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Summary of Proceedings of Boards and Commissions


At the regular weekly meeting of the Board of Supervisors
held on the 2nd inst., the following was the principal business

Applications for Permits Referred to Committees.

Boxing — Western Club, on January 3.

Laundry — C. W. Schilling, at 1837 Greenwich street.

Stable — H. A. Fruechter, rear of 12 Silliman street, for one
horse; A. D. McAllister, at 340 Eleventh street, for six horses;
.Vlex Bond, in east side of Eleventh street, north of Natoma
street, for thirty horses.

Permits Recommended — Passed to Print.

Boiler — John Liratl & Co., in south side of Lombard street,
100 feet west of Divisadero street; Andrew Malatesta, at 1450
Grant avenue; L. Laustan, at 3564 Sacramento street.

Engine and Boiler — Laurent Ray, at 329 Noe street.

Oil Storage — ^Mrs. Alexander Conden, 15-gallon tank, at north-
east corner of Geary street and Arguello boulevard; Edward
RolUius, 1500-gallon tank on west side of Sixth street, 150 feet
north of Folsom street; Andrew Rudgear, 1500-gallon tank in
south side of Bush street, 137 feet 6 inches east of Stockton
street ; Jacob Schwartz, 1900-gallon tank in north side of Turk
street, 137 feet 6 inches west of Mason street.

Laundry — L. Estacalla, on west line of Ninth aveuue, 12")
feet north of lining street.

Stable — E. B. Carr, northwest side of Tehama stre^, 250 feet
northeast of Fourt i street, for two horses; Herman Wachter,
in rear of 24 Felton street, for one horse.

Pine Line — Miller & Lux Inc., from the plant of the Cali-
fornia Tallow Works, on Evans avenue, between Keith avenue
and Lane street, to its property on Evans avenue, between New-
hall street and Railroad avenue; also to lay and maintain a
four-inch pipe line from the plant of Roth, Blum & Company, at
the corner of Fairfax avenue and Mendell street, to its property
on Evans avenue, between Newhall street and Railroad avenue.

Application for Permits Denied.

Stable — Cresta & Harry, at 749 Rhode Island street, for two

Garage — Harry W. Denhard, at southeast corner of Waller
and Clayton streets.

Blasting — Merrifield & Maloney, in Sunset District.

Permit Granted — Fitial Passage.
Laundry and Boiler- — Michael Lapeyri, in Fell street, west of
Divisadero street.

Appointment of Justice's Clerk Confirmed.
The appointment of Robert W. Dennis, as clerk of the Jus-
tice's Court, to succeed George S. McComb, was confirmed.
Health Commissioner Granted Leave of Absence.
Frank J. Klimm, a member of the Board of Health, was

granted leave of absence from the ;ird to the 22nd inst., with per-
mission to leave the State.

Hearing of Protest Against Street Closing Deferred.
The hearing of the protest of the West End Betterment Club
against the proposed closing of the northerly portion of Turk
street, between Parker and Masonic ^venues was postponed for
sixty days.

Appropriations for Municipal Public Utilities.

The construction of pumping station No. 2 of the Auxiliary
Water System for fire protection, to be located on Fort Mason
military reservation, was ordered at a cost not to exceed $300,-
000, including equipment.

The sum of $18,000.00 was set aside tor the grading of the
site and the construction of the concrete foundation piers, for
the Islais Creek incinerating plant and $8000.00 for the installa-
tion of pumps and pipe connections of the Ashbury Heights
tank of the Auxiliary Water System.

Strike Delays Work on Polytechnic Buildings.

McLeran & Peterson were granted an extension of ninety
days' time from and after February 15, within which to com-
plete the construction of the Polytechnic shop buildings, failure
to receive materials on time owing to the railroad strike hav-
ing delayed the contractors.

Telephone Merger Bill Unanimously Defeated.

The bill permitting the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph
Company and the Bay Cities Home Telephone Company to con-
solidate their systems was defeated by unanimous vote.

