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Stephen H. Croft.

Alphonzo L. Cottrell, diach. March 9, 1865.

Chas. L. Clement, disch. Nov, 24, 18G2,

Wm. W. Camp.

Wm. R. Davis, disch. Oct. 16, 1863.

Chas. R. DeLong, pro. to corp.; to sergt; died Jan. 15, 1865.

Sherman B. Dabold, pro. to corp.

M. L. DeLong, George D.ivis, Robert Edwards, Henry Edwards, James Egan

William Elnglish.
V. R. Ennis, died at Washington, D. C, Nov. 20, 1862.
Evan Evana, diach. June 8, 1865.
Thomas Evana.

Henry Foster, killed before Petersburg.

Patrick Failey, Julius Ferguson, James Farrer, Henry Gillman.
Martin V. Green, disch. March 27, 1804.
George W. Green, pro. to corp. ; to sergt.
Thomas Gray, pro. to corp.
George A. Hubbard.
Philip Hinninger.

John M. Harrison, died Nov. 1, 1863,
James Hamer.

Henry Ireland, wounded at Drury'a Bluff, Va. ; disch. March 7, 1365.
Lewis Johnson, trans, to Vet. Res. Corp.?,
Wm. H. Johnson, disch. Sept. 2o, 1863.

Thomas JohiiRon.

Arthur Knight, pro. to corp. ; to sergt.

Jarvia A. Kendall, disch. June 15, 1865,

Henry D. King, Jr., disch. July 12, 1865.

David P. Kent, wounded at Cold Harbor, Va.; disch. June 8, 1865.

I. F. Kenyon, disch. Oct. 16, 1863.

George H. King, pro. to corp.

Rosciie W. Luce, prisoner Aug. 25, 1864; died in Libby prison.

William G. Laslier.

William Lacknnby.

Albert Ma-'on, disch. Oct. 11, 1863.

Isaac M. Miller, died Aug. 3, 1863 ; buried at Deansvitle, N. Y.

Albert Merrill, pro. to corp.

Gustav Mosher.

Joseph D, Monroe, pro. to q.-m. sergt.

George Maskern.

Nicholas Maskern.

Franklin A. Olin, mortally wonnded at Drnry's Bluff, Va.

M. S. Olin, disch. at expiration of service.

Giles Olin, disch. June 28, 1865.

Win. H. Oatley, pro. to corp. ; wonnded at Drnry's Bluff, Va., and died. *

George A. Pierce, Tlionias J. Pangbnrn, Daniel Prosser, Michael Powers, Dnane
T. Palmer, Homer Palmer, DeWitt C. Park, Morris Qninn,

James Qninn, killed at Fort Fi-her, N. C, Jan. 15, 1865.

Albert W. Robbins, disch. June 8, 1865.

Lafayette Royce.

John Robinson, disch. Nov. 14, 1862.

Timothy Robinson, Morgan D. Stickney, Francis 0. Terrill.

Francis F. Tuttle, disch. Jan. 30, 1863 (also given Franklin F. Tuttle),

Isaac Townsend, disch. Nov. 14, 1862.

Chas. H. Treat, pro. to corponil ; disch. in June, 1865.

William Ward, died Feb. 11, 1865.

James D. Ward, Madison Wiko-v, Edwin A. Wheeler, Linos D, Worden, A. J.

Kendall, Albert W. Robbins.
Frank M, West, died July 15, 18C3.


Mustered in August, 18C2.

A. R. Stevens, captain.

Edward Downer, 1st lieutenant.

Henry Shedd, 2d lieutenant.

Henry L. Adams, 1st sergeant ; pro. to 2d lieut. ; prisoner Oct, 27, 1804.

Andrew Wilkins, sergeant.

Wm. Southwortli, sergeant ; pro. to 2d lieut.

Jesse Irons, sergeant.

Andrew Kline, sergeant ; killed Oct. 27, 1804.

Adam Bckart, corporal ; died Jan. 13, 1804.

George R. Wade, corporal ; pro. to sergt. ; killed Oct. 27, 1864.

Henry C. Stowell, corporal,

Stephen Jackson, corporal; died July 5, 1863,

Edward Shirley, corporal ; diach. Dec. 7, 18G3.

Henry G. Estea, corporal.

