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1847. Parley A. Bailey of Sangerville

Jan. 21. "Judith Betsey Oilman of Sangerville, by Rev. O. W. Bridges.

1847. Joseph Mace of Sangerville

Feb. 7. Miss Sophia Ann Page of Sangerville, by Rev. O. W. Bridges.

1847. John Marsh of Sangerville

March 28. Miss Harriet Lanpher of Sangerville, by Rev. O. W. Bridges.

1846. John M. Lombard of Bangor

Sept. 22. ]Miss Eugenia A. C. Edgerly of Bangor, by John Folsom, J. P.

1847. Daniel R. Gilbert of Parkman

Apr. 5. Miss Sarah H. Clement of Sangerville, by A. J. W. Stevens, J. P.

1846. Joseph Littlefield of Sangerville

Dec. 5. Miss Lorinda Webster of Sangervillc, by Wm. G. Clark, J. P.

1848. John C. Burrill of Sangerville

Apr. 16. Sarah H. Beal of Sangerville, by Hiram Stacy, J. P.

1848. Sanford J. McPheters of Hermon

May 1. Miss Sarah Oilman of Sangerville, by Moses Oilman, J. P.

184S. Charles C. Emery of Waterville

May 15. Miss Hannah G. Clark of Sangervillc, by Wm. 0. Clark, J. P.

1848. Holmes D. Cov of Sangerville

Sept. 17. Miss Marv Aiispland of Sangerville, by Rev. O. W. Bridges.

1848. Jacob Berrv of Alton, N. H. .
Sept. 18. Miss Laura Ann Edgerly of Sangerville, by Rev. O. W. Bridges.

1849. Asa H. Herring of Sangerville

Feb. 27. Miss Ellen M. Ayer of Sangerville, by Eben G. Trask.

1849. Joseph M. Quinlev of Sangerville

Aug. 12. Miss Ehza A. Goodwin of Sangerville, by Rev. John A. Perry.

1849. Robert Gray of Sangerville


Sept. 23. Miss Eliza Ann Drow of Sangervillej by Rev. O. W. Bridges.

1849. James C. Watson of Parkman

May 6. Miss Mary M. Quinley of Sangerville, by Rev. 0. W. Bridges.

1849. Royal Knowlton of Sangerville

Apr. 8. Miss Mercy Ann Whitman of Sangerville, by Moses Oilman, J.'P.

1850. John F. Farrington of Bangor

May 5. Miss Ann S. W. Parsons of Sangerville, by P. C. Parsons, J. P.

1850. Henry L. Parsons of Dover

Oct. 20. Miss Rebecca H. Dearth of Sangerville, by Rev. J. A. Perry.

1850. Joseph J. Webb, Jr., of Sangerville

Nov. 10. Lovina B. Temple of Hallowell, by Lucien French, J. P.

1850. Dunham Campbell of Hallowell

Nov. 10. Jane Webb of Sangerville, by L. French, J. P.

Record of Deaths in Town of Sangerville

(Copies of the Original Town Records)

John Adams died September 28, 1821.

Enoch Adams died August 8, 1860.

Eunice W. Adams, died March 5, 1856.'

Elizabeth Adams Springall died September 17, 1852.

Julia Adams died in Sangerville, March 29, 1846.

Thomas Sanders died August 5, 1871.

Francis Sanders died June 18, 1866.

Sylvina Sanders died September 6, 1855.

Thomas Sanders died November 3, 1855.

Joshua W. Sanders died August 10, 1865.

Meda M. Sanders died July 29, 1881.

Walter Leland died January 8, 1883.

Infant Daughter died August 26, 1811.

Leonard B. Goff, died October 27, 1842.

Viella Frances Bessey died in Sangerville, October 27, 1851.

Nathaniel Atwood died December 15, 1850.

Abner Holt died February 26, 1882.

Martha Consort of John Carsley died June 26, 1819 aged 53 years.

Abby of Leathers died March 30, 1841.

Lena Corsley died May 8, 1819.

Edward Jewett died October 20, 1883.

Ann Maria Jewett died November 27, 1849.

Edward James Jewett died July 14, 1862.

WiUiam Goss son of B. C. & Betsy Goss died May 30, 1815.

Olive A. Pollard died in Sangerville.

Benjamin K. Pollard died in Sangerville, January 13, 1843.

Henry Roby died in Sangerville March 8, 1832.

Jane Roberts died August 25, 1830.

Jonathan Roberts died February 1, 1832.

