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Riley Rogers, disch. after nearly three years' service.

Leander W. Root, died Nov. 1, 1803, in hospital at Beaufort, S. C.

Eben M. Shorey, pro. to corp. ; to sergt. ; to 2d Ueut.



Ch.irles H. Smith.

Adam H. SUuiiig.

Ruaolpli Stuber, killed at Fort Qllmore, Sept. 29, 18G4.

Williiim M. Thayer, pro. to corporal.

John E. ThomiiB, died Oct. 27, 1863.

Saniuul Thomas, died of wounds, Oct. 14, 1864.

Albert Ti'ltotson.

William G. Tipple, disch. July 12, 18G5.

Thomas Waite.

Lafayette Whitney, disch. for disahility.

Perry P. Whitney.

John El. Wickham.

Edward J. Wickham, pro. to corporal.

William Williamson, uever joinud company.

Kohert Wilson.

Edward Anderson.

William R. Morse.

Mastered in August 9, 1862.
Uufus Ba^^gett, captain.
J. Parsons btone, Ist lieutenant.

Cornelius K. Biker, 1st sergt.; pro. to 2d lieut., Nov. 23, 1862.
Wm. B. Pease, sergt. ; pro. to 2d lieut., July 29, 1864.
F. W. OIniatead, sergt.; pro. to 1st sergt.; tu 2d lieut,
Robert Rubotliam, sergeant.

Joseph MarcUiai, sergt.; disch. for disability, June 6, 1863.
Nathan JefTroya, corporal.
Albert W. Parsons, corporal.
Wm. F. Bedding, corpond.
ElUriilge S. Foskett, cui-poriil.

John T. Joues, corporal ; pro. to sergt. ; wounded twice.
Perry B. Miller, corporal; pro. to sergL
Paul ilernet, corpoml.
Jolio M.. Urtb, corpiiral.
George L. Stevens, muiiiciaD.
Jotin F. liornung, musician.
Henry Way, wagoner.


Marcus M. Adams, wounded in arm, before Petersburg, Ya.; diech. fi-om hos-

pitil. May 27,18^.
Henry B. Allen, wounded, with loss of left arm, at Chapiu's Faim, Sept. 29,

18C4 ; disuli. Ma} 16, 1865.
Karl S. Adaius, killed at Petersburg, Va., July 7, 1864.
Jusepli Bi'intul, must, out wiih regt., May 16, 1865.
Adelbert M. Barott, pi-o. to Corp.; wounded at Chapiu'e Farm, Va. ; disch. July

27, mob.

Edward C. Burtle.

Charles H. Biillou, pro. to 2d Heut., 39th N. Y. V., Jan. 7, 18G4.

CharlBH K. Baker, pro. to corporal.

James B. Budhn«ll, died of wounds received at Fort Gilmore, Va., Oct. 14, 1864.

Muses Urodock, disch. Sept. 11, 1865.

Buaiie P. B.ibcouk, discli. for disability, July 4, 1863,

Abner llernet, died Jan. if6, 1865, of wounds received at Fort Fisher.

Michael Buck.

JaA;ub Beebe, died at Folly Island, S. C.

Frederick Cobb, died while on furlougli, M,iy 5, 1865.

Albert Croas, died m hospital, Sept. 1864.

JiimesCiaig, disch. June 8, 1865.

James Corey.

Chauucey B. Chirk, killed Sept 29, 1864, at Fort Gilmore, Va.

John Crandell.

Jolin Dexter, disch. June 8, 1863,

Herbert Liiviue.

Daniel 1). Dunton.

Jobn Dolaii, wounded May 16, 1864.

Eldridge S. Foskett, disch. June 8, 1865.

Wm. H. Fenton, died in hospital, July 14, 18G3.

George W, Foster, wounded at Drury's Bluff, Va., May 16, 1864.

Henry L. Goodrich, disch. for disability, March 12, 1863; re-enl. Aug. 13, 18G4,

in 15tb Engrs. ; discli. June 13, 18G5.
John G. Glazier, pro, to corp. ; to sergt, ; to Ist aorgt. ; to 2d lieut.
George T. Hunt, pro. to corp,
George Heaa.
Julin F. Uuwley,
Irving M. Harrington, pro. to Corp.; wounded at Petersburg, Va. ; must, out

witb regiment, June 8, 18U5.
John Huniphrt-y, Jr., disch. June 8, 1805.

