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i'ABBE ¥1:

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Looke to it :

He Stabbe ye.

Imprinted at London by E. Allde
for W. Ferhrandy and George L of tes,
and are to be folde in Popes-
head Allie. 1604.

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I • •• •

T//ere is a Humour vfd of late,
By eue'ry Rafcall fwagg'ring mate,
To giue the Stabbe: He Stabbe (fayes hee)
Him that dares take the wall of me.
If you to pledge a health denie,
Out comes his Poniard; there you lie.
If his Tabacco you difpraife.
He fweares, a Stabbe shal end your daies.
If you demaund the Debt he owes,
Into your guts his Dagger goes.
Death feeing this, doth take his Dart,
and he performes the Stabbing part,
he fpareth none, be who it will :
his lifeiice is the World to kill.

A 2.



Deaths great and

«p generall Challenge.

I Do defie ihc World and all therein^
My challenge at the Scepter doth begin:
Downe to the Plough Swaine, come who dare in tiace^
Setfoote to mijie, and looke 7ne in the face.
MyfleJJi and fat ^ doth make no hnrliefJioWy
A raw-lone fellotVy all the World doth know.
To deale atfundry Weapons, y reftife,
As Faica's {when they play their prizes) vfe:
Of Sword and Dagger I hauejittle skill:
Rapier I ncuer wore, nor neiier will
My fight is very had to haue abouty
For He affureyou both mine Eyes be out.
Bui at the Irifli Dart y onely deale:
Whofc Hart I hit, I nere kneiv Surgeon heale.
My Horfe is pale, well pad d; I neuer shoo-hiniy
Saindl Georges Gelditig 7vas a lade vnto-himj
I would ride often, when I go ofifoote,
But t herds no Shoo-maker can fit md a Boote.

Deaths Prologue to

his TragicaU Stabbc.

^O no degree or facultie, I do intende offence^

Al tJiofe I threaten Jieere iojlah, &=fe?id the wretches hence
Arefuchy as tremble zvhen they hearc^ whatfatall Stab I gwe,
For though I kill both good and bad^ all creatures that do Hue,
The good are neuer terrified zvith any pozver I hauc:
I open the the?n Doore of life , the chief eft thing they crane.
But to the wicked graceleffe fort, moflfearfull I appearc,
Becaufe Ifende them to a place, dothpafje all torments heere.
To the the ?iame ofnQdithfeems Death, Oh tis a fearful found
For of the hope of life to come, they want affured ground,
From this bad World vnto a worfe, I fend them forth to dwell
I am the lay lor, leading them vnto the vaiilt of Hell
Good newes vnto the good y bring: but to the wicked, euill:
Becaufe I fend the one to God, the other to the Deuill.
Such as fear e God, theyfeaj-e not me, but bid me do my worfl
\f any finde himfelfe agreeu'd, ileflabbe that fellow fii'fl.


Tyrant Kinges.

YOu high Imperious crowne-contending Kings,
Who for Earth's glory (not Religions good)
Turne humane bodies into bloudy fprings,
And die the ground with flaught'red chriftians blood
That for the gayning of an earthly Crowne,
Will toffe a fpatious Kingdomc vpfide downe.

You that deuorce the hufbands from their wiues,
By fatall warre, the endleffe foe to peace :
you that denye poore new-borne Babes their Hues,
and will not graunt fweet life an howers leafe : \
That care not how, or by what meanes you raigne,
So you the golden Crowne and Scepter gaine.

He Stabbe yee.


Wicked Magiftrates,

"IVr Obles and Judges, mightie men on Earth,
That careleffe caft the fword of luftice by :
And let your pleafures furfeit in their myrth.
Not lending poore mens Plaints, eare, hand, nor eye :
Sufif'ring the lufb vuiuftly be oppreft.
When the oppreffor Hues at eafe and reft.

Forgetting God, whom you fhould reprefent.
In all the a6lions of your publique place :
Yeelding the world your hartes, with full confent.
To gather Mammon^ hoording wealth apace.
You that nere thinke your felues muft once appeere
To giue account how you haue ludged heere :

He Stabbe yee.


Curious Diuines.

