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Bt SAMUEL SALKELD, Oitickr op E-


"Oh, 'tis sweet to retire from the world and its wiles,
"And renounce all life's idle inducements to roam,

"To fly from its tumults, to court not its smiles,
"And centre our joys in the circle at Homb."

Shrewsbury :


ix London by Whittakkr, Treacher, and (
Ave Maria-lank.















Officer of Excise, Llangollen.


Printed roR the Author, by J. Watton, Chronicle-office ;

Published in London

by Whittaker, Treacher, and Co.; and sold

by all Booksellers.






Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the County of Denbigh.


J. O you, who have so kindly permitted me to
make use of your name in my dedication, I would
now offer my most grateful acknowledgments,
trusting, with becoming deference, that the senti-
ments blended with the following pages may be
deemed not unworthy of it.

It is at all times a gratifying circumstance, while
the sword is in its scabbard, to behold" the rising
youth of a nation strong in the pursuit of useful
science and literature, at the same time cultivating



in the lap of domestic enjoyment the smiling arts
of peace, benevolence, and industry ; but wider,
much wider, Sir, are those pleasurable feelings
disseminated when we see the humbler walks of
society cherished with the bright rays of encourage-
ment from the portals of high station and illustrious

It is from this feeling, emanating from a Gros-
venor and a Devonshire, that we are indebted as
a nation for the ornamental and immortal names
of a Gifford and a Kirk White. It is from this
feeling among her nobles that the kindling spirit
of the Principality now glows with such literary
ardour, and that the blue of her Cymrodorian sky
sparkles with so many young and interesting

That your Honour may long live to adorn the
Institutions of Cambria, formed for the nurture of
genius, and to receive the blessings of a grateful
Cymry, is the fervant prayer of

Your Honour's most obliged

Humble and obedient Servant,



A LTHOUGH some of the poems constituting this
work have already received the stamp of public
approbation, it is, I confess, with considerable
diffidence that I thus venture to appear before the
public in the character of an author ; and this feel-
ing is much augmented when I consider how very-
few have appeared with advantage in that character
whose time has not been solely devoted to it :
and more especially when I look at my own
individual case, where the opportunities for study
and research have principally been snatched while
traversing the beautiful vallies on the borders of
Shropshire on the one hand, or while scaling the
mountains of Cambria on the other.

It must be gratifying to the feelings of every
individual, of whatever profession, to meet with
the approving smile of the discriminating few;
this has hitherto been my fortunate, though perhaps
undeserved, portion; and, united with the illustri-
ous patronage which has so unexpectedly dawned
upon me, must not only operate as a potent stimulus
to grateful reflection, but as a strong incentive to
present improvement and future exertion.


With regard to the time chosen for publication,
the present appears to be highly favourable for a
production of this description now that the public
mind is fast settling down from a condition of high
excitement to its wonted state of social intercourse
and domestic repose, and, at this particular period,
when the Laureats of the day have descended as it
were the brow of Parnassus, and betaken them-
selves to the more prolific regions of history and
biography : It is when the monarchs of the river
retire into the deeps, that the "smaller fry" may
venture forth with safety, and disport themselves
in the streams.

I now present my little volume to the public,
trusting with respectful confidence that it will be
received as the mineral is received from the miner
by the hand of the smelter, whose calculating view
is to extract the richer and purer parts for his more
immediate and remunerating purposes, and not to
cast aside even the dross itself while the remotest
prospect remaineth of reducing it to the designs of


Her Royal Highness theDuchess of Kent (12copies) .
Her Royal Highness the Princess Victoria (12

copies) .
The Right Hon. the Lord Chancellor (6 copies).
His Excellency the Marquis of Anglesea (10 copies).
Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, Bart. M.P. (10 copies).
The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Clive (4 copies).
James Brougham, Esq., M.P. (6 copies.)
R. A. Slaney, Esq., M.P. (4 copies).
R. M. Biddulph, Esq., M.P. (4 copies).

Asterley, John, Esq., Pentre.

Allen, J. Esq., Wern frwd.

Andrews, Miss, Plas newydd.

Allen, Mr., Rheuabon.

Atkinson, Mr. B., Kendal.

Abbat, Mr. William, Ditto.