Richard Humphrey, disch. in June, 1805 ; wounded at Fort Fisher.
Henry D. Jetfreys, disch. June 1.J, 1864.
Henry Kneeakern.
William C. Knowles.
John W. King.

Jay L. King, trans, to 5th U.S. Cav., Nov. 4, 1362; discli. Nov, 4, 18G5.
James D. Lilly.

William C. Lower, pro. to corj;.; died June 22, 186-*,
R. Sherman Laugwurthy, severely wounded, May 10, 1804


Monroe Lawton, pro, to corp. ; pris. from Sept. 29, 186t, to March 16, 1806.

Hei-tine Lilly, wounded at Deep Bottom, Va., Sept 20, 1864.

Gforjie W. Lathrop, disch. for disability, Jan. 13, 1863.

Edmund R. Mal>ey, disch. June 8, 1865.

Heury N. Marchisi.

Henry McEnnia.

Micliael McGinnis, disch. for diaability, June 2'2, 1863.

Francia Muller.

Bruce L. Mclntyre, wounded May 16, 1864; disch. Aug. 24, 1805.

Orson Morse, disch. for disability, March 12, 1863.

Perry B. Miller, disch, Juno 27, 1805,

Charles Mason.

Nelson Norton, transferred to I. C^ Aug. 24, 1864.

Albert W. Parsons, di>ch. Aug. 2, 1805.

George Percival, wounded in the foot; disch. at Rochester, May, 1865.

Wm- H. Parmelee, wounded severely Sept 29, 1864.

Simeon F. Putney, twice wounded.

Georg ■ K. Pollard.

Patrick Phalen, wounded at Chapin'a Farm, Va^ Sept. 29, 18G4; disch. July C,

John Patterson,
Vernon Putter, Jr.
Reuben W. Peck, piisoner at Cold Harbor, Va. ; died at Andcrsonville, Ga.,

Nov. 5, 1804.
Gilbert J. Quance, disch. July 31, 1805.
Robert Robotliam, disch. June 26, 1865.

Frederick Kachner, killed in action at Petersburg, Va., June 30, 1864.
Alunzu J. Read, disch. Feb. 24, 1863.

Thcoditre B. Sininiona, wounded July 4, 18G4; disch. June 15, 1805.
William F. Sperry, disch. June 27, 1805.
Chauncey W. Starkweather, trjins. to Vet. Res. Corps.
George L. Stevens, disch. June 27, 1865.
Andrew W, Spencer.
George W. Spencer, disch. June 13, 1805.
Harvey Sanders, died at Bavid's Island-
CroBsniaii Sampson, pro. to corp.; wounded Oct 27, 18G4,
George Smiley, wounded, with loss of left arm, at Fort Fisher.
Charb'B Sherman.
Josiah P. Stone.

Robert B. Skinner, died at Folly Island, S. C, Oct. 26, 1802.
John N. Skinner, three times wounded ; disch. June 19, 1805.
Peter Sclilernitzauer, died Oct. 23, 18C4.
Adam Seibel.

William T. Smith, died at Hamptou Hospital, Va., July 12, 1804.
Solon C. Smith, wounded at Chapin's Farm, Va,; disch. May 25, 1805.
Joseph Waldnin, disch. June ti, 1805.
W. Bradford Willis, prisoner on picket, Aug. 25, 1864; died at Salisbury, N. C.

Dec. 1, 1804.
Fianklin West, trans, to Vet. Res. Corps.
Francis R. West, pro. to corp.
John E. William - , disch. at organization of regt.
Bei iali J. Worden, disch. June 8, 1865; pro. to corp.; to sergt
Dewitt T. Wood, disch. June 8, 1805; pro. to corp.; to sergt.
Everett E. Williams, killerl at Druiy's Bluff, Va., May Hi, 1864.
Robert H. Wentworth, killed at Deep Bottom, Va., Sept 29, 1804.
Joseph West, pro. to corp.