T^hdncs, that are together by the eares,

Puft vp, high-minded, feedes-men of diffention,
Striuing vntill Chrijles feame-leffe garments teares,
Making the Scriptures follow your inuention,
Negle6ling that, whereon the foule fhould feede,
Imployde in that, whereof foules haue no neede.

Curious in thinges you neede not ftir about,
Such as concerne not matter of faluation :
Giuing offence to them that are wuthout :
Vpon whofe weaknes you fliould haue compasfion,
Caufmg the good to grieue, the bad reioyce;
Yet you with Martha, make the worfer choyce.

He Stabbe yee.


Couetous Lawyers

T Awyers that wrefb the Law to your affe6lion,
■^To fauour, or disfauour, as you pleafe:
And keepe your Clyants purfes in fubie6lion,
Till fome doe get Peirce penny leffe difeafe:
Not caring how their caufe do ftand or fall.
So you your felues get golde to rife withall.

That whyle you deale with Angels, feme the Deuill,
Becaufe you banifh Confcience out of towne,
Couetoufneffe, you knowe's a damned euill ;
And yet you wrap it with you in your Gowne.
You that with if's with and's, demurrs, delayes,
Bring Caufes in confumptions and decayes.

He Stabbe yee.



Vp-ftart Courtier

r^OiLVticr^ whofe hart with pride, fo mighty growes,

thou wilt not to thy Father mooue thy Hat,
becaufe he weares a paire of ruffet Hofe,
Thy Veluet Breeches looke awry at that :
Nay, ere he fhall difgrace thee, thou wilt rather
Sweare by the Lord, that he is not thy Father.

You that deny the ilocke from whence you came,
thrufting your felfe into fome Gentle kin,
you that will giue your felfe an other name.
Which muft not from an old Thatcht-houfe begin,
you that will haue an Armes fhall grace you too.
Though your poore Father cobled many a Shoo.

He Stabbe yee.




VVealthye Cittizens

YOu Cittizens that are of Dines wealth.
His coflly cloathing, and his dainty fare,
Regarding nothing but felfe-eafe and health :
How euer Lazartis lyes poore and bare :
your Dogges are not fo kinde to licke their fores,
But rather ferue to bite them from your dores.

You that do make your Tables Poulters ftalles,
Great prouocation to the fmfull flefh :
And though the famifh'd, hunger-ftarued calles
For lefus fake, with Crummes our wantes refrefli :
Your Difhes haue the food for which they cry:
You play with that, for which they pine and die.

He Stabbe yee.



Greedy Vfurer.

THou Fur-gown'd flaue, exceeding rich and olde,
Ready to be deuowred of the Graue :
Thou that wilt fell a foule, to purchafe Gold,
And gold, flill gold, nothing but golde doft craue :
Thou mofb extreame hard-harted cruell wretch,
Whome Hell gapes for; the Deuill comes to fetch.

Thou that wilt not forbeare an howers time,

But wilt a forfayture feueerely take :

Thou that by crueltie to wealth doft clyme.

And threatneft Dice of poore mens bones to make,

Hauing that ruflie gold vpon thy hand.

For which, there's thoufandes perifli in the land.

He ftabbe yee.




Curfed Swearers.

THou that doft take Gods holy name in vaine,
Which is of wondrous feare and reuerence,
Thou that reprou'd, wilt vtter Oathes againe,
To grieue him, that admonifh'd thy offence.
Thou that wilt fay, He that's agreeu'd with fwearing,
May flop his cares or get him out of hearing.

Thou that wilt fweare a truth, not to be fo,

And fweare that which is falfe, to be moft trew,

Thou that wilt vow moft abfolute to know,

That which thy confcience knowes thou neuer knew.

Thou that wilt fweare, thou car'eft not what thou

becaufe the deuil and thy tongue are neareft. (fweareft

He ftabbe yee.



Phifitions of the

Quackfaluers crew.

T^06lor, or rather Dunce, that purge with Pill,

Vntill that filuer haue a cleane Purgation :
You Artleffe Buffard, that abufe the skill,
Of Learned men, deferuing reputation.
You that had neuer Do6lorfhip in Schooles,
But got your grace from women or from Fooles.

