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Henry Waid, private, 193d Inf.

John Rpardon, private, 193d Inf.

Daniel Dehiney, private, l'J3d Inf.

Thomas McCormick, private, 193d Inf.

Patrick Cleary, private, 193d Inf.

Edward Sloan, private, 193d Inf.

Patrick Hogan, private, 193d Inf.

Michael Doyle, private, 193d Inf.

John Ryan, private, 193d Inf.

John F. Gilmore, private, 193d Inf.

James Kerrigan, private, 193d Inf.

Timothy J. Murphy, private, 193d Inf.

John Farley, private, 193d Inf.

James Scanlon, private, 193d Inf.

Thomas Welsh, private, 193d Inf.

George B. Allen, private, Ist Hancock Inf.

Thomas Gary, private, 193d I[if.
John Mnrpliy, private, 193d Inf.

Thomas Kelly, private, 193d Inf.
Tliomos White, private, 193d Inf.
Michael Ryan, private, 193d Inf.
James Kearney, private, 193d Int.

Michael Carroll, private, 193d Inf

John McLaughlin, private, 193d Inf.

John Edwards, private, 193d Inf.

James Duffy, private, 193d Inf.

Thomas Udell, private, 193d Inf.

John McCready, private, 193d Inf.

James ConliflT, private, 193d Inf.

Michael Parker, private, 193d Inf.

Alonzo Bnyea, private, 1st Mounted Rifles.

William Bridge, private, Ist Mounted Rifles.

Ellsha Warrington, private, 1st Mounted Rifles.

David Betiuger, private, 1st Mounted Rifles.

Rush Parkhurst, private, 1st Mounted Rifles.

Wm. 0. Wilcox, private, 3d Cav.

Geo. L. Tipple, private, 60th Eng.

Wm. M. Mott, private, 60th Eng.

Andrew McCarthy, private, 3d Cav.

James H. McLaughlin, private, 24th Cav.

George Drake, private, 117th Inf.

Charles Snyder, private 117th Inf.

jHmes Kelly, private, 193d Inf.

William Farley, private, 193d Inf.

William Riley, private, 193d Inf.

Michael Stanlou, private, 192d Inf.

Philip Schaffer, private, 192d Inf

James McGuire, private, 192d Inf.

John Lake, private, 192d Inf.

William Moore, private, 192d Inf.

John Ryan, private, 192d Inf.

John Riley, private, 193d Inf.

John Kearney, private, l!)2d Inf.

John Holland, private, 192d Inf.

Henry Williams, private, 192d Inf.

Patrick Dagred, private, 192d Inf.

Thomas Murphy, private, 192d Inf.

Michael Rusk, pi ivate,192d Inf.

James Gafney, pi vate, 192d Inf.

Patrick Dorlin, private, 192d Inf.

Micjiael Callahan, private, 16th U. S.Inf

Patrick Lyons, private, IGtli U. S. Inf.

John O'Brien, private, 16th U. S. Inf.

Daniel Sullivan, private, IGth U. S. Inf.

Thomas Dugan, private, ICth U. S. Inf.

Thomas Black, private, IGth U. S. Inf.

John Gilloughby, private, IGth U. S. Inf.

Edwin HickB, private, 37th U. S. Cav,

Wm. Gordon, private, 37th U. S. Cav.

Emanuel Jones, private, 37th U. S. Cav.

Elisha Packard, hospital steward, .

Simeon Holliday, private, 37th U. S. Cav.

Geo. J. Woodhouse, private, 16th U. S. Inf.

Thomas Law, private, 16th U. S. Inf.

Chas. Mitchell, private, IGth U.S. Inf.

William Wolf, private, 16th U. S. Inf.

Wm. Edgerson, private, 16th U, S. Inf.

Benj. J. Daniels, private, IGth U. S. Inf.

Edward Riley,private, Vet. Res. Coi-ps.

Wm. M. Seaman, private, Vet. Res. Corps.

Geo. H. Foster, private, 44th Inf. ; pro. to capt. of 20th Col'd Regt.

Benj. Feeter, private, 148th Inf.

Hiram Gardner, private, 15th Inf.

Wellington Gardner, private, 1st Cav.

Christian Wright, private, 122d Inf.

Henry Frisbee, sergt., 97th Inf.

Walter Woodcock, private, 16th H. Art.

James N. Barber, priviite, IGth H. Art.

Charles H. Woodcock, private, 1st Cav.

Thos. B. Crandell, private 50th Eng.

