Samuel W. (Samuel Whitaker) Pennypacker.

The extensive library of the Hon. Samuel W. Pennypacker, embracing his extraordinary collection of books relating to Quakers, including the first book printed in New York. The most complete online

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Online LibrarySamuel W. (Samuel Whitaker) PennypackerThe extensive library of the Hon. Samuel W. Pennypacker, embracing his extraordinary collection of books relating to Quakers, including the first book printed in New York. The most complete → online text (page 8 of 12)
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Christi, etc. With 12 woodcuts.

I2mo, calf, clasps, broken. Moser & Peters, Carlisle, 1823

With hand illuminated fly leaf, dated 1827.

Another Copy. Lacks two leaves.

STARCK, JOHANN J. Tagliches Hand-Buch in guten und
bosen Tagen, etc. Portrait and four rude cuts.
8vo, calf clasps. Moser & Peters, Carlisle, 1825


651 SCH MUCKER, G. S. An Inaugural Address delivered be-
fore the Directors of the Theological Seminary of the Gen-
eral Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

8vo. J. Tizzard, Carlisle, 1826

652 SCHMIDT, DANIEL. Das gemeinnutzige Haus-Arzeney-

v > *
i6mo, half roan. Carlisle, 1826

653 DAS NEUE TESTAMENT unsers Herrn und Heilandes Jesu
Christi. With 12 wood engravings.

I2vo, calf. Moser & Peters, Carlisle, 1827

654 MAGAZINE of the German Reformed Church . . . edited
at the Theological Seminary. Nov., 1827, to Dec., 1829.

/i Vols. i and 2.

8vo, bound. Carlisle, 1827-9

655 REED, JOHN. Pennsylvania Blackstone, being a Modifica-
tion of the Comemntaries of Sir William Blackstone.

3 vols. 8vo, sheep. Geo. Fleming, Carlisle, 1831

656 DUFFIELD, GEQRGE. Spiritual Life or Regeneration.

8vo, uncut Geo. Fleming, 1832

657 VERHANDLUNGEN der Hoch-Deutschen Reformirten Sy-
node von Pennsylvanien und den angranzenden Staaten ge-
halten in Schaferstaun, Libanon County, Penn.

8vo, half morocco. Geo. Fleming, Carlisle, 1833

658 HELFENSTEIN, REV. J. C. A. A Collection of Choice Ser-
mons by. Translated by I. Daniel Rupp.

I2mo, sheep. Geo. Fleming, Carlisle, 1832

659 ZOLLIKOFFER, REV. JOHN. A Newly Opened Treasury of
/P j-jU/uHeavenly Incense, or Christians Companion. Portrait.

8vo, sheep. G. Fleming, Carlisle, 1833

660 THE TEMPLE. A Monthly Magazine devoted to Masonry.
Literature and Science. With portraits and other illustra-

. ,-t tions. Vols. i and 2 in i vol.

8vo, half morocco, gilt, top edge gilt. Carlisle, 1851-53

All published. Rare.

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

LESLIE, CHARLES. A Short and Easy Method with the

I2mo, half morocco. Dover & Harper, Chambersburg, 1796



I2mo, sheep, one side of cover missing.

Dover & Harper, Chambersburg, 1797

663 MOORE, JOHN. A Journal During the Revolution in
France. With map engraved by Ralph of New York. Vol. I.
I2mo, sheep. Andrew Dover, Chambersburg, 1797

664 Ross, JAMES. A Practical, New Vocabulary, Latin and
English. ,
i6mo, bound. Snowden & McCorkle, Chambersburg, 1798

665 DICKINSON, JONATHAN. The True Scripture Doctrine
concerning some Important Point of Christian Faith.
I2mo, sheep. R. & G. K. Harper, Chambersburg, 1800

666 EINE UNTERSUCHUNG der Religion . . . besonders
aber Ein Versuch den Betrug der Methodisten zu entdecken.

,* I2mo, half roan. Chambersburg, 1810

Fierce attack upon the Methodists by a minister of the
Reformed Church. The wiknozvn author zvas Johannes E .
He says, p. 14: "When a man has used himself up by steal-
ing and whoring, and is good for n thing more, he is still
good enough for a Methodist preacher."

