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The Avery, Fairchild & Park families of Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island, with a short narration of facts concerning Mr. Richard Warren, Mayflower passenger, and his family connections with T online

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upon the wast upland one all other parts.

More, one parcell or lott of Lands in Dedham aforesayd as it do Lye
in that Devision of land near Meadfield bound line the quantity being
two hundred and fifty acres, more or less, the whole lot as it was granted
by the Towne of Dedham to the Rights of Ens. Francis Chickering, the
bounds and abuttments Being described in the Booke of the Towne of
Dedham's Records.

More. Six acres of seader Swamp, be it more or less the whole lot as
it Lyeth in Dedham aforesayd, near or adjoineing to the great Pond as it
is bounded & abutteth upon the said pond towards the North, upon
Turkey Island towards the west and upon the swamp that did belong to
Henery Phillips and upon the wigwam plain, one all other parts. More,
the whole & full Right & Rights of nine Cow Comons and three Sheep
Comons in all sorts of Lands in all Devissions of Lands yet at any time
hereafter to be layed out in the whole bounds of the Towne of Dedham

aforesayd whatsoever. More, the moyetie or half part of my lot or par-
cell of meadow that I bought of Cornelius ffisher as it lyeth in Fowle
Meadow one the Northerly side of the River, being the first meadow
streame towards the west that is yet layed out one the Northerly side of
the sayd River. More, all my sayd Cow Comon Rights in all Devissions
of Lands yet layd out or at any time hereafter to be layd out in all the
Township & bounds in the Towne of Wrentham — More, Twenty &
six acres of land be it more or less as it Lyeth in the Thousand Acres near
Dedham in the bounds of Rocksbery in the seaventh hundred undevided,
Lyeing with the widdow Heath, the land formerly Arthur Garys Robert
Seaver, & Robert Peper, being the Land I purchased of Thomas ffoster,
as by a legall Deed thereof may more full apeare. All the aforesayd
Lotm*® and parcells of uplands, meadows, swamp and Comon Rights
aforesayd as they are described aforesayd, I, the sayd William Avery do
avouch and declare to be at the day of the date hereof of my owne proper
estate, & in my owne power all the pr.^mises Lawfully to dispose & give.
And do hereby further warrant all y^ aforedescribed pr.^'mises together
with all the buildings, orchards, fences, wood Timber, stone, grass, feed
proffits pr.Velidges, improvements, & Comodities thereupon, therein, or
thereunto any way appertayneing, or that maj^ at any time hereafter be
procured & atained, from all the p.^mesis or ^y part, or parcell thereof
whatsoever TO HAVE & TO HOLD to him, my sayd Son William
Avery as a good inheritance, in fee Simple to him, His Heyers, ex-
ecuto." Adminestrato''^ & Assignes in peaceable Possession forever, free,
Acquitt & discharged of & from all & all manner of Debts, Mortgages,
Leases, Entayles. Dowrys, Titles of Dowry & all other Locall Mollesta-
tions & encumberances whatsoever, from, by, or under us or any of us,
we the sayd William or my Heyers or successers. And I do herevs^ith
Render & give Seizur & Lawful Posession of all the above described
p^mises & do further promis to do any further Act, or Acts things or
things do, or may any way tend to the more full confirmation & Loyall
asurance of all the above demised p.^mises whensoever I am Reasonably
requested thereunto. In Witnes to & for full Confirmation of all the
above demised p.^mises, I the Sayd William Avery Sen'', have hereunto
set my hand & afixed my seale in y® year one Thousand six hundred
Eighty one, the 16*'' of March.
Read, Signed,
Sealed & Delivered
in P.^sence of

Daniell ffisher Willi Avery [seal.]

Jn° Woodmansey

Mr. William Avery acknowledged this Instrume."* to be his Act and
Deed, this 16*^ March 1681/2.

Mrs. Mary Avery did at the same time resigne & disclaim all her right
& Title in the p^'mises.

before Sam^^ Norwell Assist. (Sign'^).


The following is a copy of the

In Probate Office, Boston, Mass., 15^^ October, 1683

I, William Avery, resident of Boston, in the county of Suffolk, of y*
Massachusetts Colony in New England, practitioner in physick and aged
about 61 years, being through God's goodness of sound judgment and
memory, yet weak in body and expecting my great change quickly, do
constitute and ordain this my last Will and Testament as followeth, viz:

Imprim. That after my decease my body shall be with decent buryal
interred, at y^ discretion of my executors and that all my just debts and
funerall expenses shall duly and Seasonably paid.

Item. I give unto my dear and loving Wife Mary, the summe of one
hundred pounds of currant mony of New England as I promised upon
marriage with her and which is now in her hand. Also I do give unto my
said Wife during her life the use of y^ part of my housing and lands in
Dedham in y® county aforesaid, which are served in my son Jonathan's
deed, and the use of halfe my Island meadow, reserved in my son Robert's
deed, together with the use of a bed and furniture.

