffiwTit Southernc continually depreffed : all thefe obferuing due proportions, -according to

.^h<tT. jj^g difference of places and countries ; yea.the compafling of the earth by many Mar-

Af - .' m' riners, argue the round compaffe thereof,againft Patritius h his deformitic, or that de-

f In Drakes formitie which other 'Philofophershaueafcribed thereto. The equalitieor inequali-

voyage abouc tie ofdaycs, according to the neereneflfe or farneffe from the EquinocSliall , holding

the world an proportion as well by Sea as Land ( as doth alfo the cleuation of thepole) and wot bci

cchpfe leene -^ longer where ^ a quarter of the world is Sea,thcn if it were all earth , doe confute
hercSept.itf. a t> t ' »

before one in th; morning, was fccne by them in the Magellane ftraights,Septembj i^.at^. in the euening,

g The Portugalsf.iiling to China Eaft, hauc their day tweluchourcs fooner then we : the Spaniards to Manila

vcft, tweluehowcres later. So that both meeting there together differ a day in reckoning: OnesTuefday is the

others Wednefday. h Put. J'anccf.l,z^.z6,^i. i yid,yiut,dei'ittc.^b.i.i, k As at Saint Migncl and Panama

where the South Sea cxteiuictb to the PlulippinK,



C H A p . 2 . The fir {I 'Booke* 1 1

the opinion of the phinenefie of the water, and thofe former abfurdities. Euen all the
pretended deformitieby h:lls, dales, waters, compared' with the Diameter ot this j pj.^j. „
GlobCjis not fo much as the inequalitie in an apple, or a earned bowle,or quilted ball, thouoht t'h."
which yet we call round. And this diuerfitieferueth not onely for ornament, but for highcft hill to
more largeneffc of habitation,variety of ayre and earth, and for pleafurc and profite. bebut ten fur-
Thus doth this Globe fwell out to our vfe.for which it enlargeth it fclfe: andfcemeth w"|5-Cko.
largeto vs,being in refpcttofthcvniuerfelcffe then little. How much thercofis co- vvb'cMioUe !
uered with waters ? How much not at all difcoucred ? How much defert and dcfolatc ? proportion (in
And how many millions arc they v\hichfharetne reft of this little among them? And their iuft dia-
yet how many thoufandsglorieofthegrcatnefleoftheir poffeflions ? All this Globe meters) to the
is demonftrable "uo be but a point,and in comparifon nothing to that wide wide C?- ^'""' but of
nopic ofheaucn,amanspollcflionbiitapomtand as nothing to the earth , a manoi faith R Hues
poffeflions but a point and ma manner nothing to hispollelllons; (as Socrates" fa'id dc^hbn,
ibmetimes to iAlcilnddes) few can fhew their landes in an vniuerlall Mappc , where a m By the like
whole Region occupieth a fmallroome: and yet how couetous, how ptoudeis A/? msgniuidesof
a>}dnfl}eso^d\x(k. andearth,notvvithlbnding the little we haue while we hue, and that c'e^j b'"' Ih '
IcfTewhichrhallhaucandpofleflevsin aprifonofthree cubits being dead? Well did dows, horizon
one o compare this our grolTer and drolTicr world to an Ant- hill , and men the inhabi- &c. Ambrof.
tants to fo many Pifmires in the variety of their diucrfified (ludies,toiling and turmoy- *^-^- 4;^.
ling themfelues therein. ^c/p/dfeemedafhamedoftheRomane Empire p, as feeming '^^'^""'•"-'J'^ft,
but a point ofthe earth, which it felfe was but a pc inc. And yet how ready are many j™ ' .^'^''^
to fell heaucn for earth? 1'hzt /i^rge>tejfe and conttntiafice beyond all names of time and (ionste 'cfeis
place,for this momentaniepoflelTion of almoft nothing, although they haue hell and qtiimiiupan
diuell and all in the bargaine ? Let this morall obferuation cntertaine our Reader,per- /*''" '<''■'■'«?
haps tyred in thefe rigid difputes rand now let vsreturne to the naturall difpofition ° ^"'^■"'t '"edit
andconftitutionofthisGloba.inwhich the earth was coucrcd with variety of Plants ^p-J7'^''^' a
and truitSjWhich had beene before couered with titmie waters. materia glm'tx

