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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 54 of 181)
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fir/} fliip ? M.'fh. T>{oe : he rcceued the kcyes thereof oiCjabriel, and going forth of A-
rabi3,compafled Mecca feuen times,and likewife Icrufalem.In the meanc while Afrc-
<ri7 was rcceiued vp into heauen, and the mount Abikobez preferued lerufalem in her
belly, Ab. What fliall become of the children of the Infidels ? Aiah. They fliall come
in attheday of ludgement, and God fhall fay vnto them, would yeedoe that thing
which fliall be commanded you ? And he fhall command to flow forth one of the ri-
iiers of hell . and bid them Icape into the fame. They which obey, fl-iall goe into Pa-
radife. This "fliall be the triall of the children of the faithfull alfo, which are borne
deafe,blinde,&c. Abd. What reftethvnderthefe feuen carthes? C^fahem. KnO%t,
whofe fectc arc on a white ftonc, his head in the Eaft, his taile in the Weft ; hee hath
fortic homes, and as many teeth; it is a thoufand yeares iourney from one hornc to
atiother. Vnder that ftone is Zohct, a mountaineofhell, of a thoufand yeares iour-
hey. AllthcTnfidclsfliallafcendvpon the fame, and from the top fliall fall into hell,
Vndcr that Mount is the Land Werelea ; vnder that, the fea Alkafem : the Land Alio-
len, the fea Zerc:the land Neama,the fea Zcgir : the land Thcris,the land Agiba, white
as milkcjfwcet as muske,foftas f3ft"ron,bright as the Moonc •• the fea Aiknitar; the fifl^
Albehb'.it^\\\{a his head in the Eaft,his taile in the Wcltiall thcfe in order one after an-
other. And beneath all thefe in likeinfernall order the Winde,theMountaine, the
Thunder, the Lightning, the bloudie Sea, Hell clofcd, the fiery Sea, the datke Sea,the
Sea?ff,the cloudiefea,Prayfcs, Glorifications, the Throne, the Booke,thePen, the
greatemameof God.

Ab. Whathath come outofParadife into the World? Mah.Heccs., lefrab leru-
falem : as on the contrarie, out of Hell ; Vaftat in Egypt, Antiochia in Syria, Ebheran
in Armenia, andElmedenof Chaldaea. .Ab. What fay you of Paradife? Mah. The
ground of Paradife is of gold, enameled with Emeralds, and Hiatinths, planted with
eueryfruitfiiU tree, watered with ftrcame^ of milke, hony, and wine : the day IS ot a
thoufand yeares continuance, and the yeare of fortie thoufand yeares. The people ^ The Tutkes
fliall haue' whatfoeuer can beedcfircd,.they fliallbc cloached in all colours, except '[, pj" 'fv^'^"^
^ blacke, which is the proper colour oi Mahomet: they all fliall beofthcflatureof cojou'r.^ ^'^^


l6i Other /peculations jUnd explanations of their Law, C h a p,5

tAdam, in refcmblancelike Chrift, neuer encteafing or diiDinifliing.As foone as they
are entered, fhall be fct before them the liucr of the Fifh Albehbut, and whatfccucr
dainties they can defire. They fhall not need going to ftoole any more then the child
inthewombe, but they fliall fweate out all iiipeifluitics, of fentJike muskc. They
fhall eatc but for delight, not for hunger. Vnlavvfullmeates, asSwinesflefli,they
fliall rcfrainc. And if you lift toknow why this beafl is vnclcanc, vnderftand that Ic-
fus on a time called forth Ufket totcllhisDifciplestheHilloricof the Atke; Who
told them, that by the weight of the ordure, the Arke leaned on the one fide, where-
upon A^otfiConfulting with God, was bidden bringthcElcphat thither, outof whofe
dung,mixed with mans, came forth a Hog,whichvvrooted in that mire with his fnout,
and by the ftincke thereof was produced out of his nofc a Moufe, which gnawed the
boordsof the Arke: A'"oir fearing this danger, was bidden to flrikethc Lion on the
forehead: and by the Lions breath was a Cat engendered, mortall encmie to the
Moufc.But to returne from this ttincking taIe,to refrelTi our felues with the iike fweets
of this Paradife. Hec addeth,that there they haue the wiues that heerethey had, and
other concubines, whom, how, when, wh^refoeucr they will.

