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Grades of Elementary Schools

Mrs. Mary Fitz-Gerald Deputy Superintendent

In charge of Special Schools and Classes, Evening Schools

David P. Hardy Deputy Superintendent

In charge of Business Affairs of Board of Education

John C. McGlade Deputy Superintendent

In charge of High Schools

Walter C. Nolan Deputy Superintendent

In charge of Personnel, Certification, Retirement

Bertha C. Roberts Deputy Superintendent_

In charge of Elementary Schools, Fourth, Fifth and
Si.Kth Grades


Art — Aaron Altman, Director

Atypical Classes — Louise M. Lombard, Supervisor

Bureau of Attendance and Guidance — Emma G. Noonan,

Corrective Speech — Edna Cotrel, Teacher-in-Charge
Department of Service — Robert F. Gray, Director




Diagnostic Classes — Emma G. Noonan, Director

Home Economics — EIlcii M. Bartlett, Supervisor

Industrial Arts — Eugene S. Carniglia, Director

Kindergarten — Primary — Julia L. Halin, Director

Military Science and Tactics — Captain John 1'. Adams, U. S. A..

Music — Estclle Carpenter, Supervisor
Physical Education — Ray Daughtrty. Director
Texts and Libraries: Teachers' Library — Mary F. Mooney,



Balboa — Onondaga and Cayuga Avenues; Robert R. Chase,

Galileo — \'an Xess Avenue and Francisco Street; Joseph P.

Nourse, Principal
Girls' — Scott Street, between O'Farrell and Geary streets;

Charles C. Danforth, Principal
High School of Commerce — Van Ness Avenue and Hayes

Street; Clyde W. White, Principal
Lowell — Block bounded by Hayes, Grove and Ashbury streets

and Masonic Avenue; F. H. Clark, Principal
Mission — Eighteenth Street, between Dolores and Church

streets; \Villiani J. Drew. Principal
Part Time — Mission and Sixteenth streets; Harry G. Hansell,

Polsrtechnic — Frederick Street, between First Avenue and Wil-

lard Street; James E. Addicott. Principal


Crocker — Page Street, between Baker and Broderick streets;

Ralph Lehman, Principal
Daniel Webster — Missouri Street, between Nineteenth and

Twentieth streets; Burton A. Burdick, Principal
Everett — Sixteenth and Church streets; John F. Brady, Principal
Francisco — Powell Street, between Chestnut and Francisco

streets; Thaddeus H. Rhodes, Principal
Hamilton — Geary Street, between Pierce and Scott streets;

Carl Anderson, Principal
Horace Mann — Valencia and Twenty-third streets; Dr. Irwin

C. Hatch. Principal
John Swett — McAllister Street, between Franklin and Gough

streets; Charles A. Simonds, Principal
Noe Valley — Twenty-fourth and Douglas streets; Dr. M. E.

Blanchard. Principal
Portola — Bacon Street, between Berlin and Girard streets;

George H. Learned, Principal



Adams — Eddy Street, between Nan Ness Avenue and

Street; Dorothy Vogelsang, Principal
Alamo — Twenty-tliird Avenue, between Clement and California

streets; Katherine A. McGivern, Principal
Alvarado — Twenty-second and Douglas streets; Cicely O'Con-
nor, Principal
Andrew Jackson — Grove Street, near Clayton Street; Mary C.

O'Connell, Principal
Argonne — Cabrillo Street and Seventeenth Avenue; Mrs. Mabel

A. Sykes, Principal
Bay View — Bay X'iew Street, between Pomona and Flora

streets; Rose C. Stolz. Principal
Bernal — Cortland Avenue, between Andover and Moultrie

streets; Lila May Kinney. Principal
Bret Harte — Third Street and Jamestown Avenue; Mary R.

Moran. Principal
Bryant — Bryant Street, between Twenty-second and Twenty-
tliird streets; Elizabeth E. Kelly. Principal
Buena Vista — Bryant Street, between Eighteenth and Nine-
teenth streets; Mary T. Lahey. Principal
Burnett — Lane Street and Newcomb Avenue; MoUie Smith.

Cabrillo — Twenty-fourth Avenue, between Balboa and Cabrillo

streets; Rebecca Boukofsky, Principal
Children's Hospital Class — California and Maple streets; Mrs.