George Edwin Roberts died March 28, 1834.

James T. Roberts died February 28, 1840.

B Cleaves died at Sangerville, February, 1850.

George H. Lewis died September 16, 1872.

George Lewis died November 24, 1861.

Susan E. Lewis died September 3, 1861.

Charles T. Lewis died February 22, 1884.

Sally Carleton daughter of Guy and Sally Carleton died July 24, 1822.

Guy Carleton, Jr. died October 5, 1825.

To whom reference is made on page 107


Guy Carleton, Esq., died at Sangerville April 12, 1S36.

Augustus Nathan died September 2, 1824.

Nathan Shed Jr., died March 3, 1832.

Charles Rollins son of Samuel RoUins died August 12, 1822.

Samuel Farnham died June 28, 1889.

George Douty died September 29, 1863.

George H. Douty died July 15, 1863.

David J. Douty died October 10, 1863.

Martha Kingsbury died December 3, 1831 aged 73 years & 8 months.

Abner Knowles died April 2, 1841.

Mary Matilda Parsons died September 18, 1851.

Betsy Oakes died at Sangerville April 19, 1850.

Eleanor Jackson died in Sangerville August 14, 1827.

James J. Weymouth died May

Mary Dimon Weymouth died February 5, 1842..

Lovina Weymouth died February 11, 1865.

Thomas V. Weymouth died January 29, 1885.

Betsey Bearce W. Bursley died July 29, 1865.

ReUance Martha Dennett died January 18, 1823.

Lelinda E. Binsley died at Sangerville, September 22, 1845.

Peter O. died at Sangerville, June 4, 1847.

Charles Edward Proctor died in Sangerville, December 1, 1846.

Mary S. Mitchell died at Wintkrop, November 11, 1825.

Mrs. Rebecca Leech, died in Sangerville May 4, 1846.

Jonathan Sherman Gihnan died September 30, 1839.

Josiah Keen died January 11, 1882.

Margery Keen died March 31, 1845.

Martha Ann Keen died January 4, 1830.

Mary Jane Keen died February 28, 1839.

Cotton Brown died in Sangei'ville, February 4, 1882.

Betsey Brown wife of C. Brown died in Sangerville, April 16, 1877.

Delana Lowell died in Sangerville, August 2, 1845.

Wilham Thomas Flanders died September 29, 1848.

Isaiah Knowlton, 2d died in Sangerville, November 24, A. D. 1843.

Cyrus Knowlton died in Sangerville, September 26, 1848.

Lydia Ann Knowlton died in Sangerville, February 17, 1850.

George Knowlton died in Sangerville, October 24. 1847.

Stevens Spooner died in Sangerville, July 17, 1827, aged 64 years.

Lucretia Spooner died in Sangerville, December 7, 1825.

Charles Henry Parshley died September 1, 1840.

Albion Paris Grav died April 29, 1848.

John Hill died April 12, 1880.

Rebeckah Hill died December 21, 1864.

Lorrain Folsom died January 9, 1862.

Lucv Ann Folsom died April 7, 1844.

Sabina Carleton died April 3, 1823.

Asa Jackson died July 6, 1882.

Nancy Jackson died January 27, 1877.

Alden Jackson died November 3, 1834.

Ann Maria Jackson died April 7, 1839.

Prentiss Mellen Jackson died May 31, 1847.

Loreen A. Jackson died July 14, 1882.

David McGregor Weymouth died May 28, 1832.

William Weymouth Jr. died Januarv 22, 1876.

Andrew J. Graves died in Guilford, 'Mo., July 27, 1828.

Elvira Jane Graves died in Parkman, June 9, 1838.

Era.stus Foote Gould died October 6, 1843.

Smith Fairfield Gould died April 10, 1849.

Adriana Dyer died February 11, 1848.

WiUiam Parsons died Nov. 6, 1844.

Whitefield G. Thompson died in Sangerville, July 27, 1870.

Eunice H. Thompson died in Milwaukee, Wis., October 25, 1871.


Whitefield N. Thompson died in .Sangorville, April 4, 1845.
Mary W. Thompson died in Pointlookout, Md., March 12,' 1865.

Albert G. Emery died January 15, 1872.

Zachary T. Emery died September 2, 1880.

Susan Ellis Carleton died in Sangervllle, March 8, 1836.

Heircy Bishop died November 27, 1868.

Sarah C. Bishop died April 28, 1875.

Ann E. Bishop died May 6, 1883.