Andrew, Mr. Thomas, Ditto.

Ashley, Mr. Robert, Bunbury.

Bickerstaff", Rev. R., St. Martin's.

Briscoe, Rev. Mr., Llangollen.

Broughton, John, Esq., Llan-y-mynech (2 copies).

Broughton, Richard, Esq., Ditto. (2 copies).

Baugh, Mr. R., Ditto.

Burroughs, Mrs., Knockin.

Bromley, Mrs.

Benyon, E., Esq., Surgeon.

Birch, Mr. James, Manchester.

Bridden, Mr., Chirk.


Brellesford, Mr. J., Llangollen.

Broster, , Esq., Rheuabon.

Bolas, W., Esq., Oswestry.

Best, Mr. Thomas, Kendal.

Banks, J., Esq., Ditto.

Barker, Mr. J. G., Ditto.

Bowman, Mr. Thomas, Ditto.

Bateman, Mr. William, Ditto.

Banks, Mr. John, Ditto.

Bell, Mr. John, Ditto.

Brockelbank, Mr. Thomas, Ditto.

Box, Mr. Josiah, Ditto.

Branthwaite, Mr. M., Ditto.

Burton, Miss

Crewdson, W. D., Esq., Kendal.

Clubb, Mr. John, Ruthin.

Cunnah, Mr., Rheuabon.

Cole, Mr. Samuel, Liverpool.

Coward, Mr. John, Llangollen.

Carr, Mr. Henry, Kendal.

Crosthevaite, Mr. W., Ditto.

Currie, Mr. F., Ditto.

Cooper, Mr. E., Llangollen.

Clement, Mr. W. J., Surgeon, Shrewsbury.

Dawson, R., Esq., Llangollen.

Dawson, C, Esq., Ditto.

Dovaston, J. F. M., Esq., Felton.

Dovaston, M., Esq., Surgeon.

Dovaston, Mr. M., Llandrinio.

Davies, Mr., Schoolmaster, Llanyblodwyll.

Davies, Mr. E., Llangollen.

Davies, Mr. B. W., Ditto.

Davies, Miss Ann, Ditto.

Downes, Mrs., Oswestry.

Davies, J., Esq., Maesbury.

Davies, Mr. J., Saddler, Oswestrv.


Davies, Mr. J., Aqueduct.

Dodge, , Esq., Solicitor, Liverpool.

Downes, Mr., Jun.

Dawson, Mr. John, Kendal.

Dawson, Mr. John, Ditto.

Davies, Mr. James, Cefn.

Davies, Mrs., Rheuabon.

Davies, Mr., Surgeon, Ditto.

Evans, J., Esq., M. D., Llwyn-y-groes (4 copies)

Eyton, Rev. R., Llangollen (2 copies).

Eyton, Mr. J., Liverpool.

Ellis, Rev. John Thomas Augustus

Edgeworth, J., Esq., Solicitor, Wrexham.

Edwards, Mr. Thomas, Llangollen.

Evans, Master David, Sweeney.

Edwards, Miss, Parkgate.

Evans, Mr., Rheuabon.

Edwards, Mr. William, Rhos-y-medre.

Edwards, Mr., Cross-street, Chirk.

Evans, Mr., Queen's head, Cefn.

Evans, Mr. Henry

Edwards, Mr. E., Guage.

Edwards, Mr. R., Queen's head, Oswestry.

Evans, T., Esq., Sweeney.

Evans, T., Esq., Solicitor, Denbigh.

Edwards, Mr., junior, Queen's head, Oswestrv.

Eglin, Mr. H.

Frank, J., Esq., Massbury Hall (2 copies).

Frank, J., Esq., Felton.

Frank, E., Esq., Felton.

Frank, Miss Hannah, Dairy.

Frank, Miss Ann, Ditto.

Faulder, Miss M., Oswestry.

Faulder, Mr. William, Bridgenorth.

Furnival, Mr. E., Llan-y-mynech.

Fisher, Mr. T., Kendal.


Field, Mr. T., Supervisor of Excise, Kendal,

Fawcett, Mr. James, Kendal.

Greenhow, James, Esq., Ditto.

Greenhow, Edward, Esq., Ditto.

Griffiths, Mr. John, Knockin.

