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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 52 of 181)
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calledthe^flt^fyo/f/if 5««n^,f,andisasit wcreiheirCreede : the reft are all deliuercd
as thewordesofGod; hee being induced as fpeaker. The firft is in this fenfe. In the
name of the mercifull and pttifnllGod, Thankes beevftto God , the Lord of the World,
mercifull,fttttfull, fudge at the iaj of iudgement. Wee fray vnto thee : tvee trttjf in thee,
Leade vs into the right way^the way of them whom tboH hajl ehofffj^uet of them with whom
then art angrie, and of the Infidels,

e The truth of
the matter
in it.
f Io,LnJduic.


g The Tranf-

h Annt H45.
Woued by Vet.
whofc Epiftle
thereof to S.
Eer», is extant.

iln the Italian
areI^i). chapt.
firft : and the
Eafterne Sara-
cens, reckon it
but one, -4c^».
to the fifth.
uideth it into
fourc Bookes,
and zo^. chap.


C H A P .4* ASIA, The third 'Booke, 251

Of * Cod he » vvritethfurther,thacheisO«f, neceflarictoall.incorpoteall.whichi "^ Of God
neither hath begotten, nor is bcgoccen, nor hath any like him: the Creator, long-liif- andChiift.
fering.fearchcrofthe-heartjtrue. That he will confound inchantmcnts, that without ^ A»-i - *
his gift, none can belecuc (i his his Alcoran) that he hath no fonne , for he needeth no-
thing ^, and he which fettech a fecond in thcpjacc of Cod fliall goe into hell, Az'7,1. t, ^-5, ^^^
andhehathnopartaker, :!2. yetin^z.o<jr.67. hee inducethGod, fpeakingthus .-To
Chrift the Sonne oiCM-irie, we hauc giuen the Gofpell, that by him men may obtaine
the loue and fauoiirofCod: and that the beleeuersamongft them (Chrillia'ns) lliall
receiue a great reward lasalfo in v^x:..2. he faith, Euery one whofoeuerliuethris^htly,
behelcworChriftian, orifheleauethhisowne Law, and embrace another , if hee
worfhip Cod, and dee good, rhallvndoubtedly obtaine Diuine fauour. ^c. -..The
Creator faid, I am the only Creator , alwaies the fame , pittifull, mcrnfull, bcfides
whom there isnoneother ; whofe miracles and great woikes are vnto the wife the
frameof hcaucn and earth, the intercourfe of night and day, the fliips in the Sea fit:
for the vfc of men , raine for the rcfieiliing of the earth , the compofition of all crea-
tures , thewindes, theclouds.&c. 15. InuokeandworfliiponeCodalone. 43. AH
the miracles of God cannot bee written, if all the trees in the world were pens, and
the Sea feucn times greater, and were inke ; with whom it is a fmall thing to raifc the

Of the birth of Chrift he wiiteth thus, Jz.o. ip. Wc{emom Spirit to M^rie (the
beft of all women, and the wombe vntouched, Ax.oar. 3 1 ._) in likcncfle of a man , pro-
fcfliiig himfeltcadiiiine Meflenger concerning a Sonne, &c. And when fliee intrauell
plained, Chnft came from vnder her, and faid, Fe<«Mf«of: and when fome chid with
her about the child , the child it fclfe made anfwere, 1 am the SeruMt a>id Prophet of
God. He faith, the lewes did not flay Chrift, but one like hnn, *x/*<7,t i. and vpbrai-
deth them, for not receiuing him, y4z.o.2.ziid chap.4. To Chrift, the Sonne ofMarie^
properly communicating our owne foulc we haue giuen him ftrcngth and power more
then other Prophets: yet chap. 14. hee exculah that worfhip which is done him and
his mother.