Catherine Smith. Teacher
Cleveland — Persia .\venue, between Athens and Moscow streets;

Ella L. McCarthy. Principal
Columbus — Twelfth Avenue, between Kirkham and Lawton

streets; Leota Shuck. Principal
Commodore Sloat — Ocean Avenue and Sloat Boulevard; Elvina

L. Bcrard. Principal
Commodore Stockton — Washington Street, between Powell and

Stockton streets; Anna T. Croughwell, Principal
Detention Home — 150 Otis Street; Annette Levy, Senior

Douglas — Nineteenth and Collingwood streets; Winifred L.

Tarpv. Principal
Dudley Stone — Haight Street, between Masonic and Central

.^venues; Mary R. Carew, Principal

Edison— Dolores and Twenty-second streets; Josephine Saun-

<krs. Principal
Edward Robeson Taylor— Bacon and Gocltingcn streets; EtU

11. Tcssniir, Principal
Emerson — I'ini; Streit, between Divisadcro and Scott streets:

Julia C. ColTiy, Principal
Ethan Allen — Bryant and Seventh streets; Rae Alexander.

Excelsior — Excelsior Avenue and London Street; Josephine

Harrigan. Principal
Fairmont — Chcnery Street, between Randall and Thirtieth

streets; Kathryn McCiough, Principal
Farragut — -Holloway .\vcnue, between Capitol and Faxon

avenues; .Anna Orr. Principal
Francis Scott Key — Forty-second Avenue, between Irving and

Judah stri-cts; Mrs. Mabel Davidson, Principal
Franklin — Eiglith Street, between Harrison and Bryant streets;

Bessie CarmichacI, Principal
Frank McCoppnn — Seventh Avenue, between Balboa and Ca-
brillo streets; Effie Smith, Principal
Fremont — Mc.Mlistcr Street, between Broderick and Baker

streets; Mrs. Edith Cochran, Vice-Principal
Garfield — Kearny and Filbert streets; Matilda Levy, Principal
Geary, John W.— Geary, Cook and Blake streets; Kathleen

Spain, Nice-Principal
George Peabody — Seventh Avenue, between California and

Clement streets; Jane Ryan, Principal
Glen Park — Brompton .A.venue and Bosworth Street; Mrs.

Laura D. Pierson. Principal
Golden Gate — Golden Gate Avenue, between Scott and Pierce

streets; Josephine Seavey, Principal
Gough — -Washington Street, between Franklin and Gouffh

streets; Blanche Van Deveer, Teacher-in-Charge
Grant — Pacific Avenue, between Broderick and Baker streets;

Louise Krauss, Principal
Grattan — Shrader and Grattan streets; Mary Reen, Principal
Guadalupe — Cordova and Prague streets; Susie A. Ward,

Hahnemann Hospital Class — 3698 California Street; Edith De

Bell, Teacher
Hancock — Filbert Street, between Jones and Taylor streets;

Mrs. Emma Moland, Principal
Hawthorne — Shotwell Street, between Twenty-second and

Twenty-third streets; Frances A. C. Mooney, Principal
HiUcrest — Silliman and Cambridge streets; Pauline DesRoches,

Tcacher-in- Charge
Htmter's Point — Innes .\venue, between Hawes and Griffith

streets; Dorothy Kerner, Teacher-in-Charge
Irving M. Scott — Tennessee Street, north of Twenty-second

Street; Elie McPhee. Principal
Jean Parker — Broadway, between Powell and Mason streets;

Josephine G. Miller, Principal
Jefferson — Nineteenth Avenue, between Irving and Judah

streets; Mrs. Marjorie Stuart, Principal
John Muir — Webster and Page streets; Fannie M. Franklin.

Jimipero Serra — Highland Avenue and Holly Park Circle; Mary

E. Kendrick. Principal
Kate Kennedy^Noe Street, between Day and Thirtieth streets;

Sovia Folsom, Principal
Lafayette — Anza Street, between Thirty-sixth and Thirty-
seventh avenues; Elizabeth Hauselt. Principal
Lawton — Thirtieth and Lawton streets; Edna Harrington,

Laguna Honda — Seventh Avenue, between Irving and Judah

streets; Clara White, Principal
Le Conte — Harrison Street, between Precita .-Vvenue and Army

Street; Lucy Cotrel, Principal
Lincoln — Harrison Street, between Fourth and Fifth streets;

Alice Dailey, Principal
LongfeUow — Lowell and Morse streets; Alice Chalmers, Prin-
Madison — Clay Street, between Arguello Boulevard and Cherr>'

Street; Dora Plagemann. Principal
Marshall — Capp and Fifteenth streets; Fannie Martin. Principal
McKinley— Fourteenth and Castro streets; Mrs. Ivy D. Ostrom.

