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FEB 5 1884
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The design of The Marblehead Manual is
simply to put on record in some permanent form,
material relating to the history of the town of
Marblehead, which might, otherwise, be lost. All
that is claimed for the work is that it is a compi-
'l? "tion of facts which may prove valuable and in-
>^ ^sting for reference. The kindness of my friend
. . . Samuel R. Adams, to whom I am indebted for
many favors, deserves recognition here, and he has
my sincere thanks.


Extracts from Journal kept by Na-
■ than bowen and edward bowen,

FROM 1757 TO 1808.

Fkom Journal of Nathan Bowex.
1757. Aug. '2, Gov. Pownall arrived at ye Castle,

Aug'. 1-4, CToudy. An alarm in time oi
afternoon service to ye great terror of ye
old women of both sexes. Detached a
<j[narter of ye effective part of ye regi-
njent and sent them westward.

Aug. 15, They marched under Capt. Orne.

Aug. 19, They returned, having marched to
AVestborough, and there remarched, not
being wanted.

Sept. 1-1, The excessive and long-continued
heat and drought of last summer so
heated the earth that no rains as yet have
been sufficient to (juencli it, or reduce it
to the temper usual at this time of yeai'.
Whereas 'tis liighly piobable that we
shall have no vvinttM- until ye earth be
(juenched, which may l)e a greater favc^r
to the poor, as fuel is scarce. Notwitli-

standing we American.s .su|)[)ly near, per-
haps, 40,000 mouths beside our own with
fresh supplies. This shows that nature
has been bountiful to this part of her
work, and renders this country worthy
the protection of Britain and ourselves,
and may we be the care of the God of
armies, in whom is everlasting strength.
1702. Jan. 21, Town Meeting.

Feb. 24, At 4 A.M. Rev. INlr. Bours died.
He was a good man, naturally good, rela-
tively good and exemplary good, lamented
by all orders and ranks of men, in partic-
ular his brethren in the clergy tho dis-
senters ! They assisted in bearing his pall
to the grave.

Feb. 27, Bours buried. The sudden and
immature death of Mr. Bours is a matter
of lamentation tho the town. As this is
t he first Church minister that has died in
this town, so the first whose departing
was lamented.

March 6, Yesterday a number of inhabit-
ants cleared away th6 snow and opened
the road to Salem ; before impassable.

]March 9, Training to-day.

March 10, Training.

May !), Chose Col, Fowie i-epresentative.

1702. June L'ii. A ^realc iiiiinlxT of meadow-
worms a|)])etir in Cross street and Meadow.
1 saw vast iiiuiibers of them on tlie board
fence street, etc. These ai-e tlie same
species of worms as wei'e so numerous in
June, A. D. 174o. They have six pairs
of leg's, viz. : two close behind their neck,
two pair abaft, and at the hinder end two
sharp spears of seeming horn. They
draw up their hind parts and by those
s[)ears throw their whole body forward.
They are striped of a greenish-yellow,
smooth, have large eyes something like
that of a fly, of various colors, veined like
Aug. "25, Parson Whitwell ordained.

17(»o. July 10, Parson Weeks preached his firsl
sermon. Forenoon — Psalm 107, 29 and
•■)() verses. Afternoon — Psalm 42, 2 verse.

17()5. Jan. 1, M't are now, thro the Divine good-
ness, ari-ived at the threshold of a new
year. AVhen 1 look l)ack on the various
affairs and occurrences of the past year, I
tind myself in the pleasant month of May
delivered from one of the gi'eatest of evils
and admitted to one of the greatest of
Jan. 4, John Uoden came here from Natick.


nearly :tO miles, in about li hours on bas-
kets most of the way.
1705. Jan. 8, Capt. Curtis' wife interred in the
new mode, etc., without mourning, to the
ai)probation and applause of all persons
who attended, viz. : the principal gentle-
men of the town and many others ! And
'tis hoped the mode will prevail in town
to the saving of thousands per annum.