Albert E. La Tour, corporal.

Theodore A. Hibbard, corporal ; pro. to sergt.

Charles Shaver, musician ; trans, to Co. I.

James A. Westcott, musician ; disch. Nov. 14, 1862.

Wm, H. Camrite, wagoner; disch. Dec. 28, 1802.



Jackson Anson, disf.b. Dec. 28, 1863.

Joyepli S. B.irbiar, William Duswell, Frank Bissell.

Ira Z. B^ttinger, killed at Fort Fisher, N. C.

Hubert niackwuod, James Burke, J. H. Benjamin.

Jacob Baker, wuiinded at Petorciburg, Va., and disch. In consequence.

Robert Clifford, diod May I^, 18G5.

Philo B. Ooiigden, wounded Sept. 29, 18G4.

Lightoii Dean, disch. in August, 1662.

William Dya9.

George Dibble, pro. to corp.

Judson C. Dibble, wounded at the capture of Petersburg Heights, June 16,

Albert E. Elmer, pro. to corp.
Julius Ferguson.

George B. FoBtpr, wounded at mine explosion, Petertsburg, May 30, 1804.
Jamas Gallager, wouadoJ at Petersburg, Va. ; disch.
Elnathan Gregory, pro. to corp.

Charles Gleasinan, wounded Sept. 29, 1861 ; died of wounds.
Caasimere Goca, wounded at Fort Fisher ; disch.
Carl Uopsacker, wuutided Sept. 29, 1864.
Henry Holmes, disch. Jan. 2, 1863.
Albert Hartwell, died May 6, 1864.
James M. Hewett, disch. Dec. 18, 1862.
Isaac F. Hatch, wounded at Fort Fiahor.
Jacob Haas.

John Hall, died Sept. 22, 1864.
George A. Hall.

William Howe, disch. June 28, 1865.
Frederick Uaniiagar.
William D. Hall.
John Howe, died July 13, 1864.
Thomas B. Johnson, died of wounds, \ug. 16, 1864.
William H. Joues, died June 17, 1864.
John W. King, died of wounds, June 30, 1861.
James Kelley.
William H. Kimball.

William H. Lane, disch. at expiration of service.
Lewiti Langlor, wounded Supt. 29, 1864.
Tboinaa Lewia.
John Xiaglan.

Charles Major, died July 15, 18G3.
James F. McGee.
John Mumpton.
Lyman A. Martin, pro. to sergt.

Francis Martin, died Not. 25, 1862; buried at Washington, D. 0.
Denais Mootiihan, diod of wounds, July 22, 1864.
E. Alonzo McCltfllan, disch. Oct. 30, 1862.
Owen McGraham, discli. May 31, 1863.
Jolin Mumpton, trans, to Vet. Bes. Corps.
Lafayette Overocker.
Justus Onderdouk, pro. to corp.
Andrew Palras, pro. to corp.
Erustns Pelton.

Harrison Pangbum, several times slightly wounded,
Truman Palms, di»ch. Sept. 1, 1863.
Richard S. R.ley.

John Raymond, killed Sept. 29, 1864.
Asa Rice.

William Rowley, disch. Oct. 5, 1802.
William Rjswell, wounded at Petersburg, Va.
Channcy Rowell, died May 25, 1864.
Christopher Rah, trans, to Invalid Corps.
John H. Smith.
Abner C. Sayre.

George C. Stone, pro. to Corp.; killed Sept, 29, 1864.
Ch.ristian J. Sawter,
Andrew Spencer.

Benjnmin Thorp, disch. Juno 28, 1865.
William Tuttle, died at Beaufort, S. C.
Koah Tuttle, pro. to Corp.
Rufus Tuttle, pro. to corp.
John A. Walters.
Thomas H. Williams.

Howell Williams, died of wounds rect-ived Sept. 29, 1864,
James S. Warner, disch. Jan. 12, 1863.
William B. Wright, killed by lightning, Aug. 18, 1864.
William Will, killed at Fort Fisher, Jan. 15, 186.5.
Thomas Lewins, discli. June 28, 1865.
John Hall, Robort Parks, John Putire.
Seth R. Twinning, died Jan. 5, 1863.
Abram G. Montague.
James Bonn.
Solon Smith, pro. to corp.

