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lyeth by & is bounded and abutteth upon the meadow that was Deacon
Henery Chickery" towards the North & upon Brook or small river that
runeth through rock meadow towards the east & South east, and abutteth
upon the wast upland one all other parts.

More, one parcell or lott of Lands in Dedham aforesayd as it do Lye
in that Devision of land near Meadfield bound line the quantity being
two hundred and fifty acres, more or less, the whole lot as it was granted
by the Towne of Dedham to the Rights of Ens. Francis dickering, the
bounds and abuttments Being described in the Booke of the Towne of
Ded ham's Records.

More. Six acres of seader Swamp, be it more or less the whole lot as
It Lyeth in Dedham aforesayd, hear or adjoineing to the great Pond as it
is bounded & abutteth upon the said pond towards the North, upon
Turkey Island towards the west and upon the swamp that did belong to
Henery Phillips and upon the wigwam plain, one all other parts. More, '
the whole k full Right & Rights of nine Cow Comons and three Sheep
Comons in all sorts of Lands in all Devissions of Lands yet at any time
hereafter to be layed out in the whole bounds of the Towne of Dedham


aforesayd whatsoever. More, the moyctie or half part of my lot or par-
cell of meadow that I bought of Cornelius ffisher as it lyeth in Fowle
Meadow one the Northerly side of the River, being the first meadow
streame towards the west that is yet laycd out one the Northerly side of
the sayd River. More, all my sayd Cow Comon Rights in all Devissions
of Lands yet layd out or at any time hereafter to be layd out in all the
Township & bounds in the Towne of Wrcntham — More, Twenty &
six acres of land be it more or less as it Lyeth in the Thousand Acres near
Dedham in the bounds of Rocksbery in the seaventh hundred undevided,
Lycing with the widdow Heath, the land formerly Arthur Garys Robert
Seaver, & Robert Peper, being the Land I purchased of Thomas ffoster,
as by a legall Deed thereof may more full apeare. All the aforesayd
Lotm'" and parcells of uplands, meadows, swamp and Comon Rights
aforesayd as they are described aforesayd, I, the sayd William Avery do
avouch and declare to be at the day of the date hereof of my owne proper
estate, & in my owne power all the pr.*mises Lawfully to dispose & give.
And do hereby further warrant all y* aforedescribed pr.'mises together
with all the buildings, orchards, fences, wood Timber, stone, grass, feed
profits pr.*velidges, improvements, & Comodities thereupon, therein, or
thereunto any way appertayneing, or that may at any time hereafter be
procured & atained, from all the p.*mesis or any part, or parcell thereof
whatsoever TO HAVE & TO HOLD to him, my sayd Son William
Avery as a good inheritance, in fee Simple to him, His Heyers, ex-
ecuto.'* Adminestrato" & Assignes in peaceable Possession forever, free,
Acquitt & discharged of & from all & all manner of Debts, Mortgages,
Leases, Entayles. Dowrys, Titles of Dowry & all other Locall Mollesta-
tions & encumberances whatsoever, from, by, or under us or any of us,
we the sayd William or my Heyers or successers. And I do herewith
Render & give Seizur & Lawful Posession of all the above described
p*mises & do further promis to do any further Act, or Acts things or
things do, or may any way tend to the more full confirmauon & Loyall
asurance of all the above demised p.'mises whensoever I am Reasonably
requested thereunto. In Witnes to & for full Confirmation of all the
above demised p."mises, I the Sayd William Avery Sen', have hereunto
set my hand & afixed my seale in y" year one Thousand six hundred
Eighty one, the i6^ of March.

Read, Signed,
Sealed & Delivered
in P.'sence of

Daniell ffisher Willi Avery [seal.]

Jn* Woodmansey
Mr, William Avery acknowledged this Instnime."* to be his Act and
Deed, this 16*'* March 168 1/2.

Mrs. Mary Avery did at the same time resigne & disclaim all her right
& Title in the p*mises.

before Sam"* Norwell Assist. (Sign*^).