June 30, Mother Bowry was buried 28. 'Tis
said she was 104 years old, a mere child,
and for want of the use of the first princi-
ple in nature (self-preservation) she fell
into the fire, and being alone, was burnt
to death.

Aug. 9, A lad fell from the head of a mast
and dashed out his brains.

Aug. 28, Church clock set going new.

Oct. 11, Tlie hands of the dial plates on the
east and south octaves of the Church in
this town, were put up, by being turned
by a vertical rod by which the arbor gives
motion to the hands and carries them
I'ound on the several hours of the plain ;
those hands standing not less than 18
feet above tiie arbor that jnoves them.
The people's faith wavei'ed as to the pos-
sibility of such a performance, but now

they see the thing iiaturiilly effected by
the use of machinery they are satisfied,
but only exclaim, "• Who would liave
thought it ! "
17()r), Oct. 15, Dials perform well and keep time
to the general satisfaction of Judicious
Nov. 6, AVe are in a cloud of difficulty about
the Stamp act. God only knows when or
how it will end.

From Journal of Edward Bowkn.

177U. Jan. '^, Several vessels on shore in the storm,
of 2(3th of last month, and vast many
l)eople perished.

Jan. Iv}, A privateer, Capt. Jack, arrived
with a tine prize, 400 hogshead sugar, and
one liogshead of rum.

Jan. 20, A schooner on shore at Cat Island.

Jan. 22, Brig Pallas sailed.

Jan. 28, Morning. My wife delivered of a
son whose name is to be Edward, who, it"
he should live, nuiy remember that his
father had no hand in the destraction of
his country, which was once the best for a
poor man in the known world, but now
the worst.


177!). Jail. ol. After giving a list of jtrices of pro-
visions. Fine Liberty I O, tine Liberty 1
May they be punished.

May 1, We hear of several vessels taken by
the True-Blue, formerly one of our pri\'a-
teers, but afterwards retaken by the

^hiy 25. Freemason's prize in.

June L Hawkes arrived at Ne\vl)ury in the

June 10, Bartlett came back; several of his
men killed and wounded.
Corruth sailed in the Hammond.

June 20, Dennis sailed.

June 21, Porcupine's prize in.

July 4, Conway in, took foin- prizes, out six

July 10, B. Hawkes sailed in shi}) Hector for
Boston to join the fleet for Penobscot.

July 18, Hawkes left Hector.

July 19, Benj. Hawkes sailed in the brig
Defence, Capt. John Edmunds commander.

Aug. 6. Porcupine arrived.
• Aug. 17, Conway sailed.

Aug. 18, Small fleet sailed from Boston.

Aug. 19, Rec'd news of our fleet being de-
stroyed at Penobscot l)y six English men-


1779. Aug. '20, B. llawkes arrived from Penobscot,
their vessel being blown up.

Sept. 1, Several vessels off.

Sept. 9, Stevenson sailed for St. John.

Sept. 16, Several vessels re-taken.

Sept. 17, Corruth arrived.

Sept. 18, Trasher sailed for Bilboa.

Sept. 27, Benj. Hawkes got home in the
Cromwell, having carried av^ay their mast,
and hove their guns overboard.

Sept. 30, At about half-past seven this even-
ing a sad accident happened. The armed
brig Freemason, being all fitted for a cruise,
took fire, and about eight she blew up,
and did a vast deal of damage to the
houses. Several more pi-ivateers dis-

Oct. 28, Andrews sailed with Mm. Weeks.

Nov. 4, Bubier sailed.

Nov. 9, Capt. John Conway sailed on u
cruise in ship Terrible.

Xov. 20, Privateer taken by Conway arrived.

Nov. 29, A prize sloop belonging to Conway
arrived at Salem.

Dec. 1, Tlie Thorn sailed.