Henry D. Jeffrey, Janson Anson, Earl S. Adiims, Joseph W. Benjamin, John
Colbnrn, Dighton Deen.

Mustered in August 16, 1862.

Charles Wheeloclt, captain.

John C. Haynos, 1st lieutenant.

Ammi Marquisseo, 2d lieutenant.

H. Dwight Grant, 1st sergeant; pro. to 2d lieut.; prisoner at Drury's Bluff.

H. J. McWaine, 2d sergeant; trans, to Invalid Corps.

C. S. Sijerrv, 3d sergeant; drowned since the war.

Simeon Grems, 4th sergeant; killed in action, Sept. 29, 1864.

John M. Joslin, 5th sergeant ; disch. Oct. 27, 1862.

Clinton G. Grant, 1st corporal ; pro. to sergt.

Newton P. Stimson, 2d corporal; wounded at Chapin's Farm, Va,; died at

home in consequence.
Airred Butler, 3d corpunil; pro. to 2d corp.; died in N, Y. City, Oct. 6, 1863.
Owen Rourk, 4th corporal.
Marks Kelley, 5th corporal,
Henry H. B.icon, 6th corporal.
Joshua Hammond, 7tli corporal.
De Witt Groshang, 8th curporal.
Caiufl C. Dewey, musician ; died Sept, 11, 1863.
Livingston Meeker, musician.
Henry Duel, wagoner; diach. Oct. 17, 1862.


John Black, disch. for disability, Nov. 2, 1864.

David A. Boardman, H. H. Bacon, Jatnes Billington, James Brannan.

Joseph Brooks, killed July 4, 1864.

William Brooks, disch. Aug. 25, 1864,

Albert Biirk, pro. to corp.; diach. March 1, 1865.

Joseph Biirch, Jr., pro, to corp.; disch. in Aug, 1865.

Myron Bellinger, died Dec, 10, 1862.

John Burke, disch, Feb, 4, 1863.

Theodore Caulk in.

Jonas E. Cronk.

Daniel Cronon, died of wounds in June, 1864,

James Calen.

William Cummings, died since the war.

Wilbur Cummings, wounded in September, 1864; must, out at Norfolk, Va.

Fenton 0. Cliase.

Thomas B. Conklin, pro. to s^rgt.

John Colman, died Dec. 3, 18G2.

Thomas Crofoot, David H. Cuonrod, Tremaine Coleman,

Melzar Drake, killed in action (Sept. 29, 1864).

Curtis E. Dewey, died of wounds, July 13, 1864.

Charles Edwardo, Charles Evans.

Thaddeus Fox, died Di-c. 1, 1862.

Samuel Franklin, disch. Sept. 29, 1864.

James Fitch, Abram D. Foot, Absalom Fort.

Orimel Gillett, Jr., killed at Fort Fisher, Jan, 15, 1865,

Ebenezer Gay lord, pro. to corp,; disch, Dec. 18, 1862.

Truman Guernsey.

George Groff, died Oct. 17, 1862.

Michael Gephart, pro. to corp,

Peter Golrich,

Evan E. Griffith, pro. to corp.

Chasper Hebley, D. H. Hilt*, David J. Hoag, Joseph Honck, William Hamvill,
Jonathan Hntchins, Stephen Harvey.

Charles Hevener, died in service.

David H. Hovt-y.

Ichabod E, Hutchins, trans, to Invalid Corps.

Cliarlcs Hart.

Joshua Hammond, died in U. S. General Hospital, Baltimore, Md.

CharlpH Hamldin.

Jonathan Hutchins.

David W. Hitchcock, pro. to coi-p,

Jacob Iron, pro. to drum-major.

William Ingalls, disch. Dec. 2, 1662.

Thomas H. Jones.

Delos Kingsbury.

Addison Saturley, disch. with regiment, 1865.

Stephen Clink, Ambrose Kingsbury, John Lobdell.

David M. Lincoln, disch. Dec, 18, 1802,

Oliver J. Lincoln,

Alanson Loraton.

Lafayette Laquay, diach, March 14, 1865.

James Lobdell.

Benj. F. Miller, pro. to com. sergt.; to 2d lieut.

Flavel Murphy, died at home of consumption.