Abd. But why is winelawfulhhere,andheere vnlawfull ? cJI/^t^. The Angels y^-
ret and Marot, were fomctime fcnt to inftruftandgouernc rhe world, forbiddino
menwine,jniuftice,andmurther. . But a womanhauing whereof to accufe herhuf-
band,inuitcd them to dinner, and made them drunke. They inflamed with a double
heate of wine and luft, could not obt-ajric that their defire of their faire Hofttfl'c, ex-
cept one would tcacli her the word of afccnding toheauen, and the other of dcfcen-
ding. Thus fhemountedvp toheauen. And vpon enquirie of the matter, fliecwas
made the Morning-ftarre, and they put to their choice, whether they would bepu-
nifliey in this world, or m the world to come: they accepting their punirhmenc ni
this,are hanged by chaincs, with their heads in apit of Babel, till the day of Judoe-

Hell, faith Mahomet there> haththeflooreof Brimftone, fmoakic,Pitchie, with
flinckmgflames, with decpcpittes of fcalding pitch, andfulphurous flames, where-
in the damned ate puniflied daily: the trees bcare moflloathfome fruits, which they

Theday of Judgement fliall bee in this fort. Lnhat day God will command the
Angell of Death to kill euery Creature ; which being done, he fhall aske hiiu ifno-
thiiigbc3liue:.4<:/>-«V/the Angell ofDeath fliall anfvvcrc,Nothing but my fclfcT'-ea
go thy wayes betwixt Paradife and Hell; and laft of all kill thy feUc. TKushce, foul-
ded in his wings, proftrate on the earth, fhall fltangle himfclte with fuch a bellowing
. noife, as would tcrrifie the very Angels, if they were aliue.

Thusthc.worldrhalibcemptiefortieyeares. ThenfliallGod hold the Heauen and
Earthin his nft.and fay, ivhere areuarv the mightiemen^the Kings ar.d Prit.ces ef the
Worlds Tellme(ifyeebetrue)whofeistheKi>igdome,aKdEnipre, awd Power ^ Repea-
ting thefc words three tiines, he fliall raife vp Scraphiel^ and fay, Take this Tiumpet,
and goe toIerufalem,and lound. ThisTrurnpet is of fiue hundred ycarcs iourney. At
that ioiind all Soules flial come forth, and dilperfe thcmfelues vnto tlieir owne bodies,
and their bones fhall be gathered together, fortic ycarcs after he fhall found againe,
and then the bones fliall refume flcfh and finewes. After lortie yearcs the third found
fliall warne the Soules to rc-poflefl'e their bodies : and a fire from the Weft fhall dnue
cuery creature to lerufalcm.When they haue here fwumme fortie yeares in their owne
fweate, they fliall, with much vexation, come to Adam, and fay, Father Adam, Father
Aiam, Why haft thou begotten vs to thele miferics and torments ? Wliy fuffcrcft ihou
vs to hang betweenc hope andfeare ' Pray to God, that he will finifh his determinati-
on ofvs betwcene Paradife and Hell :{h2\ cxcufe his vnworthines for his difo-
bedience, and fend them to 'lSloe,'l>{ee will port them to ^Abraham to Adojes:
He fliall fend them to lefus Chnft : To him they fliall come and lay, The Spirit Word,
and Power of God, let thy pitie rooue thee to make intercelTion for vs. Hee fliall an-
fwerethem. That which you aske, you haue loft. I was indeed lent vnto you in the
power otGod, and Word of Truth, but ye haue erred, and haue made me God ; more