An adjournment was taken until Thursday. January 4, at
2 p. m., when the unfinished business pending before the board
will be taken up and finally disposed of by the members pre-
paratory to turning over their seats to their successors next


The Fire Commissioners at their meeting on the 2Sth ult.,
granted Battalion Chief M. J. Farley six months' leave of
absence with pay, on acount of illness.

Complaints were filed by Chief Murphy against Henry Casey
of Truck 6, accused of having been under the influence of liquor
and against John Haley, temporary truckman of Truck 7, ac-
lused of having failed to respond with his company to an alarm.
The men will be given a hearing at the next regular meeting
of the board.

C. J. Lutz was denied salary during the time he was in-
capacitated, as he was not on duty when he was injured.

Secretary McDonnell was instructed to request the Civil Ser-
vice Commissioners to certify eight hostlers from the eligible

The following transfers recommended by Chief Murphy to
take effect on January 1. 1912. were approved: A. Jensen, from
engine 43 to engine 10; W. Gallatin Jr., captain of engine 12 to


captain of engine 3 and William Marlow, engine 10 to engine 43
The Civil Service Commission was requested to certify one
captain and two lieutenants from the eligiWe list.

Antone Swauberg was granted a three months' extension
of leave of absence without pay.

The transfer of William Sheper from operator to hoseman of
engine 17 and Thomas Howe from hoseman of engine 17 to
operator with Battalion Chief McCluskey.

The following bids for motor hook and ladder trucks were
taken under advisement: Gorham Engineering and Fire Ap-
paratus Company, $9475.00; Webb Motor Fire Apparatus Com-
pany, $10,250.00.

The Consolidated Motor Company was awarded the contract
for furnishing an automobile for use of the battalion chiefs at
its bid price of $49.50.00.

Chief Murphy reported that Engine Company No. 42, located
at San Bruno avenue and Silliman street, would go into ser-
vice <in January 2.

At a meeting of the Police Commissioners held on December
28, Police Ofiacer Elmer J. Esperence was found not guilty of
charges of "neglect of duty", preferred against him by Captain
James Kelly.

The resignation of Police Officer George H, Ryan was ac-
cepted to take effect immediately.

The following named special police officers were removed:
William G. King, the Cort Theatre: Frank F. King, Hippodrome
Theatre; Frank C. Sullivan, for the district included from Val-
lejo to Union streets. Vallejo to Greenwich streets, and Leaven-
worth to Van Ness avenue.

The following named were appointed special police officers:
Alexander Doyle, assistant to Patrol Special Joseph T. Doyle;
Frank E. Roach, California Wine Association, 180 Townsend

The following retail liquor permits were granted: Guiseppe
Germain, to remove salcon from 1517 to 1525 Grant avenue;
Bray & O'Connor, to remove saloon from 135 Gough street to
southeast corner Gough and Oak streets; Maggini & Franzi. to
remove saloon from 1659 Powell street to 617 Pacific street;
Eneas Kane, to purchase saloon of Antonio Devincenzo, southeast
corner Seventeenth and Arkansas streets and remove to 17G5
Lombard street: Eucherio Lafranconi, to purchase of Thomas J.
O'Neill, southeast corner Kearny and Jackson streets, and re-
move to northwest corner Front and .Tackson streets.

The following applications for permits were denied; Gustav
F. Norbeck. to remove saloon from northeast Twenty-third and
Alabama streets, to 633 Larkin street; Sidney A. Johnston, to
purchase of Carl A. Johnson, 118 Fourth street and remove to
southeast corner Sixth and "B" street; Adolf Neuberger, to
purchase saloon of Daniel MeCormick, 1288 Golden Gate ave-
nue, and remove to 19 Kearny street.

Miscellaneous permits were granted as follows; Alonzo E.
Speedling. to remove detective agency from 1120 Jackson street
to southwest corner Fourth and Market streets; Charles Wer-
ner, to conduct second-hand business at 448 Sixth street; Orrin
A. Newcomer, auctioneer, to remove from 339 Bush street to
235 Montgomery street.