Griffiths, Mr. William, senior, Llansantfraid.

Griffiths, Mr. John, Llan-y-mynech.

Griffiths, Mr. William, junior, Llansantfraid.

Griffiths, Mr. Richard, Ruyton.

Griffiths, Mr. R., Grocer, Llangollen.

Griffiths, Mr., Rhos-y-medre.

Green, Mr. J., Officer of Excise, Shrewsbury.

Hudson, Rev. J., Kendal (2 copies).

Hickman, Rev. H., Bill Hall, Stourbridge (2

copies) .
Harrison, Mr. John, Kendal.
Harker, Mr. James, Ditto.
Hartley, Mr. F., Ditto.

Harling, Mr. Richard, Ditto.
Hodgson, Mr. W. B., Ditto.
Howell, Mr. John, senior, Trefonon.
Hughes, C., Esq., solicitor, Ellesmere (2 copies).
Hughes, Edward, Esq., Pentre'r felin.
Hughes, Mr., surveyor, Gybowen.
Hughes, Mr. John, Oswestry.
Hughes, H., Esq., Ditto,
Holland, William, Esq.
Hughes, Mrs., Duke, Cefn.
Hughes, Mr. Richard, builder, Oswestry.
Hayward, J., Esq., solicitor, Oswestry (2 copies).
Harrison, Mrs., grocer, Ditto.
Jones, J., Esq., Brook-street, Oswestry.
Jones, Richard, Esq., Dinbren Hall.
Jebb, R., Esq., Chirk.

Jones, R., Esq. solicitor, Llangollen (2 copies).
Jones, Mr. T., Knockin.


Johnson, Mr. Thomas, Chirk.
Jones, Mr. John, Draper, Llangollen.
Jones, Miss, Royal Hotel, Ditto.
Johnson, Mr. F., Pont-y-blew.
Jones, Mr. John, Llangollen.
Jones, Mr., Abbey.
Jones, Mr. Hugh, Llangollen.
Jones, Mr. Robert, Rheuabon.
Jones, Mr., Reeve.
Jones, Mr., Machine, Oswestry.
Jones, Mr. Evan, Maltster.
Jones, Mr., smith, Chirk.
Jones, Mr. Thomas, Llanvorda Mill.
Jones, Mr., auctioneer, Llangollen.
Jackson, Mr., Officer of Excise, Shrewsbury.
Johnson, Mr. P., Rhos-y-medre.
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Kemp, Mr., Supervisor of Excise, Oswestry.
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Knowles, Mr. Matthew, Ditto.
Luxmore, Rev. J., Llan-y-mynech (2 copies).
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Murgatroyd, Mr. R. F., Ditto.

Matthews, Mr., Brynkinalt.

Morris, Mr., Ditto.

M'Donald, Mr., Wynnstay (2 copies).

Morris, Mr., Llewn-y-kiln.

Milnes, Mr., Oswestry.

Morris, Mrs. Margaret, Ditto.

M'Cartney, Mr., Wrexham.

Nicholson, Mr. C., Kendal.

Nixon, Mr. J., Officer of Excise, Denbigh (2 copies),

Owen, Mr. O., Llangollen.

Pickering, E., Esq., Cottage.

Pickering, E., Esq., junior.

Pickering, Mr. H.

Payne, T., Esq., Pentre ucha.

Phillips, Mrs., Hand Hotel, Llangollen.

Phillips, Miss Jane, Ditto.

Powell, Mr. William, artist, Oswestry.

Pugh, Mr. Thomas, Llangollen.

Phenna, Mr., near Chirk.

Putterton, Mr.

Pugh, Mr. J., Officer of Excise, Denbigh.

Porter, Mr. I., Oswestry (2 copies).

Powell, J., Esq., Preesgwyn.

Parry, Mr. J., Officer of Excise.


Pennington, J., Esq., Kendal.

Pymm, Mr. J., Ditto.

Pennington, James, Esq., solicitor, Ditto.

Rogers. Mr., Osbaston.

Ratcliff, Mr., Knockin Hall.

Rhodes, Mr. William, Officer of Excise.

Richardson, Mr. John, Manchester.

Richardson, Miss Agness, Ditto.

Roberts, Mr., druggist, Llangollen.