' then

Chap. 5* ASIA. The third Booke,


then cuer I preached to you : and hauc therefore loft niy benefit. But goc to the laft of
the Prophets, meaning hirn with whom thou now talkcli ity4iAia, Then fhall they
turneto him, and fay ; O faithfull Meflcnger, and friend of God, we haue finncd.hcare
. vs holy Prophet, our only hope,&c. Then fhall Gahiel prcfent himlclfeto helpehis
friend, and they fliall goc to the Throne ofGod. And God fhall fay, I knov; why you
arc come, Farre be it that I (liould not hcare the prayer of my faithfull one. Then fhali
aBridgebemadeouerHell, andon the toppe of the Bridge fhall bccfcta baljance,
wherein euery mans workes fhall be weighed, and thofe which are faued, {hail pafle
oucr the Bridge, the other (hall fall into Hell. Alxi. How many bands of men fliail
there be in that day. (^ahom. An hundred and twentie ; of w hich thrceon'y (hall be
found faithfull ; and euery Band or Troupe of men fliall be in length the iourney of a
thoulandyeares, in breadth fiue hundred, Ji'd. What (hall become of Death? Afa^,
He (hall be transformed intoaRamme, and th«y fliall bring him betwcene Paradifc
and Hell. Then fliall arilc much diffentions between thefc two peoples, through fear«
of the one, and hope of the other. Rut the people of Paradifr fhall prcuaile, and ihall
fljy Death betwecneParadife and Hell, e^^ia'. Thou, O (J^ahomet ^ha{iouercomQ„
and I belccue, that there is but one God Almightic, ar.d thou art his Meflcnger and

In this long and tedious Summaric, of that longer and more tedious Dialogue,
compared with the former lewilh opinions, tquchmg their Behemoth ^Lemathun^Ziz,,
Ierufalcm,Swinesflcfl\,theAngell of Death, and other their fuperftitious opinions,
it may appcare, that the Iev;€s were forward Mint- maflcrs in this ncw-coyncd Reli-
gion of Aiahomet.

Inthe beginning of this Dialogue are mentioned their fiue Praycrsand theiri?rf-
madam^ov Kamazan -. Of which, that Arabian Noble-man, in confutation ofthe Al-
coran, writeth thus : ' He which hath fulfilled thcfe fiue prayers, (hall be prayfcd in c ^,
this world, and the next. They are as follow: Twokneel'mgs in the morning, after- conlut.AUw,
noone fourc ; at Vefpers, or a little before Sunnc-fct, fbure j after Sunne- fct, fourc .- at
their beginning of fupper, two; and after fupper, when it is darkc, two; in all eigh-
tcene kneclings in a day.

Their Lent ^ , orFaftof theMoneth^i;w<«*<»»,is thus : In the day time they muft ^ Oi SMahg^
faft from MeatjDrioke, and Venerie, till the Sunne bedowne: then is Riot permit- '''"^^'^^^•
ted them, till a white threed may be difccrned from ablackc. But ifany be fickc, or in
joiirncying, he may pay at another time the fame number ofdayes,

Sampfates Ifphacaites, a Perfian, in a letter written to one ^/<r/fr/<«,r,'hich had con.
ucrted to Chriluanitie,and fled to Confiantinople, to reduce him to his former vomit,
alleagcth this faying of God to Af*^(7Wff: 1 haue m^^de altthings for tbee^ and thee for
me : obiedteth to Chriftians the worfhip of three Perfons, the Father, Mother, and
Sonne,thevvorfliip of many gods. And how (faith he) can God hauc a Sonne with-
out a woman } And how can they agree together ? How can God be made man ? And
vhy could he not haue faued man by a word but as if he bad beenc hindered through
weakneflc, did therefore become man? And if hcc were God, how could hcfuffer?
Yea, the name of >1^/<i/jo»wff, faith he, was cxpreflc-d both in the oldTcftairent,andthe
Gofpcllj Chrift hiaifclfe commending it, which the Chriftians haue rafed out: yea,
fromeuerlallingit was written on the right fide of the Throne of God. And the Mu-
fulmans deriue their faith from Abraham. This I haue inferred, to Ihew the vaine con-
ceits they haue of ourReligion, and their blindc confidence in their ownc, with their
carnalldreamesanddiuinemyfteries, anddiuellifh flandersof our Scriptures, which
they know not . they fcandallalfo from rhe worfhip of linages and Saints.