Dec. 2, Thorn went to Nantasket in the


1770. Dec. 18, A .schooner l)ouiid to the West

IndicvS on shore.
Dec. 21, T. Martin sailed. Takes |40 to

buy a sieve, and how can all poor nien

Dec. 26, Conway came home.
Dec. 30, Several vessels on shore.
1780. Jan. 8, Blew very, hard last night, and as

cold as I ever knew it. Harbor frozen as

far down as Skinner's Head last night,

and this forenoon it froze from Skinner's

Head to Nick's Cove.
Jan. 9, This morning froze as far as the

Point of the Xeck.
Jan. 13, People are in great distress for

Avant of wood and other necessaries of life.
Jan. 16, Ice gone out of the harbor as far as

Skinner's Head.
Jan. 21, Two-thirds of the families in town

without wood oi" meat.
Jan. 23, The Jiarbor froze over, and the

upper part has been so for three weeks.

All the vessels frozen in.
Jan. "24. It seems as if the indignation of

(iod was and has been on us since tlie

Penobscot affair for our Pebellion, etc.
Jan. 28, Harl)or frozen over so tliat people

)>ass and re-pass to the Neck,


1780. Feb. 1, llaibor all froze over as far as the
Fort and passable for cart and oxen. I
measured the ice in the harbor from the
head to the new wharf, eight inches thick
on an average as far o^^er as the Xeck.
Four small sleds in with wood. I bought
one and was forced to give what they call
dollars, 260 of them. So nuich for Liberty.

Feb. 6, This day the Church was opened by
the proprietors, and Mr. Abraham read
prayers and a sermon, whicli was gener-
ally liked by all.

Feb. 7, Several women went over to Neck
on the ice.

Feb. 8, Rain. Ice gone up as far as the
new wharf, and parted as far as Skinner's

Feb. 9, The ice on this side the harbor gone
from Skinner's Head quite down the

Feb. 11, Ice all out of the harbor,

Feb. 12, Cold as before; froze over all the
head of the harbor.

Fel). 18, Last night the Thorn, Capt. Waters,
arrived from a cruise, and had a smart
engagement, and had five men killed l)e-
longing to this town, viz. : Samuel Black-


ler, Beiijaiiiin Stacey, Raiiisdcll.

AVin. (4reeii and Josepli Cross.
17'SO. March 9, Ca])t. Russell and Benj. Andrews
cast away on Cape Ann, loaded with
wood, and one Brimbleconie drowned.

March 12, A prize arrived taken by the
Thorn, Capt. Waters.

March 25, A large prize ship came in taken
by Capt. Collyr in the A^iroiri of Xew-

March m, Thirty dollars for a small pad-
lock. (), the distress of this country !
Once the l)est for a poor man in the world,
but now nothing but Liberty.

April 16, Pilgrim got a prize in.

April 24, Thorn sailed, Capt. Cowell, for
Cape Ann.

April 3(1, Indian meal, $70 per bushel; mo-
lasses, $40 per gal; rum, -fSO; wood. $300.

May 8, News of six of our privateers carried
into York.

May 10, Kain. At half-past ten this A. M.
it came up as dark as it is by night, and
continued so for the space of five hours.

June 0, Morning, news came of the priva-
teer brig Sjnt-Jire l^eing taken.

rFune l:i. Hincklev ari'ived from Cadiz.


ITi^O. June 17, Conway and liis prize arrived, and

took another al>t three weeks a^'o.
June 1!), fino. Harris sailed. Conway's

prize from Portsinoutli.
June 26, Tiie Thnrii, Ca])t. CowelTs prize.

June 27, Benj. Ilawkes sailed for Cape Ann.
July 13, It seems to be certain that a Frencli

fleet is arrived at Rhode Island, 7 of the

line and (i frigates.
July 22, The ship Gen. Storkes arrived.