Monroe — Excelsior Avenue and Lisbon Street; .\nnie Hagarty.

Pacific Heights — Jackson Street, between Fillmore and Webster

streets; M. Lily Love. Principal
Parkside — Twenty-fifth Avenue and Ulloa Street; Gertrude

\\hiteside. Principal
Patrick Henry — Vermont Street, between Eighteenth and Nine-
teenth streets; Anita J. Bain. Principal
Paul Revere — Folsom Street and Tompkins Avenue; Mrs. Emma

L. Dacro. Principal
Raphael Weill — Buchanan and O'Farrell streets; Bertha J.

Klaus, Principal
Redding— Pine and Larkin streets; Virginia D. I'tath. Principal



Rincon — Stillman Street, between Second and Third streets;

annex to Lincoln School
Sanchez — Sanchez Street, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth

streets; Margaret L. Dunn, Principal
San Francisco Hospital Class — Twentieth Street and Potrero

Avenue; Lila McKinne, Senior Teacher
San Miguel — San Jose Avenue and Seneca Street; Alice R.

Norton, Principal
Sarah B. Cooper — Lombard and Jones streets; Lew A. Ball,

Sheridan — Capitol Avenue, between Lobos and Farallone streets;

Catherine F. Riordan, Principal
Sherman — Union Street, between Franklin and Gough streets;

Agnes C. Russell, Principal
Shriner's Hospital — Nineteenth Avenue and Lawton Street;

Mrs. Susie Connell, Senior Teacher
Spring Valley — Jackson Street, between Hyde and Larkin

streets; Naomi Hause, Principal
Starr King — Twenty-fifth and Utah streets; Edith Gilmore,

Sunnyside — Hearst Avenue, between Foerster and Edna streets;

Alice Corbett, Principal
Sunshine — Dolores Street, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth
streets; Carrie Daly, Principal

Sutro — Thirteenth Avenue, between California and Clement

streets; Jane Hinds. Principal
Twin Peaks — Corbett Avenue, between Iron and Cooper

avenues; Anna B. Haigh, Principal

Ungraded — Washington and Mason streets; Mary Carmichael,

Visitacion Valley — Visitacion Avenue and Schwerin Street; Mary
A. Nolan, Principal

Washington Irving — ^Broadway, between Montgomery and San-
some streets; Alice R. Power, Principal

West Portal — Taraval Street, Claremont Boulevard and Lenox
Way; Charlotte Estes, Principal

Winfield Scott — Beach, Divisadero and North Point streets;
Mary E. Thomas, Principal

Yerba Buena — Greenwich Street, between Webster and Fillmore
streets; Genevieve Carroll, Principal


High School of Commerce — John A. Lenahan, Principal

Galileo — Ernest J. Cummings, Principal

Humboldt (in Mission High School) — Edgar S. Anderson,

Polytechnic — Clinton L. Markley, Principal


Larkin Street, at Civic Center

Telephone: UNderhill 8500


Eustace Cullinan. President Phelan Building

Miss Laura McKinstry, V.-Pres 2988 Pacific Ave.

R. B. Hale Fifth and Market Streets

George W. Kelham 315 Montgomery Street

Miss Eugenie Lacoste 3233 Jackson Street

Albert M. Bender 311 California Street

Leland W. Cutler Financial Center Building

Frank P. Deering 225 Bush Street

James D. Phelan Phelan Building

Max C. Sloss Hunter Dulin Building

William R. K. Young 2460 Green Street

George A. Mullin Controller and Secretary

Robert Rea .'. Librarian



Information Desk, Second Floor

Delivery Hall .'..Second Floor

Reading Room Second Floor

Periodical Reading Room Third Floor

Reference Department Second Floor

Music Department Third Floor

Newspaper Department First Floor

Children's Room First Floor

Registration Office Second Floor

Telephone Service

Information Desk — Week days: Underbill 8500, Local 56. Sat-
urday evenings. Sundays, Holidays: Underhill 8505.

Reference Department — Week days: Underbill 8500. Local S3.
Saturday evenings, Sundays, Holidays: Underbill 8507.

Library Hours

9 a.m. to 10 p.m. — Sundays, 1:30 to S p.m.