Frier ^chard e reciteth among A/'j/'0W(rf/ opinions, That ofthreclcoreand thir- e Rkbardm
teenc parts of the Saracens, one onelylhall be faued; and, that the Diuels fhall once ^'•''A'- «<''"'•
be faued by the Alcoran ; and that the Diuels call thcmfelues Saracees }. fit companii
ons with them in their holy things.

Some f make it a Canon of Mahothct, That they fhould looke toward the South f P"'*"* ^'If'*
when they pray,that when they pray they fhouldfay,God is one God, without equal, '^ f"!'",^,'
and xlfuhomet bis Prophet : whkh,Lod.'B arthcrfta faith, are the Charailers ofthe pro- ca'pfi^'""'" '^°


1 64 Other fieculations, and explanations of their Lavp, C h a p . 5,

ftffioiiofa Mahumetan, and that, by the pf enouncing of thofe words, he was tried
■whether he was an Infidell, or no. Thefe words, faith the aboue-faid Arabi3n(as they
affirmc) before the beginning of the world were written in the throne of God.
g BeS-Ohfiru. BellontHe s in his Obleruations tclleth oncof their Bookes, That chcreis aTreein
Ub,ycii\$. Paradife whith fhadowcth it all oi!er,and fpreadcch her boughes oucr the wals,whofc
Icaues are of pure gold and filuer,each of them akcr the Name of God, hauing there-
in written the name o( Mahomet. And that it a Chriftian, atvnavvarcs, (lioiiidfro-
nouncethefaidPraycr, I-<«i&i,&;c. Godis one God, and ^<z^wf» his Prophet, be
muft either die or turneTurke. Suclirepiitationhauethey of this forme, which they
call a Prayer, with as good reafon as the Atte M-irie among the RomiRs, wherein yet
they pray not for any thing Bcl!oniMZ.\(o faith. That they hold the Heauen to be made
of Smoake, and the Firmament ftablifhcd on the home of a whole flirring
Earthquakes are caufed : That there are feuen ParadifeSjWiili Hoi!(es,Gardens,Foun-
taines, and whatioeuer fcnieaccounteth dele(^^able; wheie they fhal! enioy alldc-
lights without any lorrow, hailing Carpets.Bcds , Boyes, Horles,S jddJes , Garments,
for coft and workinanlhip tnoft curious, and readie for attendance.Thoie Boyes rich-
ly adorned, when they haue fatisfied their hunger and thirft, fliall prclcnt eucry Sara-
cen a huge Pome-citron in ? golden Charger, and as foone as thty fhall fmel! thereof
there Hiali thence proceed a comely Virgin in gallant attire,which flial embrace him,
and he her ; and fo fhal they continue fittieyeares. Afcerwhich fpace ended,Godfli3l
fhew them his facc.wherat they dial fal down. not able to endure the brighcnes but he
ftial fay, Arile my fcruants.and cnioy my glorie ; for hereafter ye flialneuer die norbc
gricued. Then fhal they fee God,and each lead his Virgin into his Chamber, where
al pleafiivcs fhal attend them. If one of thofe Virgins fhould come forth afc midnight,