Sarah J. Bishop died November 20, 1856.

John Bishop died .January 6, 1822.

Mary Ann Ford died June 27, 1850.

Benjamin Ford died

Ann W. Ford died

Martha Oakes died in Sangerville, November, 1851.

Wm. Oakes died in Sangerville, January 12, 1851.

Town Officers

(Copies of the Original Town Records)


Samuel McClanathan, 1815-18; Benjamin C. Goss, 1819-21; Isaac Ma-
comber, 1822-28; Edward Mitchell, 1829-31; Robert Carleton, 1832-35; Barna-
bas Bursley, 1836-38, 39-40, 52; Francis R. Drake, 1841-42; WiUiam G. Clark,
1843-49; Moses Flanders, 1850; Hiram Anderson, 1853-55; Thomas Sanders,
1856-57, 59-60; A. T. Wade, 1858; E. G. Flanders, 1861-64-65; O. B. Williams,
1862; S. W. Newhall, 1863-66-67-69-87; D. A. Jackson, 1868-89-90; D. A.
Jackson, 1888-91-96; H. C. Ford, 1889-90; W. B. Gray, 1897-99; W. A. Burgess,
1900-04; A. W. Campbell, 1905-1910; John Farr, 1911; L. M. Seabury, 1912-


1815, William Cleaves, Guy Carleton, Chas. Morgridge

1816, Samuel McClanathan, Guy Carleton, David Douty

1817, Samuel McClanathan, David Douty, William Kinkley

1818, Samuel McClanathan, Appolas Pond, Guy Carleton

1819, Samuel McClanathan, Guy Carleton, Benjamin Goss

1820, Samuel McClanathan, Benjamin Goss, Guy Carleton

1821, Samuel McClanaf lian, Benjamin Goss, Guy Carleton
1822-24, Samuel McClanathan, Isaac Macomber, Guy Carleton

1825, Judidiah P. Leland, Capt. WilHam Oakes, Oren Record

1826, William Oakes, Oren Record, Moses Gihiian

1827, William Oakes, Moses Oilman, William Gould

1828, Edward Mitchell, WiUiam Gould, William Oakes, Jr.

1829, William Oakes, Jr., Henry Bullard, Isiah Knowlton

1830, Isiah Knowlton, Jr., Edward Mitchell, Henry Bullard

1831, Isiah Knowlton, Jr., Edward Mitchell, Stephen Lowell

1832, Isiah Knowlton, Jr., Stephen Lowell, Asa Jackson

1833, Robert Carleton, John Tucker, Benjamin Cunningham

1834, Stephen Lowell, Isiah Knowlton, Jr., Henry Bullard

1835, William Oakes, Jr., Thomas Flanders, Stephen Lowell

1836, Stephen Lowell, Isiah Knowlton, Jr., Eleazer Brown
1837-38, Eleazer Brown, Barnabas Bursley, Jas. Thompson


1839, Eleazer Brown, Barnabas Bur.sley, Daniel Spooner

1840, Stephen Lowell, Daniel Spooner, Algernon Howard

1841, A. S. Howard, Samuel Bearce, William Oakes

1842, William Oakes, Benjamin Lane, David Oilman

1843, Eleazer Brown, Benjamin Lane, David Oilman

1844, Eleazer Brown, Benjamin Lane, Francis Droke

1845, F. K. Droke, Oeo. Douty, G. H. Lewis
1846-47, Oeo. Douty, William Oakes, Jr., P. C. Parsons
1848-50, Stephen Lowell, Jonathan Roberts, P. C. Parsons

1851, Stephen Lowell, P. C. Parsons, Lysander Waterman

1852, Stephen Lowell, Cyrus Brockway, Asa Jackson

1853, P. C. Parsons, Cyrus Brockway, Geo. H. Lewis
1854-55, Geo. H. Lewis, A\'illiam Oakes, Joseph Fowler
1856-57, William Oakes, Joseph Fowler, Hiram Jewett

1858, Joseph Fowler, Cotton Brown, William Campbell

1859, Cotton Brown, William Camj^bell, John Goggin

1860, William Camjjbell, John Goggin, William Oakes

1861, John Goggin, William P. Oakes, Isaiah Knowlton

1862, Joseph P'owler, Barnabas Bursley, F. D. Dearth
1863-64, John Goggin, Daniel Spooner, William P. Oakes