Children's Room

Monday to Friday, 1 to 9 p. m.

Saturday and School Holidays, 9 a. m. to 9 p. m.

Sunday. 1:30 to 5 p. m.


Bay View 5025 Third Street

Telephone Atwater 2411

Business 1104 Russ Building

Telephone Sutter 0580
Excelsior 7 .San Juan Avenue near Mission

Telephone Randolph 8320
Glen Park 700 Bosworth Street

Telephone Randolph 6912

Golden Gate Valley Green Street at Octavia

Telephone West 0236

Ingleside 387 Ashton Avenue near Ocean

Telephone Randolph 2680

McCreery Sixteenth Street near Market

Telephone Market 1314

Mission Twenty-fourth Street at Bartlett

Telephone Mission 1517

Noe Valley Jersey Street near Castro

Telephone Mission 4655

North Beach Powell Street near Jackson

Telephone Garfield 3966

Ocean View 211 Plymouth Avenue

Park Page Street near Cole

Telephone Evergreen 8249

Portola 2666 San Bruno Avenue

Telephone Delaware 2081

Presidio Sacramento Street near Lyon

Telephone West 6329

Richmond Ninth Avenue near Geary

Telephone Evergreen 2229

Sunset Eighteenth Avenue at Irving

Telephone Montrose 3080


Bay view 6315 Third Street

Bernal Heights 453 Cortland Avenue

Downtown Emporium

North Beach 1736 Stockton Street

Oceanside 4300 Judah Street

Potrero 448 Connecticut Street

Richmond 2320 Clement Street

Visitacion Valley 100 Leland Avenue


Borrowers. Residents of San Francisco, ten years of age and
over, and non-resident taxpayers may become borrowers.
Library cards may be used at the Main Library or at any branch
or station.

Renewal of Books. All books — except fiction, and books for
which there is a considerable demand — are issued for two weeks
with the privilege of renewal for an additional two weeks. Ap-
plication for renewal should state the name of the borrower,
class number of book and the date on which it will be due. It
may be made in person, by mail or by telephone, but not earlier
than five days prior to the date on which the book will be due.
To renew Main Library books by telephone, call Information

Reserve Postal Cards. Application for books to be reserved
must be made on special postal cards which must be purchased
at the Library. These postal cards will be mailed to the ap-
plicants as the books become available.

Orders from Branches and Stations. Books in the Main
Library will be sent on request to any branch or station. Daily
messenger service is maintained to the branches and semi-
weekly deliveries are made to the stations.





Room 376, City Hall

Telephone: UNderhill 8500


James D. Phelan, President
Miss Alicia Mosgrove
George Hearst

Ira W.