Alfred Goakes, corpoi-al, 1st Mounted Rifles.

Geo. R. Van Dusen, private, 57th Inf.

James B. Wolf, private, 57th Inf

Alexander Allen, private, 50th Eng.

Frederick, Merry, private, 117th Inf.

John Williams, private, 97th Inf.

Jos. H. Benjamin, private, 117th Inf.

Wm. Humpage, private, y7th Inf. ; died.

Joseph Warren, lieut., 97th Inf.

George Smith, lieut., 146th Inf.

Theodore A. Perry, lieut, 15th Cav.

Joseph Kneetle, lieut., Oneida Cav.

Abner B. Sayre, lieut., 117th Inf.

DcloB Avery, lieut., 117th Inf.

Oliver Disham, liout , 14th Inf.

Autone Loreuz, lieut., 117th Inf.

Thomas Gallagher, lieut., 117th Inf.

Thomas Archer, lieut., 1st Light Art.

Lorenzo Perkins, private, 1st Light Art.



Horace Case, priTate, 146th Inf.

Yirgil Chittenden, priTate, Ist Mounted Kiflee.

John Tonnglove, assiBt.-surg., Ist Mounted Kifles.

Eobert Young, private, Ist Mounted Rifles.

Norman Young, private, 22d Cav.

William Shick, private, 117th Inf.

Thomas Slack, private, lat Light Art.

Henry Snyder, private, 2d Heavy Art.

Joshua Bradley, private, 117th Inf.

\VilIiam Edwards, private, 2d Heavy Art.

Daniel Guinno, private, Ist Light Art.

Andrew King, sergeant, 2d Heavy Art

George Foster, corporal, 117th Inf.

Martin Crossett, private, 57th Inf.

Calvin Phillips, private, 3d Art.

Arphaxed Ashley, corporal, 157th Inf.

Reuhen P. Hitchcock, private, 14th Inf.

James T. Tormey, private, 14th Inf.

Charles H. Smith, musician, 3d Art. ; wounded at Gettyshurg.

George Mallory, private, 3d Art. ; died.

James Phillips, private, 3d Art.

Porter Turner, private, 3d Art.

Wesley Turner, private, 15th Cav.

Philander Anderson, private, 14th Inf

Henry Kellogg, private, 157th Inf.

George A. Hall, private, 15th Cav.

Oliver Sturdevant, corporal, 44th Inf.; pro. to capt., 10th Col'd Regt.

John Sturdevant, private, 44 th Inf.

William Murray, sergeant, let Mounted Rifles.

Charles J. Pollard, corporal, 117th Inf.

Benedict Hosier, private, 20th Cav.

Oscar J. Allanson, private, 14Gth Inf.

George Simmons, private, 189th Inf

John Feeter, private, 15th Cav.

Philo Neef, private, 3d Cav.

Marshall A. Hope, private, 26th Inf.

John Madden, lientenant, lltli Inf.

William Snyder, private, 117th Inf

John A. Snyder, private, 3d Cav.; died in 1865.

James A. Cook, private, 27th Inf.

John B. Sickels, corporal, 6tb Cav.

Leo Scholer, private. 2d Heavy Art.

Kohert W, Davis, private, 146th Inf.

John B. White, corporal, 147th Inf.

Fred. Kniker, private, 117th Inf

George Shader, corporal, 26th Inf

Michael Ague, corporal, 46th Inf.

Philip Keller, private, lat Inf.

John Keller, private, 146th Inf.

William Drnmmond, private, 146th Inf.

John Leshrower, private, 146th Inf.

George Derrick, private, 189th Inf.

West Larabee, private, 14th Michigan.

George C. Oatman, private, 2d Heavy Art.

Jacob Haas, private, 117th Inf.

John Mumpton, private, 117th Inf.

Sylvester Fox, let corporal, 10th N. G.

Daniel Mcintosh, private, 14th Heavy Art.

Gortena Elmer, 2d lieutenant, 117th Inf.

Robert P. Murray, 1st sergeant, 2d Mounted Rifles.

Jesse Irons, 2d sergeant, 117th Inf.

Harrison Pangborn, private, 117th Inf.

Israel Newland, 2d sergeant, 2d Heavy Art.

John Mahony, private, 97th Inf.

Michael Miller, private, 27th Rifles.

Jerry Miller, private, 117th Inf

George H. Peckham, corporal, 187th Inf.

De Elten Joslyn, private, IGth Heavy Art.