Gen. Storkes taken 8 prizes, large ships

from London.
July 25, One of the Storkes, |)rizes arrived at

Cape Ami.
July 28, Lightning killed a horse belonging

to Capt. Lindsey.
rJidy 30, Another of the Storkes, prizes in.
July 31, Son Nathan arrived and In-ought

news of Benj. Ilawkes arriving at Casco

Bay in the Storkes, other prize. We hear

of several fishing boats being taken and

3 pi'ivateers off Casco Bay.
Aug. 2, Capt. Bollom arrived.
Aug. 5, B. Hawkes came from Cape Ann.

Frankland sailed.
Aug. 18, ]\Iy brother Ashley taken.
Aug. 21, A sad accident ha]»])ened this P.M.

Samuel Hooper, a lad of about Ki ycar.s
old, soil to C'apt. Samuel Hooper of this
town, shot liimsell". It seems he had
primed his gun 1st and in loading her slie
went oft" and killed him dead.
17^!0. Aug. 23, Young Hooper buried and prayers
and a sermon read at Church being the
1st of that sort since the etc.

Sept. 1, IVIr. Parker preached at Church.

Sept. 8, Thorn from Newbury.

Sept. 10, The Annable, Capt. Bryant, sailed.

Sept. 15, The Gen. Pickering arrived from
Bilboa and took 8 prizes coming home.

Sej)t. 16, News of Gen. Gates being defeated.

Oct. 8, B. Hawkes went to Saco.

Nov. o. About all the vessels on shoi'e.

Nov. 14, Thorn arrived at Newbury with a
ship a prize, and has taken a brigg and
sloop more.

Nov. 16, Brigg belonging to the Thorn ar-

Nov. 21, Thorn's prizes went to Newbury.
1781. Feb. o. News came of Capt. Friend hi a ship
from West Indies being cast away on
Boon Island. Captain and 6 men lost.

March 16, Capt. Dixey sailed.

March 29, News came of 2 Enolish cruisers


being at Cape Cod, 2 privateei's iiom
Salem went in pursuit of them.
1781. April 1, The Brutus arrived from Cape Cod
with a sloop, one of the enemy's privateers.

April 2, News came of one of the privateers
that went out with the Brutus being cast
away in Barnstable Bay- Now contra-

April 9, Boss arrived from Calis last night.

April 12, Thorn's ])ri'ze arrived here last

April 13, Frankland and Brutus sailed.

May 1, Patton arrived.

May 6, Cowell sailed.

]\lay 10, Thorn arrived from Bilboa.

May 31, We are all in confusion about
money, the old emission being fell so that
it takes 100 of them to ^ be equal to a
Spanish milled dollar. Beef none.

June (), Tucker arrived, taken 3 prizes. Ar-
rived a ship, a snow and a sloop. Tucker's
first Lieut, killed and five of his X)eople,
and five wounded in the engagement by
the ship.

June 8, Several French vessels gone to

June 10, Son Nathan sailed in brigg Mout-
gomery, Capt. Ilobbs.


,1781. June 21, Tucker sailed.

June 23, French fleet sailed from Boston.

July 4, Drafted as a soldier. 3d time since
the war.

July 6, Paid £9.7.6 silver money my part of
raising soldiers.

July 24, Son William went to go in the
army to his destruction.

July 26, Benj. Hawkes arrived, out 15 weeks.

July 29, Cowell arrived, having 7 men
killed and 16 wounded.

July 31, Beef, 6d., mutton and lamb, 6d.,
meal, 9s., wood, 6 dolls, butter \ doll. A
poor distressed country we live in, etc., etc-

August 2, We hear of the Thorn being taken
and re-taken by two French frigates. Son
Xathan arrived from a cruise, having
taken two prizes.

August 3, Several prizes arrived.

August 18, Lewis arrived from Cadiz.

Aug. 25, A cartel arrived at Boston from
St. Johns, Newfoundland, 450 prisoners.

Aug. 26, Capt. Hambleton sailed.

