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Purchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a online

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Online LibrarySamuel PurchasPurchas his pilgrimage : or Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, from the creation unto this present. In foure parts. This first containeth a theologicall and geographical historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the a → online text (page 55 of 181)
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ny lanizaries, riding on Camels. The Chaufi and Spachi, the Captaine maintaineth
at his owne charges: The lanizaries hauetheirprouifion from Cairo. He hath eight
Pilots for guides ; which Office is hereditarie.

They carrie fixe pieces of Ordinance, to terrific the Arabians, and to triumph at
Mecca. The merchandize that goeth by Land, payeth no cuttome; that which go*
• cth by fea,payeth ten in the hundred. At the Feaft, before the Carouan fetteth forth,
the Captaine, with his Retinue and Officers, refort vnto the Caftie of Cairo, before
the Bafha, which giueth vnto euery man a Garment, and that of the Captaine is
wrought with gold, the others according to their degree.Moreouer.he deliucreth vn-
to him the ChifuaTunabt, or Garment of the Prophet ; a VeflureofSilke, wrought
with thefe letters of gold,L<« ilia tlfalla Mahumet Refttllala; that is, There are no gods
butGod, andcJWrf^tfWtf/istheMeflengerofGod. AfterthiS;, hcdeliuerethtohima


CHAP.^Ji ASIA. the third 'Booke.


Gate wrought curioufly with gold; and acouctingof grccnc yeluet, made inman-
rerof a Tyr.tmis, about nine palm-js high, wrought with finegoldc, tocouerthe
Tombeof tlie Prophet C^ahomet, and many other couerings befidcs of goldand
filke to adornc it. Tlic two former arc for the houfe oi Abraham in Mecca.

Then the Captainc hauing taken his Icauc, departeth accompanied with all the ptd-
ple of Cairo, in manner of aProccflion, with Cnging, fliouting , and a thoufand Cere-
monies befides, and pafling the Gate "S^^-T^^^/^r^jlaycth vp.maMofquita, the faid
Vcfturesvery fafely. This Cercmonie is performed with fuchpublikcrcfort, that it is
not lawfull for any man to forbid his wife the going to this Feaft : for flice may, vpou
fuch a caufe, fcparate her felfe f om her husband, and lye with another man. The Ca-
mels which carrie the Vtftures, being adorned with Cloath of gold, and many little
Bells the multitude ftroweth flowers andfwcet water on them ; others with fine cloth
and towels touchthe fame.rcieruingthcfe for Rcliqucs.Twentiedaies after this Fcaft,
the Captaine, taking the Vcftures out of that Mofquita, repaireth to Birca, where his
Tent abideth fome ten dayes. In this time, they which meane to follow the Carouan,
lefort thither.and amongrt them,many women.attired with TnflcSjTaffels and Knots,
accompanied withthcir friends, mounted on Camels, The night before their depar-
ture, they make great fcafting and triumph, with difcharging their Ordinance, Fire-
Workes,&c. fliouting, till, atihebreakcof day, vponthefound of aTrumpctj they
march forward on their way.

