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concerning Mr. RICHARD WARREN

Mayflower Passenger


William Avery^ 1650 Richard Park^ 1635

Thomas Fairchild^ i6j8 Thomas Little^ 1 6 JO

Richard Warren^ 1620

^•r.^x\>-.e\ 'Vut-.^a.Y^-. AveTM



A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote
ancestors, will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with
pride by remote descendants.

Macaulay: History of England

The Univereity Press, Cambridge, U. S. A.


Had it not been for the long, patient, and studious
work of the compilers and authors of the many books
consulted, to which I am indebted for a large amount
of historic material, it would have been impossible tor
me to undertake and complete this book.



I Ne-w York Genealogical and Biographical Society

NcTV York Historical Society
Dedham Historical Society, Mass.
fVestcrly Historical Society, R. I.
Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford
National Genealogical Society, fVashngton, D.C.
New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston

Hartford, Conn.
June, 1919




List of Illustrations ^^

Poem by J. G. A. Carter xn

Authorities cited ''X

A Rare Painting xvii

Introduction '

Avery Name in England ^

Will of Robert Averyi 5

Will of Robert Avery' 6

Avery Homestead, Dedham, Mass 9

Avery Family in America ^ i

Genealogies —

1 Avery, Robert, will dated July 27*^ IS7S 4

2 Avery, William, died ? 4

3 Avery, Robert, will dated March 30*^, 1642 6

4 Avery, William, born England, 1622. Dedham, Mass., 1650 13

5 Avery, Robert, baptized December 7*^ 1649 24

6 Avery, John, born February 4*^ 1685/6 26

7 Avery, Ephraim, born April 22^^^ 1713 4°

8 Avery, Ephraim, born April I3t^ 1741 4^

9 Avery, John William, born May 24*^ 1767 48

10 Avery, Samuel Putnam, born January i'*, 1797 5°

11 Avery, Samuel Putnam, born March I7*\ 1822 Si

12 Avery, Samuel Putnam, born October 7^^, 1847 67

Settlement and town Covenant of Dedham, Mass IS

Deed of William Avery* I9

Will of William Avery* 22

Inventory and deed of Robert Avery^ 25

Will of John Avery« 27

Inventory of John Avery® 29

Incorporation of the town of Truro, Mass 3°

Agreement with John Avery® and town of Truro 32

Gift of land to Ephraim Avery^ 38

Ministerial call of Ephraim Avery'^ to Brooklyn, Conn 41

Funeral sermon about Ephraim Avery^ 42

Marriages and death of Mrs. Ephraim Avery'' 43

Gen'l George Washington's letter 44

Ephraim Avery^ and church at Rye, N. Y 4^



Editorials and Resolutions in memory of Samuel Putnam Avery" . 51

Gold Medal Committee, Samuel Putnam Avery" 57

Editorials in memory of Benjamin Parke Avery" 58

Fanny Falconer Avery^^ 62

Resolutions in memory of Henry Ogden Avery^^ 63

Gold Medal Committee, Samuel Putnam Avery^^ 66

Pedigree connection with Robert AveryS 1575 (>"]


Authorities cited 69

Stratford, Connecticut 71

Genealogies —

1 Fairchild, Thomas, Stratford, Conn., 1638 74

2 Fairchild, Samuel, born August 31^*, 1640 76

3 Fairchild, Samuel, born , 1683 77

4 Fairchild, Samuel, born February 3rd, 1710 78

5 Fairchild, John Curtiss, born February — , 1745/6 .... 79

6 Fairchild, Sarah, born February 28*^ 1773 80

7 Avery, Samuel Putnam, born January i^*, 1797 81

8 Avery, Samuel Putnam, born March 17*'^, 1822 82

9 Avery, Samuel Putnam, born October 7*^, 1847 83

Pedigree connection with Thomas FairchildS 1638 83


Authorities cited 87

Pedigree of the Park family in England 89

Park family in America 91

Genealogies —

1 Park, Richard, Cambridge, Mass., 1635 91

2 Park, Thomas, born England, 1628 94

3 Park, John, born September 6*^, 1656 \ . 96

4 Park, Joseph, born March 12*^*, 1705 97

5 Park, Benjamin, born November i^*, 1735 102

6 Parke, Benjamin, born September 16*'^, 1765 106

7 Parke, Hannah Anne, born April 24*^ 1804 107

8 Avery, Samuel Putnam, born March 17'^, 1822 109

9 Avery, Samuel Putnam, born October 7*^ 1847 117

Richard ParkS Cambridge property 92

Ministerial call to Joseph Park* 98

Letter of Christopher Sugar 99

Plague in Westerly, R. 1 100

Sermon by Joseph Park* 100

[ viii ]