Jllusterfd in August 11, 1862.
Francis X. Mycr, captain.

John F. Keriigan, 1st Hent. ; disch. on account of ill health.
Frank H. Lay, 2d lieut. ; pro. to. capt ; pris. May 16, 1864 ; exch. Sept 3, 1864 ;.

disch. June 8, 1805.
William .\ppleton, sergt ; wounded May 10, 1804.
Philip Ludwick, sergt.
S;iniuet B. Bancroft, sergt

Isidore Meyer, sergt; disch. for disability, May 9, 1863.
Wm. H. H. Lindsley, sergt ; disch. June 8, 11)65.
De Witt Kling, sergt.; pro. to 2d lieut. May 11,1865.
Albert B. Young, Corp.; killed at Fort Fisher, N. C, Jan. 15, 1865.
Thomas O'Domphue, corp.; pro. to sergt.; died Oct. 5, 1863.
Frank B. Cole, coip.
Thomas Stafford, corp.
George B. Merrill, corp.

Theodore H. Stewart, corp.; trans, to Vet Rob. Corps,
Madison Fox, corp.
John Gritfith, corp.
William Hall, musician.

Cyrus Shall, musician; wounded on Darbytown Road, Va., July 21, 1862.
C. S. Beuton, wagoner.

Sidney Armstrong.

Geor;;e D. Ashley, d sch. June 8, 1865.

Joseph Uyriell, disch. June 8, 1865.

George Bonfoy, disch. in June, 1805.

Andrew C. Brown, slightly wounded at Fort Fisher; disch. June 2, 1805.



Ansel Burrows, diBcli. for disaljility, in May, 1863.

Autoitie Cornell.

Morris A, Crocker (also given as Horace K. Crocker).

George Case,

Lewis G. Crocker.

'William H. Colley, disch. in March, 18G2.

Daviil Colledge.

Doliihua S. Corbett, disch. for disalpility,

John B. Crowshan, wounded; disch. June 1, 1865.

David B. Crowshan.

John ConloD, disch. June 8, 1865.

Williaoi Corkwell, missing in action, Oct. 27, 1804.

Levi I. Caiver, pro. to Ist lieut.; disch. Juno 9, 1865.

Jesse C. Foster, wounded at Fort Gilmore, Va., Sept. 29» 1864.

Jolin U. FairUank.

John Fox, disch. June 8, 1865.

John B. Foote, disch. June. 4, 18G5; pro. to corp.

Alfred Foster (yiven also as Edward Foster).

Jl:chard C. Griffith, wounded at Chapiu's Farm, Va.,Sept. 29,1864; disch. April

26, 1865.
Frederick A. Graves, disch. June 8, 1865.
Myron A. Gihha.

James K. Gossin, wounded at Fort Fisher; disch. May 20. 1865.
Henry A. U<idges, wounded at Chapin'a Farm, Va., Sept. 29, 18C4 ; disch. July

8, 1865.
Edward E. Hitchcock, killed in action, Sept. 29, 18G4.
Alex. E. Hutchinson.

Wm. E. Herbage, killed at Fort Fi=hcr, N. C, Jan. 15, 1865.
Nicholas R. H.irter.

"Wm. K. Hiller, disch. June 8, 1865 ; pro. to corp.; to scrgt.
Morris James, disch. June 8, 1865.
Thelwiii Jones, wounded Sept. 29, 1864.
Jeremiah C. Jones, prisoner in July, 1S64 ; ih'ed in prison.
Peter Lanu, pro. lo lat sergt. ; wounded in thijih at Petersburg, Vn.; disch. June

7, 1865.
Peter Lightall, pro. to Corp. ; to sergt.

Ch;irlt;s li. Law, killed near Richmond, Va., May 16, 1864.
PettT Moon, disch. fur disiibility, in April, 186).

Ini E. Miller, pro. to corp. ; killeil in batile in front of Richmond, Va.
George H. Miller, d.sch. at expiration of service.
Edward McElwune, prisoner.
Lewis Merrill, died Oct. i:i, 1863.