From Cairo to Mecca is fortie dayes iourney, trauelling from two aclockcin the
morning till the Sunnc-rifing : and then hauing refted till nbone, they fet forward , fo
continuing till night, obferuing this order, till the end oftheir Voyage , without
chinoc; except ' at feme places, where, in r(fpe(5t of water, they reftfomctimesa
day and a halfe, to rcfrefli themfclues. The Carouan is diuided into three parts; the
fore-ward, themainebattaile, and the rere-ward. The ff re- ward containeth about
the third part of the people; and amongrtthcfc, the eight Pilots, iChan/t, and fourc
knaues, with Bulls finewts, which puniih oflfcndours on the foles oftheir feet. In the
night time they hauc fourc or fiue men goe before with Pcecesof dric wood, which
giuc light : they follow the Starrc, as the Mariners. Within a quarter of a mile fol-
loweth the maine Battaile, with their Ordinance, Gunners, and fiftcenc Archers, Spa-
chi. The chicfe Phyfitian , with his Oyntmcnts and Medicines for the ficke, and
Camels for them to ride on. Next goeth the fairefl Camell that may be found in the
Turkcs Dominion, decked with cloath of golde and filkc, and catrieth a little chcft,
made of pure Legmame, in forme of the IfraelitifliArke,containingin it the Alcoran,
all written with great letters of Gold, bound bctweenc two Tables of maffic Gold,
This Chert is couered with Silke, duringthe Voyage; but at their entring into Mec-
ca and Medina, it is couercd with cloath of Gold, adorned with lewcls. This Cnmcll
is compaffed about with Arabian Singers and Muficians, finging alway, and playing
ypon Inflruments, Afccr this follow fifteene other moft faire Camels.euery one carry-
ing oncof the abouefaid Veliures, being couercd from top to toe with Silke. Behind
tbefe,goethetwentic Camels, which carrie the Captaincs money and prouifion. Af-
ter followeth the Standard of the great Signior.accompanied with Muficians and foul-
diers.and behind thefe, lelTe thenamile, followeth the rcreward,the greatcfl part Pil-
grimesj the Merchants for fecuriiie, going before : for in this Voyage it is needful!
and vfuall, that the Captains bcrtow Prefents, Garments, and Tuibants vpon the
chicfe Arabians, to giue him free paflage, receiuing fometimes, by pilferings, fome
damage notwithftanding. They pafleby certaine wcakcCaflles in the way, Agetut,
Nachcl, Acba, Biritem, between which two laft is the Riuer of lethro, and the Ponds
of Midian, where C^iofes fatedowne. Atlebhir, thefirft Towne fubicd^ totheSe-
riffoof Mecca, they arc receiued with muchioy, and well rcfreflied with the plentie
which that place yceldeth. They finde other filthic Commodities alfo more then
plentie, which fa(ft (they hold) purgeth them from a multitude of finnes, and encrea-
feth their deuotion to profecute the Voyage. Thenext day they goe towards Eedri-
honem, in which place growcth fhrubbes, whereout iflueth Baulme. Hereby they
lodge one night, in mcmorie of a viitoric hecrc obtained againft the Cbrifiians, at the

Aa 2 easiie^

c t.hsr. with
the Carouan
of Daniafco,
trauelled two
and twentic
hours of foure
and twenties

2 6 S Of the Tilpma^e to Mecca. C h a p . 6.

earneft prayers of their Prophet, dreaming of Driimmcs,heere fliU founded by An-
gels, as they paiTe. The next morning, by Sunne-rifing, they arriueac Bedrihonem,
where eucry one vvaflied himfelfe from top to toe,couering their priuities with a cloth,
and their ftioulders with another white one ; and they which can goe in this habite to
Mecca, merit more ; they which cannot, make a vow to offer a Kammc at the Maun-
fjtinesf'PardoKs. After this walliing, it isnotlawfull for any man or woman to kill a
FleaorLowfe with their hands ornaylcs,tillihey haueaccomplifliedthcirVowcs at

Thisnightthey come within two miles of Mecca. The next morning they march
on, and the ScrifFo meetingthem, refigneth hisGouernment to the Captaine, during
liis abode there : and the Captaine giueth him a garment ofcloath of gold, with other
Icwels. After this, hauing eaten together vpon Carpets and Hides, they take with
them the Gate and Garment abouefaid, and goe, attended but with few, to the Mof-
quita,and there caufe the old to be pulled downc, and put the newcouerture on the
houfe of Abraham : and the old Vefhirc is the Eunuches which feruc in the faid Mof-
quita,whichfellitdeeretothe Pilgnme?, euery little piece being accounted a moft
holy Reliquc. And well may it be fo, for fcan you doubt of it ?} putting the fame vn-
dcr the head of a man at his death, allhisfinnes muft, by vcrtue hereof, be pardoned.
They takeaway the old dote, which is the Seriffoesfce.and fee in place thenew.Thus
after fomeOnfons,thc Captaine rcturneth to his pauilion,thcSerifforcmaintih in the