667 WESLEY, JOHANN. Das Leben des ehrwurdigen . . .
^ Stifter der Methodisten Religion. Curious portrait of Wes-

I2mo, half roan. J. Herschburger, Chambersburg, 1810

668 Another Copy. Unbound and uncut.
J^ Fine copy. \<^r^-*^-

669 HYMNS on Select Passages of Scripture, with others usu-
ally sung at Camp Meeting.

i6mo, sheep, broken. G. K. Harper, Chambersburg, 1811

670 STARCK, JOHANN F.. Gebat oder Tagliches Hand-Buch.
8vo, sheep. J. Herschberger, Chambersburg, 1812

671 EINE ERKLARUNG der Constitution In Fragen und Ant-
worten abgefasst von P L .

I2mo, half morocco. F. W. Schafflin, Chambersburg, 1816

672 Another Copy, unbound.

673 ELLIOTT, DAVID. Letters on the General Structure, Gov-
ernment, Laws and Discipline of the Church.

I2mo, sheep. G. K: Harper, Chambersburg, 1826


674 ECONOMY OF HUMAN LIFE, in German and English.
I2mo, half sheep. Chambersburg, 1827

675 HELFFENSTEIN, J. C. A. Eine Sammlung auserlesener

I2mo, half morocco. Victor Scriba, Chambersburg, 1835

676 FORSCH, JOHANN A. Leben, Thaten und Meinungen des
Ulrich Zwingli. Portrait.

I2mo, half roan. Victor Scriba, Chambersburg, 1837

The portrait was engraved by W. Wagner, of York, Pa.

677 INDIANS. Abentheuerliche Ereignisse aus dem Leben der
ersten Ansiedler an den Grenzen der Mittleren und West-
lichen Staaten, Nebst Historischen Skizzen von den Feld-
zugen der Generale Harmar, St. Clair und Wayne. With
folding plates.

8vo, half morocco, gilt, red top, uncut. Chambersburg, 1839



678 THE CITIZEN AND COUNTRYMAN'S Experienced Farrier.
By J. Markham, G. Jefferson and experienced Indians.
I2mo, sheep. Chambersburg, 1839

679 SCHNEIDER, MRS. E. C. A. Letters from Broosa, Asia

I2mo, calf. Chambersburg, 1846

680 THE HEIDELBERG CATECHISM. Translated by Rev. J. H.
Good and Rev. H. Harbaugh.

I2tno, half bound. Chambersburg, 1849

Columbia, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

68 1 A REPLY of the Board of Managers to a Report of a Com-
mittee of the Stockholders of the Columbia, Pa., Bridge
/, Company.

I2mo, half morocco, uncut. W. Greer, Columbia, 1820

Doylestown. Pennsylvania, Imprints.

LARZELERE, JACOB. A Discourse occasioned by the Death
of Mr. Daniel Homeland.
8vo. Asher Miner, Doylestown, 1814

for 1817.

I2mo, unbound. Doylestown, 1816

684 The Same for 1819.

/ ^ 8vo, half roan. Dowingtown, 1818


Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

685 KENNEDY, NATHANIEL. The Gospel Mason, or the Beauty
of Unity. A Sermon Preached before the Worshipful Mas-
ter, Wardens and Brethren of Lodge Number Fifty of Free
and Accepted Masons at West Chester, December 27, 5817.
8mo, half roan. Downingtown, 1818

Easton, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

686 BECKER, CHR. Ein jeder Deutscher sein eigner englischer
^ Sprachmeister, oder : Der Deutschen bester Gesellschafer in

den Vereinigten Staaten von America. Frontispiece.