Alfred R. Merrill, pro. to corp,; wounded at Petersburg, Vii., in July, 1861.
Christopher Miller, died Nov. 2, 1863.

David Miin.sfichl, died at Camp McDougal, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1865.
Albert J. Midlani, trans, to Sig. Corps, July 11, 186;J; dicch. Juno 2:i, IFG'i.
Wm. Miller, wounded at Fort Fibher ; died March 25, 1865, at Hampton, Va.,in

Francis M. MeLcalf, pro. to st-rgt., Sept. 1, 1864 ; afterwards trans, to Sig. Corps ;

diisch. June 23, 1865,
J. E. Miller.

Michael Morris, disch. for disability, July 12, I86J.
Alfred K. Merrill, pro. to sergt.; woundetl in face at Petersburg, Va.; disch.

June 27, 1865.
James Norton, pro. to corp.
Lafayette Overrucker.
Lewis A. Owens, trans, to Vet. Res. Corps.

Philip Philips, supposed killed at Chapin's Farm, Vn., Sept. 29, 1864.
David J. Pugli, pro. to corp. ; disch. at expiration of service.
Joseph Fetch, diach. June 28, 1865,
Edward 0. Rollens, disch. for di.fability.
Wm, Ruddock, pro. to corp. ; woxinded in left arm Sept. 27, 1864 ; disch. May

4, 186j.
Hiram V. Ruddock, disch. June 29, 1865.
Gaflpard Rehriep, prisoner Aug. 25, 1864.
James S. Stune.
John Snydui',

Benj. F. Seelye, disch. July 3, 1865.
Wm. Sanlbrd.

Lafayette Seclyc, disch. June 8, 18G5.

Warren W, Seamen, trans, to Vet. Res. Corps ; disch Aug, 12, 1865,
Almond Stfcvens, didclmrged.
Benny Steuber.

Henry Shedd, pro. to 2d lieut. ; res. Feb. 3, 1863.
Christopher V.. Sears.

Henry W. Shaw, disch. for disability, March 11, 1863,
Joseph Stephenson.

James Tyler, disch. for disability. Oct. 8, 1862.

Francis E. Tyler, died of typhoid fever, at Folly Island, S. C, Dec. 7, 1863.
Nathaniel Tyler, disch. for disability. Felt. 11, 1863.
Delos 0. Talcott, pro. to corp.
Lawrence Tower,

John S. Whitehead, disch. for disability, Nov. 20, 1862.
Alex. Wilson, trans, to Vet. Res. Corps, Oct. 19, 1863.
Harvey M. Wishart, disch. June 8, 1865.

Albert S. Wetmore, disch. for disability after five months' service.
Isaac Wallace, disch. June 28, 1365.

John W. Williams, disch. for disability in June, 1863.

Wm, H. Williams.

Thomas Wishait, died at Bermuda Hundred, Va., Aug. 16, 1864.

James S. Whiflfen, missing in action, Oct, 27, 18G4.

Daniel A. West.

Albert B. Young, wounded at Fort Fisher, and died.

Charles Youger, died in Belleville Hospital, Portsmouth, Va., June 20, 1863.


Mustered in August 13, 1862.
John W, Walcott, cjiptain.
Edwin Risley, 1st lieutenant.
David Magili, 2d lieutenant; lost leg at Fort Fisher; pro. to capt. and brev.

Wm. C. Casselman, 1st sergeant; pro. to 2d lieut., March 16, 1864.
W. J. Evans, 2d sergeant.

James P. Rowell, 3d sergeant ; diacli. for disability. Fob. 4, 1863.
Robert Bryan, 4th sergeant; pro. to sergt.-maj., Oct. 11, 1863.
Newton F. Church, 5tli sergeant; died of measles, June 1, 1863.
Geo. B. Fairhead, 1st corporal; pro. to sergt. ; to sergt.-maj.; to 2d lieut
Herman Clark, 2d corporal ; pi-o. to sergt. ; to 1st sergt. ; to 2d lieut.
James Morrison, 3d corporal ; disch. Feb, 9, 1865, for wounds received Sept. 29,

Wm. McNab, 4th corporal; pro. to sergt.
George B. Day, 5th corporal.
Clark Annis, 6th corporal ; died in Feb. 1865,
James Hinchcliff, 7th corporal ; disch. for disability, Feb. 4, 1863.
W. H, H. Balis, 8th corporal ; killed near Petersburg, Va , June 15, 1864.
Richard Bingham, musician ; di.sch. for disability, Feb. 4, 1863.
John E. Saw3'cr, musician.
Sylvanus D. Brown, wagoner.