That you may be the better acquainted with this Mofquita,3nd houfe o^ Abraham^
^ _^ ^ . . you are to know, *^ that in the middefl of the Citie is the great Mofquita, built (they
of the Mofciuil ^^y) '" th^tinie when their Prophet lined. It is foure-fquare,cuery fquarehalfe a mile,
ta at Mecca, being in all the circuit two miles, in manner of a Cloylter : The Galleries round about
arcin manner of foureftreets; thcfc Greets being fepaiated from each other with Pil-
lars, of Marble fomc, and fomc of Lime and Stone. In tb€midde(tof all,fcparatc
from the reft, is the houfe of Abraham. This Mofquita hath fourcfcorc and ninetcenc
Gates and flue Steeples, from whence the Tahfmant call the people to their deuotion.
And the Pilgrimcs, which are not prouided of Tents, refort hither, men and women
lying together: their Houfe of Prayer becomminga Aen ofTheeues. Bariheotafwh,
That this Temple is round, like the Co///c-« at Rome . That at euery entrance is a def-
centof tenor tweluefteppes, on bothiides whereof ftand Jewellers, which fell Gems
onely. Within it is vaulted, gilded, and odoriferous, beyond what can be fpoken : for
there are foure or fine hundred men which fell powders to preferue dead corpes, and
other Sweetes, It feemeth, that fince his time the Templeand Houfe of Abraham are
f ThehouFe altered. This s Houfe is foure-fquare, made of fpcckledftone, twentie paces high,
of Abraham and fortie in circuit. And vpon one fide of this Houfe, within the wall, there is a Gone
defcnbed. of a fpannclong, andhalfe a fpanne broad, which rtone (they fay) fell downc from
Heauen ; a voice from Hcaueii, at the fame fall, being heard. That wherefoeuerthjs
ftoue fell, there fliould be built the Houfe of God, wherein hewillheare the prayers
of finners. Then was the Stone as v\hite as fnow, but now, tiirough the kifles of fin-
ners, it is become fo blacke as it is. The entrance into this Houfe is ftnall and high.
There are witliout this Houfe one and thirtie pillars of braflc vpon fquare ftones, fii*
/taining a threed of Copper, reaching from one to another on which are faftencd nia»
ny burning Lampes. The founder of thefe was So/yman. Being entred into this houfe
through that difficult paffagc, there ffand tvA'o pillars of Marble at the entrance : in the
middelt arc three of Aloes-wood, couered with tyles of Tndia, of a thoufand colours,
which feruc to vnderprop the TerratA^a, or roofe. It is fo darke that they can hardly
fee within for want of light ; nor is it without an euill imell. Without the gate fiuc pa-
ces, is the Pond Z«««,«« ; that bleffed Pond which the Angell fhewed to Agar for her
fcnne Ifmael,

Of their Feaft5^>''«/>« is faid alrcadie : Aboutf^xedaycsaftcr they be come hither
to Mecca, they celebrate another Feaft called "Bws Baraim, that is, the great Feaft,
■which is alfo called. The FeaB cf the 'Riitnme. In thofe daycs fpace they prepare
thcmfeiueshcrciiruo with due ceremonies. Firft, departing from the Carouan, gui-

Qua p. 6. ASIA. The third 'Booke, 169

dcdwithfuchasa're skilful! in the way, they goe twentie or thirtic in a Companie, '
walking thorowa ftrcct, which afccndcth by little and little, till they come vnto a
ccrtainegate,whereon is written inMaiblc, Z?rf^<r/i'j/f?«^ ;thatis,thegatc of Health.
And from this place is defcribed the great Mofquita, and twice fainted, faying, Peace
to thee, McjfeHger of <^od. Then proceeding on their way, they finde an Arch on
their right hand, whereon they afcendfiuclkppes, vpon which is a great void place
made of ftone : ^ter defccnding fine other fteps, and proceeding the fpace of a flight-
flioot, they finde another Arch, like vnto the fiift ; and this way, from the one Arch to
thcother, they goe and come (euen times. faying alwayes fome oftheir prayers, which
they fay.thc afflidcd Hig'ir faid, whiles fhc foug;ht and found not water for her fonnc.
After this Ccremonie,thcy enter into the Mofquita; and drawing neerevntc the houfc
of vJ^rdA^»«, they goe round about it other fcucn times, alwayes faying, Thu is the
houfe of Ged,4ndof hts femant Abraham. This done, they goe and kiflc that blackc
ftoncabouefaid ; and then goe they to the Pond Z«»i,»«,and in their they
be wa(h themfclues from head to foot, faying, Tobak e^fl/ah, Tabah ^llah, Fardon
lord Pardon Lord; drinking alfoofthat muddicvnfauourie water : and thus re-
turnethcv, cleanfingfiom all their finncs.Euery Pilgrimeperformech thefc Ceremo-
nies once' at the leslt ; the deuoutcr fort often.