Roberts, Mr. J., Currier, Rheuabon.

Richards, Mr., schoolmaster, Chirk.

Roberts, Mr., Inspector, Corwen.

Roberts, Mr. E., Llangollen.

Roberts, Mr., surgeon, Rheuabon.

Robinson, Mr.

Roberts, Mr. R., Three Tuns, Oswestry,

Rogers, F., Esq., Oswestry.

Roberts, Mr., Pont-y-cyswllt.

Roberts, Mr. Thomas, Cross lanes.

Rogers, , Esq., solicitor, Oswestry.

Roberts, Mr., grocer, Ditto.

Robley, Mr. J., Oswestry.

Roberts, Mr. John, Sweeny.

Rogers, J., Esq., Newhall.

Rowland, J., Esq., Solicitor, Wrexham.

Richards, J., Esq., Kirkland.

Rigge, Mr. Isaac, junior, Kendal.

Richardson, Mr. Thomas, Ditto.

Reveley, Thomas, Esq., Ditto.

Ross, Mr. Isaac, Officer of Excise, Ditto.

Robinson, Mr. Stephen, Ditto.

Roberts, Mr. J., Cross-street, Oswestry.

Salter, R., Esq., Oswestry.

Shuker, F., Esq., Colket Hall.

Stanton, Mr., watchmaker, Oswestry.

Swift, Mr., near Chirk.


Smith, Mr., Rheuabon.

Shapley, Mr., Supervisor of Excise.

Shirt, Mr., Officer of Excise.

Summerfield, Mrs., Maesbrook.

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Steed, Mr. J. O., Officer of Excise, Chester.

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Scaarsbrick, Mr. Thomas, Ditto.

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Tannatt, Mr. W., Gravel hill.

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Vaughan, J. H., Esq., solicitor, Denbigh.

Wilson, Edward, Esq., Abbot Hall, Kendal.

Wingfield, Rev. R., Rheuabon (2 copies).

Whitehurst, Rev. E., Virniew Bank.

Ward, T., Esq., Collector of Excise, Chester.

Ward, T., Esq., Black Park.

Wilson, W., Esq., Chirk.

Willoughby, S., Esq., Llangollen.

Watson, Mr. T, Llan-y-mynech.

Wordsworth, W., Esq., Rydal Mount (2 copies).

Whitaker, Mr. J., Kendal.

Webster, Mr. J., Ditto.

Whitwell, Mr. W. Ditto.

Wood, Mr., veterinary surgeon, Ditto.

Wilkinson, Mr. J., Ditto.

Wilson, Isaac, Esq., solicitor, Ditto.

Wilson, Mr. John, Ditto.

Whiteman, Mr. Thomas, Ditto.


Watton, Mr., bookseller, Shrewsbury (4 copies).

Walne, Mr. Thomas, Kendal.

Wilson, Mr. William, Netherfield.

Wilson, Mr., Plas Kynaston.

Williams, Mr., druggist, Cefn.

Windsor, Mr. F., Cefn.

Wright, Mr. John, Ditto.

Woodcock, W., Esq., Surgeon, Llangollen.

Wilkiss, Mr., Oswestry.

Williams, Mr., Officer of Excise (2 copies).

Wigan, Mr., Rheuabon.

Wynn, Miss

Westmacott, H. P., Esq. (2 copies).

Warren, Mr. John, Oswestry.



Dedication .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. v

Preface . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vii

Subscribers' names . . . . . . . . . . ix


Notes to tbe Pleasures of Home . . . . . . . . 33


The Robber's Hut 43

Calumny . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45

Taste. Written in a Lady's Album . . . . . . . . 47

The Choice ... . . 49

Chirk 51

On hearing a Blackbird sing on the 4th of December, 1826 54

Elegiac Stanzas, written on the Death of the Author's Wife . . 56

On the Death of a Sister . . . . . . . . . . 60

Spring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62

On the Death of the Right Hon. George Canning . . . . 64

Home . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64

On hearing a Redbreast sing in Church during Divine Service 67

Tears 69



On hearing a Farewell Sermon, by the Rev W- Evans, of
Llan-y-mynech, Shropshire . . . . . . . . 71