The following is a copy of the


In Probate Office, Boston, Mass., zj*^ October, 1683

I, William Avery, resident of Boston, in the county of Suffolk, of y*
Massachusetts Colony in New England, practitioner in physick and aged
about 61 years, being through God's goodness of sound judgment and
memory, yet weak in body and expecting my great change quickly, do
constitute and ordain this my last Will and Testament as followeth, viz:
Imprim. That after my decease my body shall be with decent buryal
interred, at y* discretion of my executors and that all my just debts and
funerall expenses shall duly and Seasonably paid.

Item. I give unto my dear and loving Wife Mary, the summe of one
hundred pounds of currant mony of New England as I promised upon
marriage with her and which is now in her hand. Also I do give unto my
said Wife during her life the use of y* part of my housing and lands in
Dedham in y* county aforesaid, which arc served in my son Jonathan's
deed, and the use of halfe my Island meadow, reserved in my son Robert's
deed, together with the use of a bed and furniture.

Itfm. I do give and bequeathe to my daughter Mary Tisdale, one
hundred pounds in mony or goods at mony price to be paid within three
years after my decease, and my will is y* what she hath already received
shall be reckoned as part of it. ^

//. I give and bequeath to my two sons-in-law, William Sumner and
Benjamin Dyer, twenty pounds apiece, accounting that which each of
them hath received already as a part of this legacy to them. And further
my will is, that in case my share in certain mines shall prove profitable,
then yy shall have twenty pounds apiece more paid them by my Executors
at and upon y* advice of my overseers yy judging them to be so profitable
as y* there is reason for the same.

It. My Will is y* my son Jonathan shall have my two Stills, all my
Physick books and instruments, he allowing twenty pounds to my Ex-
ecutors for y* same.

//. Concerning my part in several mines my Will is, that after all
necessary charges laid out or to be laid out upon them be equally satis-
fied, then the profit or income of them, while my wife lives, shall be
divided to her and to my four children, William, Robert and Jonathan
Avery and Mary Tisdale, and after my wife's decease shall be divided
among my said children; and my Will is, that in all these divisions my
son William shall have a double share and the rest each of them, a single
share or equal share. Further, my Will is, that a third part of all the
profit y* shall arise to any and all my children from the said mines shall
be improved for publick and charitable uses according to their own dis-
cretion. And my Will is, that it shall remain with them from time to
time, their heirs or successors, that all necessary charges deducted, a


third part of y" profit of y* mine aforesaid, shall be for publick and char-
itable use. //. I do nominate and appoint my three sons, William,
Robert and Jonathan, Executors of this my last Will and Testament.
And do will y* what I have already given them, by deeds or otherwise
shall be reckoned as their several portions. Only my Will is y* in case
there shall be any estate remaining after all debts and legacies above be-
queathed be paid, then my son William shall have thirty pounds more to
make him up a double share. And, if afterward there be anything re-
maining, it shall be equally divided among my four children. Finally, I
do nomiiiate and request my worthy friends Mr. John Wilson of Medfield
and Mr. William Adams of Dedham, to be my overseers to give advice
and their help to my Executors as yy shall need in reference to this my last
Will and I do appoint, y* yy shall have each of them fourty shillings paid
them by my executors, within three months after my decease, besides,
honest satisfaction for any necessary labor may be expended by them

And in testimony of my ordaining and constituting this my last Will
and Testament. I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day
of October, in y* year of our Lord, one thousand six hundred and eighty

Signed and sealed
in presence of us
Samuel lane

Samuel Fearrin. William Avery ^ [seal]

Sealed Published and confirmed by Mr. William Avery to be his last
Will and Testament the 13**' of March, 1686/7 ^ '^^ presence of us

William Haberfilo,
John Higgs,
James Woodmansey



"nOBERT AVERY' second son of Dr. William Aver/ and
■*-^ Margaret Avery, was baptized in Barkham, Berks, Eng-
land, December 7"*, 1649, and was brought to America by his
parents and settled in the town of Dedham. Married, 1676, Eliza-
beth Lane, of Maiden, Mass., daughter of Job and Sarah Boyce
Lane. He died, Dedham, Octqber 3"*, 1722. She died, Dedham,
October 2i»*, 1746.