1865, William P. Oakes, Jas. Wej-mouth, Eben Damon

1866, P. C. Parsons, Ira F. Hayes, D. W. Hussey,
1867-68, William P. Oakes, Eben Damon, Enos G. Flanders

1869, ^^'illiam P. Oakes. Eben Damon, WiUiam Jackson

1870, D. W. Hussev, S. W. Xewhall, Hiram Anderson

1871, Eben Damon, S. W. Newhall, K. P. Knowlton

1872, William P. Oakes, D. W. Hussev, K. P. Knowlton
1873-74, WiUiam P. Oakes, K. P. KnowUon, M. C. Bailey

1875, William P. Oakes, K. P. KnowUon, C. A. Howard

1876, WiUiam P. Oakes, C. A. Howard, C. A. Morgan

1877, WiUiam P. Oakes, C. A. Morgan, H. L. Leland

1878, D. W. Hassev, K. P. KnowUon, A. E. HaU

1879, William P. Oakes, F. D. Thompson, A. E. HaU

1880, WiUiam P. Oakes, F. D. Thompson, C. A. Morgan
1881-82, WiUiam P. Oakes, F. D. Thompson. B. F. RolUns

1883, WiUiam P. Oakes, K. P. Knowlton, B. F. RoUins

1884, WiUiam P. Oakes, Jacob X. Lebroke, B. F. RolUns

1885, WiUiam P. Oakes, J. N. Lebroke, O. E. Brett

1886, William P. Oakes, C. A. Morgan, L. D. Edgerly

1887, D. W. Hussev, A. E. Hall, WiUiam JacLson

1888, WiUiam P. Oakes, O. B. WiUiams, A. E. HaU

1889, C. A. Morgan, L. O. Demeritt, F. D. Thompson

1890, C./A. Morgan, L. O. Demeritt, M. H. Jackson

1891, C. A. Morgan, J. N. Lebroke, Jacob Mason

1892, C. A. Morgan, J. N. Lebroke, F. J. Carsley
1893-95, M. J. Jewett, J. N. Lebroke, F. J. Carsley

1896, F. J. Carslev, Geo. L. Barrows, O. B. Williams

1897, O. B. WiUiams, H. S. Stubbs, Delon Robinson
1898-99, M. J. Jewett, J. N. Lebroke, Delon Robinson
1900-03, M. J. Jewett, J. N. Lebroke, M. H. Jackson
1904, M. J. Jewett, J. W. Watson, F. W. Cleaves
1905-06, W. A. Burgess, F. W. Cleaves, J. X. Lebroke

1907, M. J. Jewett, F. W. Cleaves, J. X. Lebroke

1908, M. J. Jewett, J. X. Lebroke, Jacob Mason

1909, W. A. Burgess, F. W. Cleaves, A. O. CampbeU

1910, W. A. Burgess, W. E. Leland, John L. Howard

1911, W. A. Burgess, John Farr, F. W. Cleaves, A. W. CampbeU, F. H.

1912, John Farr, F. W. Cleaves. W. R. Farnham

1913, John Farr, E. J. Prince, F. W. Cleaves, W. E. Leland, W. R. Farnham

1914, E. J. Prince, F. S. Campbell, W. R. Farnham



David Douty, 1815-17; Samuel McClanathan, 1818-19; Apolas Pond, 1820-
21; Aaron Morse, 1822; Guy Carleton, 1823-26-28-29; Enoch Adams, 1824;

Robert Carlton, 1825; Thissell, 1830; Edward Magoon, 1831-32; Robert

Carlton, 1833; Stephen Lowell, 1834-37-38-39, 40; Samuel R. Bearce, 1835;
Joseph Magoon, 1836; P. C. Parsons, 1841; William G. Clark, 1842-49; Benjamin

Lane, 1850-51; Bishop, 1852-54; Edward Jewett, 1855; E. G. Flanders,

1856-57-62-71-72-78; Hiram Anderson, 1858-59; Josiah Fowler, 1860-61; David
Carr, 1863; J. S. Folsom, 1864-07; William Oakes, 1868-69; S. H. Morgan, 1870-
71; D. W. Hussey, 1873; Lucien French, 1874; S. N. Gile, 1875-76-82-87; J. P.
Leland, 1877: O. B. WiUiams, 1879-81; A. O. Campbell, 1888-89; J. W. Bishop,
1890-94; Geo. L. Barrows, 1895-97; H. S. Stubbs, 1896; W. A. Hill, 1898-90;
A.-'L. Carr, 1909-1914.