You bafe Quackfaluer in a Common wealth.

That pra6lize Phificke out of olde wiues tales,

you that can make them ficke which haue their health

And learne by Almanackes, to pare your Nayles.

You that can tell what figne is beft affe6led

To picke ones Teeth, or haue his Beard corre6led.

He Stabbe yee.




Gentlemen of

Sa/e broode.

GAllant that takes the Altitudes on hie,
and Hke a Fawk'ners Hawke do hood your wife,
Giuing thofe golden Angels leaue to flye,
your Father kept clofe prifoners all his life ;
you that are Sonne to him that held the Plow,
Transform'd by Gold, into a Gentle now.

You that are Fafhions fpie, and Humors Ape,
A filken Affe, a very Veluet Clowne :
A perfe6l Gull, that lets no Fafhions fcape.
To fwagger it in London ^ vp and downe.
you that within a fuite of Cyuit dwell.
And Garlike was your Fathers onely fmell.

He Stabbe yee.





VT'Ou Captine moufe-trap, growne a defperat ftabber

You that will put your Poniard in mens guts :
You that laft Voyage, were no more but fwabber,
Yet you cracke Blades as men cracke Hafel-nuts,
You that try all your manhood with a Puncke,
And fight moft brauely when you are moft drunke:

You that proteft the Feather in your Hat,
came from a Counteffe Fanne by way of fauour :
Your Rapier, why the great Turke gaue you that
For mightie monft'rous MarJJial-like behauiour.
You that weare Scarfs and Gart'rings for your hofe,
Made all of Ancients, taken from your foes.

He Stab yee.



Diflembling Souldiei

YOu Sirha, that vfurpe a Soiddiers name,
Vaunting your felfe a Thunder-bolt of Warres,
Vowing that euery ioynt you haue is lame,
By piercing Bullets, bloudy woundes, and fcarres :
You that fome hundred men at once withftood,
And fought moft brauely to the knees in blood.

You that haue flaine more men by breake of day,
Then could haue graues digg'd for them in a weeke.
You that haue made your foes to run away,
Starke naked, when their breeches were to feeke :
You that haue compaff'd all the earth's globe round.
Yet neuer trod a ftep from EngliJJi ground.

He Stab yee.



Vnkinde Parents.

PArentes, which fo vnnaturall are growne,
That for your Children you will not proulde
Becomming fo obdurate to your owne,
With hardned heartes you can them not abide,
But to a ftranger will extend more good,
then to the ofspring of your blood.

You that in rage and fury, moft vnkinde,
Will vtter Curfes where you ought to bleffe :
For which God often yeeldeth to your minde,
and fayes Amen, to wiflied ill fucceffe.
You that from all humanitie haue ceaft,
Man-like in fhape, in manners but a beafl.

He Stabbe yee.






CHildren that moft vndutifull doe Hue,
Forgetting what the Law of God commaundes ;
You that no reuerence to your parents giue,
But follow that which with your fancle ftands,
That onely like the Prodigall, will fpend,
But come not home (as he did) to amend.

You that propound your felues vnthriftie wayes,
And will not vnto found adulfe confent :
you that doe runne like Follies witles flrayes,
Vntill fome prifon teach you to repent :
you that Hue as you pleafe, do what you lift,
and admonition vtterly refift.

He Stabbe yee.




YOu filthy flaues, whom I do often fee,
fleeping in Tauerns on the benches drunke :
That will haue full carowfes come to thee,
Till with the liquors lading thou art funke.
Then fill vs Boy one quart of Charnico,
To drinke a health to Dicke before we goe,

You that will drinke Reynaldo vnto death :
The DanCy that would carowfe out of his Boote,
and quaffe an hundred Flemings out of breath,
Laying as many French-men vnder foote :
you that no other courfe obferue and keepe,
But either drinking, drunke, or els a fleepe.

He Stabbe you.
C S Periurers



"\ 7Illaine, that runn'fb the ready way to Hell,

and neuer art at home, till thou com'ft there,
Bafe flaue, that for bafe Bribes thy foule wilt fell,
And any thing wilt vndertake to fweare.
Thou careft not for God, nor mans law feares,
Vntill the Pillorie bite off both thine eares.