Gbdcommanded,andthe waters which yet oppreffed, and by their cffurion and roftra^h^ijcdes
confu(iondidtyrannize,rathcr,than orderly fubdue,andgouerne this inferiour mrrie ''-'^ tumultua-
mafle,were partly recciuedinto competent channels, and there alfo gathered on fwel- ""^ '"manum
lingheapes,where,though they menace a returne of the oldc Chaos, both by their taumm-Jpar
noyfeand waues, yet hiLilx^odfiabLjheAhis eom?nandeme»tv^onit,andfetbarresaf!d tcgaudeat' vel '
dooreSjaridfuidjHnhertollj^lttboiicomeatjdnofurther, and hen fMlltt flay thy freadc cumadmenlii-
tfanes. Otherwife, 7heDeep.esv>hichthen co^sred it as a garment, wouldnowflanda- ';'"' ""■■"'tiie

hone the 0\ Unyitaitfes . At h^ rebuh they /If f, who with fetters of fand ."to fhew his po- ''''' P'"!'^."""^'
, ^ ■ I '-^■- , '^-' N , . , , ■ ■ ,i. 11 yit,

wcr m weakeneilejWith a miracle in nature; chaincth vp this inragcd Tyrant, that the dempmtionem

creatures might haue a meete place of habitation. Thus did not onely the drieLand eins defun^us

appeare,butby the lame hand' was enriched with Hearbs and Trees, enabled in their obtineit?

mortallcondiLion,toremaincimmortall in their (^'"■s'^. And here beginneth (J^fpfcs

to declare the creation of compound bodies; hitherto bufied in the Elements.

The FovaTH Dates Worke.

N OwwhentheLordhidmadebothPlants,Trces,and Light, withoutthc influ- , . j
encc,yea,before the being ofSunnCjMoone or Starre,henow framed thofe fierie Rq,,,,. a^lfeda
Ealls,andglonousLights,vvhercbytheHeauensarc beautified, theAyre enhghtned, Philofopher
the Seas ruled,and the Earth made fruitfiill. Thus he did the fourth day, * after thofe the reafon
other things created, leart fome foolifli Naturalift fliould bindehis mighty hand in ^'hytheSun
Natures bandsjfejingthefe Lights nowbecome the chiefeofficcrs in Natures Court, lyj n'^'^^.
Thatiliining before difperfcd, was vnited in thefe bodies , whether by refra(f\ion of j|,j. pi,jjq(^_"
thofe former beames,by thefe folide Globes, or by gathering that fieric fubftance into phtr obfer-
them,orbyboth,orby othermeanes, Ileaueto others coniectures. ='Many are the uingutnic,
dreamcsofPhilofophers,fome cfteeming them fire ;fomc earth, others cloudes, and bucnotaflig-

othersftones.fired ://ifr.Tc//^fj and the Pythagoreans deemed each ftarre a world. "/"I ^ "^.-""f'

JO tnclcwlaidj

itwasbecaufethe Siiachushonorcdhisbirth-day.J[/^a:X.c«;<.(, a PlKtsde j^'kcPhiUoi.BxrM. dc [kiln. pag i^


I2 Of the Creation of the World. C h a p . 2.

Tiiey are commonly holdcn Round, fimple Jacide l^adiesjbe mefl cowpaB and eofidenfate
h Brnhf. de- spares ef their Orl>s, or ofih^z a»thcreaUrcgion,of and in which they arc : bright flanaes
niethihem to not ofthis our fire which deuourcthand confiimeth (for the whole Ocean would noc
rlcVnc* ''"''^ fcruc the Sunne alone for a draught, northe Earth with all her Acre for abreakcfaft)
loi. &Iodoth butquickningandnourifKing. Let vs a little cojiiider of their 6?'f<jfwj(7^, Swiftneffe^
K^iif. Aloreh. Number, hiflne-/ic£. Por the firft , PtoUmey meafured the Sunnes greatncffe i66\ rimes as much asthe