ft^*. f, . Wc giuing our foule to Chrift the Sonne ofijl', preferred him before
all otbcrs,-that had becne exalted by me, to fpeakc with Cod , to power and vertue.
Heinferteth the prayer of the Virgins Mother, when flice fck her felfe with childc, by
hachir?} : and makech Z^^.charie to be the Virgins Tutor. 5 . V\ ho (he faith) for his vn-
bcliefe was dumbe three dayes. The Angels faiuted y1 /<«>■;?, fa yir.g, O thou the pureft
of all women and men, denoted to God, loy vnto thee ot that great Meffengcr, with
the word of Cod, whofe name is /</«jCinJi*, an excellent man, at the command of
the Creator rhefliall come with diuine power, with knowledge of all learning, with
the Booke of the Law and Gofpell ; ftiallgiueCommandemcnts to the Ifraelites.-fhall
glue life; curedifeafes; fhew what is to be eaten, and to be done; fhallconfirmethc
oldTeftament; {hall make fome things lawful!, which before were vnlawfull, &c.
He acknowledgeth that his Mother knew not man. 11. They fiy (the lewes) that
'they killed Chrift, the Sonne of Marie., the Mefienger of God, but it was not true,but
they crucified in his ftead another like him ; for the incomprchc n; ble God caufcd him
to goe vnto him. lefus is the Spirit, and Word, andMtfl'engcrof Cod, fentfrom
heauen. Ti.

Concerning « hisLawand Alcoran, he handleth it in the fecond Chipter or v^*<7*. c Of his Law,,
r<j, which beginncth thus, Inthenameof the'merciftill andpittifuli God, This booke andthefol-
without any falfliood or crrour, fhewing the Truth ( to them which loue , ftare , and ^°^^''' the''"**
Worfhip Cod, and tire ftudioiis ofprayers and almcs) and the obferuation of the lawes
giuen ef God from heauen to thee and other thy PredecefTors , and the hope of the
World to come, hath man ifcfted the true Se(?t. For this bringeth the followers thereof
to the higheft,inricheth them with the higheft good, as to the vnbeleeucrs and erro-
neous, it menaceth truly the greatcft euill to come. This he after applycth to Paradifc
andHcll, which is due to the Enemies o? Gabriel which intimated this Booke to
his heart by the Creator, and to all the Enemies of God,2inA Mich^ul,and the Arcb^
Angels. This his Alcoran hee calieth the eftablifliing of the Lavv of the Ifraclites j



Of the Alcoran^ or Alfurcaiij tjrc.


k Atsxta 47* ^ it was

and Az.e.i\. he arrogatcth to his booke wifcdome and eloquence : and 47. hcc faith,
k it was compofcd of the incomprehenlible and wife God, cuery whers agreeing with
it fclfc, and calleth it (63) the bookc oi Abraham : and {69) if it flionld bee placed on
a Mouniainc,that mountainc for diuine fearc would bee diffolued. Thofe which will
not be conucrtcd,takc and all meanes intrapping them : andfight againft ihcna
till they be your tributaries aiidfubieas. Thefifteenthpartof all the prey isduevnio
God, and his Prophet, and to your Kindred and Orphans , and the poore. Thofe that
arc taken in Warre kill or make flaues; but pardon them if they will turne to your law,
and God alfowill pardon them. Such good Warriors fhall haue full pardon. The
lewes and Chriftians (contrarie to that he had faid before) let God confound.He hath
fent his meffenger with the right way and good law.that he may manifelt and extoll it
aboue all lawes Ofthe twcluc moneths fourearc to be confecratedto fight againft the
enemies. Thofe that refufe this war-fare loofe their foules, and they which flie in the
day of battell (y^^.6.) doe it by the Deuills inftigation , thus punifliing them for their
former fiunes. They which are well (^ and rcmaine at home are not of like me.
tit, as they which goe to warre. The fire of hell is hotter then the danger of warre.
And although thou (Prophet) fhouldeft pardon the refifters ©fGod and his mcflenget
feucntic times, yet God will neuer pardon them. The fick and weakc , and fuch as
haue not neceflaries, are excufed from this ncccfTitic of war : but to the good warriors
God giueth Paradifc, in reward of their foules and goods, whether they kill or be kil-
led, y4x,o. 18.19. And in 57.KiIl thevnbeleeuers whom you conquer, till you haue
made ^reat flaughter. God could take vengeance on them, but he choofcth rather to
doe it by you : he fhall lay dcafenclTe and blindncffe on the faint-hearted. Yet in 52.,
and 98. as contrarie to himfclfe he affirmeth, that he is fent only to teach , not to com-
pell and force men to bcleeue; except we expound it rather, that lewes, Chriftians,
and all vnbeleeuers.are compelled to be tributaries,and theirflaues ;not forced to their
Religion, but inftru(5led only ; wbichagreeth with their pra6tife. From this doArme,
and that of deftinic in the 50. Az.. hath rifen their forwardncffe to the warre, and the
grcatncffe of their conquefts. Agreeable to this do6frine is their manner of teaching
it: the Reader or Preacher (as faith Frier iJ/c^<ir^, ftudcntamongftthem in the Vni-
uerfitic of Baldach) holdeth a bare fword in his hand , or fctteth it vp in an eminent
place, to the terrourofthegaine-fayers.