An hundred yearcsfince thefe Cerenionics were fdmewhat different, after Barthe-
mats h Relation. On the three and twentieth of May, tlic people (before day) com- h ^^''"'*""'-
paffed that houfc of Abraham {euen times, aiway touching and kifling euery corner. ' •'■'^''^•'^'
Ten or twelue paces from this houfe was another, in manner ofa Chappell.with three
orfouregates,andinthemiddcftthereof a pit of brackifli water, threefcoreandten
yards deepc. Thereat ftand fixe or eight men, appoiiucd 10 draw water for the people ;
who after their feucn-foldCcrcmonie come to the brinke, and fay, Allthts be for the
banor of Cjod. and thepitiou^ godpardon me mj//i/3;^cSj.T\yii(i doe thofe other powre vp-
on them three buckets full of water, from the top,ot thfk heads to their feet, be their
garments ncuer fo coftly. >i-k

ThcC'jrouan ' hauing abode at Meccafiuc dayes, the night before the cuening of iThcPilgtims
their Feaft, the Captaine with all his Companie, ietc^thforwardsjto wards the Moitf;. |°'"8 ^°r^^^(
tame ef Pardons, called label Arafata, diftantfrom Mccca6fteene miles. This Moun- pa°aons'."^
taincjor fmall Hill rather, is in compafle two miles,.enuii5oned round about with the
goodlicft Plaine that a mans eye hath feene, and that Plaine compafied with high
Mountaines. Vpon the fide towards Mecca there are many pipes of cleare frcfh wa-
ter, wherewith the people refrefh themfelues and cheirCattell. Adam and Eney when
they were banifhcd Paradife, after they had beene (cparated fortie yeares, one in Nu-
bia, and the other in India (as you heard before)met at this pleafanc place,and herein-
habited and built a little houfc, which they call at this (iiy'Bej/t. Adam, the. houfe of

Hither come alfo the fame day the other Carouans of Arabia and Damafco, and all
the inhabitants for ten dayes iourney round about, lo that at one time hecrc is to bee
feene aboue two hundred thoufand perfons, and three hundred thoufand cattcU.Now
all this company meeting together, the night before the Fcaft, the three Hoftes caft
themfelues into a triangle,fettingtheMountaine!iithemiddcft, and fill Hcauen and
Earth with (houting, finging, hallowing, gun fliot and fire-v\'orkcs all that night.
The next day being their Feaft, in filcnce they attend their facrifices and prayers only. ^
And in the cuening, they v\hich haue horfes, mount thereon, and approach as nigh
vnto the Mountaine as they can : others make the beft fliift they can on footc ; giuing
cucrvntoihe Captaine of Cairo the chiete place, the fecondtothe Captaine ofDa-
mafco, and the third to the Captaine of Arabia. Andbeingall approached, there
commeth one oi the Sam ones mounted on a Camell well furniflicd, who at the other
fideof the Mountaine afcendethfiuefleppes into a pulpit, made for thatpurpofe, aiwl
there maketh a Sermon to the people. The Contents whereof, are the benefits which
God hath bcfiowed on them, deliutrance from Idolatrie, giuing them the houfe
oi tAbraham, and the Mountaine of Pardons: adding that the mercifull God com-
manded the Sccretarie Abraham, to build himanhoulcinMeccaj wherein his ftic-

Aa 3 cefTour^

2^0 Of the Tilgmaoe to Mecca. C h a p . 6.

cefTours might be heard, at which time all the mountainesinthc world came toge. '
ther thither with fufficiencie of ftoncs for the building thereof, except that little low
hill , which for pouertic could not goe to difchargc this debt : for the which it became
forrowfull, and wept thirtie yeares, at the end whereof God in compaiTion faid vnto
it, vveepe no more my daughter, comfort thy fclfe: I will canfe all ihofe that go to the
houfc, of my feruant tydbrahant, that they fhall not be abfolucd from their finnes, vii-
kfle they firft come to doe thee rcucrenccto keepc in this place their holieft feaft. And
this I haue commanded to my people by the mouth of my friend and Prophet M.^ho.
met. This faid, he exhorteth them to the louc of God, to prayer, and almes. The Ser-
nion ended, at the Sun.fetting they make threepraycrs : firll for the Seriffo/ccond for
the grand Signior, the third for the People : to which prayers all with one voice, cnc
Amin la. Alia, jimtM la Alia ; Be it fo L ord. Barthema addeth to the Sermon the (mdi
or 5<j»?e«*j,cxhortationtowcepefor their finnes, and knocke their bvcaRs within-
uocationof yf^nt/j^wi and y/i.«f, to pray for the people of the Prophet ; and reporteth
further, that there were killed on the firfl day more then thirtie thoufand Rammes or
Shecpe toward the Weft, and giuen to the poore; of which there were thirtie or fortie
thoufand. Thushauinghadthc^'^wfew^/blcfring. and faluted theMountaine of par-
dons, they returne the way they came, inthemiddert of which way, is a place called
Aiina : and a little from thence fiure great pillars, two on each (ide of the way. If any
paflenot thoro\vihemiddeflofthefe,heelofeth all the merit of his Pilgrimage. And
from the (JlfoKnt of pardons, till they bee palTed thcf e pillars, none dare looke backe-
waid, for tcare left his fumes, which hee hath left in the mountaine, leturnetohim