The Board of Education at the last meeting passed the fol-
lowing resolution, relative to grammar grades in primary

"Resolved. That this Board disfavors the maintaining in
primary schools, of grammar grades above the fifth, except in
very exceptional locations."

The following transfers and assignments of teachers were
ordered :

Miss E. G. Leary, transferred from Hawthorne to Jean
Parker School; Miss M. Hanlon, from Washington to Haw-
thorne; Miss R. Blackman, from Portola to Cleveland; L. P.
Dunkley. from Laguna Honda Evening to Bay View Evening:
Mrs. A. F. McManus. from I. M. Scott to Laguna Honda: Miss
A. A. McDonald, from Portola to Grattan; Mrs. M. I. C. Dunn,
from Farragut to Starr King; Miss M. Lahey, from Hearst to
Farragut; Mrs. A. M. Waterbury. from Noe Valley to Edison;
Mary Bi'yle. from Rocsevelt to Irving M. Scott; Mrs. A. L.
Staples, from Franklin to Irving M. Scott; Mrs. S. J. .Jordi. from

Starr King to Washington; Josephine White, from I. M. Scott
to Burnett; Mrs. M. A. Young, from Longfellow to Franklin;
Mrs. Alice Lewis, from Cleveland to Noe Valley; Miss A. L.
Marsh, from I. M. Scott to Fairmount; Miss K. L. Torpey, from
Fairmount to Noe Valley; Mrs. C. B. Pritchard, from Fairmount
to Frank JlcCoppin; Mabel R. Ellis, from Starr King to Agassiz;
Christine Bruce, from Portola to Glen Park; Catherine Tim-
mons. from Francis Scott Key to Fairmount; Mrs. Mattie Per-
let, from I. M. Scott to Portola; Eva Fairweather, from Fre-
mont to Denman; Geraldine Bonnell. from unassigned to Fre-
mont; Mary F. Mconey, from I. JI. Scott to Horace Mann; Kate
McDermott. from Lincoln evening to Washington Evening; Mrs.
F. V. Davis, frcm unassigned to Portola; Shirley A. King, from
Portola to Garfield; Marian Hill, from Dudley Stone to Spring
Valley; Mary K. Gavigan, from Portola to unassigned list; Miss
Mildred Martin, appointed an assistant teacher at the San Fran-
cisco Commercial School tor a period of one year; Miss E. H.
Martens, appointed substitute teacher at the Lowell High School
during the leave of Leroy H. Stephens.

Leaves of absence were granted: Mrs. Irene C. Schwarz,
Nora T. Fogarty, Ethel L. Williamson, Fannie Stockton, Mrs.
E. L. Dacre, Emma L. Madden, Rose Cohen, Agnes Carroll, Mary

The daily sessions at the San Francisco Commercial School
will continue for January, as during last term 8 a. m. to 1 p. m

Authority was given for the formation of an eighth grade at
the McKinley School.

Miss K. B. Childs was retired from the department as an

The Board of Public Works was requested to have sidewalk,
redwood curbs and street macadamized, constructed in front of
the Lafayette School, Thirty-seventh avenue near Geary street.

An ungraded class was ordered established at the Laguna
Honda School.

Miss Louise F. Bray was designated as the senior teacher at
the Hearst School.

The Board passed a resolution that the length of time for
which leaves of absence because of surgical operation (as cer-
tified to l)y physician) will be granted without loss of pay, shall
not exceed two months.

Miss Flora M. MacDonald, evening teacher in the depart-
ment, resigned.


At a meeting of the Board of Health held on January 2, the fol-
lowing business was transacted :

Rcheatings on Insanitary Premises.

Southwest corner Eighth and Market streets (stores and lodgings).
Case laid over four weeks.

717 Turk street and 206 Elm avenue (garage). Nuisance abated.

1.51)6-70 Eddy street (dwelling). Case laid over sixty days.

Southwest corner of Ellis and Van Ness avenue (hotel). Work pro-
gressing: case laid over sixty days.