Thou that doft make thy tongue a Serpents fting,
To wound and hurt the Innocent withall :
Thou that confufion to thy felfe dofl bring.
And wilfull wilt into perdition fall .*
Thou that art knowne amongft the befh and moft,
and Officer of Hell, Knight of the Poft.

He Stabbe yon.



God-lefle Athifts,

'X*Hou damned AtJiiJly thou incarnate Deuill,

That doeft deny his power which did create thee :
a Villaine apt for euery kinde of euill,
And all the eyes in heauen and earth do hate thee.
That mak'ft account when thou fhalt breathleffe lie,
Thy foule and bodie like a beaft do die.

That Yharoa like dar'ft aske what fellow's God }
Efteeming facred Scriptures, to be vaine :
And that the dead in earth fliall make abode,
and neuer rife from out their graues againe :
That fay'ft ; eate, drinke, be merrie, take delight :
Swagger out day, and Reuell all the night.

He Stabbe thee.



Miferable Marchant

A/T Archant, that doeft endeuour all thy dales,

To get commodities for priuate gaine :
Caring no whit by what fynifter wayes,
Nor by what hazard, trauell, toyle, or paine :
Neuer refpe6ling other mens hard croffes,
So thou mayft fell deerepen-worths by their loffes.

Thou that doeft couet all in thine owne hand,

and for another let him fmcke or fwim :

Thou that haft bleffmges both by Sea and Land,

Giuen by God, yet neuer thankeft him :

thou that with carefuU nights doeft breake thy fleepe ;

to gather wealth, which long thou canft not keepe.

He Stabbe thee.


Deceitfull Artificers.

A Rtificers, and Crafts-men of all trades,

That deale by craft in felling and in bying:
You that with falfhood often times perfwades
Men to giue credite to vntrueth and lying :
That care not, fo your ware content the eye.
Though your owne Father be deceiu'd thereby.

You that proteft to vfe a man moft kind,

And ferue him that, fhall well be worth his mony,

When he that tryes you, fhall be fure to finde

The deedes proue Gall, & words containe the Hony.

You that are out-fide goodly proteftations.

But all the in-fide falfe difsimulations.

He Stabbe yee.

D. Wretched



\7'0u Husband-men that heape & hord vp Corne,

And neuer laugh, but when it waxeth deere :
You whom the poore do wifh had nere bin borne,
Becaufe you famifh and vndo them heere.
You that an Almanacke ftill beare about,
To fearch and finde the rainy weather out.

You that at plentie euermore repine.
And hang your felues for griefe, to fee the fame.
You that will weepe when as the Sunne doth ftiine,
And figh to heare but of faire- weathers name.
You that for nothing but deare yeeres do pray,
To Gentleman your Sonnes, another day.

He Stabbe yee.



Svvaggring Ruffian.

YOu Swagg'rer, with your Hat without a band,
Your head befhagg'd with nittie lowfie lockes.
You that vpon Tabacco vertue fland,
Your only foueraigne Medcine for the Pockes
You that weare Bootes, and Ginglers at your heeles,
Yet whe you ride, your coatch hath but two wheeles.

You that will meete one by the high-way fide,
And fweare Gods woundes, Deliuer me thy purfe.
You that for Bawdy houfes do prouide.
Though many honeft true men fpeed the worfe.
You that will coufen, cheat, robbe, kill, and fteale.
Till for your cloathes. Hangman and Broker deale.

.*i^X ' He Stabbe yee.

D 2. Proude


Proud Gentlewomen

A/Ou Gentle-puppets of the proudeft fize,

That are like Horfes, troubled with the Fafhions,
Not caring how you do your felues difguife,
In finfull fhameles, Hels abhominations.
You whom the Deuill (Prides father) doth perfwade
To paint your face, & mende the worke God made.

You with the Hood, the Falling-band, and Ruffe,
The Moncky-waft, the breeching like a Beare :
The Perriwig, the Maske, the Fanne, the Muffe,
The Bodkin, and the Buffard in your heare :
You Veluet-cambricke-filken-feather'd toy.
That with your pride, do all the world annoy.