I Elizabeth', bom December 21'*, 1677, Dedham. Married, August
6***, 1697, William Bullard, of Dedham, bom May 19^, 1673. She died
January 28*^, 1746-7. He died February 9**', 1746-7. They had five

II Rachel*, bom September 7*'', 1679, Dedham. Married, May 14*'',
1702, Michael Dwight, bom 1679, of Dedham. She died 1775. He died
1761. They ^ad six children.

III Robert*, bom November 28***, 1681, Dedham, died August 2i**,

IV John', bom Febmary 4*'», 1685-6, Dedham (Harvard, 1706).
Married, November 23"*, 1 710, Ruth Little, of Marshfield, Mass., bom
November 23''*, 1686. He died April 23'**, 1754. She died October i'*,
1732. They had ten children. Sec forward.

V^ Jonathan', bora January 20**», 1694-5, Dedham. Married,
February i'*, 1721-2, Lydia Healy. They had eight children.

VI Abigail', bom May 8*^ 1699, Dedham. Married, June s^\ 1722,
John Richards. They had six children.

Elizabeth (Lane) Avery, died October 2i'*, 1746, leaving five

children, thirty grandchildren, and fifty-two great grandchildren,

and two great, great grandchildren. Her tombstone reads as

follows :

"Here lyes Buried y" Body

of Mrs. Elizabeth Avery'

. Widow of Ensign Robert

Avery. She died Oct

y*2i'*A. D. 1746

_ in y* 91"* year of

her age."

[ 24 ]

His stone in Dedham cemetery is inscribed thus:

"Here Lyes Buried y*» Body of Ensigne Robert Avery, who Dec** Oct.
y« 4*'» 1722 in y* 73** year of his age."

The inventory of Robert Avery's estate was as follows:

Personal, £189 18 ii

Real 36 acres.

4 do.,
and saw mill divided.


£352 18 II

Inventory of personal estate of Robert Avery*, taken December
27, 1722.

Smith's tools, Anvill, Vice, Grindstone and crank. Great Seal Beam,
three great hammers, a number of tongs, shears, 3 small hammers, Man-
drill old tools Bellows. £22.15.

Cattel — 2 Oxen, a mare, 2 Heffers coming 4 years old, 2 more coming
3 years, 5 cows, 2 young heff, a sow, a pigg, 12 piggs. £54.10.0.

Michael Dwight, his son-iH-law, was administrator of the

Robert Avery*, in his deed of gift of most of his property to his
eldest son Robert*, mentions "two parcels of Land both lying
within the township of Dedham — one parcel contains eighteen
acres,'* etc., "bounded upon the swamp commonly called the
Dead swamp towards the South," etc.

"The other contains fourteen acres and a half," etc, etc., "and
is bounded w"" land of Benjamin Onion towards the South; land
of said Robert Avery, Jr., East and West; and with the church
land and land of Joseph Wight towards the North, or however
otherwise bounded," etc., etc. The deed, from which the above
are only extracts, bears date (Feb. I3*S 1712/3) "thirteenth day
of February, Anno Domini 1712, in the tenth year of the Reign of
our Sovereign Lady Ann, of Great Britain, Queen."



JOHN AVERY', ♦ second son of Robert Avery* and Elizabeth
*^ (Lane) Avery, was bom in Dedham, Mass., February 4*'',
1685-6. Married, November 23"*, 1 710, Ruth Little, born,
Marshfield, Mass., November 23"*, 1686, eldest daughter of
Ephraim and Mary (Sturtevant) Little and great-granddaughter
of Richard Warren who came in the Mayflower, November ii***,
1620. He died April 23"*, 1754.! She died October i"*, 1732.
See page 134, Richard Warren and Family.