file would lighten the world nolcflcihcn the Sunnc; and if fheflioiildipit into the
Sea, al the water thereof would becomefwect, G^^r/V/ kecpcth the keyes of Para-
dife, which are in number threekore and ten thoufand, each i'eiienthoufand miles
long. Buthewas not able to open Paradile without inuocationof the Name ot God,
and LMiihomet his friend The' e is a Table of Adamant fcucii hundred ;houfand daies
iourney long and broad, with feats of gold and filuer about it, where the j fnal bee
Method'u ConflU Thereis extant aConflitution ci Ul'Tethodita^ Patriarkeof Conftintinople, tou-
tut.m Kb. ¥at. ching the diuerfities of Penances (according to the diuerfitie ' f the ofi'ence) to bepcr-
•vbi & .■ibucarie formed by luch as haue reuoltcd from the Faith to Mahumitilme. Likevs-fe th?rc isa
dijp,(t.c0!>t, Sar. fragment of NicetM, wherein are cxprcfTed the abiurations and renunciations otM.i-
hornet ^nd his Law by new Conuerts, both before Bapnime. wiicn they were admit-
ted into the number oi the Citecbtitneni, and atBaptiime, as was then vfed in the
Church, fome of which I heere mention^ as fitting to our purpofe. After the Afhitke-
m.T ]>rono\\nceAzoziaA Ad iihomst^ y^Ahisfonneinlaw, yJpo7Kptccrtii!, 'Baeicer, ^-
mar^Talcat, Apnpachre>i,SadtceH, and the reft of his conforts and fuccelTots ; alfo a-
gainfl G-td/fe, ylife. and otherhis wiucs, witli I'hatmn^ his daughter : he Anathcma-
tifeththe Cori?, that u, /I/./i!)o»2if«^/Scripture,andallhis learning, lawes, Apocryphall
narrations, traditions and blafphcmics. The fift Article is zg^'u.RA-fahoinetj Paradife,
there thus expreffed. That in it ate foure Riiiers, one of cleare water, a fecond off/, eet
miikc, athirdofpleafant wine a fourth of hony : and thatthe Saracens at tSe day of
Judgement (which fhali be fiue hundred thoufand ycarcs after his time) lliall liue car-
nally with their wiuesvndcr the fhadowes of certaine trees caWcd Sidra 3.ndTel(:ch^
ana dial eat what fruits and birds they wil, and fhal drinkc ofthe Fountaincs Caphura
s-ndZinciber, and wine outofthe Spring Theon. Theirage fbal be the fame with the
Heaucns; their members foure cubits: they Dial haue their fill of luft in the prei'encc
ot God, who is not afhamed. Sixily , He Anathematifeth CM^loumets Angels, Aroih,
tjlfaron, Tz.apha and (JPl^'aroria, with his Prophets, Chud, Zalech, So,%ip,Edrcs ^Dim-
ciphc'-j^nd Lech Ma. Scuenthly, His docftrine of the Sunne and Moone, and liis cha-
lenge to be the Key bearer of Paradife : alio hi* houle ofMecc3,in the middcfl where-
of they fay. is al^one.reprefentiiig ZJe>nu, on which yi^r-^^^aw^ lay with H.'.far, an4
tied thereto his Camell, when heclliouidhauefacrificed/yrf<!c: where the Pilgrimes