8vo, boards. C. J. Hutter, Easton, 1806

687 BECKER, CHARLES. Der Deutschen allgegenwartiger Eng-
lischer Sprachlehrer. Frontispiece.

8vo, boards. C. J. Hutter, Easton, 1808

688 BECKER, C. Der Allgegenwartige Deutsche Sprachlehrer.
rJj^~ &vo, boards. C. J. Hutter, Easton, 1808

689 BECKER, CHRIST. Der Deutschen Allgegenwartige Eng-
lischer Sprachlehrer. Frontispiece.

8vo, boards. C. J. Hutter, Easton, 1809

690 Another Copy.
8vo, boards.

691 Another Copy.

8vo boards, lacking frontespiece.

\6g2 WEIBLICHE STANDH'AFTIGKEIT, oder die Geschichte einer
italienischen Herzogin. Illustrated.

I2mo, bound. C. J. Hutter, Easton, 1809

Contains two meritorious copperplates by Jno. Eckstein.


izmo, boards stained. Easton, 1811

694 RAUCH, C. H. Des Deutschen Bauers und Landmanns

I2tno, sheep. C. J. Hutter, Easton, 1810

695 CATECISMUS, oder Kurzer Unterricht Christlicher Lehre,
wie derselbe in denen Reformirten Kirchen und Schulen.
I2mo, half bound. C. J. Hutter, Easton, 1812

696 KURZER BEGRIFF der Biblischen Geschichte von C. J. Hut-

I2mo, boards. C. J. Hutter und Sohn, Easton, 1819

697 Another Copy.


Economy, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

698 FEURIGE KOHLEN der aufsteigenden Liebesflammen in
Lustspiel der Weisheit.

y2* 8vo, half bound. Oekonomie, 18:26

A publication of the Rappists.

Edensburg, Pennsylvania. Imprints.

699 ROBERTS, REV. GEORGE. A View of the Primitive Ages.
~ Svo, sheep. Canan & Scott, Edensburg, 1834

Ephrata, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

700 DELL, WILHELM. Das reine Und Lautere Evangelium.
I2mo, half bound. Jos. Bauman, Ephrata, 1825

Erie, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

701 TODD, L. C. A Defence, containing the Author's Renun-
ciation of Universalism.

I2tno, calf. J. M. Sterrett, Erie, 1834

Frankiord, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

^resistible Proof of the Divine Origin of Christianity.

I2tno, sheep. Jos. Sharpless, Frankford, 1812

703 Another Copy.

, sheep.

_. 1 7i

Franklin, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

704 SOMERVILLE, JOHN. The Eden of Hope.

^ l6mo, bound, uncut. Franklin, 1829

Fredericksburg, Maryland, Imprints.

705 DAS NEUE DEUTSCHE ABC und Buchstaben-Buchlein,
fur Die Schulen aller Religionen in Nord-Amerika.
i6mo, half morocco, original covers bound in.

M. Bartigis, Frederichstadt, 1795
Illustrated with curious woodcuts. An unknown primer.

Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Imprints

706 WYLIE, SAMUEL B. The Two Sons of Oil, or the Faith-
.x'ful Witness for Magistracy and Ministry.

^,2-^ I2mo, half morocco, uncut.

Snowden & McCorkle, Greensburg, 1803

Title repaired on margin. Very rare.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

707 AN IMPORTANT HISTORY of the French Revolution. Vol. I.
I2mo, sheep. Jas. Magee, Gettysburg, 1802

708 BLAIR, HUGH. Sermons by.

8vo, sheep. Robt. Harper, Gettysburg, 1805

709 KNOX, HUGH. The Moral and Religious Miscellany.
I2mo, half bound. Robt. Harper, Gettysburg, 1807

710 THE CONSTITUTION of the United States according to the
Latest Amendments.

I2mo, sheep. Robt. Harper, Gettysburg, 1811

711 DODDRIDGE, P. Twelve Sermons on the Power and Grace
of Christ.

I2mo, sheep. Gettysburg, 1827

712 SCHMUCKER, S. S. Kurzgefasste Geschichte der Christ-
lichen Kirche.

I2mo, sheep. H. C. Reinstedt, Gettysburg, 1834


i6mo, sheep. (Broken.) Gettysburg, 18.37

714 SCHMUCKER, J. G. Die Wachterstimme an Zion's Kinder.
I2mo, sheep. Gettysburg, 1838

Hanover. Pennsylvania, Imprints.