Butdifputation ' andteafoningabout hislawhevtterlydiflikcth,^^:,.:?!. Tofuch
as will difputc with thee, anfwerc that God knoweth all thy doings, which in the laft
day fhall determine all controuerf es. And 50. Nothing but euill deaueth to the heart
of fuch-as vnwifely difpute of diuine Precepts: but commend thou thy felfc vnto God,
that knoweth all things. And chap.4.1 5. Hee is commanded to goe away from fuch.
This booke is giuen to take away difcord from men ; miracles hee difdaimeth as infufL
ficicnt proofe^ for though it fhould make plaine the moiintaines , and make the dead
tofpeake.yettheywouldbec incredulous: But it is thy dutieonly to fliewthemmy
Precepts, J^s.a.25. And which arc good bclceueinGod, mhisMeffcn.
ger, and in the booke fent from heauen. They which firft beleeue, and after denie,and
become incredulous, fhall haue no pardon nor mercie of God , but fhall goe into the
fire. And (i i .) Wc will bring infinite euill vpon him , that will not obey God and his
Mcfl'enger,and will be Tiiffuting. To them which " demand that the booke may raine
vpon them from heauen, thou fhalt fay that fome asked a greater thing of 3/o/>/, that
he would fhcw God vnto their eyes , and were therefore imitten with lightning from
heauen. (i 2.) To the lewes and Chriftians God hath giuen difagreements, till God
fhall determine the fame at the day of iudgement. Make not your felues Companions'
of them which deride our Law. No man rccciueththcperfet^ionof the Law, but hee
which beleeueth tlie Teftament, the Gofpell , and thjs Booke fent of God. 1 4. They
•which crre will fay , let God fhcw vs miracles. Thefc'hurt none but their ownc foules,
nThcFoxwil for if they fhould fee all "mi racks done, they would difpute with thee, faying, that
eatenograpes they couldnot bedonc butby inchantments. Thou flialtn'ot come to themwithma-
becaulcthey nifcft miracles; forthey would refufe them, as odious things, i 5. Difpute not with
hang°toobigh. them which will not hcare; and if they demand miracles, fay, Godonly doth them:

I knovy

1 Mahomet M-
claymcth Di-
uine miracles,
and Humane
the fword.

m Not to dif-
pute nar <cekc
a figne in
proofe of ihe

Chap.4« ASIA. The third (Bvoke, 25|

I know not the fecrcts of God, and follow nothing but that whicli God ?.r.d the Angcl
hath commanded : and if Angels Hioiild I'pcake to fuch, they would not belccue. i 6.
God himiclfe and his bleflcd Spirit liauc compounded this mofi true bookc. 26. 44.
They which fay his Law is new or fained, goe to thcDcuill. 47. Hce induceth foine
gainfaiers, faying, we will not leaueworfliipping our Images for this Icfter and Rimer.
Yet is he alone come wirh the truth, ccniiiming all the other Meflengcrs. y 5. He faith
I (God) writ this bookc with my owne hand, jd.The vnbeleeuers lay ] am a Magi-
cian, and hauc fained it : but then 1 pray God chat I may haue no part in him when hce
fliall be our ludge. Say not there arc three Gods,but one God alone v. ithout a Son, to
him all things are fubiei9.. Chriii cannot denie but that he is fubic6l to God^as well as
the Angels, 1 2. We lent Chrirt to whnmwcgauetheGofpell, which isthcliqhtnnd
confirmuion oftheTeHament,& the right way to him which feareth the ful-
filling ffyoiir law. All that iay that Chrifi: ibGod^are vnbcleeuers and liars CChriit
himfclfehauing faid, Yee children ot Ifraell beleeucinyour God and my Lord) of
whomhe which will bepartakcr, fliall bee caft into the tire eternall. Chrilfis but the
meflengcrof God , before wliom were many other meficngers :and his mother was
true,3nd they did eate. Good people exalt not your felues in your law,further then the
truth. %Thclbuleot Chrifl wascleaneand blefled, he cured the leaprous, raifed the
dcad.taught wildome.the Tc(lamei.t,and the Gofpell. The vnbcleeuing Ifraelites be-
leeued chat he was a Magician. And ^4. We haue giuen a good place and abounding
with water to the fon o^] to her.for hauing done iiich miracles in the world.

Of the * Creation he ■ firrmeth (e^i,2.) that when God had made the world, hee » Crettt-o
difpofed the feuen hcaucns : he told the Angels he would make one like iiKto htrKfelfe
in the earth : they anfwcre,we in all things are fubic6t to your Maieftie,and giue praife
vntoyou : but he will be wicked and a Ihcdder of bloud. Then God teflifying that he
Incw a thing not knownc to the Angels, taught tAd^.m the names of things by him-
felft, not knowne to the Angels , and therefore commanded the Angels to doc reue-
rencc before ^a'»j«>, which wicked ='£f/^ir^K^refiifed; they obeied. And v^^.25. Wc a Behchub
made man of clay, and i breathed into him a portion of-mint owne foule , after that I laid he, was
had created the Dtuill ofpeftiferous fire: and becaufc Sf/i^"^/^^ refufed to humble '""c of fire,
himfclte to this man (made of black mire) he w as d3mne(l,and when he dcfircd relpitc f "'^ thercfora
till the refurre<5lion,it was denied : and therefore he f.iid he would teach all euill things, ^^^Kh^ ' ''^" ^^
thatthcy n-ial! not giue thee thankesj&c. Ofthc Angels he affirmeth (45.)thatfome madeof carthi
of them, haue two wings, fome three, Ibme foure : and(y 2.) the heauen would fall vp- ^\«Ar.x7,
on men, were it not for the Angels that call vpon God. There they fnail poflt flc rings
ef gold, chaincs, iewels, clothed vvith cloth of gold ; clieir beds fhail be of gold , and
this for euer.

Of ''Paradifchedrcametbinthisfort. ^^.dj. He which feareth God fliall recciue b Paradife.
3he two Pavadifcs full of all good,pIcafant with (frcaming fountaines.There they {hall The Turkes
lie on f:lken and purple Corpets^ and fhall be accompanied v\ ith many Maidens, beau- t^aradifc a
tifiil as the Hyacinth and pearlesjrneuer dcflowred ofnien or Dcuils,neuermen'.iruous, ^^-'^^^y carnall
flttinginpleafantfhades with their eyes fixed on their husbands: their eyes !arr;e,with ""^'
the white of them exceeding white, and the black very black , lying on thcfliining
grecne. Faire yong men fii^ill feme them with Vials and other Veffels, full of the moft
excellent liquor, which fhall neither caufc head-ach,nor drunkenncfle,and fliall biing
them the choifeft fruits,and flcfli of fowles. They fhsll there heare no fihhieor difplea-
fing word : and (/^^.86,) In Paradife fliall bee adminiflrcd to them in well-vvrought
veflcis of glade and i-ilucr,drinke as the fauou, ie gingcr,out ofthc fountaine Zelz,ebJ:
they fliall banc garments of filke and gold , chaincs of filucr , blefledwine. Maidens
likewiie vvith prctiebrealfs: there tail trees of colour betweenc yelkw and grecne.
They fhall haue in Paradife all plealures, and fliall enioy women with eyas faire, and as
great as cggesrfwectfmellingRnjcrs of milke,?ndhonic,and fruits of all forts. Of this
Paradife, zAHlcemie. (a Mahumetan) faith, that it concerneth the body , but wife Di-
uincs more refpcdf the minde; the fciicitie whereof ^ in coniundioii with truth , they
iarreprcfcrrc before the oilier of the body.