Being pafttliefe Pillars, cutryonc lightcthdowne, feckinginthlsfandiefie'dfiftie

or threcfcorc little ftoncs, which they bindein an handkenhiefe andcarrie tothac

place oi A'lirici, where they ihy fiue day cs.bccaufc at that time there is a an4

franke of allcuftomc. And in rfvis place are other three Pillars not together, but fct in

Ic Bttrthewa diuersplaces, Monuments of thofe three Apparitions, whichtheDiuell made to e^_

laith ifaac, Ipr.-.ktm, and to '' Ifmael hh fonne : for they now a d.iyes make no mention of Ifaac^

as if he had neuer beenc borne. They lay that when as a^brahum at Gods command

went to offer his fonne 7/w<tf/^ the diuelldehortcd him fiom the fame: but feeing his

labour loft, he went to //w<i*/andbid him pitic himfjfe. But Ifmael tookc vp ftones

and threw at him.faying, I dffendmervithGodfTom theTt'iutlltheoffindcr.'Yhtftwo^Ai

the Pilgrimesrepeatc in their vifitation of thefe pillars, hurling away the ftoncs they

had gathered. From hence halfe a mile is a mountaine, whither Abraham went to fa-

crifice his fonne. In the fame is a great den, w hither the pilgrimts retort to make their

prayers, and there is a great (tone fcparated in the middcft by the knife oi I fmael (\htv

fay) at the time of this facrifice. T>^rihfma reporteth that hecrc at Mecca he fawtwo

Vnicornes: which I mention, becaufefince that time I haue not found any Author,

which hath tefhfied the like light. They were fentto the Ser'ffo for a prcfcnt to the


The C^ro^.i^ departing for Medina, as foone as they come in fight thereof (thejr

cMthcfhcc the tJ]Ioa»[ar»e cf A^rf/r^j they alight, and going vp the hill, fhcut with

hnide voyccs and fay. Prayer and health be vnto thee. O Prophet of God, Prayer and

1 Defcription health be vpon thee O beioued of God. They proceed on their ioumcy ; and ledge

oi Medina, that night withm three miles ofMcdina, and the next morning are recemcd with fo.

lemnitieoftheGouernour. Medina, ' is a Citie two miles in circuite, with fairehou-

ic lb laid chat it ^^^ °^ Lime and ftonc, and a fquarc Molquita in the middeft, lefTe, but more fumptu-

wasa^aue ous then that of Mecca, This Medina, called Tal N.'bi, that is, of the Prophet, in

iftjja) vnder B.irthemAes time contained about three hundred houfcs, and was very barren, one

tlie earth : and garden of Dates excepted : but now they haue ftore of Fruits. This Temple is fquarc,

^n"'^oth^^'i ° !ir> hundred paces in length, fourcfcore in breadth. It hath in it an He made Arch- wife,

Biib'cher and fnpported with foure hundred Pillars, and fupporting (as he faith) three thoufand

Homor, with lampes.In one part of this Molquita was a Librarie of fortie fiue Mahumeticall books.

ihcbookesof Alfo within the fame (in a corner thereof) is a '" Tombe built vpon foure pillars with

their otdinan- ^ Vaults exceeding in height the Mofquita : being coucred with Leade.and the top all
ccsanoStcts. u a i ' ig ■ , t

■■.^ jnameld

Chap. 6. ASIA. This third 'Booke* 1 7 1

inamcld with gold, and anhatfcMoonev.pon t'netop, wroughiwithinvcry. Artifici-

allv with goid. Below there are roundabout great iron (iaires afcending vptothe

mi'ddeft of the pillars, and in the middcfl iyethburied the body oi (JMabumet ^not in

anyronCheftattraded byAdamantat Mecca,a5fomeaH-iime.) Or to fay the truth,

neither here nor at Mecca can rhey fhew this Seducers body. For the Captaine of that

Carouan of Damafco . in which Barihetna went on this Pilgrimage, offered to the

chicfc Prieft of that Moiquita, three thoufand Saraffi of gold, tofhcvvhim thebody

oi th^Tsljtbi ov Prophet •, that (faith hee) being the only caufcof my comming. The