7I43 - 2 EINE CONTROVERSIA oder Disputations-Schreiben, Wel-
ches, in Hanover Stadt, York County, gefuhret worden, in
Jahre 1793, Zwischen einem Lutherischen Prediger, und et-
liche Handwerksleute welche ire Lehre der Wiederbringung
aller Dinge glauben.
8vo. H. Willcocks, Hanover, 1793

715 TREUHERTZIGE ERINNERUNG und Warnung bestehend in
vielen Klagreden vom Verfall eds Christenthums.

i6mo, paper. S. E. Stettinius Hannover, 1798

716 BAYNON, EBAM. Der Barmhertzige Samariter oder
Freund und Bruderlicher Rath.

I2mo, bound. S. E. Stettinius Hannover, 1798

717 SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL. Eine Auslegung, oder Erkla-
rung des Vierundzwanzigsten Kapitels in Evangelisten Mat-

I2mo, half bound. W. D. Leffer, Hannover, 1806

718 Another Copy.
I2mo, half bound.

719 MELSHEIMER, FRED. VAL. A Catalogue of Insects of
Pennsylvania. Part First.

& '. 8vo, half morocco. W. D. Leffer, Hanover, 1806

The first American Entomology. Exceedingly rare. Fine
copy, all published. Only three copies known.

720 REICH, J. C. F. Beschaftigungen des Herzens mit Gott,
in den Morgen- und Abend-Stunden.

8vo, boards. Starck & Lange, Hannover, 1810

721 ANDACHTSUBUNG junger Christen, die das heilige Abend-
mahl zum erstenmal halten.

8vo. Starck & Lange, Hannover, 1816

An exceedingly scarce original Univcrsalist tract.

Harleysville, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

722 MATHEWS, EDWARD. The Rosenberger Family, of Mont-
gomery County. Historical and Genealogical Sketches.
8vo, calf. Harleysville, 1892

Getty sbiugh, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

723 REFLECTIONS on Courtship and Marriage in two Letters
to a Friend, wherein a Practicable Plan is laid down for ob-
taining and Securing Conjugal Felicity.

I2mo, sheep. Allen & Wyeth, Harrisburgh, 1793

The work is attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

724 Another Copy.
I2mo, half bound.

725 McGowAN, JOHN. Death, a Vision; or, The Solemn De-
parture of Saints and Sinners.

I2mo, sheep. Jno. Wyeth, Harrisburg, 1796

726 Another Copy. Title soiled.

727 BUTLER, JAMES. Fortune's Foot-Ball, or The Adventures
of Mercutio. Founded on Matters of Fact.

2 vols in i. I2mo,half bound. John Wyeth, Harrisburgh, 1798

One of the first novels of Western Pennsylvania.

728 Another Copy.

2 volumes , I2mo, sheep, one side of cover off of volume 2.



I2mo, calf, clasps. Benj. Mayer, Ilarrisburgh, 1809

Third edition. Unknown to Seidensticker and not in the
Pennsylvania Historical Society.

Fourth American Edition.