County Officers From Sangerville

In comparison with others of the larger towns in Piscataquis County, it would
seem that Sangerville has had rather a meagre share of the county officers. Wlieii
the county was organized in 1838, Governor Kent appointed members of the
Whig party to fill the various offices in the new county and Barnabas Bursley
was thus honored with being the first Register of Probate and was elected to the
same position in 1841, serving one term. In 1858 Samuel Whitney, for several
years a merchant at Sangerville village, was elected Register of Probate and died
in office. Colonel Wilham Oakes, Jr., was Sheriff 1842-1845 and Edward
Jewett held the office for one tei-m in 1862. Mr. Jewett was again elected Sherif?
in 1863 and held the office until and including 1872. In 1849 Jonathan Roberts
was elected County Commissioner and Barnabas Bursley was elected to the
same office in 1853 and Melvin J. Jewett in 1896. Wilham A. Burgess, then re-

j New Mount Kineo House and Annex jj

I >Ioosehead I..ak.e, Kineo, Elaine. ||

[ In the Centre of the Great Wilderness on a Peninsula Under the H

I Shadow of Mount Kineo. H

On the East side of the most beautiful lake in New England, forty ||

miles long and twenty miles wide, dotted with islands, and with hundreds !j

of smaller lakes and streams in easy proximity, in the midst of some of H

the grandest scenery in America, is the H


recently remodeled and with many improvements added; making it second to none for ||

comfort, convenience and i-ecreation. Jl

It is a Palace in the Maine woods and in the heart of the great game region. II

This region leads all others for trout and salmon. Spring and Summer fishing. ||

The NEW MOUNT KINEO HOUSE opens June 27th, remaining ||

open to September 28th. New Annex opens May 16, Closes Sept. 28. ||



containing full description of its attractions for health and pleasure during the Summer H

season. First-class transportation facilities offered during the seasons. ||

Rlcker Hotel Company, Kineo, Maine n

C. A. JUI>KIXS, Manager. jj


siding in Sangerville, was County Attorney three years, 1897-10. Alfonso F.
Marsh was County Treasurer 1911-12. Honorable Angus O. Campbell was a
member of Governor Cobb's Council 1907-08.

Notes About Sangerv'ille From Old Maine Registers


Postmaster Samuel McClanathan

Quarter Master, 5th Regiment, Maine Militia Reuben Ordway

Coroner Wilham Hinkley


Postmaster ; Edward Mitchell

Attorney at Law David R. Straw

Coroners Samuel Roby

William Hinkley
Jediah Leiand

Justice of the Peace Guy Carleton

David R. Straw
William Oakes, Jr.

Postmaster William O. Ayer.

Sheriff Wilham Oakes, Jr.


Postmaster Simeon Mudgett

Blacksmiths George W. Brett

Loren Holt

Boot & Shoe Dealer Gilbert D. Parshley

Cabinet maker William Sanborn

Carriage Builder John Ordway, Jr.

Country Stores Benjamin Lane

Stephen Lowell


Pubhc House Heircy Bishop

Booksellers Past and ^"^1 t^e schoolmaster. They usually

were rriends or the old-rashioned prmt-

Present. er. who was nearlj' always an editor

and in many cases an orator. Their

(N. Y. World.) stores were headquarters for students

A speaker at the meeting in New and thinkers.

York of the American Booksellers" Such merchants have now disap-

Association referred to "the blank- peared almost everywhere. There are

faced book salesman, with his stupid- big cities in the United States that do

ity, which acts as an obstacle between not have a true book store. There are

the books and the reading public." hundreds of important towns that have

That there is such a person is well nothing resembling a book store.

known. Books are sold, of course, but they

The bookseller of other days was not may be a side line for dry goods or for

blank-faced and he was not an ob- peanuts. The lady or the gentleman

stacle. He was in the business, as a at the counter sells books not as our

rule, because he loved books. He old booksellers did but merely as one

knew all about them, inside as well as who operates a cash-register.

outside, and he took pleasure in their It is pleasing to note the fact that

company. the trade is taking this blank-faced

Booksellers of this type used to be person into consideration. There is

found in every town having a popula- hardly any member of commercial so-

tion of 10,000 or more. They ranked ciety who stands in such need of in-

socially with the preacher, the lawyer struction.

Sprague's Journal of Maine History Is the only
publication in Maine devoted exclusively to State

TERMS: For all numbers issued during the year.

Including an index and all special issues $1,00

Single Copies, .25

Bound volumes of same, 1.75


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