I John% bom. August 24"*, 171 1, Truro, Mass. (Harvard, 173 1).
Married, June ij***, 1734, Mary Deming, of Boston. Bom 1706. He
died March 31'*, 1796. She died December 2""*, 1763. They had six

II Ephraim^ bom April 22°'', 1713, Truro (Harvard, 173 1). Mar-
ried, September 21'*, 1738, Deborah Lothrop, of Pomfret, Conn., bom
January 9*^ 1716-17. He died October 20*'», i7S4.t She died October
14*'', 1777. They had nine children. See forward.

III Ruth% bom July 26*'', 1715, Truro. Married September 6*^,
1733, Rev. Jonathan Parker, of Plympton, Mass., bom 1705. She died
\Iay 17*'*, 1745. He died April 24*'', 1776. They had five children.

rV EIizabeth% bom March s'**, 1 716-17, Tmro. Married John
Draper, of Boston. They had one child.

V Robert^ bom May 26'**, 1719, Truro. Married Anna Cushman.
He died 1775 (letters of administration granted September 13*'', 1775).
"Killed in battle at sea." They had eight children.

• John Avery* married, July 3"*, 1733, for his second wife, Ruth, third daughter
of Samuel and Mercy (Freeman) Knowles, of Eastham, granddaughter of Hon.
John Freeman, and great-granddaughter of Gov. Prince. Hence his second wife,
as his first, was of Pilgrim stock. She was bom November, 1694. Died November
l"*, 1745. He married, third, June 24^, 1748, Mrs. Mary Rotch, widow of William
Rotch, of Provincetown and Boston.

t It is a singular fact that father, son, and grandson all died the same year.
Rev. John Avery* died in Truro, Mass., April 23/^, 1754, aged 69. Rev. Ephraim
Avery^ died in Brooiclvn, Conn., October 20*", 1754, aged 41, and Septimus
ATery* died October lo"*, 1754, aged 5 years.

[ 26 ]

VI Job% bom April 6"*, 1721, Truro. Died May g*^, 1722.

VII Job^ bom January I4*\ 1722-3, Truro. Married, December
30**», 1742, Jane Thatcher, of Eastham, Mass. He died January 2"'*,
1785. She died November 8*^ 1812, Narick, Mass. They had nine

VIII Ma^y^ born January 19"*, 1724-5, Truro. Married Mr.

EX Abigair, bom June i»t 1727, Truro. Married, May 28*^ 1745,
Elisha Lothrop of Norwich, Conn., brother of Rev. Ephraim Avery's^
wife. They had six children.

X Ann', bomjuly 6*\ 1729, Truro. Died August 2S»*',I747.


By the Will of God, Amen, the eighteenth day of January, in the year
of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty-four, I, John Avery
of Truro, in the County of Barnstable, in the Province of the Massa-
chusetts Bay, in New England, Clerk, being in a weak and low condiuon
as to bodily health, yet thanks be' to God, for that measure of under-
standing and memory that I yet enjoy, therefore calling to mind what
the servant of God says; Job 30: 23 — I know that thou wilt bring me to
Death, and to the house appointed for all Living. I think it therefore
proper for me to settle the affairs of my body and soul, that when my
great change cometh, I may have only this to say, viz., to resign my soul
into the hands of God, whose I am, and with whom I Desire to dwell
forever. I do therefore make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament,
that is to say. In the first place I give and recommend my Immortal Soul
into the hands of the Great God, my Creator and Redeemer, hoping
through the Active and Passive Obedience of Christ my Redeemer, to
Obtain forgiveness of all my sins, the Justification of my person, and an
Inheritance among them that are sanctified by the Holy Spirit; and as
to my body I desire it may be decently buried at the discretion of my
Executors, hereafter named, to remain in the dust till the General Resur-
rection, at which time, I believe it will be seminally raised again by the
Mighty Power of God and through Grace appear like unto Christ's
glorious body; and as to my lawful heirs of the Woridly Estate with
which God has been pleased to favor me with on Earth, My Will is that
my beloved wife Mary Avery still wait upon God (as I hope she hath
long done) to order all things for her who hath always been the Widow's
God, as well as Judge in his holy habitation; Psal: 68, 5; and as to my
beloved children my will is that they take care above all things to get