Item. I do give and bequeathe to my daughter Mary Tisdale, one
hundred pounds in mony or goods at mony price to be paid within three
years after my decease, and my will is y* what she hath already received
shall be reckoned as part of it.

It. I give and bequeath to my two sons-in-law, William Sumner and
Benjamin Dyer, twenty pounds apiece, accounting that which each of
them hath received already as a part of this legacy to them. And further
my will is, that in case my share in certain mines shall prove profitable,
then yy shall have twenty pounds apiece more paid them by my Executors
at and upon y^ advice of my overseers yy judging them to be so profitable
as y* there is reason for the same.

It. My Will is y* my son Jonathan shall have my two Stills, all my
Physick books and instruments, he allowing twenty pounds to my Ex-
ecutors for y^ same.

It. Concerning my part in several mines my Will is, that after all
necessary charges laid out or to be laid out upon them be equally satis-
fyed, then the profit or income of them, while my wife lives, shall be
divided to her and to my four children, William, Robert and Jonathan
Avery and Mary Tisdale, and after my wife's decease shall be divided
among my said children; and my Will is, that in all these divisions my
son William shall have a double share and the rest each of them, a single
share or equal share. Further, my Will is, that a third part of all the
profit y* shall arise to any and all my children from the said mines shall
be improved for publick and charitable uses according to their own dis-
cretion. And my Will is, that it shall remain with them from time to
time, their heirs or successors, that all necessary charges deducted, a

third part of y® profit of y® mine aforesaid, shall be for publick and char-
itable use. It. I do nominate and appoint my three sons, William,
Robert and Jonathan, Executors of this my last Will and Testament.
And do will y* what I have already given them, by deeds or otherwise
shall be reckoned as their several portions. Only my Will is y* in case
there shall be any estate remaining after all debts and legacies above be-
queathed be paid, then my son William shall have thirty pounds more to
make him up a double share. And, if afterward there be anything re-
maining, it shall be equally divided among my four children. Finally, I
do nominate and request my worthy friends Mr. John Wilson of Medfield
and Mr. William Adams of Dedham, to be my overseers to give advice
and their help to my Executors as yy shall need in reference to this my last
Will and I do appoint, y* yy shall have each of them fourty shillings paid
them by my executors, within three months after my decease, besides,
honest satisfaction for any necessary labor may be expended by them

And in testimony of my ordaining and constituting this my last Will
and Testament. I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day
of October, in y® year of our Lord, one thousand six hundred and eighty

Signed and sealed
in presence of us
Samuel lane

Samuel Fearrin. William Avery [seal]

Sealed Published and confirmed by Mr. William Avery to be his last
Will and Testament the 13*^ of March, 1686/7 i" the presence of us

William Haberfild,
John Higgs,
James Woodmansey



TJOBERT AVERY^ second son of Dr. William Avery^ and
-*-^ Margaret Avery, was baptized in Barkham, Berks, Eng-
land, December y*^ 1649, and was brought to America by his
parents and settled in the town of Dedham. Married, 1676, Eliza-
beth Lane, of Maiden, Mass., daughter of Job and Sarah Boyce
Lane. He died, Dedham, October 3"^^ 1722. She died, Dedham,
October 2i«S 1746.


I Elizabeth^ born December 21^*, 1677, Dedham. Married, August
6*^ 1697, William Bullard, of Dedham, born May ig^^, 1673. She died
January 28*^ 1746-7. He died February g^^, 1746-7. They had five

II Rachel^ born September 7**", 1679, Dedham. Married, May 14**^,
1702, Michael Dwight, born 1679, of Dedham. She died 1775. He died
1761. They had six children.

III Robert^ born November 28*^ 1681, Dedham, died August 2l«*,

IV John^ born February 4*'', 1685-6, Dedham (Harvard, 1706).
Married, November 23'''^, 1710, Ruth Little, of Marshfield, Mass., born
November 23''^ 1686. He died April 23''"^, 1754. She died October i«*,
1732. They had ten children. See forward.

V Jonathan^ born January 20*'', 1694-5, Dedham. Married,
February i^*, 1721-2, Lydia Healy. They had eight children.

VI Abigail^, born May 8*^ 1699, Dedham. Married, June 5*'S 1722,
John Richards. They had six children.

Elizabeth (Lane) Avery, died October 21^*, 1746, leaving five
children, thirty grandchildren, and fifty-two great grandchildren,
and two great, great grandchildren. Her tombstone reads as

follows :

"Here lyes Buried y® Body

of Mrs. Elizabeth Avery

Widow of Ensign Robert

Avery. She died Oct

ye 2ist A £) 17^5

in y® 91^* year of
her age."


His stone in Dedham cemetery is inscribed thus:

"Here Lyes Buried y^ Body of Ensigne Robert Avery, who Dec

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Online LibrarySamuel Putnam AveryThe Avery, Fairchild & Park families of Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island, with a short narration of facts concerning Mr. Richard Warren, Mayflower passenger, and his family connections with T → online text (page 3 of 12)