2 vols. in I. I2mo, half morocco. John Wyeth, Harrisburgh, 1801

731 AMERICANISCHER CALENDER, auf das Jahr 1802.

4to, half morocco. Benj. Mayer, Harrisburgh, 1801

732 TAUTE, RUDOLPH H. Wahrhafter Bericht von dem sel-
tenen und merkwurdigen Gnaednwerk Gottes in einem zehen-
tenen und merkwurdigen Gnademverk Gottes in einem Zehen-
jahrigen Kinde Jonas Eilers zu Timmel in Ostfriesland.
I2mo, paper. Benj. Mayer, Harrisburgh, 1803

733 SEELEN-MEDICIN oder Vier geistreich Tractaten zum
I o / Unterricht Heilsbegieriger Seelen.

i /\ J&** I2mo, sheep. Mayer & Atkinson, Harrisburg, 1804

734 DIE HEILSAME WAHRHEIT in Frag und Antvvort Fur
heilsbegierige Seelen, sonderlich fur die ankommende Ju-

I2mo, half morocco. B. Mayer, Harrisburg, 1805

735 SMOLLETT, TOBIAS. The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle,
In which are included Memoirs of a Lady of Quality.

3 vols, I2mo, sheep. John Wyeth, Harrisburgh, 1807
Fine copy. Scarce.

736 MCHENRY, SAMUEL. The Practical Distiller.

8vo, sheep. J. Wyeth, Harrisburgh, 1809

737 ROUSSEAU, J. J. Letters of an Italian Nun and an English
Gentleman. With frontispiece by /. G. Warnick.

I2mo, sheep. Jno. Wyeth, Harrisburgh, 1809

^738 TfjjxxoR, F. L. Vermachtnis an Theone.

half bound. J. S. Wiestling, Harrisburg, 1813

739 SASSE, B. H. Geistliche Lieder.

l6mo, half morocco. C. Glenn, Harrisburg, 1814

740 MYSERAS, LAMBRECHT. Empfindungen und Erfahrungen
der Frommen auf dem Wege nach dem Himmel.

I2mo, bound. J. S. Wiestling, Harrisburg, 1814

741 LOCHMAN, GEO. The History, Doctrine, and Discipline of
the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

I2mo, sheep. Jno. Wyeth, Harrisburgh, 1818

742 MAGINNISS, JAMES. A New, Copious and Complete Sys-
tem of Arithmetic.

I2mo, sheep. Wm. Greer, Harrisburg, 1821

743 WIESTLING, J. S. Der vollstandige Bienen-Warter oder
Nuezliche Anweisungen zvr Bienen-Zucht.

I2mo. J. S .Wiestling, Harrisburg, 1810

744 ST. JOHN, STEPHEN. The American Hy^brist, containing
Easy and Concise Rules of Music.

Oblong 4to, boards. Wm. Greer, Harrisburg, 1821

745 WYETH, JOHN. Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music.
Part Second.

Oblong 4to, boards. Harrisburgh, 1820

746 SCHABALIE, JOHANN P. Die Wane^ide Seele. Das ist:
Gesprache der Wandlenden Seele mit 'Adam, Noah und Si-
mon Cleophas.

I2tno, calf, clasps. J. S. Wiestling, Harrisburg, 1822

747 DEIGENDESCH, JOHANNES. Nachrichten nutzliches und /
aufrichtiges Pferd-Arzeneybuch.

i6mo, half bound. J. S. Wiestling, Harrisburg, 1822

748 DODDRIDGE, D. PHILII. Anfang und Fotrgang Wahrer
Gottseligkeit in der menschlichen Seele.

i2mo, calf. J. S. Wiestling, Harrisburg, 1823

749 THE CONSTITUTION of the United States of America. The
Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, etc.
I2mo, bound. J. S. Wiestling, Harrisburg, 1826