Hiram Bacon, private, 117th Inf.

John A. Walter, private, 117th Inf,

J. D. V. Collins, corporal, 193d Inf

Asa Rockwell, private, 117th Inf.

Alonzo Reed, private, 5th Iowa Cav.

John Garling, private, 97th N. Y. Inf.

Nelson Norton, private, 117th Inf

Adam Snyder, private, 97th Inf.

Abel T. Sykes, private, 20th Cav.

S. H. Marshall, private, 2d Heavy Art.

Oliver Smith, private, 2d Heavy Art.

Daniel Smith, private. 2d Heavy Art.

Henry Joslin, private, 2d Heavy Art.

William J. Caldwell, private, 2d Heavy Art.

George Hess, private, 2d Heavy Art.

George M. Stevens, private, 2d Heavy Art.

James Bartlett, corporal, 13th Inf,
Edward Joslin, private, 3d Cav.

Simon Briggs, private, 24th Cav.

William B. Collins, private, 24th Cav.

James McLaughlin, private, 1171h Inf.

James Lilly, private, 117th Inf

Paul Bennett, private, 117th Inf

Michael Buck, private, ll7th Inf

Samuel Laffler, private, 117th Inf

Franklin N. West, private, U7th Inf

Joseph A. West, private, 117th Inf

James S. Barber, private, 117th Inf.

Richard Wallace, private, 9th Michigan.

Peter Belcher, private, 50th N. Y. Engineers.

William H. Gawne, private, Ist Mounted Rifles.

Charles N. Cliargo, private, 1st Mounted Rifles.

George F. Hunt, corporal, 117th Inf.

Henry Parmelee, private, 117th Inf

Albert Parmelee, private, 117th Inf

Joseph Wright, private, 117th Inf

Nelson Satterlee, private, 81st Inf.

Frank Reynolds, private, 12lEt Inf

Cliarles Ackerman, Ist lieutenant, 26th Inf

Edward Bortle, private, 9lBt Inf

William D. Hall, private, 117th Inf

George B. Foster, private, 117th Inf.

William Boswell, private, 117th Inf

Thomas H. Cromwell, private, 153d Inf.

George Walker, private, 15th Cav.

Harrison Smith, private.

Charles Worden, private, 20th Inf.

Theophilus Brown, private, 26th Inf.

L. H. Town, private, 16th Heavy Art.

Fred. Minnia, private, 146th Inf

Aaron Askey, Blunt Askey, Simeon Askey, Joseph Askey, George Aekey, Alex.
Askey, N. Askey, Ross Askey, Goderick Warner, Michael Stoker, John
McLuckey, Edward Lester, John Little, Charles Cr.iger, Henry Roper,
Daniel Murphy, George Decker, John Redden, Bruce Hubbard, Simon
Narwin, James Grey, Samuel Johnston, James De Groat, John P. Smith,
Robert Bradley, Patrick Tyler, John Smith, Joseph Kuken, Thaddeus
Stoddart, Anthony Ditler, Harvey B. Frank, Jesse Winburn, Dennis
Taylor, General Freeman, substitutes.*

George Gordon, private, 2Gth Inf

Abner Buruet, private, 117th Inf ; killed at Fort Fisher.

Bernard Statenmeyer, private, 3d Light Art.

William Will, private, 117th Inf ; killed at Fort Fisher.

James R. Houghton, in naval service.


Cities of Vtica and Bome, and Towns of F loyd^ Wliitestoion, Remsen, Stev^en, Vienna.,
Atmsville, Paris, Lee, and Ava.
Lewis Ford, private, Floyd.
George W. Shorey, private, Utica.
George W. Pratt, private, Utica,

James Lovell, private, Whitestown ; killed at Petersburg, Ya., Sept. 6, 1864.
George Cook, private, Utica.
Daniel Kelley, private, Utica.
John H. Van Yleck, private, Utica.
Alex. H. Houston, private, Utica ; trans, to Co. I.
Walter W. Alexander, private, Remsen.

Wm. H. Cole, private, Utica.

Moses Burdock, private, Utica; lost thumb in May, 1864.
Martin Kellogg, private, Utica.

Michael McKeaver, private, Utica ; killed at Drury's Bluff, Ya., May 16, 1864.
David Mansfield, private, Utica ; died of wounds received at Fort Fisher, N. C.
Thomas J. Pease, private, Utica; died of wounds received Oct. 27, 1864.
George W. Pickens, private, Utica.
Nathan Reed, private, Utica.