W. L. Aimes.

Samuel Allen.

Jiihn T. Andas, pro. to corp.

Henry Baldwin, pro. to corp.

Albert Bebee, disch. from liospital.

IClias A. Brown, died Oct. 16, 1864.

Chas. B. Blodgi-tt, trans, to Vet. Res. Corps,

Henry Burkler, killed at Fort Fisher.

William Bnint,

Jerome Burdick, died Sept. 5, 1864.

Milton S. Brayton, pro. to sergt.-maj.

W. H. Carpenter, Micliael Gary, John F. Cassiley, Andrew F. CliiUls.

Perciviil Crumb, difch. April 15, 1864.

William Curie, disch. Nov. 18, 1862.

Orris W. Cog-well, died on Fully Island, S. C, Sept. 9, 1863.

George Dearfihiger, iliscbarged.

John H. Uunhaui, died of wounds, Nov. 17, 1864.

Geo. M. Dunham, disch. from liuspital.

Orlando Dunham, pro. to Corp.

Chas. H. Fellows, disch. Nov. 10, 1862.

John S. Fairhead, pro. to piincipal musician.

Jiimes Finch.

John H. Fiench, disch. June 22, 1865.

Wm. B. Fogus, died on furlough in Dec. 1864.

Theodore Garlic.

Dennis Glenin, disch. from hospital.

Thomas Giles, dimh. Dec. 22, 1862.

Cliiirles Goeble, disch. from hospital.

Edward Grincr, killed at Fort Fislier, N. C, Jan. 15, 1865.

Peter Hoines.

Alfred F. Hull, trans, to Vet. Res. Corps.

Oscar F. Hill.

Samuel B. Inmaij, pro. to corp. ; to sergt. ; died at home on furlough in 1865.

Robert Johnstone.

William Julmstone, disch. from hospital.

Evan Jones, di.-ch. for disability, Dec. 23, 1863; re-enl.

John H. Jones, Rowland E. Jones, Richard Jones.

John Jones, pro. to corp.; to sergt.

Thomas R. Jones, died of wounds reci-ived at Drury's Bluff, Va.

James Jones, pro. to corp,

Owen B. Jones.

William Jordan, pro. to corp. ; disch, from hospital.

James H. Judd, disch, for disability, Nov. 10, 1862.

Robert Lloyd.

Wm. T. Kelley.

Thomas Kayle.

Orrin C. Lucas, died in June, 1863.

John Marcey.

Wdliam Michael, pro. to corp.

Daniel Miller, disch. from hospital.

George C. Morey, disch. Nov, 1, 1862.

C. A. Munger, disch. in May, 1863.

Lawrence Mullen.



Chna. D. McNab, died of wounds, June 6, 1864.

Patrick McMahon.

Juhn C. O'Neil, diach. Dec. 23, 18C2.

Frank PIielp».

Sylvester Powers, prisoner Sept. 29, 1864; returned.

Kevilla Philbric, died of wounds, June 27, 18Ct.

H. E. B. Pardee, diacli. for wounds received at Drury's Bluff.

Nathaniel Redmond, trans, to 48tU Inf. ; diach. in Aug. 1865.

Andrew Root.

George Rogers, disch. with regt., 18G5,

H. S. Rowell.

John Reed, pro. to corp. ; to sergt.

Hamilton Roger, died from phyaical exhaustion, July 18, 1863.

A. T. Rowell, pro. to corp. ; to eergt. ; killed in action, Oct. 27, 1864.

George tt. Buesell, prisoner, Ang. 25, 18C4 ; died in Salisbury prison.

Daniel Snylie, pro. to corp.

Samuel E. Shipman.

Henry L. Smith, diach. July 15, 1865.