William Mayhew, removed with family to Canada,

Williiim J. More, missing in action, Sept. 20, 1864.

Martin M. Moon (given M. M. Mann).

Charles Meeker, killed at Fort Fisher.

Delos Mowers, pris. at Wilderness, May, 18G4; taken to Andersonville ; died in

Daniel Mowers, In all battles of the regiment (also given killed Oct. 27, 1864).
Peter McGoldrick, died Sept. 12, 1862.
Hezeklah Mowers, died of wounds, Juno 27, 1864,



MarcuB Norton, liied of wounda, May 28, 1864.

Alvin Nortlirup, William Pettee, William Patterson, Jiidson Parmlee, James

Patterson, Peter Rockerath, Albert RoycT, William Roberts, Saiiniel SIo-

cum, J. B, Smith, Charles Shaver, George F. Southwick, Augustus W.

Sargent, Robert Short.
LeTi Sherman, killtid at Fort Fluher.
Franklin Tliurston.
Deles Taft.

Melancthou Wetherwax, discb. Oct. 23, 1863.
W.lliam Wias.
Marvin Wheeler.

Alonzo Wilsey, disch. Jan. 8, 18G3.
Griffith Williams.
John Anderson.

Thaiideiis Fox, died of Jyplioid fever, Dec. 1, 1862.
Leray Gleson.
Thomas Conklin, pro. to sergt. ; wounded at Drury's Bluff, Va., May IG, 1864;

ninat. out with regt.
James Givens.
Orrin Burlingame.


Mustered in Aug. IG, 1SC2.
James A. Race, captain.

Xiinus R. Clark, Ist lieutenant; wounded, with loss of leg, Oct. 27, 1864.
Samuel Miller, 2d lieutenant.
John H. Fairbanks, wounded at Fort Fisher.
Wm, L. Bartholomew, 1st sergeant.

Alonzu Denton, 2d sert;eant; pro. to 2d iieiit. ; wounded Sept. 20, 18G4.
Nathaniel B. Hinckley, 3d serj^eant; died July 11, 1863.
William Goodisr, 4th sergeant ; died of wounds, Nov. 8, 18G4.
George L. Mills, dth sergeant; disch. Feb. 20, 1863.
Levi Mungor, Ist corporal; pro. to sergt. ; died June 19, 18G3.
Samuel Wyckoff, 2d corporal.
Joseph Yale, 3d corporal.
James Calen, 4th corporal.

George A. Bartholomew, 5th corporal ; killed at Fort Fisher.
J, J. Pease, 6th corpora!.
John Stinard, 7th corporal.
Alonzo Boice, 8th corporal ; died July 17, 1863.
Homer Lowell, musician ; pro. to corp.
CharlemJigne T. Root, musician.
William Dibble, teamster.


Amos P. Armstrong, trans, to Vet. Res. Corps.
Andrew A pp.

Levi T. Boss, wounded slightly, Sept. 29, 1864.
George Bradley, wounded and missing in Sept. 1K64.
John Bod d is.
■ Henry Burk, pro. to corp ; wounded at Drury's Bluff.
William L. Bonner,

Horace W. Barr, prisoner, Sept. 29, 1864; died in Salisbury prison.
Joseph Boice.

Thomas W. Barton, disch. Oct. 7, 1863.
Edwin Cummings, trans, to Vet. Res. Corps.
Mark Crane, pro. to corp. ; wounded and missing, Sept. 29, 1864.
Michael Carlin, killed June 10, 18G4.
John Comford,
Anthony Culman.

Reuben A. Daniels, died Dec. 23, 1862.
John Diiffay.
Alfred Dunster.

Samuel Dustan, wounded at Petersburg, Va.
James D. Ensworth.

Abel Elihorp, pro. to corp. ; killed Sept. 29, 1864.
Richard Flinn, died of wounds, July 15, 18G4.
George Gurley.

Clias. H. Gruraan, pro. to Corp.; to sergt. ; to 1st sergt. ; wounded Sept. 29, 1864.
Martin Griswold, trans, to Co. A.

Samuel E. Holmes, wounded at Chapin's Farm, Va.; died Oct. 23, 1864.
Caleb Haywood, pro. to corp. ; to sergt. ; died of wounds in June, 18G4.
John Howe, disch. Feb. 2,1863.
William Howe.

