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libnir\ : lii' tlicri- itiM'loM"> to lii-r liis Mtlicitiulc tor tlif tiap-
|iinrvs of hi5 »i>ttr (.'liarlotti- ; and |iroiniM-N liiT a rct-itui of

tho>f ocrurr»-ii lluit orruAJoiKil liii uiiiasiin>-t 177 — 186

Li.TTKB \\. Mi-ft Hijrim, to Mi.v Silliy.- Sir CliarlcH (inin-
«li»oii «oinuiriut"» ^li^ iiarnitivc : \iv first pays a tributt- of
fCratituili- to Dr. Ilartb tt, acktiuMlot^in;; the tiwul a(haii-
ta{;c> lie bad dcrivid from tbat good inairs instrtutions.
•Sir ( liarl(» travcU into Italy, and bt intltd4e uf the llni^lisli lani;nai;e. C'liai-acler
of the I ount of lUUedere, an admirer of tbe Liidy Clemen-
tina : »be rejects hi» »nit- .Sir Charles traces tbe proRre.sB of
his own atfection^ fur that lady, and lier>t for biui ; and KtatcA
the obstaeltk be ba\ tlu' artcctiiii; incidriils in liis own narra-
tive ; and n-fVrs luT to Dr. H;irtl«tt for an cxphinatidii of
many important particidars w Hyron (h-srrihes wiiat slu' Idt on h-arnini;
that tin- affrrtioiw of Sir Ciiarh* Oramlison wtrf pre-
tn^gfd. ni.Hcouno In-tweon ln-r and Mivs Ctrandison ilO — 3iB,
Letteh XXII. Miss /itjron, to Miss .Sf%.— Dr. Bartletfs
fin>t Utter to Miss IJyron, containing; traiorripts from Sir
C'liarlfs's h'tttrs to liinistif from Uolo^na : viz. TJir dihate
betwtrn Sir (harks (Irandi^on and Sitjnor .Icronynio and
his rompanions at their fir>t acquaintance : Tiu- particulars
of the conference whieii Sir Cliarh-!* was put upon hohiiuj^
with tljc Lady ("lementina in t'avour of the Count of Helve-
tiere ; aiid whieli hor fatlier and mother, unknown to either
of tlum, overheard : and, The coMfll\ l)N it, I .tliouUi liax- longed \o ir;i((
it -By what im-uii!i

Wliv, it jH'tiplf xmII lia\«' llnir closit-diMtrs o|m ii, lit
llinn tako th«- foiiM-qucin f'.

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Online LibrarySamuel RichardsonThe works of Samuel Richardson (Volume 15) → online text (page 1 of 30)