Henry Sinclair, pro. to corp.; diach. Mivrch 1, 1865.

Ira Spencer.

Stephen Sharp.

Edwin E. Tubbs, prisoner; died in Salisbury prison.

Squire Teachout, disch. with regt.

Francis Van Dressar, wounded ; disch. from hospital.

Charles Vibbard, wounded June 15, 1864 ; discharged.

James N. Voaburgh, discharged.

Francis Wample, disch. from hospital.

A. M. Wells, trans, to Vet. Res. Corps.

Theodore Woolner, returned from hospitiil after regt.

E. D. Williams, died at Anderaonville, Ga., Oct. 12, 18G4.

James S. Williams.

Mustered in Aug. 13, 1862.
L. K. Brown, captain ; disch. for disability.
Morris Chappell, Ist lieutenant; res. from ill health.
Aug-Jstus M. Erwin, 2d lieutenant; pro. to 1st lieut.; to capt. ; wounded Aug.

25, 18C4.
Spencer C. Myers, Ist sergeant; pro. to 2d lient.
Fred. C. Hills, 2d sergeant; disch. for disability, Oct. 7, 1862.
Milton H. Culver, 3d sergeant.

William Lasher, 4th sergeant ; missing in action, Sept. 29, 1864.
H. S. Miller, 5th sergeant ; pro. to Ist sergt.
J. H. Guernsey, Ist corporal ; trans, to Vet. Res. Corps.
Chas. Bennett, '2d corporal.
Chas. 0. Soiith, 3d corporal.
Kithard Milliogton, 4th corporal.
Jacob Hyde, Jr., 6th corporal.
GeorgS H. Brown, 6th corporal; pro. to sergt.; missing in action, Sept. 29,

Geo. C. Still, 7th corporal ; died May 18, 1864, of wounds received 16lh.
Fred. Boden, 8th corporal; pro. to sergt.; to 2d lieut.
Byron Holton, musician ; killed in assault on Fort Fisher, N. G.
Chas. H. Bailey, musician.
Henry Tally, wagoner.


Theodore Ansun, disch. May 31, 1863.

Joseph Bassett, trans, to Vet. Res. Corps.

Edward Beaver, killed May 16, 1864.

Nichols Bristol.

Hiram Bacon, pro. to corp.

Joshua Bi-adley, Jr., disch. Dec. 2G, 1864.

Lewis Brigga, died of wounds, Jan. 28, 1865.

James W, Bates, pro. to corp.

Walbice Cliflin, died Oct. 13, 1863.

Henry Chattcrson, Johu Crimman, Frank E. Graver, Oraon B. Denton, John

Doyle, George Downend.
O.H.Dyer, pro. to Corp.; wounded in leg; disch. about June 15,1865.
Delonzo D. Deliiie, pro. to corp, ; to sergt.

Frank Dennison, George Dennison, James Evans, Charles Evans.
Frederick Erwin, pro. to corp.
David F. Evans.

Edward Far, disch. Mar. 13, 1863.
John France.

Horace Ferguson, disch. Sept. 29, 1803.
James J. Guernsey, John H, Graves, Ernest Herder,
John Hall, pro. to corp.
Theodore Holden, Geo. H. Hulbert, Charles Ucenan, Samuel Hyde, William

Hayes, William Letters.
Jamea A. Lasher, died Jan. 15, 1865.
James Louden.

Joel Masury, disch. Nov. 26, 1863.
Henry J. Myers, died Jan. 8, 1865.
John Myers,

Donnti Mahoney, trans, to navy.

Benjamin Moulton, pro. to corp. ; missing in action, Sept. 29, 1864.
Delos Mowers.

Wm. H. Mowers.

John Marriott, died of wounds, Nov. 1, 18G4.

Wm. L. Mabb.

Nicodenius Markloy, dtsch. Dec. 29. 1862.

John H. Norton, Henry Oaborn, William Owens.

Levi O'Neil, trans, to navy.

Alonzo Philips.

John Pickens, pro. to corp.

John J, Paddock.

Williams Roney, killed at Fort Fisher, N. C, Jan. 15, 1865.

Stephen Ranaom.