ic Scal.O^ufiJa whole terrcllriall Globe : (^opernicM whom S caliper <^ calleth Altcrum attj noftri Vtolo-
^l"^',. ., me'tTn) i(52. 73'f^>3'5rrf/;f •' 140. The Mooneis holden by P/«?/(????r/« ?9. times lefle
T b Bf^deN then the Eirth, by Cop. ^■^. hyTycho^^, yH&ateanins^nd ^yi Ifr.igaKiu hauc added
StiVailst. * their opinions of the reft , therefore diuiding them into fixe rankcs or formes of dit
Pythag.ep.i', fering magnitudes : wherein as they feme what differ from each other , fo much more
\o3.cUimm in fio Jycho Brahc thr.t learned Dane, whofe ccfts & « pains in this fcicncc are admirable.
fdc. B. Album T> j^j. ^^igfff^„ (wifer then they all ) had foretold f that the heartens in height, & the anh
"jiUuum.d-.ti''. *'* deepenejp, and the kings heart, none aanfearch out : that is , exaftly and abfalutcly ,
19 &d. asappearethin thcdiffering opinions, bothottheearthsScircuitand diameter, and

c 100300. De- of the altitude ot tiie heaucns , and confequcntly of the quantitie of the ftarres,whicfi
ImhiyrxfA.^ murt prcfuppofe the former. They agree not in the order ofthe Planets, nor how ma-
Alpjuii/usj^cz femi-diamctcrs ofthe earththehcaucnis elciiated .which after Ptolomeys Hyptthe-
onhistabLes / r t- l 1 • n • l 1 '■ • 1 1

400000 dii- /" ^"^^ aoooo. alter Jychos reckoning 14000. Henccit is , that the quantitie and the

cats.'or aticr fwiftnefic ^ is much more after the fermcr , then after this later opinion , which dotfi
riirqueis ftorie better falue the incrediblcncfle thereoi^ then faining a Gtant-li'ie Ubor (as "M^inm ' cal-
more; Icth it ) ofthe earths continuall rolling,

^^'cUuiil'j ^^^ number "^ of the ftarrcs fomc hauc reckoned i(?oc. others 1022. and Tjcha

mtiKfit. ' Trahe moxc. g*li/cits his glaffe hath made them innumerable, in dcfcvying inlinitc
h 4i5984?7i.. numbers otherwife not vifible to ¥s, and cfpeciallytheGalaxiafulIofthcm.YeaGod
miles 111 one himfeifepropcu ids it to «x^/"'<«/'4w«' (whom /o/^f^^^cals a great Aftronomer) as a
howre,aftcr thing iirpoiTible to number them. Itishisowncroyallprerogatiue, '■^he count eth the
P/fl/.hisHy- nMmberoftheHarres, andbringeth out their armies bjnumber ^andcalteth them all by
'eckoueiivfo ' '^'^"'' ''^^^'^^- The end why God placed them in the firmament LMofes cxprcflcth ^to
that a bird of fep.trate the day from the night, and to be for fignes, andfj>r feafons , nndfordayes , and
- likclwiftnes foir yeares , and for lights in the firmameyit of the he au'en t^ giue light vpon the eanh.
might com- Their influence & effcfts are in Scripture " mentioned :ncithcr can any iuflly deny the
^S3^^ s' fame in the elements and elcmentaric bodies : theStoirjllFate.the Caldean .Icwifh,
v.ider the line ^nd Arabian fancies are now difdaimcd euen by thofe <> learned , which maintains in
iaaahourcs our dayes ludiciall A^rologie, or commend the fame. Neither can it agree with Chri-
fijace.Heto flian religion to fubicft the Will of man to any cxternallnat!iral!force,nor with reafoii
faluc his incrc- -^^^ niattcrs contingent and cafuall to make them naturall Arbiters : nor will I cafily be-

di iitie, eui. jeg.jg that pJI•ti(-^lafCl,cl.^[J can be foretold from generail caafcs , efpcciallv intheat-
leth a motion \. ■ . » r 1 • a- c \ r

bothof th« raires and fortunes ot men. VVlierc trie numbers, iubltances, faculties, actions ot thele