Of Hell « hec fablcth that it hath fcueu gates ; that it fliall make the wicked like td « Of Hell

t fl«as.

254 Of the Akoran^or AlfurcaUjisrc, Chap.4

fl cas,tliac they Hiall be fed with the tree Ejif^.'w.whichOianburne in their bellies like
fire, rhat they fliall drinke fire ; and being holden in chaincs of feuentie cubits, flialJ be
kept fiirc; the fire fiiallcaft forth embers hke Towers or Catnels. They vhichcontra-
dii^fliallbepuniflTicd with the fire of hell : they which fcarc, Qiall gee into Paradife ;
* OfFntga. and as it were in a* middle fpace betwixt the one and the other, there fliall ftandfome
tone. other with hope and expcdation of Paradife. We haue fet Angels cucr hell .and haue
appointed their numbers. (84.) 98. There fliall be fountainex of fcalding waters , and
they fhall eate vpon arcede,but fliall not fatisfie their hunger : they fliall bee bound in
3 Of the Pro- He » foinetimc. excufeth his owne bafcneffcjas ^x-«.36'.The vnbelceucrs (faith he)
fhet Maho. rnurmurethat he is followed only of Wcaucrs, and the raskall-rout. And f ;!.Thatihe
rnst, Alcoran was not committed toamanof great poffcflions : and they fay, that it 15 Art-

m3gick,and that Ihaucfained it. And in 64. ThcMooncvvas diuided, and they fay it
isforcerie. (The talc is told by Frier T^/c^^rf:^ thus: c^/^icw^r pointed to the Moonc
with his thumbc, and middle finger, and it was diuided, the two pecces falling on the
Hils of Mecha, which cutting into A-fahomtts coat was made whole againe) Hee
t) Mjihniet b fometimecxtollcthhimfcirc, blafphcmoufly inducing Chrift, thus faying to the !f-
gu Ire ofh:s ra^litcsj O yee Ifraciites, 1 being fent a Mcflcnger vntoyou fromGod, affirmeby the
tci?f 'ca'- "'ih TeRamcnt which I haue in my hand,that a Mcflcnger fliall come after me, whofe name
otit:t!iadis is /^/.^/^owf/, of whom they fliall fay that he is a Magician. yi.His beafliyprcroqatiue
111.1 y not bee bc boaftcth, (^ 5 .) faying, he is the leak and Infl of the Prophets, To thee, O Prophet,
thoiiyit iiich a we make it lawfull to he with all women which arc giucn thee, or which thou biyelt.
°"*' and thy Aunts, thy Kmdred, and all good women which freely defire thy companie. if

thou bc wiUing : and this is permitted to thee alone. Diuorfc thefe, couple thy felfe to
ihofcar thyplcafurc. And being by fome other of his wiues found in bed with /J-/^r/>
the wife of a lacobitc Chriftian,hc fware that he would neuer after vfc her companie:
but after being imf otent in his lufls, he ordaines q law to hitr.felfc. yii..j6. Why doeft
thoUjOPropher, makethatlawfull.fortheloueofthy womcn,which God hath made
vnlawfull ? God full cfpittic,<and giucr of pardon, hath commanded thee to blot out,
or cancell thine oathcs.