Elias Stiiner, disch. May 29, 1863.

Wm. N. Salisbury, Barnabas E. Swift, WilUapi Slack.

Jacob H. Sexton, disch. Nov. 10, 1802.

Silas W. Stewart.

William H. Servey ; killed at Cold Harbor, Va., June 8, 1864.

H. A. J. Sexton, David Slocum, Pliillipp Schroeder, Levi Turner, Albert Tally,

George Tyler.
Sylvester Van Brooklin ; disch. Aug. 12, 1862.
Charles Wilson ; pro. to Corp.

Alfred F. Weaver, John Wright, Martin Wilbert, Dyer Wilson.
Michael C. Whelau, diach. Nov. 26, 1862.
Joseph Waters.
Francis P. White.
John Wyman, disch. Aug. 12, 1803.
John Woolridge, John Wingate, Emory B. Young, Stanton Zlie.

MttstTed in August 13, 1862.
Seth J. Steves, captain.

William J. Hunt, let lieutenant; pro. to capt.; died of wounds, July 31, 1864.
John T.Tliomas, 2d lieutenant; pro. to c;ipt. ; killed at Fort Fisher.
Stewart Brigga, sergeant; disch. for disability, Jan. 5, 1803.
Adelliert Ecker, sergeant; pro. to lat eergt.; to 2d lieut,
William H. Nelson, sergeant; pro. to Ist sergt.; miasing in action, Sept. 29,

Thomas J. Lewis, sergeant; prisoner before Richmond; at Anderaonville six

Peter Costello, sergeHnt; disch. for disability, Feb. 26, 1863.
John Daley, corporal; disch. for disalility, Jan. 6, 1803.
Edgar F. Nilea, corporal ; pro. to sergt. ; to lat sergt.
John J. Lewis, coi-poral ; disch. Dec. 8, 1862.
Richard House, corporal.
George R. Farley, corporal; pro. to sergt.; diach. Dec. 1, 1864 (also given Geo.

R. Tarbox).
Samuel Nelson, corporal.
C. P. Bailey, corporal.

Richard E. Edward, corporal ; pro. to aergt.
Reuben Burrows, musician.
Joseph Terry, musician.
Squire C. Diiyan, musician.
Daniel S. Avery, wagoner.


Allen Austin, discharged.

William R. Boardman.

George W. Boardman.-

Ansel S. Burrows, disch. March 21,1863.

Henry Baker, trans, to Vet. Kes. Corps.

Jamea A. Batea, diach. March 3, 1863.


Charles F. Clark.

Orenzo Cassidy, died of disease.

George H. Case.

Charles 0. Cookingham, discharged.

Michael Conner, pro. to coip.

Stevens Comstock.

John Deaton, disch. April 14, 1863.

David Deming, died of disease.

James Davles, disch. Jan. 1, 1803.

William H. Davis, killed May 16, 1864.

Owen R. Davies, died of disease in service.

Luther Dority,

Henry Duyer.

G. S. Ernst, Jr., wounded at Chapin's Farm, Va.; diach. June 8, 1865.

Edward D. Fancher.

Joseph Faith, discharged,

Charles Gray.

George M. Gregory, pro, to corp.

John Gaynor.

Lonzo Graham, pro. to corp. ; to aergt.

Edwin Griffith.

John Hughes.

William Hughes, died of diHense at Wllminglon, N, C.

John Hosie, Edward Johnaon, Richard D. Jones (.Ist),

Richard D. Jones (2d} ; pro. to corp.

Williams Jones.



DavM E. Jonps, pro. to corp.
Israel Jonee.

Will am W. Jones, disch. Feb. 23, 18G3.
Owen Junes.
William C. Jones,

Eilwaril E. Jones, lost leg at Fort risher ; pro. to corp.
John W. JonPB, disch. May 30, 186'J.
David Jones, died of dist-ast* March 11. 18G4.
Hini-m King, trans, to Vet. Res. Corps.
William Kelley, died Oct. 3, 1862.
Henry Lamb.
George Loomis.