750 THORNTON, J. Die Busse Erklart und anbefohlen.
I2mo, sheep. J. S. Wiestling, Harrisburg, 1827

751 BUN VAN, JOHANN. Eines Christen Reise nach der Seligen
Ewigkeit. Illustrated with wondcuts.

I2mo, half morocco. G. S. Peters, Harrisburg, 1828

752 THE EXCELLENCY of the Female Character Vindicated.
I2mo, half bound. F. Wyeth, Harrisburg, 1828

753 LOCHMAN, A. H. Hinterlassene Predigten.

I2mo, sheep. G. S. Peters, Harrisburg, 1828


754 KEMPIS, THOMAS A. Der Kleine Kempis. Frontispiece.
i6mo, sheep. G. S. Peters, Harrisburg, 1830

755 LINDL, IGNAZ. Der Kern des Christenthums.

i6mo, half bound. G. S. Peters, Harrisburg, 1830

756 PROCEEDINGS of the Democratic Convention held at Har-
risburg, Pennsylvania, March 5, 1832.

8vo. H. Welsh, Harrisburg, 1832

757 SCHABALIE, J. P. Die Wandejnde Seele.

I2mo, sheep, broken. G. S. Peters, Harrisburg, 1833

758 VINCENT, THOMAS. Christ's Sudden and Certain Appear-
ance in Judgment.

I2mo, sheep. Jno. Winebrenner, Harrisburg, 1835

y 759 RUPP, I. D. The Geographical Catechism of Pennsyl-
vania and the Western States, designed as a Guide and
Pocket Companion for Travellers and Emigrants to Penn-
sylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Missouri.
I2mo, half morocco. Jno. Winebrenner, Harrisburg, 1836


759^4 LANDIS, JNO. The Messiah, a Poem, with other original
i6mo. Harrisburg, 1839

760 HARRISBURG AND OTHER IMPRINTS. Washington's Valedic-
tory Address. Harrisburg, 1838. Krauth's Oration on the
Advantages of the German Language. Gettysburg, 1832.
Reed's Oration before the Phrenakosmian Society of Penn.
College. Gettysburg, 1834. McLear's Oration on General
Lafayette. Gettysburg, 1834. Krauth's Address at his
Inauguration as President of Penn. College. Gettysburg,
1834. McLean's Address on Washington's Birthday. Gettys-
burg, 1838. Speech of Thaddeus Stevens in favor of a
Bill to establish a School of Arts in Philada. Harrisburg,
1838. Biddle's address before the Philomathean and Phren-
akosmian Societies of Penn. College. Gettysburg, 1838.
Baker's address before the Phrenakosmian Society of Penn.
College. Gettysburg, 1840, etc. Bound in i volume.

8vo, half roan.

Episcopal Succession, by Henry Major. Harrisburg, 1844.
Mirror for Dyspeptics. By J. M. Sanderson. Frontispiece.
Philadelphia, 1844. A Sixth Essay on Free Trade and
Finance. / Philadelphia, 1783. A Narrative of the Lost

Cruise of the U. S. Steam Frigate Missouri, including a
full detail of the General Conflagration. By Wm. Bolton.
New York, 1844. Alsographia Americana, or an American
Grove of New or Revised Trees and Shrubs, by C. S. Rafi-
nesque. Philadelphia, 1838. Remarks upon Morbus Ory-
zeus or Disease occasioned by the employment of Noxious
Rice as Food. By R. Tyler. Calcutta, 1820, etc. Bound in
i volume.
8vo, half morocco.

762 MAHAN, J. M. The Private Instructor.

I2mo, sheep, broken. Harrisburg, 1838

763 BURROWES, THOMAS H. Draft of a Revised Common
School Law.

8vo. Harrisburg, 1839

Kittanning, Pennsylvania. Imprints.