Edward Harrington, pro. to corp.; to sergt.
Henry Holman, died Nov. 25. 1863.
Jacob Isely.

Charles E. Jones, killed at Petersburg, Va.
David Jenkins.

Burdett Johnson, trans, to Co. A ; pro. to sergt.
Charles H. Kenyon, died Sept. 1, 1863.
William Kilkenny, pro. to corp. ; prisoner at Drnry'a Bluff.
William Krepsicker, died Nov. 26, 18G3.
Patrick Klllan, Walter Kelly, Albert Lindsley.
Thomas H. Lyman, tnius. to Vet. Res. Corps.
John C. Lathrop, pro. to corp. ; trans, to Sig. Corps.
Florence Martin.
Frank Martin, died Nov. 29, 18G2.

James McAdnme, Frank Martin, Timothy Maloney, Stephen Michel.

Edward Murphy, pro. to corp.; killed in action, May 16, 1864.

Samuel McClure.

Joseph Madrid.

Lafayette Madrid, wounded at Drury's Bluff, May 16, 1864.

Henry H. Miller, pro. to corp.; wounded at Petersburg, Va.

Edward Morgan, John Ohley, William Paascb, William H. Powers.

Silas J. Perkins, trans, to Vet. Res. Corps.

Thoma.s Fetch, disch. for disability in Nov. 1862; re-enl. in Co. M, loth Cav.;

disch. June 12, 18fi5.
Charles Page.

Milton Pratt, died Nov. 2, 1863.
Anson Peot, trans, to Vet. Ri'S. Corps.
William Patterson.
Harvey Piatt, pro. to corp.
James Patterson, died Oct. 19, I8G4.
John Rodice, pro. to corp.
George W. Read, killed at Fort Fisher.
Curtis W. Reynolds.
Joseph C. Richmond, died Sept. 5, 1863.
Albert E. Shei-nian.
Charles Shiffer, killed at Fort Fisher.
Jack Sheppard, pro. to Corp.; to sergt.
John Savage.

Thomas Smith, jiro. to aergt.
John Somera, killed Sept. 29, 1864.
Philip Snyder, died Oct. 20, 18G3.
Osiiis Snell, disch. Nov. 4, 1864.
Milton Thompson, Edgar Twitchell, Niles W. Taft, Calvin Thompson, George

W. Tefft, Etlgar F. Warner, Lorenzo W.lsey, Henry Walker, Jonathan 0.

Warner, Nels.m Youngs,



Delancey Floyd Jones, colonel ; com. Sept. 6, 1862 ; declined.

Kenner Garrard, colonel; com. Sept. 23, 1862; pro. to brig.-gen. of vols., July

23, 1863.
David T. Jenkins, colonel; com. Aug. 3, 1863; killed in action at Wildernesa,

Va., May 5, 1864.
J. Neilson Potter, colonel ; com Dec. 31, 18C4.
James Grindlay, colonel; com. Feb. 15, lS(i5; brev. brig.-gen. U. S. Vols.;

must, out with regt., July 16, 1865.
George Poraeroy. lieutenant-colonel ; com. Sept. 18, 1862 ; not mustered.
Wni. S. Corning, lieutenant-colonel; com. Aug. 26, 1863; not mustered (see

Jesse J. Armstrong, lieutenant-colonel; com. Oct. 7, 1863 ; dis. April 1, 18fi4.
Henry 0. Curran, lieutenant-colonel; com. May 18, 1864; not mustered (see

Peter Claesgcns, lieutenant-colonel ; com. March 30, 1865; brev. col.U. S. Volp.;

must, out with regt, July 16, 1865.
William S. Corning, major; com. Oct. 18, 1862 ; disch. Sept. 23, 1863.
Henry H. Curran, major; com. Oct. 7, 1863; killed at Wtldernefs, Va., May 6,

Isiiac P. Powell, major; com. March 30, 1865; must, out with regt.
Edward Comstock, adjutant; com. Oct. 2, 1862; appointed 1st lieut. Oct. 7,

1863; brev. niaj. XJ. S. Vols.; res. Aug. 28, 1864.
William Wright, adjutant; com. June 6,1864; brev. capt. U. S. Vols. ; disch.