Jonathan Letson, died from exhaustion, Jnly 19,18G3.
Jacob Liinbley, pro. to 2d ussitit. surgeon.
William H. H. Linslie.
Jolin McConnor, killed May 16, 1864,
John Mwrringer, killed May 16, 18G4.
Patrick McGinnis.

Frederick Nininger. diftd of disease at Washington, D. C.

Truman H. Pea^e, prisoner before Petersburg, Va. ; died at Salisbury, N. C,
Nov. 12, 1864.

ThomfiB Philpot, trans, to Vet. Res. Corps.

John Parker, disch. Nov. 16, 1862.

James Putter, D. T. Roberts, Elias Roberta,

Frederick Remp, pro. to Corp. ; to sergt.

Edward C. Roberts, died on Davis Island, Jan. 2G, 1864 ; buried in Deerfield,
New York.

John R.van, killed on Morris Island, S. C.

Matthew Ringrose, pro. to corp.

Clii'istopher Ringrose, killed at Fort Fisher, N. C,

John G. Roberts.

W. L. Simons, missing in action, Sept. 20, 1864.

Fletcher Simons, diach. Sept. 10, 13(U.

Richards Smith.

George C. Smith, disch. Feb. 16, 1863.

William Stewart, disch. Feb. 25, 18C3.

William C, Sears.

C. D.San ford.

Williams Taylor, disch, Feb. 23, 1863.

Owen Thuma<}.

John Volmer.

WilUama Wilson, missing in action, May 16, 18G4.

Thomas Warbam, disch. June 17, 1863.

Simon Wait.

George Wilson, disch. Oct. 15, 1863.

George Walker, Jr.

William M. Williams.

Charles Wolf, died of disease, Sept. 27, 18G3.

Griffith Williams, died of disease, Feb. 3, 1865.

Owen Williams, died of disease.

Anson Burrows, Joseph Rifli, Edward Johnson, Washington Tryan.


Mustered in August 13, 1862.
Chas. 11. Roys, captain.
Chas. S. Millard, Ist lieutenant.

Algernon E. Smith, 2d lieutenant; wonnded at Fort Fisher.
William L. Hurlbi'rt, 1st sergeant ; pro. to 2d lieut.
Harrison E. Webster, 2d sergeant; detailed to (].-m. department.
Charles H Sharp, 3d sergeant ; disch. Feb. 14, 18G3.
W. F. Redding, 4th sergeant ; never assigned to company.
J. Knux Williams, 5th Kergeant; pro. to 2il lieut.
M. L. Johnson, 1st corporal; pro, to aergt.; to 1st sergt.; to 2d lient.
John B. Wicks, 2d corp.; pro to sergf. ; to com, sergt.
David H. Green, 3d corporal.

Wra. Lindsley, 4th corporal ; missing in action, Sept. 29, 1804.
Henry V. Crandall, 5th corporal.

C. Norman Beach, (ith corporal ; died of smallpox, March 13,1864.
Lorenzo P. Brown, 7th corporal; pro. to sergt.
John D Ernst, 8th corporal ; pro. to sergt.
Chaa. W. Sharp, musician ; tranfl. to Co. F.
Adolphns Sherman, musician.
Earl A. Hart, wagoner.


Edward B. Avery, pro. to corp.

Lyman W. Anderson, disch. May 2, 1863.

Chas. S. Allen, pro. to corp.

Pt^rry F. Babcock.

Herbert Barnura, disch. Oct. 7, 1862.

Alexander M. Briggs.

Abel L. Bailey, pro. to corp. ; to sergt. ; to Ist sergt.

Charles M. Baufry.

Watson W. Beach, killed at Chapin's Farm, Va., Sept. 29, 1864.

Silas J. Baker, diach. Jnne 8, 1865,

Henry A. Browning, had shoulder dislocated; disch. May 24, 18G5.

Will am Bowinhard.

Jospphns Bates, trans, to Inv. Corps Ang. 20, 1863.

William W. Bailey, pro. to sergt,

Joseph B. CopgawftU, missing ia action, Oct. 27, 1864.

John Coggawell, killed, May Ifi, 1864.

Online LibrarySamuel W DurantHistory of Oneida County, New York : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers → online text (page 186 of 192)