1624-26 Ellis street (bakerj' and restaurant). Case laid over one

821-31 Webster street (dwelling). Progressing: case laid over four

1435-39 Fillmore street (store and dwelling). Case laid over one

If06 Sutter street (tailor shop, etc.). Case laid over thirty days.

1908 Sutter street (Japanese lodgings). Referred to health officer
for attention.

Northeast corner of Gearj' and Cook streets (repair shop). Indef-
initely postponed.

Southeast corner Twentieth avenue and Geary street (shed stable).
Nuisance abated.

410 Maple street (lodgings, etc.). Case laid over two weeks.

17 Trenton street (stable). Premises vacated: nuisance abated.
Southeast corner of Grant avenue and Bush street (stores, etc.).
Case laid over sixty days; owner states premises to be torn down by
Februarj- 1. 1912.

1401 Guerrero street (dwelling). Case laid over two weeks; work

.t18 Precita avenue (dwelling). Referred to Board of Works for

2490-96 Folsom street (stable, etc.). Case laid over thirty days;
new buildings being erected.

Capp and Serpentine avenue (dwelling). Premises condemned and
thirty days' time allowed.

2035 Chestnut street (dwelling). Case laid over one week.

3312-14 Steiner street (two shacks). Case laid over two weeks.

S50 Fulton street (•'a rage). Case laid over two weeks.

1415 Larkin street (stable). Chief of Police will be requested to
execute order of vacation immediately.

Hearinfis on Insanitan/ Premises.

Northeast comer of Eddy and Leavenworth streets (Hotel Cadil-
lac). Condemned and laid over two weeks.

1101-1153 Van Ness avenue. 1106-1152 Geary street and 1211 Post
street (stores, etc.). Premises condemned and thirty days' time given.
343 Fifteenth avenue (refugee cottage). Premises condemned and
ninety days' time given.

West side of Tacoma street, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth ave-


nues; Geary and Clement streets (three vacant refugee cottages).
Premises condemned and thirty days' time given.

2025-29 Fulton street and one unnumbered shack (three shacks).
Premises condemned and sixty days' time given.

North line of Fullon street between Masonic and Parker avenues
(1800-lS02-lSni-lS20 Fulton street and unnumbered shacks), (fifteen
shacks). Premises condemned and sixty davs' time given.

Block bounded by Fulton, Grove, Masonic and Ashburv streets
(nine shacks). Premises .condenmed and sixty days' time given.

Block bounded by Fulton, Grove, Ashbury and Clayton streets
(live refugee sliacks). Premises condemned and sixty days' time given.

West side of A.shbury street between Grove and Hayes streets
(five nondescript shacks). Premises condemned and sixty days' time
given to vacate.

Cases to Be Heard January 0.
480 Fifth avenue (refugee cottage).
Northeast corner of Fifth avenue and A street (Nos. 482-86 Fifth
avenue), (two refugee cottages).

511 Fifth avenue (three refugee cottages).

Adjoining northeast corner of Church and Dorland streets (stable).

174 Henry street (residence and stable).

27 Klssllng street (residence and bakerv and stable).

73 Krie street (hay loft, stable and lodgings).

3211-3213 Sixteenth street (cornucopia cone factory).

Malvine I. Judell, M. D., was appointed resident physician at
tlie Relief Home, vice Dr. J. P. Hickey resigned.

William H. McDonnell was appointed plumbing inspector, vice
William Cahill resigned.

The resignation of W. H. Reis, M. D., surgeon in the Emer-
gency IIosi)ital, was accepted to take effect at once.

Elizabeth Roy, matron Relief Home, was granted a leave of
absence for one month, from January 1.

The matter of the protest of the West End Improvement Club,
relative to the removal of shacks from Hoff avenue near Six-
teenth street to Morse street, off the Mission Road, was taken up
as a special order of business. The case was dismissed owing to
the fact that the Board of Health lacked jurisdiction.

Births registered for week ended December 30, 1911, 118;
death.s, 1G7.

Name. Business. Address. I.,aw Violated.