He Stabbe yee.



Odious Quarreler

YOu Sir, that are fo quarrelous by nature,
That you fcorne all men, be they what they will :
Tearming each one a cowardly bafe creature,
That will not fweare and curfe, ftab, fight, and kill.
You that will challenge any to the feelde.
Vowing while you can ftand, neuer to yeelde.

You that without any offence at all.

Will fhoulder him you meete vpon the way.

You that (by wounds and blood) will haue the wall,

Eu'en in defpight of him that dare fay nay.

You that inhumane, brutifh, moft vncyuill,

Profeffe your felfe a Champion for the Deuill.

He Stabbe you.



Disloyall Traytor.

FAlfe halted Traytor, bred of ludas kinde,
Sent from the Furies, about Helles afifayres :
That vnto mifchiefe wholy art inclin'd.
And neither for thy foule nor body cares :
Thou that with Sinon wifhefl Troy might bume,
To feme and fit the Deuill, thy Maifters turne.

Thou that doeft plot and pra6life gainft the ftate,
And Gods Annoynted dar'ffc with treafon touch.
Thou that can' ft to thy Soueraigne be ingrate,
Whom thou art dearely bound to honour much :
He fyle no handes vpon thee ; I abhorre thee,
But He giue order to the Hangman for-thee.



YOu fcuruie fellow, in the Brokers fuite,
A Sattin Doublet, fac'd with Greace and Ale,
That of the art of Bawdry can' ft difpute,
To picke a lyuing from a damn'd Whores tayle.
Thou that within thy Table haft fet downe,
The names of all the Squirils in the towne.

Thou that can'fl holde a Fanne, and keepe a Dore,
And offer any Conftable the ftabbe :
Thou that about the ftreetes can'ft walke a Whore,
And bring her vnto him that wantes a Drabbe.
Thou that art out-fide horned like an Oxe,
Thy in-fide all Tabacco, and the Poxe.

He Stabbe thee.





"D Ent-rayfing rafcals, you that care not how

You do exa6l vpon the needy wretch,
That Hue euen on the poore mans fweating brow,
And from his painefuU toyle, your ryches fetch :
Early and late, his labours all are fpent,
To pay a churlifh dogged Naball rent.

You whom the Prophet curfeth with a woe,
Houfe-mongers, that on earth would euer dwell:
Grinding the poore, as their diftreffes fhoe :
And at the price of old Shooes do them fell.
You that of Earth enough will neuer haue.
Till foule in Hell, and body in the graue.

He Stabbe yee.



THou filthy fellow of a beaftly life,
Pointed both in body, and in minde :
That breakeft wedlocke with thy lawfull wife,
And think'ft all's well, if thou the world canft blinde.
Tut, Death ha's worke enough with other men,
Heele come when th'art an old man; God knowes


Tell thee of Judgement, or of Gods difpleafure.
Why, thou wilt anfwere. He hath grace in ftore :
And for Repentance, thou wilt finde fome leafure.
When Age will let thee follow Whores no more.
Thou that wilt feme the Deuill with the beft,
And tume God to his leauings, and the reft.

He Stabbe thee.




"PIne, neate, and cunoiis" miftris Butter flie,

The Idle-toy to pleafe an Idiots eye
You that wifh all Good-hufwiues hang'd for why,
Your dayes work's done each morning whe you rife
Put on your Gowne, your Ruffe, your Masske, your
Then dine & fup, & go to bed againe. (Chaine

You that will call your Husband Gull & Clowne,

If he refufe to let you haue your will :

You that will poute and lowere, and fret and frowne

Vnleffe his purfe be lauifh open ftill.

You that will haue it, get it how he can.

Or he fhall weare a Vulcans brow, poore man.

He Stabbe thee.


Prodigall Gallant

'VT'Ou Sir that haue your purfe cram'd full of crownes

The liuely pidlure of the Prodigall : (woundes

That haue your mouth furnifh'd with blood and
And come in Whores, Wine, Fidlers : you'le pay all.
You that are like the Dwarf e in Athens, right.
Who in fiue dayes, fpent's Patrimony quite.