Sept. 28, 1864.
James P. Pitcher, adjutant; com. Feb. 18, 1865; brev. capt. U, S. Vols.; must.

out with regt.
A. Pieraon Case, quartermaster; com. Nov. 3, 1862; disch. Oct. 27, 1863.
Marvin Eggleston, quartermaster; com. Nov. 10, 1863 ; brev. capt. U. S. Vols. ;

must, out with regt.
Thomas M. Flanclreau, surgeon ; com. Nov. 3, 1862 ; brev, Iieut.-col. N. Y. Vols.

and U. S. Vols. ; must, out with regt.
Edgar C. Bass, ass'stant-Burgeon; com. Nov. 3, 1862; disch. Aug 17,1863.
George H. Fossard, assistant-surgeon; com. Sept. 10, 1863; pro. to surg. 56th

N. Y. Vols., Nov. 5, 1864.
Milton A. S.inford, assistant-surgeon; com. Nov. 17,1864; failed to report to

Wm. H. H. Morris, assistant-surgeon ; com. Jan. 13, 1865 ; must, out with regt.
Elbert M. Spmers, assist an t-surgeou ; com. Nov. 3, 1862 ; diach. Dec. 7, 1862,
James L. Bradieh, nssiatiint-surgeon ; com. Feb. 2, 1863 ; diach. May 6, 1863.
Robt. Fenwick, assistant-surgeon ; com. May 26, 1863 ; must, out with regt.
Albert Erdman, chaplain ; com. Nov. 3, 1862 ; disch, Aug. 3, 1863.
Edward P. Payson, chaplain; com. March 5, 1864; must, out with regt.
George W. Cone, captnin; com. Nov. 3, 1862 ; disch. Nov. 29, 1862,
Joseph H. Durkee, captain; com. Dec. 10, 1802; diach. May 12, 1864.
Joseph S. Lowery, captain ; com. Sept. 16, 18G4 ; not mustered (see 1st lieuts.);

hrev. lleut.-col. N. Y. Vols, and brev. mnj. U. S. Vols.
Lawrence Fitzpatrick, captain ; com. June 17, 18G5 ; must, out with regt.
Henry E. Jones, captain ; com. Nov. 10, 186:1 ; brev, maj. U. S. Vols. ; must, out

with regt.
George W. M. Lewis, captain ; com. Nov. 3, 1862 ; disch. Jan. 7, 1863.
E. Vern Jewell, captain ; com. Feb. 5, 1863 ; diach. Sept. 23, 1863.
Joseph B. Cushmin, captain ; cjm. Oct. 7, 1863 ; disch. Juno 1, 1864.



Charles K. Lutton, captain; com. Sept. 16, 1861; dlsch. May 13,1865; brev.

ninj., U. S. Vul8.
Robert P. WtiiTen, Ciiptain ; cum. March 30, 18C5 ; brev. maj. U. S. Vols. ; must.

out with regt.
\Vm. H. S. SwBot, captain ; com. May 18, 1864 ; must, out with regt.
Galvin A. Lambie, captiiin ; com. Nov. 3, 1862 ; died at Camden, N. Y., Feb. 15,

Benj. V. Wright, captain ; com. March 28, 1863 ; IJrev. maj. U. S. Vols. ; must.

out with regt.
Wm, A, Walker, captain ; com. Feb. 15, 1865 ; brev. maj. D. S. Vols. ; must, out

with regt.
Lavi H. York, captain ; com. March 30, 1865 ; must, out with regt.
Henry Loomig, captain ; com. Miircli 30, 18G5 ; must, out with regt.
Robert B. Poole, captain; com. Nov, 3, 1862.
James K. Jenkins, captain ; com. Feb. 23, 1S63; brev. maj. U. S. Vols. ; must.

out on expiration of term of service, Sept. 30, 1804.
Wm. Fowler, captain; com. Nov. 30,1804; pro. to cap t. and A. D. C, Feb. 22,

Ezekiel Jones, captain; com. Nov. 3, 1862 ; died of disease at Rome, N. Y., Nov.

11, 1862.
Thomas A. Wilson, captain ; com. Oct. 7, 1803 ; brev. maj. and lieut.-col. U. S.