• "April 17***, 1749, gave leave to Barnabas Paine and Job Avery, to open the
hedge by the old Try Yard, on the southerly part of the Indian Neck." Mr. Avery
was a member of the Board of Selectmen, 1763 to 1766, and town clerk and treasurer

He witnessed his father's signature (Rev. John Avery*) November l'*, 1739, to
a gift of land to his brother Ephraim.^


ready for a dying day; that they don't cumber themselves so about
worldly things, as to neglect the better part, but Labour to get durable
Riches and Righteousness, so that they may upon good ground be able
to apply that word of Comfort to themselves in Psalm 27-10, When my
Father and my Mother forsake me then the Lord will take me up. And
as to my Worldly Estate my will is that all those debts and duties as J
do owe in Right and Conscience to any person whatsoever, be well satis-
fied and paid in convenient time, after my decease, by my Executors
hereafter named, and as to the Remainder of My Estate after Debts and
funeral Charges paid, I give and bequeath as followeth; In the first place
I give and bequeath. to my well beloved wife Mary Avery, (over and
above what she is to have out of my Estate by my agreement with her
before marriage) the use and Improvement of my westerly bedroom and
my Study appertaining thereto and the use and Improvement of my
Woodland on the Easterly side of the Highway that leads from Neighbor
Eldreds to the Meeting-house in said Truro, these privileges for her so
long as she Continues to be my Relict or Widow, and shall think fit.

2""*''. I give and bequeath to my beloved son John Avery, to him,
his heirs, and assigns forever, my Silver Tankard, and forty-three pounds
sixteen and eight-pence lawful money, which he has already received, as
may appear by a note, under his hand, to him, his heirs and assigns for-
ever, said Note of hand in Old Tennor is three hundred twenty-eight
pounds fifteen shills: and 4d.

3""'. I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Ephraim Avery the
note of hand he gave me before the year 1739, and also all the money he
has received of me, to him, his heirs and assigns forever.

4*'*''. I Give and bequeath to the children of my beloved daughter
Ruth Parker, deceased namely, Ruth Bishop, Jonathan Parker, and
Avery Parker, all the Goods and household stuff together with my Negro
Girl named Phillis, all which their mother received of me in her life time,
to them, their heirs and assigns forever, to be equally divided among

S***''. I give and bequeath to my well beloved daughter Elizabeth
Draper, all the goods and household stuff she hath already received to-
gether with my Indian girl Sarah, who now lives with her, to her, her
heirs and assigns forever.

6^^^^. To my son Robert Avery I have already given by deed of Gift
my interest in the Town of Lebanon in the Colony of Connecticut.

7**''y, To ray son Job Avery I have already given by deed of Gift my
Lands in this Town of Truro my Dwelling-house and buildings apper-
taining thereto, my Pew in the meeting-house, as also my young negro
man named Lamed, nevertheless it is my will that my son Job take care
to make out to Mary, my beloved wife, the Priviledges expressed to her
in this my last Will and Testament.

8*'*''^. I give and bequeath to my well beloved Daughter Mary West,
forty pounds lawful money which she hath already received; and my will
is that Six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence lawful money to be

[28] -

paid to her out of my personal estate, to her, her heirs and assigns for-


9^^. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved Daughter Abagail
Lothrop, forty pounds lawful money which she hath already received,
and SIX pounds thirteen shillings and four pence, to be paid to her out of
my personal Estate, to her, her heirs and assigns forever.