You that are churched once in feuen yeere,
But in a Tauerne you could Hue and die :
You that haue your loy in Belly-cheere,
In Dice, in Dauncing, and in Venerie.
You that for pennance of your paffed fmne,
In Woodjireete, or the Poultry, meane to Inne.

He Stabbe thee.





"VT'Ou goodman Glutton, bellyed like a Butt,

Fac'd like the North-windes-pi6lure in a Map :
Thou with the neuer fatisfied gutt,
VVhofe life is eate, and drinke, and take a nap.
Thou that if Wolner were aliue againe,
Would'ft eate more at a meale, then he in twaine.

Thou moft vnhealthy lothfome rauenous beaft,
That tak'ft delight in nothing but exceffe :
And haft a nofe to fmell out any Feaft :
A brazen face to ceaze on euery meffe,
That vndertakeft nothing with good-will,
Vnleffe it be thy Pudding-houfe to fill.

He Stabbe thee.



Sooth-fayer, or

Figure flinger.

'\7'0u Cunning man, or rather co'fning Knaue,
That will tell good-man Ninney of his Mare :
Cyjley^ how many Husbandes fhe fhall haue,
Tom Carter^ when the weather will be faire :
My neighbour Pawling, who hath found his Purfe,
And lone his wife, who did her Chickens curfe.

Whether a man fhall haue a happy life,
Whether a Louer fhall his Loue enioy :
Who fhall die firfl, the husband or the wife?
Whether the childe vnborne, be girle or boy?
You that can fetch home Seruantes runne away,
And finde out any Cattle gone aftray.

He Stabbe yee.



My fine Dauncer.

T_I Eigh, w'on turne more, let's fee this Galliard out,

I promife you the fellow doth it well :
How nimbly at his trade he turnes about,
At hopping vp and downe he doth excell :
Well, let him daunce it out, and when tis done,
A daunce twixt him and Death mufl be begun.

You nimble skipiacke, turning on the toe.
As though you had Gun-pouder in your tayle :
You that do leape about and caper foe,
Efbeeming our old Country Daunces ftale.
You that do liue by fliaking of the heele.
By hopping, and by turning like a wheele.

He Stabbe yee.


leffery Make-shift.

O Hifter, that Hues without a lawful! calling,

And onely bafeneffe with your humor fittes,
That cares not in what myfchefe you are falling,
But make an occupation of your wittes :
You that haue alwayes cheating Dice in ftore.
With, Comefweete Fine, I holde yee fixe to foure.

You that can cunningly in Cookes fhops brawle,
And fhew your felfe in Chollers mighty heate :
while your Confort fteales Vi6luals from the ftall,
To finde your poore and needy ftomacke meate.
You that for all your diet with your Hoaft,
Do fet your hand in Chalke vnto his Poaft.

He Stabbe you.

E 4. Spende




^^ and ill Husbandes.

YOu careleffe wretches of the" waftfull vaine,
That for your Families will not prouide :
But Hue in Idleneffe, and take no paine,
Spending your owne, and other mens befide :
That wife and children vtterly negle6l,
And to your feruantes neuer haue refpe6l.

You that do wifli them hang'd, will purchafe landes,
Tearming him that fpares Mony, worfe then madde :
You that commit your Stocke to Vitlers handes,
With Tufh, a merry Hart outliues a fadde.
You that are a good fellow to your friende,
Druncke from the weekes beginning to the ende.

He Stabbe yee.



{Haue at you all tojlabbe and killy \
There files my Darty light where It will. J

HEe that will take no warning, let him chufe,
Few wordes my maifters, I intende to vfe :
My deede and word, togither alwayes goe,
I loue plaine dealing, you fhall finde it fo.
The Stahbe I promife, and the Stabbe He pay,
Your Hartes fhall haue it, on their dying day.
But thinke that day is very long to come,
And you fhall Hue more yeeres then other fome :
Thinke though your friend es and kindred dayly die,
You fhall efcape, your turne is nothing nie :
Put my remembrance farre out of your minde.
For wicked men no hope in Death can finde :
They thinke vpon me with a cruell feare,
They quake, and tremble, when my name they heare.
I bring but heauie newes, their foules to greeue,


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