Vula. ; died April 25, 1805, of wounds received at Five Forks, Va.
Alonzo J. King, captiiin; com. June 17, 1865; must, out with regt.
Don A. Dodgn, captain ; com. Nov. 3, 1862 ; disch. Jan. 7, 1863.
James Stewart, captiiiu ; com. Feb. 5, 1863 ; brev. maj. and col. U. S. Vols. ;

disch. June 5, 18G5.
James P. Pitcher, captain ; com. Aug. 31, 1865 ; not mustered (see adjutant).
Thomas C. Jonea, Ist lientenant; cum. Nov. 3, 1862 ; diach. Jan. 7, 1863.
Eugene 11. MattiflOM, 1st lieutenant; com. Feb, 6, 1863; disch. June 11, 1804.
Albert E. Biownell, Ist lieutenant; com. Sept. 16, 1864 (see 2d lieutenant).
Chas. L. Buckingliaiii, 1st lieiitfuaut; com. May 18,1804; died Sept. :i, 1864,

of wouiidi^ received in action near Welcloii, Va.
Silas J. Truax, Ist lieutenant; com. Nov. 3, 1862; disch. Nov. 30, 1862.
Jerome B. Seanum, Int lieutenant; com. March 30, ISG5; must, out with regt.
Marvin Eggleston, 1st lieutenant; pro. from aergt.
Wiilter Ballou, lut lienten.tnt ; com. Nov. 3, 1862 ; disch. Dec. 28, 1862.
Cbaa. E. La^sber, Ist lieutenant; com. Feb. 23, 180J.

Joseph S. Lowcry, 1st lieutenant; cum. Oct. 7, 1803 ; discb. Jan. 13, 1865.
Henry G. Taylor, 1st lieutenant ; com. March 30, 1865 (see 2d lieutenant).
Jamed Handwright, Ist lieutenant; com. June 17, 1865 ; brev. ciipt. U.S. Vols. ;

must, out with regt
Albert Jamison, 1st lieutenant; com. June 17, 18C5; brev. capt. U. S. Vols.;

must, out with regt.
George H. Perry, 1st lieutenant ; com. Nov. 3, 1862; disch. Jan. 10, 1803.
Edward 0. Jones, 1st Ueuteuant ; com. June 17, 1865 ; brev. capt. U. S. Vols. ;

must, out with regt.
George J. Ktock, 1st lieutenant; com, March 3U, 1865; not mastered (see 2d

Geo. Olin,l.«t lieutenant ; com. Aug. .31, 1805 ; not mustered (see 2d lieutenant).
Andrew J. Wilson, 1st lieutenant; com. Nov. 3, 186J ; (bsch. Jan. 7, 1861.
Johu McGechan, Ist lieutenant; com. Dec. 30, 1864; brev. capt, U. S. Vols. ;

must, out with regt.
Jacob Wicks, Ist lieutenant ; com. Nov, 3, 1862; disch. Nov. 25, 1862.
James Roderburst, 1st lieutetiant; o mi, Dec. 10, 1802; disch. April 23, 1863.
Edward J. Davis, 1st lieutenant; com. Feb. 18, 1865; brev. capt. U. S. Vols, ;

must, out wiih regt.
Edward Bennett,* 1st lieutenant; must, out witb regt.
Wm. J. Stanford, 2d lieutenant ; com. Nov. 3, 1862 ; disch. Jan. 7, 1863.
Albert B. Brownell, 2d lieutenant ; cjm. Feb. 5, 1803 ; disch. Nov. 28, 1864.
R. Owen Jones, 2d lieutenant ; com. March 30, 1865 ; not mustered.
Harry Gifford, 2d lieutenant; com. June 17, 1865; must, out with regt. as sergt.
Myron P. White, 2d lieutenant; com. Aug. 31, 1805 ; must, out with regt. as

Geo. Jones, 2d lieutenant ; com. June 17, 1865 ; must, out with regt. as 1st sergt.
Henry G. Smith, 2d lieutenant ; cum. March 30, 1865 ; res. May 20, 1865.
Anirey Starr, 2d lieutenant; com. June 17,1865; must, out witb regt. as Ist

David M. Rudy, 2d lieutenant; com. Jan. 3, 18G5; brev. 1st lieut. U. S. Vols.;

must, out with regt.
Thomas Wheeler, 2d lieutenant ; com. March 30, 1805 ; must, out with regt. as