Benjamin Park^ and Colonial Wars J°3

Benjamin Park^ and Bunker Hill ^^^

Town meeting, Westerly, R. I

Hannah Stanton Park's petition . . ... • • • • • • • • ; • ^

Editorials and Resolutions in memory of Samuel Putnam Avery . 109

Editorials in memory of Benjamin Parke Avery« "4

Pedigree connection with Richard ParkS 1635 '


A short narration of facts ^^

Authorities cited

The Mayflower Pilgrims ^^^

The Mayflower compact

Genealogies— , ,, ^ 126

1 Warren, Richard, Plymouth, Mass., 1620 J^"

2 Warren, Ann, daughter, born 1612? 9

1 Little, Thomas, Plymouth, Mass., 1630 • • , • *^9

Little, Ann Warren, wife. Married April I9*^ 163 3 • • • • J^9

2 Little, Ephraim, son, born May I7*^ 1650 . ••••„,••• \l\
Little, Mary Sturtevant, wife. Married, November az'^^ 1672 13 1

3 Little, Ruth, daughter, born November 23^^ 1686 133

6 Avery, John, born February 4*^ 1685/6 . • • • • \ll

Avery, Ruth Little, wife. Married, November 23^^ 1710 • • ^33
Pedigree connection with Richard WarrenS Plymouth, Mass., 1620,

and Thomas LittleS 1630 34


Avery Family

Names of Places, etc ^4^

Fairchild Family J^j^

Names of Places, etc , *45


Park Family g

Names of Places, etc 4

Warren and Little Families ^49

Names of Places, etc ^5i













Coat of Arms xvi

Seal of William AverT* xviii

Avery Homestead 8

Portrait of Samuel Putnam Avery^" 50

Portrait of Samuel Putnam Avery" 52

Avery Architectural Library Building 54

Gold Medal, Samuel Putnam Avery" 56

Portrait of Benjamin Parke Avery" 58

Portrait of Henry Ogden Avery^^ 62

Gold Medal, Samuel Putnam Avery^ 66

Portrait of Samuel Putnam Avery" 68

Bronze Tablet, Avery Library Building 112


Coat of Arms 88

Monument, Newton, Mass 92

Park Homestead 96

Tombstones, Joseph and Abigail Park 100

Captain Benjamin Park's sword 102

Portrait of Benjamin Parke^ 104

Tombstone, Benjamin Parke^ 106

Portrait of Samuel Putnam Avery^ no


Coat of Arms 128

Ephraim Little's Trunk, 1698 130


Such were the fathers, such the mothers true,
From whom our name and varied natures grew.
From whom sprang men of sturdy zeal and might,
Well armed for conflict in our country's night;
Who led the people on in faith and prayer,
Yet slackened not in thrift nor homely care;
Who held in hand the Bible and the sword.
And wielded either, as the law of God;
Who tyranny denounced with scathing tongue
The while with vigorous blows the anvil rung;
Shrank not from warfare in a righteous cause.
Yet left their children mild and peaceful laws;
Gave them broad acres, trades and schools as well,
A heritage whose value none may tell.

Jane Greenough Avery^" Carter


OF Dedham, Massachusetts

^^ 1650-1919


For the following record of the Avery Family in America, see:

Baird's History of Rye, N. Y.

Bolton's History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Wesich ster Co.

N. Y.
Boston Record Commissioner s Reports, 1 63 0-1699.
Bridgman's King's Chapel Burial Ground, Boston, 1853.
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Genealogy of the Cornell Family.

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Robert's History of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of

Massachusrtts, 1637-1888.
Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of New England.
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Some Account of the Park Family.
The Avery Family in America, Dedham Branch, 1893.
Thomas' History of Printing.
Vital Records of Salem, Mass.
Worthington's History of Dedham, Mass.
Year Book, Sons of the Revolution, New York, 1909.