Eatthaudof ftarresare weakly or not at all knownc vnto vs (as hath bene Hiewcd) it is like as t»

thsicarrcs, fay how many and what kinde of Chickens a Henne will hatch, when we fee not all,

°"ft^^'^h"^ \ ""'^ fcarlc know any ofthe Eggcs vnder her. The fwiftnelTe of the heauens whecle,

f ' the Weft' p whichcueninthcmomentofobferuingispaftobfeiuing; the vanitie of our Oracle

i lUm.Matk. Almanacks, which commonly fpe^ke doubtfully orfalfely ofthe vtcatlicr; the infinit-

fiboLl.ii. nelTe almoft of caufes concurring, which are diuerfly qualified; thcwcakenefleof

k aMtM.d£ thole 1 foundations on which this Art is grounded; the force of hcrcdetarie qua-

Stell. ^ litiesdcfcended from parents, of cuff oinc and education in forming mens manners;

p'i/iAT the difagreements ofthe Aftrologfrs among themfelues , the new from the eld , and

Lf.i,i. ' ' ^11 from the truth , as Experience in all ages haiji Qiewed. And laftly , the prohibition

n Hof.z.ii. of thefamebyScripturCjF3thers,Counceis,Lawcs;yeathclearncdfloftheChalde»

Vid.^ iob ^S.

SkSm.diOp.^Afi)!sMont,$tcU.tsChochiib'mvocariiit^dcHvirtiitisreceptacitls.A.M.dc'Ni!t. o Hen. a IJndhiut.S,
Ch. Hcydon. v:d: T^fiieir. Rin\3n. Sac. f/aits eft, nun ars, &c. ut/'f f de Cor. art. 1.^. p ?(ir. Figuhu in the fwi h motion of
a wheelc made two blots which then fcemcdnccre, but at the {landing of the whecle were fane afunder. q The
iwdut houles, one for the Soiilc, another foe Children, I'ortune > Death,&c.' vid. Alcabit, lials,Io. de SaxMu, Sec.


Chap.2. The firffBooke* 12

ans and other Alironomcrs themfclues (ag EtrfchiiM * rccitcth cfBanlines , and %-;l', '*Eiifeh.dcpr<e>i.
Mofss [-en (JlfaiwoK, hauing read all the Arabians workcs hereof jaiifwcreth theic- l-S.r^i.K.MoC.
wifh AflroIog^rSj) aredrong arguinentsagainft the 5f<«>->"e-^<ij«.fr/ prediftions. But ''' 'f',"^.^'"^"
let PicM Mirandidah'xs 1 2. bookes againft Artrologie , and loftph Scaltgcrs preface ^ j^ faith's"^/
before yI/^/«///.'/j be well weighed of fuch as dote on, or doubt ofthisGcnethliacall to good man-
ridiculous vanitie, if not 1 impious vilIany,asthofe authors and others ' proueit, not neis, Philofo-
by the errors offoiTicChicfctaines and Champions onely, butoftheArtitlelfe, and phic, Geome-
thc whole Senate of IcwifhSaraccnicallandChriflianArtrologers together hatching '75' _ /^'"'*"
alie. The fgnes and conficllaticns vvhichArtronomersobferueinandoneachfide fcribc Chrifv"
the Zodiaks, would be too prolixe in this difcourfc already tedious : as hkcwifc thofc an Religion to
alterations which feme haue obferucd in feme (larres. cuemnie , and

do command mine eyes to take more fpeciall view of their Beauties. How willing Jndxus, cfthc
could I be Q\]i.Q Phaeton) tomountthechariot of the Sunne? whtch eommethfoorth comming of
as a Tiritiegroome out of his ch.xmher and reioycct h like a mightte man 1 rtmne his race; '"'^''' Meflias ^
King offiarrcSjCnthronizcd in the mids of the planets, heart of the world , eye ofthe /y.^^'jM fV
h.aucns,brighteftgemmeofthisgoodlyring, fathcrofd3ycs,yearcs,feafons, me- iici,'riil^ 4, d"
teors; Lord of light , fountaincotheatc, which fceth all things, and by whom all i?45-iaii79.
things fee, which Icndcth light to the ftjrres andlifeto the world; high fteward of 'hey arc Ata-
Natures kingdome.and liurlieft vifiblc t image of the lining inuifible God. '"^"r'h'wv -''