Peter Blako, 2d lieutenant; com. June 17, 1865; must. out. witb regt. as l!>t

Leander Martin, 2d lieutenant; cum. Aug 31, 1865 ; must, out with regt. as 1st

Wm. H. Luj'ster, 2d lieutenant; com. June 17,1865 ; must, out with reg'.as 1st

W. B. Chandler, 2d lieutenant; com. Aug. 31, 1865; must, out witb regt. as

principal mu'sician.
A. D. Townsley, 2d lieutenant; com. Nov. 3, 1862; disch. Dec. 20, 1864.
Lawrence Ritzheimer, 2d lieutenant; com. Mar. 28, 1803.
George Mould, 2d lieutenant; com. June 6, 1804; not mustered.
Spencer B. Alden, 2d lieutenant ; com. Nov. :J, 1862; disch. Jan. 7, 1803.
Peter D. Freleigh, 2d lieutenant; com. July 27,1861; killed iit Wildenic-s,

Va., May 5, 1864.

* On records of War Dopartmant ; not commissioned.

Henry G. Taylor, 2d lieutenant; com. Nov. 30, 1804; brev. capt, U. S. Vols.;

must, out with regt.
Ferdinand V. Graves, 2d lieutenant ; com. Nov. 3, 1862; disch. Jan. 10, 1863.
Robert Hart, 2d lieutenant; com, Feb. 10, lt)63.
Hugh Chalmers, 2d lieutenant; com. Nov. 10, 1803 ; died June 9, 1864, of wounds

at Richmond, Va.
George Olin, 2d lieutenant ; com, Dec. 30, 1864; must, out with regt.
Arthur V. Coan, 2d lieutenant; com. Feb. 17, 1864; died of wounds received in

action near Weldon Railroad, Va., Sept, 30, 1864.
Wm. H.Smith, 2d lieutenant; com. Nov. 3, 1862 ; discb. Dec. 23, 1862.
David Timmerman, 2d lieutenant; com, Oct. 7, 1803; disch. Aug. 10, 1864.
Philip C. Curran, 2d lieutenant; com. Sept. 16, 1804; declined.
Lafayette Empey, 2d lieutenant; com. Nov. 19, 1864; not mu^stered.
Martin Clancey, 2d lieutenant ; com. June 17, 1805 ; mubt. out with regt. as 1st

Chas. T. Jones, 2d lieutenant ; com. May 19, 1864 ; not mustered.
Geo. J. Klock, 2d lieutenant; com. Dec. 30, 1864; brev. Ist lient, U, S. Vols.;

discb. June 1, 1865.
Wallace M. Mott, 2d lieutenant; com. Nov. 3, 1862; disch. Dec. 29, 1862.
James A. Daniels, 2d lieutenant; com. Jan. 21, 1863.

H. C. Lull, 2d lieutenant ; com. Jan. 17, 1805 ; must, out with regt. as let sergt.
Henry Sorn, 2d lieutenant; com. Aug. 31, 1865 ; must, out with regt. as sergt.-

Geo. F. Williams, sergeant-major ; brev. capt. by Governor.
John Sliardin, color-sergeant; brev. 1st lieut. by Governor.


EnroUtd in Augtut and Sepb-mher, 1802.

George W. Cone, captain ; Thomas C. Jones, 1st lieutenant; Wm. J. Stanford,
2d lieutenant.

Privates. — Richard Boll, William R, Bnrlingnme, Jacob Breish, John Bright,
Williiini Bright, Charles R. Balis, Edward Burbidge, Joseph Carrigan,
Orlando Costar, Alonzo 0, Costar, John Cavanaugh, George W. Con gar,
William C^jlwell (right arm shattered Ju service), Fletrher Dimbleby,
Edgar Davis, Jaines A, Daniels, George Dunn, Peter L. Dnniont, David
T. Edwards, Abrwm S. Esmiiy, David Evans, Reulien C. Gates, Menzo S.
Gibbs, Charles W. Gillinorc, Williiim W.Givens, George Hibbard, Albert
Hoag (died near City Point, Va,, about a year after enlistment), Lyman

Online LibrarySamuel W DurantHistory of Oneida County, New York : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers → online text (page 187 of 192)