Finally. And all the remainder of My Personal Estate I Do give to
my children above named, to be divided into nine shares, and my will is
that ray son John Avery have two shares, and that the children of my
daughter Ruth Parker* (deceased) have one share in unequal partner-
ship among them, namely, that my Grandson Jonathan Parker (who has
an impediment in his sight) receive one half of said Share, and that my
other two grand-children, namely Ruth Bishop and Avery Parker, re-
ceive the other half share, equally between them, and my other six shares
to my other children, above named, in Equal Divisions. Moreover I do
constitute and appoint my well-beloved sons John Avery and Job Avery,
to be my Executors of this my last Will and Testament, and hereby do
utterly disallow, revoke, and disannul all and every other former Test'mts
or Wills, and bequests and Executors by me in any ways before this time
named, willed and bequeathed. Ratifying and confirming this and no
other, to be my last will and Testament.

In Witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this Day
and year above Written.

Signed, sealed, published pro- Further it is My Will that

nounced and declared by the said my two negroes Jack and Hope

John Avery, as his last Will and have the Liberty to choose their

Testament, in presence of us the Master among all my children.

Subscribers. and they with whom they choose

Samuel Eldredg, to live, give nothing for them,

Moses Paine, and that they shall not be sold

Nathaniel Breed, from my children to any person

Barzillah Smith. whatsoever, and this was added

before I signed this Will and
[seal] • John Avery.

The "Inventory & Appraisements of sundries belonging to
the Estate of the Rev. John Avery (taken at Truro,) May y^,
1754 in Probate Ofl&ce, Barnstable," discloses that the total

• Extract from the will of Dorothy Parker of Mildenhall, England, dated
October lo*^, 1649, proved April, 1650. "... he will bestow what remains at
his death, thereof, upon the children of my daughter Sarah Baylie & Elizabeth
Avery." "For the one hundred pounds due to me from my son Avery, for which
his house was mortgaged, I bestow it upon my daughter Avery & her children
To my son-in-law Timothy Avery, &c." Water s Genealogical Gleanings in Eng-
landj p. 7. Possibly this Dorothy Parker may have been some distant family


valuation was £148-5-2, of which oxen, cows, steers, and heifers
were itemized at £19-14-8; library, £13-1-4; silver spoons, tea-
spoons, porringers, buttons, buckles and broken silver, £ii-n-io;
feather beds, bedsteads, curtains, coverlids, rugs, etc., £17.

"The place where the Pilgrims encamped the first night, Wednesday,
November is^\ 1620, was known as Pawmet, named by the Indians.
A settlement was commenced here about 1700.

"It was allowed municipal privileges, October 29***, 1705, and was then
called DangerJUld. July 16^^, 1709, it was incorporated by the name of
Truro, the present name, making it, at that time, the seventh township
on the Cape." History of Cape Cody Vol. II, p. 535.

The following is the original Act of Incorporation of the


Province of the Massachusetts Bay, SS. An act for making Pawmet
a District of Eastham, within the County of Barnstable, a township to
be called Truro.

Whereasy there is a certain tract of land known by the name of Paw-
met, at present a District of Eastham, and under the constablerick of
that town, consisting of about forty families, and daily increasing — the
said land extending about fourteen miles in length from the Province
lands at the extremity of Cape Cod reserved for the Fishery, and the
lands of Eastham on the South, and nmning northerly as far as the lands
called the purchaser's lands, extends over the harbor named the Eastern
harbor; according to the kno\vn stated boundaries thereof — the breadth
thereof running from sea to sea across the neck of land commonly called
Cape Cod. And whereas the inhabitants of said district by their humble
petirion have set forth that they have built a convenient? house to meet
in for the public worship of God, and have for some rime had a minister
among them; humbly praying that they may be made a township, and
have such necessary officers within themselves, whereby they may be
enabled to manage and carry on their dvil and religious concerns and

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