'Gules, a chevron between three besants or, crest, two lion's
jambs or, supporting besant "

From photographs taken in 1919


Relic of 1650 Comes to Dedham Historical

THROUGH the generosity and interest of Samuel P. Avery of
Hartford, Conn., the Dedham Historical Society has just
come into the possession of the oil painting of the Coat of Arms
of the Avery family, which was brought from England by William
Avery when he came to this country in 1650. It remained in the
old Avery house until about 1800, when it was taken to Conway,
Massachusetts, and has since descended to various heirs until it
was recently secured by Mr. Avery, who has now presented it to
the Historical Society. The painting is about 18x18 inches and
in very good condition considering its age. The Coat of Arms is
"Gules, a chevron between three bezants or, crest, two lions jambs,
or, supporting bezant." There have been only nine owners of the
canvas since it was brought over, 269 years ago. They were:

1. William Avery^ came from England, 1650, settled in Dedham,
Mass., and brought with him the Avery Coat of Arms. He was born
1622, and died March 18'^'', 1686. The painting then passed to the owner-
ship of the following persons:

2. William Avery^ eldest son, baptized in England, October 12*'', 1647,
died December 15*^ 1708.

3. William Avery^, born March 31^*, 1678, died May I3*^ 1750.

4. William Avery^ only son of William Avery^ born August 30*^, 1716,
died August 5**^, 1796. This Coat of Arms is mentioned in the inventory
of his estate. He was the great-grandson of William Avery^.

5. The third daughter and sixth child of William Avery^ was Mrs.
Grace (Avery^) Howland, born August 17*^, 1755, died February 12*^,
1841. She inherited it from her father.

6. In 1853 it was given to Mrs. Jerusha (Avery^) Bingham, born
September 13*'*, 1780, died December i^*, 1874. She was the grand-
daughter of William Avery^.

7. Then Mrs. Lucy Avery^" (Bingham) King inherited it from hei
mother, bojn May 2i«*, 1822, died July 7*^ 1888.

8. The next owner, Mrs. Grace Avery" (King) Steele, born April 21^*,
1847, transferred the Coat of Arms to

9. Samuel Putnam Averyi^, of Hartford, Conn., born October 7*'',
1847, who presented it in January, 1919, to the Dedham Historical So-
ciety, in which town it first appeared in 1650. The Dedham Transcript,
February 8*^ 1919.

^Vie X %6, with handle & ring i inch high

In the will of William Avery'* it says, "I have hereunto set my hand
& seal this fifteenth day of October, in y^ year of our Lord one thousand
six hundred & eighty three." At a later day three witnesses, William
Haberfild, John Higgs, and James Woodmansey, wrote upon the will,
"Seal Published & confirmed by Mr. William Avery to be his last Will
& Testament the 13*^ of March 1686/7 in the presence of us." William
Avery died three days later, March 18*^. Jvery Genealogy, p. 34.

Up to a few years ago this will filed in the Probate Office, Boston,
Mass., bore a wax impression of the seal with the Avery Coat of Arms,
but it was cut out by some vandal.

"The seal on the will of Joseph Dummer of Dorchester in 1721 is evi-
dently that of one of the witnesses, William Avery^ This is proved not
only by the agreement of the arms with the name, but by the fact that
the family possesses an old painting of this Coat, which is mentioned in
an inventory prior to 1750." Whitmore's Heraldic Journal, Vol. H, p.

This seal was also used as affixed to the signature of this same William
Avery^ in a deed from James Whiting to him dated July lo*^, 1724, and
a cut of the seal may be seen in the Heraldic Journal, Vol. H.

The will of John Avery^ dated Truro, January i8*\ 1744, bears an
impression of the same seal. Avery Genealogy, pp. 134-147.

The seal is mentioned in the will of William Avery'', December i^*, 1791,
who gives to his son Joseph* his "Seal of a watch which hath the arms
of the family engraved upon it." Avery Genealogy, p. 41.

The original seal, of silver, was presented to the Dedham Historical
Society in 1906, by Miss Salome Elizabeth White of Brooklyn, N. Y. It
was formerly the property of her great-grandfather, the Rev. Joseph
Avery* of Holden, Mass., born October 14**^, 1751, died March 5*^ 1824,
after nearly fifty years' pastorate. Avery Genealogy, pp. 62-69.

The Historical Society of Dedham has many relics of the Avery
family. Among them an Ensign's flag, of silk, probably belonging to
Ensign Robert Avery^ also an ancient anvil, documents, and books, which
have belonged to the family for years.

In 1919 Mr. Edward Davis Conant, of Newton, Mass., presented the
Malacca cane with an ivory head, inlaid with silver, which formerly be-
longed to William Avery*.


NO attempt has been made to mention in this book any of
WiUiam Avery's * descendants except those in a direct line
from him to Samuel Putnam Avery^^^ In regard to facts and au-
thentic records concerning the origin of our Dedham ancestor,
Dr. William Avery, we are probably in possession of all that will
ever be known, as investigations through the efforts of Mr. Walter
Titus Avery, of New York City, have resulted in ascertaining his
home to have been in Barkham, Berks, England, with the parish
record of the baptisms of his three children there, and the wills,
presumably of both his father and his great-grandfather. With
the great-grandfather, Robert AveryS we commence our gene-
alogy, the latest generation given in our pages being the twelfth
from him.