Martin Sanovalich Restaurant 2.')3 Bast street Milk

Adolph Bierman Hotel iri28 Sutter street Milk

.Tames Galos Restaurant 607 I^arkin street Milk

Nick Cateehl Restaurant 105 East street Milk

W. C. Moodv Restaurant 747 Market street Milk

Miss McDonald Restaurant 7S6 Eddy .street Milk

Reuben B. Hale Merchant Market and Sixth streets Milk

Following is a list of communicable diseases reported during
the week ended December 30, 1911: Cerebro spinal meningitis,
1; diphtheria, 7; erysipelas, 8; measles, 94; whooping cough, 2;
mumps, 1; pneumonia, 12; scarlet fever, 17; tuberculosis, 2i>;
typhoid, 2; chickenpox, 5; German measles, 1.


The Board of Tublic Works has granted permission to the
following persons and firms to perform street work under private
contracts :

D. .7. Counihan — Sewering Pennsylvania avenue from a point 45
feet north of Eighteenth street to Mariposa street.

Barber Asphalt Paving Company — Grading, curbing and paving
Geary street between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth avenues.

E. J. Gallagher — Sewering Thirty-sixth avenue between Taraval
and Ulloa streets.

J. .1. Dowling & Company — Curbing, paving, etc.. Eighteenth ave-
nue bet\vecn Cabrillo and Fulton streets.

Ralsch & Clark — Curbing, paving, etc., crossing of Coleridge street
and Virginia avenue.

William Heafey — Sewering Staples avenue between Edna and De-
troit streets.

Flinn & Treacy — Curbing, paving, etc., angular corners of the east-
erly intersection of Dolores and Dorland streets; also westerly Inter-
section of same streets.

G. W. McGinn & Company — Cuibing, paving, etc.. westerly side
of Harrison street from southerly line of Twenty-first street to a point
125 feet distant therefrom; curbing and paving Fair avenue between
Mission street and Coleridge street (formerly California avenue).

Felix McHugh — Sewering, etc., Cabrillo street between Forty-third
and Forty-fourth avenues; Forty-fourth avenue between Anza and
Ballwa streets; also Anza street between Forty-second and Forty-
third avenues.

City Street Improvement Company — Curbing and paving Coleridge
street (formerly California avenue) between Esmeralda and Virginia
avenues; sewering, curbing and paving Twentieth avenue between
Anza and Balboa streets: curbing and paving Geary street between
Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh avenues: also crossing of San
Bruno avenue and Burrows street.

The Supervisors have been asked by the Auditor for an
additional appropriation of $1000 to pay extra office force re-
quired during the current fiscal year owing to new taxation
laws which necessitate compiling additional reports and data
for the State Board of Equalization.

weekjjY report op street cleaning department.

Following is a report of the work performed by the Street

Cleaning Deparlmont, Board of Public Works from December

23 to December 29, 1911, inclusive:


Square Yards

District No. 1 691,649

District No. 2 1,075,987

District No. 3 450,608

District No. 4 466,444

Block system 1,987.500


Squart Yards

District No. 1 325,876

District No. 3 416,134

District No. 4 341,706


Lin. Ft.

District No. 1 45,700

District No. 2 34,800

District No. 3 108,500

District No. 4 48,900


Square Yards

Central district 1,215.301

District No. 1 872.725

District No. 2 785,984


Lin Ft.

Central district 325,800

Distriit No. 1 475,300

rii.slrlit No. 2 325,800

I..onds of dirt removed from streets 486

Average number of employees per day IBS

Teams employed on dirt wagons 132

Teams employed on sprinklers 9

Teams employed on sweeping machines 17

Teams employed on washing machines 27


Pay roll $2,138.30

Teams 1,205.75

Bunker loads (4) 1.00


Building permits issued from December 22 to December 29,

Character Permits Estimated Cost

of Improvements. Issued, of Improvements.