Henry Saunders, private, Utica; died of diseaae, Sept. 29, 1864.
Frank Tray, private, Utica ; prisoner at Bermuda Hundred ; died in rebel prison,
Ashbel V. Tyler, private, Utica; wounded at Fort Fisher.
Charles B. Wheeler, private, Utica.
Michael Bolan, private, Utica.
Michael JefFers, private, Utica.
0. F. Thompson, private, Utica.
Frederick Matbias, private, Utica.
Orrin F. Thompson, private, Utica.
Augustus Kaufman, private, Utica.
Nicholas Petre, private, Utica.
Nicholas German, private, Utica.
William McDonald, private, Utica.


Martin Fieday, private, Utica.
Richard Murvin, private, Utica.

* These names are apparently fictitious.



Christian Ffahls, private, tTtica; wounded Oct. 27, 1864.

Alfred Sabine, private, Utica; killed at Fort Fisher, N. C, Jan. 15, 1865,

Joseph Carr, private, Utica.

Allen F. Oasselman, private, Utica.

Philip J. Kent, private, Utica.

Lewis A. Boyd, private, Utica ; wounded at mine explosion, Petersburg, Va.

Marcus Bateinan, private, Utica.

John Douglas, private, Utica.

Geo. "W.HuDt, private, Utica; killed at Fort Fisher.

Joseph B. Hurlbert, private, Utica ; prisoner at Bermuda Hundred.

Thomas Joice, private, Rome.

James Murley, private, Utica.

Thomas McMahon, private, Utica.

George H. Owen, private, Utica.

John O'Brien, private, Utica;* pro. to corp.

John Murphy, private, Utica.

K-ichard Morrin, private, Utica.

Charles H. Dell, private, Utica.

Charles Briggs, private, Utica;

Florence, S. 0.
John Treen, private, Utica.

missing Oct. 27, 1864; died in rebel priaon,


Frank Beed, private, Utica.

Chas. H. Wample, private, Utica.

Michael Downs, private, Utica; wounded Sept. 29, 1864.

Clias. H. Malone, private, Utica; wounded at Fort Fisher.

Willard Boomer, private, Utica; pro. to corp.

Patrick Doyle, private, Rome ; died of wounds, July 30, 1864.

Robert Jackson, private, Rome.

John 'Williams, private, Utica.

Taliesin Evans, private, Floyd.

Hiram H. Hughes, private, Remsen; missing in action, Sept. 29, 1864.

John Rogers, private, Utica.

John V. Jones, private, Rerasen.

Reese T. Jones, private, Remsen ; disch. from hospital.

Charles Chandler, private, Utica.


Levi Evans, private, Utica.

Warren Johnson, private, Utica.

George Johnson, private, Utica.

Thomas Mosher, private, Utica.

Jerome Newton, private, Utica; died May 3, 1864.

Jasper Covell, private, Vienna.

Michael Daly, private, innsville; killed May 16, 1864,

Clark V. Graves, private, Rome.

Goo. G. Spencer, private, Rome ; killed at Fort Fisher.

Geo. W. Martin, private, Rome.

Leander Every, private, Annsville.

Ransom Snyder, private, Annsville.

Dennis H. Carl, private, Utica.

Geo. B. Meaga, private, Utica; died of wounds, July 11, 1864.

Lewis Wallace, private, Rome.


Hiram B. Covell, private, Utica.

Josiah B. Covell, private, Utica.

Giles Bears, private, Utica ; died of wounds, Sept. 2, 18G4.

Edward Doorhanimer, private, Utica.

Ellis Evans, private, Utica.

Wm. Flannigan, private, Utica.

William Geuter, private, Utica.

Richard Hewston, private, Utica; pro. to corporal.

Thomas Kaloe, private, Utica,

Arthur Knight, private, Utica ; missing in action, Sept. 29, 1864.

Patrick King, private, Utica ; killed Sept. 29, 1864.

A. Lockwood, private, Utica.

H. Lockwotid, private, Utica.

Joseph Morrell, private, Utica; died of wounds, Sept. 2, 1864.

James McCarthy, private, Utica ; killed Aug. 28, 1864.

George W. MilHngton, private, Utica.

Henry Squires, private, Utica; disch. Nov. 1, 1864.

Franklin Thurston, private, Utica.

George Walters, private, Utica.

Morris Wormwood, private, Utica.