While we date from Robert Avery^ of Pill, England, as our
earliest known ancestor, it may be proper to say that we have
not undeniable^ though strongly presumable, evidence that he
was the great-grandfather of Dr. William Avery. The pre-
sumption is, that the grandson Robert, mentioned in the will,
as the son of his son William, was Robert of Wokingham,
father of Dr. William, and this has much weight from the men-
tion of his sister, Prudence Champion, and his brother, William^
of Congresburie,* and John Champion in the will.

* The Parish of Congresburie is in Winterstoke Hundred, 6J^ miles N. N. East
of Axbridge, on the River "Yeo," and about 5 miles from its mouth. Acres 4280.
Houses 247 in 183 1. Population 1380 in 1841.

The "Yeo" rises near Compton Martin, and runs 13 miles N. N. West to Bristol
Channel, 3 miles above Sand Point.


The following is a copy of the supposed pedigree of Dr. William



of Congresbury




of Wokingham

of Pill

= Joane


John Champion





Frequent mention is made of the Avery name, in different
parish records of baptisms in England, spelled variously Abrie,
Averie, and Avery, and of marriage licenses, one, in particular,
noticeable from the fact that the groom, Dudley Avery, was a
son of the Right Worshipful Samuel Avery, Alderman of London.
But these records, though interesting to the genealogist, throw
no light on the question of our own relationship to the parties

The following of ancient date is from the Deanery of Trigg
Manor. By MacLeon: —

1466, August 22'^*^. John Avery was mentioned as living in the parish
of St. Endellion, Cornwall. Henry Avery also held land in the same

"After 1543, a messuage in Trewiggett, Cornwall, was in the posses-
sion of Richard Averye."' ("A messuage was a dwelling house with adja-
cent buildings, and lands for the use of the household." — Webster.)

In 1603, a boundary of Tintaget, Cornwall, was signed by William

Avery and others. Thomas Avery was mayor of the same place in 1605,
William in 1746, Richard in 1801.

The name of Avery, according to memoranda from London,
"Notes and Queries," is found at Bodmin, Cornwall, England, at
an early date (and exists there at the present time), as early as
13 10, in which year Thomas Avery was associated with others in
a suit concerning 500 acres of land, at Halgrave, near Bodmin.

The name Avery is also found in the will of Agnes Arden
(mother of Mary Shakespeare, and grandmother of William
Shakespeare), widow of Robert Arden of Wilmscote parish of
Arton (three miles from Stratford). In this document, dated
1584, she gives Avery Fulwood two sheep. John Fulwood mar-
ried an aunt of William Shakespeare. Malone's Shakespeare.

There is also an Avery Lane in London and an Avery Street in
Birmingham. There is a record in the history of Westminster
Abbey showing that sometime in the fifteenth or sixteenth cen-
tury Lady Elizabeth Avery of Devonshire was buried there.

In the year 1544, Michael Avery was mayor of Bodmin. The
parish registers commence in 1559, and the name of Avery is
among the first found therein.

There have also been found records of baptisms, marriages, and
deaths, as follows: —

1560 — Johan, dau. of Thomas Avery, baptized May 26**'.

1563 — Thomas, son of Thomas Avery, baptized .

1569 — Walter Averye and Origo Williams, married Sept. 6*^.

1569 — Michael Avery was buried Sept. 28*^.

John Avery, of Bodmin, married Isoult Barry, of Wynscote, Devon-
shire, dau. of John Barry, who died 1538.

At Dowland, N. Devon, may be found the following inscriptions: —

"Here lyeth the body of Margarett StofFord, the weif of Thomas
StofFord Gent, mother of Robert Avery, who died the s""*^ of Sept., anno
dni, 1600.

"Here lyeth the bodie of Thomasine Avery, the first weif of Robert
Avery, who died the xxv**^ Aprill, anno dm'ni, 1601.

"Here lyeth the bodie of Johane Avery, the second weif of Robert
Avery, who died the xxiiii*^ of Sept., anno dm'ni, 1612.



Robert S. = Elizabeth d & h of Menwhennyke.

1 \ 1

John = Margery Thomas = Margaret, widow

Ascot. of Avery above.