Aug. 29, Tittle arrived.

Sept. 1, About 7 this morning a smart en-
gagement insued l)etween two men-of-war,
the one a French frigate, the otlier an
English 5()-gun ship, about 2 leagues from


our Neck, but the Freiicliniau soon struck

to the Englishman.
17S1. Sept. 17, A small cartel arrived from the

island of St. John.
Oct. 10, Rev. Mr. Parker [)reached at the

Oct. 11, Thirty-odd children l)aptized at the

Cliui-ch yesterday and to-day.
Oct. 12, At 11 to-day Capt. Cole in ye

Brutus arrived.
Oct. 1-1, Last night Dixey sailed.
Oct. 18, Grand Turk arrived. 'I'o Salem in

the evening with Mohawk. In, a brig and

schooner from Penobscot.
Oct. 2t), News confirmed of Gen. Cornwallis

Oct. "29, News came of my son Benjamin

dying at tlfe hospital at Barbadoes near

two years ago.
Dec. 5, Tlioriv's prize arrived, l)eing the 2d.
1782. Jan. 9, This evening Major Reed coming

from Salein fell from his horse and killed

himself, and about the same time one Mrs.

Xeal, an old wonuui, died suddenly by

17S;). April o, Capt. Derby arrived; coutiriiK'd tlie

news of peace.
April 15, A cartel from York.


1784. Jan. 26, Peter Landy drowned in tlie harbor.

1787. Jan. 22, Haskell arrived from Bilboa, ont

90-odd days. Lewis from "West Indies.

Mar. 2, Paddaway sailed.

Aug. 10, Several French men-of-war went
to Boston.

Xov. 19, Most part of our Fall-fare men in,
all with large fares, computed to be 400
quintals on an average.

Nov. 25, All our Fall-fare in except 2.

Nov. 29, The last of our Fall-fare men got
in. We have now about 400 quintal for
each of our schooners of 60 tuns and

Dec. 25, Pleasantest Christmas known for
many years. No snow on the ground,
and has been none except a small matter
which was soon gone. The weather as
moderate as in October. Some part of
our Fall-fish w^eighed and a great many
fares fit to be weighed and almost all in
the fish houses. Never known so soon,
and so much fish a fall fare, but the niai"-
ket dull. Expecting a war with England
and France which nmst bring us in I fear.

1788. Jan. 1, Political conversation now seems to

be most about the form of government.
Our State Convention meets at Boston


the Stli of tliis inontli i'o)' the acc(3pla]ice
<)i- refusal of the Constitution. God grant
they may be directed from above; may
they have the good of the publick at heart.
As we Irave now begun a new^ year may
we l)egin it to tlie Lord. I have i-eason
to fear there will l)e something uncommon
come upon us this year. IMay it not l)e
our destruction.
17-'*18, Jan. 18, Arrived here, Capt. H. Dixey, after
i-ecovering his vessel at W. Indies. A
very old wood-coaster arrived. Sailed,
Capt. Brimblecomb for Bilboa. Sailed,
Capt. A. James for West. Indies.

Jan, 17, Hear of Capt. Trevett at Cape Ann.

Jan. 18, Arrived, CJapt. Nich. Bartlett and
Capt. Trevett.

Jan. 2."), Salem ship like to drove ashore.

Feb. o, Capt. Boden arrived and Capt. D.

Feb. 7, Very much tlironged in our evening

Feb. 10, Arrived, Capt. John Bartlett.

Feb. 11, Hear of Capt. Jolni Kussell in to

Feb. 16, To-day, arrived, l^hilip Bessom
from West Indies.

Feb. 17, Heard a noise in the air.


17SS. Fcl). is, Sailed, Skipper Jolin Koads. (.in-
first Sableinaii.

Fcl). 22, Arrived, ('apt. Iviissell.

Feb. 2t), Sailed, Thompson, Isle Sable.