764 BEN NET, REV. MOSES P. Lecture on Theology.

I2mo, boards, uncut. Copley, Croll & Co., Kittanning, 1826

Lansdale, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

765 WEISER, DANIEL. Deffentliche Correspondenzen zwischen
Josua Schultz und, im Jahr 1858.

I2mo, paper. Jno. Shupe, Lansdale, 1861

Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

766 ALMANAC. Neuer Hauswirthschafts-Calender auf das
Jahr 1810. Corners of title repaired. With frontispiece by

4to, half roan. J. Schnee, Libanon

767 Another Copy.
4to, half morocco.

768 Another Copy.
4to, paper.

769 The Same for 1811.

4to. half morocco. Jacob Schnee, Libanon

770 The Same for 1812.

4to, half morocco. Jacob Schnee, Libanon

771 The Same for 1813.

4to, half morocco. Jacob Schnee, Libanon


772 The Same for 1813.

4to, half morocco. Jacob Schnee, Libanon

773 MOLLER, MARTIN. Anweisung zum Christlichen Leben
und seligen Sterben.

3 copies. I2mo, boards. Jacob Schnee, Libanon, 1808

774 DER KLEINE CATECHISMUS des sel. D. Martin Luther.
i6mo, boards. Jacob Schnee, Libanon, 1808

775 KAYSER, HEINRICH. Sammhmg eineger nutzlicher und
lehrreicher Lieder und Verse.

i6mo. J. Schnee, Libanon, 1808

776 ZEUGNISS EINES KINDES von der Richtigkeit der Wege
des Geistes vorgestellt in einer mystischen und buchstabli-
chen Erklarting der Offenbahrung Jesu Christi dem heiligen
Johanni geschehen.

8vo, calf, clasps. J. Schnee, Libanon, 1808

This book is supposed to have been written by the Count
de Mar say, a Mystic and traveling companion of Dr. George
De Benneville, and to have been translated by the latter into

777 KRAMB, CHRISTIAN. Auf Erfahrung gegrundete Vor-
schriften um Wolle, Leinen und Baumwolle zu farden.
I2mo, paper. H. B. Sage, Libanon, 1808

778 ERSTES BUCK fur Deutsche Kinder oder ABC. Frontis-

I2mo, half bound. J. Schnee, Libanon, 1819


779 SEILER, G. F. Biblische Religion und Gluckseligkeits-

8vo, half morocco. H. Sage, Libanon, 1810

780 The Same. 2 copies. Soiled.

781 DIE AMERICANISCHE GOLDGRUBE; das ist: die Kunst des
Landmanns seine zeitlichen Guter funfzig- bis hundertfaltig
zu vermehren . . . Ein lehrreiches "fcCSe- und Rechen-
buch, fur alle wahre Patrioten, etc.

8vo, half morocco. H. Sage, Libanon, 1810

The author was a Moravian living a mile from Lebanon.

782 STILLING, HEINRICH. Theoba'.a, oder die Schwarmer.
I2mo, half bound. J. Stoever, Libanon, 1811

The first American edition, a most popular work among
the Pennsylvania Dutch, based upon life among the sects.


sen Konigs von Italien, Beschutzer des Rheinischen Bundes,
etc. Portrait of Napoleon on title.

T2nio, paper. Libanon, 1811

Very rare.

784 DER DURCH EUROPA und Amerika aufmerksame Reisende.
I2mo. J. Schnee, Libanon, 1811

785 HAUPT-!NIIALT der Christlichen Lehre. Nebst einer kurz-
gefassten Kirchen-Geschichte.

I2mo, boards. Jos. Schnee, Libanon, 1813

786 Another Copy.
I2mo, bound.

787 WINCHESTER, E. Der Merkwurdige Lebens-Lauf, die
Soneerbare Bekehrung, und Entzuckungen des ohnlangst
bey Germantaun (in Pennsylvanien) wohnenden und ver-
storben Dr. George de Benneville.

I2mo. Jos. Hartman, Libanon, 1815

788 Another Copy.

I2mo, half roan. Jos. Hartman, Libanon, 1815

789 ZUSAM MEN HANG der Christlichen Lehre, nach Anleitung
des Heidelbergischen Catechism.

I2mo boards. J. Hartman, Libanon, 1818

790 HOCH DEUTSCHES Lutherisches ABC und Namen-Buch-

I2mo boards. J. Hartman, Libanon, 1818

I 791 TERSTEEGEN, GERHARD. Geistliche und erbauliche Briefe
uber das inwendige Leben.

ismo, calf, clasps. Libanon, 1819 t^

First American edition.