Mrs. Sigmund Stern
Constant Auger
John McLaren


Josephine D. Randall, Superintendent of Recreation

Veda B. Young, Secretary and Supervisor of Special

Homer B. Pack, Supervisor of Construction and Main-

Raymond S. Kimbell, Supervisor of Playgrounds and
Community Centers

George Harman, Supervisor of Research and Statistics

Hester Proctor, Supervisor of Educational Dramatics

Marie \'. Foster, Supervisor of Music

Helen \\'ollang. Supervisor of Swimming

Norman Center, Camp Manager


1. Argonne — Eighteenth Avenue between Gearj' and Anza

Directors — Norma Prendergast, Ralph Mclhvaine

2. Bay View — Third and Armstrong streets

Director — John Mooney

3. Chinese — Sacramento Street between Stockton and Waverly


Directors — Libertha \'ivell, Oliver Chang

4. Douglass — Twenty-sixth and Douglass streets

Directors — Nellie Shepherd, James O'Gara

5. Excelsior — Russia and ^Nladrid streets

Directors — Orenia Menzel, Julius de Mejer

6. Father Crowley — Seventh and Harrison streets

Directors — Mrs. Nellie Fitz-Patrick, Frederick Levy

7. Folsom — Twenty-first and Folsom streets

Directors — Camilla Lilienthal, Leonard Worthington

8. Funston. — Chestnut and Buchanan streets

Directors — Dorothy Mitchell, Helen Lease, Maurice

9. Glen Park^ — Chenery and Elk streets

Directors — Mignon Dahl, Ernest Meyer

10. Hamilton — Geary and Scott streets

Directors — Aileen Jones, Oliver Germino

11. Helen Wills — Broadway and Larkin streets

Director — Rose McGreevy

12. Jackson — Seventeenth and Carolina streets

Directors — Phyllis Fogarty, Edwin Murphy

13. James Lick — Twenty-fifth and Noe streets

Directors — Marie McVanner, Jack Kavanaugh

14. James Rolph, Jr. — Twenty-sixth Street and Potrero Avenue

Directors — Imelda Cashin, Theodore Hamm

15. Julius Kahn, Presidio Reservation — 1 block below Jackson

between Spruce and Locust streets
Directors — Marie Fox, Grayson Price

16. Levi Strauss — Fourteenth and Valencia streets

Director — Alma Peters

17. Margaret S. Hajrward — Golden Gate Avenue and Gough


Directors — Grace O'Brien, Edwin Regan, Dudley Nebeker

18. Michaelangelo — Greenwich Street, between Jones and

Leavenworth streets
Directors — Gertrude Lowell, Harold Belasco

19. Mission — Nineteenth and Angelica streets

Directors — Hulda Popper, Garland Hoffman

20. North Beach — Lombard and Mason streets

Directors — Stella Harris, Farley Mohun, Gono Morena

21. Ocean View — Plvmouth Avenue and Lobos Street

Directors — Lydia Patzelt, Gerald Linares

22. Portola — Hamilton and Silliman streets

Directors — Nancv Bean, Edmund McClintock

23. Presidio Heights— Clay Street near Walnut Street

Director — Claire Evans

24. Richmond No. 1 — Eighteenth Avenue between Lake and

California Street

Directors — Gertrude Freese, Russell Thomas


President, Playground Commission

Richmond No. 2 — Eighteenth Avenue between California

and Clement streets
26. West Portal — Ulloa and Lenox Way

Directors — Jeannette Bravinder, Mark Joseph


1. Alvarado — Douglass and Twenty-second streets

Director — Katherine Torpey

2. Andrew Jackson — Hayes between Cole and Clayton streets

Director — Albert Skelly

3. Bay View — Bay View and Pomona streets

Director — James Bailey

4. Detention Home — 150 Otis Street

Director — Marjorie Thorn

5. Edison — Dolores and Twenty-second streets

Director — Alex Cruz

6. Fairmont — Chenery and Randall streets

Director — Samuel Lehrberger

7. Farragut — HoUoway Avenue and Capital Street

Director — H. B. Sturgeon

8. Francis Scott Key — Forty-second Avenue and Irving Street

Director — Claire Otten

9. Garfield — Kearny and Filbert streets

Director — .\lbert Evans

10. Guadalupe — Cordova and Prague streets

Director — Lydia Verbarg

11. Irving M. Scott — Twenty-second and Tennessee streets

Director — Mrs. Y. Perstein

12. Jefferson — Nineteenth Avenue between Irving and Judah


Director — Martin Lehrberger




13. John Muir — Page and Webster streets

Director — Marie Torpey

14. Laguna Honda — Seventh Avenue between Irving and Judah


Director — Mary Oliver

15. Longfellow — Lowell and Morse streets

Director — Julia Nichols

16. McKinley — Fourteenth and Castro streets

Director — Mrs. Gertrude Sinionton

17. Raphael Weill — Buchanan and O'Farrell streets
Director — Thomas Carroll


1. Mission Baths' — Nineteenth and AnRelica streets

Directors — Helen Wollang, Jeanne Mulvihill

2. North Beach Baths — Lombard and Mason streets

Directors — Ralph Montali, Mark Graham


1085 Mission Street

Telephone: MArket 1491

Health Officer


Frank J. Kliinm, President Dr. Ale.x. S. Keenan
Dr. James W. Ward Dr. William W. Wymore