CHAP.d. ASIA. The third ^ooke, 2^5

holding their care with one h3nd,point to the Hone with the other,andfoturne round '■'.'.
till they fall dou ne with giddincile. He rcnounccth likcvvife their carting fcuen rtoncs fh^ ne-t I3" .
againft the Chriftians.and the tale of Mahomets Camell and them which worfliip the tcr,"nJ in t^lie
Morning-rtarrc, or Lucifer and Ven-M^ which the Arabiar.s call CM^r,thu is, Grcjit. fccondchap-
And thus he procccdcth in two and twentie Articles, abandonino his former Scdt: af- ^^'■•
ler which he defirethBaptifnie.

0( likciWietiixcihcCitecfjffes M/Ftapjie£, orinftriiflions of Pf/e*- Guemt ic Citechtf.MyH.
Lorcd, concerning conuerting and keeping tiom Mahometifme, in which are rehear- ]'''"'/«''»««
fed and refuted a greatpart of their fuperrtitions/dedicated to King PhdiTi the fccond : ^'■^^•'■^i'^^""'
But king "Pi////) the third hath otherwifc conuertcd the Mores ofSpaine,for whom he
writ his booke, by an vtter fubuerfion and turning them quite ou6*f his Dominions.
He therein telletiiofihe Diuels appearing to A/4/;»»«#nn forme of a Vulture with a
beakc and feathers of gold, profeifing himfcife to he Gabriel, fentof God to teach
him his Law : that M.ihamet would not permit lewes to turnc to his Law without
baptifing tbem firft vnto Chriftianitic : that the Saracens worfiiip the New-Moone :
that the women ipend all their time and care to adorne tbemfelues for their husbands
lufl, and bccaufc they refpcdt fames in their wiues, thefe therefore with idlenes flccpe,
and diet according ; doc fat thcmfelucs like Swine : that a Mahumctan may attainc to
that perfection, that he may fatisfie for finnc part, and after Hue without finne, efpeci-
ally by Partings and Pilgrimages : that the blcfled Virgin rtiall (as they dreame) in the
otherlifc be married to that curfed monrtcr Mahomet: that women flaall rife agiine in
the male fcx,andfhallalfohauc women for their luft, which fliall be produced out of rhefaur.rmet.
certaine trees : with diucrs other things fcarccly obieded to them by others. Thamat ti'edwminfZ
«/<•/« another Spaniard, hath written prolixly of this Argument, but Iniay not here ^''"w-F'".
now follow him. procurandt.

Chap. VI.


E haue heard of the antiquity of this Pilgrimage in the former Chapter,"
deriucd from Adam,\^\\o was fhauen & circumcifcd for that purpofe :
and the Alcoran nameth Abraham the founder ofthe Tempk,&c.Pity
itwere,that thclart of the Prophets rtiould not honor that which was
firft iiiflitutedby thefirftofmcn.Ifwe wil rather beleeue that Arabian
before mentioned, we rtiall finde another otiginall,namely,that whereas two Nations
ptthe Indians^caled Zcchian and Albarachuma,hadvfcd to go about their Idols naked
and rtiauen,with great bowlings, killing the corners, and calUngfiones vpon an heap,
\N'hich was heaped vp in honor of their gods.and that twice euery yeare, in the Spring,
and in Autunine: the Arabianshad learned thefameof the Indians, and praftifed the
fame at Mecca, in honor oiJ'^enm (carting flones backe betweenc their legs, the parts
of F'<->f«*jin the timeof Afrt/jow^r. Neithcr.did^<ii««zff abrogate this, as he dido-
tber Idolatrous Rites; only for moderties fake they weieenioyned to gird a pecce of
Imnenabout theirReines./'i'f»'«^ yiZ/pWy* * an ancient Author,whoofa lew hadbe- , ., ■

comcaChriftian,thusrel3teththisHirtorie. The Ammonites and Moabites crcfted ^^^j|" '^^ ^^
two Idols,one of white ftone called A/f >■<■««>, in honor o' : the other of blacke,
czlhdChatKeSj Inhonouv oi SatMue. Twice a yeare thefe men afcendcd to worfhip
them ; when the Sunne cutrcd into Aries ^\n honor of Mars, and then at their depar-
ture they cart ftones(as before is faid):when the Sun entred into Liha,\n honor of 5^-
tfirne. at which time they facrificcd naked, with their heads fhauen. The Arabians alio
Wotfliippcd them: Alahawetdid not abolifh them, but placed the Image ofSatttrnein
a corner, with his back part forwards ; and buried the Image of (Jliars in the gound,
and laid a ftone ouer it. Thefe rtoncs he permitted them tokifTe, and with fliaueii
crowncs and naked backes to cart rtones backwards betweene their legs, which they
fay, is done to fcarre away the Diuell, This is fuffered to be done at Mecca in honor of Sup. cap.',.
VenHi. But wc haue alreadie heard that A^ifww was the ancient Arabian and Saraceni-
cali DcitiCjto vvhom they performed fuch Rites of old.

A a Mecca,


Of the ^'tlgmage to Mecca.