Pricft anfwered proudly : How can thofc eyes, wherewith thou hail committed fo

mucheuillin the world, fee him by whom God hath created Hcauen and Earth ?The

Captaine rcplycd, True Sir, but doc me that fauour, to let mee fee his body and I

will prcfcntly pluck out ^ mine eyes. The Prieft anfwered , O Sir I will icU you the ^ Which fonie

trutn. Itistrue, thatour Prophet would die here to giucvs good example : forhee arc repotted

miglit hauedycd at Mccca,but fu'ch was his humilitie for our inltrudion : and prefcnt- to doc mdecdc

ly after hec was dead, hcc was carry ed by the Angels into hcauen. And where (laith ^iLaloholy a

the Captaync) is lefus Chrift the Sonne of LMarte .'The Pricll anfwered , At the feet t'^l" poUuting

of (Jltal^offfft. their eyes.

In the night time by fome fire-workes in the ftecple , they would hauc gulled the
credulous people with opinion of miracle, vfing out-cryes in the night,faying Maho-
met would rife againe ; and when the Mamahikes could [ec no fuch light fliine forth of
Malycmets Tombe, as they rumoured , they faid it was bccaufe they were flaues and
weake in the faith, and could not fee heauenly fights.

Toreturnetothedil'couerie of this fuppofed Sepulchre : Ouer the body they haue
built a Tombe of fpeckled ftonc, a brace and halfe high , and ouer the fame another of
Le<Tmcime four-fquare in manner of a VyrAinis. Round about the Scpulchrethere han-
geth a curtaincof filke : which hideth the Sepulture from their fight , that ftand with-,
out. Bevond this in the fame Mofquita are other two Sepulchcrs olFatima and Halt,
The attendants on thefe Sepulchers arc fiftie Eunuches , white and taunie , of which,
three only oftheeldeff and beftef^eemed white Eunuches,may enter within the tomb:
which they doe twice a day to light the Lamps, and for other (eruices. The other at-
tend on the Mofquita and thofe two other Sepulchers. Where euery one may goc ,h,
and touch at his plcafure, and take of the earth for deuotion, as many doe. The Cap- ' '"
taynewith great pompe prefentcth that Pyramidhke Veftment (whereof you haue
heard) for tlieTombe, the Eunuches takingaway the old, audlayingbn the heWrSn'^ "
aftcrthis, othcrvellures for the ornament of the Mofquita. Andthcpeople withoui
deliucr vnto the Eumjches,each man fomewhat to touch the Tombe thcrewith:which
they keepe as a reliquc with great deuotion.

Here is a (lately Hofpitall built by Cajfichf , or Refa, the Wife of great SoUman,
richly rented, and nourifhing many poore people. A mile from the Citie arc cer-
tainehoufes, in oncof which they i'ay cJWci^wwf/ dwelt, hauing on euery fide many
Date-trees , amonglt which there arc two growing out of one iiock exceeding high,
which their Prophet forfooth grafted with his owne hands. The fruit thereof is alway
lent to Conftantinople for aprcfent to the Grand-Signior, and is faid to bee the bUjfed
fruit of the Prophet. Alfo there is a little Mofquita whcrc-in three places arc counted
iioly. The firfi they affirme their Prophet ihade his firfl prayer in , after he knew God.
The fecond is that , whither hee went when he would fee the houfe of i^brcham-,.
Where when he fate downe to that intent,thc mountaynes opened from the top to the
bottome, to flicw him the houle, and after clofcd againe asbetore. The thirdisthe
middefl of the Mofquita where is a Tombe made of Lime and f^one fouie fquare , and
full of fand , wherein they fay was buryed that bleffed Camell \N\\kh Mahomet was
alway wont to ride vpon. Euenftill (as one Mailer 5/wfl«i a marchant and beholder
thereof reported to mce) they hauc a fupcrftitious cutlome at Cairo , of carrying the
\e2.z<:o(MahomctsQ^mc\\ (as they affirme) in a Coch , the women in zealc of their
bltndedeuotionhurlingtheir /7;4,'Z'i?/ to receiue thence fome holy and blefied touch,
fotthoir Mahumccical cdification;as the Papifts afcribe no frnall holineSe to the touch



Of the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Chap. 6.

* Theyprctcd
villous and mi-
racles, &c.buc
hauenot Anti-
chnft and all
idolatries their

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