And dazled with this greater light I would reflet mine eyes to that reflexion ©f" foretold"] loft
this light in the lober, filuer countenance of the filent Moone; which (uhethcrit adiUbLtion
haue any natiue fliining, though weake, as ZanchmsanA BarthoUnns hold ; or whc- ofthe world
ther It be an asthereall earth," which mountains and va!lics,and other not elementary l^X teinpefts to
clcmentSjCompadofthe dregs ofthe sthcreallparts;orwhatfoeucre!fe reafoii,fa!-:- "^PP>iiniiY*
cie.or phrcnfie haue imagined thereof) is Queenc of the Night , attended vvith the ^'" *^ ' •
continuall dances of twinkling ftarres , Mother ofmoneths. Lady of feas and ^ moi- q I'lot.Eii.tJ.i.
fture,conftant image of the worlds inconltancic, whichit ncuer fecth twice with tlie & Mar. ric.
fame face ; and trueft modell of humane frailty , fhining with a borrowed light , and Meriila. fuIc,
eclipfcd with cucry interpofition of the earth, ^uilzmaotEndymion , nor fo much ''"P'''g-&c.
in L»;7tfc/fauour,a$ to be lulled aflcepc in her lap, there to learn thcfc miseries of Na- ^ £.v h:s vetC'
turc, and the fecrcts ofthat happy mariage bctwcenethefe celelHall twinncs. And it '""Wj^mj M.i«
is high time for me to defceiid from thefcmeafurcs of time; the lampcs ofthe world, ci^^^fjc^r
and to behold the neererwoikcs ofGod before our feet in the aire and waters which ckero,Aulenm
Godonthcfiftday created. Butthc principal! rarities to be obferued in thefc ciea- c^c
tures, w e fhall difperfc our fcattercd difcourfes through^this worke, as occafion fhall f i^on lam alio.
be offered; as likewife touching the hearts both wijde and tame , Jiid'the creeping ''"" compara-
things created the fixtb day. Thus was the Aire, Water , and Earth, furnifhcd with quamfuotnMe-
their proper inhabitants. rc^Ambrofbex.

lib. 4. c. 6. vtd^
y Sar.UtHS his a-rjimal memifj^caf actus ah<t, Nu^ian'^eit.O-

^ecrat sidhHC,Cr qHoddommAri in cetera pojfet. tForthebeau-

T^ttishomoeji. - ' tie,operaiion,

and the funne,
Afterhc had thus prouidcd his cheare,'^ he fought him put a gueft.and hauing built the bsair.e (ra-
and furnifhcd his houfc, his next care was for a fit Inhabitant. Ofthis,A^c/«addeth, ^^l"l'!^"^^f^ ^
Furthermore Godfaid, Let vs makj Man. But this will aske a longer difcourfc. In the fc^(nbi5°[he

Trinitie. Ar,
MontJe' u Vehlsvid.VatYk.7ancof.Scnl.t.xer.(i.Gal.Ciil.Vlut.depltc. x Solicaloris &iUuflfationi5,Luiitt
huifiettaniiijddatand' ,atqjiihiindivii, Ar.Mont. Hxc folu 0- ahum planetartim fxtum fuicipiens, Mundo fibividm edit,
a Meiciirio i:ccipu vim humorescommifcentem,a l^eneregeriitiirie aiiHenkntem, a ^Urte rtbur & ivipetum , a loue naturalem
fpiritum, &reiiim amn'mm [omentum, ciSa'.urnii compag'nem &fiab'd'itatem t a lole (qiti omnimoduiu viriuttm coHtiriet) fx-
tiitam& lumen, &c. .ylrchafig. i/i Cabulift, dogmata U.I-'ici, Fid. Lcon.Heb,^. y OiiU,Mitam}r,lib, S,

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