792 Another Copy.
I2mo, sheep.

793 HERTZ, DANIEL. Poetischer Himmels-Weg.

i6mo, calf. J. Hartman, Libanon, 1830

794 TKRSTEEGEN, GERHARD. Kleine Perlen-Schnur Fur die
Kleinen nur, etc.

^I2mo, calf. J. C. Schmidt, Libanon, 1831

795 LEIB, ISAAC. Wohlerfahrner Pferde-Arzt.

8vo, half bound. ""J. HartTnan, Libanon, 1842


Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Imprints.

796 ALMANAC. Der Gantz Neue Verbesserte Nord-America-
nische Calender, Des I776sten Jahres Christi.

4to, morocco. Franz Bailey, Lancaster (1775)

The first German almanac published in Lancaster, with
portrait of Maurice of Orange on the back. Last leaf im-
perfect on corner, and several corners of other pages re-
paired. Excessively rare.

797 ALMANAC. Der Allerneuste Nord-Americanische Calen-
der, auf das Jahr 1778.

4to, half bock. Matthias Bartgis, Lancaster (1777)

798 ALMANAC. Der Republikanische Calender, Auf das Jahr

4to, half morocco. T. Cossart & Co, Lancaster, (1779)

Repaired. Very rare, unknown to Hildeburn.

799 ALMANAC. Der Gantz Neue Verbesserte Nord-America-
nische Calender, Auf das I785ste Jahr Christi.

4to, half bock. F. Bailey, Lancaster, (1784)

800 ALMANAC. Der Neue Gemeinnutzige Landwirthschafts
Calender, Auf das Jahr 1788.

4to, half morocco. Steimer, Albrecht & Lahn, Lancaster, (1787)

The first issue. Very rare.

801 The Same for 1788.
4to, half morocco.

802 The Same for 1789. Stained and repaired.
4to, half morocco.

803 The Same for 1790. Frontispiece damaged.
4to, half morocco.

804 The Same for 1791. Lacking frontispiece.
4to, half morocco.

Has the folio prospectus for the almanac inserted.

805 The Same for 1792.
4to, half morocco.

806 The Same for 1793. Lacking frontispiece.
4to, half morocco.

807 The Same for 1794.
4to, half morocco.

Has portrait of Mico Schlucco, King of the Seminoles.


808 The Same for 1795.
4to, morocco.

809 The Same for 1795. Lacking frontispiece.
4to, half morocco.

810 The Same for 1796. Lacking frontispiece.
4to, half morocco.

811 The Same for 1796. Lacking frontispiece.
4to, half morocco.

812 The Same for 1797.
4to, morocco.

813 The Same for 1797.
4to, half morocco.

814 The Same for 1708.
4to, half morocco.

815 The Same for 1798.
4to, half morocco.

816 The Same for 1799.
4to, morocco.

817 The Same for 1799.

24 vols. 4to, half morocco. Lancaster

818 ALMANAC. Der Neue, Gemeinnutzige Landwirthschafts
Calender, Auf das Jahr 1800, 1801, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07,
'08, '09, 'ii, '12, '13, '14, '15, '16, '17, '18, '22, '24, '25, '27,

'30, '31-

24 vols. 410, half morocco Lancaster

The almanacs for 1804, '09, '12 and '24 lack frontispiece.

819 The Same for 1801, '03, '05, '07, 'n, '15, '16, '18, '27, and


10 vols. 4to, (5 vols. half morocco and 5 vols. unbound). Lancaster
Lacks frontispieces to 1803 and 1827.

820 The Same for 1803, 1811 and 1815.
3 vols., 4to.

821 ALMANAC. Neuer Gemeinnutziger Pennsylvanischer Ca-

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