March 8, Mi-. Spalding preached, old House.

March 12, Capt. John Brown from Balti-

]\larch 10, Capt. Barker arrived.

March 18, Capt. (Gardner arrived from Car-

March 22, Sailed. Bean and Capt. X. Bartlett.

March 28, Capt. Boyles from Virginia.
Bishop here.

March 24, Bean sailed.

March 26, Ti-evett sailed.

March 80, Mr. Wadsworth preached at old

March 31, Mr. Waite from Charlestown.

April 2, Arrived, Capt. Patton from West

April 7, Bartlett sailed.

April 10. Ship Melzard returned from Isle
of Sables.

April 13, Patton sailed, fishing.

April 1.5, Arrived, Ca])t. James.

April 17, Fast Day. Arrived, John Boads,
first Sablemanin. Soon after, Capt. liiis-
sell from West Indies.

178«. April 22, Ship Prehhle with men iVom Isle

May 8, Capt. Jacol) Lewis from West Indies.
May 12, Capt. Brimblecomb arrived from

Bilboa to-day. J. Harris and others, Tsle

May 18, Capt. Jonas Dennis from Bilboa.
May 80, Mr. Green preached at New meeting.
June 16, Evening, arrived, Capt. B. Boden

West Indies and ship Crow.
June 23, Capt. R. Hooper from Bill^oa and

ship John Roads.
Jmie 24, Arrived, Prebble and Francis

June 27, Arrived, Capt. I). Bartlett from

West Indies.
June 28, Capt. Richard Dixey from West

July 8, Rev. Mr. Stilman preaclied here.
rJiily 5, Thomas Lewis sailed.
July 18, Capt. Robert Hooper from Spain.
July 25, Laskey sailed for Eastward. Ar-
rived, Capt. Sanmel Horton from Bilboa.
July 29, Arri^•ed, Captains Trevett, N.

Bartlett, Samuel Swett from Bin>oa, also

Sanaiel (iale with a fine fare.
.Tuly 31, J\Ir. Oliver preached at Mr. Storer's



1788. Aug. (I, Laskey from Eastward. Several

2d fare men all bring- from 1600 to 2000

fish, Quiner and all.
Aug. 7, Second fare men, great fares.
Aug. 18, Sailed, Capt. X.^ Bartlett for Bil-

Aug. 14, Sailed, Capt. Bi'imblecom.
Aug. 16, Francis Bowdeu, fare 850 qtls.
Aug. 20, Came here Be v. Mr. Green and

preached, and Bev. ]VIr. Story was there.

which T never expected.
Aug. 21, Great talk and opposition to ]\fr.

S.'s conduct last evening,
Aug. 24, Sailed, Capt. Trevett for Bilboa.
Aug. 27, Sailed, Capt. Jo. Hinckley in Dean

Aug. 80, Boge Tliompsou on rock in the

Aug. 31, Arrived, Capt. Thos. Lewis from

West Indies, a voyage of 9 weeks. Sarne

day Caswell and others from fishing.
Aug. 30, Arrived. Capt. John Griste from

Isle Ilea. Sailed, Capt. B. Boden. A\'est

Sept. 8, Sailed, Capt. John Bartlett for ^^Vst

Indies. Wm. Main got in to-day.
Sept. 17, Sailed. Capt. John (-Jriste for


1788. Sep^- -1' ^''M- 1^- Iliiieklev arrived fi-oiii

^AVst Indies.
Sept. 25, Sailed, ship Grmc, where ,Jo. Sel-

inan was, for fall fare.
Oct. :>, C'apt. ('(nvell ai'rived from AVest

Oct. 11, Capt. Page arrived from Knssia.
Oct. 17, William Caswell. Fall fare.
Oct. 21, Conncil came here of 5 ministers.
Oct. 28. Robert Wooldredge and others got

in fall fare and bring account of one of the

Bilboa men being overset.
Xov. 16, Ai'i'ived, ('apt. Holiert Hooper

from Isle Rea.
Nov. 19, Arrived, J. Russell.
Nov. 22, Sailed, Phili]* Bessom for West

Dec. 7, Xich. dale, last fall-fare man in.