Laurence Arnstein, Jr. Arthur H. Barendt

Arthur M. Sharp

Dr. William C. Hassler Health Officer

Edward M. Coffey Chief Clerk


Dr. Arthur A. O'Neill Dr. T. D'Arcy Quinn

Dr. Joseph F. Poheim

Dr. Edmund Butler, Chief Surgeon Emergency Service

Dr. George K. Rhodes, Assistant Chief Surgeon Emer-
gency Service

Dr. Leon M. Wilbor, Superintendent San Francisco

Dr. A. J. Strong, Resident Physician, San Francisco

Miss Ruth Gustafson, Superintendent of Nurses, San
Francisco Hospital

James I. O'Dea. Chief Steward Emergency Service

Charles M. Wollenberg, Superintendent Laguna Honda

President, Board of Health


Dr. Wilhani C. Hassler Health OfficelM

Edward M. Coffey Chief Clerl

Margaret C. Francis Birth Registrj

Roslyn Carli Statistician, Vital Statistics

Ida C. Grafe Death Registrj

Auditing Division

Percy R. Hennessy Auditoi

Division of Sanitation

Dr. Herbert F. True Assistant Health Officei

Epidemiological Division

Dr. Fred C. Muller Epidemiologist in Charge

Disinfection Division

Isaac L. David Chief Disinfectoi

Dairy Division

Thomas P. Lydon Chief Inspectoi

Food Division

Thomas P. Lydon Chief Inspectoi

Meat and Market Division

Carl G. Hansen Chief Market Inspectoi

Industrial Division

Thomas P. Lydon Inspector in Charge

Housing Division

William T. Montgomery Chief Inspector



Plumbing Division

(Villiam D. Hobro Chief Inspector

Child Welfare Division

Icanor Stockton Director, Field NursinR

School Health Division

:br. Thomas D. Maher Director, Child Hygiene

Dental Division

llobert Grosso, D. D. S Chief Dentist

Psychological Division

Dr. Olga Bridgman Psychologist

Social Service Division

tlarcella Leonard Supervising Field Nurse

Chest Clinic (Tuberculosis)
Dr. W. R. P. Clark Director

Public Charities

Dr. A. A. O'Neill City Physician

Dr. T. D'Arcy Quinn City Physician

Dr. Joseph F. Poheim City Physician

Social Hygiene Division

Dr. R. W. Burlinganie Chief Clinician


Bacteriological Division
Dr. Anna D. McRae Director

Chemical Laboratory
Clinton Davis Chief Chemist


Daniel J. O'Neill i„ charge of Mechanics

Police Officer

Daniel O'Connor

Health Farm, Redwood City

Miss Myra W. Kimball Superintendent


Central (Including Detention Hospital)— Civic Center. Tele-
phone Davenport 2020.

Mission — I'otrero .Xvenue and Twentv-second Street. Telephone
Mission 0820.

Harbor — 88 Sacramento Street. Telephone Kearny 1145.

Potrero— Twentieth and Third streets. Telephone Mission 5016.

Park— Stanyan Street, near Waller Street. Telephone Lock-
haven 3960.

Ocean Beach— Great Highway and Sloat Boulevard. Telephone
Montrose 0642.


Office: Golden Gate Park, Park Lodge
Telephone: SKyline 1167


Herbert Fleishhacker, President 1 Sansonie Street

kVilliam F. Humphrey Standard Oil Building

A'illiam Sproule 1150 Sacramento Street

VI. Earl Cummings 3966 Clay Street

jeorge Tourny 526 California Street

[ohn McLaren — Superintendent of Parks and Squares,

Park Lodge.
3. P. Lamb — Secretary, Park Lodge,
iarl Clements — Assistant Superintendent. Park Lodge,
rhomas A.Munro — Assistant Superintendent, in charge

of Small Parks and Squares,
foseph R. Hickey — Director of Athletics, Kezar Rec-
reation Center.


Location .\creage

Uamo — Hayes and Steiner Streets 12.5

Vita — Jackson and Steiner Streets 12.0

Vquatic — Foot N'an Ness Avenue 32.0

ialboa — Ocean and San Jose Avenue 100.0

Jay View— Third Street 30.0

Jernal — Precita .\venue and Folsom Street 2.2

Suena Vista — Haight Street and Buena Vista Avenue 36.0

'ivic Center — Gough and Larkin Streets 6.7

Columbia — Harrison and Folsom Streets 2.5

'oso — Precita Avenue and California Avenue 0.25

Jolores — Parked Strip 2.75

Duboce — Duboce and Steiner Streets 4.4

"■airmont — Beniis Street L3

""leishhacker — Foot Highway and Sloat Boulevard 60.0

""ranklin — Sixteenth and Bryant Streets 4.4

jarfield — Twentv-fifth and Harrison Streets 2.8

iolden Gate : 1013.0

ireat Highway 140.0

larding (Golf Course)— Skvline Boulevard 200.0

lolly— Holly Park Avenue 7.5_

iome — Second and Brannan Streets 0.25

iuntington — California and Taylor Streets LI

efiferson — Eddy and Gough Streets 5.6

^afayette — Washington and Laguna Streets 9.5

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