F. D. Welcome, private, Utica.

Morris Mahoney, private, Utica,

David Wagoner, private, Utica.

D. S. Winston, private, Utica.

A. V. Johnson, private, Steuben.

Wm. H. Roberts, private, Steuben.

Wm. E. Shaft, private, Steuben.

Charles Tigh, private, Whltestown.

Clark J. Sylvester, private, Utica.


Jonas Leroy, private, Utica.

Rufus Priest, private, Utica.

George L. Potter, private, Utica; died'of wounds, July 2, 1864.

Eugene Royce, private, Utica; disch. Sept. 26, 1864.

Albert H. Itoyce, private, Utica.

Wm. C, Worden, private, Utica.

William Manson, private, Utica.

John B, Parshall, private, Paris.

Wm. H. Sherman, private, Utica; trans, to Yet. Res, Corps.

Michael Irion, private, Utica.

George Barioe, private, Rome ; died March 9, 1864.

Wm. J. Monroe, private, Utica,

James McCarthy, private, Paris.

Ed. W. Oliver, private, Paris,

Thomas Long, private, Paris.

Russell Brooks, private, Paris.

H. A. Kenyon, private, Paris; died Feb. 10, 1865.

D. P. Townsend, private, Paris; discharged.


Joseph Kappes, private, Utica.

William Gorr, private, Rome ; wounded Oct. 27, 1864; trans, to 48th N. T. Vols.
Michael Bohmer, private, Rome; trans, to Vet, Res. Coips.
Wesley Fetterly, private, Annsville; trans, to 48th N. Y. Vols.
George Gordon, private, Rome ; wounded at Fort Fisher,
Robert Haslock, private, Utica; killed Sept. 29, 1864.
■Philip Hanniacher, private, Rome; trans, to 48th N. Y. Vole.
John Marks, private, Lee.
Frank Rohen, private, Utica.
William H. Spell, private, Utica.
Eli Cone, private, Utica.
Wm. R. Keiui, private, Utica.
James Eastwood, private, Remsen.
Morris H. Loomis, private, Remsen ; killed Oct. 27, 1864.


James G. Orcutt, private, Utica; killed May 16, 1864.

0. Burlingame, private, Utica,

J. Cunningham, private, Utica.

Dewey S. Divine, private, Utica; died Oct. 23, 1864.

Classon S. Divine, private, Utica.

Charles GifiFord, private, Utica.

A. A. Harrington, private, Utica; killed July 17, 1864.

Jason Harger, private, Utica; killed June 7, 1864; one of his last utterances, as

he lay dying on the field, was, " May the old flag triumph 1"
W. F. Hamblin, private, Utica.
Peter McDonald, private, Utica.
George B. Meayo, private, Utica.

E. Quackenboss, private, Utica.
Samuel Ruzo, private, Utica,
D. H. Smith, private, Utica.

George W. Strong, private, Utica; died Aug. 2, 1864.

Andrew Moon, private, Utica,

John Cifuieron, private, Utica,

John B. Cameron, private, Utica ; killed Sept. 29, 1864,

Benjamin Gi'iffith, private, Utica,

Henry H, Simon, private, Utica,

Abraliam Whiter, private, Utica.

Oliver Cronk, private, Utica; died April 9, 1864.

C. H. McDowell, private, Utica.

Levi Rosenthal, private, Utica.

J. B. Windsor, private, Utica ; missing in action, May 16, 1864.

Timothy Henrlght, private, Utica; missing in action, Sept. 29, 1864.

A. H. Houston, private, Utica.

Joseph Knight, private, Paris.


Warren H. Babcock, private, Utica.

Charles H. Do Georcy, private, Utica; wounded at Drury's Bluff, Va.

Williiim C. Green, private, Uiica; killed Sept. 28, 1864.

J. W. De Georgy, private, Utica.

John Green, private, Utica.

Edwin Trask, private, Utica.

Wm. Van Valkenbnrg, private, Utica.

Morris Williams, private, Utica ; killed at Drury's Bluff, Va.

Mansfield DeLaney, private, Utica; killed^May 16, 1864.

Martin Flint, private, Utica.

David Darling, private, Utica.

Thomas Maloney, private, Utica.

John Davis, private, Utica.

William Curry, private, Utica; killed at Drury's Bluff, Va., May 16, 1864.

Charles Gariock, private, Utica; killed at Dniry'a Bluff, Va., May 16, 1864.

Wells 0. Murray, private, Utica.

Harvey T. Royce, private, Utica.

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