Their arms are those of Dr. William Avery of Dedham,

The parish of Pill, — now Pylle, Somerset, — which was the
residence of our earliest known ancestor, Robert AveryS is 334
miles south of Shepton Mallet, in White Stone Hundred; acres,
1,570; houses, 35 in 183 1; population, 216 in 1841. Pylle House
(as per Black's Guide) is on the Bath & Bridport Railway. There
is a town by the same name near the mouth of the Severn, on map
of England, in Cotton's general atlas of 1862 (it is not the ancient
Pill, however), 153^ miles from Bath, and 2^ miles from Shep-
ton Mallet.

The name Pill seems to correspond to the Welsh Fowl, an inlet
or pool.

William Avery^ our earliest ancestor In America, lived in
Barkham, Berkshire, England.

We come now to trace the direct lines of descent from Robert
AveryS yeoman, down to the twelfth and latest generation of the
Dedham branch of Averys In this country. "A yeoman or hus-
bandman was one who tilled his own land in distinction from a
peasant or farmer, who occupied the land of another." 1599 to
1655. London Notes and Queries.

Robert Avery^ died previous to October 14*^ IS75, that being the
date of the proving of his will. The will itself bears date July 27*^
1575, a copy of which, made from the original, is in the posses-
sion of Mr. W. T. Avery.

He had three sons, William'^, Richard^, and Thomas'^. William
seems to have fallen under his father's displeasure for "having

made a base marriage, and left his native parishe," but receives
a share in the property, according to the terms of the will, "in
token of forgiveness." Richard, the second son, is made sole ex-
ecutor, and his brother William AveryS of Congresburie, and
John Champion, his brother-in-law, are appointed overseers.

Will of Robert Avery^ of Pill, {now Pylle) Somerset, England,
yeoman, found at Doctor's Commons, March, 1872.

In the name of Almighty God Amen, the 27*^^ day of July in the
year of our Lorde God 1575, I, Robert Avery, yoeman of Pill, Co.
Somerset, being sick in bodye, but hole in mynde and good in remem-
brance, do ordaine this my Testament and last Will, in manner and
forme followinge:

Fyrst. I commende and bequethe my Soule to Almytie God, my
maker and Redeemer, and to all the Hollye companye in heaven, and my
bodye to be buryed as a Christian man.

Also I give and bequethe to my sonne William Avery £5, my bowe and
arrows, and my wynter gowne furred with fox, in token of my forgiveness
for his having made a base marriage and left his native parishe.

Item. I give and bequethe to my second sonne, Richard Avery, all my
farm Implements, and the house wherein I now do dwell. Also I give and
bequethe to the said Richard Avery, one field and one medowe now in
the occupation of John Austen, and I also bequethe to him my goods,
moveable and unmoveable which are in and about the house and premises,
I now dwell.

Item. I give and bequethe to my youngest sonne, Thomas Avery, £5,
one cowe and one loade of hay, my silk doublet, two pair of hose and one
brasse potte and cover.

Item. I doe give and bequethe to my Sister, Prudence Champion, the
somme of 10/4, and one milch cowe, two prs sheets, and my second best
feather bedde, with all covering and appurtenances thereto.

Item. I give and bequethe to my grandsonne, Robert Avery, the sonne
of my sonne William Avery the some of 6/8'*.

Item. I give and bequethe unto William Sharpe, my oulde blue coate,
and to my nephew, Jacob Avery, my brother William's sonne, my pen
and one silver guilt flagon with cover.

Item. I give and bequethe to Abell, my servant, my bodye Lynen,
and one shillinge.

Item. I give and bequethe the Resydewe of all my goods and Cattels
unbequethed, unto my sonne, Richard Avery. Also I ordeyne and make
the sayde Richard Avery, my sonne, to be my sole executor, and he to
see my funeralles and debts payed. And to see this my last testament
and will p. formed, as he will answer before Almightie God, at the generall
day of judgement. Also I make overseer of this, my will, my brothers,


William Avery,* of Congresburie, and John Champion, and I doe give
for their paynes takynge Herein 2°/ eche. These beynge witnesses.
Robert Hibbert, Thos. Vyse with others.

Proved by the executor Richard Avery, Oct. 14*^, 1575.

William^ the oldest son of Robert^ had one son, Robert*.
Whether there were others, records do not say. This Robert^ we
suppose to have been the father of Dr. William of Dedham.

Robert Avery^ lived in Wokingham, Berkshire. By trade he
was a blacksmith (which was a profession in those days when he
made the armor). His will, found in the Diocese of Doctor's
Commons, bears date March 30*S 1642. He married Joanne, and
had three children.

I William*, b. 1622. See forward.
II Robert^
III Frances*.

We here insert the will — a copy of the original being in pos-
session of Mr. W. T. Avery.


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