Jo. .Majorv and Wm. Bi'own I fear will

not come.
Dec, 4, Arrived, Capt. Boden.
Dec. 7, Arrived, Capt. 1». Dixey from W.

Dec. J), D. Dennis frojn South Carolina.
Dec. 11, Sailed, X. Melzard for Virginia.
Dec. 14, Sailed, Furnice for Virginia.
Dec. 17, 1st. snow-storm this winter.
Dec. 21, ]\[et at school for public worship.


'Sh. Bradl'ord preached to-day and even-

1788. Dec. 25. Two Avood vessels got asliore on

the Breakers.
Dec. 28. ^Ir. Moses Bradford preached all
day at school-house.

1789. Jan. 8. Mr. Abraham's vessel sailed.

Jan. 25. Capt. Coles buried, who died the

2od: dropt down dead as he had been

splitting ^vood.
May. 28, Joshua Haskell sailed.
July 1. ^Iv. Bubier buried.
July 10, C'owell arrived from AVest Indies.

Buried two of his hands on the passage

home. All sick.
July 12. John Rogers, one of Cowell's hands.

July 20. Tiie other of Cowell's hands died.

so that the mate and i hands died since

they left the West Indies, being all except

the Capt.
August 11, Joshua Hawkes got in.
August 2o, Xo church. Parson sick.
August 27, Schooner on Skinner's Head,

but with assistance of our people soon

got oif.
Oct. 29. AA'ashinjjton came. ^luch ado.


Dec. 1, Mr. Jiradlord ]»re;iclic(] all day and

evening- at seliool.
17!)0. Jan. 21, Xews Capt. Hinkl.'vdead and vessel

cast away.
May 21, Dr. Drury Ijnried.
Sept. 22, Two lads drowned in the harbor.

1701. Feb. 26, John Conway, Jun., and flohn Kich-

ardson sailed for (irand Bank.

March 8, Xear oO sail sailed.

fFune 12. Church opened.

ffune 28, The Methodist Bishop preached at
the new fleeting.

Oct. 8, Benjamin Plawkes sailed for West

(^ct. 9, Cowell and John Prince arrived.

Xov. 4, Snowed all night and most part of
the forenoon. As cold as in January.
The wind to the northward. At noon
clear but soon overcast again. Snow as
high in places as the fences, and near a
foot deep in the streets on a level. Very
uncommon and hardly ever known so
much snow so early. The "leaves remain-
ing on the trees quite green.

Xov. (), ]Mr. Harris came and preached at
the Church in the afternoon.

1702. Jan. 1. Colde)- than has l)een for 34 years



1702. Oct. •), Town meeting, suKill-pox to pivveiit.

Oct. 10, (irreat talk about .sinall-p(jx.
170;». Sept. 8, Ponds in town dry, people SO odd
years old never kneM' to dry.
Nov. 6, Capt. EH Brown from Billtoa. Great
talk about war with America.
180."). Aug-. 25. Doct. Story died.
Aug. 2.0, Dr. Story buried.
ISO.S. Sept. 17. Drowned, young J. Pedrick and S.
Hiter abt 21 vears old.

Extracts from the Journal of a Mar-


ON BOARD British Prison Ships, 1813,
1814, 1815.

I'he journal from which the I'ollowiiig' extracts
were taken was kept by Francis G. Sehnan of jMarble-
head. First Lieutenant of tlie privateer Growler.
and was begun on board that vessel and continued
during his subsequent coniinenient on board sev-
eral British prison ships as a prisoner of war : —

1813. "Wednesday, June '2'2, These 24 hours com-
mences with gentle breezes and pleasant
weather. All hands employed in exercis-

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