Of his iourncy tohcaucri, torcceiuethcLaw, hefpcakcth. >4^.<5:;.and 82,mino.
ling iniun(5tions ofdeuotion. 83. Thou, O Prophet, riling in the night,fpend halfc the

night, or a litlc more or leflejinvvatching,and continually and deuoutlyreadeouer the

Alcoran : be thou iufl, patient, and refufc not to wafli thy garmcnts,0 thou man cloa-

thed in woollen. 4 3. Let none enter into the houfc of the Prophet before he call ; but

let him fland without the gate : let none doe diflioneflie within his houfe,let none hurt

the Prophet in any thing, or haue his wife after bin).

e Of the Some ' Prophets hee mentinncth, not natncd 'n Scripture; and of thofe there na-

Prophetsm med hee telleth many fables. Ifniael was a true Pro[ hct , and fund a good man be-

Scr-ttHre. fore God. lojeph nine yeares imprifoned forthe Q^ecne. ty^h\^hamo\.\cnhrc\\\\\i

Fathers Idols , and fliouki haue beenc burned for the fame ; but the fire lofl his force.

d Such talcs as The Jyiountaines and Birds that praife God , wcrcfubici^ to 1)au;d, i SalemonXt^x-

Pt.piili Legc'ds tiaide; one Ant pcrfwadcd her fcllowcs to get them into their holes, left they fliould
as It the lew, bee troden on. tJMofesm^\i\^A PW^e;!;/ Daughter. (^y^Onc y^/c-cwf/ made the
P.ipift,and golden Calfc in the Dcfert aj^ainft A^rms will. ^Th.iraoh requeftcd He?},e>t to build
haacontcmitd ^ Tower, whereon to chmbe to hcaucn , to the God of C^ofcs. (50.) In the time
f<>. the whec- of H?^ they wotfliipped Idols , whom he namcth Hudm , Schftan , lagnta , lannea,
ftonc : which T^acetn^,

2«>' °"« 'h^f The Prophet Htttk was fent to the Nation Haath , to teach them the worfhip of

'" ihall g„g Qg^ . an J ^eha/e to Themuth ; and Schail>e to Madian ; and Ahaham and Lot to
the Sodomites ; on whom,becaufe they were increduloiis,it rained yellow and fliarpe
ftones. (vit..2i.) Mofes wasfcut to Pharaoh^ crc. His fcope of thefe Narrations is,



Chap. 4- ASIA. The third ^ooke. I^J

that he is feu likewife a Prophet, and therefore iudgcment will purfuc them which rc-
fLifchim,a"i it did thole incredulous Nations. Thcfefauour of a levvillihclpc. He tell th
alfoof «yi/cx.'.;ider q Ma^.th^t he had all knowledge : hce found the Sunne , where it ^/-f l"T'fi'^'
layreflinginayeliowfouncayne, andthemountaincs in which it rileth. Andfinding ceflSaintto'

■ men vvithoiuvfeoffpcech, he diuidcd them from other men, &c. Az,.i8. follow.

Heproucch r thehiftoricofihcfe- ■ Of there-
ucnSlecpers,vvhichflept inaCauc 36o.yeares. (28.^*.) and (49.) He faith, that at funeHtoK d"
the time of death.God taketh away the fbuleat an houre knowne.reltoring it to Ibme; /njc ludgmet.
to fome, ncucr : at the firft found of the trumpet all fl-iall die , except thofc which fhall
beprotefledby the will ofGod: at the (econd found all things fliall reuiuc, and bee
iudoed : and (66.) The earth fhall tremble, the mountaincs fliall bee brought to diift,
and the whole companie lliall be diuided into threeparts : fome before, others on the
righthand, both which forts fliall be blcffed rbutthofeon thelefchmd , in their left
hands fliallreceiue the fcroll or fentcnce of their condemnation. And 79, Inthclaft
judgement the earth fhall be ouerthrowne,the hcauen fliall be powred forth. 8. Angels
fliall beare vp the Throne of God. And (80.) The heauens fliall vanifli as finoake,aiid
theearthfliall be plucked as vvooll. And (ili.) Thcrcfliall beefctvp the baliance of

■ Judgement : they to whom fliall befall a light weight, fliall lii!e,but they which haue a
hcauie weight fliall be caft intofire. The booke of bad workes fliall be kept in the bot-
tomc of the earth; the booke of good wcrkesina highplace.