Chap. 6.

a Pilgrimage
10 Mecca. M.
HiJJfe. tem.z.

h Vertoman,

Mecca,or (as they call it) Macca/ignify ing aia Habitation,containeth in it about fix
thoiifand houfes, fairely built,likc tbofe of Italy : Other walls it hath not, then fiich as
Nature hath cnuironed it with,namcly,wjth high and barren Mountains round about.
Some ^ reportjThat betwecne the Mountaines and the Citie are pleafant Gardens, a-
bundance of Figges^Grapes .Apples , Melons, and that there is ftore alfo of Flefh and
Water. But it leemeth,that this is of later indurtrie,not of Natures indulgence, if it be
true. For Lod. "Barthema b, or Vertoman, being there in the yeare i 503 . faith,Thnt the
place was accurfed of God, as not bringing forth Hcarbs,Trees,Fruits,or any thing,
and bcfides, hauing great fcarcitie of water,and is fcrued with thefe things from other
places. It is goueriicdby aKing(tributarie, then to the Soldan, now to the Turke)
called the Ser?jfo, lineally defcended from their great Seducer, by his daughter Fattmit
(the onelyifllieofthis libidinous poligamous Prophet) married to Hdi. All of this
kindred are called £w7r*, that is, Lords, cIoathedwith(oratlcaft wearing Turbants
of) greene, which colour the Mahumetans will not fuffer other men tovveare.

The Number of Pilgrirnes which refort hithcr,is incredible.From Cairo coir.meth
a Carouan of deuotion, fomc to M<immor>, fomc to Mahomft,cn\\et for trade of Mer-
chandize, or for Superflition, and another yearcly from Damafcus : befides thofe
which come from the Indies, «^thiopia, Arabia, ?etf\z, Sic. Lffd. Barthema faith.
That (at his being at Mecca) of the Garouan of DamafcOj.wherein he \vcnt,were fine
and thirtie thoufand Camels,and about fortie thoufand pcrfons : of that ofCaito were
threefcore and fourethoufand Camels, and now in thefe times aboutfortie thoufand
C3mels,Mules,and Dromcdaries,and fiftie thoufand petfrtns,befidcs the Arabian Ca-
rouan, and of other Nations.

This Mart of Mecca is much impaired, fincc thePortugales haue intercepted the
Indian commodities, which by a Carouan, from thence, were wont to be brought

Let me defire the Reader to haue patience, and goe along, on this Pilgrimage.wiih
one of thefe Carouans, thorow thefe Arabian Defarts to Mecca and Medina : and be-,
caufe that of Cairo is thechiefe, we will beftowour felucs in it, and obferue what
Rites they obferue before they fet forth ; what by the way, and at the intended places
c Alcfff.lulK. of their deuotion. « Touching the neccffitie whereof; they thinke, that they which
go not once in their lines, fliall, after death, go to the Diuell. Yea, Ibmc, for deuoti-
on, plucke out their eyes after fo holy a fight.

The moneth ']^amaz,an (as you haue heard) is their Lent ; falling fomctime high,
fomctime low, being that whole moneth, during which time the Pilgnmcs and Mer-
d Pilgrimage chants relortto Cairo from Afia, Greece, Barbaric, &c. After their "^ Lent ended, they
toMecca.Ho^:. obferue their Eafler, or Feaft, called 'Bair&m, three dayes. Twcntie dayes after this
Feafl, the Carouan is readie to depart. Againft this time.theyaflemblcthemfelues at a
place, two leagues from Cairo (called Birca) attending the comming of the Captainc.
This Captaine of the Carou3n,whom they call Amariila Haggt,\s renewed euery third
yeare; and to him theGrand Signior,euery voyage, giueth eightecne Purfcs (each
containing (ix hundred twentie Hue duckats oi gold) for the behoofe fof the Carouan,
and alfo to doc almes vnto needful! Pilgrirnes. He hath foure Chaufi to ferue him,and
foure hundred Souldiers, two hundred Spachi, mounted on Dromedaries, and as ma-

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