Westmorland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74

On reading Sir Walter Scott's description of the eye of Burns
the poet . . . . . . . . . . . . 77

The Cluster of Two . ." 78

The Withered Rosebud 80

The Mountain Lovers . . . . . . . . . . . . -81

Colonial Slavery . .... . . . . . . 82

The Riots at Bristol, October, 1831 84

On the Coronation of their Majesties King William 4th and Queen

Adelade 87

On the Arrival of their Royal Highnesses the Duchess of Kent
and the Princess Victoria in the Principality of North Wales,

in 1832 90

The Birthday of the Author's Infant Son . . . . . . 92

Harvest Home . . . . . . . . . . . . 95

" Hark-away." 97

The Steward and Tom of Shambrawern a tale . . . . 99

Wonders in the Sporting World a tale .. .. ..102




' ' Oh, 'tis sweet to retire from the world and its wiles,
*' And renounce all life's idle inducements to roam ;

"To fly from its tumults, to court not its smiles,
" And centre our joys in the circle at Home."



Poesy awake, and with thy latent fire,

The eager ardour of the muse inspire.

Rich with thy treasures charge her venturous wing,

As bees are trusted with the sweets of Spring.

Lo ! wide diffusing with their Campbell's name,

"Hope's Pleasures" groan beneath their weight of


While with her Rogers, " Memory" hastes to trace

The glowing beauties of her early place {

Where every eve and every dawn of light,

Bring on their gales some whisperings of delight ;

And where each scene with wonted beauty rife,

Yields its first pleasures to a well-spent life.

Oh, Life ! if thus an unexpiring ray ~\

Breaks on thy path, then bless the poet's lay, >

That points its fires, and warms thy transient day.)

And thou, the genius of that cheering glow,

Teach every heart its benefits to know;


While with that harp, again to rapture strung,
Thou wak'st the strains of pleasures yet unsung.
Go, child of wealth, if such thy taste may be,
Increase the blaze of gorgeous revelry ;
Ride with the foremost of the bounding course,
Bestud with gold the trappings of thy horse ;
Give to the rout thy patronizing aid,
Adorn the waltz and sportive gallopade.
Pursue the gleam of Pleasure's gilded ray,
Be stars and midnight firmaments thy day ;
And let the eye of Sol's meridian light
Behold thee pillow 'd on the couch of night.

Such to the world's broad, wondering gaze may shine,
But such, I ween, would form no joys of mine.

Splendour apart, O place me by the cot,
And nigh the streams of that heart-drawing spot,
Where my day dawn'd, and where my infant feet
First ran a mother's anxious arms to meet ;
Where romp and frolic, river sports and play,
Compos 'd the pastime of my boyish day.
Thrice happy theme ! and happier yet to tell,
That the young fires of Home's endearing spell,
Through a long train of ills, and harrowing pain,
Still unextiguish'd as at first remain.
E'en thou, who, reinless as the tempest's sweep,
Encounterest life's precipitating steep,


Tearing asunder many a tie of good,

In Dissipation's overwhelming flood ;

E'en thou, when wreck'd, and from thy orgies cast,

Unpitied, spurned, and shivering in the blast,

(If yet some feeling for a parent's rest

May start compunction in thy yielding breast,)

E'en thou, returning to thy home's employ,

Again may'st smile, again may'st hope for joy.

Hail, peerless spot ! by industry and love
Form'd every spring of social bliss to prove.
Here friends shall meet around the cheerful fire,
Unmarr'd by pomp, or petulant desire ;
While from the fount of unrestrain'd discourse,
More genuine wit, more intellectual force,
In the brief compass of an evening flows,
Than many a haunt, or boasted banquet knows.
There, oft in fumes the brilliant thought is born,
Blazes awh^e, but sickens with the morn :
Here, morning opening placidly, or wild,
Sees father, mother, brother, sister, child,
In sweet assemblage round the window meet,
Her early smile or tempest-rush to greet.
Noon marks their joy and ripening concord rise,
As the sun strengthens in the mid -day skies,
While every hand their willing aids devote,
The general weal and interest to promote ;
b 2