In diuers places of the Alcoran, the better to colour his filthinefle.he hath difperfed Morals and
good fentcnces, likcRofes fcattered on a dung-hill , and flowers in a puddle : concer- ludicials.
ningAlmeSjPraycr, Tithing, Iuflice,&c. O.hcrshehath of another fort eftablifliing
his ovvne Tyrannic and Religion. Jz,.26. Swines flefli,Bloiid,that which dieth alone,
and that which hath the neck cut off" not in Gods name, is vnlawfull. f Be chaft cue- f A'^ar-^j.^^.
ry where, but with your owne wi'jcs, or fuch as are fubiec^ to you, and doe feruc you.
Eucry Adulterer fliall haue an hundred ftripes in the prcfence of miny. He which ac-
cufeth a woman of adulterie, notprouing it by foure witnefles , fliall haueeightie.
The icalous husband accufing his wite , muft fvveare foure times that bee chargcth her
ttuly; andafifthtimecurfe himfclfe,ifitbeotherwife. The woman mufl doe the like
tocleareberfeifc, (4;.) Afterawomanbediuorcedfrom one, anyothcrmay marrie
her. ( 1 9.) Truft no: a foime or a brother, except he be of your owne La(.v. yi.On
FrJdaywhcn they are callcdtopraycr, they muftlayall bulineflcapart: when prayers
beendcd,they may returne to their commodities. Redecmccapriues ; and thy finnes
by good workes. AboutCircumcifionlfindenoiniundion in the Alcoran. In the :;.
S.andp.^i. Heepcrmitieth all licencioufncfle with all women which they haue of
their ownc : but prefcribeth wafliings after Venerie,and after naturall eafcments.Loue
not your enemies : the women of another faithproue firfl : and if they fauour the vnbc-
leeiicrs,diuorce them. (7o.)Itisnofinnetoieuenge iniurics. 52. The womenmuft
couer their faces. 4^

The going on ^ Pilgrimage, and the perpctuall abode at the Temple o^Haran ("that ^ Ptl^Timage

\s,vnlawfull, bccaufe nothingbut theirholies are there " lawful]) wercpute of equall to Mecca.

merit. They which louc it not, or doe it iniuric, fliall luf^aine grieuous euiis. <i/1hr4- " Contiaric

hATH founded this Temple, and bleflcd it, and cleanfed it, for them which abode there, '° which is the

and for the Pilgrims, He )< preached one God without partaker, and the pilgrimage )*°^ ""««o/'

to this Temple, that on the dayes appointed they might, in'naming God, facrificc for that whkh

beafls, wherewith to fcaft themfelues and the poore, and might fulfill their vowcs, and ii lawfiJ! m

goe in ProcefTion round about the old Temple , a worke which God will greatly re- cnoimon v(c.

ward. Az,, 3-!. and 19. Inthctimesof faftingandpilgrimagehuntingby Landis vn- ■'-''"<^'"' (faidi

.lawiull, except that fo gotten be beftowed on the poore at Mecca: taking fifli by Sea '"l-^^I '*;^

asthey goeor rcturne,is lawfull. ^~.i3.The vnbelecuersarenot worthicto vifitthe Kc-iiledHa-

Temple Haran. And thefe good Pilgrims are not equall to the good warriors, jS.Hc >,?«;.■ and the

>'entrcd into the Temple H<jr.t» with his head flisuen. Pi!giinis//»>-

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