Class "C" 2 I 61,300.00

Frames ■. 20 47,531.00

Alterations 29 11,553.00




Certificates of satisfactory completion of contracts have been
issued by the Board of Public Works to the following contractors:

George J. Robbins— Construction of sifety station in Market street
near intersection of Church and Fourteenth streets.

J. J. Dowling & Company — Construction of curbs, sidewalks, pave-
ments, etc.. at crossing of 'Thirteenth avenue and Kirkham street.

Healy-Tibbitts Construction Company — Construction of Section
"A" of the intake tunnel for Pumping Station No. 1.

Stanley J. Fa^ — Grading, curbing, paving, etc., at crossing of Cas-
tro and Twenty-sixth streets.

Sunset Construction Company — Curbing, sewering, paving, etc.,
Judah street between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth avenues.

Barber Asphalt Paving Company — Curbing and paving portion of
London street between Excelsior and Brazil avenues.

G. W. McGinn & Company — Curbing, paving, etc.. Holloway avenue
between Golden State and Miramar avenues.

City Street Improvement Company — Curbing, paving, etc.. portion
of Parnassus avenue from Willard street to a point 336 feet westerly;
crossing of Ir\'ing street and Eighteenth avenue.

William Heafey — Sewering Congo street between Sunnyside and
Hearst avenues: Hearst avenue between Detroit and Congo streets;
Congo street between Hearst and Flood avenues.

Peter McHugh — k'ewering Eleventh avenue and Moraga street;
Forty-fourth avenue between Point Lobos avenue and Geary street:
crossing of Forty-fourth avenue and Pt. Lobos avenue: crossing of
Fortv-fourth avenue and Geary street.

F. C. Dowling — Sewering Broad street between Capitol and Plym-
outh avenues; crossing of Capitol avenue and Broad street; crossing
df Plymouth avenue and Broad street: also Plymouth avenue between
Broad and Sadowa streets.

City Attorney Long has advised the Supervisors that the
purchase of the so-called Cherry Creek lands, required for the
proposed municipal water system was consummated on the 27th
ult., when Auditor Boyle signed the demand for $652,000.00, the
purchase price of the properties.



is published every Tliursday by the Board of Supervisors ot the City
and County of San Francisco at No. 70 Eddy street, for the purpose of
furnisliing information concerning public municipal improvements and
the work of the several municipal departments.

Copies can be obtained at the various department headquarters, or
a copy will be mailed to any person who will furnish his address to
W. R. Hagerty. Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, No. 70 Eddy street,
San Francisco, Cal.

The Recorder Press

130 McAllister Street.


The Board ot Education has announced the following free
lectures for adults to be given during January. The lectures
are usually illustrated with stereopticon and begin promptly at
8:15 o'clock. Unaccompanied children are not admitted:

January 5— Girls' High School, Hamilton Square, "French
Wit in French Comedy, 1S50-1890", Edward J. Dupuy.

January 8 — Portola School, Bacon and Girard, "Napa County,
Scenery, Resources, and Industries", Chas. B. Turrill.

January 'J — Garfield School, Kearny and Filbert, "Scientific
Prevention ot Accidents", Carl M. Hansen.

January 10 — Madison School, Clay, near Cherry, "Oriental
Rugs, Genuine and 'Faked' ", Thos. H. Kullujian.

January 11 — Mission High School, Eighteenth and Dolores,
"Our Southwest, the Land ot Little Rain", Mrs. Mary Dickson.

January 12 — Junipero Serra School, Holly Park and Highland
avenue, "Tuberculusis vs. Open-Air Lite", Dr. W. C. Voorsanger.

January 15 — Crocker School, Page, near Broderick, "Wash-
ington, the Nation's Capital", Robert P. Troy.

January 16 — Monroe School, London and Excelsior avenue,
"Scenes in Three Continents'', W. G. Hartranft.

January 17 — Girls' High School, Hamilton Square, "Turrets,
Towers and Spires", Henry Payot.

January IS — Frank McCoppin School, Seventh avenue, be-
tween Balbua and Cabrillo, 'Romance of Early California His-
tory", Frank H. Powers.

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