Corrected still by that unerring square,
A father's counsel and a mother's care.
Eve, cloth 'd with beauty from the dazzling rays,
And streaking light of Sol's departing blaze,
Sees, as he sinks adown the western sky,
The day's employment, with its cares, laid by ;
Marks the young offspring with their satchels run,
High flush 'd with glee, to tell of laurels won,
Or breathing quick, nigh terrified, and pale,
Recount the wonders of some new-learned tale ;
Beholds the mother start the fire-flame bright,
Till all around is glittering with its light.
The father, strictly mindful of his hour,
And the strong impulse of example's power,
Seated amid his home's light-hearted mirth,
The most entire, the happiest glee on earth,
Hears, at her parting, streams of blessings shed
On every land, on every human head :
While to their Hope, their anthem voices raise
One grateful song of soul-dissolving praise.

Ah, how unlike the peace-consuming blast,
Forth from the eye of rage tyrannic cast !
How different from the fault-reviving theme,
The drunken bluster, and the midnight scream,
The haggard look, the self-brought threadbare mien,
The scowling flash of penury and spleen !


Hark ! there are sounds which of devotion tell ;
Heard you the chiming of the sabbath bell?
Creation now seems hush'd with man of rest,
' Like a child slumbering on its mother's breast.
Commerce stands still, the ear no harshness meets
From the thick thunder of the rattling streets ;
The farm-yard now assumes a quiet mien,
The flail lies dormant by the hush'd machine ;
Nor is there heard the heavy sounding cracks
Of the loud carman's whip, or woodman's axe :
Silence pervades the sacred scene around,
Save the grove music, and tbe milkpail's sound.
Now, where the sweets of home delights are spread,
A hallow'd unction round the abode is shed,
And some new joys, just issuing at their gate,
The happy inmates of of its walls await.
Look at the neatness of that lowly spot,
And know its beauties bring no sabbath blot ;
Each shining steel which now the fire- wings 1 grace,
The night before had found its chosen place.
See the fair group, clad with the hand of care,
Moving in order to the house of prayer :
The children, differing but a step in size
And rang'd devoutly, glad their parent's eyes.
Behold them through the sacred portals go,
Each step bespeaks a reverential awe.
Seated, observe there's no imperious glance,
No vacant stare, or prying look askance :


Bow'd with the awful stillness of the place,

A solemn dread sits mark'd on every face.

Deep opening hear, the organ, rapturous, vast,

Heaven's mighty praise rolls rushing in the blast ;

In unison their heart-taught voices rise,

And blend their honours with the smiling skies.

Ah ! where art thou, child of misfortune's birth,
Lone, houseless, homeless, wanderer of the earth ?
Where are thy joys ? what comforts dost thou know?
From whence, alas ! must thy poor pleasures flow ?
"What spot beholds thee to thy book betake,
Or hears thy lonely orisons awake ?
Ye, who have never with misfortune striven,
Who daily bask beneath the smile of heaven,
Oh, let that smile a sister kindness teach,
And let its rays the lair of suffering reach ;
Be yours the channel where the kindred blood
Of bounty pours its philanthropic flood.

Now o'er the meads, and on the beds of flowers,
The spring clouds drop their germ-awak'ning showers,
The hedge-rows laugh, with op 'ning verdure crown'd,
And blossoms, bursting, breath their sweets around,
Light fly the life-stirred people of the wing,
And with their song the ravine echoes ring ;
The warming sun his cordial influence sheds,
And earth, arous'd, her varying produce spreads.


Now let us to the garden work repair,
To taste the pleasures emanating there ;
And in the abundance of the mind's employ,
Say, where is bliss less mingled with alloy ?
Here, while your bride some floral work finds out,
And blithe your children romp the walks about,
With joy you contemplate the faithful seed,
And check the progress of the noisome weed ;
Or trim the hedge, or form the sheltering bower,
A screen from heat or sudden-falling shower ;
Or watch the bees in busy numbers dwell,
A moment probing every opening bell,
Till charg'd at length with treasures for the comb,
They bear the product of their labours home.
Summer arriving, when the foliage gay,
Appears in full magnificent display,
You, joyous, gather from the garden store
A rich return for all your pains before.
Glad, flickering run your little ones to cull
The ripening berries from the branches full ;
As eager oft their little eyes will roll,
O'er the ripe stone-fruit on the towering wall.
Or should you find, within the thicket's breast,

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